We are the CruEnd Clan death is but a mercy. Pride... Is what we know... Defeat is unthinkable.
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 Twin's Birth

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PostSubject: Twin's Birth   Twin's Birth I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2015 1:31 am

KaiErgoVendassin: -Kai ran through the land toward the capital at what would be a break neck pace for a human. His whole body moved in a barely visible motion and his sword made a heavy whistling sound through the air. By now, he had reached the endless days territory. The fierce yell's of the unrulymen, barbarians and people worse than even that of the royals dying down as he passed, as they all made way just in time because they knew what happens when they touch Kai. He moved through them, bearely breathing heavily as he went. He continued for the next few minutes, hitting the snow before actually running at full pelt, leaning forward and immediately breaking through the sound barrier, but avoiding going into a flastep. He ran only for seven minutes before he reached the boundaries of the capital, the sound of his footsteps and his sword sounding like a firece gale of wind. Immediately, as he reached the small market area, he began to slow. All the minotaurs already acknowledging him and the towns people cheering for their hero/prince. By the time he reached the bridge, he had slowed to proper walk, walking toward the big doors but not bothering to even go through them. He was too happy to go and have his mood dampened by the slave's moaping. Immediately, he vanished with a loud 'THUD' before the large gates, aiming to teleport into his study, on the west of the capital.-

EnvyVendassin: - Sitting on the black and white sofa's inside, right from the thrones, and she couldn't help but to think what made Kai miss the Ball. It wasn't like him to miss such an event, laid out on her left side on the sofa, and watching servants going about in everyday duties. The black semi see through silky dress she had over her, gave her a lot of room for her large stomach where her unborn twins to come any day now, and sitting alone in the capital bore her. Being with Valkoor so many months and showing her face back into the capital made everyone talk. Also talking how Kai doesn't even know about his mother. Playing with the material of the sofa she didn't know what to tell Kai when he did come from where ever he was at. . . " Water, and bowl of grapes. " . . . She request in a calm soothing tone. One servant with a white gown, gold sandals and braided black hair going back responded. . . " Taip My Queen " . . SHe spoke in the native tongue and went to see to Envy's request. -

Bonk: As he walked through the village, the fog produced from his frozen body devouring the village by now, anyone who could see his body move aside from the small girl would notice how, almost puppet-like his moves were. Though he cuold move, it was purely a mental effort, as his body was paralyzed. Having forced this upon himself before undergiong his Oni transformation, it enabled him to control his body to however he pleased. Muscle and bone did not matter to him anymore. Only his mind, reigning total control over his limbs, made it to where that even after a muscle was too damaged, his mind could still use it, until it was severed completely from his mind. His strange movements seeming so off next to humans, but in a way kept its flowing stride as to not seem to strange, he would leave the village square, heading towards the ruins of the village where a seperate fog gave birth from the heart of the graveyard. As he exitted the village edges, the breeze from the ocean swept through, blowing against his long, flowing, snow-white kimono, remaining opened at the front to expose his oddly, dead-like coloured skin, consumed in the snow-white markings of the demon entity he was. His skin, though looking dead, emphasized his muscles and veins throughout his body, though dead, kept strong. It gave him a natural aura of desire from the strange creatures who could overcome the fear of his chilling touch, and his lethal actions. To his hip, the twin katanas rested against a satin-like fabric that tied around his waist, as did the sash that tied to keep his robe closed over his privates. His feet bare, as were his hands, though hiding beneath the long shawl and sleeves, it allowed him to feel the earth beneath him to his full extent, his senses reigning as if each one was the only one useable, being so sharp and strong compared to most creatures. His eyesight being so sharp, that movements of others were long processed to him even before they could finish them, making blitz like movements seem to be slowed for him to move in plenty of time. His crystal-like eyes were one of his best defensive properties, aside from the katanas by his side, both carrying their own, mysterious and lethal traits. The large, fur-like material resting on his left shoulder, being so soft as was his snow-white hair, flowing out and above his head as did the bangs covering one of his crystal-like eyes, the fur gave no special purpose, but he felt as if it would at some point, as it was something he found himself pouring his human-like desires into to keep his focus at its peak. The only other thing to find, was the long, ribbon-like object flowing behind him, above his head and behind his feet. It was simply a means of pouring his excess spiritual energy into, as it glew with a faint, white glow. His body contained far too much spiritual energy, and as such had to find a place to go to allow his body to move. This was the place it found itself, keeping attached to him at all times and being something that was vital to his existance. His attention was always on it, even now, as he approached the entrance to the graveyard. The worn fence surrounding the graveyard, the arch above the gate swung open from the lock breaking by the affect of time and aging, it did not stop him as he moved through the gate, and into the graveyard. His eyes had never left his mother's grave, and as he saw it in the back of the graveyard, his body froze. His eyes kept to the tombstone, and the moment of pain overwhelmed him as he thought of her.

