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 Valkoor's Engagement to Envy

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Valkoor's Engagement to Envy Empty
PostSubject: Valkoor's Engagement to Envy   Valkoor's Engagement to Envy I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2015 9:05 pm

DaraBloodDiamondDL: *She would watch the aisle and nod to everyone* We all just about ready?

Regahn: -nods her head, her eyes still gazing at her feet a little. She felt almost giddy to look up and see him..like she was saving the first look until right before she walked to him-

DamienBloodDiamondDL: ~Damien smiles at her , he was so proud of her ~

Regahn: -grips her father’s arm, and she looks up at him with a grin- Ready.

DamienBloodDiamondDL: If you are ~ Damien feels her grip down on his arm ~

Regahn: -nods and takes the first step with him, a small smile she couldn’t seem to get rid of adorned her lips.-

DamienBloodDiamondDL: ~Damien walked slowly with her ~

Guest_SilasGold: *he looks over, waiting to see her*

DaraBloodDiamondDL: *Dara watches as her husband and daughter walk toward her and Silas with a soft smile. She would whisper to Silas as he sees Regahn in her dress* Does that not make this easier?

Regahn: -They reach the Pagoda and start walking down the asile. She smiles at Silas, her eyes shining brightly-

DamienBloodDiamondDL: ~Damien has to take a deep breathe in , he couldn't believe his babygirl was getting married , He looks to his wife as he walk Regahn down the asile ~

Guest_SilasGold: *a soft, confident smile appears over his lips as he sees her. All of his nervousness went away, along with every person around them. All he saw was her, and his life is now becoming complete*

EnvyVendassin: envy's eyes went back to a normal purple eye color and her hair went black. But she didn't come to the understanding of being pregnant and in denial.

Regahn: -As the reach the end of the aisle, and they stop. She would pause and give her father a kiss on the cheek with a smile. She mouths "Thank You" to him-

DamienBloodDiamondDL: ~Damien would nod his head at her ~ your welcome baby girl

DaraBloodDiamondDL: *Dara would blow a kiss to Damien sharing his pride* Who here is giving this bride to the groom?

DamienBloodDiamondDL: I do

Guest_SilasGold: *as she reaches him, he cannot keep his eyes off of her. She was more beautiful than ever and he takes her hand and smiles, before whispering softly* Your so beautiful..

DaraBloodDiamondDL: *She would add* As Do I *Dara would smile and clear her throat getting ready to speak. Looks to her husband with a wink, then she looks to Regahn. She would remember when she first met her and how happy she was after getting to know her and proud the first time she called her mom. Regahn is her daughter in every sense of the word.* Hello friends and family thank you all for being here on this special night and share in this happy event
Regahn: -She smiles at him, beaming, she was afraid to speak..she swore she would not cry-

DaraBloodDiamondDL: Marriage is not to be gone into lightly , its a partnership. It takes two people of any walk of life. Two people that find a place where they click more than any other and are drawn to one another. I can tell you first hand marriage isnt easy but when you can do it with the right person the good will always out do the bad. *She would find her husband graze and smile* And when you marry your best friend even the hard times are good. You just need to always remember a few key things. No subject is to stupid to bring up if it matters to you. There is always time to cuddle. Always fight for the partnership and not against it. Kisses are not only for goodbye but each time you part make sure to steal one. Moments will be tough while you are apart but the love you share will keep you strong despite it. Marriage is a journy and tonight you will begin yours.

