We are the CruEnd Clan death is but a mercy. Pride... Is what we know... Defeat is unthinkable.
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 The Return of Valkoor - Valkoor and Envy's Romance Rekindled

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The Return of Valkoor - Valkoor and Envy's Romance Rekindled Empty
PostSubject: The Return of Valkoor - Valkoor and Envy's Romance Rekindled   The Return of Valkoor - Valkoor and Envy's Romance Rekindled I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2015 2:08 am

Bonk: "How long has it been? Weeks? Months?... Years?" These words left this dark entity as their sound resonated within the heart of the void, being so tainted by the creature's presence as it hissed to him in retaliation. This hiss would not stop his thought process, as he continued to speak aloud to the void, though he knew it would not respond. "How long has it been... that I have been trapped within your walls?" Though he saught out the neccessary signs of aging to give him his answers, the heart of the void could never age, and as long as he remained within it, neither could he. His dark crimson orbs almost pierced through the darkness of the void, in search of his answer as he looked up to the faded moon above the lightless skies. For the first time since the fall of Rhianel, the void had shifted in response to its master. Valkoor found himself being changed time and time again, and throughout it all, the void had remained the same. But now, as he finally broke free of the prison that was the dark entity within his own heart, no longer being cursed by its presence but instead blessed, would he find his home wearing a new mask. Though it was similar, the subtle and unsubtle changes were obvious. It was dark, silent, and above all, uncomfortable. It did not sing to him as it once did, but instead call to him with its chilling essence. This gave Valkoor the confirmation that he did not simply change like he had found himself doing so many times before. He was no longer the same being. His heart, though crystalized, found itself tainted by the darkness that now ran through him. His mind found itself corrupted by the influence of evil. He no longer saw himself as a guardian to the void, but its predator. It feared him, and found no comfort with his presence, much as he could not find comfort with its presence. Though the two could not seem to cooperate, they knew it would only be a matter of time before they would have to find a way passed this change, or else they would both fade from existence. However, these thoughts could not even attempt to cross Valkoor's mind as of now. His thoughts were on his family, long since lost within the darkness he found himself imprisoned within for what felt like an age. He could only hope that time had not passed outside of the void as it seemed to have within it. His only way of finding out, would be to venture to the worlds once more. With the conclusion drawn into his mind, his body would take action. With a subtle gesture, his arm would lift, and grip lightly against the tendrils of the void. As these fabrics weaved to his skin, he would pull against them to make way for a passage. This passage, filled with the celestial energy of the universe, would give sight to the destination in which Valkoor desired. The Vendassin capital, his home within the world, found itself calling to his presence. From first glance, all seemed well as of then, but Valkoor could not find comfort with its lack of aging until he knew his family was safe. With a single movement, his body seemed to fade into the darkness of the void, before it would reemerge into the fabrics of the worlds. The passage would quickly fade behind him, sealing the void once more, as his frame stood against the Vendassin capital. Though he recognized it well, the world around him could not do the same to him. The darkness had not only affected his heart and mind, but his body as well. The Chrysalyn markings were corrupted by the darkness, burning his skin with new markings that consumed the old. The markings of his Chrysalyn heritage were nowhere to be found. Instead, his skin seemed to look as if it were scarred by shadows, consuming a majority of his body, including half of his face. His torso no longer exposed, it would be hidden beneath the dark armour that wrapped tightly to his form. This armour was unlike any other found in the world. It was not something that could be made by any material or magic of this world. It was a creation of the void itself, forged in its flames and crafted to Valkoor's body. The flames of the void was his armour, simply shifted into a solid shape. His horns seemed larger, his tail longer. His massive wings, seemed even more massive than before, as they fanned out around his frame with his presence. He stood before the doors of the capital, just at the end of the bridge that led to it. From above, the darkened sky would shine weakly upon him. Its subtle glow gave a peaceful feeling to Valkoor, as he now looked to the capital, hoping to find any sign of life as he began to move towards its doors.

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii had been away from the capital and her fellow CruEnd Clan memebers since that day. The day Aii had learned her place among the family and how much her mother truly enjoyed to watch her suffer. The man she loved, no, /thought/ she had loved had died for her mistakes. His smiling face filled her memories, Aii had only begun to realize that the love she shared for him was only that he had taken away her loneliness and had given her a child. Today Aii would return to the capital, for how long she didn't know. Her body swayed back and forth, as if she were drunk or in a trance, as she walked slowly towards the capital. Her soft tawny fingers slipped over snow covered boulders that littered the land. Her raven hair danced across her face and tickled her ears. The cuts from her own fingers were still lined on both sides of her face. Bruises had finally shown themselves after the swelling had passed leaving her once beautiful face slightly damaged. They would soon go away, she reminded herself. The Chrysalyn blood that corsed through her arteries would never allow such a perfect being to be scarred and flawed. Reaching the last few steps to the top of the hill, the Capital buiding (her home) slipped into view. Her heterochromia, different colored, hues scanned over the doors and bridge. Did she really want to return to such a place? Her stomach began to ache from the sudden loss of the life that had been growing within her. The burning sensation was still filling her womb even after the five days of healing. Her slender fingers slipped to her stomach and pressed inward on it. The tribal Chrystalyn markins over her stomach were dull against her tawny skin. The white of her shirt drawning out the color almost completely under the moonlight. The pain dulled for a moment allowing her fingers to run away and up towards her hair. She hadn't brushed her hair in days, only her bathes took a few tangles out as she swept her fingers through the strands. Aii had never looked like such a mess before, it had been her personal goal to look prim and proper even though her mother had always mocked her 'pretty' face. ~Am I pretty now, Mother?~ Aii's eyes pressed closed for a little longer than a normal blink and let the air slowly seep out from her lungs. Slipping her fingers through the top most strands, she gave it a sort of 'fluffing' motion in an attempt to make her hair look styled. Her fingers continued to work as they moved to sweep away any blackness from under her eyes. Aii had fallen into a pit of depression. Never in her days had she felt so weak; never had she been so alone. The pitty filled eyes lingered within her memories of that day. She hated it. Their eyes, who were they to pity her? Had they lived the same troublesome life she had as a Vendassin Princess? A Vendassin Princess wasn't able to love, to care, to be weak even at the most horrible of times. Aii moved her hands to cover her eyes wanting to physically push the memories to the back of her mind. "Pff...." Her bottom lip pulled itself from between her teeth as she calmed her brain and continued forward to the bridge, back to her manafested hell. The people who resided around the capital building paused their work as Aii walked by. She was sure they had all heard about the /disgraceful princess/ as they stared at her face in awe. A teenaged boy elbowed at his grandmother whispering into her ear. The woman's body trempled from old age as she too began to stare in Aii's direction. Aii pressed her eyes closed as she continued to slowly strudge across the bridge and infront of her mother's minions. She didn't want to add their eyes to the collection of pittiful stares in her memories. Even if they hadn't heard of her disgrace, the bruises over her face and arms would certainly cause questions and whispers. Aii could feel their eyes lessening in numbers as she made it three quarters of the way across the bridge allowing her hues to reveal themselves again. A tall winged figure stood at the doors at the very edge of the bridge. Her eyes bulged from her skull as her heart began to flutter. Was it truely him standing just a few feet away from her? A stinging sinsation began to raise itself within her nose and eyes as they attempted to fill with tears. She wouldn't allow it. She would not give them another reason to pitty her. Aii inhaled deeply trying to control her heart and tears. Why now? Where had he been. Why hadn't he saved her from her cruel fate. Aii's head began to fill with hatred towards her father. How could he have left her to such a place. She tightened her jaw as the hatred filled her. 'No..' Her lips parted allowing a small rasped note escape. She didn't hate her father. She could never hate someone who loved her so dearly. He seemed to be the only one left in this world who actually cared for Aii. She couldn't bring herself to let any other words escape as she stared at him.
Bonk: As his eyes lifted to the bricked walls of the capital, would he barely take another step, before he heard a sound behind him. The soft breeze carried pain, and curiosity to his nose. With this breeze came the sounds of footsteps sliding across the surface of the bridge, and the clicking of eye-sockets as the villagers followed this motion. The essences radiating from these people, some showing the innocence of curiosity and the shame of judgement filled the air, stinging his skin with its unwanted presence. With a simple grunt to leave his towering frame before he would even turn around, would a subtle, and chilling wave of pressurised air would be casted from his frame, without him moving an inch to create this wave as it shot out towards the grounds before these villager's feets. This would send dirt into their eyes, blowing their clothings to their faces, to give them a very obvious warning to look away from whatever it was behind him. He did not wish for any creature to be judged as he felt this one had, and as he heard the scruffing of their feet as they turned away and continued to do what they were doing before this other's presence, would Valkoor finally turn around to face it. As his eyes fell to its... her face, the emotions to hit Valkoor were devastating. Shock, concern, curiosity, pain, rage, more concern, and then gratitude. She was alive, his daughter Aii, as she approached him. A single gasp left her, as she had seen him in that moment. The expression on her face and in her eyes showed pain, though she attempted to hide it. He could only ask himself what had happened to her. His frame would let out a soft sigh, as his eyes continued to match hers. He would whirl around, as his massive wings outstretched, unintentionally casting another wave of air into his surroundings. His wings would tuck behind him now, as he moved to cross the bridge to meet his daughter. She had grown further, her facial features being more matured and distinct. Though she seemed to be damaged, her body seemed stronger, and more developed. He knew it had to have been years since he was last here. There was no way this change could be within months. As he looked to her body, it seemed torn, burned, bruised. His eyes widened with concern as he quickened his pace, to find himself standing before her just moments later. He still towered his daughter, as he looked down to her, letting the silence settle between them. She did not seem to be willing to speak, the frozen expression on her face showing that he would have to explain his absence. What could he say to her? Did she hate him now? Could he live with knowing that his daughter could hate him? His brow would furrow across his scarred skin, as he looked to his daughter with a kneel to match her level. Looking directly at her now, he would finally speak. "You are hurt... what has happened to you?" His hand would hesitantly lift from his side, in an attempt to find ameans of comfort. The air around him gave him the feeling that something tragic had happened to the capital during his absence, but he would hope it would not pertain to his daughter as he waited for her to speak.

