We are the CruEnd Clan death is but a mercy. Pride... Is what we know... Defeat is unthinkable.
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 Rogue's Punishment

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PostSubject: Rogue's Punishment   Rogue's Punishment I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2015 9:07 pm

Tingle: Aii wiggled her shoulder a bit, the touch felt uncomfortable infront of her Father. If it had been Envy, she was sure that someone would be said.Though it was heartwarming to see her brother and father /connecting/.... Ha... It was time to get to business. The elder who believed there would be no consiquence for his actions the day before would surely have to learn his lesson. Who better than to tell her father just what type of 'things' he has been saying. He rudely spoke to the Prince completely contridicting his words. Worrying about Aii's clothing more than what she was saying. Envy didn't intimidate him... Ha... It seemed everything was causing her mood to soar. "Excuse me for interupting..." She smirked a bit. "It seems an elder need to learn a lesson about where his orders come from." She went on to explain what exactly had happened yesterday and what she had said to the elder. She spoke about a succubus who had stopped for lodging.

Valkoor: His eyes didn't look back as Nero answered him, the light of sarcasm lighting his words. It wasn't nearly as close to what he was expecting, but it was enough for his eyes to wince barely, especially when he heard himself addressed as 'sir.' Even to outside people, the term 'sir' was too much for him. But that his son called him that, when he had a name and a title as both King and Father, he couldn't hide the fact that it bothered him. His eyes turned back to his children, the mixture of pain and agitation lighting his milky hues. He spoke almost immediately after Nero added his last comment. "I didn't leave the capital completely." His words were quick, almost whispered beneath his unecessary exhale. Rashinbo was still at the capital, and since Valkoor's thoughts were linked with all of his animations, he was technically there, too. He wouldn't expect others to know that, though, so he ignored it and moved on with his thoughts. "But that's not why I commented in the first place. I actually wanted to give you my gift." Before he could say or do anything more, his eyes flashed to Aii's face, just as she spoke aloud. She began to tell him about the actions that one of the Elder's committed, what with blatent disrespect towards his kids, and even to his own Queen, Envy. He barely caught notice to the rest of the story after she finished, as he was already focused on the main subject of the story. The Elder had clearly disrespected the clan's royalty, unless for some unknown reason that Aii would lie to him, which was completely out of the question. His eyes fell back to Aii's, his jaw locking as he thought. It took him half a second to sort out everything, and it was barely after Aii finished speaking when he would nod his head weakly and half-turn away from his children. "Then perhaps we should revisit the capital and find our Elder. You'll be coming with me, of course." There was no hint of offering as he spoke. His gaze lifted, looking straight through the realm's fabric and into the mind of his animation at the capital. With a few hushed thoughts, Rashinbo had sent a rift straight to him, ripping waves of shadowed fog straight into Nero's realm. It quickly enveloped Valkoor's body, leaving only the echoed last words before his essence was gone completely. "Don't fall behind, I want to get this over with."

--Into the Capital--

Valkoor: In the same instant that he left Nero's home, the thick shadowy veil of a rift would escort Valkoor and his company straight into the capital of ZenDasalen. The black mist that enveloped him and his children would quickly settle against the floor, covering the carpet and tiles with its presence. Valkoor wasted no time, as his milky crimson orbs flashed down to the shadowy frame of his animation, Rashinbo, that had been tasked with watching over the capital during his absence. He gave no sound aloud, as he simply conveyed his thoughts silently through the mental connection they shared. 'Where is he?' the quick words traversed through the walls of Rashinbo's mind, filling it with his commanding tone. 'Just outside of the capital, on the bridge. He is not alone.' The responding words were simple, as if they were made simply because there wasn't the option of silence. Rashinbo then turned away from Valkoor and his children, crossing the room with his scythe set on his back still. He stood at the door, waiting for Valkoor to follow him so that he could escort him outside. Valkoor crossed the room in five long, graceful strides, despite his towering frame. As soon as he was within arm's reach of the door himself, Rashinbo pushed it open and let the light of the outer world shine through, breaking the shadowy veil that still covered the floors of the capital's main room. Valkoor turned his head back to his son, Nero, and his daughter, Aii, for a brief moment, letting his eyes find theirs one at a time before he turned back to step outside. His eyes took no time at all to adjust to the new lighting, and as soon as he stepped outside, he would not be alone. Rushed in by three thick clouds of shadow, Rhianel, Espoc, and Valdus appeared at three different locations. Rhianel appeared directly beside Valkoor, standing by as his amber orbs danced about, finding nothing of interest. Valdus appeared directly behind Valkoor's children, waiting for them to move so that he would simply follow and wait by their sides. Espoc appeared on the far side of the bridge, where the only exit was aside from simply jumping off of the bridge. Once they were in place, Valkoor resumed his pace, stepping out onto the bridge with another long stride. His eyes fell down onto the two Elders and their stranger of a guest, ignoring whatever it was that they might have been talking about prior to his arrival. He stopped just ten feet away from them, his hands tucking back into the pockets of his loose fitting robe, flared out over baggy pants that tucked into his soft boots. His tail swayed lazily behind him over the bridge's surface as his gaze turned to each of the faces, before stopping on the Elder that he came for. His lips parted, his words leaving in a blank manner as he spoke directly towards him. "Rogue, come to me please." His voice would break whatever conversation they have had, reigning over it to show that he wasn't here to waste time. His eyes remained fixated on the Elder's face, waiting for him to obey.