Bonk: Overhead the capital's lands, in the cloud-tainted sky as the heavy current rushed above each and every layer of cloud, Valkoor began to weave into existance, already taken flight. Being like that of a lotus swarm pushing against the current, quickly forming Valkoor's body from his boots to his horns atop his head, his wings would immediately push out to send him through the skies at a speed that would create a sonic boom-like sound to be sent down to the ground level. This speed could usually shatter a person's body, but given Valkoor's highly durable frame naturally from his given race, he resisted the force easily, brushing it off as if it were a breeze along a shoreline. Though he found himself flying over the lands before the capital, luckily given that Envy would most likely be in the capital at the time, it would mean she would not be startled by the sound, unless her hearing allowed her to hear from that legnth of a distance. His body pushing down with his flight to cut through the clouds like a knife would slice into butter, he would begin his descent towards the ground level as he came closer to the capital. The wind spreading around his body from his flight, it would give off the image of a fireless meteor to the people below, and as his ears could pick up the alarmed voices as they noticed his flight, he would simply push forward even more as his wings tucked to allow him to pierce through the air like a spear, so that he would be out of the skies quicker. Coming towards the bridge to the capital, he knew he would have to slow in order to not startle those inside, and with that his body would shift forward for his feet to ready for his landing, as his massive wings shot out to act as a means of retarding his fall. Though it only slowed him down slightly, his landing at the beginning of the bridge would be an uncomfortable one, even for Valkoor, as his feet absorbed the shock of his almost crash for it to be sent up his lower legs, fading before reaching his knees as they bent forward with his land. The brick below would crack heavily and push out from his feet, leaving a rigid circle of darkened sand to surround him for a decent foot in radius, the bricks landing variously in his very close vicinity. Quickly darting out of his kneel with a light leap, he would push into a normal walk as his wings would remain extended out. He'd cross the bridge quietly, given that a run would most likely draw unwanted attention from the surrounding minotaurs and other various people. Looking ahead as his dark crimson hues casted across the bridge, he would barely catch a glimpse of Envy's son, Kai, before he suddenly vanished. His eyes would look down to his feet with his concerned thoughts, not only of Envy's condition but of Kai's as well. He knew that his children could be born any day now, and this meant that he would have to be around at all times until they came to existence in the world. Though, his thoughts of Kai would be if he ever even knew that Envy was carrying their children, and if not, how he would react. Reaching the other side of the bridge, he would not wait for entry into the building, as his body began to break down rapidly into a flurry of particles, much like a lotus swarm, before fading into the air. This was one of many forms of teleportation, happening to be the form his race were born with the ability to perform. Even as a youth, he was capable of performing such a task, though it took more energy from him at that time than it did now. Now, it would barely drain him, meaning that the action would be almost as simple as taking as swinging a massive battle-ax or mace.