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii's red eye twitched and caught the movement of gen around the mans figure as it left his body. Her eyes slowly folded down allowing the dirt to hit her face aswell. A few particles clung to the still slightly bloody holes in her face. The dirt seemed to sink and match the bruises. She refocused her eyes, assuming the gust would be the only time. While her eyes had been closed her father had turned around. His face twisted with a mixture of emotions. Her hands moved up to her face remembering how hideous she actually looked at this moment. She slipped her fingers over her tongue and began to scrub at her face wanting them to disapear so that he couldn't see her like this. Her eyes swelled again. She felt ashamed at how dirty she was; how knotted her hair was; how pitiful she looked. "I-I'm sorry..." Her voice was soft and cracked. Her body began to shake as if she were a slave starring her master in the face; as if this slave had just stollen the cushion from her masters chair and was about to be punished. The figure of her father was now rushing towards her causing Aii to stagger back a few steps slightly afraid at what he might say. As he kneeled before her, his head only slightly shorter on his knees than she stood on her own feet. The anger she assumed would be in his eyes was not there. His worried expression sent Aii into a slight shock. Did her father still care for her after all of this time? Would he have saved her had he known? A tear escaped her eye and ran down her dirt covered cheek. It pulled some of the dirt along leaving a line of clean tawny flesh. ~You are hurt... what has happened to you?~ Aii's body shook as his hand raised from his side. Before he could move any further Aii pushed her ands up to his wrapping her slender fingers around his. Her right hand was bandaged though the bandage was covered with dirt and blood stained. It seemed as though Aii hadn't changed the wrap since the day of her punishment. Her fingers were still broken and slowly healing, though she pushed through the pain to grip at her fathers hand tightly. "No, no!" She struggled to pulled her lips upward into a smile as she laughed nervously. "I'm fine! You know, I've always been one for fun..." Her voice rushed out hurried and cracked. The once loud and chipper sound had turned to a frail and barely audable piano string. Envy had finally gotten what she wanted. A daughter she could mold into duing her bidding without questioning or second guessing. A daughter who knew her place. A daughter who... who wasn't a daughter at all. Another clan member who just so happened to share her blood. A clan member who could easily be killed for a mistake. Aii had gotten lucky that day. The pain and memories would be a constant reminder to her. You obey... always.

Bonk: His eyes looked to her hand as she brought it up to his, locking her fingers to his as she hid the pain from this movement well. The wounds across her were not the only sign that showed the lie with her answer to him. The expression across her face showed one of what reminded him of a flower, standing tall, and alone, in an empty garden. Below it, weeds would slowly began to choke its roots, isolate it, and bend it to their will, draining it as any weed would do. The rage of this realization flooded into his eyes, as they almost began to burn in his sockets, looking to her with the anger at himself for not being here for her. With the moment that it took for him to regain his calm expressions, he would look back to her, and speak with a softer tone. "You are my daughter. Though you can deny your pain to the rest of the world and believe you have fooled even your brother or your mother... you cannot fool me. I know when my daughter has been damaged, and now I wish to know what has happened to you.. who or what has done this to you, Aii?" He looked back to her wounds, from the dirt and tears to her face, to the burns and bruises against her body, hiding beneath her clothing. The bandage wrapped around her hand seemed worn. He could easily tell that she was not in the shape to care for her appearance much. Either that, or she simply did not have the energy to keep a pretty mask across her broken body. Valkoor could only realize that this was far more than cruelty that was forced down on his daughter. Whatever had happened to her was tramautic, and could very well lead her down a path of insanity if she were to be enveloped in it for much longer. All he knew to do, was to never allow himself to be taken from his family again, and remain by her side until he knew she could be safe without his presence. He gave himself a subtle nod, with the decision as he waited for his daughter to speak once more.

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii had been watching/twitching her eyes back and forth between his as they flooded with emotion. The sudden rage within his eyes coaxed her to spill the memories she had tucked deep within her these past few days. As she spoke of her days, the knot that had formed within her throat was shrinking allowing her to breath easier with each word. She spoke of living at the /escape/ she had found nestled between a set of snow capped moutains. The day she had traveld out of her newly aquainted village to gather supplies. She had just so happened upon a scene. She had watched a man fight off a group of theives that had been picking on a group of smaller children whom, she assumed, had been gathering their own supplies while their parents worked their lives away. He had been severely wounded, but his fight had wooed Aii and he had amazed her futher by setting free a small pup that had happened upon a smaller trap set for deer. She spoke about taking her back to her place and healing his wounds. The compassion she felt from him was enough to woo her into bed. Upon the return to the Capital, she had left her lover behind her wanting to not appear as though they were together. Aii's eyes began to spill the tears that had gathered within her eyes. "He was so stupid... He called me his lover infront of My Mother." She told him how she hadn't mentioned the Clan she was from or the terrible actions made by her mother. He had rushed in not knowing the people around them and called Aii his lover and touched her lovingly infront of Envy. As these events unfolded the new War Don had answered Envy's scroll for the position and showed his self at the capital. At the very same moment a messanger had brought a scroll to Envy. Elder Fae had written her informing her of Aii's love affair and how it wouldn't be wise to danger Aii. "You see, Kai wouldn't allow our mother to harm me... I thought.. " Aii choked and coughed a minute within her sobs before continuing her story. "She tricked me... She wanted to touch my face.." She continued to tell him about how she had went to touch Aii's face and how she had thought Envy would show her compassion for the very first time. Envy's other hand had moved towards her stomach to feel the aura of the baby. Aii explained how she had been sick and didn't realize until that very moment that she was pregnant. Envy had yelled for the new war don to kill Aii. "But I heard a voice... The voice told me to hit her.. I tried.. I t-tried" She told him she still wasn't sure who the voice was that had told her to punch at Envy's stomach. Continuing on she explained how a shield had prevented her from hitting her mother and had broken her hand. Aii looked towards the filthy wrapped hand that she had wrapped around his fingers. "Kai came... I was almost free.. " She repeated the words Kai had said shouting them as he had to all that filled the room. "YOU WILL NOT TOUCH MY SISTER!" Aii's lips moved quickly as her eyes darted around recalling every detail of the event. Envy had called off the guards and war don. She knew that it wouldn't be wise to anger her son, but the war don defied her orders. She spoke about how she had heared the hissing in her ear and then a sudden preassure of something entering her from behind. Aii moved her hands to her stomach. "At first, I felt nothing. Nothing at all only a pressure. And then... A fire.. It burned.. It b-burned" Aii became hysterical as she recalled the blood spilling from her and running down her legs. The brief moment of insanity had caused her to dig into her own flesh. The scortched fetus getting trapped within her pants not able to fall from her womb. She spoke of the pile of flesh that was once her love being stabbed repeatatively by her mother. "I couldn't recognize him... His guts.. " She moved her hands showing that he had began to spill from his torn stomach. She continued telling her story. Envy had left with a few that were scattered around the room along with the war don. She told him she had fallen to the floor from blood loss but the sweet relief of unconciousness (sp?) would not allow her to leave the terrible nightmare. "I refused help... I-I wanted to remember. I can't let this happen again." Aii's hand shook as she tightened her grip around his hand cutting off the blood flow to her fingers. "I left... I went to see the ocean again.. I wanted to see you so badly... " Aii dropped her scattered eyes to his once again. It felt wonderful for the stagnent air she had been holding within her self to leave; the wonderful feeling of her tears washing away the dirt from her wounds on her face.

Bonk: Valkoor could only stay frozen, his eyes locked to hers as he read the emotions to cross them as she told him of what had happened to her. As she told him of this man she had met and slept with, Valkoor could not find a means of supporting her when she spoke of his death. When she mentioned this War Don, attacking her without his knowing, would a rage flood into his eyes. This rage was something Valkoor hardly ever had felt in his life, and a rage that could not be soothed easily. Though he knew Envy was more than right for killing this man as he touched her in front of him, Valkoor would not settle for another man harming her in front of the clan, especially without his permission. Valkoor could only look away from Aii as she finished explaining the event, and as he finally rose from his kneel to look over at the wandering people that had long since turned away from the two, he would turn away from Aii to hide the anger from her. His hands, involuntarily pulling into tight fists, another into an almost claw, almost brought pain to him as he could not fight the action. The aura lifting from him could almost paralyze a person with fear had they known they were his target. He could only let the feeling flow out of him to keep him from snapping, and as he looked up towards the sky to let his rage burn the clouds, he would finally find a way to speak, his words so gentle that even his daughter would find it hard to find the rage with his tone. "This War Don... he attacked you, right?" He would not wait for her response. As he asked the question, he could not find a means of a reason for her to answer. She had already explained this to him, so why would he have to ask? He would but turn his body slightly for his eyes to tilt back to meet her face. He could only hope the rage would not be found in his eyes at this point. "I cannot say anything about Envy's actions. She is your mother, after all. If I was there I probably would have killed the man myself..." He would look away, not wanting Aii to see the truth in his eyes with his words as he continued. "But whoever this man is that harmed you..." He would take a few steps away from Aii, looking back towards the sky as he watched the clouds drift away from his view. "I wish for the clan to meet here as soon as possible. This includes Envy, and her son... and this War Don. Please see to it that this happens, my daughter." His hands, finally loosening from their tightened positions, would fall to his sides as he finally found a means of calming himself, at least while he was in front of his daughter. He would simply look back to her face, and try to find a way to change the subject so that the pain could temporarily subside. "You have your trinket, I am assuming. If you wish to see me at any time, you know that you can find me in the void. I'll come back soon, I promise." He would look to her with a gentle expression in his eyes, fully hiding the rage behind the hardened mask of an expression he now wore. Only a moment later, would he bring his hand to the top of her head, lightly brushing his fingers through her hair as he had always done, before he turned away to let his hand drift from her face. As he turned away, the shadows beneath his feet, casted from the faint (sp?) moonlight above, would swirl to his feet. As the shadows swirled to his frame, they would shoot up rapidly to envelop his body. He would look to Aii like an entity of shadow for a moment, as his wings, tail, horns, and finally his body, would fade from her sight as he entered the void.

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii stared into her fathers eyes as she finished explaining what had happened to her. His face was frozen as they stared back and forth. Finally, he broke the stare and turned away from her. Her heart began to sink, was he ashamed of her aswell? Aii brought her hands to her face and clenched tightly around her cheeks. Her fingers danced away from forbidden spots that had been injured a few days before. She watched as his hands grip the air his aura raising. Never had she felt this much energy from her father. Aii's bulged from their sockets once again as fear washed over her. ~This War Don... he attacked you, right?~ Aii's voice was small and filled with fear just as it had been the day with her mother. "Y-yes..." Her father turned to meet once again allowing the fear to leave her. The anger within him was not for her. A fresh set of tears began to fall sweeping away even more dirt than before. ~But whoever this man is that harmed you...~ Aii's hues continued to twitch back and forth looking between his eyes trying to understand his meaning. Her body continued to shake from the pain of her wounds and the fear of what was to come. Would Aii get a back lash from the Clan if her father attempted to right the wrong? Aii had known that no one would feel sorry for her lover; even she felt very little remorse over his death. Had she truely even loved him at all? ~I wish for the clan to meet here as soon as possible. This includes Envy, and her son... and this War Don...~ Aii drifted off, the last few words went unheard. What was he going to do? Aii watched as his hands finally loosened the grip on themselves. ~You have your trinket, I am assuming. If you wish to see me at any time, you know that you can find me in the void. I'll come back soon, I promise.~ Aii reached out to grab at her fathers hand. Her middle finger and index finger hooked with his. It was a promise they had used when she was a child; his hands were to much larger than hers to hook pinkies like most do. "Promise..." She left her grip listen as his hand lifted up to brush through the only few strands that weren't tangled. Aii couldn't help but feel calm, her lips curling up into a small smile feeling his loving hand. His fingers slid down across her cheek and away from her chin. A small set of panic began to sink in as she watched him head into the void. He promised.. Aii's voice rang within her own head calming herself. That's right, he had promised. Moving for the first time since she had laid eyes on her fathers figure, Aii moved over to the edge of the bridge and rested against its stone siding. "Marcus..." Aii's voice raised only loud enough for a few surrounding villagers would hear her. The teenage man who had elbowed his grandmother earlier rushed over. "Please send a message to the royal family and... the war don.." Aii paused letting the voice continue to remind her that her father would soon return. She wouldn't be alone for long. "Tell them there is to be a meeting and I await their return from the Island." Marcus rushed off to the other messengers, he wasn't so much afraid of Aii, but her father had truely scared him. His bones shook, eager as ever to get away from the area, afraid that Valkoor would soon return.