FlameOfFate: Darkness... Does anyone ever wonder where all of the hatred, pain and misery of life come from? Or where it goes, in the violent vicious circle of existence and Death. Deep in the core of a long dead and ancient planet, churns a frothy and thick ooze, blacker than true dark and so cold it burns the very air around it. This primordial soup is the treasure trove and hub of all malice and wrath... This is the pool of sorrow and rage. The more it churns the more it is fed and so feeds the animosities of the living and not-so living. It reaches into the very depths of space and seas where it's agents hide, the shadows both conduits and wardens to its imprisonment. Feeding to keep this primal evil from lashing at worlds beyond its own. Spoken of in legends, known by many names... The fountain of youth, the Lazarus pit, the altar of bones, to name a few. It is both mother and father to the solitary creature which dwells in its embrace, kept still by the swirling oil and soundly it slept... Until the day the pool moved no longer, and from its center a single three-fingered clawed hand of skeletal appearance split the surface and bent the Darkness to his will... Slowly the beast walked through the thick muck, as it's head broke the surface the echoes of every doubt, insecurity and fear of the living all spoke up at once in hushed whispers, laughs and screams, the skeletal form took it's place over a plot of dirt, the ground beneath began to tremble as vines of long snakeing worms writhed up and coiled around the bones, forming what many could imagine was the appearance of thick strong muscle. Clacking its teeth loudly millions of black beetles scurried along the cavernous walls and took their place up his limbs and toreso, his head and gave him a protective exoskeleton of living, crawling insects. The beetles bit into the worms with talon and mandible holding themselves in perminant place unless required to scurry elsewhere. When that was complete the fluttered their thorax, spilling a creamy, slime over the whole of it's being, this slime would soon solidify into a sort of skin, the scent which it gave off however... Was the scent of death and decay. At last it opened it's eyes, or what were void of any sphereical sorce of sight, endless abyss sat nestled in it's skull. It chattered it's teeth again and more beetles crawled up it's body melding with shadows and formed large spikes along its shoulders and back, the very darkness itself seeping from his body in ribbens. Forming a long black robe, it stepped back into the pool of ooze and as it completely submurged beneath the still fluid it appeared in the Capital of Zen'Dasalen. Watching with intrest from the shadows in which it crouched, the echoes and whispered screams and laughter would be soft but loud enough for all to hear, one might even suspect prolongued exposure to this creature could indeed cause madness.

NeroZebreamVendassin: The swirling tides that pulled the trio through the void back to the capital would have the Prince stalled, catching himself. The mode of transportation experienced only as period of hours back to back would have him grasping to every thread of strength he could muster. Holding place to a wall and regaining his head with a breath and small cough, he stood upright. It was strangely vigorating though his ill body thought different. Watching his father briskly take way out of the building he felt only nessasary to follow suit. He gazed to his right from the corner of those binary crimson violets, making sure his sister was able to keep her pace and in tow. The kimono swayed with the sweep of air catching into each fiber from playing catch up to the King. It seemed to billow in a magnificant display as the open air and wet sprays from the falls blasted onward. The chill crept upon his person but he would resist, only hinting a shiver. A sickened pleasure came over him at the words that rang the keep from the man whom planted his seed. Standing just meer feet behind him Nero would cross his arms and slow his pace to a deaded stop. His brow seemed to knit, his lids lowered, staring down the Elder in question

Tingle: As soon as her father had said, Aii was following after him. The blackened mist, like her own, would take them straight to the Capital. The cool twisting tendrils took away the burning excitement that was washing over her. She felt like a child again; running to Daddy to ask him about a 'big bully' that kept her from enjoying herself. Emerging from the mist behind her father, she slipped her fingers through her grey tufts. The maids at her brothers retreat had combed her hair all to one side and Aii was getting used to the style. Her slender figure, besides her peeking tawny thigh, was still wrapped warmly within layers of her kimono. Instead of taking the queer shoes that were supposed to match her kimono, she had slipped on the black boots that looked much like her favorite pair at the capital. Had this been a gift from her brother or something they just had laying around? The thought had never crossed her mind before this moment. She felt her cheeks burning from instant blood flow. She had only ever recieved a few gifts in her life. The necklace from her father and a dog from her mother, who later forced her to kill the dog. She wrapped her arms around her stomach, a normal natural position for her, but this time she danced her fingers along the fabric to take in each curve and design. A smile formed over her lips, her brother and father would assume the smile came from the events about to unfold. She followed after them and took her side next to her father. Her different colored hues shifted around taking in each form that seemed to be commanded by her father. The benevolent smile soon turned wry as Valkoor asked for the elder to step nearer to him.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *Their mixed scents was odd for her, one was hard working, the other more sexual and somewhat simulating. She quickly cleared her thoughts, though her slightly glowing orbs glanced down feeling the little demoness's tail brush along the part of her calf. She didn't expect that and tilted her head curiously to her. She was only the second Succubus she had encountered. The first one she killed, for stealing her mate nearly sixteen hundread years ago.* It is nice to meet you, Rosaline. *It was indeed difficult for her to socialize, but she had improved over her short time here, but the tone of her voice would take more time to tame and possible one day have emotion. Candika was trained long ago to keep her emotions locked away, which is why her expressions were limited as well. Perhaps a quirked brow on occasion, or a faint smile, or anger when she would growl. But otherwise, a cold statue that could move and speak when needed. Her attention moved to the male as he introduced himself to her.* A pleasure, Rogue. *She nodded her head to both then spoke again* Yes, I have heard the rumors of what happened. But it is not business to why you were sent, nor why , you were returned. If you wish to share it, that will be on your own accord. I will listen if you are willing to speak of it. But if not, then let the past be in the past. *After she spoke her last words, she nodded once more as Rogue answered Rosaline's question about how many Elders were within this clan. As those two would speak, her averted towards the otherside of the bridge, watching the actions of the some of the creatures. Candika was one whom like to study others, look them over, taking in details of what they looked liked, how they smelled, how they moved, acted, etc. Though, she was quiet being for the most part, she was curious too. And it showed at times, like now how she just stared out at them, watching as two mere humans communicate with one another, bargining over the price of bread. She would listen, though she kept Rogue and Rosaline her view and ear shot as well. Her attention quickly took notice as the King, Prince and Princess had come approaching them followed by a few others that took different positions around them. She bowed her head to the King and his children, then stepped aside as the King addressed, Rogue. She stayed silent unsure of what happening, but unless she was asked to leave, she stayed in her spot, taking the young demoness , her grasp to move her aside just in case as well.*