AsylainRoux: Asylain raced through the forest at top speed. She reached her hands up, catching a tree branch allowing the momementum to carry up and on top of the tree, allowing whatever was chasing her past her. Once they had past, she climbed the tree silently and then reached the top, able to see out and over the forest before her. There was few leaves left, but not much and she felt as though she stood out sitting up onto of this tree like this. She snapped open her wings and headed for a clearing she saw. Landing lighting upon her feet she began to hear voice. She followed them silently, her tail moving back and forth through the air. As she approached the increasing voices, left her hand went to rest on her left thighs dagger. She did not carry them for the intent of hurting people though she had once for twice for pure enjoyment of it. She carried them for defensive purposes. She paused before the place where she heard the voices and stopped at the bridge. She crossed it slowly, her green eyes watching the surronding area. She then focused ahead and called out. "Hello, is there anyone there?" She says loudly enough to be heard, though if one was close enough to her, they could hear the slight hiss of her voice as she spoke.

KaiErgoVendassin: -Kai appeared in his study and sighed out loud before loosening his gloves and pulling them both off and walking toward his desk, throwing them onto it before smiling. “Wow. Troops back up to scratch. Towns people happy. Atlantis’ buildings finally complete.” He nodded to himself with a wide smile. “All in one day.” He said before shrugging off Tempest and walking toward the other end of his study. In that particular moment, he turned and walked back toward his desk before finally deciding that he was more hungry than anything at the moment. He looked to the slaves by the doors, watching them flinch at him looking at them, “Ah. Don’t worry yourself today. Come here.” He said calmly while waving a hand toward himself. He watched as the woman walked toward him slowly, paying no attention to her attire. Go and get me the finest food we have, straight from the halls of Atlantiss itself.” With that, the slave rushed off, leaving Kai to his happy thoughts. He simply stood there, one and on his desk as he thought about how well the day had gone. He had never done anything this well even when he was taking over Envy’s position when she would be travelling. Usually, he would order the elf or the demon to do things, but tight now, all they did was just go about their own business, even though Kai constantly had tabs on what they were up to, as well as the small voices in his mind which he had now learned to ignore. He looked toward his window to see outside the capital, to survey the weather. Even if there was a storm or hurricane threatening to blow the place down, Kai would not be bothered right now. He was too happy for it. Completely out of the ordinary.-

EnvyVendassin: - Pushing her self up with her left arm, placing her open palm hand on her stomach, big as a house she became, and very noticeable. Looking down from her view, she couldn't even see her feet, and she hoped her body will get back to her normal size. Not even Kai was this big in her womb, but then again there is two in her stomach, and she knew Sinn had one set of twins. Ameki and Zyse, but not in her days she would never had guessed she too would be having twins her self, and here she is sitting by her self in the capital curious how these two will come out to be. One thing she did know.. They was not going to fall for each other like Ameki and Zyse once did. She would kill them before that would ever happen. The servant came back with a clear glass of water, and a crystal glass of purple plumped grapes. . . " Ah, away with it.. I do not want it after all. " . . . She waved her right hand off to the servant, the girl bowed, and did as Envy told her to. She arose from the sofa, taking a step down, brushing her left hand back to place the wild strands of her blonde hair back in place where the pony tail kept it all together, and even though she was alone she wanted Kai to be home by now. For some reason she really missed her son, she knew these feelings was something she never embraced or thought about even in private, and noting she is pregnant she assumed it is the very strong hormones. . . " Uh, weakness is disgusting, and I will not have it. ". . . She glided along the court floor, watching servants go about, and looking around at her own place. Noting what else of decor she needed to add later on. -

