We are the CruEnd Clan death is but a mercy. Pride... Is what we know... Defeat is unthinkable.
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 Aii's Punishment

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PostSubject: Aii's Punishment   Sun Aug 02, 2015 1:38 am

EnvyVendassin: -From way down South somewhere in the Forsaken Nation tailing it from the ruined village where everything started, back up to ZenDasalen Nation North from the Forsaken Nation, and she didn’t wasting any time. She wasn’t traveling by foot. Instead she traveled by her portal after the little rough and tough run in with Bane. She needed to hurry back before anyone noticed what her true intentions were, she couldn’t just leave her calling, what was she to do? Fight for good? Become at peace and assume that the Heaven’s would simply allow her in such an angelic place? Oh please, that would be the last thing Heaven would do, and the correct thing to expect from Envy; is fight her way through the gates of Heaven and bring hell what people assume that Evil could not touch. The fortress of the Capital sat silent with few standing outside of it and questioning, why it’s closed off? Suddenly the surrounding area vibrated very little from the very core of the place, inside the Capital walls. The vibration grew greater by the second, it would feel like to others Hell were ripping from its chains, the place shook so great the bridge started to lose even more pieces from its aged structure, falling into the icy water which laid at pool under, where even the dragon’s remains of its resting bones sat half way into the beautiful icy lite blue water, and even though the beauty of the water were simply beautiful ; it would kill a person if they stayed in it for just a few minutes or even seconds depending on Nature. Within the Capital wall’s, in the middle of the gathering room, where the entrance of the doors sat feet away from the white thrones that were rarely sat in, the Vendassin family didn’t sit on their ass’s and play ‘House’ they got shit done, and they did it in the most professionalism way. The air it’s self-seem to be ripped by a cracking line of purple coloring, tall like a pillar, to be exact 8ft in height, and this was the reason for the heavy vibration. Envy’s teleportation never gone unnoticeable if she was in a rush getting somewhere. The lite yet bright purple gave out a burning color to it within the surrounding darkness, the cracking line slowly pulled open which followed behind it were purple dancing flames, flickering out about a foot or two, the portal opened 13ft in width, and in the depths of it a shadowy figure standing 6ft 11 seem to be approaching fast. In moments that very figure past through the portal which looked to be engulfed with flames. The flames did not harm Envy, matter of fact they had not heat to them, as past through the flames which she came from subtracted from her body like a stream flow returning to which it came from. The portal closed once her passing was completed. She immediately turned towards the doors which she sealed. Her right hand reached out with an open palm, one word is all she need. “Come.” The right enchanted adamantium dagger without struggle shot from the wall beside the sealed double doors back to her grasp. She repeated the same with her left hand to the twin of the dagger, when both became in her passion she mounted the two behind her lower back where their rightful place will always be. She looked different from when she actually left earlier in the day from this place. Her hair pushed up in a mow hack pony tail due up, her face with no piercings, leaving her face soft and elegant like her lite skin which bared many healed scar’s from war, and this would be the first sign for a person to know that Envy had her fair share of fights in her day and days to come. Having a laced attire that showed more than enough of her skin, around her bosom area where her 37D cups showed its fairly large size, then around her stomach down to her hip bones, her flat abs only showed one scar and that’s when Ren Salvatore stabbed her years ago and paid with his life remaining in stone. Besides that her stomach had no other scars. Envy walked towards her adamantium armored rings where is laid out on the floor by the piano where the thigh knives were at as well. Her bare feet started to get cold from the fact she is back in the North. Also the pits weren’t on to keep the inside warm. Envy picked up her heavy adamantium armor rings and placed one around each of her biceps and the other two of the armored rings around her wrist of each arm. She made sure her gloves were intact and her thigh knives were back around her right thigh. The double doors slightly moaned after her own spell died off, she knew people outside would notice the sound of the door moaning because it could finally breath. Envy feathers which were scattered along the ground, all 25 of them lifted up from by her telekinesis ability, they slowly started to motion around her in a counter clock wise rotation, and leaving about 4 feet in space between her body and the feathers. Taking a step with her left foot towards the left, her right foot followed slowly crossing in front of the left, and she started her way towards the piano more as she fixed her leathered gloved hands. Once her body became in a touching point to the piano she placed her left forearm on top of the piano as if she was waiting this whole time for someone, if some had walked thought the double doors.

KytonSalvatore: -Looking at the door sealed shut, very weird, weird indeed. Ren stood there thinking for a second or two, while his younger brother continued to figure out what had happened to the Queen. There were many things rushing in his head at the same time. Kyton to the far right of him talking about he could see inside by the goggles he made, able to see through things and trace aura’s, and it was very useful in a situation like this. Fixing his goggles, setting it to the correct calculations in order to see correctly what was lying on the ground beside the piano. “ Is that-“ He focused his goggle lens closer. He was certain now the weapons on the ground are certainly Envy’s weaponry gear. “What in the hell?’ The only thought he could think of is Envy had abounded this place. He was scared to open his mouth due to the fact that Ren probably would kick his ass. It was too late anyways, Ren’s voice cracked in a crude tone “What is it Kyton?” His eyes glanced to the left towards Ren but not his head. He swallowed hard even his heart beat felt like it skipped a beat. His voice shook slightly, Ren caught on to that and before he could answer his brother Ren already took his by the shirt and brought him to his feel with his left hand, “What the hell is in there?!” Kyton slowly took off his goggles while looking at his brother, directly in his eyes, and he wasn’t use to Ren actually putting hands on him. Kyton didn’t want to answer him but he knew he had to. It would be futile if he didn’t, Ren would only break it from him, and it was clear who Ren put first in his life and it wasn’t him. His mouth opened and the words were coming out, but it stopped quickly with the earth started to move. “Is this an earthquake?” Kyton said in thought, even Ren started to look down, and he mentioned out loud. “This is no earthquake.” Releasing the hold of Kyton’s shirt, looking around puzzled where this could come from. Kyton took a step back from Ren, looking to the right he easily placed his goggles back on, he felt the vibration most likely is coming from inside and sure enough there you have it, a large portal as big a Greek pillar were forming inside, Kyton couldn’t help himself and watched what laid beyond the portal. Ren looked at Kyton, he knew Kyton knew something he didn’t, his eye’s squinted behind his long untamed black bangs, he didn’t want to question Kyton just yet but in time he would. The door sounded like a groan. His eyes darted towards double doors. “Is it open?” Kyton took off his goggles, hearing what Ren said and he replied, “Yes.” He knew this because he saw Envy unseal the place but he knew it would be best to shut his mouth about it. The vibration had settled now. Ren asked Kyton. “What did you see?” Kyton wasn’t going to tell him. Not ever and choose to stay shut mouth silent.

JanePlane: Thele and her tigress companion stood at the brink of the cold snowy white edge. Thele’s appearance had altered slightly with every passing day. Her willowy height now extended to an intimidating six foot and one inch. The shapeliness of her frame was muscular with hints of voluptuous womanhood in the most necessary of all places. Her eyes had changed from a glowing seafoam hue to a now very frightening silver orbs. Simply looking Thele straight in the eyes sent shivers into the most powerful of figures now. Her usual night black waist length hair had transformed to a polar opposite: it was as snow white as the ice of the North, worst at that, it made her eyes even more striking of course. Instead of her usual animal skins, Thele had changed her stereotypical huntress garbs into more… dark ones. She now wore all black, or well mostly black, clothing that clung to her limbs tightly for any agility needed. Surprisingly, she started wearing boots with a slight heel. Finally, her weapons had changed slightly, instead of just her bow and arrows as well as her natural Amazonian fighting skills, she equipped herself with daggers galore. The daggers, made of pure diamond and a gift from her Mother, sat on her lower back, her thighs and her forearms. Her body was now clad in a bit of ink, such as on her impressively sculpted abdominal muscles and arms. Sirah, the wonderous tigress that she was, had also changed, she had grown a few inches, instead of standing at a height of five feet with both her paws on the ground, she now stood at a height of five feet eight inches on her paws alone. Hell, she was like the size of a black bear. Her hunting had grown to encountering far larger beasts than herself and proved well in combat as well now. Her nostrils took an instant whiff of something peculiar. The breeze around the Capital of the ZenDasalen Nation was strange. Swiftly and without much thought, Thele ground her feet into the earth before pushing off her heels and slipping onto Sirah’s black and orange stripped back with a telepathic link to the tiger, ‘Something’s up.’ Sirah needed no more before she bolted to the doors of the Capital only to slow down as Thele jumped off, performing a frontwards aerial and landing gracefully. She sensed both Kyton and Ren a little ways ahead only to approach their coupledom with little to no noise. It was a skill she had perfected from back when she was a child still learning to hunt prey. At this point, she didn’t care if they knew of her presence however, what harm could be done? Sirah likewise followed her dearest friend with a humming from her dangerous maul. “What’s going on with the doors?” Her eyes had shifted to an even brighter silver that made the onlookers squint if looked into directly. Being an Elder was something new to Thele, the Nation itself was still a tad new for her, but she refused to have anybody question her alliance to the sovereign and her kin. Thele stood by her convictions with more than effort, it was necessity for her. She intended to see it all through.

AiiZebreamVendassin: Wind slid its chilled fingers through the scattered evergreen trees causing the branches to sway and dance to the hallowed music of the earth. Aii's ebony locks itched to join the dance as a few strands slipped from it's leather hair sheath to tickle at her tawny flesh. Extending her plump, slightly wet, bottom lip forward, she aimed a stream of air up towards her bangs blowing them out of infront of her hues. The sun washed plum iris came into view; the shade handed down to her from her mother. A bloodied crimson pool surfaced a moment later; a shade given to her from her father. The world changed itself with each eye. One allowing her to see each life had it's own color and shading; the other showing her the power from which she pulled from. Golden flecks, Gen, sparkled catching the suns light as they moved about her figure. Blowing up at her bangs once again, Aii's hues rolled up as if they too were pushed by the blast of air. She bent her slender knees bringing herself closer to the earth before she pushed herself backward to rest against the soft frosty earth. Pushing her legs out from her body they formed a circle out infront of her. Her slender longer arms rested between them. Stretching her back she leaned forward to peel the just past ankle hieght black boots. She had been walking for atleast a day to return home from her short 'vacation'. She had spent a few weeks away from home at her Escape. A smaller village she had claimed for herself tucked away within the snow capped mountains. Her time there would never be forgotten nor would the people she had come across. She had scavanged the area for supplies for the smaller home she had put together within the village and had found more than what she was looking for. She had watched a man, a traveler, fight off a group of theives that had been picking on a group of smaller children whom, she assumed, had been gathering their own supplies while their parents worked their lives away. He had been severely wounded, but his fight had wooed Aii and he had amazed her futher by setting free a small pup that had happened upon a smaller trap set for deer. Soon after he had passed out from, she assumed once again, from blood loss. Having already been wooed by his fighting skill and compassion for the small pup she gathered his body and nursed him back to health throughout the weeks, but that was a completely seperate story all together. Having pulled her boots off, she rubbed at her feet a few moments. "Almost home..." She raised to her bare feet allowing the wet ground seap inbetween her toes. She bent a moment to pinch the sides of her shoes between her index and thumb, before continuing towards her destination. The view of the bridge slipped into her vision figuring it was close enough for her to teleport closer towards her home. Pressing her eyes closed for a moment, her body begain to disapear into black particles... *CRACK*.. She disapeared completely before regaining her shape closer to the doors.. *CRACK*. She bent over a bit, the teleporting taking away from her energy more than it would have if she were fully rested. Eyeing a few familiar faces infront of the door she moved a free hand to pull the leather strap from her hair allowing the strands to freely fall and frame her face. "Why is everyone standing around?..." Her voice slipped out slightly annoyed, Aii had never been one to show anger, but the journey had wore on her attitude. She pulled at the doors heaving them open before slipping silently inside.