Guest_SilasGold: *he rubs Regahns hands with his thumbs*

Bonk: Near the entrance of the cave, a sudden and loud crack resounded, sending echoed sound waves into the cave to alert anyone inside that there would be visitors. Immediately following the crack, a flurry of black dust particles flared out, creating a large smokescreen that would fill out a ten foot radius from its center. Perhaps it was flashy, but it wasn't as if Valkoor could modify his movement method to become more subtle for anyone else. He emerged from the smokescreen, but he was not alone. By his side, was the lovely Queen of ZenDasalen, Envy Vendassin. As soon as he knew that she was with him, he raised his right hand to swing it out in front of him, forcing the black smoke to dissipate into the air around them so that Envy could see where she was. Of course, she would already knew where they were, as she was the one who informed Valkoor that they were invited to a wedding. Sure, a wedding wasn't Valkoor's personal cup of tea, but judging from recent events between Envy and Valkoor, letting her go anywhere outside of ZenDasalen alone would be a risk in his eyes. He stuck to her side as best as she let him, as he escorted her into the cavern. His crimson orbs fell onto her as they walked. She was beautiful, and dressed very well for the occasion. Her dress fit her perfectly, and did nothing but compliment her frame. He immediately looked down to his own attire, feeling slightly underdressed compared to Envy. The coat he wore was rather expensive, yet it was fairly comfortable. He had a black scarf wrapped around his neck, matching his coat almost perfectly. His pants were simple, but they matched the rest of what he wore. He even had his boots polished for the occasion. Despite this, the long six foot tail and the massive pair of horns that grew from his body couldn't be hidden. The best he could hope for would be that he was not the only one with physical abnormalities at this wedding. It made him wonder exactly what kind of people he'd meet here. He knew noone that would be at this wedding, although he was sure Envy would fill him in on any information he would need to know about anyone else. If there was nothing else for him to do, he'd simply let Envy lead them around to the people she wanted to talk to, and keep quiet. He looked back over to Envy one last time as they entered the large room that he figured would be where the ceremonies would be held. Taking in a gentle breath, he looked out into the room, as he whispered gently so that only Envy could hear him. "Feel free to lead the way, Envy." He let his arm fall loose around Envy's so that she would be free to lead them wherever she wanted to go if she wished.

DaraBloodDiamondDL: Words are only words unless said with the purest of heart. Promises on the other hand are meant to be forever so when you speak them make sure you mean them. At this time I will be asking the bride and groom to speak openly and truthfully from the heart. *She looked at Regahn* Regahn will you please use this time to tell Silas what he means to you and give him your promises as his bride to become his wife

Guest_SilasGold: *he looks into Regahns eyes with a loving smile*

Regahn: -she nods and avery rare faint blush creeped into her cheeks.- Silas...I know i am rude, bold, and frankly a little rough around the edges..but i know you are the one for me becasue non eof that scares you away. Every inch of your being should be screaming at you to run from me, but yet here you are. I love you Silas. Ive never felt this way about anyone, i am excited to spend the rest of my life with you. I promise to always go where you go, i will always love you for who you are. I would never want you to change...-her voice starts to get shakey and she stops. She just looks at him smileing, eyes sparkly with unshed tears. She mouths "sorry" to him and looks back at her mother, signaling she was done for now-
Guest_SilasGold: *he smiles lovingly, giving her hands a squeeze, rubbing them with his thumbs*

DaraBloodDiamondDL: *She whispered to her daughter* That was beautiful sweetie *She then looked to Silas giving him a smile letting him know she fully approved of him with her daughter* Silas please use this time to tell Regahn what she means to you and give her your promises as her groom to become her husband.

Regahn: -She holds his hands tightly and gazes at him-

EnvyVendassin: The place is without question suitable for such a wedding. How long has it been since she been to a wedding? When she thought over it more, this would be the first time Envy actually got invited to an actual wedding. Before actually coming here, she was slightly upset how her hair turned up being black in the morning. It bothered her a lot after the fact of Valkoor mentioning a baby, which was just crazy of him assuming such a thing. If anything she didn’t believe it at all. Even though her hair color and eye’s changed the very next morning. She wasn’t planning for a child and the last man she slept with was with Valkoor. Yeah, no way she kept convincing herself prior to this wedding. Hearing Valkoor whisper the tender words from his lips. She kept her arm entwined with his; she wanted to keep it classy and formal. (Envy.) “Just ahead, we should take our seats.” She took the first step with her left and this would give Valkoor indication to step with her. She would lead them down a narrowed path. At the end were people sitting and a few standing. Envy would lead herself and Valkoor to a seat at the very back. Tucking her dress under her before seating. Looking around, taking note of the people who is attending the same wedding invite. (Envy.) “You look fancy tonight.” She whispered for only Valkoor to hear as she looked ahead and noticed the bride she knew in a lovely gown.