2pleasemymaster: Rosaline gave a pleased smile at the familier face of the fourth elder. What a strange creature, though now after viewing some of those that inhabit this place it was no wonder why she was welcomed. She glanced away for a moment giving a soft melencholy hum as her thoughts returned to the other face she had met her first night here. What had become of the prince? Did he truly think she wouldn't be welcomed? Worry arose in her stomach as her thoughts began to spiral downwards. Is this place just another church waiting to lock her away? She began to fiddle with her fingers neriously as her tail wraped around her hips loosely, the girl retracting from the conversation all in the blink of an eye. If something were to happen she would be defencless, helpless as any human. Contracts. She inwardly promised herself that she would begin collecting them, working twords having some sort of protection. She took in a slow breath in an attempt to calm herself, though her thoughts and breath was cut short once more. Immence power seemed to grasp at the air its self, pungent and relentless to the young succubi's sences. She stumbled backwards twords the strange woman who had tugged her to the side as the girl attempted to cover her nose. Her cheeks flustered a heavy red, her body quickly feeling drained, exhausted and hungry all in a split moment as she saw three figures make their way forward, striding with such authority. On any given day she could walk about with no worry, the strength of those who passed her by merely bringing a sence of sexual curiosity to her, though what she was smelling now was crippling. She lent into the woman, resting her nose against her forearm as she slinked behind her, spying the prince standing behind the strange man who commanded the fourth elder's attention. Her body felt as though it could melt on the drop of a dime as her tail clung and coiled its self around the sheath of the woman's sword like a child would to a blanket. A numbed pressure spread through her body mixing with the addictive sensual tingling bringing her body to quickly become overpowered by the growing lust in her inexperianced body.

RogueWolf549 WhisperAdd Friend: -Smiling at the Elders response he can find that she was learning to become socable once again but it shall take some time before she can return to such a state that evolved emotion. His smile grows as she would say that she would listen to his story but she would not push him to speak it if he wished not. If anything he felt the need to do so for holding such a thing was rather painful for his mind to contain. As he goes to turn and face the fellow Elder fully and the succubi his senses come to a sudden halt as he find them almost overwelming , almost like the day he had first become a bounty hunter. As his senses return he finds his mind twisting about as he the feeling of insanity overcomes him. He growls as he would grab his head slightly as he breaths heavily now. He tries to contain it as best he can as the three powerful beings come closer. As they come to a halt he growls before he would hear a voice, the insanity would seem to vanish. Breathing down to a slow pace he turns to face the one who spoke and finds himself facing the new king of this land. He sighs softly as he would seem to command his attention, he willing hands it to him as he turns to face him and bow his head in respect. To have such a thing from him should be a great honor from him for he is not one to do such things for any one or anything.-"As you wish...My lord."-His slight puase was given to give more defined grace to the mans newly gained title. On any note he could guess as to what this could mean but he finds it hardly anything to worry about for he felt no fear toward the two and it showed not only in his strong poster but also in his scent. He was not sweating a storm, he was not backing away, he did not flinch upon there arrival, no he give no such thing to show fear but only respect. He would wait for his king to lead him to where he wished so they may speak if that is what it was for.-

Valkoor: His eyes followed the subtle incline of respect that the Elder in question gave to him, and he merely returned the nod in an even subtler manner. His hands slipped from their pockets, falling to his sides and remaining there against the soft fabric of his robe. His face remained emotionless, his eyes hard and unreadable. His thoughts continued to convey with his four animations, still standing in their key locations. It was at that time that Rashinbo, the fourth animation that still lingered at the doorway, would grip onto the handle of his scythe, enveloping himself in an even thicker shadowy veil than what was his existence, being consumed by it in that same moment. Meanwhile, Valkoor's eyes remained on the face of his Elder, Rogue, making sure all the while that his attention was on his King. His lips parted as his voice rang out in a commanding tone, surrounding the vicinity with his authority so that all could hear. Even the commonfolk would turn their heads as they heard him speak. "It has come to my attention that you recently disrespected both my son, Nero, and my daughter, Aii, on these lands that you serve, in front of an outsider, no less..." His eyes glanced down at the small figure that slipped behind the other Elder, who remained where she stood. Surely enough, she had the looks of a succubus. It was now somewhat obvious that she was the outsider here. His eyes lifted back up to Rogue as he spoke again. "These crimes are severe in the eyes of your King and Queen, so you must know that a punishment is to be given here." His fierceful gaze intensified as he burnt the space between himself and his Elder, ending his statement in a softer tone that would only catch the ears of those on the bridge. "You are given this one chance to repent for what you have done before I decide on a fitting punishment, Elder. Do you have anything you wish to say to me or my children?"

