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 Valkoor and Envy's Wedding Day

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Valkoor and Envy's Wedding Day Empty
PostSubject: Valkoor and Envy's Wedding Day   Valkoor and Envy's Wedding Day I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2015 9:20 pm

EnvyVendassin: Swoosh, swoosh the waves continuously crashed against the large ship just outside the Isolated Island. In the captains bunker Envy would be found, hell she is the captain. The wood of the ship squeaked and she wasn't sure if it was crying because of this day or just the way it sounded any other time when it rocked with the ocean. She looked to her right and across her way was the crown behind a glass case. She has never seen the crown before nor was she ever counting on ever seeing it. The thought of Valkoor came to mind and just imagining him with the Kings crown was just something else, her eyes fell down to the wooden ground. She sat on the crown Victorian royal champagne chair, in front of her make up dresser. She didn't feel happiness nor love, this to her was just a different day, but committing to one man and sharing her Nation, her leadership with him. That alone allowed her pride try to convince her to walk away, she could do this alone. There was a fight in her head and goodness was it vicious. She upped her chin and she saw the reflection of herself, by God her witness was she surprised she even looked soft, elegant, and here she thought for many years she couldn't look exactly beautiful as she is now. Her purple hair pinned up and her own crown she had never worn was wrapped around the large bun of rosy curls, it sparkled and damn was it real rare diamonds. Her eyes trailed down from to her face where her make up smoothed her skin over, but keeping the natural look more then ever. No piercings which meant no rough look to her and hanging from her neck was a necklace that matched her crown, this made her look like a woman she thought she wouldn't ever see. She blinked a few times and distracted herself by fixing the rings around her biceps, she had to feel like herself just a little so she kept the adamantium armored rings on her. From there she started to fluff her dress up from the bottom up. (Sinn.) ~�I guess you believe your marriage can't fail like I and Kyuzo's?�~ Envy's eyes fluttered up to the mirror and with just her first look her eyes came back to second look it, she found Sinn. This woman of read hair and crimson eyes were looking back at her, they looked alike, but one looked like hell more then the other. Sinn's hair floated around her like she was under water. (Envy.) �What the hell do you want?� She spoke out loud while Sinn spoke within the confines of her own mind. (Sinn.) ~�Look at you, you are making out name soft.�~ (Envy.) �If anything I had made my name stronger then you could have ever made it.� A little more direct then usual she held her tone toward Sinn. Knock, knock, knock! The door was clearly heard by Envy once she heard the knocking her head looked over her shoulder. (Envy) �What is it?� She asked and in return the servant answered. (Servant.) �The ships are arriving Miss Envy.� (Envy.) �I'll be ready shortly.� She turned back to the mirror to only find no one looking back at her any more. Her eyes danced to each side before she looked around the room, and as she looked around the room it fell on the crown just ways away from her. (Envy.) �That's right, I have a wedding to attend too.� She arose and started her way toward her desk before the crown, grabbing the bag of her feathers she would secretly hide under her dress and tied around her pantie line. Once she secured her bag of feathers she stood in front of the Kings crown.

Bonk: Standing at the top of the fleet of stairs, Valkoor's massive thirteen foot frame towered over the entire island, easily letting him spot everything beneath the gaze of his crimson pools. Having arrived hours earlier to the island for no reason in particular, he had remained rather still, almost statue-like while the time passed and he waited for today's event. His face was nearly unreadable as he continued to watch the docks near the front of the island, casually letting his eyes drift from time to time while he wondered of other things. Unlike most grooms, Valkoor didn't seem to feel nervous at all. To him, it was like any other day, with perhaps just a small, or rather large twist to it. Still, it did not shake him, he was interested in the day. A wedding that had been sitting on the horizen long enough, and now it was just touching the ocean waves. As soon as the boats arrived, he knew it would begin. His eyes naturally fell down to his own attire, remembering just how unused to wool silk he was. He would've simply worn one of his natural everyday outfits if it was allowed. The outfit was bright, carrying hints of nobility in the patterns and frilled sleeves. His leggings tucked into soft boots, which shined wonderfully. He was surprised at how well he seemed to carry the look, despite the natural uncomfortable feel it gave him. He was never one for fancy, but seeing that he would be Envy's husband after today, he would have to get used to it. His eyes lifted away from himself, looking back at the shores as he thought about Envy again, remembering that she had yet to arrive. Of course, he would be surprised if she were the first on the island, as it was common for the bride to be seen last. Then again, Valkoor already knew that the wedding would be far from common. Envy must've outdone herself with this event. He had taken plenty of time studying the many decorations and subtle features that stood out on the island, including the lovely aroma of fresh grapes that danced across the area to tickle his sense of smell. The scent was natural to him now, having enough time to become attuned to the island's feel. His flowing black hair danced elegantly in the breeze that licked the island's surface, swooshing around his attire as if to compliment his looks. He had to admit, he looked rather handsome, even with the massive horns that grew from his head, and the six foot long tail that brushed over the bricks beneath him. The prickly end scraped over the hard surface, yet to the brick's surprise, it would be the one to falter to his delicate brush. He had used this method to count the seconds that passed as he waited, counting the chipping sounds of the brick as a single moment. He had been well beyond the thousand mark, when his eyes were brought up by something that had caught his peripheral. Sails could be seen now, and he knew that events were about to unfold. He involuntarily straightened up, taking a respectable posture as he stood over the island in an almost noble way. He took in a deep and unnecessary breath while he waited for the ships to reach the docks.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *The salty air of the sea filled the nostrils of the demoness, she felt like the ship was going to slow for the constant winds that gusting past, teasing her dark violet hair. Her long black claws tap upon the dark wood railing as she waited impatiently to arrive on the island where they wedding of Queen Envy and future King Valkoor would take place. After another thirty minutes or so she heard the voice of the look out man from above call out "LAND HO". * Finally....*Her voice was cold as she whispered it to herself. She was not always the kindest of beings, she had no reason to be, but she knew how to show respect, as long as she was shown it first. Soon the sound of the two large anchors in the rear of the ship, would splash into the sea, the misty drops flying up then trickling down rejoin the rolling waves of the sea. The ship would finally come to a halt after about three or so minutes. Candika's dark onyx eyes gazed over the island, taking notice to fine pale stone structure, the lite flames that burned elegantly within the stone bowls. She was curious to how the Queen would look in her wedding gown. Though, she could picture a very elegant and fancy gown that was only meant for a Queen to wear. The more Candika thought on this moment, this was the first wedding she had ever witnessed. She nearly laughed out loud at this thought, but kept her stature calm and collected for the most part. She leaned against the railing of the ship and glanced up at the gulls flying above the ship and shook her head. Another long heavy sigh escaped her skin tone lips, she wanted to be off this ship already. It wasn't that she feared water per say, but she preferred land, especially in a gown. She tugged at the sides of it, she felt so odd being dressed up, this wasn't her at all. She would rather have her tight pvc leggings and spiked corset , but that wouldn't be appropriate for wedding. Pushing off from the railing she turned around and started walking towards to the front of the ship waiting for the ship to finally dock.*