ElijaLotharios: The sound of hoofbeats, slow and steady, partially muffled by soft mud, and unshoed hooves, came steadily closer to the Capital, through the main path. As they grew louder still, the source of the sound became visible. It was, shock and horror, a horse. A fairly good horse, come to that, one specific to the Hills of Teckrit, in Eradonias. The horse was strangely coloured, being a dark purple, the end of its hairs tinged with burnt umber colouring. It currently had a black leather bridle and sidle, each studded at the sides with dark metal, both for aesthetics and weight. The horse was rather large, with quite a lot of muscle mass, easily able to carry up to three people, if required. Currently, there was only one rider, rocking confidently in the saddle with the horse's slow, calculated pace. He was, primarily, a large fellow. Due to his sparse clothing, this was blatantly obvious, huge, defined muscles easily visible on certain parts of his body, as well as the seven foot height he possessed. It should be mentioned, before any further detail is given, that this man was certaintly not human. Humans don't tend to have four arms, and nor do they have glowing purple eyes. This man did. From the ground up, he was wearing a pair of thick grey wolf boots, with dark titanium plates strapped onto it with thick wire cords. His legs, up to about the mid-upper-thigh, were bare, showing legs and muscles just as defined as the wire cords on his boots. In this bare expanse of skin, there were a number of scars, both small and large, and both from ritualistic and battle-gained incidents. At the upper thigh, and up to his waist, he wore an almost kilt-like garment, essentially a large, thick, crimson cloth, worn over a leather loincloth underneath. A number of leather, metal studded belts wrapped around his waist and hips, with four large, machete-sized daggers placed upon it. His stomach was also bare, a challenge to other Shaladen warriors to try and disembowel him, a common form of attack and killing in the Shaladen culture. Here, the defined eight-pack muscles could be seen, as well as a deep scar where, apparently, someone had gone for the disembowel. By the sheer fact that he still lived, they'd failed. His chestplate consisted of a thick leather base, padded with hide, which was strapped around his body by a pair of thick leather thongs. A v-shaped titanium chestplate was affixed to the front, for maximum protection of the chest. Only his top left arm had any covering, and even then it was a plain, titanium shoulder plate, with a chainmail sleeve beneath it. The other three arms just had leather wraps on the hands. His right set of arms were currently covered at the back and front by a thick, red cloth cape, hanging there by a chain of steel around the left side of his neck, almost down to his knees. He'd paid the Steel Tithe for that. This seemed to be all of his clothing. His weaponry consisted of a pair of Grosse Messer falchions, strapped to the side of the horse, handles within easy reach. The Grosse Messer was, at its base, a four foot long Falchion, made to be used wither one or two handed. This man had the pick of whichever he liked, for both. The pommel was a Messer pommel, curved forwards a little at the bottom, with a blunt, but pointed steel pommel, one which could be used for punching in close quarters. Moving up, the hilts were made from rosewood and dark mahogany, wrapped in silk and leather strands, to provide a better grip. The quillons were straight, bar-like things, flat at the top, and a little thinner at the ends, also for punching. The blade itself was formed from titanium, sharpened incredibly at the front, but blunt at the back, being a one-sided blade. There was a gradual curve near the tip of the blade, where it was almost sabre-like, if not for the slight jag at the very tip, turning it into a stabbing weapon as well. A blood groove ran down the back of the blade, to drain the sanguine liquid after it had been spilled. Moving up to his face, as stated, his pupils were a glowing purple, as was, strangely, the iris. Black hair descended from his skull in a veritable cloud, reaching down to his knees when unbraided. Currently, leather bands kept it in place. His features were definitely foreign, those of a Northman, probably one of the Hill Tribes. Any thinking this would be right. Bronn Prideborn, the Northking of Eradonias. He rode across the bridge, completely confident in where he was going, before looking to the woman sat upon the wall. He took in her clothing and appearance for about a minute, before reaching behind him, to the back of his saddle. His hand came back around, holding four Bandit heads by their hair. Throwing them down to the floor, he gave the woman a nod, before speaking. His voice was accented as well, one speaking of harsh winters, and warm fires. ''More to add to those trees of yours.''

AiiZebreamVendassin: As the messanger ran off, Aii pulled her knees to her chest. Her hands danced around her against the bridge picking up the small objects around her. Her left hand found a small pebble and brought it towards her face. The lump that had been caught in her throat had eased itself away. She enjoyed the feeling of being able to breath again. It was only a matter of time before she would come face to face with her mother and the war don again. Would the lump in her throat come back? The somewhat calm feeling she was having, would that too disapear as she lay eyes across their faces? Examining the pebble she took in its texture and every flaw. River rocks were much more flawless, they were cold and smooth to the touch. "Uhhc...' Aii flung her arm upwards letting the pebble leave her fingers and plummet to the acidic waters below the bridge. The pebble had no chance of surviving. It's small size would soon be eaten away by the acid. Aii turned her gaze towards the end of the bridge a moment before moving to the wall across from her, but something caught her eye. A rather large figure that seemed to have four legs came almost trotting towards the bridge. As it drew nearer she could make out the figure only slightly better. Something was riding a rather odd colored horse. It almost appeared black within the moonlight, but the torches surrounding hinted at a slight blue or purple complexion compared to the tufts of black that sprung from the riders skull. The rider appeared to be fully armed, the blades and armors smooth texture reflecting the torches light within them caught Aii's sun-bleached plum and crimson pools. Her hair blew to the side only slighting as a wind slipped its fingers over her flesh. Her hands moved up to brush through getting rid of the knots with her fingers. ~More to add to those trees of yours~ The acceted voice caught her ears seeming rather load amidst the silence as he threw a group of heads down next to her. "Thank you... but it seems as days pass we are running out of places for our own heads." The heads faces were skewed with terror and shock, she assumed from seeing a four armed /man/ running towards them with death in his eyes. She leaned forward and pushed herself up off of the ground, her wrapped-bloodied-right hand would send pain through her arm, but Aii ignored it, this pain was nothing compared to what she had felt. "How can I help you..." Aii's voice soothed the air hinting at only a light edge of confidence in her voice. She was doing suprisingly well given the certain cercumstances.

ElijaLotharios: Bronn gave a little shrug, dismounting from the horse. As his feet hit the ground, an audible crunch could be heard from the stone, his great weight cracking some of the rock. Rolling out his shoulders, he untied his swords and his provisions pack from the horse, before slapping it on the flank. The horse turned around and rode back over the bridge, away. It'd come when called. He walked over the bridge a little, tying the swords to the belt at his waist, before inclining his head a little. ''Well, funny thing. I ended up here by accident. Those horses can eb real bastards when they want to be, and mine wanted to be. Ended up here.'' He gestured with his third arm to the heads. ''These...fellows, figured that the horse looked good, and I didn't. Asked around a bit, found out where the government sat.'' He gestured expansively with all four arms, now. ''And here I am. So, as for what you can do for me...is there anything I can do for you?''

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii's gaze was unfoltered as the /mans/ weight crunched the bridge beneath them. Her sunbleached-plum pool was only slightly lighter than the man she stared at. He was several inches perhaps a couple feet taller than Aii. His speech was thick was accent as he went on to explain how he ended up here. Her eyes flowed one of his arms as he pointed to the heads he had thrown down at her. Aii laughed a bit as the word governemnt slipped from his lips. Government.. what type of government coulld this possibly be. Perhaps a monarchy? She couldn't hold her laugh in at the thought of a monarchy. Of course not, never. This was a dictatorship with the dictators striving for their own time to rule. "I see... " Aii's hand moved up to her face in an attempt to wipe a bit of the dirt from her face. "Excuse my... appearance." Aii scanned the being that stood before her, ideas whipping around her head. "I may have a use for you..." The smile remained over her lips as she of a group of her own /misfits/ scouring the land; her will was their command. " How are your skills?" She moved her foot to kick at the heads he had dropped. "Can I assume that these 'fellows' weren't weak?" She ammused herself by circling his form only once. It was nice to completely block future events from her mind, the meeting with her mother again, she assumed, would not be a pleasant one.

ElijaLotharios: He gave a light shrug, with all four shoulders, and gestured to the blades at his waist. ''I'm fairly good with these. And I'm Shaladen. That should be evidence enough of skills.'' He gave a somewhat bold smirk there, and shook his head. ''I joke. I'm good with the blades, I'm good hand-to-hand...to hand, pardon the pun. I've got some skill with shamanism and druidic stuff; don't expect a court wizard.'' He gestured back with his top left hand. ''I'm good on a horse. Two hands on the reins, two on swords.'' He scratched his chin idly with his top right hand. ''And I'm good with strategy. Defensive, mostly, or raiding.''

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii's eyes flashed a hint of happiness as he joked. ~hand-to-hand.. to hand..~ He was a clever one, she assumed, and someone she wanted to keep around. After he finished speaking she continued with her questions. "How would you feel i-... " Aii's words were cut short as a rather smaller bird few towards her direction. A tiny note was attached to it's leg. Holding her finger out she allowed the bird to land before she retrieved the note and pushed the bird upwards to fly away. Within the scroll were her mother's ship's location. Aii could feel the burning sensation within her nose and eyes returning. It's time to grow up, Aii, you are no longer allowed to cry. Aii pressed her eyes closed, the burning intesing only slightly before resolving itself almost completely. "Excuse me a moment.. I have to retrieve someone." Sliding her hand to the locket her father had given her, she closed her eyes and focused on her fathers image. Her own figure slowly began to dim and dimmish betfore his eyes as she headed into the void to find her father. Just as she entered the void, the figure of her father was before her. Knowing that he would sense her presence she held out her hand with the location on it. "I have to go back and get something." She assumed he would understand that she wanted him to come with her to the Capital before they both teleported to her mother's location. Allowing her mind to fill with the capitals snowy image, black particles began to form her slender tawny body only a few steps from where she had been just before finding her father. "I would like for you to come with me." If he and her father accepted, Aii would grab ahold of one of the mans arms with her dirty wrapped hand and her fathers arm with the other and begin their journey to the ship. A bubble that had gone shortly after her father had arrived was forming once again within her throat. How would her mother react to seeing her? She hoped that the war don was still alive just to see him when the anger within her father began to rise.