FlameOfFate: Observing in silence, not that it mattered as the creature did not speak, it fed from the tense emotions of those who dared to enter the range of him. It wasn't likely he would be spotted, as it took a special eye to see the manner in which this beast moved. In and out of shadows, slinking more stealthily than even the most well trained assassin. The whispers licked at the minds of those near him, this would cause an increase in anxiety, fear and sadness. If it had lips it surely would have been grinning, the scent of what approached was almost hypnotic, even in this time Pride, Vanity and Lust ruled in the wake of reason. It clacked it's teeth and several beetles skittered from beneath his skin, taking flight and buzzing around the group of people, providing him with a better range of hearing. Something delicious seemed to dwell just beyond the veil of time, however it was patient, it would wait.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *Candika could feel the young succubus cling to her and felt the strange emotions but they did nothing for her. A bit of tingle along her skin but nothing more. She stayed in her spot, keeping the eyes to the ground out of respect, though again it was something she wasn't used to. Averting her eyes was something she never did before, but than again, she didn't serve anyone but herself. Remaining in a calm matter, her face and body showing no emotions but the occasional blink of her eye lids out of habit more than anything else. She listened to the King confront, Rogue, the other Elder. She was unaware of what had happened or what was going on until the King spoke his words. She could hear some of the commoners whispering under the King's commanding voice, they were all also curious to the matter at hand that was taking place. Candika lifted her eyes only a moment to glance at the creature that was making alot of clatter of what sounding like a tons of bugs. Her eyes narrowed upon it a few moments before returning back to their nomal postion of staring upon the ground.*

2pleasemymaster: Her eyes managed to open, remaining half lidded and cringing as she doubted what she had heard. The elder was going to be punished? Her head was swarming with so many different problems, her physical condition clashing against the desire to help the man who welcomed her so readily into this place. She couldn't speek out against royalty, as much as this man had done for her, what could the oppinion of a succubus do? She felt her heart beat slowing down, her panting becoming mere heavy breathing as she continued to hold herself against the woman slowly growing accustomed to the smell . It was comforting to be so close to another creature, though she did not want to seem weak to the ones who ruled the land she wished to inhabit. She stepped away from the woman, forcing her arms down by her sides as she watched on, her tail remaining clasped to the sword casing as though her life depended on it. It wasn't impressive but it was a start.

RogueWolf549: -Looking upon the lord he listens to his words and movements, all the while he analysis the mans poster. Even though the man gave no expression in his face, he would define himself greatly with the simple way he held himself, the very shape of his body and his the structure of his features upon his body. He takes note of his large size that remains slender, this suggests that his family line is full of those that grew tall and with each generation to come the height grows ever more little by little. The mans tight muscular structure shows that he has worked his body since the day he was born, pushing himself past the normal even as a toddler where he most likely learned how to walk at a early age. Even more the choose of clothing that he he wears shows that the man has no fear, that he is confident in himself to defense himself with just his hands or perhaps his skill in his powers. TTaking in a closer look upon the mans facel features he takes note of how stern his face it, telling him that he hardly smiles but since his chin is not sharply edged like a dagger shows that he does smile every once in a while when the moment calls. Moving on he looks at the shape of his eyes, sharp and enclosed that give him a stare of power but also tells him that his anger is very much something one wish not to see and even more it tells him that he has spent many years in combat for the more eyes are enclosed the more to shows that they have trained for they don't blink and not allow any detail to pass him. He could continue on how he can make guess work and theories on the man but he drops it for now as his Lord speaks of a apology. He chuckles warmly at the man for he speaks of punshment for his actions toward this two children of his.-"I find no need for a apology my lord. Your son found it that he could choose as to who is allowed and who is not allowed upon this grounds that I call home. He found it that he needed to tell our newest GUEST that she is UNWELCOME to this place and she should go with him to his own domain. I must say if anything that he must have found that this woman was a target in his domain as a man. Give me correction in any time if you wish on my words but I shall tell you truth and not lie for gain. Along with such your daughter had come when she was called upon by a guard about the matter that was happening. She wished to inmidate me but like always only Envy knows that I find no fear in none, even after my return from purgatory. Also she told me that I should have kept the PRINCE within his chamber. I should say this because your son is FAR to old to be told to be told to say in his chambers. He makes his chooses and he should recieve the reactions that he had made to come upon his actions. Punishment is little consern to me, My lord, but if you find it fiting for me to not to be intimidated by your daughter, or tell your son that he does not decide who stays and who goes, then do so. I find my actions as they are and shall not wish for forgiveness upon them until I find that my actions were against my own morals. So Lord, please tell me what your punishment to befall upon me is so I may go with you to receive it only by YOUR hand and no other."-With that his words come to a halt as he stares up at him with nothing but his own confidence in his own words. He shall receive what his lord finds correct and do so as such but only by his hand. If any other comes to do so then I shall not halter in his own defense against them.-

Valkoor: There was hardly a moment that passed before Rogue declared his thoughts on his actions. Valkoor merely kept his gaze locked in place, his jaw locking as he listened to what Rogue would say in response to the accusations. At the end, he heard what was needed of him to hear. Rogue did not deny what he was accused of doing, and whether or not he found it right, the crimes were still there. Once Rogue finished, Valkoor merely raised his hand out, his eyes closing to hide the burning gaze that scorched his milky crimson hues. His jaw unlocked, and he spoke in a soft yet lethal tone that would carry to those immediately around him and nowhere else. "Rogue, you have proven the crimes accused of you to be true with your own tongue. By disrespecting mine and Envy's children, you have disrespected our family name and the name of the kingdom you gave your life to upon becoming an Elder." His hand fell open, fingers outstretched, as the flesh of his palm faced the skies above. Valkoor already knew what the punishment to the crime would be prior to arriving to address the Elder, and now that the he confirmed that he did in fact commit the crime, all that was left to do was to carry out the punishment. In that moment, a sharp sound would resonate directly above and behind Rogue, sending a dark veil of shadowy mist that would obstruct the vision of all in the immediate area as the mist consumed the bridge. Dancing out of the veil, Rashinbo emerged in that same moment, ushered in by the only sound he could create from his elevated position, the swinging of his scythe as it came down towards the neck of the Elder. Crimes against the royal family were automatically punishable by death, and despite the fact that Rogue was an Elder and an important asset to the clan itself, he was not immune to this law. The fierce swing was quick, the entire action would be missed if one blinked during the moment that it happened. The sharp blade of the scythe headed straight for the left side of Rogue's throat, carrying enough momentum that it would easily seperate his head from his body in that single swipe. Despite the dark veil that surrounded them, Valkoor's milky hues illuminated the darkness as he watched the blade drag through the shadows, waiting for the exact moment when the blade would come in contact with the Elder and end his life.