Guest_SilasGold: *he nods to her and looks back into Regans eyes once more, clearing his throat* Regahn. The day I met you, everything in my life changed. I was ready to throw out everything for one chance to be by your side. You are the best part of me, and I promise to be your lover, companion and friend, Your partner in parenthood, Your ally in conflict. Your greatest fan and your toughest adversary. Your comrade in adventure, Your student and your teacher, Your consolation in disappointment, Your accomplice in mischief. This is my sacred vow to you, my equal in all things... *he looks to her with a smile and rubs her hands again* All things.

DaraBloodDiamondDL: *Dara would think back to the vows spoken at her wedding to Damien and hearing Silas promises to Regahn she knew they were sincere* Rings are a symbol of what love is with no beginning and no end. They also let others know you are taken. *She would offer her hand to them palm up exposing a matching set of bands* Silas please take from my hand Regahns ring slide it on her finger with these words. "I Silas give to you Regahn all of me as I stand here in front of you tonight , who I will be tomorrow and who I will become in the future to grow with you and support you when you need it and catch you if you fall from now til the end of all time.

Guest_SilasGold: *he nods and takes the ring from her and slowly slides it on to Regahns ring finger, before licking his lips quickly and looking into Regahns eyes* I Silas give to you Regahn all of me as I stand here in front of you tonight , who I will be tomorrow and who I will become in the future to grow with you and support you when you need it and catch you if you fall from now til the end of all time.

DaraBloodDiamondDL: Regahn please take from my hand Silas's ring slide it on his finger with these words. "I Regahn give to you Silas all of me as I stand here in front of you tonight , who I will be tomorrow and who I will become in the future to grow with you and support you when you need it and catch you if you fall from now til the end of all time.

Regahn: -Regahn takes the ring from her mothers hand and slides it onto Silas's ring finger with a grin- I Regahn give to you Silas all of me as I stand here in front of you tonight , who I will be tomorrow and who I will become in the future to grow with you and support you when you need it and catch you if you fall from now til the end of all time.
Bonk: Letting Envy lead the way, he moved with her in perfect unison, so that he would not make her feel like she was having to pull him around. He looked ahead to see that the bride and groom were already exchanging their vows. Perhaps they were late, after all. Oh well, it couldn't be helped. Being late was better than not showing up at all. He waited until Envy found a seat and took it for him to follow, sitting quietly beside her. He looked down at her just in time to catch her whisper a comment about his attire. He was somewhat surprised to be complimented by her, especially since he already felt underdressed. He leaned slightly towards her so that his whisper would only reach her ears, not wishing to be rude at such an event. "Thank you. I tried my best." He let his eyes fall down on the bride and groom, seeing that they were about to get to the 'I do' part. He remained quiet after his short reply to Envy, so that he at least seemed to be paying attention. In all honesty, it was hard to focus, as other thoughts continued to push into his mind the entire time.

DaraBloodDiamondDL: *She would look to them both* Were the words you both just spoke purest of hearts and true (both say I do)

Regahn: I do.

Guest_SilasGold: I do

Kinkedx: -claps, holding back a squeal of excitement-

DaraBloodDiamondDL: *She took a deep breath but not because she needed it but because she was happy for her daughter* With the promises made , the rings to seal the love I would like to pronounce Regahn Blood Diamiond of Dark Lilium and Silas Gold of Tanifer husband and wife. Silas you may now kiss your wife. *She would take atep back allowing them the momenet alone*

Guest_SilasGold: *she smiles and gently takes her face in his hands, stepping closer to her, looking into her eyes until the moment his lips touched hers, before wrapping his arms around her waist*

EnvyVendassin: Envy looks around and claps along with everyone else. She didn’t know what happens at weddings. She surly left out of place. These things she rarely did. She looked up to Valkoors eyes. (Envy.) “Is this all too a wedding?” She said sense he was already so close to her. She didn’t notice how close they were till she actually smelt the familiar aroma he always kept to him.

EnvyVendassin: It has to be breath taking.

DaraBloodDiamondDL: I will now introduce to you all Regahn and Silas Gold of Spera

Kinkedx: -squeals and claps again- Party!