Kahnduit: Knock knock! at the door outside stood a servant who had been calling out for Dar'Kahn."We have arived, Sir." Dar'Kahn had just finished getting ready. He had been away for several days to take care of a few things at the boarder to keep things in line. After the long journey back it dawned on him to perhaps look a little better for the wedding that happened to be today. Standing just at the mirror on the wall that was nearly as tall as he was, Dar'Kahn stood at 6'7 and was covered in a assortment of black tribal tattoo's around his deadly and colorless pale skin. His left hand reached up and slipped his fingers through the hairless sides of his head where he cut his hair this morning. The look haircut seemed a bit more appealing to him as he could actually see what is going on around him and he didn't have to fight with it constantly. His mechanical black arm reached to his chest as did his left and tightened some of the ties and clipped a few buttons to his new jacket." I'll be right out." Dar'Kahn said to the servant and heard his boots step out away from his door and out of the hallway. Dar'Kahn raised his left hand and twirled his wrist a few times and conjured a black ring of magic that trailed from a finger before flicking the ring at his head in which the magic collide with his thick black Mohawk and straightened it before scratching his trimmed chin as he pondered for a moment. "Might as well wear it, never know." Dar'Kahn said to himself as he reached down with his mechanical arm and grabbed the hilt of his Darksteel sword and railed it over his head to let it magnetically collide with a plate on the mechanical shoulder blade on his back. Turning out and stepping out his room. Dar'Kahn's heavy boot's collided with the wooden floor beneath him making a loud thud with each step. Heavy for his size due to all the metal that was added to his own weight. Dar'Kahn looked out from the railing of the ship and saw that they had already docked and was time to head onto the island. His black illusive eyes looked about the ship and scanned about him to find Envy and Candika.

lReignl: Ƹ- Unexpectedly a small machine similar to that of a miniature air plain lands on a ship not to far out from the island, it's speeds had been super sonic, a large distance covered in a matter of minutes. The precise time was that of 15 minutes and 34 seconds, the young creature by the name of Vyxen Morningwolf couldn't be late for such an important event thus he had chosen to take the fastest means of travel. From the large air craft the distance is then closed by helicopter, a small black device consisting of fixed moving parts that create a mechanical energy creating a way of transportation landing on the upper most portion of the structure similar to that of ruins, a mystical vibe travels through the air. Reaching out with his left arm Vyxen's soft pale hand grips the handle that if turned to the right unlaches the door of the device; the warrior withdrawal�s in smooth graceful movements making sure as to not get his tuxedo top filthy. Turning his head from one side to the other black hair fixed in a scene style blows in different directions because of the helicopter taking off leaving him on the island, his physical body position on top of a walkway looking down on the isle where the groom and bride are to walk down in order to make their way to the destine location. The 17 and a half year old's attire's quite stylish consisting of a black tuxedo top, thick red scarf, red bandana covering part of his face, two Special Edition Kimber TLE II pistol's, blue jeans and black high top converse. He may be the only individual dressed this way here at this special day but he doesn't care; it's his very own style and what makes him unique from everyone else. Heterochromia hues of light green and light blue jolt from one being to the other cheeking each one of them over; he's not familiar with most of them and so thus he comes to the conclusion that distancing himself is the best option. Placing his hands in his pockets the youth stands in a relaxed pose, shoulders rolled back showing just how calm he is. Vyxen know's he has nothing to worry about, he's not here for trouble but rather to watch a wonderful bonding of two individuals...Marriage.. -Ʒ

Veilantine: he sits on his throne thinking why he had this red string tied on his finger. taping his finger upon the throne. Tap..tap..tap..becoming frustrated of thought he was forgetting something. He jumps out of his throne in a rush. almost falling out of it he looks at the calendar to see it was one of my allies birthdays. He runs to his closet seeing his white suit with he throws his on fso fast in a fluster he falls trying to put his leg through his pants. he begins to get up and breathes to relax and says to himself in his mind" Veil you got to take your time and relax. Your not going to be late" so he takes his time putting on his clothes and runs out of his kingdom with sword and spear upon his back. With all the forest's creatures turning head as he takes off in god like speed swinging upon trees n9ot getting one spot of dirt upon his suit . He run up the stairs with sweat going down his face, rosy pink cheeks, and deep breathing. He speaks in a breathless voice "I'm sorry if I'm late to my allies wedding. I kind of of forget "he rubs his head with a joyfully smile

Guest_LillianRi: -Yumiko Sighed, Today was the wedding she was already, ready for the wedding; her just wore her casual attire, except she took off all the dark makeup and just kept the eye liner on her top eye lid and the simple mascara with glitter. Yumiko Stood out on the front deck her forearms resting on the edge, just one faced up so she could rest her chin/cheek in her open hand, her bright blue eyes glowed with the darkness that still surrounded the land, soon after the boat docked the sun was coming up, it started burning her eyes slightly as they were not use to the sun. The breeze blew the salty air into her eyes making them water slightly. The ship slowly rocked back and forth with the quick swishes of the wind, Teasing her hair to slightly flap with the wind- ��BOAT DOCKING�� �she heard one of the crew mates calling, she stood up properly looking towards the man who yelled out to everyone who was aboard, she was by herself for most of the boat ride since she didn�t even know anyone. Letting out a heavy and long sigh- ��Finally!�� �she said with irritation, she hated boats they always made her feel slightly queasy but she did like the smell of the salty air that she had slightly come custom to. Pushing away from the railing she shifted her body and started walking twords the dock to get off the boat, slowly with grace -

EnvyVendassin: As her eyes watched the crown for a moment or so, she thought back to the last person who was King. Kyuzo was King but at the same time it wasn't her King. Her white gloved hands move under the crowned class beneath. Lifting it up, making sure she has a firm hold of it, she stepped back a few . She heard a man's voice yelling out, she knew they must have finally arrived to Isolated Island. Turning on the ball heels of her feet she started to click clack toward her door, she stopped right before it, looking at he door knob as in what exactly will this day be for their people after? Even in that thought she still reached her right hand from under and out of the glass leading toward the knob. Envy gripped it and slowly turned it as she thought, but it was too late to turn back now. Pulling it open the ray's shined through the cracked lines of the door and the sea salt rushed to her senses. She could smell everything just perfect now. The wind from the sea ruffled the large dress, her hair remained still, stiff as a dead animal out in the woods. The ray's kissed along Envy's pale skin, she was pale to the lack of sunshine in the North, but if she was out in the sun more her skin would tan such a sweet peach tan. Her purple hues looked about on the deck, She found both of her Elders while the ship came to a stop. (Envy.) �Are you both ready?� She stopped between the too. Not so sure how they would react to her in the dress but she kept in mind to ignore their surprising face expressions. One of the crew men connected a stairs path from the ship to the land. (Crew man.) �Safe to cross!� He yelled.� Another crew man repeated what he had said. (Second Crew Man.) �Safe to cross!� This carried on along with two other men. Envy had looked at them and back to her Elders. (Envy.) �I guess we shouldn't allow people to wait, no?� She spoke a little softer then the crashing waves. She started her way toward the path to cross onto land.

Bonk: Watching the ships dance across the rippling waves, he noticed a few others arrive beforehand, one from the sky and another from a method that hadn't caught his attention until he was close enough to study. From the flush on his face, he must've travelled by feet. It was amusing to see someone actually run here, but his eyes were forced away from the newcomers as he heard the sound he had been waiting for. The thud of the stairs as they connected the ships and the docks, while crewmen called out that it was safe to unboard. He didn't have to guess who was on the ship at this point, the aura that he had spent so much time around was natural to him now, and he knew it well enough to pick her out of a crowd of millions. Envy was on the ship, yet she was out of his direct view. He gave a last glance down to his own attire, before looking back up towards the ships. He wondered how Envy would look to him when he saw her. He hadn't seen what she would be wearing, nor would anyone dare to hint it to him. Not that he ever attempted to ask, but he couldn't deny to himself that the thought had managed to sneak into the vast halls of his mind. His eyes fell, looking down the stairs now as he began to think about more serious topics. He knew he would become King today, and this gave him a strange sensation. He had never ruled over anyone really, except for being the lord of the Void Society without even knowing it. The duties of a king were unknown to him, and he wondered just how well he would fit the part. At best, he could simply study Envy's methods, and find a way to fit it to his own views. He was wise, and he knew it. The doubts that tried to stretch over his main thoughts quickly subsided, as he looked back up towards the ships. He simply stood there now, letting his thoughts take an adventure of their own while he waited for the moment when Envy would step into view.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *Once the ship finally docked, the lids of her eyes slid closed for a brief moment then reopened.* Took long enough...*She mumbled under her breath, then started to head towards the edge of ship, she stopped seeing the sight of Envy. She was indeed shocked and stunned, she had to take a second look , to make sure it was Envy. She bowed her head in respect then curtsied to her to show her respect.* Yes, M'Lady, I am ready. *Her onxy eyes glanced over as she noticed Kahn up on a slightly higher section of the ship then turned back to look at Envy once more as she heard her quiet words.* Indeed, best not to keep them waiting. *She waited for the Queen to exit first, then the demoness followed shortly after. The sounds of her crystal heels clicked slightly under her weight and frame, she stood about six foot seven, but with her heels, she was now about six foot eleven. She wasn't sure how long she would stay in this heels and hoped if she was caught bare foot, they wouldn't mind. They were making her feet cramp, she longed for her boots at this moment but bared it for now. She continued to followed the Queen, her eyes skimming over the detail and hard work that they put into this, knowing well enough the Queen had done most herself. She tugged at her dress once again adjusting it just incase it had shifted out of place during the long boat ride here then double checked her eight kunai blades that were hidden under her dress, strapped to her upper right thigh, just incase, anyone would be daring to try anything stupid on this day. Her long claws ran through her long violet locks a few times loosening any knots then left her hand to rest at her side once more as she kept close to Envy, but not too close.*