NeroZebreamVendassin: In that moment Nero would take a side step towards his smaller sibling. The engulfing miasma of his fathers substancial power was something that he did not behold that often. He kept his gaze locked upon the man whom had insulted his right to the throne, his sisters, and even his father with the way he would continue to claim any wrong by the royals. " Sayōnara." He uttered nary a hoarse whisper, a venom served towards the one under going justice. He raised a bell sleeve of the kimono to cover his face in stiffling yet another small cough, his other hand lay diligent against the hilt of his dark katana. There was an internal admiration for his fathers wielded source, something that felt pulling, as if it called to him. He would suppress the urge for now, keeping his mind focused on the slicing blade shafted towards the Elders throat.

EnvyVendassin: Click clack, her heels went against the marble placement onto her walking foundation. What came after were four other click clack's from Isis and Anaise. The flow of the filthy drapes, that's worn out and dirty from the ages of not be cleaned, Envy never requested the balcony drapes to ever be changed, somehow she liked the color of them. The air from the outside flowed slowly in, she caught a swift of the decay of her peoples hard working sweat from the chillness of the outside. Her Anaise and Isis walked through the frame that lead outside, over looking the bridge and beyond. (Anaise.) “I see ya man is up to no good.” The southern bell yet, AGAIN with Anaise. Her eyes lusted for Valkoor as always. Isis's eyes narrowed to Anaise, if Envy caught her lusting the way she is she knew Envy would kill her hands down. Isis in turn cleared her throat, but that didn't give Anaise a hint. Isis and Anaise being in the back of Envy and Envy being in the middle, she walked to the edge more, she spotted what Anaise was talking about. (Envy's private thought.) ~”What in the world is going on down there?”~ She saw her son, daughter, and Elder's; let alone unknown people within the Fortress. As she watched Valkoor closer, she knew something was off, why is the world Aii and of all people, Nero? Nero actually here .. in the Capital? Not of Nero, this was certainly different. What was Aii wearing? She couldn't help to stop and question. She gave little thought on her children at the time, because she knew her husband, she knew him a little to well. Her eyes slowly widen when she figured it was Elder Rogue in front of him. Her breath was inhaled unsteady and she knew, she just knew something was going to happen. The wedding was still fresh to her, them sharing between the two is still too fresh, but was Valkoor seriously about to touch one of her Elder's? This wasn't normal, but then again it is, he is … King. She gripped at the brick, she was holding on to his pretty tight. Vooooooooom, her focused did exact that, it voomed in a slow motion as she watched Valkoor attempt his fatal attack on Elder Rogue. What has happened?

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *Candika listened to Rogue's words, stating his side of the story. Once he was done and said for the King to deliever his punished, she stepped back a few more feet pulling the young succubus with her, than released her again so she could stand her ground, if she so choosed. To feel that much emmence energy from one being, Candika new, if her fate would be the same one day, it would be intense. She knew deep down somehow even if she survived some ordeal like this one, there were other members just as powerful or more so. This time she raised her gazed, she glanced over the faces of the Prince, Princess and lastly the King. The Prince seemed satisified to what was happened, he stepped a bit closer to his sister, she could really see anymore, as Nero towered over, Tingles smaller frame. Her focuse moved back to, Valkoor, noticing his eyes for only a second before she looked and noticed another being emerge with holding a scythe in his hand and it aims for, Rogue's throat. The demoness kept her eyes locked upon the this event taking place, again no emotion would show upon her face, in her eyes, or in her aura. She seemed calmed and collected and just watched to what was about to unfold infront of everyone.*

RogueWolf549: -Looking upon the Lord he would see him lift his hand up as a power of greatness seems to over take the land in one sweal swoop. Even though the man is powerful and commands a power unlike any other he remains strong as his armor seems to become active now. It was a simple programing that his armor shall instantly defend him in any time of nee and at thsi very moment his armor saw the being with a syth of shadows in his hand aim for his neck. The soul pressure shielding flickers to life and buzz as the syth comes into contact with his sheild but the strength is to great. His shield falls but the was one thing no one ever knew about Rogue, one thing that everyone has mistaken as his fur or even simple darkness in his armor, his neck. To the very day he had arrived in this place he had worn a black cloth around his face, this cloth made from dragon silk which is so strong it is used by some dragosn to sharpen their blades. Even more this cloth is connected directly to his powers, sending a constent stream of shadow magic into it fully time around. As the syth comes to near his neck he smirks as it slices right through, most would expect for his head to go flying but right now his head remains on his shoulder. Why was this, because the cloth is a shadow world portal that sends any attack, even shadow attachs, through his neck in a portal that warps around his neck. No matter the tries no one would be able to cut his head off so as he stands their smirking he begins to laugh outloud toward the Lord.-"HAHAHA try again my Lord, it would seem you have found yourself at a abet of a problem."