Bonk: His eyes, glued to the dark waters of the void, continued to burn. The rage had died down by a fair degree, with the occassional flame to light his hues. His frame dug into the crystalized shoreline of the void, his mind half-focused on the task of rebuilding the bond between himself and the heart of the void. Every turn resulted in the unwanted hiss that it would give to his presence. A slight grunt in retaliation was all he needed to silence it. The flames of the void would grow stronger as he continued to reconstruct the bond between them. Though reluctant, the two would eventually find the same level of connection that they once had. It was only a matter of time. The flames would soon hiss away with an unexpected shift in the void, as an opening was made, just feet behind Valkoor. He did not need to turn and look to know that it was his daughter. A light smile crossing his face with her presence, as he would turn to face her. His eyes would find hers, fairly hiding the rage that lurked behind his hues as he moved closer to her, taking her hand as she spoke of having to retrieve someone. Within the moment, he would find himself back at the capital. Standing before himself and his daughter, a rather large, four armed man would be found. This must've been who Aii came to find, as she invited him to come with them to wherever the clan would be found. His hand still in hers, he would simply wait for them to be taken to their destination, as the seconds ticked by sluggishly, taunting his rage as they did so.

EnvyVendassin: -“If we go through this way….” Looking at the the map very closely on the dark brown mahogany table, in the captains bunker as they set sail to the Capital of ZenDasalen. “I guess we can get there that way.” Her right index finger crossed back and forth on the map, looking at the different areas for a surprised attack by sea. Her feathers were slowly circulating around the room, floating in space it seemed in a peaceful counter clock wise rotation. Her weapons still mounted on her as always, on her lower back her double enchanted adamantium twin daggers, and her adamantium knives wrapped around her right mid-thigh. She had those two and her bones formed like spikes sticking from out of her back, which they could move whenever they pleased, back in her or further out from her back but with a great amount of pain applied to it. So fixated on the map for the mission at hand she gave little attention to the sun that was peaking up and shining through the window. Envy pinned her bangs out of her face to save her the trouble of being annoyed by them. Her hair looked like a mad woman, frizzed out in long waves; her semi-deep purple hair closely matched her lavender purple pools of her. “Now what makes him want to stay out on the sea?” She stared at the marked target placed on the map; her thoughts took her away for a moment or two. She forgot anytime now she should be getting a message of updates; but being so busy with other affairs it had slipped her mind for now. -

KaiErgoVendassin: Kai lay across the railing along the back of the ship, not saying a word, but somehow maintaining his balance as the ship glided along the calm, cold ocean. The air was cold, and he knew it, but from the fact that he didn’t even feel it, having his own warm air circulating around him. He stared up at the sky, having just snapped out of his long daydream he called sleep. “She never rests, she just schemes and fights.” Said a voice in Kai’s head, speaking a low in a -meant to be- long forgotten language, the language of the ancient forsaken’s. “Well, you will have to keep watching, just as I have been, but you know, I have eyes everywhere.” Just as he said that in the same language, not actually realising he did, Kai began to see though his own Owl’s eyes, seeing how fast it was travelling. It would not be long before it got here. It was travelling even faster than he could. Now looking through his own eyes, he turned his lead to his right, looking away from the boat. Lazily, he reached his left hand up, and immediately, the small white owl approached, reaching out with its talons while slowing down its flight, landing on Kai’s index finger. Reaching up with his right hand, Kai untied a scroll from its leg. It tweeted quickly and looked around, before melting into Kai’s hand. Kai looked around and rolled off the railing quickly, landing on his feet. As he landed, a light metallic buzz came from his upper body. He leaned down to pick up his ‘Tempest’ and then made his way around the ship, looking for Envy. After taking only five steps to the other end of the platform he was on, he simply called out, in a low but clear voice. “Your scroll has arrived, Envy.”

AiiZebreamVendassin: Taking her fathers hand the void began to open up on the very ship she imagined. The cool morning's ocean air rippled past her as she stepped out onto the boat. Her raven tangled unkept hair whipped and tangled away from her face as she turned towards the direction of the wind. The horizon glowed almost the same hue as her crimson colored eye. The clouds matched that of her darker than lavender pool. She released the hand of her father as soon as he had stepped from the void and moved her hand towards her face pulling the collar of her shirt up with them. Aii began to rub the shirt and tear stains from her face with the inside of her shirt not wanting her mother to catch how filthy she had become. Though the dirt had finally come off, nothing could hide the bruising over her cheeks and arms. The white shirt wrapped around Aii's figure seemed to be a dingy brown color now, though the rest of her clothing seemed as they always had been; clean. Aii felt ashamed at her appearance, these last few days of depression had severely taken its toll (sp?). She hadn't even changed the wrappings around her hand, she assumed the bloody mess of her hand was now connected to the gauze around it. Aii felt as though she would pass out, the lump in her throat made her feel as though her air was being cut off. Her stomach was doing flips and turns as the nervousness washed over her still slightly weak body, but at this very moment, she felt no pain.
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Bonk: After a moment of darkness, would Valkoor's crimson orbs find themselves looking out towards the oceans themselves, its gentle waves rippling across the surface as they danced across the sides of the ships that he now stood upon. His sudden presence would surely give a light shake to the frame of the ship, with his towering frame now planted to it as he looked about for familiar faces. His hand finding nothing in its grip now, as his daughter moved her hand from his to clean her face, he would take note of the wings against his back. Something like this would not be good for a rocking ship, and as they immediately began to darken and shift into a massive cross against his back, he would finally take a decent look to the ship. One face became recognized immediately. Envy's other son, Kai, was standing some feet away from him, in his hands, a note of some sort. Valkoor would not hesitate with his arrival, as he turned to look towards Kai, his words leaving him like the gentle breeze that surrounded the seas. "Where is your mother?" Though his impatience creeped upon him for his answer, he would only show a gentle expression across his face as he waited for Kai to respond to him if he chose to. His attention never left his daughter, still standing beside him, while he waited.

GannicusTheBeserker: -As the wind blew on the relentless seas Gan looked outword toward the horizon his eyes slightly squinted,as he looked he tilted his head once again his pupils zoomed in as he saw movement cock his head to the right side of his body as he was the figure swam a smirk appeared on his face the ship sailed along the waves clashing against waves sending water into the air sparying toward his face as he limply lifted his right hand about to the same level as his third rib and moved it over in a straight line to his left before dropping it back down to his side flinging the water in a different direction that of his face his long ears twitching from wind blowing against them,he quickly shifted his head upward checking for clouds then looking back behind him seeing Kai roll of the railing he shook his head knowing he would do the same instead of climbing down slowly he turned back toward the water his shirtless body giving a slight resistence against some of the wind that wish to go around him.Gan closed his eyes to himself only hearing the wind against the sails,the sounds of the ocean and indistinct voices of his aquintances that of Kai mostly the faces once again appearing in his eyes as his left hand rose three fingers raised while his thumb's tip resting on the tip of his pinky's preventing it from rising with the others as he placed the three fingers on his forehead more specificly the beginning of his scars and dragged his hand downwards in rememberance of the one who gave it to him its his sign and he will have it for life, he opened his eyes as the faces faded. His pupils had to recalculate the light from the son and his first blurred image was that of a tail descending back into the sea as his smirk faded he chose to practice a bit of tai chi only using his hand from his position of his knees and feet,while his feet extended outwards he leaned back on to them settling upon them.as his breathing slowed he became calm neutral with all surrounding things the rocking of the ship started to benefit him he had no worries but as always was on guard opening his eyes once again his hands in the chinese form of a bow as he released a sigh-

Darkgodess10: West of the island the black skidded across the sands like a soft blanket. The icy clear waters were beautiful as the sun reflected off of it showing the delicacy of the island. However the boat was nothing but cancer to this natural island. Large tree clumped together as one nestled just short of the beach and reached up higher in the distance up a large want looked to be as if a mountain. Something about this place screamed sacred and it was like the entity was quite. The girl, who was possessed, had stood in the same place on the deck for over 3 days. Bodily functions have naturally took its place and weather and the salt from the sea had made her white dress a dull grey color. Like a light bulb, the switch was turned on, and her bloody feet rested its pace and slowly from heel to toe motion. As the sand gave away to the weight of the child black aura ooze into the particles and blacked the earth. With each step it was like a blackened foot prints leading it way up slowly towards the forest. As it reached the trees, the book thumped harder as it tugged toward its destination. The small common animals that lived within the forest such as monkeys and snakes felt the evil disturbance in their animal instincts and turned in the opposite direction to flee. Most of them had become dazed by the feeling, and the reaction of their small cardvasular system was too much to bear, and simply stopped, making them fall of the trees and dropping dead as they were. The plants and trees as well could not bear the weight of the thicken airs and in the closer areas of the entity, quickly turned black and instantly wilted. As death lead the child’s path, she traveled for what seemed a short distance until the jungle opened up into a large area with a meadow. To the north, a large opening spread outward into a stone like mountain. The dark was thick inside, and the wind was hollow whishing away inside. The entity exploded around itself and the skin of the child’s seemed to have melted away due to its extreme heat. With every tendon and muscle showing, and its lips gone, the girl slowly continued inside the cave. Even in its pitch blackness, it was not much effort to find the long opening that held inside a cold tomb. The child stopped next to it she opened up her arms and dropped the book down on top of the tomb. A large sigh echoed inside and then a small click. It was a rest. How far had it travel to reach where it was now. How long it had been. The tentacles snapped out and tugged on the child’s insides. The black eyes winced and a gulp was heard before the blackness convulsed and exploded from the inside. Blood splattered everywhere in the tomb.

Emileh2: The cool breeze swept over Emily’s this, whimsical figure, and twisted slightly with the tight braid done in her hair. Mornings faint light streaked her now night black, and brown streaked hair. Those sharp silver hues under her thick lashes seemed almost colder then the ocean itself. Though her skin pale, on most days her slightly rosy cheeks would be evident, but this morning she seemed to almost look dead. Being only the healer of the group, Emily couldn’t quite understand why she was now aboard a massive ship. Envy had not really taken time to explain it to her, but maybe it was just loyalty to the group, or a precautionary thing. Today she wore a more covered look then usual. A tight, brown leather corset, tied to it’s tightest. A diamond shape cut out just around the chest area. Her bottoms were also a brown leather with a corset look up the sides, and a belt done tight. To top it all off was a long brown, opened, trench coat, decorated by copper chain and various other little things. It was a rather….”mature” look compared to her other fits, but still flattering to her personality. Emily wandered the dock slowly. Yes the waters were calm, but this was her first time on a boat. The sight was defiantly easy on the eyes…but the stomach? This constant rocking feeling was not going to fly over well. Hopefully no one was looking to have a long conversation, she just swallowed hard on the thought of having to open her mouth, what an embarrassment it would be. Em was only able to take a few more steps before she had to sit down on a barrel. She had begun to feel dizzy and clumsy. She sat in silence, her hand on her forehead, and over her eyelids as she tried to bring her body to ease Taking slow, deep breaths. Em dare to not even swing her feet that didn’t touch the ground due to her height. She just sat with perfect posture, her head some what hung. With the tilt of her head, the sun caught the smaller features on her face. Two sets of lip rings. Two copper, and two that looked of barbed wire circling her pale, full lips. A set of 7 spikes going up each side of her nose, her regular earring choice, and a nose piercing that connect to her ear with golden chain. Emily couldn’t bare the thought of how she would feel once the weather became warm. Her train of though shifted suddenly, and her hand went to grab the side of the boat. Oooh…..shaking. She closed her eyes, and started to swallow hard again. To look up would be asking for it.