Kahnduit: Dar'Kahn looked down onto a lower platform of the ship and saw Candika and Envy. Hearing Envy's voice, he looked down to listen." Yes Madam." He said gripping the railing with his left and bolted over the railing down towards the girls. This would be his first wedding he would be attending, none the less he was still as cautious as ever. For such a scene to unfold, karma could lead to bad things which made him feel uneasy and worried. His mechanical hand grabbed hold if his left fist and gripped it tight to pop his knuckles and did the same to his metal hand in which made a small bending scraping sound. Standing just to the side of Candika, he bowed his head to her and walked beside her behind Envy. He could feel a breeze blow in which was slightly satisfying, but none the less gave him a chill down his spine. Dar'Kahn kept head up and eyes looking about to keep everything secure as it should be. Who knows, with the things he has seen in his day he would'nt doubt that someone would attempt to destroy such an evening.

Veilantine: as he ran forth from the forest he see a old century all worn out ship in the distance. He begins to leave as it looks like miles with his imagination playing tricks on him because of his weak tiresome body. He begins to keep running as if he thought he was running miles he was actually running up the stars leading into the ship. A kind old captain with white balding hair, long beard, old worn out captain's hat on, kind of dirty captain clothes comes out his door seeing this teenager getting upon his boat. Veil says in a calm relaxing voice "may you please take me to Solitude Island" and the captain talks" Well young fellow you got money for this old man". he hands the old man 100 dollar. The old man says to him "well i see the king of Astaralith is as nice and young as everyone told me about". He begins to rubs his hand through his head of white silky hair "yeah. Well my age doesn't have nothing to deal with it "he begins to laugh. The ship takes him to the Solitude Island in 3 hours. He looks over the rail and yells out to the ones upon this island "Hello I am Veilantine. You can call me Veil for short. I am deeply sorry if i am late i just forget a lil "he rubs his head of hair with a joyful smile leaning before he leaps onto the rail and jumps of that the land infront of him performing a front flips and rolling on to the remote island.

Aletheia: As the late afternoon sun slowly began to slip beneath the distant horizon, a strong gust of chilly, rain-sweet wind swept across the island, carrying with it an enticing scent that would encompass the island's inhabitants and hang in the air like a sweet perfume. Sarah RainSweeper leaned over the front edge of the ship on the starboard side, watching the waves crash against the hull of the ship as if entranced. She'd received an invitation to a wedding the week before and, although somewhat unfamiliar with the names list, she was nevertheless intrigued. "Watch as history is made", the wedding invitation boasted. A smile tugged at the corners of Sarahs's supple red lips. "We'll see about that, now, won't we?" she chuckled softly. "Captain! Land spotted about 100 yards out!" the crewman operating the spyglass atop the tallest mast in the center of the ship. The crewmen scrambled about around the deck and began to drop anchor and make preparations to dock on the island. Sarah stood and took in a deep breath, slowly inhaling the cool evening air. As the ship came to a stop in the shallows, the crew set up a wide, thick wooden board that stretched from the top edge of the hull to the solid stone walkway that began at the water's edge and followed all the way inland. Two starry-eye'd crewmen cautiously grabbed each of her hands and led her all the way down the ramp and did not release her until both feet were planted firmly on the stone walkway. "Thank you, boys" she murmered, bowing her head briefly. Her gaze lifted to the rest of the crew and the grey-bearded captain, who had all stopped what they were doing and stared down at Sarah with admiration and awe. She smiled sweetly. "Until your services are required once again, gentlemen." she said simply, giving her fingers one strong snap. In the blink of an eye, the captain, the crew, and the ship vanished into thin air. Although Sarah's appareance passed for human without question, any guests departing their own ships and making the trek across the island to the stone temple lying further inland would have seen the spectacle and known in an instant: This was no ordinary girl.

EnvyVendassin: The clicking and clacking of her heels. Hit the wood every time she walked until she got to eh bottom of the place where stairs, a long set of stairs carried the way to the main even just ahead. Once Envy got to the bottom and on land she spoke without actually looking around to anyone. (Envy.) �It would be best if you all went up there and I will be up there once the music starts. A rush of passing wind blew her veil. She saw waves by wind flap her dress as it did in to the veil. The warmth before the rays have merged hidden on the other side of the sea's long blue world, Envy basked in the sun. Eye closed she could feel his radiating aura, it was never hidden from her, and she felt the sense of calmness when she knew Valkoor was near. The lids of her eyes cracked open ever so little as he came to thought. The smell of sweet grapes aroma sweetened the air. (Envy.) �I guess burning the grapes was a good choice.� She said to her self. She looked back at the ship before she too started her way up the stairs to meet her King to be.

Bonk: After several moments of silence, Valkoor finally saw her. Envy stood near the ships, holding what appeared to be a case in her hands. His eyes didn't stay on the case long enough to figure out what it was, as they had already moved to find her face, analyzing it. If she were distracted, she was hiding it well. He smiled to himself very weakly as he thought about what could be crossing her mind, just as she started to approach him. From the first step, he felt a small shiver of thrill trickle up his back, brushing across his shoulders and vanishing down the length of his arms. His hands tightened beneath the soft fabric of his dark gloves, shaking the feeling away as he continued to count the moments, trying to synchronize them with her footsteps for no real reason. A few steps closer, he realized from the shimmer what was in the case. It was a crown, and from its size, it must've been for him. The thought of the crown was a sharp reminder of what else would come of this wedding, but he didn't stop to think about it. He watched her move closer, barely noticing the others that danced in front of her to find their own positions. He recognized in his peripheral that she was joined by the Elders, while others he did not recognize were finding their places. It reminded him that there were a few faces missing, some that were rather important to him. Two, to be exact, and as his eyes lifted just briefly enough to panel the seats, he realized that they were indeed absent from the speculators. He didn't give it enough time to allow the realization to process across his face, as his eyes fell back to Envy, watching her approach the stairs. He looked closer at her dress now, as well as everything else she wore. The dress was beautiful, and it complimented her figure well. A mix of feelings brushed against him as he took her in with his eyes. From amusement, to improvement, and perhaps lust. He smiled a bit, more to himself, as he let his emotions play against the back of his thoughts, letting his eyes raise to wait for hers to meet them. It made him wonder again what she could be thinking. He finally let out the breath he had taken minutes earlier as he waited for the ceremony to begin.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *The demoness gazed over at Dar'Kahn sensing he was a bit uneasy, though she understood why he was. One could not help but feel both eager and uptight at the same time on occasions such as this. After all, it was a wedding of Royals, not just anyone. Lifting her left hand she rested it upon his shoulder then whisper quietly* Take it easy...* Once she spoke her words, her hand moved from shoulder and relaxed at her side again. Candika stood and watched over everything and everyone as they all started to gather for Queen Envy's union to the soon to be King, Valkoor. The scents of the many different flowers filled the air as well the smell of grapes, mixing with the surrounding salty mist, giving a special and unique fragrance that one could not tire of easily. As the wedding was about to officially start shortly, she began walking up the staircase as instructed by Envy, that lead to the alter where she was informed to stand. She was running her words though her head hoping she wouldn't make a mistake. The nerves her body were running wild inside her, though her outer core would show no signs of this. She seemed calm and collected and most of all confident, she was not one to show her fear nor any emotion for that matter that would show her weak or uncomfortable in front of others. Clearing her throat, she focused on the matter at hand and waited for the Queen to make her entrance once the music would start.*