Valkoor: It almost surprised Valkoor when he immediately realized that although Rashinbo's scythe was on the opposite side of Rogue and that the Elder had not moved, his head still remained on his shoulders. The moment was followed by the sounds of the Elder's laughter, as he told his King to try again. Valkoor looked down at the Elder, his eyes lighting as the weakest of smiles crossed his face. It was amusement, but very little of it. His eyes then rolled in their sockets as his smile faded, and he made his own move. In that same instant that Rogue's words left his mouth, Valkoor struck. His other hand lunged forward, his fingers pointed together as the heart of the void's flames enveloped his entire arm. The flames were much like a counter to most magically enchanted armours. Unlike normal flames, they did not melt what they touched. In fact, the flames weren't even hot. They were so cold that if one could touch them, their skin would freeze immediately to a point that no amount of healing could undo it. However, the flames were different in another way. Instead of melting or scorching what it touched, it acted like a parasite, devouring everything the flames licked against aside from its master, whose arm now lunged at a force and speed that was far greater than the attack his animation gave moments before. His hand aimed straight for his Elder's chest, the flames surrounding it being more than enough to devour whatever magic was protecting Rogue from his death. Should he hit, his hand would easily force straight through the Elder's chest, and the flames would devour his armour, skin, muscle and bone, should he have any of it beneath the armour to begin with. The Elder would be left with a gaping hole that would consume most of his upper torso, which was a wound that was more than fatal. His other hand remained open beside him, although his fingers now pulled to make his hand shape like a claw, readied for the small chance that the Elder might perhaps still survive him.

EnvyVendassin: Anaise and Isis walked up right in the middle of it. (Isis.) “It seems as if our Lord is trying to kill Elder Rogue My Lady.” She spoke in the mechanical voice through the mask placed over her mouth and nose. Envy watched a bit more, she saw Elder Rogue unharmed and what came after was laughing? Was he actually laughing at Valkoor? (Anaise.) “I see this ain't going to end well. You bring that Elda back and what does he do? He laughs at your se-” Cut in by Isis to cover up her next word of 'sexy' (Isis.) “SIR. To laugh at your Sir, Envy. That show's no loyalty.” She looked to Envy who was still taken by what started just below. Her eyes stared a little more and then she removed her presence from Envy, Anaise noticed and followed behind Isis. Leaving Envy behind to see again, Valkoor striking. This was not a good start between the Elder and Valkoor. Envy reached for one of her feathers which the one floating her way was the pull by her telekinesis. Envy held the stem of the feather, looking over it and slowly with her lips she placed a kiss. The of Envy activated a spell, this was known because she seen her color of aura illuminate the lining of it. (Envy.) “On your knee's, once you bleed, go back where you once were retrived. Elder Rogue.” She whispered the ill spell what was once done to him and this time there will be no chance for his return, ever again. Envy flicked the feather out and turned her back from the outside world on the balcony. The feather its self ended up shimmering away, as if it was crackling dust. In due time the spell would do its job.

NeroZebreamVendassin: How could this be? Nero's eyes would narrow, an actual emotional reaction taking over his being. This wasnt normal, this was a sourcery that defied any logic. He had always felt his father's magics and being to be unfathomable. His hand that had already been so readied prior to the onyx katana's hilt would tighten grip. His veins embossed from the back of his metacarpus and running like cables up the length of his sleeved arm. Though he was sickly at times, he wouldnt be outmatched in his natural inherited abilities. It was no longer of pride or of law, but of honor. Something that some would think they honned but rarely knew the true meaning. If you had suffered, had witnessed and beheld this family, this clan, in its raw form then it was known that you never knew honor. For even the all that they put each other through, there would be a standpoint where one would hold ground and protect what was theres, taint and all. He reached out the meer inches with his opposite hand to his sisters arm, grasping it perhaps before she could even react and forcing her out of the way brutishly. He knew what was to come. The build up of all this was of meer seconds worth of time, for as he saw his father jolt foreward and apply his own physical tactic, his son would be dashed behind the armored elder. It was unseen, his haste that of light itself, traveling with no gust, no flicker, nothing but a flicker and there he was. His katana relenting from its shealth, already the ground seemed to ash, any plantlife drained. The blade of death, servicing its master in only rare moments, had writhed to the occassion. It sickled back with his grip, held taught of that of a masters hand, readied so that if his fathers direct force did not finish the deed, he would caste a flick of his wrist towards the man. The power within that one firm yet barely applied movement would expell a force that would scar the air itself, a razor of beaming light sent to crash into the entire being, and extending out in a glistening array of untamed paramount. His hair would flair, his face calm, yet his eyes fierce and contorted in fury.

-VOID- RogueWolf549: -Just as swift as he had seen the two actions toward his body he would now realise what he had done, his mind state was not correct and as such he had laughed right at the Lord of the land at his attempt to kill him. Even so he was determined to remain alive and not return to being dead. he swiftly pulls his body down and as he does so the shadow underneith his very being extends to grow and even more he places his magic within it. He swiftly goes down for just as swiftly as the Lord and even the Son had come to take his life, a portal forms underneith him. Because the portal was under him and he had forced himself down, he would be forced downward into the portal and slip right through the two attacks upon his life. The exit portal, since he knew how this land was bonded to him and he could not leave, he appears at the front gates of the Fortress where most of the shadows were. As he stands there he would speak out.-"I shall not be slain so easily for I was brought back for a reason. My apologizes for my laughter for my state of mind is no correct after returning from purgatory, the very world full of pain, of sorrow, of HELLISH death where being reborn is nothing more then a torment. Lord Valkoor, if you wish to kill me so much even though you do not know of my talents then allow me to leave my talents within your hand if you wish.....I now know my wrong in such actions and if anything I show bow before your daughter and son for forgivness because of my actions. Place no pity on me for I deserve none from any.....I am the last of my guild...I am the last of my kind....I have none to take on my legacy as you to lord Valkoor. You have two wonderful children that shall carry on your name in glory and honor and I have nothing but this body in this realm.....Allow me to show you that I am worth more then JUST a death by a blade or even a flame but if not unbind me from this place to leave nothing behind but shame after my death for I may fall into hell lowest ring for betraying the loyalty and the chance to make anew once again." -VOID-