EnvyVendassin: -Hearing the door open now, she adjusted her head up slightly and slowly let it motion her chin a little down. She could see it, her youngest and only living daughter, her small figure and height, her voice would acho in the dark, and even few would question why Envy would be in the dark? But she didn’t have the time to actually lite the pits. “Aii, what brings you home? “ She said with a cool calm and collective tone. She saw few behind her as she remained standing by the piano. Looking ather nail of her right hand she kept it cool as if she was never gone.

KytonSalvatore: -He looked back to his fiancé who bettered him to the top, making the 3rd Elder’s spot, in a way Ren was envious of her but would he ever show it? Hell no. He would never five that satisfaction to anyone. He dipped his well manly chin. “My Lady, Elder.” Kyton looked at him and then to the woman with the large tiger. He bowed like a Chinese man in China. “Ma’am.” Ren closed his eyes at his brother’s weird ways. ‘Stupid’ is the word Ren would say over and over in his head at Kyton, the red headed little freak, is Ren’s brother no question but why did he have to be so different Ren asked a lot to himself; but Ren knew Kyton looked up to him. The ear’s Kyton always wore to resemble his real ears is his way of convincing people he and Ren are true brothers. Kyton is nothing like Ren, yeah they might look alike but their skin color was different and height, and the only thing that would hence that the two are related were the ears and that’s why people never assumed they weren’t. Kyton secretly never liked being different and Ren was the only family that he had left which made him feel not alone. ‘CRACK.’ “What the hell was that?” Aii appeared with her smart ass remark, Ren and Kyton looked at one another and narrowed their sight on Aii, it was like they both knew what they thought about the little brat, and at the same time. This girl wasn’t Envy’s child for nothing, Ren was sure that Envy kept her alive for a reason. Which leads to the factor that she could have potential like her brother Kai, Kai being a different person from Nero and Aii, and it was because his father is from the Ergo family. Cocky son of a bitches and being from Envy’s bloodline didn’t make her kids any better, it only makes the lethal weapons. The door skid the ground as Aii pushed it open, to find her mother standing in the dark by a black piano. “Now why would she be standing there?” Ren asked himself in his own train of thought while she spoke to Aii first. Kyton wanted to make her so bad but knowing he would lose Ren, he choose to shut his mouth and stay outside of the Capital while Ren followed behind Aii after having the Elder go before him.-

JanePlane: Thele, of course, knew well of her fiancé at this point in their engagement. The fact that she somehow received the occupation of Third Elder still frazzled her largely analytical mind. But of course, the Queen had to have good reason to even have chosen her, lest why else would she have been picked for the position? In Thele’s perspective, however, she saw no issue other than the presence of envy from others… even her fiancé though he meant her only good health and happiness. Furthermore, she rarely used her occupation to get the upper hand on others. She saw no reason of it and she seldom needed anything from anyone else. She’d grown up to never rely on others, to hell with them all but… working seemed to give an edge. In a sense, it was her disgustingly addictive drug. Her eyes looked over Kyton, Ren’s younger brother, with a blank face. She had no opinion on the man in all honesty and she felt no need to form them unless provoked. Sirah, had something else in mind though as the tigress approached the redheaded giant with a purr… she looked like a stupid house cat. Yet as Envy’s own offspring emerged from thin air, so to speak, everybody seemed to pay her attention, both that of positive and negative, of course. Likewise, Thele felt nothing. Apathy appeared to be her forte. A shrug was brushed off the Amazon’s shoulders as she followed behind Aii, well aware of Ren’s formalities to follow behind her. Sirah, having a cunning mind of her own, stayed behind, indicating over their mind link, ‘He has red hair, Thele. I like him.’ Thele rolled her eyes to Sirah’s remark. The feline always enjoyed the company of fellows that had anything but normal hair color let alone the mutation that redheadedness sprouted from. Envy, herself, spoke to Aii first, Thele had no intention of speaking unless provoked, so she stood as spectator to why the doors had been shut. Ren wouldn’t hesitate to ask all the questions anywho.

AiiZebreamVendassin: She let her boots drop to the side of the entrance way, a thud slightly echoing in the silence. "I thought I'd pay a visit. Did you not notice I was away for a few weeks?" Aii quetioned her mother with a slight hint of sarcasm. Little to her knowledge, Envy hadn't been home herself. She moved towards the piano that Envy was resting upon. Her fingers slipped and tickled the keys playing a soft melody to fill the silent room. The others who had been waiting near the door had pilled in after her. Her hues scanned over her mothers figure, never had Aii seen her so scrawny and worn out. What had she been doing over these past weeks? What had happened will Aii took her short 'vacation'.

KimiKatsu: It felt like it had been centuries since she had last set foot near the capital building. Though she really wanted to be there, she had other things to tend to. The city she resided in and watched over was bustling with large, demon dogs. Beasts that evolved every three weeks. The very same that had taken away the family she had attempted to start only years ago. Their numbers seemed to explode within the last month, leaving Kimi alomst no time to come to the capital. Now that she had brought their numbers down enough to decrease the amount of break-ins at her home, she could finally visit knowing she wouldn't come home to a horrible mess again. She even had enough time to put on her new dress. The fabric was deep red. The torso portion of the dress was corsette style with the dark red lace tied up the front and a bow right below her cleavage. The skirt was short in the front, it was a few inches above the mid-thigh mark, with slits that went up each of her thighs. The back of the skirt was long and almost touched her heels. This dress was strapless with a matching black and red lace neck piece. This dress showed off the tattoo that traveled gracefully up her left leg and the tattoo of the flock of brids that traveled south east across her chest. With her long, black hair pulled up into a curly ponytail and some locks left loose the black studs on each of her shoulder blades were visible for all to see. Also, since her hair was up out of her pretty face, mre of her piercings and tattoos could be seen. Tattooed to each of her freckled cheeks was a small black star. The piercings on her lips were two sets of black snake bites; on set of smooth hoops and the other set was spiked hoops, and a small silver chain that connected to the hoops on the left side and dangled down with a small cross on the end. The double bridal piercing was shining brightly in the sunlight and all of the black studs that ventured up either side of the bridge of her nose sparkled cleanly. With all of her piercings in, her hair brushed and up, and her new outfit on, Kimi felt very content. However, her mismatching eyes looked tired and slightly blood shot. Once Kimi reached the front door to the capital, she drew in a light breath. Her long, white, fox ears twitched slightly as she reached out and grabbed the knob. When she pulled the door open, the old and new scents instantly hit her. A bit caught off guard, Kimi closed her eyes. The air outside wasn't quite as busy as the air within the buidling, it seemed. She reopened her eyes and stepped inside fully, letting the door close by itself. Her long, plush black tail flicked behind her as she slowly took in the sight of the interior of the building she hadn't been in for a long time. It hadn't changed. A small, crooked smile curved the corners of her lips upwards, making her aware of the black "marolin monroe" piercings on either side of her face.

EnvyVendassin: -Envy couldn’t help but to smirk at her daughters reply, Envy’s remark would sting worse than what Aii had thrown at her. “Well Aii, when did I notice you besides till now, that is?” She turned to her right to give Aii her back when she grew near Envy, her feathers flocked in a soothing motion as she walked on towards the throne. “Ha, don’t ever ask a stupid question like that child.” She stepped up the stairs that lead up to the middle white throne, her right foot stepped on the very stop of the step before her left foot followed she looked back to Aii. And chuckled a little as her eyes trailed along her fragile body figure, and felt something was different about her, that thought slowly shot the mocking smile off Envy’s face. ~ “What in the world-“ ~ She couldn’t place her finger on it. Something radiant about her. This lead Envy to reserve her steps backwards. “Aii, what have you been doing lately?” Envy’s eyes looked past her for a second; she noticed the Third Elder followed my Ren and Kimi shortly arriving behind him. Her eyes slowly crept back to Aii though. -

KytonSalvatore: -He stepped to the far right of the place, that was after he dipped his head to the Queen out of respect and carried on, and started to lite the torches around the entrance of the place. Kyton outside looked at the large fur ball, he glanced ahead for a quick thought before returning back to the cat. “I guess Ren won’t mind if I pet you, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, and besides I’m not evil.” He smiled at the animal before reaching out his right hand to attempt to pet it. Inside while Ren lite the place up he listen to what Envy had to say to Aii, and was it very interesting to his ears.-

JanePlane: Thele sighed silently as she attempted to pay little attention to the mother-daughter relationship that seemed to take place. She nodded as her eyes met with the Queen for a brief moment, acknowledging her presence as well as out of respect for her. She noticed the entrance of another familiar face before checking on Sirah through their mind-link. Sirah simply lounged against the ginger man, licking at his outreached hand and staring at him eye to eye with her large green predatory eyes. Thele couldn’t help but smirk at the thought of a such a fierce beast driven down to act like a domesticated pet for a mere stranger whom either of them barely knew other than his name and reputation. Her own hand swept up to her hair, braiding it loosely and letting it fall over her right shoulder as she listened to whatever the Nation’s sovereign felt the need or desire to say.

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii's fingers slipped off of the keys she had been planning to play allowing it to come out as if someone had stomped on the low end of the piano. Her eyes pressed closed as the sting from her mothers words burned within her memories. Leaning her head forward she rested it on the edge of the piano's top. "Not that it matters much, I've been traveling. Mostly staying in the village." Her hand waved, knowing her mother would know she was talking about her snow covered paradise. Her mother could never know what had happened. Just by Aii showing the traveler mercy was enough to send her over the edge. "I have found a guard to acompany me on my travels... " She motioned to the book shelf that held the history of the CruEnd clan. Aii had been planning to vist the places listed within the history books. She pressed her eyes harder together as a flutter of pain wriggled within her stomach. Aii had never felt this sickness before... the weakness and fatigue she had must have been caught from one of the villagers. She shook her head waving her thoughts away paying more attention to her mothers words.