SkittlezLynn: *claps*

Guest_SilasGold: *he smiles wide and looks to Regahn* I love you

EnvyVendassin: -claps as she watches the others cheers.-

Bonk: He raised his hands to join the others as they clapped for the newly wedded couple. The clapping almost kept Valkoor from hearing Envy ask if all weddings were this way. It was somewhat surprising to hear her ask such a thing, but amusing at the same time. He leaned slightly towards her again to allow her to hear him more clearly as he spoke. "More or less. It all depends on the themes to the weddings, of course. But it usually plays out this way." He kept his voice low, while his eyes watched everyone else around them. Perhaps as a natural instinct to never take the eyes off of strangers, but he did it regardless.

DaraBloodDiamondDL: *She would lean over hug and daughter and kiss her cheek then hug Silas and whisper* Welcome to family call me mother *She toyed with the idea of reminding him of what was implied but sure he knew*

Guest_SilasGold: *he hugs Dara with a happy nod* Thank you so much.

Regahn: -hugs her back tightly before taking Silas's hand again with a grin-

DaraBloodDiamondDL: You are very welcome Silas

EnvyVendassin: Envy looked back down to Valkoor.. (Envy) “Stand up.” She continues to clap. Her frame tightly hugged by her silk dress with a train trailing from the back. Elegance is what a person told her back at the capital is the best attire at a

AnneRuthBloodDiamond: Congrats sis and silas

Kinkedx: -smiles and hugs Reg- congrats, i'll be heading out.

Regahn: -smiles at Anne- Thank you..-grins at Alex- Ill talk to you later.. Thanks for coming.

Kinkedx: See ya later, thanks for inviting me, best of luck to you two

Bonk: His attention was still on the others around him when he was suddenly caught off guard by Envy's quick words, telling him to stand. On instinct, he rose with her to a standing position, watching the newly weds rejoice in front of them. It was a nice sight as he thought about it. Truly he had not been to enough weddings in his lifetime.

CyraxRaven: congrats you two.
SkittlezLynn: congrats

Regahn: Thank you. -smiles-

DaraBloodDiamondDL: *Dara was feeling Lilith move around inside her and decided to find some where to sit for a few*

EnvyVendassin: Envy wasn’t shy when it came to her clan or a foe, but when talking in a public place of non-relations of such matters she deals with on a daily basic’s she is rather shy on speaking on other things she didn’t know how to direct something nice toward a person. So all she could do is give a smile that looked really off as she watched the couple walk on. Continuing to clap she did. She felt the towering frame of Valkoor behind her; this gave her some comfort in a way she couldn’t explain. She would then turn to Valkoor again. (Envy.) “So the memories I have of Sinn being married with Kyuzo, this what they mean to have but …” She stopped in mid-sentence as she remembered through not her own memories, but of Sinn’s memories of what meant to be a wedding but surely by the memories she had, the wedding didn’t seem to be happy at all. Instead she saw Sinn always being stood up by Kyuzo and even late at his own wedding. This gave a sour expression along her face. Remembering the feel of what Sinn felt like.

CyraxRaven: your welcome, he smiles.

Regahn: -looks back at Silas and smiles, tugging his arm to go back down the asile-

Guest_SilasGold: *he chuckles and walks along side her*

Regahn: -heads for the beach with a quiet giggle-

Guest_SilasGold: *he leans into her, speaking softly* Are you happy?

Regahn: I am very happy. -she steals a quick kiss from him- Are you?

Bonk: Valkoor nodded lightly towards the couple as they walked down the aisle, letting himself stand by Envy as she clapped for them. He turned to look at Envy while the couple passed them by, only to notice her ask a question that was truly unexpected. It had been so long since he even heard of Sinn's name, and as she spoke it, he remembered his first few years in this realm, when he called by a different name. He had only met Sinn once, and at the time she seemed highly uninterested in him. However, he didn't remember seeing a mate with her. Whether it was before her marriage, or that her mate was not there at the time, he could not find a means to answer Envy properly. He gave his best attempt as he let his eyes set on her face to speak. "Some weddings can end up being ruined by other people. That's why it's best to have only the people you know you can trust to behave themselves at your weddings." It was weird for him to talk so freely about such a serious topic, but the thought of another wedding honestly didn't seem too bad. Perhaps it was just the moment, but he let the thought roll away for now. After all, this wedding wasn't quite yet over.