Emileh2: The evening chill wiped across her mostly bare skin. The beams from the moons light giving her already pale skin, a ghostly color. Her eyes once a soft green were now a sharp, but beautiful silver. The Temptress almost seemed to laugh to herself slightly as she thought of the last conversation she had in the Capital. It had been with one of the other members just shortly after she took a position as the healer……which was kind of ironic really…..but she remembered the man had joked that she should wear a little nurses outfit all the time. Well of course she could have fun with that, why not just for the hell of it anyways. With each step, her night black hair that bled red bounced as it sat to the side on one of her shoulders. Her outfit was indeed cute, short, and quite tight, but very complimenting to her feminine curves. It had a zipper in the front that was only done up to about her belly button, making her black lace bra quite visible. Emily had felt bad for missing the ball due to some other tasks, and thought she might check in to make sure all were well and happy. It wasn’t long before she reached the beautiful court yard….Well it was beautiful to her. So complex in many ways, her heels digging into the dirt. She made her way up the stairs swiftly, her hips swaying lightly and her thin fingers curling around the doors handle just enough to slip her thing frame through. She called out, her tone soft yet sensual. “Good Eve to those within ears reach.” ((Sorry, people talking at me, and I just got home not long ago, im just putting my brain in rp mode.))

KaiErgoVendassin: -Kai stood by his desk in the same position only for a few minutes, he could hear the voices from most people around the Capital, and he could feel the presences of absolutely everyone on the immediate land. No doubt he had just felt Valkoor enter the palace, and Envy was already there. Perhaps they were somewhere in the throne room? Did it even matter? Kai looked around before the doors opened and three slaves walked in with a trolley each of food. Kai rubbed his hands together while noticing a fourth slave coming with a bowl of water and a towel. As the door closed, he heard light echoes of words, but the only word he actually caught of it was ‘Weakness.’ After hearing that voice he knew exactly who it was. None other than Envy. Nobody said that word the way she did with such disgust and disapproval. Kai shrugged lightly before drifting toward the bowl and washing his hands lightly, with a slight smirk before wiping his hands on the towel and turning to the food. “Okay, where to start?” He said before looking to the slaves with a smile. Nobody could mistake the fear that crossed their eyes for a split second at why Kai seemed so happy, but by the fact that he had made a great personal achievement, he was over the moon. “H-Here is your starter, Prince Kai, and then here is the main course and then th-the dessert.” The first slave looked to Kai as if he had said the wrong thing, but Kai simply looked and smiled. “Haha! Now I guess it is time to get stuck in. Go, get someone to play music, and bring wine. The rest of you, be merry, go and have your fun!” He said lightly before picking up the starter plate and walking to his desk. He began to dig in, savouring each bite of the delicately prepared food from Atlantis, the luxury city of the Nation.-

EnvyVendassin: - She looked up to Valkoor, the strong manly figure he held to him captured her very eye's, and even his touch allured her in so deeply in their night of passion in those passing nights after nights away in their own world. With out even touching her, she envied his touch, but like her she was never the one to really show how she wanted such a thing. She figured he had heard her, her eye's darting to a passing servant with a few tray's and such, she was curious who have ordered them to even request such a thing? Being passive to ask, she only looked back to Valkoor, and reply. . . " I am just fine.. Only.. Well... " She stopped in her sentenced. ~ " What am I saying? He is not my husband? I do not ever need to confine in him nor anyone. " ~ She simply changed the subject and continued on . . . " I am going just fine, I can not wait to have them, and when they do come. I am sure they will be a strong as my last child.. And if not that much more. " She stepped in front of Valkoor, her eye's trailing along his chest in a lustful taste in her eye's, and as this happens else where; Kai eating his dinner. The two slaves left but one, standing before him, watching him eat such a fine dinner, and just out of spite the slave wanted to ruin his joyful moment by speaking out of term. " You're mother is ... Is pregnant. " The slave knew Kai killed one of the slaves family member and even though in fight the slaves had no chance but this was a great deal to the slaves by seeing his day spoiled by such news. Standing there the slave watched with a mocking smirk. -

JackShadow99: --As everyone went about their business there was a howling sound, maybe even whistling in the distance outside of the village, like something flying through the air really fast, but before hand there was another faint sound seconds before the whistling sound grew loud enough to be heard as if something was approaching at a high speed. The sound before hand was an explosion followed by some kind of battle cry from a beast of some sort.--