EnvyVandassin: “You look different my dear.. dear daughter.” Made it back down the bottom of the stairs now, tilting her head to the right, still having at the end little motion to her tilt. Both her hands folded slowly together in front of her, having a daughter were something she cared less about and the female gender is much harder to figure out for Envy when it came to her own child, and when Envy thought about it more. Her father Valkoor would know more about Aii then she would ever be willing to know about her. Envy knew more about her boys then she did with Aii, one thing she did know, is Envy and her children shared a unique sense of knowing things about one another. Her eyes squinted in her cunning thoughts, she stood there watching Aii with care, and before she said her next words her aura which is not visiable for anyone to catch it forming; due to the act once it is touched it would then show its color around Envy. A fine thin coat of aura armor she forgot to place around her body, but she didn’t needed now but her thoughts about Aii’s weird aura she was sensing wasn’t hers, and if she is right about this she would be needing her thin coat aura armor as things start to unfold from Envy’s next actions. “Have you traveled alone Aii?” She took a step with her right took to the direction of Aii’s left, her left foot followed and continued to stroll in her walk as she looked down at her leathered black gloves. Her 25 feathers continued to flock around her in a counter clock motion, still 4 feet away from her body, and followed Envy’s every step. -

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii lifted her head from the piano's corner, her hair hung covering her face and hues. She twitched her head lightly allowing the hair to fall to one side of her head and she blew her bangs back into place by extending her bottom lip once again. "Different.. /Dear/ mother?" Her words were covered with venom from the shot Envy had taken at her earlier. Dear daughter... Aii could only laugh at the statement as her lips curled upwards in a small smirk. She raised from her seat at the piano bench and circled around to lean her elbows at the back end where the piano strings were hidden. Her hands cupped at her face as she leaned over, her stomach ached as well as blood rushing to her head as she stood. ~Have you traveled alone Aii?~ The words pierced through Aii's heart as her eyes bulged open. There wasn't any possible way that she could know. No... No.. Aii shook her head flinging the thoughts from her mind. " I told you, I found a guard to acompany on my journey. He'll be her soon..." The thoughts of their love affair filled her mind. The cold snowy nights she spent wrapped in his arms. The heat from the passion they shared kept them covered with sweat. Aii's eyes bulged again as she felt another flutter within her stomach... This sickness.. It couldn't be.. Her pools bulging raised to her mothers gaze. No.... She quickly turned her head pearing out through the wide open doors. Please, My love, do not come to this place... She pressed her eyes closed hard once again before striding towards her mother. She controlled her movements hoping her mother had not seen her few moments of shock. "You weren't wanting me to carry my things by myself were you?" Aii's words slipped out calmer than she had expected. There was no chance that Envy knew of the life growing within her.

KimiKatsu: Kimi noticed the tension in the room right away. Her eyes shifted from the Queen to Aii. She couldn't help but detect a sly sarcasm in the word 'dear' as it came from the Queen's lips. 'Oh boy...' The long, white fox ears that sat proudly on top of her head twitched ever so slightly. Their family disputes could get rather messy. She decided to stay on stand-by, though she always was on stand-by when she was at the capital. She had to be ready for anything at anytime. Kimi walked with a naturally sensual sway to her well rounded hips. Once she reached the large round table that was surrounded by several black chairs, she reached out and grabbed the chair closest to her by one of its arms and lifted it. A soft grunt left her lips. Her arms were still rather sore from how busy she had been. Kimi grabbed the other arm of the chair with her opposite hand and held it a few feet above the ground as she moved coser to the two as the moment intensified. When she got close enough to the space between the two, she set the chair down and moved around to the front of the chair to sit.

0xRegretx0: -The large echoing sound of the horn sounding across the grounds sent waves of oise and commotion along the fort walls. Here was the northern fort of demise. A war prisoners camp and prison. Deep beneath the camp an old prison was holed up each cell cagecd and barred with spells of destruction and decay to make the stay of the prisoners oh so enjoyable. The horn was the signal for mail call for the guards and soldiers who worked there. Sitting in his office Blayne sighed deeply and reached up rubbing his temples at the noise. He was looking down at the book before him studying runes for a new spell, his sorcery powerful as it was, needed to become even more so if he wanted to excel. In the last month his life had taken a turn for the worst. Until recently he had run the jail by himself as the Warden and leader, but the council above him had demanded he be replaced after he had walked down into the prisoners qurters and began to test out a new spell on the group gathered there. He had only killed 30 men during the practice and a few more had been left covered in burns nearly on their entire bodies. They where after all just livestock, right? Shaking his head he slammed the book shut and stood walking out of the room and heading for the group gathered in the middle of the fort. There was a stack of letters off to the side and, waling slowly, he headed over to them and began to look through wondering if he might have recieved one on this day. As luck would have it halfway through the pile of letters he found a letter with his name scrolled across it in large slanting letters, the scribe elegant and regal to the eyesight. Cocking his brow up he took the letter from the stack and finished looking through. Finding nothing else of value he turned on the hell of his black boots and made his way back to his office. As he entered into the office he dropped the letter down on his desk and walked over to the basin on the far wall. Leaning on the edge of the basin he looked into the mirror smiling at the sight. At age 60, Blayne looked to be a man in his mid twenties, a property most sorcerers shared with a much longer life then normal men. He also admired the deep red hues that graced his eye sockets. When he was a younger man they had been brown but through years of transformation magics and practies he had managed to change them permanetly to a deep shade of red. Around his eyes the skin had been stained red as well, an unfortunate side effect of his many attempts to change his eyes, though, it seemed to work well for him giving him a mysteriou and mystical aperance. Unlike most sorcerers who relied purly on raw magical power, Blayne had spent his time researching and gaining a handle on tactics both military and combat. He had also taken it upon himself to train in hand to hand combat and as well, since he had learned the stave at a young age, to use a spear which was an easy way to both channel his magic and slay his advesaries. It had been the very spear he loved that had cost him his job. During a practice where he had learned to shrink the spear and carve a rune of fire upon the blade before learning how to weild it. He shook his head the long black locks waving back and forth as he did before a soft smile touched his pale lips. It was a loss and he had no choice but to find a new place. Walking over to his deskt he set his hand on the coat draped over the back, thr sleevless garmant seemingly usless had a single rune on the back depecting a shield rune. As long as a blade or arrow hit the coat and not another spot on his body it would not peirce through. Of course this was a relative statement for if he had been hit hard enough, though the blade would not peirce, he could have damage done thrugh blunt force. sitting down in the chair he grabbed the open and slipped his finger into the top slicing through it with ease and pulling forth a small sealed parchment. The seal on the front apeared regal and seemed to be the empire seal of a ruler. Raising his brow he broke the seal with steady fingers and opened the letter his eyes drifting over the written material ~Dear Blayne, I have requested for you, this position is not always open to those that hopes and begs for such a Rank in my Clan, and here this message is for you; to come join the CruEnd Clan from my request. I have heard of both your duties and sorcerer and the cunning tactical strengths of your ruthless nature. We could use a war Don like you. If you decide not to take it, don't show your face around my Nation I will personaly rip it off your face, and if you do well, welcome and I willsee you soon. I hope you can fill the position just fine. -Queen Envy Vendasisin~ Blayne let his eyes scroll over the words before him over and over making sure they where truly there. Once he had made his mind settle on the fact that what he was seeing was true he chuckled flipped the page over. On the back was a detailed description of where he needed to be, and how to get there. What suprised him was that the letter started the directions from his office which made him smile all the wider his bright red eyes flashing. Standing he walked around the room grabbing various books and relics, as well as his bag of runes and other necasities. He took ahold of his favorit black bag and pulled it open dropping each thing into the bag slowly to make sure everything fit carefully. Feeling he would not be needing his gauntlets, the bright red metalic gloves each with a twin set of razor sharp Mythril claws protruding from the knuckles with runes of fire wind and lightning carved along the blades, he set them in the bag with ease. He turned around and walked over to his desk before grabbing ahold of his coat and placing it upon his shoudlers feeling the shield rune resonating with the contact. He smiled and looked around his office before walking over to the three foot display case and opened it slowly. Inside was a spear that looked to be way to short, though this was part of the spears power, and had a bright red rune in the blade. It was apropriatly named the phoenix plume. He took it from the case and slipped it into the harness on his coat before grabbing the bag off of the desk and leaving the office. He did not bother to pack any extra clothes, wearing the slight cloth wrap and black leather pants. He made his way out into the courtyard and turned to look at the place he was leaving. Flicking his wrost he summoned a shadow mount the large burly beast rising out of the ground in what apeared to be fighting shadows before solidifiing into a black horse with deep silver eyes. Climbing into the seemingly silver sadle he settled in, oddly comfortable, and tied his bag in place. Setting his feet to the side of the horse he kicked him into a trot before exiting the fort. A mile out from the fort he turned and looked back before mutterin an incantation. A bright ring of runes began to form around his head the resonating power of his own energies and the runeic halo working together before, with a loud crash and echo, the earth around the entire fort shook and opened up. He had spent the last week carving runes into the prison walls out of vengenful intent though he had doubted he would ever use them. As he found himself off to a new life he figured why not and watched as the entire fort crashed into the ground swallowed by the very earth that had held it up. As the fort was swallowed Blayne turned his mount and began to ride off to the location indicated by the letter. After a week and a half of riding he found himself at the gates of the CruEnd Clan and smiled letting himself ride through and into their world. As he rode up to the castle he let the steed ride through the castle doors and looked upon the scene before him. It was an odd sight seeing one woman circling the other and felt something more tense in the air then a friendly dance. He smiled at the thought. As the steed walked slowly in it began to fade and disolve into the castle floor and Blayne reched out grabbing ahold of his bag and letting his feet hit the ground perfectly while his steed disapeared without the slightest noise. Holding the bag in his left hand he walked over to the pair and looked at them both his eyes judging them before he began to speak his tone formal and low yet his voice holding meaning and conviction "I have come to answer an Invitation from lady Envy Vendasisin, She offered me the job of War Don and I have come to take her offer and serve her with all that I am. Please point me in the right direction so i may swear myself to her services, if you would be so kind M'Ladies" he watched them and let his bag drop beside him and toucheds his left hand to his sternum in a greeting gesture while waiting for a response.-

VerosDaVine: -Klain ran along the path leading up to the castle in an almost dead sprint his breath coming heavy. How could he had let her slip from his sight after swearing to her he would protect her. Now and forever. It was all he could do not to stumble over the rocks on the patch as he felt his long black coat gripping to his sweat soaked pants. His blade on his hip swated at his leg every time he brought his right leg down and he sighed slihtly in mid sprint. He would get there before anything bad happened to her, this he was sure of. His snow white hair was plastered to his head as he ran the tips of his elf ears dripping with sweat. he had been sprinting for nearly 20 miles, non stop, and at this point he was glad he was of elven birth. His bright blue eyes looked at the caslte now looming before him and he laughed. He knew she was in there he could feel it in his very gut. As his black boots soon found paved road he increased his speed. The bow on his back patted against his flesh aggrivating him but only slightly as his mind narrowed to focus on Aii, his love, and he soon ran through the opened doors. As he entered he was in time to see the man gesturing with his hand and motioning it over his sternum a gesture he knew to be one of respect. He soon fouind himself torn from the sight of this man as he focused on his love. Her beauty and what seemed to him divinity washed over his eyesight before settling on her sweet innocnet face. he gave a half smile to her and started to walk forward shouting to her in puere joy the breathlessness of his srpint making his shout come out a tad higher pitched then he would have liked "Aii, I have come. How can I guard and protect you if you will not stay with me. You must always run off as if there is some fire underneath of your feet directing you forward" He did not realize where he had come or who was around him for Aii had shared little with him about herself. He walked up and past the fellow and his gesture whispering to her loud enough for the ones surounding him to hear but he cared not "My love, you had me worried" he gave a slight smile showing his compassion and love before turning to look at Envy as if just no noticing her "who might this be love?" he asked in a manner that seemed almost innocently ignorant. What a slow and sheltered life he had led.