Kahnduit: Dar'Kahns eyes had been scanning about the entire island from top to bottom and continued to look around for anything out of the ordinary, at least unnatural to some of the things he has seen. Candika's hand gently rested upon his shoulder which sent a soothing sort of calmness about him, his body became looser as he exhaled heavily. Turning back to her for a moment to whisper to her." I can't help but feel as if something bad is going to happen." He said in a whisper as his eyes locked onto Valkoor, he was much taller than he imagined. Keeping his eyes away from Envy and Valkoor, he turned to look out upon the island seeing others arriving as well. Turning back to Candika, he bowed his head and raised his arm." Shall we let them speak privately? I'm sure this is a good time to find our places." He said as his illusive black eyes looked up to his fellow Elder and gave a comforting smile as he attempted to show he was well relaxed more than he was before as he awaited her response.

Aletheia: With little hesitation, Sarah followed the stone path inward and came upon the great stone temple where the ceremony was taking place. She followed the bride down the aisle and found a place to sit as the bride floated up the steps to join the man she would apparently be marrying. She kept to herself, speaking to no one as she watched the event unfold before her.

RogueWolf549: -Looking out to sea Rogue silver eyes stare out at the glimmering blue waters that reflect the suns very light. Never once had Rogue enjoyed being around water and yet he was upon the very ship he had left behind the day he had was sent into purgatory, the very day Envy has sentenced him to be forever imprisoned in a world of sorrow, of pain, of no hope. Yet he was, upon his ship, heading toward the island Solitude Island, a place he never heard of before now. Envy had brought him back to join her ranks once again but not as the third elder but as the Fourth Elder. Even though he can't understand why she would not place him back into the position he was in before for the current holder is nothing but a child, he can understand why she brought him back. His very research in soul pressure manipulation and magic condition to create some of the most destructive weapons known to any being alive. One of his very weapons that he had developed thanks to his Rail Gun research has opened a number of doors, because that research his friends were able to create the ship he stands upon. The "Spirit of Fire," one of the most powerful war ships out at sea to this day. This very ship holds a number of magic and soul manipulation cannons, automatic torrents, and technology that can out hit, out power, out shine, and out last any in its path. Its adamantium outer shell and frame work making it impossible to sink. As the leather coat waves about with the breeze of the seas salty air, his armor remains slightly hidden by the black leather. The armor he wears now is his permanent reminder never to betray Envy in anyway, even no he remains bound to her land and her. Even so she gave him life once again and for that he gives her his loyalty once again as the battleship slices through the seas waves. Once close enough to the island the ship comes to a rolling halt before he grew to close to its shores. One of the sailors comes to him to escort him to the lower bay where a smaller ship shall take him to the island with six of his finest rifle men that shall fire the twenty shot salute to Envy upon the end of the marriage. Rogue has yet to understand why Envy would decide to do such a thing when there is no love, no joy, no happiness seem to fill the air heavily. The only thing that seems to fill the air is a heavy strain that wears heavy upon his shoulders. Once upon the island with his men, his men would wear a uniform unlike any other. This men wear long enclosed trench coats that cover their bodies in the black shine of the leather, a hood hide their faces in the shadows while a mask of black with silver caging wrapped about the lower half's of their heads. Each man holds a single shot rifle that contains metal rounds since soul pressure rounds have no sound, only the click of the gun echo's out. With this bullets everyone shall know the wedding has come to a end and the two have now become bonded. Looking over the men he makes sure the silver chains that circle over and under their shoulders shine like suns light and that their medals of dark theme are clean of any impurities. Turning about his men bring their rifles down with the butts slamming upon the stone floor before their right arms slide upward to have their hands upon the top of the muzzle, their left arms hook behind them with their feet shoulder width apart. This men seemed to be trained very well in order for their movements to be so clean and sharp, not a single mistake. Walking away Rogue would walk into the island and look upon the others that have already arrived before him. He would ignore all he make his way to his seat and seat down in silenced as he crosses his arms over his armored chest and his left ankles upon his right knee plate.-

EnvyVendassin: (Envy's inner thought.) ~�What in the hell? I can't do this�... She said in her own privacy of her own mind. As she started to step closer to the top of the long staircase up she wasn't sure why the hell she was actually going through this, slightly Envy started to go into a panic. Maybe this is baby making her feeling go hectic, she didn't like the fact how she was feeling about this, her next step came to a sudden stop and her eyes danced all over the ground in thought and confusion. With that she stepped backward once, then after a second she did it again and by the third step she turned to flee back to the ship and leave but that didn't go as planned. In a formal white gown and the other black and red skimpy gown was Isis and Anaise with folded arms at chest and with Isis had her hands to her sides. Both of the women looked directly at Envy. (Anaise.) �Now where do ya thank ya goin sug?� Anaise talked sweet as always in her souther bell of a tone. (Anaise.) �I hope you ain't trying to stand up that hunk of man that's waiting for you at the end of this road, hmm?� She smiled as she gripped both sides of her hips now. Envy looked from Anaise to Isis and alone, the look she gave from one to the other confirmed it to Anaise and Isis. Anaise couldn't help but to giggle, besides, her giggling is in her nature. (Isis.) �She is still your Queen Anaise and you should still show repect before you're killed.� Her voice sounded just like Envy's, what happened to her mechnicale mask that scrambled her voice? Anaise stopped giggling and looked to Isis with a cut glance. (Anaise.) �I see someone sounds just like our Queen.� Isis had looked down when Anaise had said that. (Envy.) �What happened to your mask Isis?� She asked her with out pause. (Isis.) �Its getting fixed, Lady Envy.� Isis looked up to meet Envy's eyes, her purple hues clashed with Isis's turquoise captivating pools. (Isis.) �I don't speak against your actions and your ways much, Lady Envy, but if you are thinking of going I will not stand in your way.� She paused when Envy raised one of her eyebrows when Isis started to talk. (Isis.) �Valkoor is a King that would be a mistake leaving there. You can be benefit off, you also have two kids and one on the way, so it wou-� She was cut off by Envy as she snapped at Isis. (Isis.) �I'm not pregnant!� She shouted loud enough for those to actually hear her but not exactly what was said. With that alone Envy had got the hint Isis made sense and high tailed her ass around and started her way back toward the her rightful place. (Anaise.) �And hea I thought ya didn't have a voice of ya own suga.� Anaise took the first step behind Envy and before Anaise could take another Isis gripped at her arm and pulled her back. (Isis.) �Just because you have no sense I'll let you in on a little secret.� Isis jerked her closer and Anaise's face started to become stern. (Isis.) �I'm silent but when the day comes I'm order to take you out I will show you what my silence can kill.� Within that whole spoken part Isis's hand started to give a tempter of below zero off while Anaise melted the ice Isis attempt to place around her grip at arm. Their eyes became each other threat and Anaise pulled her arm back to her abruptly and walked away with a deadly smile. While that unfolded, Envy appeared clear as day in the middle of the entrance at the end of the aisle from Valkoor. Everyone stopped talking and their eyes shifted to Envy's wake. She was use to being stared at and such, but not in this way, and at that second she felt naked in front of everyone. Her eyes shifted in embarrassment up until she caught sight of Valkoor at the end of the aisle, and as hell as her witness she secretly couldn't remove her eyes from his. The vocal's of a lovely woman had started and Envy started her way down the aisle as Isis and Anaise walked behind her in an triangle walk.