Bonk: If it was one thing Valkoor knew, was Envy's ability to keep her thoughts to herself. Though she was fairly open with their time being alone, Valkoor always felt she would never say exactly what she thought. And as of now, it was readable with her look as she stopped her sentence. Though, Valkoor was never one to press something, only that as long as she said she was alright, he would accept it. Looking across her face, though showing her stress, remained beautiful to him, though he knew it would change soon. He would only nod, and speak with a gentle tone. "I see... and yes, I have high hopes for them as well. Let's just hope everything plays out smoothly." His only fear with the time soon coming for her to give birth to their children, was that something could go wrong. Though, thinking of it constantly would surely not help the outcome, as he would push the thought away and refill it with other means as he caught the weak sound of someone speaking. Almost a mumble to his ears, he would hear it. 'Your mother is pregnant.' He knew who the servant was speaking to, and as his eyes narrowed and quickly shot away from Envy's face to keep her from noticing this, he would keep quiet, but bring his hand out to Envy as he gently pressed it to her stomach, something he frequently did in the desire to feel the liveliness of their children. Their movements were subtle, but felt as the vibrations passed from Envy's body to his hand, shivering up his arm as his eyes almost melted at the thought of the life inside of her. Surely they would be strong children, as they proved the thought just now, being so strong without even capable of seeing the light of the world around them. Soon, he knew it, they would come, but as of right now he had to keep the thought of Kai's reaction near the front of his mind. He could only hope this news would not kill him over, or send him into a rage, as right now that was the last thing needed. Bringing Envy stress would not help herself or their children, and if it led to that Valkoor would only hope Kai would at least wait until after the children were born.

Viridesce: Outside the immense stone structure, built in an exotic land where the temperature refused to rise higher than it dared to, a small ball of light was hovering under the shadowed curve of the bridge, its size no bigger than a foot in diameter. Within this small sphere, some... things were struggling for an out. In order to ensure their safety or, in other words, swift escape, the brothers always traveled in three, using only one to open a portal. Though this seemed like an effective way to brave the harsh worlds out there, the chance of losing one of their own with each teleportation was quite a risk. An example of this would be right now, when that silver energy field popped and sizzled, then spit out one traveler before disappearing entirely. This traveler, having been pushed out under the bridge, fell helplessly and suddenly into the chilly water below, making a somewhat noisy splash. After a couple seconds, the humanoid-looking creature broke through the icy surface, his almost hairless body now slightly bluish. Thrashing sluggishly, he made his way toward the huge bone carcass of an unfamiliar creature and climbed on top. "What the fuck," he thought, mouth slack and wheezing. Rows of small fangs lined his upper and lower jaw, looking yellowish but sharp. "Abub is sad now," he thought grimly, remembering how his brother had been thrown out the last time, and how look it had taken to find him. Now, here he stood, atop a ribcage of some strange animal, shivering like a child and looking like an ape. Standing at only 4 feet tall, many would not find him much of a threat, which was the main reason he stuck to his brothers like glue. Together, they had a fighting chance. Apart, well, that remained to be seen. Abub extended his long forearms that hung past his knees and flexed his clawed hands. The cold was already subsiding, but something else still froze his tiny, tiny heart, and that was the fact that, once again, he was alone in an alien place. Sighing exasperatedly, Abub attempted to contact his brother telepathically, calling out, though not with much hope in mind. As expected, there was no answer. Those two could be anywhere by now. One last thought passed his mind before he slumped down heavily: "I'm so screwed."