Guest_SilasGold: Never been happier *he brings her hand up to his mouth and kisses her hand softly*

Regahn: -she stands close to him and holds his arm, head on his shoulder, watching everyone that had come to support them-

EnvyVendassin: She started to think; maybe Valkoor would do the same thing? Why was she having this thought about Valkoor? She shook her head she didn’t want to think of Valkoor as a husband. She couldn’t afford such a thing to happen, not to her nor to the Nation. Her holding a husband after so long of holding her own, why a husband now, it wouldn’t make sense, would it? Before the couple could get any further, Envy would approach the two. (Envy.) “Excuse me, on the behalf of the Vendassin family, and Valkoor.” She looked over her shoulder to Valkoor and back to the couple. (Envy.) “I have you’re gifts waiting on the table over there.” She was speaking of the gift table that was there. She had them sent earlier by a messenger in the day. The gifts should be there by now. (Envy.) “I’m sure you both will enjoy it. Trust me, it won’t lead to your deaths.” She smiled on that part since she was being meaningful about it.

Regahn: -she giggles- Thank you very much Envy. -she nods to the unframiliar man in thanks-

Guest_SilasGold: *he nods as he wraps his arm around Regahn* Yes thank you miss.

Regahn: -She leans in closly to her- Is he your husband?-she grins-

EnvyVendassin: Envy being caught off guard, her face truly turned red, all she knew was her body felt really warm. More her face then anything. Her eyes slightly widen to her question, unable to really reply to such a question Envy just stood there studdering in her sentence she couldn't finish.

Regahn: -she eyes flash a bright silver and she tilts her head back in a loud laugh- Ill take that as a no..

Bonk: Seeing Envy step forward, he decided to stay put as she addressed the lovely couple. Hearing his name, he instinctively put a smile on his face as his left hand raised to brush against the back of his head, running through the strands of hair that stood out against those that fell around his face. He wasn't quite sure what was being said, as his mind was still caught on the thought of weddings, although he attempted to push those thoughts away. It was confusing, as he even though of seeing himself at his own wedding. Who would he be standing at the altar waiting for? His mind shot to Envy for a moment, before he had to focus on not chuckling at the thought. As if Envy would ever allow such a thing to happen.

Guest_SilasGold: *he let the two women speak as he approached the man (Bonk) and held his hand out to him* Hey, Im Silas

EnvyVendassin: She gained her composer over the embarrassment just now. (Envy.) “I’m sure one day I will be married, but I don’t think I’m a woman for such a part. No man would want a woman of such life like mine.” She smiled to the very words she shared with such a person she called friend. (Envy.) “But you have taken the night with such a brightness. Go and enjoy.” She nodded to her.

Bonk: His mind broke from his train of thought just in time to notice that the bride had turned her attention back to Envy, asking if Valkoor was her husband. Judging from the lack of response from Envy, and the laughter that proceeded from the bride, Envy must have been taken by surprise from the question. His eyebrows pushed together, giving him a puzzled expression. Was it really that impossible to be thought of as a husband by Envy? It was then that the groom approached Valkoor, extending a hand as he gave his name to him. Looking down to his hand for a moment, he eventually let his own hand reach out, giving the groom a light handshake as he spoke in return. "My name is Valkoor. Congratulations, by the way." He threw another half smile on his face to back his words up, hoping that his strange personna wouldn't offend the moment.
Guest_SilasGold: *he smiles with a nod as he shook his hand* My pleasure. Thanks for comin out man.