KaiErgoVendassin: Kai looked to Valkoor, slightly irritated by the way he decided to make an appearance, with his daughter in hand. He huffed lightly. Was it jealousy? Possibly. Just possibly, but then, Kai would never in a million years let that show properly. He liked to keep people guessing. “Aii.” He said before flicking the scroll toward her, for it to land near her feet if she did not catch it. “Give that to my mother. And tell her I’ll be back later.” With that, Kai looked around before leaning down and leaping into the air, his telekinesis taking over his body, not even a little bit of his concentration needed as it was something natural by now. As he shot off into the sky, he circled around the boat once, on the second circle, he came closer to the water, his hand skimming it before he shot off properly, breaking the sound barrier immediately and becoming a faraway dot within a few seconds.

0xRegretx0: -Each stroke of the dagger seemed to be perfect as the sailor moved his blade along the leather strap. A hiss left the strap as iron touched leather and echoed through the cabin of the ship. sitting gainst the wall on the far end of the ship Blayne was listening to the steady sounds as the sailor cleaned and sharppened his blade. He had a book in hand and was studying a simple section on runic portals before he felt an odd sensation. He felt a sudden urge to rise and visit envy. Shaking his head he shrugged his shoulders and slipped his arms through the coat that hads the rune for shield scribed in the back and moved for the ladder headeing up to the weather deck. Standing in the morning light he let a small smile play at his lips before turning and heading for the captains cabin. Before he was halfway there he could hear a shout coming from the boy "Your scroll has arrived, Envy". Turnning he located the boy and gave a shrill whistle waving his arm towards the door to the cabin "She is in here princeling, come give it to her yourself." Before waiting for a response He turned and placed his palm on the catpians door and pushed it open without even waiting to see if envy was decent or not. As he walked inside he looked at her mumbling to herself and talking about war plans "You know, that is why you hired me my Queen, perhaps you should leave the war plans up to the War Don." he gave a cocky smile his bright red eyes dancing in a cunning manner. The sickness that had taken him so near the island had washed away and he now felt more alive then ever. Reaching into his rune pouch he let his thumb brush over a small fire rune. He could have called upon the rune via his rune halo but he liked to keep the halo hidden until he needed. As his thumb brushed over it a small werelight apeared in midair and hovered over the map lighting it up in bright hues and colors. He stooped to look at her map and placed a finger in three locations in turn "We should place a small fleet here off the coast of the elders place, to defend them in case of attack. Also here around the horn of Endless days, if they choose to come through their those witless barbarians and inbred fools might join up with them, with us guarding the horn, and a small army on the shore, we could easily hold the entirty of Endless days without so much as a blink of an eye. If they land ashore the army would be waiting for them and wipe them from the face of this earth, in force. Now for the final fleet place half of it here right before this small island just south of the capital. It will be close enough to the capital to sail to the aid if need be but will guard the best spot for landing if the army wants to invade on foot and march to a seige. Place a good half of our army here in the capital, with half of them in this pass leading up to the capital and watch as they fight us in narroed corridors, on unfamiliar ground and the other half can remain in the castle walls to man the siege equipment and such. No one can stand against good men in their home lands, this has been proven ture 100 times over. Here at atlantis city we can have a dispatch of around a third of your army head there, maybe a quarter it does not need to be much. We can send the remainder of the ships there too, it will be good for two things. One we will have the city defended and have potrolling units to watch for an attack we do not anticipate and two, we will have a direct trade route between us and the other large city. In case of siege this could be almost invaluable. We will have all of our bases covered and if we dispatch units of around 500 men strong to carious coastal cities and towns to recruit and find traders and black smiths we could grow our forces inmeasureably within a month, they will stand no chance against our might if they choose to come knocking on our doors." Blayne smirked as he finished what he had to say to Envy not bothering to pause for her interjections until he had made his plan clear to her. His eyes danced with an odd shade of bright fire in the light of the cabin and he turned to look at the door "Now where is that princeling with the scroll." he waited like that for both the prince to enter the cabin and for Envy to respond to his plan.

EnvyVendassin: -She brought her right hand to cover her mouth as she thought. Voice outside the door she didn’t notice. Soon the door of her room opened, “Have people forgot to learn how to knock now a day?” She upped her chin her eyes fell onto the person entering the through the door. Even though it was the War Don she didn’t care, her voice a little aggravated, “Do knock before entering any place I am at peace at; War Don or not.” Her hand fell on the middle of her chest, a little above the center of her breasts. She spoke as he was speaking to her, she was sure he had caught it, even though he continued on what he thought. As she looked at him, she couldn’t help but to catch the tall figure behind him, her eyes dazed. ~ “Is that?” ~ She said as if her breath was taken within her mind as well as from her mouth. “Yes, I do believe that is your duty, take this and look over it on the deck, I have company to see to for a moment or two.” She grabbed the map and handed it to him, not the main map but a copy, Envy would never give the main map away, and instead pocketed it away somewhere close on her body. “Oh, and the war is not going to be on ZenDasalen, we are taking it to his ground. No one is that stupid to attack us at home.” She said her final words, looking at the War Don and then back out the door. -

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii's gaze followed that of her fathers. A figure was standing a few feet away from them. /Kai./ Her lips mouthed his name without making a sound. ~Aii~ Her eyebrows raised hearing her name. He had flicked a scroll towards her general direction and Aii's arm automatically stretched out to the side to catch it. The scroll crumbled slightly in her hand as she caught it. ~Give that to my mother. And tell her I'll be back later.~ Aii could only nod before Kai took off to wherever he was headed. ~She is in here, princeling, come give it to her yourself.~ Stepping forward a bit she turned slightly angled to face her father and to where the voice had come from. She knew that voice all too well. Aii's eyes flicked back and forth from the voice and to his gaze, silently telling him that the voice belong to the War Don. Aii lifted the hand holding the scroll to infront of her father. She didn't want to see her mothers face just yet and she figured, Envy wanted nothing to do with Aii at that very moment either, but she would follow after her father as he took the scroll to her, if he took it from her. Aii waited and watched her fathers movements seeing what he would do.

Bonk: Though he did not answer him, Kai tossed the scroll to Aii, and she simply caught it without a word as Kai took his leave. Looking down to Aii, before he could even ask to take the scroll, she turned to him with it in her hands. Before he could take it, he caught another voice, informing the 'princling' where Envy was. So he knew where she was, and had a reason to see her. A light smile of satisfaction crossed his face, as he gently took the scroll from his daughter's hands. Looking to her face before he could turn away, he saw the alert in her eyes as they darted between himself and someone behind him. Curious, his head turned hesitantly to see who it could be, but as he looked, whoever it was must have already entered the room where Envy was. Looking back to Aii, he would've been a fool to not know that the one carrying the unfamiliar voice was the one who hurt her. He simply nodded to her without another word, as he heard another's voice following the possible War Don. His ear twitched, as his eyes lit up. Turning around, he was certain Envy was in the room. Without another moment being allowed to pass him, Valkoor would turn from Aii with the scroll in hand, moving towards the doors of the room he would find Envy. As he approached them, his hand would automatically extend to press against the wood, as he pushed the doors open to slip into the room. He did not have the time to find Envy, as he saw her moving towards the door. His crimson orbs found hers, as he ignored the other presence for the time being. His frame having been frozen by her figure in his sights, he would finally allow his eyes to move from hers, his arm resting against the frame of the doorway as the gentle words escaped him like hushed whispers of children, staying up passed their curfue (sp?) with the attempts to remain unknown to their parents. "After all of this time, you'd still captivate me with your never-ending beauty.." His words were not even given the time to be thought of, as they slipt out of his mouth so quickly. His eyes stayed on her figure, not moving closer but to wait for her to make any move before he would. He kept his expression calm, and soft, welcoming her to him if she chose to, while he stayed in the doorway.

GannicusTheBeserker: -he rose from his current position to a standing point as he looked around taking a deep breathe exhaling fully emptying his lungs before filling them again,he stopped looking around before looking forward one last time and decided to walk around and explore the ship as he moved toward the main beam of the ship climbing up then the walking to his right as he was on an open railing and sat down getting a better view as they set out to sea he remained calm thinking to himself his lips sticking together as he sat there noticing this he curled them in and licked them re-moisturizing them looking over to his left and right before looking down wondering where envy was but he thought since she was in charge she would be in the captins den not worrying himself about it he opened a vial as a dark smoke seeped out and into his hand unfazed by the blowing wind as it formed into a hilt with a weaved grip an emerald in the middle of it as he looked at it and began to scan up it seeing the jagged edge of this broken sword before the rest of the smoke formed the barbed tip as he swung it it made a whistling sound cutting through the air to his right as he stuck it into the railing and began sharpening the blade humming a tune as he did so-

Emileh2: Em heard voices both faint, and close move about the ship. Deeply she wished all would shut up for just a mere two minutes. There was a couple unfamiliar voices to her. Though she had known Envy herself for awhile, and longer then most, she failed to introduce herself to the others. Maybe it would help to ease her mind and relax her body. Em was careful to stand, and at first, slow to walk. She still wasn’t feeling quite right on her feet, and she only just made it to the door way. Various bits of conversation filling her ear now. Her steps stopped as she came up next to a male also in the door way. Example one of an individual she hadn’t seen much of, the other was just inside the doors, another male. Her vivid silver eyes scanned over to the one familiar shape and she tried to pull a bit of a smile. Emily knocked on the open door lightly and dare to try speaking. “Hey, thought I would come see what’s going on here. It’s noisy”. The still rising sun had already begun to warm here, which was uncomfortable, and it was even more apparent of her pale state. Felling this discomfort she leaned on the door way with her hip, and crossed her arms lightly, leaning her head against the doors frame. Her eyes searched each figure intently.

0xRegretx0: -She seemed to ignore every word that slipped from his lips and this was a little bit more then annoying. Before he had a chance to respond she handed him a map and he pulled it open and laughed looking at the lone island "Just suround him and open fire on his walls, the idiot built his estate on a fucking death trap My Queen. I could destroy this city myself." he shook his head but before he had much of a chance to do anything else more people where entiring the cabin and he rolled the map up and stepped up behind his queen. Seeing the princess behind the new man he let his smile creep over his lips before speaking in a long slow voice "Well look what we have here, the little girl playing at princess. Have you come to disgrace your mother more or perhaps to admit you are a worthless blotch on her clan?" His voice was cold and calculating a little bit more malicious then he would usually allow it to be but he did not care. He wanted her to know how he felt about her mouthy little self. Shaking his head he turns away from the group the ball of fire following him about the cabin as he moves to a seat on the edge of the room looking at the door showing slight intrest in the exchange soon to occur. He heard a new voice just outside the door but he kept it calm before turning to look at Envy and the male "Is it often, My Queen, That people uninvolved with your current duties, i.e. running a war, come to call on you with no respect for your privacy? I myself care not for such triffling matters such as knocking when it is my job you are worrying yourself over. however these....peasents and cravens need not come bother you without leave. Shall I escort them to the life raft? Perhaps they will get home in time for our victory feast." his voice was smooth, as if he where talking about what he ahd eaten for breakfast that morning. Yet as usual it was underlaid with a tone that bespoke power and command. This would turn into an interesting morning and he was ready to be right there and see it all. Reaching into his rune pouch he took the time to pull out two runes and rub them together slowly letting his mind wander as he did so. The runes for shadow and air glistened in his hand as he started to hum to himself, a sailors tune he had heard on this voyage. It bespoke of the deep waters and the creatures down below. The death of a sailor. It was a dirge.