EnvyVendassin: -She caught it; it was there, that open invitation of letting Envy in, and proving her right. Aii’s face expression gave her away. She exhaled slowly as she stopped in her steps, keeping her calm composure still. She closed her eyes momentarily. Her feathers stopped in their motion, than back again slowly, she heard Aii’s steps moving towards her. ~ “Why does she tail so close to me? Kai nor Nero and diffidently Zyse rather keep distant from me verses them actually coming close like she. So why does this one just follow as if I want her to be my magnet? Disgusting. Her eye’s cracked open slowly; her purple pupils glowed a tad brighter. Within the barriers of her mind trapped from those to ever attempt to enter her mind, she heard one voice, a voice she was never became fond of, and Envy knew she went half-crazy from this voice trying to sway her into different directions in life that could have killed Envy for making a stupid judgment call from an ancient one from her bloodline; Sinn. Who Envy is cloned from. Her voice sounded like an echo bouncing in taunting playful way against the tissue of her own walls. Which rubbed Envy the wrong way. The laughter of Sinn grew louder and louder. ~ “She is knocked up. Ha, your children is pitiful, and pathetic. She you due away with her.” ~ Her laughter echoed once more before she vanished away. Envy rolled her eyes closed, annoyed not because of Aii but because of Sinn, and this was already not going to start off right. She looked towards the door, the man who she sent of an invite not to long ago about the rank she needed to be filled had come, and standing by the door. “Oh.” Her mind were taken from Aii only momentarily. “ I’m relieved to see you here, you have made a cunning choice. Come in, you can help me with a few things.” She looked to Aii now. Taking a right step towards her, only a step as she reached out her right hand, “Come daughter let me feel apond your cheek.” Before she could she heard another man whom spoke of ‘love’. Envy didn’t hear that wrong at all, and was shit about to hit the fucking fan. She didn’t entertain it just yet. She wanted to at least touch Aii’s stomach by tricking her as if she were about to caress her daughters cheek.-

AiiZebreamVendassin: As she drew closer to her mother, his voice split the silence. ~Aii, I have come...~ Aii's eyes seemed to bulge from her skull once again, the colors around her seemed to grow dark as the color drained from her face. Her gaze shot to the man she had grown to love over the past few weeks, subconciously her lips mouthed a small no unable to pipe the smallest of sounds. This was it, the end. There was no chance that her mother had not heard what the man had said. ~Who might this be, love?~ A strange echo of laughter rang between her ears. Who was laughing? Aii didn't recognize this voice... the erie laughter continued to echo within her head. "M-my... Mother..." Her voice cracked as the words finally slipped from her vocal chords. Her mothers hand soon moved, outstretched, towards Aii's face. ~..let me feel upon your cheek.~ Aii's mind began to spin, could she grab her loves hand before teleporting out of this place? Would she be able to out run her mother and her people? There must be a small chance that she would be able to live happily ever after with this baby and her love... No... Aii's mouth became agape and she shook her head to herself. No. There wasn't the slightest chance of this dream. She would have no choice but to hope and pleed that hidden deep inside of her mother was the smallest compasion for her well-being. Aii's eyes started to swell with tears causing her to look around the room to hold them back. She continued forward, obeying her mothers command. "Yes... M-Mother..." She pressed her eyes closed as she continued forward to her mother. In all of Aii's 17 years, she had never been touched or as near as she was to her mother as this current moment. She had longed for the love of her parent, but deep down she knew that this was anything but love.

KimiKatsu: Kimi's body tensed tightly. All of this happening at once? 'Lord..' It was so much. Too much. The Queen would be furious. Kimi stood abruptly as soon as the distance between the Queen and Aii. This wouldn't end well. Kimi's eyes locked onto the man next to Aii. 'Love? Oh dear...' This peaceful night was going to have a turn for the worse. Her ears folded down as she growled softly. He may have been her lover, but he was too close to her. To close to the Queen as well. "Step back, Sir..." She said before focusing on the family affair. Her tail flicked slightly and er heart beat rose. Everything seemed to be getting intenser by the second. Her whole body shook and her little hands clenched into tight fists.
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0xRegretx0: -Her words like silk landed upon his ears and he let the edges of his mouth curl up into a slight smile. A cunning choice to be sure, and he was glad that he had made it. She said something about possibly needing his help so he nodded briefly ready to begin work as soon as needed and moved to step forward. Before he had a chance to adress her any further the sound of the blundering elfling came to his ears causing him to pause and look over his shoulder. The white haired elf darted across the room and seemed to get a little to close to the two women for comfort. He was ready to rend this little elfling limb from limb if given the order his face remaining expressionless though his mind steeped in a vat of murderous anger. Just before he had a chance to speak he could hear a woman's voice from behind "Step back, Sir..." she had said. Blayne knew she was not speaking to him, or he hoped for her sake she was not, so ignored her and kept his calm demenor watching and waiting. As the man stopped rambling on he finally had a chance to interject himself into the conversation. His lips curled up into a smile that could melt a womans heart if she where not careful and guarder herself. His words where of course curt and regal letting it be known he was aware of his station and of who was in charge "Of course Lady Envy, I would never deny the invitation, especially when it is such a generous one, of a woman of such elegance and command. If I may ask then, what is it you would have me do?" his words came out was he watched the exchange between the pair, whom he now was aware where mother and daughter. This exchange had him intensely interested and he kept his eyes focused ready for any order that may come his way. He turned his head for a brief moment to gaze out the castle doors, since he had come in night had fallen the sunset he had trecked in on now only a memory. Such things come and go, like life itself. He began to picture many of his battles and testings and tried to hide the bloodlust boiling beneath his skin by tapping his thumb to forefinger, causing a repeated ignition of fire that burned out as fast as it came to life.-

VerosDaVine: -Klain was dumbstruck. This woman was his loves mother it seemed, and the news was sending a wave of joy through him. He smiled and began to move closer to the pair before the sharp voice of the woman from behind gave him pause. He was normally one not to wish a conflict would occur and would usually go out of his way to avoid such a disaster if he could manage. He smiled and stepped back to stand next to the larger man his eyes glancing over at him for a brief moment as the words left his mouth. Such elegant formality made him blink for a few seconds before looking at the mother daughter pair, a soft smile spreading over his lips. The amount of love that must surely be shared between them must be emense for her to be so shy about introducing her as such. He tried to keep himself calm refraining from bouncing in place as he had wanted but instead bowed low from his spot a few feet away and began to speak his voice faster then most due to his excitement at the situation "it is a pleasure to meet you, Aii has yet to speak to me much about you but I am sure that while I am here I shall learn more about you and you about me. I hope that my stay here may be a pleasant one!" he looked up at her his bright blue eyes shimmering in the innocent ignorance he was unable to contain within himself. He turned to look at his love and smiled wanting to rush to her and hold her in his arms but instead he only nodded his head to her seeing that her mother was attempting to touch her cheek "Go on love, it is your mother she would not bring you harm." his reasurring words left his mouth as nothing more then kind and loving intentions-

EnvyVendassin: -As the new War Don stepped in, Envy’s attention left his presence already, and directed it back to Aii; but as for the male whom accompanied her back to the Capital, Envy questioned in her head if he might be stupid or just blindly brave? Envy’s right hand continued to reach out. Gazing her cheek in a tender caress, who she herself never showed such motherly love towards Aii but this was no love, and instead a trick in order to get close to Aii. The night had come as the light in the sky Slipped away to shine through the dark elsewhere, dropping the tempter dangerously low outside, Envy could fill the chilly night devour the heat within the fortress; which slowly she started to forget about it due to the disappointment of Aii’s idiotic self-guidance. Before Envy dropped her hand to Aii’s stomach, a fairly short woman ran past Kimi and Aii’s lover towards Aii and Envy, “My Queen! I-I- I have a message from Elder Fae!” She said as she quickly stopped running when she saw Envy’s feathers come to a sudden halt in mid-air, which surrounded now Envy and Aii. She knew the feathers were nothing more but a weapon, even if they looked like mere feathers to others, taking a few steps back as she try to regain her regular flow of her normal breathing. Her tone much calmer now, Envy looked like she was frozen just to hear what the messenger had to say, and didn’t even bother in giving a look to the pathetic thing running in here and interrupting such a miraculous unfolding story. “Elder Fae, wants me to tell you that-“ She stopped in her sentence and glanced to Aii before she continued. “Your daughter Aii Zebream Vendassin, is having an affair with her personal guard in the dark; but it would not be wise to act on it because of your son’s reaction of what could happen if you see to her death.” The messenger started to slowly back up, she knew this wasn’t going to go well. Envy couldn’t help but to drop her hand down to Aii’s stomach now. She felt a different aura from Aii, which was not her. Envy’s face showed vile written all over it, taking a step back with her right foot and her left foot followed and her right hand subtracted from Aii’s stomach. “You whore.” Were the first words Envy spilled from her parted moist lips. “You have a sister name Atlantiss, she was everything I wanted in a daughter, and you… You are nothing I want but to have put into the ground.” Her last few words were sharp and deadly, aim to hurt Aii. Envy moved her head very slowly to the new found War Don, and his first orders were said. “ Kill this foolish child before me.” She said with such direct and calm composure to herself; maybe just to calm. Her feathers solid in mid-air, the telekinesis hold she has on it made it pause as she took this matter before her seriously. Envy’s head then turned to her lover. She looked at him from head to toe and back up to meet his eyes. “She doesn’t talk about me because there isn’t nothing to talk about, boy. You will be next to die along… What was it you called her? ‘Love’.. ?” She slowly shook her head to the disgust of the word. “Pathetic.” -

AiiZebreamVendassin: ~...It is your mother she would not bring you harm..~ In any other instance Aii would have laughed and called him a fool. My love, it is the exact opposite. This woman would never show anything other than harm to Aii. Her eyes began to flutter back and forth between Envy's, small traces of tears began to fill her waterline bluring her vision. The flesh grazing her cheek was suprisingly soft and gentle. Never could Aii have imagined that her mothers hand would be so gentle and dainty. Her eyes pressed closed enjoying that moment for what seemed like hours. Her ears began to ring, drowning out the sound of anyone or animal near. She was stuck in this moment forever... or so it would seem. ~..is having an affair with ...~ The words some how slipped into Aii's dream like state, rudely snapping her back to reality. Her eyes flashed and bulged out of her skull meeting the gaze of Envy once again. Aii's hues darted back and forth twitching in panic. This was it, the end. There was nothing she could do at this very moment to save her life. The tears that had gathered within her eyes seemed to evaperate. There was no use to giving Envy that satisfaction. It would be her last venom before her death. ~...Whore~ She could see the rage gathering and filling her mothers face. She had only seen such anger twice in her life. Her younger years she had been oblivious to the fact that anyone within the CruEnd Clan had death upon their hands. She could still remember the day she saw her mother with a different face hovering over a wounded person. The first time Aii had ever seen blood. ~... you are nothing I want but to have put into the ground.~ Aii's lips began to mouth the words No but a voice halted her. ~Punch her.~ The words were sharp, almost ear splitting. ~Punch Her.~ The time seemed to roll forward as if a minute were an hour. Her mothers head slowly turned towards the new war don. ~PUNCH. HER.~ Aii could feel her hand gathering the golden Gen specks that floated around them. They gathered within her fist, only her red eye could see the glowing furry that was now her fist. Her mothers lips moved slowly ~Kill...~ The only word Aii could make out. Kill. She had known it all along. ~ DO IT NOW!!~ The voice screached and bounced within Aii's head. "FINE!" Aii's voice ripped through the air, screaming to the voice as she brought her hand forward. If her fist connected with her mother's stomach she would have been thrown backwards across the room into the thrones if she were an ordinary person, the punch would surely break bones if not destroying a few organs at the front of her stomach. Though, Aii knew that Envy was no ordinary human. Envy had always been well guarded, perhaps an aura. If the case were so the punch would take away most of it's power to shield her. If she didn't connect with her, she would accept her fate and hopefully die before watching the love of her life suffer, like she knew he would.