Emileh2: After a few moments of silence her eyebrows twisted a bit. Not often had she been greeted by silence around these parts. Often she would have her dear friend call out, no matter how far away she was. “Emily!!! Good to see you!” She laughed thinking on the thought. You couldn’t miss that girls booming voice, and you couldn’t mistake it for any other sound. At least from what she knew anyways. She had never really dare to be on Envy’s bad side, nor on the bad side of any of her crew members. That was one women she could certainly bow to, and not to many could get her to do so without a bit of a quarrel. “Hmmm”. She thought to herself….unusual indeed. The heels that twisted about her ankles clicked as her steps picked up again, her silver hues peeking between those thick, black lashes to take in the new information, and all the details. She laughed to herself again. She had know Envy for awhile, yet here she stood, for the first time within the walls of her home….Maybe she should visit more often. Her head popped in and out of a few rooms with curiosity to what, or who might be in them, no luck yet though. After a few more minutes of wondering about she felt a little stupid. If Envy was to be inside, then what other place would she be? The main room of course. It would add the most boom to Envy’s voice after all, now how to get there. It only took the temptress a few more turns, and a couple of bounces from her big, light curls. “Ah, there you are!” She giggled lightly, leaning her hip against a door frame. “Though I night live the rest of my years lost in this god forsaken place.” She laughed under her breath.

KaiErgoVendassin: -Kai cheered as a two slaves walked in, one with a violin, and one with a bottle of fine wine. He smiled widely because today was just one of those days that nobody could mess up. Or could they? He ate and listened to music, taking an occasional swig of wine before waiting a bit. While waiting for his starter to make him hungry a little bit, in order for the food to taste even better, Kai waited, munching on the occasional olive here , biting the outside of it off and then removing the seed from his mouth and into a separate basin. Kai moved his finger along with the music, enjoying it, closing his eyes and swaying his head while placing another olive in his mouth. As he removed the outside, he realised that all was all serene before one slave that clearly had no regard for his life, had to say something. “Your mother is pregnant.” Kai froze, and immediately he heard a string on the violin break, along with the sound of it hitting the ground before heartbeats around the place began racing. Kai opened his eyes and stared right at the man. Along the edges of the study, slaves began backing away. They only knew too well what could happen. His pupils narrowed upon the one man standing there, looking brave, seven good paces in front of Kai’s desk. “Come here.” He said to the slave, waving the hand that was already up from moving to the music, beckoning him toward himself. “Come now, we do not have all night.” He said calmly, the olive seed remaining in his mouth from his last olive that he could not finish because of this fool. As the slave walked toward him, he spoke softly. “I want you to go and say that your Queen’s face. Go now. If you come back before the deed- If you may call it that, is done, I will see to it that you are thrown into a pit with starving warthogs. Kai smiled sinisterly, reading the regret and fear on the slave’s face. “Go now.” He said one more time in a soft tone, saying no more before standing but silently placing the olive seed on his tongue, making the man feel forced into having to go and say this to Envy herself, a woman who was in fact pregnant, and pregnant meaning hormonal. As was about to leave the door Kai took a sharp breath in, and then out again, but this time through his mouth, shooting the olive out, and with the help of telekinesis, curving it, and not even turning away as it hit the man in the back of his brain, just above his neck, causing him to fall forward before the doors of the study. Kai knew he could take it out and let the man heal naturally, even though it could take a long time, but either way it was punishment that Kai believed he deserved. He wiped his hands on a napkin calmly before waving to one slave, mumbling, “Clean that up.” It was only then that he heard footsteps approaching, and by the feel of it, Valkoor and Envy. Only that Envy had a more defined presence. Perhaps it was the fact that she was queen. ‘No matter.’ He thought to himself before facing the door, looking above the slave dragging the seemingly lifeless body to the infirmary.-