XBillyZombieX: -As the boards swayed underfoot a small scratching noise could be heard from within a barrel made for the storage of alcoholic beverage. As the noise continued through a corkhole, also known as a bunghole, a vivid green eye could be seen. As the eye shifted a loud cracking noise eminated from the barrel as a hand burst forth from the top, the noise level decreased as a hushed voice sneered profane words due to the loud action- "Fuck, they'll fuckin' hear me if my dumb ass won't shut the fuck up with these dumbass noises..." -As the hand pryed off a few more boards from the top of the barrel a head appeared from the barrel, white locks of hair emenating from the scalp of the profane character. As he looked about once more he noticed that he was in the underbelly of the queen's ship, the rocking and swaying motion meant that he was on board a vessel at sea. As he began to get out of the barrel a large wave crashed against the stern of the ship, sending the barrel the man was in crashing to the floor, rolling to the aft of the ship with the man hanging half way out. As he rolled he cursed out as he hit a large beam with his head, splitting his brow open from the force- "Fucking Fuckers!" -he cursed as he felt lines of hot blood race down his face into his two foot long bangs. As the barrel ceased its movement the man heaved himself out, scratching his shoulder as he felt a large piece of wood barried within. As he stood his figure became alive with character, his torso was covered in a split top made of black tanned leather, his pants were made of the same material. He wore two soft leather boots matching his pants. His belt was made of leather rope, tied in ornate designs as it looped through rings of solid gold attatched to his waistline as belt-loops. At the end of his belt were three tassels made of silken horse hair. As he stretched his top came apart, revealing his body was covered in markings, tattoos as some called them. As he looked back to the ship he closed his eyes listening to the conversation of those set about him. With no real interest the man brushed his hair from his face, throwing it to the right side of his face with a sigh. As he stood he reached into a large crate next to where the barrel had rested, the crate contained pots and pans for the preperation of the crew's food, but on top of that was a large bow, set for a pull back strength of one hundred sixty pounds, a heafty load for a compound bow such as this. The output strength of the arrow would sum over six hundred pounds per square inch from this bow, allowing the arrows to travel through steel with ease. Grasping the bow the man smiled and placed it upon his shoulders, reaching back into the crate the man lifted out a large six foot spear, the engravings upon its blade allowing the man to channel energy from his surroundings through the blade and into his enemies. At the end of the spear was a large weight, the weiaght having fifteen pounds of mass to it. As the man placed this upon his back he raced to his right, hiding next to a large doorway, hoping he would not be discovered before he had made the proper preperations for his travel onto the main deck of the ship- "Why me?" -he asked to himself as he grasped a large section of his bangs, noticing a line of blood dripping down onto the floor from his brow- "Fuck i hope this does not hinder or disgrace my markings of Enlightenment." -As he looked out the door he saw the ships main level empty, he smiled, closing his eyes for a moment as he walked onto the deck of the ship, his sea legs apparent as he stood somberly awaiting the "Firing squad" of the CruEnd Clan-

EnvyVendassin: -It was him. The chilling sensation she had 9 years ago when she last saw him still sexually caressed her skin in the most exciting way. It’s been 9 years since she been with another man besides Valkoor, his appears were very different, more clothed and sinister, and damn did he look good. She couldn’t help but to pause at his voice, so alluring she was captured in his gaze. She couldn’t help but to save this moment till the War Don had snapped her out of her day dreams of Valkoor back in those hot and steaming night filled with passionate lust between the two; surely something about this man truly drived her crazy but would she ever show it? Never. Her eyes shot to the War Don. Before she talked she had to clear her throat, seeming a little bothered by her thoughts. “Um, well-“She looked down at her table as if she had something important to do, but she frankly forgot how she handed it to the War Don. Looking at the War Don about the plans he had talked about. “Yes, it shall be victorious.” She said to him. As she looked to the War Don, she watched how his lips crept into a mockery and even though she seen this, another entity caught her off guard. She felt it on her soil, it was like a trance she foresaw, and that was something she never was able to see so clear. Killing of few people and book lying on the tombs stone. It was clearly on Platonic Island. Envy was so taken by this she dismissed so much that was said right in front of her. ~ “What is that?” ~ The image of screams snapped her back in reality. She blinked a few times catching the word from the War Don’s mouth ‘Our Victory feast.’ She looked from him and back down at the other papers on the table and nodded as she seemed to know what he was talking about but she didn’t know what he had said. “Um, yes… Well I actually would like for you to do something important for me. “ She looked back to the War Don before looking back to Valkoor and notice their daughter behind him. “ I need you to turn this ship back around and stop it right before the barriers of the five mile radius to the Island before the magic and power is cut off. I need to go back, there is something calling for me.” Envy couldn’t explain it but she nod to him, assuming he would do what he was asked. She looked down to the table again before glancing up to Valkoor. “Now what bri-“ She stopped once she saw Aii standing behind him. “Hm, she can remain outside, while we talk.” She walked around the stable, standing in front of it as she crossed her arms and sat her buttocks on the edge of it facing to the door. She saw a few more people beyond Valkoor and Aii but only had to speak for those to understand. “wish to be alone with Valkoor, I will be out soon.” This was spoken loud enough for all to hear. -

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii almost caught herself wincing as the words about her mother slipped from Valkoors lips, but she knew the love of her race and kept it to herself. She hoped that one day she could find an everlasting love such as this, even if (at the time) she was a vile and cruel queen. On the other hand, she was her mother and no matter how much Envy and Aii denied it, there was some sort of love between them. Aii would not be alive if it weren't so. A smug smile slipped into her vision causing her to lock eyes with the 'smile-er'. ~Well look what we have here.~ Aii could feel the pit of her stomach churn, his face alone could cause her to purge all of the contents within her belly. ~... The little girl playing at princess. Have you come to disgrace your mother more or perhaps to admit you are a wothless blotch on her clan?~ Aii couldn't help but let a manic smile slip across her face. She had almost gotten him with her 'disgraceful, worthless' saliva. One day he would know and regret these words. "A true War Don would never sneak up on his prey, but attack them from face on to see the fear within the victims eyes. You're nothing but a coward." Her teeth slowly began to appear within the smile as her attention went back to her mother. Aii knew her mother. That face of hers never gave any sign of weakness, but she knew that Valkoor definately made her weak in the knees. Her brother's fathers had never remained around, but Valkoor was different. Aii was almost assuming as her mother stumbled for her words. ~She can remain outside, while we talk.~ These words were better than nothing. She hadn't ordered Aii's filth to leave the ship. She hadn't mentioned anything about her that she hadn't mentioned to the others. Aii assumed that Envy knew she had learned her lesson. Aii tilted her head slightly forward towards her mother and father before leaving the entrance of her hold. Aii crossed the deck and crouched to lean against the opposite hold. Her knees pulled to her chest as she waited for Envy and Valkoor to emerge.

Bonk: Valkoor's eyes remained fixated on Envy. Her facial expression as she looked away, finding a means of speaking to the man behind her... It was highly noticeable to Valkoor that he was thought of while he was gone, and this brought a light smirk to his face. Though the man behind her had spoken to his daughter and to others, including himself, Valkoor had barely paid attention. His mind was elsewhere at the time, distracted by the one in front of him. He would simply wait for Envy to order everyone out, and as she did, he would look down towards the floor for a moment, a light, nearly inaudible chuckle leaving him before he would look back to Envy, his eyes not leaving her face as he waited for the others to leave. He would not move just yet, even if Envy managed to. He simply looked at her for a moment longer, taking in her beauty as he always found himself doing, before he spoke. "You have a lovely crew." A lighter smirk crossing his face as he stepped inside of the room fully. His eyes would remain on Envy as he moved to her, but stopping a decent foot or two from where she remained propped against the table. He would not move closer, but instead wait for her invitation for him to move closer. As he stood there, his smirk would slowly fade from his face, before he would finally speak with an unreadable tone in his voice. "I missed you.." The words were soft, but rather quick. He knew how Envy felt when he would speak to her in a serious manner like this, being the person she was. Though he knew it, he often found himself speaking anyways. She may have been a cruel person to others, but she could not fool him. He let a light smile cross his face again, as he wondered what she could possibly be thinking.

Emileh2: As the other male moved to be behind Envy, Emily’s eyes took him in carefully. He seemed to be like a man who knew what he was doing, but a bit of a stickler while doing such. Now for Envy these were some of the kinds of people she needed on her side. Firm and having expectations, but at the same time Emily could already feel a sense of….not hate, not dislike, but a sense of annoyance towards him. People in this group also needed to be able to get along, and as the man sat down and open his mouth to speak she gnawed on her cheek slightly. Emily stepped into the room, her face becoming a bit more lit. “Excuse me Sir.” She pulled out a bit of the “Fuck you” smile as she began to speak. “It seems we have never met. I am Temptress Emily. I play role as the healer for the clan, and as healer it is my job to help run this war. This war that I have just now discovered we are about to be in”. She gave Envy a bit of a disappointed look for her lack of explanation on where they were going. “That means that when you decide to get caught on a trap hidden under sand, I will be the one to come get your little ass and pick you up by your ears if I have to. Now maybe you can pull your head out of your ass. And maybe think about what’s not on the map. A map is only an aerial view”. Any other thought she had were stopped as Envy became lost for words. Now Emily had hear roomers of this Man unknown to her that was said to put their dear Envy in a smitten. She didn’t even have to turn around to guess that he must be it. His voice alone was quite charming. Emily did nothing but to smirk and raise her brow slightly towards Envy. “Well……you can fill me in later Envy”. With that she giggled slightly and took her nauseated self elsewhere. She only walked with her head down for a few steps before she came to a sudden halt. A familiar smell filled her nose, but instead of the usual reaction this scent for the first time ever caused her stomach to flop around viciously. At the same time though she couldn’t help but be curious. It only took a few more steps before she looked up. Now this little Temptress was only a wee 5’6”. To some this is normal height, but compared to most in the clan, outside of maybe some children, she had to be one of the shortest. Her sharp silver hues between those thick lashes continued upwards until they finally met with a face. Immediately she picked up on where the scent had come from, just above his eyebrow, a crimson liquid seeping down from the cut. He was significantly larger then her short, sensual frame. It was apparent that this man was armed, and this had been the one time she didn’t have her garter of daggers on her. Though still feeling uneasy she stood her ground. “What brings you here? Why do you not make you presence known”?