Bonk: Fifteen steps into counting, Valkoor noticed an abrupt change when he heard no foot steps. His eyes darted down immediately, glancing at Envy's feet as he realized that she stopped. Slowly, she took a step back, and another. Valkoor's eyes lifted back to her face, trying to analyze what would make her suddenly start to back away. It was strange, but somewhat amusing to him. He began to wonder if she was getting cold feet on him, and as she turned around to walk away, he realized that this was his confirmation. His face remained unreadable as he watched Isis and Anaise stop Envy from moving further away. Despite the distance between them, Valkoor merely read Anaise and Isis' lips to know what they were saying, although he wouldn't know what Envy could be saying since she was showing him the back of her head. He merely watched, eavesdropping in on what portion of the conversation he could. After a minute, it seemed Envy made up her mind on her hesitation, and turned back around. He didn't hesitate long enough to see Isis and Anaise's nearly unnoticeable quarrel, as he was caught by the look Envy finally gave to him. He wasn't sure what face he was making in response, if he was even giving one at all. He simply watched her step closer, hearing the vocals begin as he realized that the wedding was officially starting. He took in another soft breath, watching Envy as she approached the stairs that separated them. His fists gently unclenched, falling loose against his sides as he began to focus on the important things. He was getting married, and he couldn't be distracted with anything else right now. He pushed every other small train of thought away in that moment, allowing himself to simply focus on the moment and everything that happened around him.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *A pleasent smile took over her skin tone lips as she nodded to Dar'Kahn, taking his offered arm, hooking her own between his and started walking with him to their ordered spots. Once they reached the area they were instructed to be, she released his arm slowly and took her place, standing upon a pillar that once increased her height six inches, to now be about seven foot five inches. Another few gusts of warm salty air blew through the area, catching the bottom of her silver dress and her dark violet hair, tossing and teasing them about. Her ears perked at the sound of screaming, it was the Queen. Her very being wished to join her down the stairs and check upon her, but she waited, knowing if she was needed, Envy would call upon her on her own. She waited patiently curious to what was taking so long, was she having second thoughts to this union? Shrugging her shoulders slightly, she looked over the beings that had arrived to witness this day. She had yet to meet them all, though she found it of little importance for the time being. Hearing the voice of someone singing, her onyx pupils glanced down towards the Queen as she walking, waiting for her to start her to join Valkoor's side. She took a quick look between Isis and Anaise pondering what they jabbering about at a time like this. She sighed softly and quietly and just listened to the soft melody of the woman's voice filling the air.*

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Kahnduit: Dar'Kahn smiled back to Candika as she took his arm and stepped away from Envy and Valkoor. The least he could do now is sit back and enjoy the wedding, Though he looked out to the fourth Elder and shook his head. To him, it was rather dissapointing he did not get to use his corpse to beuild a suitable hulk for his new project. None the less, he might get the chance to claim it or find a new host instead. For now Dar'Kahn stepped back and sat in his seat behind Candika and kept to himself and watched things unfold and begin. His mechanical arm raised to his face and held it as he propped his elbow on the chair and watched calmly awaiting for the ceramony to begin.

RogueWolf549: -Ever since he had returned Rogue was never the same but he pushes past it, looking toward the future like he once had. He had yet to find Vaonia, his shadow dragon companion who he once had a bound to. Upon hearing the shuffling of feet and even more voices, his mind opens to the world around him as his shadow powers open portals about him. He finds the source of the voices and listen in on the conversation but his mind would become a blank as he would hear the words "you also have two kids and one on the way." His mind simply loses focus and with it his portals close once again. He stares down upon the ground before he stands and makes his way to stand behind a pillar. He simply stands their in the shadows like he should, where he shall forever remain when it comes to the light of events or anything important. He stares as Envy would walk in and the voice of a woman echo's about the grounds, his mind blank as he stares upon Envy with almost died eyes now. He watch's her every step as she makes her way up the stairs to her soon to be husband and King. He now felt no need to be here but as the Fourth elder he had a obligation to Envy to do this. With that he looks away as his mind blocks out any as he stands behind the pillar, his body surrounded by his natural environment. A place of peace that he feels, the shadows.-

JadenMEvans: Late. One of the most annoying words Kai could think of at the moment. People had all cleared out, and he failed to understand why. Despite his crystal clear mindset, he still felt out of his own mind slightly. He guessed with time his full mental power would return to him, but only eventually. In front of a long reflective surface in his quarters of the Zendasalen fortress, Kai examined himself, looking upon the black attire he had been made months before he was trapped. It stil fit perfectly, showing that his physique didn't deteriorate in the slightest, even though he consumed absolutely nothing as he was bound by adamantium chain and all manner of spells and enchantments. It gave him some kind of understanding as to what the other half of his heritage could be. He made a mental note of the way he didn't actually have to sustain himself the way a normal human had to, and that he actually just ate because it was more a habit above anything else nowadays, compared to before. He looked upon the fine fitting of the formal attire, made of some of the finest material in the land. Yes, it was something to behold, but he didn't feel correct in it. in the mirror, he frowned slightly before his eyes locked upon the cape'like contraption fixed to his left shoulder's epaulet. without much of a thought, he reached under his left arm with his right arm, and grabbed the material before simply yanking it off cleanly with only a quick tear sound. He turned his left shoulder around to see if the fabric had torn in the wrong place, but no, it seemed as if there wasn't a cape here in the first place. "Good." He mumbled silently before turning and walking away from his own quarters, looking around once exiting the door, and shaking his head. Everyone had left and he was the only one there except for one other, it seemed. Immediately, he became slightly annoyed that he in particular had to be the late one, but then again, it wasn't anyone else that was locked away for months because they partially lost their mind and were getting out of hand. "Nel, lets go." He said, and immediately, his puppet, a tall Icere/Succubus walked around the far corner, her pale skin more exposed due to her pale blue hair tied up exposing her neck, and her shimmering light blue dress cut in a long V to her lower back, showing a long and intricate tattoo which ran down her spine, while the front was only cut in a V at a respectable height, not revealing her goods too much. She drifted to Kai's side before looking to the wall ahead of them, literally burst into white flames. Without even hesitating, Kai walked into the portal he created, not even worried about the destination, since Nel had been there. If nel had been there, Kai could go there. Their mind link let that happen easy enough. On the Isolated island this Wedding celebration between Envy, Kai's mother, and Valkoor, the father of Aii and Nero, Kai's younger siblings. On the Isolated Island, behind exactly where Kai's place to sit upon was, A four foot wide wall of white fire would erupt from the floor, reaching 8ft high and sending a light gust of wind around initially before just a calm breeze would be emitted from it, and within the first second of it coming up, Nel would walk out hastily, and stand on the left side of the portal, he hair staying in place, having been done in such a fashion that it wasn't to move an inch out of place. three seconds later, Kai walked out of the portal in the most relaxed fashion, regardless of wither he was late or not. both hands were bent in front of him as he 'fixed' his black leather gloves which covered his whole hands completely as opposed to the ones that left them open for his way too sensitive sense of feel to be exposed to almost everything. Once his booted foot left the portal, it began falling back toward the ground, his snowy hair and necklace with a sword pendant blowing about less wildly in the breeze until it stopped completely, which they did too. Kai walked around the chair, and Nel herself as she stood there, and slowly lowered onto it, sitting in a comfortable position with both elbows on his upper knee's and his hands fixing his gloves idly as a habit. Really and truly, he would have preferred standing, but standing right now wouldn't be what a prince would do to make himself look refined and composed. Even though he was, he just had different ways about everything. he looked around to everyone who was here indifferently, his phantom eyes locking on his mother, then Anaise, and then Isis who he looked at for less than a split second, deciding she wasn't worth his gaze. He then looked to Valkoor and exhaled slightly before leaning back and deciding it's better he got this over and done with. "Weddings are occasions to behold, Kai." A deep accented voice mumbled in his head. "And people wonder why I lost my mind." Kai said internally but sarcastically, to the voice of his bonded soul. "Lets just hope that I'm not the one to cause a spectacle, and that it's someone else this time, since I'm sure something is bound to happen." Kai said mentally again before hearing a soft chuckle in agreement. Something always happened when member of the CruEnd clan were together. It'd be interesting to see that happened today, especially that it was a wedding of all things.