Regahn: -She watches the men coverse for a moment, and then joins Silas, taking his arm in hers-

Guest_SilasGold: *he leans over and kisses her forehead*

Regahn: -grins up at him-

Bonk: He looked up to see Envy turning back towards him, her eyes closed. Perhaps she wasn't too fond of the topic brought to her. Hearing her answer the bride, saying that no man would want to be a part of her way of life, he suddenly found himself answering her, although what she said required nothing of the sort. "Hey, that's not true." His eyes briefly widened as he realized the bizarre statement he blurted out. He'd hope it'd go unnoticed, as he quickly turned back to the groom to answer the statement he unconciously heard him speak. "It was an honour to be at your wedding. I wish the two of you the best in life." He gave a light nod of respect to the groom, letting his hand gently slip away to fall back to his side. His eyes stayed on the groom, in fear that seeing Envy's expression become an unpleasant one.

Regahn: -she chuckles quietly at the man stealing a quick glance at Envy..looking for a reaction-

Guest_SilasGold: *he whispers softly to her* I love you

Regahn: I love you. -smiles at her husband-

EnvyVendassin: What the hell what that just now? Envy’s head slowly turned to the right but not fully turned around to look at Valkoor. She wasn’t sure if she had heard right. This whole night has been catching her off guard, maybe her ears has been tricking her as well? Just all of a sudden she felt ill for just a moment. She might have felt the feeling of just the loving atmosphere around them may have gotten to her? She didn’t display anything along the line of expressing her illness, to anyone; she would just look like she was perfectly fine. To turn she looked back to Valkoor, watching him for a moment till she started her way toward him. (Envy.) “I hope you aren’t falling ill today Valkoor, because I’m sure my ears have deceived me, or is my lips speaking of such a lie and I heard correctly?” She couldn’t help it after all, she had to know.

Regahn: -Stands with a grin on her face, watching the two-

Guest_SilasGold: *he holds her close*

Regahn: -her hand finds his hair and she runs her fingers through it absent mindedly-

Bonk: Once he realized that Envy was looking at him, from the natural feeling that creeped to his senses that he was indeed being watched, his eyes reluctantly lifted to only find an emotional mask over Envy's face. Either she was confused, or furious. He turned towards her as she approached him, while she asked if what she heard wasn't being deceived by her own hearing. He looked down to her, wondering what caused her to ask such a question. "Is it so hard to imagine a man by your side in life, Envy...?" His tone was soft, yet serious enough to let her know that he was infact very serious with his question. Whether it was with the moment or had it been naturally in the back of his mind all this time, he still spoke it regardless. Still, despite feeling like he could be walking on extremely thin ice, he was surprisingly keeping a calm expression on his face with ease, waiting for what Envy would say to him.

Regahn: -Her hands fall from his hair and over the lapels of his suit. She grabs his tie and pulls on it- I like your suit. -smiles, her eyes glowing-

EnvyVendassin: She stopped in her next step, how many times will she be caught off guard tonight? She swallowed hard. Her eyes danced between Valkoors alluring hues as she thought of him to be that man, but would her pride allow her to day? A moment of weakness has always meant him when they both were always together. (Envy.) “Well.. seeing how my past, or Sinn’s past wasn’t so bright with a man, why should I make a mistake like she did.” She held a pause before she married on with another excuse, possibly givng her a comforting reason of ever being against it. (Envy.) “I will not be stood up at an altar, nor hurt from the thought of going through it again.” Why was she speaking from the memories she got off from Sinn, she didn’t really lived through it, Envy was actually scared to really and truly share her life with anyone, but she could see it with Valkoor, but how would it work. Then again, how has it lasted so long with Valkoor and Envy now? She attempt to walk past him with such a hurting thought she felt through only Sinn’s memories but not of her own.

Guest_SilasGold: *he slyly smiles at her* I think I will like it better on the floor of our honeymoon suite

Regahn: -she giggles- Me too..-her sile fades some, watching Envy a few feet from them-

Guest_SilasGold: *he furrows his brow* I didnt think I would see that smile fade so soon

Regahn: -nods her head in their direction and leans in, whispering to him- I think i may have started something..
Guest_SilasGold: *he nods* I have a place picked out for us to go.. Just you and I for awhile.

Regahn: -she raises her brow- You did? -giggles- You are good..