0xRegretx0: -Blayne focused on the exchange with calculating eyes his mind quickly churing out the possible outcomes of this situation and how he might handle it if it turned for the worst. He smiled at the two slightly this exchange keeping him rather entertained. As the little woman butslted in he listened to her words before turning and letting his eyes settle on Klain a slight feeling of pity for the bloke washing over him before, in his mind, he had the satisfying picture of the young man bleeding and dead on the floor at his feet. As Lady Envy moved her hand down and near her daughters stomach he raised a brow at her words the aperant pregnancy that was brewiing within the girl making him shake his head in disgust. Ungrateful welps, why did children like this exist under a crown. Whores and leppers the lot of them. He shook his head slowly waiting for Envy's response, and soon his wait was satisfied as she turned to him “ Kill this foolish child before me.” Those words left Envy's lips like sweet nectar dripping from a tree falling onto his tongue to satisfy the very thing that would send him into euphoric bliss. Death. As soon as the words left Envys mouth Blayne began to step forward. He noted the sudden shift in Aiis weight and his eyes followed the muscle contractions on her arm and body, he knew what she was about to do. This was a bold girl to be sure to strike at her mother, a Queen no less, in the presance of someone who was here to swear his loyalty to her. With the speed of practice and the presance of mind he had always possesed he reached out and opened his palm a suddem rune blazing in the ring arund his head, the crimson rune said "Shield" and matched the rune upon the back of his cloak. This rune when focused through his hand formed an invisible barrier between Envy and Aii that when Aii struck it would more then likely break bone, as if punching the side of a metal building without realizing it was there. As soon as he released the spell he turned to the guards across the way and, despite his new place among them, began to shout orders as if this place was his very own home "You three, hold her" he began to crack his knuckles wondering how he might go about enjoying this time killing the girl before him. As the guards looked around slightly confused and unwilling to follow the orders of a stranger he turned to them again and growled louder this time "I SAID TO RESTRAIN HER" his voice carried both an air of destructivness as well as the sound of one used to being listened to when he spoke. All three guards rushed forward, one raising his spear to point it at Aiis back while, after Aiis punch had been completed, the other two ran to grab ahold of her arms attempting to over power and hold her down-

VerosDaVine: -What was happening. Everything seemed to shift and change before his eyes, his loves mother changing suddenly from someone sweet and careing to a rutheless leader. he should have seen past her deceit but Klain was too dense and to trusting to believe for ons esecond this could have happened. As she gave the order to kill to the man next to him Klain began to shake with rage, how could she do this. He would put an end to this now. He reached down and wrapped his fingers around the sword strapped to his waist and with the speed gifted to him by his blood as an elf he sprung forward sprinting headlong towards the Queen. He passed by the man known as Blayne without even so much of a side glane thinking if he could stop Envy then Blayne would stop as well. He held the sword in his left hand his eyes blazing blue as he raised it into the air and brought it down aiming the slash for the back of envys head. As soon as he begun the slash he could hear Blayne shouting the orders to the guards on the other side of the room and felt his need to kill her only rise as he put everything he had into that one slash hoping to end it here and now. During this entire exchange Klains mouth was spread wide in a scream of outrage and horor his body language showing the true rage and anger that filled him to the brim no longer threatening to break free but no pouring out with unrelenting force-

EnvyVendassin: -Taken off guard. Something so damn rare, wildly taken by an attempt of a punch, baffling is the only weird to describe Envy’s face expression when she watched as Aii attempt this. The whole event started to unfold, to grow into a much hectic scene. Before Aii could connect her blow, the new War Don proved his worth. A shield formed a barrier between Aii and Envy. Stepping back to make space between Aii and herself. As she did this, she saw from the corner of her right eye come approaching fast, the messenger who came from Elder Kimi knew that man would attempt something, and is a poor excuse to help the Queen she tried her best to ram herself into the man approaching with his sword. If connected she would only knock him off course. Envy with her telekinesis power, she pressed the bottom located on the top of the stim of it, this would trigger the feather to mechanically engulf the artificial feather into solid adamantium. The adamantium isn’t indestructible; it had its weakness through certain elements but only bend it but not break it. Out of the 25 feathers ten were bombs that even the debris from them could eat the skin right off your bon, the other ten are lethal when cut but the razor sharp sides of its out shape, and the five are triggering spell traps. They sounded like scissors chomping as they formed solid quickly. She smirked as he grew close, watching the messenger attempt to run her body into his, Envy used her telekinesis to form all fathers into a shield about 5 feet out from her body so if he did attempt the epic attempt in killing her she would use her feathers to shield against it while grabbing the right hilt of her double daggers , located on the lower back of her. -

AiiZebreamVendassin: As Aii brought her hand forward towards her mothers stomach, her fathers crimson eye nestled within her skull focused on the gen in front of her. The golden flakes were pushed away from the center of where her fist was headed and replaced with an unfamiliar symbol. The symbol glowed red within the darkening room. Being that the center of her power came from the earth just as a rune would, she was able to see it. Aii changed her pace within the punch, focusing her fist to try and absorb a circle from the wall as her punch connected with it. If she was able to absorb the circle, she would barely make it to the last layer before the amount of 'magic' she held in her hand would be too much. A few bones would crack within her fist jolting her back. If she was not able to absorb the rune's power, she would crush the bones in her hand against it. Either way the jolt would send her back and into the arms of the guards the war don had ordered upon her. "Stop it. NO!" -She struggled trying to pry her arms away from them. Her attempt before hand had weaked her more than the pregnancy had. She kicked her legs up, kicking a couple of them in the face. "I am Princess, Aii!" Her voice dripped with pain and fright as she was over encombered by their hands.

0xRegretx00: -Blayne watched as the fist nearly broke throughhis wall and raised a brow in slight smmuesment. This girl had power. He turned and watched as the guards began to suround her grabbing her arms and holding her steady. As the feet connected with the faces of the guards spurts of blood could be seen beneath on of their helms as his nose broke. Growling that guard tightened his grip on AIi and Blayne began to step forward his eyes lazily looking down at the girl before him "For crimes against the queen and your mother, you shall be cleansed of your living taint and set free to the world beyond" as the final words left his mouth he pulled back his fist letting a ball of heated energy form into it. with a quick swing he would bring the fist down hard, and if it connected a blast of fire would erupt inside the girls womb and across her skin scorching her slightly while elemintating anything that may have been living within her. The damage would be more physical then magical and would more then likely leave her only breathess and in extreme pain. The force of the hit would knock both the woman and the guardds back a few feet if it connected while blayne kept his eyes on them his calculating mind always working. He knew he would have to do more dmaage then that to take care of her, but for now he would enjoy doing the most painful damage while still not killing her yet-

VerosDaVine: Klain was nearly to the woman but in his blind rage he forgot to watch for outer interferances. He felt the sudden impact of the small woman in his side and gasped a sharp pain shooting through his mind as he feel sideways unable to control the fact that he was hit mid sprint. He was knocked off balance and soon found himself sprawled out on the floor his head cracking off of the stone in a loud thundering echoe. He was barely councious the blade gripped in his left hand hanging limp as he tried to keep his eyes focused. He let the words slip past his lips saying them as loud as he could before his mind drifted to black as he lost conciousness "Fuck you"
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KaiErgoVendassin: -As Kai stood idly in the courtroom of his own fortress situated in his territory, his mind was completely idle. He just stood, completely at home with the sensation on his leg muscles and his spine working in the same way he would have been if he sat down. Even if he sat down, he doubted it would have made much of a difference. His mind was everywhere, and nowhere at the same time, not making an actual thought that linked to a train of thought. In a sense, he was not even there, so the fact that his body was standing, meant he was just being, not living exactly. His heartbeat was slower than anything, and every thud took three seconds, sucking in the blood and releasing it around the body slowly, seeing as he was idle. Even though he was like this, things he created links with to keep tabs on were the ones that could come to the forefront of his mind, making him actually active. And this is just what happened. The part of his mind that was liked to Aii’s welfare as his sibling was seeming to wane slowly. He knew she was in danger at this exact moment, but then, at the same time, he felt as if it was just training. Kai’s heart began to beat faster and faster, all until it beat at its normal rate, only a fraction faster than a normal human’s heartbeat. With that, he stretched, reaching up, and most bones in his arms clicked lightly. While he dropped his arms by his side, he looked around lazily, wondering what it was in the back of his mind, bugging him to get to Aii’s side. It didn’t make sense, because he would have known if there was an actual threat on the ZenDasalen Nation’s soil. He began pacing now, walking toward his throne slowly, and then to his couch, stretching his legs lightly. It was only then that he realised what exactly could have been happening. As he knew there wasn’t a threat on the ZenDasalen nation, he did not know why. The thing was, since Envy left, everyone on the nation had been a threat. Now, along with nobody being a threat, he could actually feel Envy on the land. He raised his left eyebrow with a blank expression, thinking about why she was back, and even how. The capital had been sealed off, But Kai hadn’t even attempted to get into it, he saw no need. Just as he was about to shrug the matter to the back of his mind, he felt the fiercest buzzing sensation that practically shook his brain in his skull. He closed his eyes and shook his head momentarily, breathing heavily before opening his eyes and gasping. It was Aii. He knew now for sure that she was in danger. He knew if anyone layed a hand on her in a violent manor, he would feel it. In a heartbeat, he was blurring around the courtroom. At one moment, he could be seen reaching behind his throne and pulling a black scarf. In another moment, he was gone from there, and now standing by a cabinet, from where he opened it, and pulled out two gloves with exposed finger tips. With that, he ran with the speed of a normal human athlete, out of his fortress. As he was out, he got faster and faster until his legs began to lift from the ground completely. With little effort, he kicked from the ground and launched himself into the sky using the power of his telekinesis to push his overly durable body to speeds of over 400 miles an hour. In his flight, his hair whipped furiously and the scarf in his hand flapped like black flames from a blow torch. His speed of flight meant that the tailwind behind him stirred the clouds. By the time he fully left his territory, he tilted his head and shouted over the roar of the wind in his ears, “TEMPEST!!” With that, from the fortress, a 5ft adamantium claymore sword would break free of its glass case and begin zipping toward Kai, moving as fast as him now. He put his head down quickly and pushed forward with his telekinesis on his body. His teeth gritted tightly, but before he knew it, he was approaching the capital quickly. Below, the townspeople would begin scrambling, hearing the even louder sound than usual of Kai flying. Usually, it sounded simply of something cutting through the air, but right now, it sounded as if something massive was approaching. As Kai noticed the capital ahead, lifting his head only to see where he was, he began his descent, the sound of him getting faster and faster echoing fiercely around the capital, echoing off the snowy cliffs of the capital, causing avalanches here and there. Immediately, he didn’t bother landing in the traditional way, he simply flipped forward in his descent, letting go of the hold in his body with the telekinesis. As he reached the ground faster than some eyes could see, his left foot slammed int the ground, shaking the placem and when his right foot hit the ground, from the sudden stop, the whole foundation of the capital would shake fiercely, and a ripple in the very sight before anyone’s eyes would ripple like a pebble in water, only larger and much slower for a fraction of a second before it loosened and rippled faster. His landing did nothing good for the capital, bringing the doors down and the furniture in the room forward fiercely with loud scraping sounds. “YOU WILL NOT TOUCH MY SISTER.” Kai said in a loud but fierce tone, doubled with the now loosening ripples, making it louder than usual as he watched the unknown figure before him, about to attack Aii. He breathed heavily with his teeth gritted, but this was not because he was tired, only because of the speed he moved.-