EnvyVendassin: Isis and Anaise parted, one to the right and the other to the left as Envy started up the flight of stairs where Valkoor and Her 2nd Elder was waiting for her. She could feel her heart throbbing, this is it. She gripped the glass case as she got closer. (Envy's inner thought.) ~”Here we go, wow”...~ Her eyes scanned the fine thing that was waiting for her just less then 30 feet away now. (Envy's inner thought.) ~”As long its him there, it'll be fine.”~ Envy now made it just across from Valkoor, holding the glass crown in her hands still and looking up to meet his eyes, she offered no smile but a nod to confirm she's ready and did the same to her Elder. Once this was done she looked down and tried not to look up to Valkoor too much. Her nervousness was distracting her extremely, but once she started to calm herself she noticed him. (Envy's inner thought.) ~”Kai.”~ She looked around to look for him, but she didn't want to draw attention to her too much since she knew this was their day and something that they needed to get through without any distractions. In turn she looked back to Valkoor as it now would start.

Bonk: Valkoor watched Envy as she glided up the stairs, noticing how she never failed to keep a level of grace with each step, not damaging her dress in the slightest manner. He looked down at the glass case in her hands again as she stood in front of him, before looking back up to her in time to see her nod. He knew what it meant. She was ready, and she wasn't about to perform another stunt like she did moments before. He simply nodded back, lifting his eyes away to let her look wherever she pleased until it began. Like before, he wondered what she could be thinking about. Whatever happened earlier must've been necessary, as she seemed, or at least acted, like she was completely ready. It made his eyes glide down to find Isis and Anaise, who had already ended their little quarrel and taken their places. He also realized that even more people had arrived, including Envy's other son, Kai. It reminded him of his own children, and his eyes lifted to search for them. It only took a moment for him to realize that they were not there, and he fought the urge to frown just enough to where it only reached his eyes. His crimson hues smoldered into a saddening liquid look, giving the feel of an ancient sadness. It lasted for only a moment, before he replaced it with an emotionless mask. It wasn't their moment, it was his and Envy's. He only hoped that they would arrive sooner or later, and sooner rather than later. Looking back down at Envy again, he kept his gaze with hers, letting it remain there until everything began.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: Once Envy had taken her place next to Valkoor and the woman's voice, that was singing, would trail off into silence, Candika would look out to the others, then glance over her shoulder a brief moment towards the other two Elders before her attention would return to couple that stood before her. She took a quick breath, letting the salty sea air mixed with the fragrances of the flowers and sweet grape smell, fill her lungs completely, then slowly escape between her skin tone lips. Looking down a short moment, her head would raise back up and she glance out over the heads of the guest just to keep her nerves calm. Her outer frame would not show how she felt on the inside, nor would it ever be seen. Collecting her thoughts to ran over her words once more before she would start her small speech. Clearing her throat once again, she made her sure her voice was loud enough for the others to hear but not too loud to over power those that were closet to her.* We are gathered here today, not to witness love between to people....but to welcome and announce a King to, ZenDasalen. *She paused a moment to take breath, then continued* To join two beings of pure Evil, to make this already great nation and Empire, an even stronger one. *The demoness would stretch out her hands towards the Queen and King nodding her head to both of them before her gaze would focus upon, Queen Envy once more.* Now, if you would share your vows to your future husband, Queen Envy. When you are ready of course. *Bowing her head she would go silent and lower her hands back down to her sides and await for Envy to start and finish her vows.*

RogueWolf549: -He growls swiftly as he looks away in disgust for no matter the reason for this union it was not one that should be, not only is Envy marring a man just for their powers can be joined but just for more power. He questions himself once again if he should even be here. Looking to the ground he takes in a breath as he closes his eyes before he would slowly allow his breath to slow come out. It must be the fact that she brought him back to life that he feels this way, must be and if anything he should despise her but he doesn't. Swiftly he walks away to the docks once again as he snaps his fingers to have a number of rose petals fly through the air through a portal behind a few pillars. This petals are being brought from a location far from where they are and released here in a swirl of red. Rogue comes to a halt at the start of the docks before he turns to the side and hides behind a wall, he shall simply listen and not watch as the event unfolds. He shall do what is needed at the end and take his left to continue his research.-

EnvyVendassin: As she looked at Valkoor she noticed his search of someone, who was he searching for, she couldn't help to question. It was quick but she caught it, was that emotion he just displayed just a moment ago? Her face displayed a reaction of- what-was-just-that? She blinked a few times while her eyes fell from his captivating gaze to chest, where his amazing attire complemented him in so many more ways then one. Then it hit her when she remember Isis speaking of a baby, where was her other children? She started to look about, down the flight of stairs where Aii and Nero, along with Kai would be sitting and one seat empty for the banished Prince of ZenDasalen, Zyse. Of course Envy wasn't expecting him to come, so she would assume. As she looked for her adult children she felt her blood pump with irritation. Unless they were fighting some forsaken God they better not have no excuse but that one. As she started to think about how many fucking things they better come up with she totally forgot her Elder started to talk. She was dragged back to her unfolding event once she asked Envy to present her vows. (Envy's inner thought.) ~”Holy shit, my vows?”~ She looked confused and a little off guard. She looked to Valkoor and then to the cased crown. She grabbed her duty with a firm grasp and turned to those who filled the bottom floor. (Envy.) “I, Queen Envy Vendassin of ZenDaslen stand here today before you all to share this day of witness of a new King.” She looked back to Valkoor for a brief second and then returned to the people below. (Envy.) “He will be my King and yours as well, what is mine, will be his. For our wrath shall forever rain supreme for those to attempt to crush it, but will only fail at the end.” She then turned back to Valkoor as she removed the case from around the crown as she momentarily in between glances up to Valkoor. Handing the glass case off to the Elder, once she got it Envy would continue to look deeply into Valkoors eyes and speak clear as a bell to him and those around to witness what she would say next while still holding the crown in her hands to place soon upon his head. (Envy.) Valkoor, we have two children together and a life to spend eternity with one another. Our Nation's will grow strong with us as leaders.” She paused and then continued as she kept her dead set gaze to his. (Envy.) “I don't love you Valkoor and if you ever... ever slumber with another, I will know, I will then find her, and then I will kill her. After reviving her numerous time to just to see her die again. As for you... your fate will be even worse. So I promise you, to give you a vow of a promising death if you turn in any way on me, Valkoor ZeBream. Those are my vows to you.” She said with such a cold tone with no change what so ever. The servant and most of the guest eyes widen of such words.