EnvyVendassin: - Looking up to him, his eye's narrowed but before she noticed anything his attention fallen back on her quicker than it did as it drifted away momentarily ago to have ever notice what took him away for that second, and his touch on her stomach made her smirk. . . " You do know, their way of life will be harsh, and at the end... They will be great. " . . She couldn't help her eye's dancing from one of his eye's and then to another and repeating the look as if she was talking to two souls. Not saying he had two soul's in him. Outside the villager's the rouges and a few God awful people roaming about on the bridge couldn't help to see a person near the dragon bones in the water, once one noticed than another, and then another. Soon the right side of the bridge was filled with people talking about. One humongous fat man eating a 2 foot baby lambs leg, wobbled his way to the side, pushing the smaller people he mounted over in his fairly large 7 foot figure. . . " perkelti! perkelti! . . He demanded those much smaller out of his way, looking down to the man. . . " Ar išprotėjai? " . . He asked, not sure if the man below new Lendalen language, the fat man devoured another large chunk of meat in his mouth, and even though the cold is around them clearly 24/7 he was sweating like a hog. Those around the man could smell the salty sweaty ball's from his very body even from ten feet back. People covered their nose's and made horrific horrid faces to him. Back inside the Capital, Envy looked to the small figure of the woman against the door frame, and out of normal reaction she stepped back from Valkoor. This would be the second thing he would notice from Envy off from when she asked him to call her by her first name and not nicknames at the Ball a month ago, she pulled away as if nothing was happening. . . " Ah.. Yes.. This place you can get lost in. " . . . She walked to a near by table playing with the lilies, soon a crashing of an object was heard, and that surly caught Envy's attention. Her head turned to her right, her face expression displayed curiosity, slowly she walked towards the hall, and as she grew near she saw those walking fast away from Kai's room he kept to himself. A ' Thump ' Was heard after becoming about 5 feet away from the door. SHe knew it was a body, and had hoped it was not Kai's, but knowing the servants and slaves hurried away like they did with out informing her, it had to be something different; Placing a hand on the door she pushed it open as she called out. . . " Kai? " . . . She would than hear her son's voice ' Clean that mess up. ' Was his words. Once she past through she saw a lifeless body on the ground. She stopped in her footsteps. Her eye's trailed back to her son's tall figure. -

JackShadow99: --A figure could soon be seen in the distance if anyone thatheard the noise paid any attention to it as something out of the ordinary, but wouldn't be too surprising to hear abnormal noises in the distance. Jack body came in at an angel hitting one side of the crevase wall, an causing a large chunk of ice to crack and fall off and into the water, splashing near by villagers who watched instead of running like thay should to avoid themselves getting soaked in the breath taking cold water that never froze due to the waterfalls keeping the water constantly moving. As jack came down into the village area after his body slamming into the wall of ice, his limp body cracked the concrete when he fell into the ground of the village, sounding as ifhe broke something. One village female screamed from surprised and almost getting hit by his body. Kids ran behind wagons and parents whispering to each other as his body laid there, and merchants watched in silence as thin layer of water very slowly flowed under their feet. Looking closely enough some would notice that a little blood that Jack coughes into his mask was dripping out from under it, and into the water. Jack had his claws extended out of his finger tips, and his sword that he usually carried wasn't on his back.

Bonk: As another entered the room, Valkoor felt the abrupt departure of Envy's stomach against his hand. This sent a surge of almost anger through his body, as his eyes snapped to her with her step away from him. His hand froze where it last set, he would wonder as to why she pulled away. Though, he was never one to act against her, especially when carrying their children. Though he knew the reasons behind these subtle differences, he could not help the fact that he wished these things would not pass. His hand hesitantly falling to his side, he would hear the crashing sound of an object, with other voices following. His ears took to this happening, before all he heard was the words of Kai, ordering for something to be cleaned up. When he came back from his listening, he realized Envy was no longer standing in front of him, only that she had already headed towards the sounds. Out of habit, he would turn and follow quietly, not speaking to the other woman as Envy and their children were his priority. Catching up to her as she pushed opened a door, he would soon realize that it was Kai's room, and a corpse against the floor. With a moment's passing, he would seem to speak to himself. "I see..." His eyes would lift to Envy, and then to Kai, as he simply stood, wondering what had happened, though he already knew. His only choice was to wait and see what Kai would do, as well as Envy, and only hope that nothing bad could happen to either of them.