EnvyVendassin: -The messenger from Elder Fae connected her body into his, knocking him down on the ground, and like a maniac on crack her eyes scattered in so many directions on his body as she patted her self-down. She found a hidden dagger beneath her rags of what she called a skirt, but it hardly looked like it. Gripping the end of it, her hand shook with the adrenaline of killing this man, raising her right hand above her head, eyes widen and body shaking in willingly participation and her target is in plain sight of her; his chest. She attempted to connect her dagger to his chest with all her might coming down with a fierce anger in her soul. If did connect, she would repeat and repeat the stabbing over and over till she could see the inside of his orangs drown with his own blood. Envy would watch her do this act just till she knew her dagger had connected with his flesh. Envy’s body looked like she was just scanned with a purple line, this was just her aura coating it with another layer, this was something she did without knowing from all the war and fights and death she seen in her life, her mind always kept on guard and even though Aii caught her off-guard; well, for fuck sake. Envy’s getting old. Her feather’s slowly scattered from shielding her from the fail attempt by Aii’s lover. Making their way back around her, in a counter clock wise rotation, the speed wasn’t slowly but fast. Spinning around her in at a 5MPR speed for now. With her adamantium dagger gripped in her right hand, downwards is the direction the pointy end faced. Envy couldn’t help it. Her voice enraged and her eye’s looked like it was going to pop out of her socket. “KILL THE-“ Hervoice stopped suddenly from the title wave from mere presence. Envy’s left open palmed hand, were quickly brought to her face as she stepped a few steps back, and she knew by the tone of voice this was her son. Her right foot gave her footing to stand her ground. She glanced over to Aii and the new War Don, with the guards holding so he would connect the punch. “Stop!” she said quickly. Her eyes looked back to Kai. “Your sister is a whore. She will need to be dealt with!” -

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii continued to struggle against the hands of the guards. Their fingers dug into her flesh as she attempted to wiggle free. She was far to week from the baby and her last attempt at freedom to simple teleport away from their hands. She focused hard trying to break down into those black particles just as she always had, but the war don drawing nearer to her was too much for her to consentrate. ~For crimes against the queen and your mother, you shall be cleansed of your living taint and set free to the world beyond~ Her eyes scanned, focusing more through her red hue as he was a rune user, catching the movement of gen pushing away from his hand just as it had before hand. That was it. She couldn't bring herself to gaze at her mother. Envy was no mother... No mother would do this to her own child. Aii relaxed a bit within the guards arms, her head lolled backwards as her eyes sunk upwards into her head. A vision of her beloved grew within the darkness of her eyelids. Why did I have to find you... Aii's lips began to quiver fighting between a smile or a scream. The past weeks had been the best in her life. For once she had been loved. For once she had felt tenderness like everyone woman should. The image soon replaced itself with the figure of her father. Where were you... Memories of the locket he had given her just after the dealth of her golden tuffed dog, Molly. A locket that allowed her to travel between the realms of his ansestors. -You could have saved me... Why aren't you here? PLEASE... - Her mind began to scream at him and out to this silent world.- SOMEONE SAVE M--- ~YOU WILL NOT TOUCH MY SISTER~ Aii's head rolled to the side peeling her lids apart to gaze at the world one last time. As her eyes adjusted a black figure slowly turned into the shape of her brother, Kai. Her lips curled upwards in pleeding smile. "Kai... KAI... KAAI!!" Her voice cracked showing how weak she truely was at this moment. The whimpers carried throughout the room. Life was starting to come back to her as she struggled to gain her freedom against the guards once again.

0xRegretx0: -He felt the earth rumble from the landing outside of the castle doors but he was focused on his task at hand and continued to charge his fist. Halfway done with his swing he heard the booming voice and cursed to himself stopping his swing which caused a slight gust of heat to wash over the guards before him, and as a result Aii would likely feel it as well. He dropped his fist to his side as he heard envys voice calling out "Stop!" He followed her orders and turned to look at her before turning his head in a slow uninterested manner to look upon the man who had just entered. His eyes where bright crimson and his fist had been ready for blood. This sudden theft of his kill had him shaking so he gripped his fist tight and shook it letting his blood lust drain out of his arms and mind calming himself by reciting lists of runes in his head to take his mind off of the current situation. He finished reciting 10 of them before walking forward a step and looking down at the girl he had almost killed his voice coming out cold and heartless as he spoke "Seams you have protection in high places, how fortunate." he turned on the ball of his foot and waved over his shoulder at the guards while he made his way towards the one who had shouted "Keep her detained for now, and as for you, You stole my kill but I assume since My Queen has chosen to head your word you are of importance here so I shall bite my tongue until I figure more of this situation out." he kept his manners and his stature making sure not to overstep his station as he recounted to himself what he was about to do to the woman. His fist still tingled with the release of the rune and the lack of target as residual unsude magic danced across the insides of his knuckles-

VerosDaVine: he felt more then saw what was happening as a sudden gush of blood rushed into his lungs. His eyes unfocused where unable to grasp ahold of what they where seeing until it was too late. The little woman who had speared him was standing over him and stabing him over and over in a repeated blast the furry in her very aura making this seam only natural to Klain. The first few stabs rushed into hsi body tearing apart first his lung and then his stomach and liver leaving him coughing up blood. Her continued stabs began to destroy the inner cavities of his body making him change from a once noble elf into a now bloody mess on the floor. Stabd after stab penetrated his body until he felt a last stab reaching hsi heart. Sudden coldness washed over his body as he saw his world closing in on itself his eyes glossing over and every thought in his head calming nd become more a dull pulle before, without a doubt, his mind went completly blank. Misty eyes staired blankly at the woman who was Aiis mother unable to see anymore as more and more stab wounds enetered into the body of Klain. His lifeless corpes pooled blood around it and laied there, no longer able to protect the one he had loved so dear. His story ended there with the only hope for his linege resting in the womb of a woman soon to be dead. Songs of dispare and grief would wrack his home village up in the northern mountains once news of his death came and children would grieve and cry at the loss of their hero. No longer would Klain protector of th small and innocent walk mong the living, only would he dance among the dead.-

KaiErgoVendassin: Kai watched the two before standing straight, barely acknowledging the situation before him. Among the noise of the boy’s fading heartbeat, heaving just been stabbed repeatedly, , he could quite easily decipher the heartbeats in the room with his sensitive hearing. He looked to Aii, then to Envy, then to the one that was about to strike Aii, and then to Aii again. A small crease formed between his brows and he sighed, finally understanding. As he looked to Aii, he had noticed. The buzzing sensation of her being in danger had started quite some time ago, but now it became clear exactly why she was in danger, and why she was in so much danger right now. Kai listened to her heartbeat, and then under that, there was another small thumping sound, faint and quick. He took a lithe step forward onto one of the fallen doors, not caring, hearing the Minotaur’s returning to their posts on the bridge like before when things were normal around here. He could hear people wondering what was going on inside, but scared to pass the Minotaur’s, and all for good reason too. Those creatures were ferocious. Kai took silent steps toward Aii now, blocking everything out. As he got closer to her, he looked to the guards holding her with her arms out and talked in a low voice, not even afraid, but sounding somewhat humble. “Lower my sister, will you?” The buzzing sensation in his head was getting stronger, knowing that she was in danger, but the joke was, the threat was himself.

EnvyVendassin: -“Restrain her!” The guards grip around both her arms became tighter. Kai stood there silent at the door way, Envy waited to know what his response would be, but instead he only gave glances which at the end landed back onto Aii. Soon Kai started his marry way towards Aii. “She needs to be dealt with.” Firm and to the point. She wasn’t going to let Kai free her. This wasn’t Kai, seeing him come to his sister’s aid? When did this start to happen? When did they become close? She would question more then she could count the fingers she had. Taking a step forwards. Her feathers still the same speed and rotation is maintained from the start around her. Hearing Kai, ask the guards to lower his sister, they would look at Envy, and Envy dipped her head slightly. The guards which held her arms bowed their heads and replied. “Yes, Prince Kai.” They loosen their grips around her. “If she vanish Kai. You will pay for it.” Simply said on her behalf. Envy was more serious than ever. Her jawline clenched with anger. -

AiiZebreamVendassin: Kai... Her eyes fell from the dark knight in armor who had come to save her to the strips of flesh and bone that had ones been Aii's only and first love. The air seemed to catch in her throat as she struggled idley to break free and to run to his side. Her eyes began to swell with tears, her nose reddening as she tried to hold them back. ~Seems you have protection in high places, how fortunate.~ Aii's lips curled upwards in a sickening smile. "You remember that WAR .. DON.." Her laugh was shrill reaching higher notes causing her voice to crack. It would seem as though Aii had completely lost it. Nearly escaping death could perhaps do that to a person. Her lips pressed together in almost a kiss like figure as she launched a ball of saliva towards the war don. It didn't reach him, spaltting against the ground as the guards pulled at her more. It was true. Aii had completely lost her mind completely forgetting her place as the Vendassin Princess. The proffesionalism had been completely ripped from her mind. Her eyes fell towards her brother once again. He was here to save her and the one trace her love had left behind. ~Lower my sister, will you?~ Aii swung her arms as soon as they had set her free and attempted to bash their heads in with one swoop of her fist, instead she had forgotten the broken fingers and caused more pain to herself as her fist pushed only slightly against one of the guards heads. She brought her hand back holding it with the other across her stomach. The smile that was had now turned into a sweet, child like smile as she carressed her stomach. "We'll be okay, baby-mines. Nothing can hurt you now."

0xRegretx0: -Blayne stood and watched with an imdiffrent gaze his eyes traveling from one person to the next with nothing more then unattached curosity. As he heard Envy's words it clicked in his mind that something must be done one way or the other. Focusing in his mind he began to work on a small spell. He had to take his time with it needing a good 30seconds to find the right runes to make the entire thing work. Air, Fire, Shield, Shadow. Finding all four of the runes he would need to complete the spell he had in his mind he smirked and waited for the right moment. The exchange between Envy and the new man, who apeared to be her son, was enough to peak his curosity more but Blayne remained off to the side letting the moment find itself in unending chaos that was life. As he turned to the girl after her response to his words and smiled slightly noding his head "Let us hope they are more powerful then they are cunning shall we?" his words where laced with what apeared to be pure mirth. He was feeling amused by the entire situation but his blood lust would not be quelmened until something in this room died by his hand. The body of the elf lay on the floor the blood seeping everywhere and he turned looking at it with a slight sigh of disapointment. He could have enjoyed killing the man in such a more elegant manner then the one that had been given and he pictured it in his mind letting the thought calm him if only for a brief moment. During this calming period the wad of spit landed in front of him but he cast it not a single glance as he looked to Envy. As she told the guards to release her daughter Blayne let his mind begin to release the spells, one by one combining them until his web was weaved. With a single thought he realeased it completly and the actions where set in place. Right as the girls words "We'll be okay, baby-mines. Nothing can hurt you now." left her mouth Blayne used the air rune combined with the shadow rune to phade into the shadow of the wall and reapear in the girls very own shadow now even an inch behind her his words hissing from his lips in a taunting manner as he apeared "Shall we test those words?" he asked hissing out to her before relasing the fire and shield spell together. As he relased the spell he attempted to slam his palm into her back. If he had contact with her lower back the shield spell would form a bubble around the inner walls her uterus that would prevent damage to the surounding organs as a siden flare of fire burst inside of the shield bubble and buring the unborn and underdevoloped fetus. If this happened Aii would soon start her time of the month as her body rejected the charred remains of the child-to-be. As soon as he realsed the attack Blayne stepped back, if it had hit, and turned to walk to Envy speaking over his shoulder "Hmph, Where there are children there will always be childs play won't there" He shook his head and walked up to Envy and bowing slightly a little grin on his lips "My Queen." was all he said awaiting her jugdment of his actions-