Bonk: Valkoor kept his eyes on Envy for the few moments they had left. It didn't take long, before he caught the woman that arrived with Envy begin to speak. He realized that she would be the one marrying them, and he nodded back at her respectfully. His eyes immediately returned to Envy's, as he listened naturally to the woman speak. His inner thoughts produced a chuckle as he listened to the words that would never be spoken at a regular wedding. It was truly a historic moment. While the woman finished speaking, he caught a new scent sweep into the area. His peripheral caught a shade of red brush into the area, and he realized it was flower petals. It was an interesting change to the mixture of colours and fragrances, and he wondered whose idea it was to incorporate them. As he heard the woman speak to Envy, asking for her vows, he turned to look at Envy again, the slightest smile hinting at the right corner of his lips. Envy's mind was very different than most people, and he knew he was in for a treat. He listened, as Envy began to speak to the people watching below. Once she handed the glass case with his soon to be crown off to the woman marrying them, he met her gaze just as soon as she gave it to him. The smile that hinted at his lips became more prominent as he processed every word she spoke, and even the underlying threats she gave. It was truly amazing to have such vows given to him, and he couldn't help but to be thankful for marrying such a cruel person. He realized after a moment of silence that it was now his turn to give his vows, and he let the smile fade as his eyes smoldered with a gaze meant specifically for Envy. These words were hers, and the people around would be her witness. His lips parted, as a gentle breath danced out of him as he began to speak with a soft tone that remained loud enough for the others below to hear. "I, Valkoor Zebream, promise to be the King that this land needs me to be, and the King you need me to be. I promise to create an empire that no man could even dream of having, and give it to you and our people. I promise to treat you as nothing less than the Queen that you are, and to ensure that all know this." His eyes briefly lifted to the men below, while his tone changed to give the slightest hint of a threat. "Should any man even look at you in a way that hints to desire, I will gouge their eyes out without giving it a second thought. Should any man even attempt to lay with you, I will crush every part of their being before they even get the chance." His eyes fell back to Envy, the threatening tone fading slightly as he finished. "These are my vows to you, and they will be kept as long as I am your King, and you are my Queen." His lips pressed together firmly after speaking, showing that he was finished and that things could proceed.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *Candika listened to Envy's vows as they started, then tilted her head ever so slightly as she handed the glass case that held the crown for the soon be King. She took the case between her hands and looked back to Envy as she looked back to Valkoor and spoke the rest of her vows. Her jaw dropped for split second, then she quickly regained her composure, not expecting to hear anything like that. Though, she had never been to a wedding before, nor heard vows be spoken, she surely didn't not plan on hearing ones as these. And yet, at the same time, it was fitting. Why not be straight forward with the one you will call husband, and share your everything with what to expect if he should fail in one form or another? Especially, the one that ripples and tears couples apart the most. Cheating. After Envy was completed with her vows, a soft smile appeared upon her lips and she looks to Valkoor giving a slight nod, so he would speaks his vows. Once again she was taken by surprise but the strange yet fitting vows that were spoken. This would truly be a wedding none would forget, at least she knew she wouldn't. She glanced out towards the guests and noticed how the men averted their eyes from Envy and some of the women were still looking down at their gowns or their hand. The demoness wanted to laugh but instead only the corners of her lips would perk up a bit before realizing it was her turn to speak again.* Fitting vows for the Queen and now ...*She lifted the top of the glass case that protected the large crown, the gently rested the case upon the pillar she was standing upon, so she could use both her hands to reach in to the casing and slowly remove the crown. She was careful not to press claws against it as she straightened her tall form and looked over towards the guests. * I present to you all...*She lifted the crown over Valkoor's head, having to go on the tips of her toes since he was quite taller than she was, even with the pillar giving her an extra six or so inches, she gently placed the crown upon his head, being mindful of his horns. She finally continued placing her hands back to her sides.* Your new King. May this joint couple be forever our rulers. I now give our Queen and new King of, ZenDasalen. You may now kiss your Queen to seal this bond and union. *She smiled and waited looking out over the crowd as they paused in silence waiting for the kiss to be shared between the Queen and King .*

RogueWolf549: -Listening to the words he would raise a brow slightly before he laughs within his helmet this was something very different and in many ways it was very much a wedding now. They understood that they are together as one and not two pieces. Looking ahead he smirks for he holy hoped his wedding shall be kind of like this but without the threats. As the words are spoken from the king he rolls his eyes as he shakes his head, threats once again. Rogue always found threats entertaining for they were just that, threats, simple words created by the mind in order to intimidate someone. Sighing softly he listens as they words as they are spoken of the kiss, swiftly his four men get ready with their rifles and point upward before pulling the hammers back in sync. Once they kiss they rifles shall fire five times as Rogue would wave his hand about once again but this time white and blue petals would fly through the air in bundles that could be seen covering the whole island from a number of portals that are in the shadows. White petals represent purity, innocence which love is while blue is a simple of Loves Fantasies and joys with its number of enjoyments that are yet to come.-

EnvyVendassin: Envy couldn't help but to smile to Valkoor. Her eyes danced side to side from both of his eyes. At that moment she knew she wasn't Sinn, she knew she could stay with just him and no one else, and know that this man before here wasn't anything like Kyuzo. This man was meant for her, that he was made just for her. Envy knew this was fate, made in the deepest darkest place in hell. Candika would take the crown from Envy and attempt to place it on Valkoors head but Envy would snatch it from her before she would do so. (Envy.) “Don't touch the royal crown.” She spoke with spite. She would then look to Valkoor and use her telekinesis to levitate it to attempt to place the crown on his head perfectly. Which the Elder would announce the King and Queen, what she didn't expect was the kiss. Her face went a little paler as she looked around to the people who them their selves never seen such a thing in public from Envy. (Envy.) “We don-don't need to do that Valkoor.” Spoken so nervously, it was showing clearly. Envy knew she wouldn't reject Valkoor though, not in front of everyone here it would be disrespectful to the King of ZenDasalen. Envy looked confused and even scared about the kiss. Everything was dead struck silence when the kiss was announced to be done.

Bonk: Valkoor kept his eyes locked with Envy's like before, at least until he realized that the woman marrying them was about to place the crown on his head. His eyes glanced to her, but only to realized that Envy wasn't accepting her attempt to crown him. He perked a brow, somewhat amused as he caught Envy's spiteful words, before she lifted the crown without the use of her hands, placing it on his head. He kept still so that he wouldn't mess up the moment, and simply nodded to the woman as she mentioned the kiss. He knew this was coming, and his eyes immediately fell on Envy again to analyze her reaction. She had never allowed public affection, and as she said that it wasn't necessary, it was clear to him that she was nervous. The smile from before hinted at his lips, while he leaned his head forward, bending his knees slightly to adjust his towering height to his new Queen. He didn't speak, deciding to simply let his actions speak for him. He tilted his head in, as his hands moved around Envy's delicate frame while he pressed his lips against hers. The kiss was a bit fierce, almost angry, yet it just gentle enough to be acceptable in public. His hand fell to the curve of her back as he kissed her, his eyes closed for the few moments that the kiss lasted. He wouldn't linger, as he knew Envy was already nervous enough. He pulled his face back, letting his eyes open to analyze her face again, waiting for her reaction. Whether it was pleased or angry, he wouldn't care. She was his now, and he was hers. He smiled again, this time out of sheer amusement as he heard the rifles sound near the docks.