Guest_SilasGold: *he nods* you just let me know when your ready and we are there

Regahn: -she glances around her- Now is good. -laughs-

Guest_SilasGold: Alright *he holds out his hand for his wife, to transport them both there*

Bonk: What Envy said as an asnwer was somewhat amusing to him. Was she really so afraid of marriage? Furthermore, as the thoughts remained in his head, could he really be willing to ask such a question that his mind was telling him to ask? As she turned to walk around him, he automatically stepped with her, and then took another step closer, so that he was only inches away from her. If she attempted to step back, he would only step with her. His hand raised to find hers, attempting to lock them together as his crimson hues softened with her reflection against them. His head tilted lower so that he wouldn't seem so aggressive, as he seemed to speak with little to no hesitation. "What you're saying is based off of someone else's history. If you opened your eyes and looked at your own life, perhaps you wouldn't be so against me asking you to marry me." He'd wait for her to meet his gaze perfectly, guessing that his words would gurantee just that. If she didn't his other hand would raise to find her chin, attempting to tilt her head up slightly so that her eyes would be made to find his. "I can show you what a marriage can truly mean. All you have to do is say yes... Marry me, Envy." His expression remained gentle, although it was firm at the same time to show that what he was saying wasn't another 'deception' to her ears. All he could do now, was wait for her to answer him.

Regahn: -she takes it and leaves with her husband-

EnvyVendassin: She was surprised when he had stepped in front of her, she then stepped back and he followed. The next two steps she took, she attempt to move around him, but Valkoor wasn’t having it. This was getting to her, but she hates the fact of showing bothered emotions. (Envy.) “What is the meaning of this Valkoor.” She said with such an irritating tone toward him. But he had answered her question, with an answer she didn’t expect. Slowly the rim of her eyes started too wide in his words. She allowed his connection with his hand to be with hers as her gaze directly met his. Her answer would be automatically NO. Like the rest of the men she turned down. It was easy as them asking her, but this time… this time it choked her at the neck. Making her hard to breath. Dammit, say something, anything! ‘Marry me, Envy.’ Is what echoed in her head. Yet the far whisper of HER answered. (Within Envy’s mind.) “If you say yes, you and your people will parish Envy. Let this not rain, on what we built together. All the hard work will only go to ruins.” Envy’s voice wasn’t replying to HER. “Do you hear me?” HER voice echoed. “Envy, we are not meant to marry, if you marry… you will become the same fate as I have met long ago.. Around the time I made you.” Envy listened to HER, but how long has Sinn mocked at her? Attempting to lead her in a false direction in order to cause failing action to her demise? Envy couldn’t help how she felt toward Valkoor, but she wouldn’t ever say the word, ‘I love you’ to him, and the more she thought about it as she gazed upon his angelic yet sinister face. He never has told him she loved him, but she knew the feeling had always been there for one another. She attempt to trace her fingertips a long his lips, to feel his silent breath before answering him. If this would be allowed by him, she would then answer him. (Envy.) “Yes… “ She spoke in such a whispering tone.

Bonk: The silence that followed his question was surprisingly tormentors to him. If she was saying no with this silence, the hope for her to simply say it would have been more graceful for him. However, after several moments of this painful silence, Envy's hand raised towards Valkoor's lips, before she whispered a single word that he truly did not expect for her to have said. 'Yes.' The silence that followed was much different, but very brief. In that moment, he realized that he would become a different person, but in the same way, he did not mind it. He leaned closer to Envy, not capable of forming words with his lips. If anything, he simply followed what his thoughts told him to do, as he made an attempt to close the distance between them completely, building his frame around hers perfectly so that his lips would be aligned with hers. He was sure that if the newlyweds were still watching, he would never hear the end of it from Envy if he did this. But seeing how the couple had already left, and they were alone, he pushed closer so that their lips would collide. His eyes closed, as his hands attempted to mold to her frame with a hand setting on her hip, and the other to gently press against the curve of her back. Consumed in the moment, the thought of returning to Envy's home seemed best suited, and with only a brief moment, the same crackling sound that came with their arrival would follow, as the black dust particles enveloped them. As quick as they had showed up, they would be gone, now back at Envy's personal quarters where he felt daring enough to stay for the night.
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Valkoor's Engagement to Envy
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