0xRegretx0 -Her orders reached his ears and he looked from the male and back to his queen. He scowled feeling a slight pinch of jealous. Jealousy? How odd. he had never loved a woman or beded one before so his attraction to envy was new to him. he shook his head to clear it from his mind before with a wink he was gone. The shadow and air room combonation shot him to the area just beside Emi as he teleported there. As he stopped and looked at the brute with uninterested eyes he shook his head "Sailors really let themselves go sometimes." without another word he reached out to grab Emis arm "Come I need your help" if she let him take her arm they would both wink out again and apear on the bridge of the ship and he would then turn to emi with soft expression "Well, healer. Help me then. Heal our direction and change it to go back. Turn this ship around" he turned away from her and rubbed the air rune one last time using the final charge in the rune to make his voice loud enough for the entire fleet to hear, the booming echo resounding across the ocean "BACK TO THE BORDERS OF THE PLATONIC ISLAND TURN ALL SHIPS AROUND, BY ORDER OF THE QUEEN BY VOICE OF THE WAR DON" his voice returned to normal and he turned winking at Emi yet his face remained unsmiling.-

XBillyZombieX: -The large man stood upon the ship quite somberly as he thought about who the woman could be who was approaching him, her eyes seemed kind, yet he knew she was a part of this unforgiving clan- "I am Grndel, Bla..." -As he spoke a man appeared next to the small woman, taking her arm and vanishing, Grendel stood quietly as he thought about how people could just vanish, the man's words making Grendel grasp his spear's hilt before they vanished. Grendel was a man of confrontation, though he was not accustomed do fighting in places such as these. Grendel's grasp relented as he looked back at his hand, his knuckles still white and slightly stinging as he noticed he had put an indention in the pole of his spear where his fingers were grasping. As he looked up he heard the man's voice booming from what seemed like everywhere, the loud coarse tone bombarding Grendel's ears. As Grendel heard this he clasped his hands over his ears, letting out a stream of profane words- "Fucking cock sucking bastards, their loud mother fucking voices hurting my fucking god damned ears..." -As Grendel finished he looked back to a small doorway, where he saw a vibrant red curtain covering a window, he assumed it was either a war room or a captain's room. As he walked to the doorway he smiled, hearing the voices coming within, one was feminen, the other a deep male voice. With a smashing thump Grendel slammed his hand against the door, letting whomever was inside know he was there, though he went unnoticed for this long abord the ship of the queen. He thought about that for a second, wondering how long it would have taken for them to try to get a drink from that barrel and figure out he was there- "I am here to see the Queen of the Forsaken." -He said calmly as he brushed the blood on his face from the fresh flowing wound, smearing the hot liquid over his face in large lines, spotting his skin with coagulated chunks-

EnvyVendassin: -She looked at her nails as everyone cleared out, her long slender fingers stretched out to get a better look at them, not looking at Valkoor anymore, she needed to regain her composer, and looking at him wouldn’t help her too much. “What is i-“It seem like she was being caught off guard every time she started to speak. ‘I missed you.’ Really threw her in a loop whole, she slowly raised her head so her eyes would meet his. Leaning forward while both feet pushed up and the muscles in her legs help her stand straight. She took a step with her right foot towards Valkoor and then another with her left foot, and her arms dangled off to her sides. She was mere inches from Valkoor, looking up to him now. Her feathers stopped in mid-air paused in time, her mind stuck stupid on Valkoor, and slowly her aura weakened, longinf for his touch. When she noticed this she swayed to her left to the nearby bar, her hips rocked side to side and her back side were always catching if a man wasn’t so focused on her blades and spikes. Envy couldn’t bring herself to say it back. ~ “I missed you as well Valkoor.” ~ She said in secret within her own thoughts. She poured herself a glass. She needed a drink of the aged grape wine that’s been calling her name since she saw Valkoor. “So, what brings you here?” She changed the subject, after pouring her glass she slowly turned around to face him now. She didn’t pay mind to the ruckus outside, but let’s just say, if someone did come through those doors Envy would bring hell on them. Envy felt the ship moving in a different course now, she was pleased that the War Don got on that as soon as she requested it, and that is what she expect from people like him.-

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii's head raised from the resting spot across her knees. Her eyes looked lazy barely half way open. A curious passenger who had earlier been yelling and cursing to thin air, it seemed, had moved to peer within the windows of her mothers room. "I wouldn't go in there if I were you." Her voice was soft, barely reaching the man across the way. "I'm sure my mother and father would have your head if you interrupt their..." Aii scrunched her nose and looked every which way trying to find the words. "Rekindling..." Aii pushed her feet against the deck sliding her back up against a wall. She continued to lean lazily, only slightly on her feet. "Best just to wait. They guards and War. Don. aren't doing their job properly, so I'm sure you'll still be here when they're finished." Aii's lips twitched for a moment giving a small smirk.

Bonk: ( REPOST. ) His eyes would follow Envy's figure as she moved from him, giving up for the moment on trying to speak as she approached the bar, leaving her backside to face him. He was certain this was an act done on purpose in a means to torment him. He could only chew on his bottom lip carelessly for a moment, before finding his thoughts being interrupted by Envy's words. A simple question, 'What brings you here.' A light chuckle leaving him for a moment, before his soft expression faded. His brow furrowed for a moment, before he looked back to her. "I have many reasons to be here. Perhaps I'll get to them later.. For now, I'm here for you." He would hesitantly step closer to Envy, a single moment of caution to cross his mind, before he moved just before her. His eyes would find hers once more, his hand reaching for the bar as he gently propped himself over her, his towering frame arching over hers in a protective, but careless manner. His face still a foot away, he would look from her eyes, to her lips, and then back up. He would not move further, but instead look between the two constantly as he spoke. "But the question is.. do you want me here?" His eyes growing soft with his words, he would lean slightly closer, his gentle exhale brushing against her soft skin, illuminating from the light of the room in such a way that it could take the breathe away from him if he had let it. He would not move closer, but only wait for her invitation to move closer, like before. ( /REPOST. )

Emileh2: Her hues continued to search the figure and hint out any threat. So far nothing came to mind, and his voice was actually kind of calming compared to his slightly roughed up looks. Maybe if he proved to be friendly she would see what she could do about those cuts and splinters she had caught eye of. Before the man could continue, Emily felt her arm being pulled and it was her immediate reaction to pull away, but it was too late. There they stood on yet another part of the ship. Not to mention, if she wasn’t dizzy before….Next thing she knew he was gone, but she could soon hear a booming voice. Oh! How she wished to smack him in the back of the head right about now. Now what was he telling her to do? Heal the direction? Well he must have been the slow one of his class she decided, but none the less her hues searched about. Everything around her just looked like structure really. Well all except one thing…..If anything it looked like a wheel. Wheels turned things right? Emily was quick to walk over and take a grasp on the wheel. Things seemed to be starting out well until she under estimated the situation. It wasn’t to long before the wheel went out of her control and spun quick, sending the ship in a bit of a twirl and sending Em to the floor sliding to the opposite side of the ship. As she went down she could hear a few things go crashing, and her heart pounding. “Jesus Christ”. Well when you fail, you try again. She stood fast and took a tight, steady hand on the wheel this time, keeping the boat near still as she steadied it out. “Sorry!” Her charming little voice called out to those below. “But….were pointing the right way”. This defiantly had not been something her village had ever taught here, nor had she seen. Still ready to curl up of nausea Em stayed silent waiting for words from others. Come to think of it, that tumble she had just taken really hurt. There was probably a bruise along her side now. Awesome…..

0xRegretx0: -As he saw the rest of this ships turning he smiled in a bit of accomplishment before turning. Ready to yell at the girl for dawdling his words cuaght in his throat as the ship lurched beneath his feet. Cursing he grabbed ahold of the railing and watched as the girl slid down and past him before raising herself up and moving back. Checking the ship and putting it on course her words reached his ears and he shook his head slowly "Good job. Do me a favor and go check on the sailors on the ship, I am sure of them need your TRUE skills at this point, though just dont tell them who was steering." he shook his head and swept past her moving down and heading towards the back of the ship once more. He saw the large man speaking to the princes Aii trying to gain entry to see the queen. He might not like the girl much but she was the princess and he would be damned if some idiot brute would come harm her. With a quik but silent movment Blayne drew forth a rune of sleep. He moved up behind the brute and whispered a silent word before letting his thumb run over the rune and letting the spell happen. unless the brute was resistant to sleep magic he would soon find himself falling face first into the wall of the cabin while Blayne looked down and around atthe princess "Are you unhurt?" he would ask before letting out his hand to help her up-

XBillyZombieX: -As Grendel heard the woman he had not noticed before knocking he turned and looked to her, his large figure shadowing her as she leaned casually against the wall across from him. As he heard her speaking he thought of her current position, As he noticed that she bore regal clothing, her silken clothing obvious of royalty, though she bore herself as the demonic bloodline she was derived from. As he looked at her he heard a man whispering ancient magic, a slight nausia took over Grendel as he thought of what it could be he was saying, then realizing what he was doing Grendel smiled, the ship's violent sways uneffecting him due to his previous life as a captain among men on ships going to war. His father, the king of the Purge slain before his eyes lead him to rest or better hide, upon this vessel. As Grendel smirked he revealed his jagged maw, every tooth filed into points by the shamans of foreign lands upon his Enlightenment- "Poor boy, knowing not of the magic he speaks, nor the magic he sees." -As Grendel looked at the man he smiled wider, the markings looking like tattoos begining to glow a vibrant white upon his tanned skin- "I am what is called Enlightened, you shall not harm me in this way." -His smile faded as he looked back to the princess- "I mean your people no harm, but i will not take this much longer."

Viridescent: His dark blue orbs stared out into the ocean, its color almost a perfect match. The expression on his face was unreadable, and the only thing that stood out would be his slightly clenched jaw. Standing just outside the room Envy currently occupied, Cimeies's form was almost unnaturally still, as though he wasn't even breathing. A tall figure cloaked in all black, he had not said a word ever since coming aboard. Not one for meaningless sessions of tedious chitchat, he would most likely seem like someone difficult to approach. Right now, the only person he'd like to have a word with was Soufiria, who wasn't even there. But perhaps Envy would know? There was some unfinished business that needed to be settled between them. Remembering an unsavory event that had taken place a while back, Cimeines closed his eyes briefly and turned away from the view, his sudden movement creaking the wood under his feet. Within a few quick footsteps, he came to stand in front of the room, then lifted one glove hand to give a slight knock after a few seconds. It was not like her to run off again so soon without a word, so he thought it possible that she had left him a message. "Envy," he said, trying to keep from raising his voice. "About Soufiria..." He let his words trail off, since he wasn't even sure exactly how to word his question.