Viridescent: The whole event had played out in a short episode, with a somewhat dramatic start and an anti-climatic ending. From where he stood, Cimeies did not quite understand what the fuss had all been about. So the Princess had gotten herself pregnant; was that such a big deal? Of course, he did not really care to understand the inner workings of these people's minds. Things were a lot different in this realm and under this new employ. Cimeies could still remember his old life, where comrades lived and died for one another. Many things had changed, indeed, and even his true name was all but forgotten. But what was this small ache in his chest? It functioned like a reminder of something he'd long forgotten, something he was supposed to be doing. If he were to close his eyes right now, he would see her--a fair woman with eyes so dark and bottomless, they were nearly surreal. If only her lips would move to tell him what the message was. Then it was gone; the image and the memories were swiftly replaced by the present. With a small smile tilting the corners of his mouth upward like always, Cimeies stood by the foot of the bridge, a shadowy figure that most people would simply overlook. In his Harmless Form, he had assumed the likeness of a mortal--one that would call neither for attention nor for questions. When on the job, almost every inch of his skin would remain hidden, but for now he simply wore dark garments and left his face bare. Deep blue eyes appeared almost black in their sockets, and dull like unpolished stones. Unlike those dark orbs, his short hair was a blonde so light, it looked like faded gold. His face was narrow, with high cheek bones and prominent jaw and chin, and his lips were full and symmetrical. The only thing that might subtract from his overall pleasant appearance would be the color of his skin, which, though tan, had a grayish tinge to it. Wearing no armor and sporting no conventional weapons, the only thing that might tick people off would be the thin black chains wrapped around his torso, and cascading down his arms. Standing at a height talling than most men, Cimeies still managed to make himself seem inconspicuous to a certain degree. Now he watched as the guards began to release the Princess, then at the new War Don as he went to attack her. Quickly, his sight went to Envy, the Queen, before shifting his focus back to them. Given what he was, along with the capacity in which he served under the Queen, he wasn't about to do or say anything on the matter. It did not mean a thing to him whether the attack would be a hit or a miss, as he would slowly make his way up the bridge toward the Envy. Footsteps silent against the stone steps, Cimeies would make his way toward her, not to offer his aid, but to receive further instructions.

EnvyVendassin: -Eyes wide open and her moist lips parted very little. ~ “Holy shit.” ~ She send within her own walls of her unstapled mind. Watching this man actually completing the action he was meant to do, even though Envy called him off because of her son’s arrival. This is the War Don who she been waiting for clearly, other Clan’s would have punished such a defying action to death, but Envy didn’t see it that way, and was much pleased as the right side of her lips curled up into a sinter smirk of mocking Aii. It was the own girls idiocy to think her brother would save from anything, Envy was much certain Kai had a much cruel intent for her if the War Don hadn’t stepped in at the end. After displaying such a crazed outburst just because her brother had come to what she thought her rescue. Yes he came and it does change things for Envy, meaning; it would be wise to listen to the 1st Elder whom sent the massager earlier of a warning to not act of the matter at hand. The Elder always had a point. Squinting her eyes at Aii. “Maybe you should remember THAT.” Cold, too cold for an actual mother to say to their child. She said nothing further more. She gathered her thoughts, while watching the War Don approach her, she couldn’t help but to chuckle. “Oh my. Ha..” What a bad .. bad man you are.” She said it in a playful tone. Till it got sharp and firm. “Let it be your first and only of defying orders. Over all, well done War Don.” She dipped her chin, nodding to him before she looked out to the others. Dancing from one face to the next. “Since this is settled, I will leave Aii to Kai, and Aii.” She looked to her daughter. “Let this be your only time you escape death. There will be no second chance and heaven will not be waiting for you, and instead it will be Sinn in hell waiting for the soul that is already tainted. Remember that.” With those words she started with her right foot with her left following towards the open entrance where the door lays on the ground because of Kai’s angered entrance. “Come Elder Kimi, you too messenger, and whomever else wishes to accompany me to Platonic Island. Is wasn’t an order but up them if they wanted to go. Envy is comfortable goingon missions alone as the Queen or with others. “You too War Don.” She couldn’t forget that man. She wanted to get a feel of him a little more on the way there. A day travel on foot. On her way out she saw another on his way towards the Fortress of the Capital. Envy merely glanced at him before darting her eyes back forward. “You are welcome to come as well. We will talk about your next orders on the way.” The chilly night crept over her warmth body. It didn’t bother her much because of her aura that generated heat for her. -

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii's hands held at her stomach lovingly to the unborn child. Her sanity had seem to seep back into her as if the following events had never unfolded. ~Shall we test those words~ A hiss slipped its way into her ears seeming to come out of thin air. If Aii had been in the right state of mind the hiss would have been enough for her to prevent it's next attack. She would have turned or teleported from the upcoming attack, but she wasn't herself. Never in her years had she been so weak and caught off guard. Her head shot up looking staright into nothing. The room seemed to twist into darkness as the Gen rushed around her running from the attacker behind Aii's back. A pressure began to enter through her spine, it seemed to cause her a moment of paralysis, the hairs over her body rasing on end. A moment, it seemed, was all it took. Within Aii's body a bubble had formed, resting against the walls of her uterus. The swollen walls pushed against it as the bubble slightly stretched her uterus. Aii's mouth fell open; her eyes bulged, but no sound could escape. A heat quickly began to bubble the amniotic fluid within the placenta. The fetus twisted and tangled itself trying to escape as it boiled within Aii's belly. The heat soon took the form of fire scortching the small child that grew within her. Her mouth continued to hang open as a cracking of her voice began to escape. The cracking sounded as if she had just the same fire the fetus had and scortched her vocal chords. As the flames enveloped all that was living in her uterus, it quickly deminished just as fast as it had ignited. The shield soon followed as the attacker removed his hand from within her. The heat was now enveloping Aii's innerds as the shield was no longer there to protect her from the still scolding organ. Her hands raised to the sides of her face holding tightly digging her nails into her flesh. Small trails of blood began to drip down her fingers as she continued to hold tightly against her face. A scream was now errupting from her throat, a shrill sharp scream a banshee(sp?) could be proud of. Blood began to seep from her walls and trail down through her cervix into the tunnel. Aii's head tilted slightly looking down at herself. The blood began to seep into the black-garter belt- like shorts and ran down onto her inner thighs. The pain continued to envelop her as the scortched fetus broke through the cervix and out between her lips. It's body continued to rest between her lips as it had no other place to go. The blood continued to run down her legs spotting the floor. Her head rose up again, the scream finally coming to an end as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Only the whites of her eyes shown as her body became limp from air loss and fell to the ground. The sweat relief of 'passing-out' would not welcome her. She was still very much awake as her head turned to watch the feet of her Clan members and mother leaving her to suffer. She slid her hand across the bloody floor to reach out for help. Her vision continued to blur as the tears once again swelled within her eyes and finally fell staining her cheek and running into her ear. The world's sound was soon drowned out; the worlds glorious colors were now unrecognizable; the world had nothing left to offer Aii.

0xRegretx0: -Looking at his Queen he smiled seeing the satisfaction of his deeds spreading over her features. This is what he lived for. His aproach to her was something of a march of pride and her words of his disobeying of orders made him feel slightly off though not ashamed of himself. "I shall obey your word without quarter from here forth My Queen" he said keeping his eyes down cast the ruby red hues shimering in the light of the castle. A deep seated and darkly sadistic pleasure began to overwhelm him as he heard the girls screams, tearing through the halls like a thousand soldiers behind torn flesh from bone. He smirked nd turned to watch as the fruit of his labor began to unfold. Blood pooling down her thigh and then her body going weak and collapsing to the ground. It was a sight that made him feel warm inside like a mother with her child, though his feeling was of a darker nature to be certain. He walked over to the girl as she fell to the ground and squated slightly to look down into her eyes as they wavered and her mind seemed to shrink within itself "Where are your protectors now? They have left you beaten, bloodied, and unwanted. Perhaps you will think next time you whore yourself around ~Princess~" he said the last word with an air of contempt before standing once more and turning hearing the Queens orders for him to follow her. He wasted no time and walked over to the bag he had carried in with him, bending slightly to slip his hand through the strap and lifting it before turning and walking after his Queen. As he reached her side he began to speak letting the Night air cover his body feeling a slight mist forming on his skin from the cold air and the residual magical aura of his own flesh. "As you wish my Queen. Also, I can summon my dakr mount if you wish a ride?" he offered up his steed to her in a showing of fealty if she so wished it. He had yet to swear himself to her but he would take care of that on the days to come, the travel sure to be one to remember or at least one to enjoy. -

Viridescent: A slight draft blew his way, lifting strands of pale blonde hair about his face. Silent footsteps continued to carry him forward; the smile curving his lips stayed in place. His dark blue eyes, on the other hand, narrowed just a tad at the event unfolding before them. To all, death was as inevitable as the end of the world, and pain seemed to be a catalyst just as important. Once a scream tore from Aii's throat, he stopped in his tracks, face raised as if to sniff the air. Finally, a dramatic finish to something so senseless that it took the life of an innocent being to quell the rage in everyone's hearts. Cimeies let out a hushed snort of concealed derision, his eyes now closed. Then he saw her again--the pale woman with eyes two dark holes in her skull. Even the feel of wet soil could be felt on his skin, and even in his mouth. The smell of blood and rot were strong in his nostrils, and the chilling sensation in his spine started. For a moment there, he wanted to walk up to the broken Princess and hold her in his arms, so that he could be closer to that stink of desperation and grief, and the unmistakable coppery scent of the expelled fetus. It must have been bliss for her, to feel a life so brutally ripped from her very body, to feel that soul slip away. His one true love had always been and would always be the liberation only death could bring. Of course, he wasn't about to act on this sudden urge. Fisting both his palms tightly, Cimeies only stared at the Princess with a look on his face that suggested something akin to want and lust. But that quickly dissipated, and his attention returned to Envy, who had asked for him to accompany her. For now, he would operate as though no one here knew who he truly was, that he was simply one of the Queen's guards or a personal messenger. Resuming his silent footsteps to Envy's side, he remained quiet, though what he wanted to know was what his next assignment would be. Cimeies needed something to occupy his mind, lest it strayed toward unsavory memories once more. But he kept his pace steady, and kept his sight straight ahead.
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KaiErgoVendassin: Kai stood there as Aii was attacked, simply because of the fact that he knew it had to be done. It would be the only way to preserve her life, because if no one had done anything, surely Envy would kill her just because she now had a reason to. Kai watched and shook his head before looking away to some slaves. He raised his eyebrow lightly before looking back to Aii and walking toward her. In the distance, he could hear his sword catching up, and following behind it, Nel, the sound of the wind sailing under her leathery wings as she fell into a glide as she got closer. Quickly, Kai held his right hand up and opened his fingers to expose his gloved palm. In less than a second, to the normal eye, it would seem as if there was a momentary glint of light by the doors and Kai’s hand closed, with a sword in it. As he walked toward her, his footsteps were completely silent while his left hand swung his scarf around his neck. Once he was next to her, he looked to her, pitying her slightly, but at the same time disapproving her actions. “You were saved. Someday you will understand that if you do not yet.” His voice was clear but not loud, just enough for her to hear him. He knew if her hearing was as sensitive as his, she would hear. Kai turned now and walked away, putting his heavy sword on his back before waving his left hand, moving some rubble from the destroyed doors out of his path. Once he reached the doors, he could see Nel’s tall, odd coloured figure over the capital, flying around, just circling it, occasionally screeching, making it sound somewhat musical. He folded his arms as he stood outside the doors, looking out to the sky, the chilly night air causing a light steam to come from his nose as he breathed.