TingleTingle Whisper: Aii's plum and crimson hues finally came into view as she pushed herself off of the column's cold stone. She had been waiting and watching a while before deciding to show herself. She had seen the glimpse of depression over her Father's face as he looked for his children. She decided not to step out then, a small bit of pay back, maybe? The grey tufts whiped across her face as the wind urged its fingers eagerly over her tawny flesh. Her fingers slipped her hair back to one side as they glanced over the locket her father had given her oh so many years ago. It had remained over her slender neck since that day, she refused to remove it. The blue shade of her gown hugged her small frame tightly causing her smaller chest to appear more voluptuous. Her toned slender thigh also peaked from behind the stylish slit the taylor had created in her gown. Who wouldn't want to show off the gift Envy had passed down to her? Aii... Aii didn't, but she had to admit, her legs loved the attention as it drove them away from her smaller breasts. She looked down at her chest and sighed a bit. She continued to listening to the service, her Father and Mother's vows were beginning to unravel. Death to cheaters seemed to be the central theme. It wasn't very surprising to Aii, she knew what type of people they were, though it was a bit surprising to actually hear her father talk about gouging eyeballs. Though Aii would probably have it be any other woman standing in her mother's place, she found herself smiling at that moment. Envy had finally found Aii as some use to her and it felt nice for a change. No fear of death while attending their wedding was wonderful. This would also make her father happy, so there really was nothing Aii or anyone could do. Aii knew her father would be able to sense her pressance by now and nodded her head in their direction hoping that he would have looked at her around that moment. Aii stepped out a little ways more, the click of her boots echoed during the silence between their vows. Aii couldn't say much for their personalities, but her parents were beautiful; beneath her mothers scars; past her father's terrifying height. A 'gift' they both bestowed upon Aii and her brother, perhaps in an alternate universe they could have been a happy family. Aii laughed a bit moving her attention back to the ceremony. The smile that was across her lips was soon replaced with a sour expression, as if she had just sucked a lemon. Her father's face was pressed tightly against her mother's; they were kissing. What a disgusting sight. No child should ever have to witness such a thing. The other's might find it 'cute' or 'a beautiful sight', but Aii still held on to her child-like behavior with affection between her parents. "Ahk..." She pressed her eyes closed waiting for the 'passion' to stop radiating from their bodies.

JadenMEvans: Kai sat upon the chair before the new king, and his mother, the queen with a solid look of distain. Never, at any wedding, had he heard such vows, the whole thing just sounded wrong. Part of his wondered if they should have called it a wedding, or just a pact which people dressed up fancy to witness. The worst part was that he knew he was not the only one thinking it, but the fact that Envy did not look entirely comfortable humoured him slightly. He wondered if she'd run from the alter, because she did not want to lock lips with the freak of nature before her. Kai had no reason to not like Valkoor as such, but then, right now of all times, Kai simply didn't like anybody. As the time for the kiss came up, he watched intently, leaning to the right side a bit on his chair and placing his right elbow on the right armrest, holding his fist up and resting his chin upon it. Behind his chair, Nel shifted her weight slightly out of reflex to Kai's movement before smirking abit, looking to see if they would actually kiss. "Kai if you laugh out loud, I hope you get jumped, and I will be laughing from all the way here." Trumacke mumbled in his mind before becoming silent. "Sometimes I wish I could throw you off a cliff." Kai said mentally before diverting his attention to something else, knowing of course that a simple tumble down a cliff wouldn't kill a pure blooded Forsaken. his sigh was silent, but audible as he waited. Kai watched now as they kissed and leaned his head back slightly with his neck like a pivot backwards, his face not showing any emotion, save for the way his left eyebrow twitched abit slightly to stop him from laughing or whatever it was he wanted to do. If anything, he didn't know what to do, the situation was amusing and slightly revolting to him anyway. The situation just looked amusing also because he knew if it was anyone else attempting to hold Envy in that way, they'd be a big heap on the floor by now.

JackShadow99: --Jack was wearing a suit with a tie, and a grey undershit, his sword didn't appear to be with him, but anyone who knew him would know otherwise. He arrived later to the wedding after all the other have already found their seats in the audience area, emerging from a shadow on a tree, walking out of it as if it had a doorway. He watched as she got spiteful about the crown, holding back a smile, despite what he could remember from her past. He leaned against the tree as the breeze brushed his grey bangs that his black, gold centered eyes observed through. As he adjust his chain would jingle faintly, but something was different, there was a square locket at the end of his chain, a rare site indeed. He had his usual mask on as always. but had dress pants, and dress shoes, a chain hanging from his pants and a pocket watch sitting his his pocket. Jack found the scenery foreign as he watched the display he was witnessing, Envy, getting married, something he found very odd, but odd was his nature and only accept it as it was. He did hope for the best, and wished this would be nothing but good for her. Jack was always hoping for the best, even for others, but he always prepared for the worst. The cool sea/ocean breeze was refreshing against his grey skin, as enjoyable as it was, he had the urge to contradict it with a smoke, pulling a small box from inside his dress coat, to pick one out before going to unscrew a spike in his mask to allow passage for the cig to go into his mouth. He paused as he saw them kiss, attempting to restrain himself from having that feeling he always got whenever he found a scenario a bit lovey dovey for his taste. Jack more of a lustful person then a romantic, despite how caring he could come off ass towards other with how he fed stranger as well as supply them with food and shelter, but he figured it was probably because where he lived, there wasn't much harm known to happen, expected when unwanted visitors come to seek out a person within his village, a chore he never enjoyed cleaning up after. He managed to keep himself maintained, and stayed professional, pulling out a smoke, and placing it through the opening in his mask as his tongue found the butt of the cig, and guide it into his mouth, but waiting a while longer to decide when or if he would light it, and curious if he was even allowed to smoke here. --(Shajen) 'Just light it, if you're going to smoke, then at least share it.' -- Shajen spoke from withing the confines of Jacks mind, feeling the urge from him to come out through means of mitosis, Jack resisting it, just to yank the end of his chain to pull him out in his alternate physical form, but not the one that he would use for combat or create any real damage if intended to. Shajen stumbled at first, then regained his footing from getting pulling out, only to pull a cig for himself to smoke as well. Shajen had his hair down, and his face wasn't jester like as he usually appeared, due to Jack instructing him to appear formal before arriving. Instead it was just plain pale grey skin, with shadows under his eyes, and had a casual cutton up shirt, black, with a poorly knotted up tie, and wore slightly baggy pants, but not as baggy as they both were custom to.-- (Jack) "I'm not worried about wasting smokes as much as you are." (Shajen) "Just trying to conserve." --Jack increase the speed of the molecules at the tip of his cig, to cause embers and smoke, then Shajen leaned in to light his as well, against Jacks, both of them simultaniously taking a drag and exhaling the smoke as they watched on.--

Guest_AeternaParadox: ~He was late. Oh the end of ages he was late. Peh, it was not unexpected, or in the least shouldnt have been. The youngest sibling had been at a pique moment with the transition of seasons, and a dreadful hay fever. He lounged for hours at home dreading the moment that he had to finally stand and attest to the day. He was dressed, groomed and led out the door by a hand full of maids. On his way across the border towards the island he contemplated the surroundings. It wasn't home. It was not his beautiful land and bountiful whores. He was out of his element on this ship voyage and did not like it one bit. After finally reaching port the boat gave a lurch, pulling the rather large young man from his reverie. He stepped onto the land with a steady gait, arms latched behind his back and calmly proceeded to the buildings atop the hill. Of course within a rook and pulled by two faithful servant males, whom hardly did much but this task of carting the prince. Stepping from the cart it would budge under his hefty size, and without a word to anyone his calm visage would mount towards where his siblings now took witness. The long flowing blue robes accented his elongated physique with a royal elegance. His kimono was fashioned exquisitely for this very occasion. Though he cared not to mingle with the family unit it was important that he keep appearance. Idly he glided to a seat, violet and crimson binary's searched from the crowd, to the vision of his parents now lip locked. A small smirk would quip the corner of his lip, how it must edge the others to see such. He found it rather revealing. As a naked woman in the dark marked by the moonlight. A solitude for them, a feasting watch for them. He was no stranger to the sins of the flesh and though they were his makers, he allowed it in his presence. A fan would whip from the internal confines of his silken flared top, and come to rest over the bottom half of his face. "Huzzah." He whispered emotionlessly, leaning to one side in the seat in a laxed state.~

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Valkoor and Envy's Wedding Day
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