EnvyVendassin: -Valkoor now close, she allowed him to come close to her, and she didn’t know why it was the reason she allowed him to do this. Seeing his hand reach to the bar now behind her, she was captured by his seductive alluring embrace, and trapped against the bar and him. Her aura slowly shield down as she watched his devouring eyes danced between her eyes and her full moist lips. The question he asked her made her feel that sensation that shot from the core of her stomach and up her spine. Her breathing started to show it was being controlled to be calm and not so panic. Envy doesn’t panic but this heathen ways drove her into a spell. Her eyes trailed to his lips where her right hand rose to attempt to glide her finger tips cover them if he allowed and continue to his chin, neck, and chest. Envy imagined it would feel the same say as he last time she felt it; but no it was much firmer. “Um…” She exhaled with the sudden rush with the ‘Um.’ Desiring eyes when they slowly crept back up to his, almond shaped with envious yelling from her hypnotic gaze, her head slowly moved towards his while she pushed up on her tippy toes, and once Envy got close as in centimeters close to his lips; she would draw her head back from his by dipping it back to only attempt to return with her foot longue tongue pierced rows on the right and left edges. No one had ever seen Envy’s tongue but it got as far of 5 feet in length, the reason would be to collect DNA from whomever she kissed or licked, and even though she had kissed Valkoor she already collected his DNA but never did anything with it. What she was doing now was just show her tongue. Ha. She subtracted it back inside her mouth once she said it all in her actions, that’s if he allowed that action to take place. It would be after that she would hear the man’s voice speak about one of the missions that is in active. She glanced to the door and back to Valkoor, she remembered Valkoor having a message for her. She smirked at him, “The message that is met for me?” She waited for Valkoor to give it to her, up till the ship roughly moved to its left, and Envy would slam into the wall and her buttocks slide on the table of the bar knocking the glasses and bottles off of it. You would imagine Valkoor merging with her. “Ah, ugh.” She would say in the roughness of the drive.-

AiiZebreamVendassin: The steering became crazy. Who was driving this thing? A powerful clan and we have a student driver... Aii shook her head after falling slightly to the side and landing on her bum, She continued to slide towards the edge of the ship, the wall just before the water catching her. Aii puffed out her cheeks thankful that the ship wasn't open and completely flat across. She chuckled as the war done failed to put the 'visitor' to sleep with his rune magic. Aii had seen the red colored dust swarm the mans head. ~I men your people no harm, but I wll not take this much longer.~ Aii shook her head towards him. "Please, just for a few moments longer." ~Are you unhurt?~ A familiar yet different voice filled her ears. She turned her head to see the war don beside her holding his hand out for her to stand up. A slight bubble of fear lurched in ther throat, not because she was afraid of his wrath, but because she was afraid of his kindness. What did he want, why had his mood changed so sudden? Aii hesitated actually thinking of taking his hand. Her hand slowly lifted from the floor and just a few inches forwards towards his, but she shook her head again and moved it back down to the floor. Pushing with her hands she pushed her body forward leaning over a bit before straightening once again. Aii laughed suddenly, thinking over what he had just asked. Was she hurt? WAS She hurt?! Aii hunched over as her bell like laughter sprouted from her throat. She raised a hand up above her head to wave him an answer. "I'm... fine." She continued to laugh, her free hand holding her stomach as her muscles worked from the laughter.

Bonk: His ears twitching, to the partial words to escape her soft lips as she spoke. Her hand lifting, brushing against his face and neck, was a comforting feeling to him. Before he knew it, she was pushing closer to him, her lips closing to his ever so slowly. His eyes lowered to her lips, before she suddenly pulled back and released a long tongue from her mouth. Though it was sudden, Valkoor would simply look at it, roll his eyes slightly before looking to her eyes, a light, almost chuckle leaving him. Though it was certainly something not to expect from most people, Valkoor knew very well who he was with at this moment. Envy was certainly not a normal person, and to find something so abnormal from her would be far from unexpected for him. Though she would not guess it, he knew more of her than she would originally think. As her tongue retreated back to her mouth, the knock to interrupt his thoughts would let an involuntary sigh leave him. It was soft, but enough to show the slight irritation of the knock. It was for Envy, of course. Just then, Envy asked for the note he entered with. A light smirk crossing his face, the flirtatious look filling his eyes to make them seem like pools of blood to a vampire with the glistening against the light of the room as his hand moved from the bar and to his pocket as he pulled away from Envy. As his hand left his pocket, the note in his grip, he would find his body falling slightly forward and to the side, his other hand moving to Envy's other side as his body fell to hers. His hand catching the bar would stop their slide, and keep them from toppling over. He almost wanted to repeat his words from earlier of her having a lovely crew, but he could not find the time. The distance between the two was much less than before, and as he found himself looking for something else to say, his eyes continued to look to hers, as he unknowingly leaned closer. His eyes showing so many emotions at once, from confusion, to lust, to love, would slowly narrow, as if he were closing them to kiss her. So close did he find himself, a half foot perhaps from her lips with his own. Before he leaned any closer, would his eyes snap back open, and the hand with the note having slipped between their frames suddenly to hold the note beneath her chin. A light smirk would cross his face, as he spoke to her with a gentle half-whisper. "Your note.." He would wait for her to take it, before he would push away from her, and turn away to look at the room's interior why she tended to other matters.

Emileh2: One breed trait that Emily had to admire about herself was the ability to change. Not to transform, but to almost disguise. To change one’s appearance. And other times it would just happen out of protection, or defense. As he began to walk off she gnawed her lip again. Had anyone been watching intently they would have clearly been able to see the change. Her tight braid seemed to unbraid itself and place it’s self with a perfect curl elsewhere. Any present brown streaks now bled black with the rest of her long hair. That brow outfit seemed to chip, and materialize away. Other parts of it twisted and changed shade, forming it’s self about her figure. Night black barrels of curls now hung over her shoulders delicately and sliver her hues, filled with agitation snuck between those thick lashes. Across her neck lay two pieces of fabric, crossed over in the form of an “X”, each attached to the more expansive collar that led into the straps of her top and opened up eventually, only held together by that of “X” aligned pieces of fabric,. Under her covering top, her bra acted like a second top. Black with a very visible lace pattern against her pale skin. Her top had been tied tight like a corset down her back, giving her a nice figure to the delicate dip in her back, and everything was short enough to show of fantastically long legs. Emily’s fingers twisted through the chain attached to the top as she walked. This was no ordinary walk by this point. It was one filled with a certain determination as she was quick to be behind the male. Her sharp heels clicking with their set mission. Emily stayed in the background for a moment as he lectured for a brief moment. She wouldn’t wait a moment longer before she calmly, but firmly grasped his leg, pulling him down. One thing that most people found about Emily was her high strength compared to her appearance. Now of course she wasn’t the worst strongest, most powerful person, but her force had been enough for her efforts. She then proceeded to drag him a couple steps away from the other two and let go of his leg. Finally she let her calm tone speak “You know what…..I think you should stick with YOUR skill and go back to mapping, and how about you let me deal with real human interactions hm?” another “fuck you” smirk leaking her lips. She gave a slight sigh. She looked up to the girl standing there. “Pardon my rudeness. Names Emily. Sorry about the driving”. She turned to just look at the War Don, and to her other side, the second male she had barely gotten to greet. Looking above the War Don she could see extremely faint outlines. Please god be land….Anything but this rocking water.

0xRegretx0: -Seeing the princess laughing he let the sincerty face from his voice. Insolent child to the end. He shook his head and scoffed turning from her to the girl who was attempting to drag him away. He scoffed at her and scowled "I have more jobs then that, temptress. Try and do as I say and tend to the men you wounded I have other more pressing matters to tend to" he broke away from her and walked to the bow of the ship and yelled back to the men on deck "Stop the ship, raise the signal. Put out a boat to take the queen ashore." he said ordering the men on deck He had seen the island in the distance and he wanted to remain as far as possible to avoid going through that sickening barrier. "You, sailor, inform the queen." he pointed to a small sailor who imedietly darted off to do as he was told-

EnvyVendassin: -His tease was enough to drive mad woman even madder. When they grew closer again, she quickly forgot about the message she requested from him. She was all strung out from his intoxicating touch. When he brought the message to her she attempt to connect her forehand slap his hand out of her face, she didn’t care much about it anymore at this second and wanted nothing more but to ravish him. Her other hand would try to grasp his collar of his attire and pull him closer into pressed her lips that would collide against his while her hands rushed to take his top layer out of his pants and next to work on unbuttoning his pants. The hard breathing in between she gave were filled with passion for Valkoor. That’s is if he allowed such an action of passion between the two; but if he did. God would it be hot. Their skins touching, his touch tracing over Envy’s scars along her soft skin but other areas of her body rough from consist battle, can you imagine the passion of their hold on one another unfolding. Roughness in between while they threw each other around in struggle to take off their clothes and weapons. This heat was filled with such a mixture of cream till you heard the sailor. Knock, knock. “Lady Envy, we have reached the outside layer of Platonic Island. Envy and assuming Valkoor would stop right there. Her head jolted towards the door. “Ah.. Ok.. We- I will be there.” She would then part from Valkoor and look for the message. She would hurry towards to pick it up as she fixed her attire. She cleared her throat before looking back to Valkoor. “Well, I assume we will continue this… Reunion on a later time.” She fixed her weapons and her feathers which lay paused slowly followed her as she made her way towards the door, making her way out of Deck “Let the people who can travel without power and magic come with.” She walked in a fierce tread towards the side of the ship that had a manmade weaved latter with wood lead down to a smaller boat since no one could not pass through with powers and magic. -

Bonk: Before he could move or speak, Envy's head smacked the note from his hand, as her lips crushed against his. Her hand reaching for the collar of the cloth around his neck, pulling his frame closer would only lead him to rush his hand down against the bar to support himself from crushing her. His eyes still wide open from the shock, he would be frozen for a moment, before his lips moved to hers suddenly. Her hand sliding down his chest and towards his pants, he almost began to feel hot against his cheeks from the sudden action against him. He guessed that Envy might've had some interest in him still, but not to this point. His hand unknowingly finding her skin beneath her shirt, sliding beneath her clothing gently and up towards her chest. His breaths left him in rushes with his sudden lust, his eyes burning with desire while kept sealed behind their lids. Before anything else could happen, another's voice sounded of reaching the islands. His head would pop up suddenly, looking towards the door with the rage caused from the interruption. Envy suddenly pushing up after answering the sailor, and finding the note before fixing her attire, he would sigh softly to himself as his eyes closed, not leaving the bar while she did so. As she spoke of finishing this later, he would gently sigh once more, pushing from the bar as he nodded reluctantly in response. As she left the room, he would remember to fix his attire, before letting out one last sigh, to step out of the room and out onto the deck of the ship. His eyes would find themselves following Envy as she moved for the ladder leading to the island, before lifting away to seek out his daughter Aii. He had not forgotten to speak to Envy of the matter, and he intended to when he saw her next. For now, he would cross the deck to find his daughter, and stand by her quietly for a moment. After a few moments of silence passing, he would speak softly to her. "How are you?..." His eyes would break from her before she could look to him, as he looked out towards the sea, ignoring those who left to follow Envy off the ship.

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The Return of Valkoor - Valkoor and Envy's Romance Rekindled
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