KytonSalvatore: -An echo of a calamitous scream connected right to his ear drums. Ren quenched to the scream, it felt like the person who screamed stood right there beside each side of his large elf ears, and due part of that; his ears being sensitive made it easy for him to hear such a distant but a weakness in a certain cases. He lit the last torch in the Fortress on the second floor of the place. Untamed but styled long black hair covered the dreadful eyes he hid from people behind the shadows of his bangs. Kyton’s eyes were always hard to see especially being so tall. 7ft tall slender half elf man was diffidently different; Ren started his way back to the main Halls of the event. He heard Prince Kai. ~ He is here.~ He said without uttering a word. Kyton standing outside with tragic eyes. His face looked disturbed in every way. ~ And my brother is a part of this Clan? What have I got myself into? ~ Never in his days he saw such coldness from a mother to another, but then again Envy was not mother she is a ruler, and Kyton saw now what extent she would to. Truly sad to him, stepping to the far right when he noticed Kai long before he made his grand entrance for his sister, he wanted to stay out of the way, and wanted no part of it. Watching Envy leaving, giving him no second look, Kyton couldn’t believe years ago this is what that woman does to her own? So cruel and unusual. He watched Envy and a few of fellow Clan members pass him before actually stepping inside the grand hall. Kyton heard what Kai said to his sister. Before Kyton would say anything he moved to the side, his ears heard a Zing sound in the air, and when he saw kai reach his hand out he knew to step aside. He didn’t want to be in the way of anything. Standing at the right frame of the door he asked Kai. “Prince, I can heal her.” His voice sounded caring, which Kyton is nothing but caring, very different from Ren, and much younger. He had compassion for life and people vs. Ren who is the very thing these people are. -

AiiZebreamVendassin: Aii's mouth gaped as soft whimpers and cries climbed their way out of her. Her eyes had swollen with tears. Her nose almost matched that of her crimson hue. A blurred dark figure slowly inched towards Aii, the blinding white tufts giving her a clue as to who it could be. ~You were saved. Someday you will understand that, if you do not yet.~ Aii turned her head away from him. He had stood there idley by as her world was flushed into the pits of Hell. He had been her only hope. The last two strings of her sanity had been cut as if the fates(reference to the mythological 'Fates') had cut the strangs themselves. She curled herself to weak to stand, to weak to live on and to weak to lay her eyes over the crimson piles of flesh no longer holding the form of her love. Lifting her hands from the ground she pressed them towards her face. The blood had began to dry and no longer smeared as she covered her mouth muffling the whimpers and cries. "Y-you were my... my last... " Aii whispered into the air, not really directing the conversation to anyone. Her words were soft enough that most would not hear her, as she stumbled and couldn't finish her though. Her hands slipped down to her stomach once again, the burning inside of her was still there. The feeling of rug burns plucked itself form her memory. No longer was she the small girl completely oblivious to her mothers wrath. She would no longer find the small joys in life to make her get through the days. It would seem as though Aii would never return to her old self. The hope she had grasped throughout her days was no where to be found.

KaiErgoVendassin: As Kai stared out to the sky, the echoes of Nel’s screams got on his nerves slightly because of the echoes that Kai could actually feel, even though they were just like normal old echoes. As he stood, he heard some footsteps. He didn’t move, as he knew he had no reason to, only because the footsteps did not seem to be the ideal way of running at someone. As well as the fact that they didn’t sound aggressive, he knew that any member of the clan fight bravely and with pride. Which means that attacking from behind would just be cowardly. Before long, the sound of Kyton’s voice reached Kai’s ears, informing him that he could heal her. “Then do so, Kyton.” Kai said quickly before looking to his left at some of the slaves that seemed to have come out to pointlessly clean the mess outside. “You.” He said, pointing to one slave that looked completely hopeless. “I want you to go and clean up the mess. I do not expect to even smell blood when I check.” Kai said these words calmly, but pointedly. He had no reason to waste anymore energy on easy things.

KytonSalvatore: -Approaching from the hall leading to the main hall, ahead Aii’s figure were in plain sight now, and the pool of blood she sat in made Ren stop in his footsteps momentarily before going on. The wicked fire from the flames danced along the walls, forming shadows where Ren felt his best at. His heavy steal toe black buckled boots gave a ‘ching’ sound to every step he took. It looked like the grand hall just went through hell. ~ Where is Envy? ~ He questioned before coming to a stop at the end of the hall. His right hand searching in the depths of his right pocket, “I need a fix.” (Ren) searching in his pocket and he soon found what he was looking for. “There it is.”(Ren) A little black box he pulled out. His chin dipped, his eyes watched himself open it in the middle of this awkward silence. Inside the hand carved black box is a single silver metal unique toothpick Ren kept with him at all times. He picked it up, from its perfect imprinted off a red Egyptian silk material weaved inside the little black carved box. Shutting the box one handedly and while placing the toothpick inside his mouth with his other, having the metal pick at his gums between the perfect polished white teeth he rarely showed from talking or smiling. Standing behind Aii from the end of the hall. He slowly shook his head at the pitiful Princess. Even though it wasn’t his place to say but he said it anyways. “You are supposed to be what your mother expect from be. Aii, you are living in the shadow of Atlantiss, and maybe you should show her. You have your own shadow.” His tone were heavy based and cold. Kyton heard his mother before hearing Kai direct slaves to clean up the mess the family did and do on a daily basis. Kyton looked at his brother. ~ How could he say that? ~ The red hair looking geek with his harry potter looking glasses slid down his nose bridge before pushing it back up with his left index finger. When Kyton got close to Aii his attention dropped at her presence. He squatted about 4 feet away from her. Away from the pool of blood she sat in but slowly trailing still. He try to ease her pain by speaking as sweet as he could. In his tone she would hear care and concern. “Princess, I can ease your pain.” Ren shook his head. Disgusted by his little brother being so caring, with the ball of his left foot and the weave of his right shoulder to his left he started his direction towards the open entrance. Ren would leave to catch up with Envy and the rest. Before he went on he stopped by the Prince. “Shall we go?” He waited. While Kyton stayed with Aii to aid her. -

AiiZebreamVendassin: As her eyes cleared unable to draw anymore tears from her body, her right hand raised just above her head. She scanned over the black and blue broken knuckles and fingers. The swelling was increasing slowly, but the pain was almost unnoticable compared to the burning within her womb. ~Princess, I can ease your pain.~ Her whimpers had nearly subsided, but a few escaped with each movement. Her body ached with each breath. Without speaking she held up her right hand to him, the purpled swollen flesh would have been evident no matter the angle from which he looked. If he took her hand she would stare curriously as he 'fixed' her. He pittied her. The pain of all of their eyes staring at her as a weakling burned into her memories. If he had fixed her hand she would continue on... "Just the face..." She moved her gaze to the ceiling. She wanted to keep this burning sting within her. She didn't want to forget the pain of her mistakes. She blinked lazily as if she were to weak to hold her eyes open. Her elbows scraped across the floor as she began to pull herself up. Her head began to spin as she reached a sitting position, her hand steaded her from falling back to the floor.

KaiErgoVendassin: Kai heard the commotion inside and soon blocked it from his hearing, concentrating on other sounds, such as the now distorted flow of water to the waterfalls. He did not want to hear things that would be irrelevant to what he had to get done. The flapping wings above and the screeching now irritated him to the point where he did not even want to bother wasting his own energy to go and pluck his puppet from the sky. ~I could do it for you. I need a break from.. HER.~ Said a voice in his mind, deep and slow in the language of the ancient forsaken’s. “No. I need her at the moment, maybe later.” Kai said out loud before looking to Ren and nodding. “We shall.” He said calmly before stepping down the cracked steps of the capital’s fortress. The worst part of the destruction was yet to be seen in Kai’s eyes. He could already hear the strain in the pressure points of the fortress. The rock and metal were scraping against each other audibly, less than a millimetre every few minutes. As he walked along the bridge, he looked ahead of him, and from the floor, a wall of white flames would erupt, 10ft tall, and the width of the bridge. The inside of the portal was bright white, making the edge of the flames it was lined with seem black lit, as if smoke came from them but didn’t rise. He raised his hand, indicating for Ren to follow. The flames were hot, hot as, but once past them, the inside of the portal was just normal. He walked straight into the portal, not breaking his stride. As he got further into the portal, his body would fade into just a black silhouette and then blur into nothing. Above, Nel would simply flap about a bit more, and then fly off into the mountains. Even though she seemed to be there for nothing, Kai had put her to specific work that nobody but he and her knew about.

KytonSalvatore: -Kyton dug inside the green side of his right jacket. “There’s a vile here.” He looked down inside of his jacket to make sure the right one he grabbed was what he wanted to give to her. Black oozing liquid moved very little in the tub of the test glass. “Here, the substance within this tub will help you heal double then you would heal in a day. It will take about two days for you to heal completely, but you should feel fine and by then know what you will do.” He looked down the trailing blood growing in a large puddle come to the edges of his fitting right shoe. He knew the only place its coming from is the tree where the fruit is the most sweetest, but right now it’s the most rotten, he scooted back in his squat he didn’t want of the blood to touch his shoe or his body. Eagerly his arm stretched out for her to take it. “HERE. Please take it.” His harry potter looking glasses started to slide down his nose bridge again. Eyes glanced back up when he heard Aii speak of someone’s face? He would rise as she attempt to. “Princess.” He kept on back up little by little as the blood continues to increase near. Outside there an annoyance could be heard. Ren’s attention looked to the sky. He seen his wife, but he knew it wasn’t his own wife, and his new wife would prove much more importance now then the last. He followed behind the Prince. -

AiiZebreamVendassin: Pushing herself to herself up, she caught the side of the piano to keep her from falling over. The blood had stopped and was quickly drying over her legs and face. The pain wasn't so bad... she could feel her senses becoming numb as memories rushed through her mind. There was one place that she wanted to go. A small smile slipped over her lips as a hand raised towards the man handing her a tube of disgusing looking ooze. "Keep it for another time." The man seemed genuine, but as he stepped away from her blood guilt washed over her. Was she that disgusting at this moment? Her uninjured hand slipped to the locket around her throat. Her father had given this to her a few moments after the death of her Golden furred Molly. Her eyes pressed closed as she began to walk forward. The visions of a beach filled the darkness behind her lids. A swarm of darkness appeared before her, only those with her fathers eyes could see it opening up. She continued forward into the darkness; to others her body seemed to slip behind an invisible curtain. Her body slowly disapeared slice by slice. "Forgive me...." Her voice rang out clear hoping that Kai would catch it as well as the others who had stayed behind to help her. The ring of her voice lingered behind as her body could no longer be seen.
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Aii's Punishment
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