Valkoor: While the flames licked around his arms that now thrust into the Elder's body, his mind seemed to capture every fragment of time that slipped by in that instant, making his senses even more superior than what they alreay were. His eyes, even further enhanced from the thrill of action, saw everything with perfect clarity. While the flames edged away at the armour and drove into his flesh and devouring it just as quickly, Valkoor's milky crimson hues glanced up to see a rapid movement behind Rogue. It was Nero, who had moved so suddenly that it could have perhaps been unnoticed by his senses at any other time. His sword released, the environment around it seemed to decay, as if the sword was draining the life away from it. He watched as his hand drove through the Elder, approaching the blade. His eyes opened up slightly as he thought about what might happen as the two drew closer. His momentum was too much for him to simply stop, and all he could do was watch with his own eyes and hope something miraculous might happen. By this time, his entire forearm had already run through the Elder, the blood being immediately sucked into the flames and devoured, leaving only the large traces of it that drained out beneath the flickering flames as they ran down to the ground. His hand however, was within the distance that seemed to be affected by the sword. He watched through the gaping hole that was once the Elder's torso, but to his surprise, the flames seemed to protect his hand. His eyes widened a bit as they lifted up to look at Nero directly, before he pulled his hand back out of the hole just in time for the Elder's body to collapse onto the ground. As soon as it crumpled, the spell that Envy had placed on any Elder would activate. Massive chains erupted from the ground, shooting into the Elder's corpse and gripping through it, to the very soul that now tried to lift away from its useless shell. Binding it, the chains would pull it back down below, into what Valkoor would guess to be whatever hell was waiting for an Elder that shared the same fate as Rogue's. By the time the chains had vanished, the shadowy veil that Rashinbo ushered in with his attack had nearly vanished completely, and the flames around Valkoor's arms dwindled away until there were only small traces lighting his fingertips. His eyes returned to Nero, his eyebrows pulling together as a puzzled expression lit his facial features. When did Nero ever acquire such a weapon, and how did he gain it in the first place? His mind now sidetracked, he barely pulled together enough concentration to straighten from the slight crouch he had taken to attack the Elder, as he replaced the puzzled expression with another hard mask, speaking swiftly and blankly to the witnesses around him. "This punishment will be handed to those who dare repeat Rogue's mistake. Learn from what you experienced today and hope that you never do the same." He turned away after speaking, his jaw locking as he slipped around his daughter Aii and Valdus who stood behind her. Espoc, Rhianel, and Valdus immediately returned to the void in the same crackling wisp that had brought them there, as Rashinbo quickly took to Valkoor's side as they both reentered the capital.

EnvyVendassin: By now the spell would put him in a bind, his knee's to the ground where his body once again wouldn't leave ZenDasalen, how many times would Envy have to do this to the same Elder? One thing for sure is that Elder Rogue brought the assertive action as of now upon himself. Elder or not, such disrespect wouldn't and shall not EVER, go unseen. Envy would feel the curse on Elder Rogue slipping as the kismet of continuity grasp him with all ten fingers, with him in the mainstream of its pulsing palm. She slowed her hasty stalk toward the double doors of the Fortress. He has been gotten, and now gone. The foundation of ground where Elder Rogue's remain lays shook, causing those around to even lose balance, this would be the work of purgatory. Spider like cracks trailed out and attempt to even reach feet which purgatory would love to attempt to engulf, but couldn't, can't. The ghastly chains of hell's touch burst through the ground around Rogue's body and about ten feet away from his body would be the illuminating circle just around him, which those who were up close and personal to him would only hope they weren't around him at the time. Which in a sense, they would be smart enough to leave just in time. One, two, three four, five six, seven eight nine TEN! All chains made his very soul visible to see, he struggled and screamed in his insanity, Ghastly form of Elder Rogues spirit was now seen by all. Him struggling and the arms of leviathan’s, also the claws of werewolves, and vampires stiletto nails. They all gripped at him, pulling him down, into their gaming world of never ending hell. The horrid sounds and his face expression would never be forgotten, it was worse then having death delivered by the King and Prince themselves. Isis had opened the Fortress's double door's, they scratched at the bottom. Scrapping into a loud sound while the metal moaned and groaned in its waking slumber. Within the middle was Isis, her white attire and folded wings would be evident who she is. Behind her was Envy, displeased and slowly merging from out of the darkness within the Fortress. Her eye's fell on Elder Rogue's body, where Isis would soon pick up and carry into the Fortress where she again would place him in the holding chambers of Purgatory cast soul's. She stood atop on her staircase, looking over Aii more, she couldn't help but to think daddy's little girl had something to do with this. The last time something was to happen like this was when the War Dome had taken her child and told Valkoor. Her eyes had bounced from Aii to Nero, her son... she couldn't help but to think why in the hell.. or when has he and his father ever came so close in fighting over honor, and then the thought of all three of them. Her face wanted to show disgust to its finest but only gave a cold stone statue like expression. Her hands interlocked behind her back standing just so still, maybe to still. Finely her eyes settled on Valkoor, her King, she blinked and waited for a but longer and blinked again. Isis had came in front of the Elder's and the King and Prince along with the Princess, she dipped her chin in respect and recovered the Elder's body. Once retrieved she walked toward Envy and soon past her inside. Envy waited a moment longer to see if they had anything to say before she went inside with her own plot in mind, and thought.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *The the demoness showed no expression to the events that just took place, though her mind and emotions were running rampant thoughout her inner core. She couldn't believe what she just witnessed, though yes, she had killed many in her long life time, and tortured and what not, it still shocked her. But why? She had done similar things, ripping out hearts, leaving large holes in her vitims chest or abdomins. But what was it with this display that bothered her so? Perhaps, because she wasn't the one doing it. Or maybe because she now got a glimpse of what her fate could be if she treaded the wrong way. Candika didn't know, but as she watched the King walk away, after the chains came and took the corpse of the now, former Forth Elder, she turned away slightly, not fully, as she waited for the young Prince and Princess to also take their leave. Once they all left, she slowly walked the other direction down along the bridge more. The common folk trying to ask her questions but she kept silent. It wasn't her place to say, Why, When. How, What...and they already knew Who. A small child stopped her, her horned head tilted a little, studying the little red hair girl. Her smooth milky skin covered in many freckles and she wore a s worn tattered green gown, with black trimmings. The girls small hand tugged upon vested trench cost a few times. * You have my attention. What is it you seek, child? *the little stepped back, though Candika tried to put a bit of emotion into her tone it failed. But it didn't seem the bother the child as she spoke in an innocent high pitch voice, but softly whispered in her ear as she tugged Candika down to her level." Will that happen to me?" is what the little girl asked. Her onyx eyes closed and she shook her head* No. *She patted her head and walked off some more, heading to the front gates just to be alone and away for a few moment, no noise but the perhaps the rustling of the guards suits that stood by the large front gates. Still was more silent then the Capital itself. She clear her mind of all things, through they would be constant reminder for her, she knew better, deep down. No matter cold or heartless she was, she still understood her place, and her purpose and would abide by them. For now.*

RogueWolf549:-Rogue had once again found his body bound by chains, by the very things that had taken him to the hell of Envy's purgatory. Rogue simply smiled in his ghostly form before Envy as any would be able to see the brightness in the white of the flames of his eyes burn brightly as he laughs out in such a cruel way that it would make even the most evil turn cold. How could a man of such kindness turn into one so wicked at heart. That is when it happened, as the slamming of the claws, tentacles, and so many other monstrosity gripping his very body. He grunts as they pull in but his face of slight pain would change into that of joy as the flames grow even brighter as his soul tries to free itself but to no effort could he do such things. Looking to the sky he smirks as he would whisper out his final words to the world, his distorted voice echoing through the capital as he leaves behind his final legacy, his final honor in life. At the final inch of being pulled in he yells out as he tries even more to break free but is slammed right into purgatory to once again be brought to his knees before thousands of monsters. He would laugh as his eyes widen and his hands claws quickly ring out before he would say to the creatures.-"Fuckers can't break me down."-With that the hellish battle well once again begin. Back in the silver realm what is left of his body remains scorched as it lays upon the ground before the royals. As his words echo to this body the very pieces of armor reform as they pill away from his body and just as swiftly as they pill away they begin to scan the area as it begins to speak commands through his voice. The very armor floats into the air as blue soul pressure powers it from what is left of Rogue's power inside it. It glows like some kin of god in the air with a heavenly blue as its eyes burn with the blue flames of hell itself before a blue line begins to scan the area.-"User Rogue Shadow Wolf of the Roaming Bounty Hunters has fallen and as such a new user must be found....Scanning...Scanning.....Attacker and victor has been found...Scanning....Lord Valkoor you have been granted the chance of receiving the former Rogue's research into soul and magical pressure mixture."-Swiftly the armor begins to fold upon itself as it comes to form into a cube of sorts as it floats toward the lord in hopes of being grabbed. Swiftly the cube displays a hologram before the Lord. it was Rogue and he seemed to be in a panic.-"If you are watching this then I have fallen and been sent back to purgatory where I belong GAH!!"-He yells out as he grabs his head and slams himself upon a table in front of him before he would pant in pain as he looks forward once again.-"Ever since I returned from that hell my mind as not been correct, I have found myself blanking out and waking to find slaves slain by my hands. I have created a plan to have myself sent back to purgatory, the only place that could contain the corruption that my body and soul have come to be....Evny's life force had some how changed me in many ways and not only physically...My power...The shadows has now become close to being corrupted to become Darkness, a forbidden magic by my master in which my insanity and the whispers of the night shall take over my body and cause me to kill all in my path with no stop..."-With that the hologram seems to fuzz out before it shows Rogue standing up straight like a warrior.-"Lord Valkoor....My honor, my research falls upon you hands. My weapons lay ALL in the library awaiting for you. One of my newest weapons, the ATZ-01 has been completed. It is the crown jewel of my research. I wish I had more time but....This weapon has the ability to transform soul pressure and magical power into a mixture of such mass destruction that it could destroy a whole nation over night if used by the right hands."-it would fuzz once again before it shows Rogue throwing around papers and yelling in anger.-"GAHH!! KILL ME KILL ME!!!"-With that it would cut and show Rogue standing at attention before he salutes before his voice sound more robotic.-"Unit 23-12F-32D-45 Alpha is now active. All related data upon former user now being stored and categorized. Accept this final gift Valkoor in Rogue's final good bye and also....Final plan in creating a world without pain."-With that the hologram shuts down and remains floating in front of the Lord, remaining floating if the Lord decided to take the gift.-
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Rogue's Punishment
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