Viridesce: Instead of letting the seconds tick away, Abub decided he would at least find out what this place was. After all, how would his brothers find him when he didn't even know his current position? With careful steps, he made his way along the long piece of bone that led back toward the bridge. It was then that he finally noticed a gathering crowd on the stone bridge, many of whom were yelling stuff in a language he wasn't familiar with. "Oh shite," he thought, the bottom half of his mouth dropping as he gazed up at the many strange faces. A being without an ability to speak, Abub could only communicate telepathically, which meant he could neither depend himself verbally, nor explain his situation. So, without much consideration, Abub did what he had done many, many times before--he used his Stink Cloud* (creates a bank of fog with nauseating vapors). Not only would this foul smoke be nauseating to those in the vicinity, it also provided a much needed cover. Once the immediate area was filled with a yellow-green mist, Abub quickly dropped onto the water as soundlessly as he was able and waddled his way underwater to another side of the bridge, far from the commotion. When he was finally floating next to one of the other bridge's foundations, Abub made a quick jump upwards, shooting both arms up to made a grab for the top ledge. Luckily enough, he did make it with that one leap, though he still had a hard task of pulling himself up onto the bridge. Hoping that no one had noticed his unconventional escape to this area, since most people had gone to where he had been, Abub completed his ascend, then quickly skittered into a shadowed void by the side of the huge stone structure. While all this took place, wasting an approximate universal time of 2 minutes and fifty seconds, his brothers were appearing on the other side of their destination. Of course, by then they would be a long way away, in another alien place so completely different from where Abub was. "Now where the hell is Abub?" one of his brothers thought to himself. "Now where the hell is Abub?" his other brother thought to himself. On the other hand, Abub was finding out slowly just where he was exactly.
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KaiErgoVendassin: -Kai wiped his hands on a small napkin again, he did it as if he was wiping the unjury of the man from his hands. Something that he did now all the time after someone had died. He did not look up,but he knew immediately that Envy had treaded upon the reflective floor of is study. He looked up and out of the window, seeing the weather again and laughing alittle bit at how it could not dampen his mood. "Nice to see you dropped by.You are just in time aswell. i was about to come to you." He waved over his shoulder, his back still to Envy as he wipd his hands vigorously for another few seconds. "That slave is not dead by the way. Just immobilized until that olive seed is removed. And then he will heal." Kai shrugged, knowing what he was talking about. He walked around his desk quickly and looked to his food again, picking at it abit as he spoke. "Did I tell you, or id a messenger tell you.. I did alot today. I am quite proud." He said while eating, not looking at Envy because he knew if he looked to her eyes, bad thoughts would stir in his mind, only by the fact that he was weary of the reason she had come to him of all people after months, even though it was only this day that he had gotten everyhing done. Was it because of this that he was in trouble? His thoughts were everywhere. He could not even think about one thing for long in his light mood.-

EnvyVendassin: - Stepping over the body as the servants pulled him away, . . . " Ah, I see. " . . . Placing both hands on her stomach, threading to the far right of the room to a near by study chair, watching her son come around to pick at his food, and as she watched she gazed at the food to her own thoughts; Soon she replied. . . . " I am afraid no one have even told me you have returned, and here you are. . . " She paused and looked to the body which was there laying on the floor gone, but instead she saw Valkoor, and with her eye's she gazed at him for a moment hoping he would stay in hall as she spoke to her son. She knew Kai all to well, once he gets a glimpse of her she was more than sure he would have some kind of reaction, and once her eye's moved from Valkoor and back to Kai she continued on. . . " I am sure you are what I and you're. . . " She stopped again to not utter the words of his real father. Changing the word quickly she used. . . " People.... Is what we expect from you. " . . . She held her tongue after, watching Kai she did, and noticed how much he have grown. -

Bonk: Following Envy's movements with his eyes, he knew this was not the place for him to speak. This was something a mother and child would speak of, and he would be left to wait and listen. Quietly, he turned to face the opposing wall, whirling his frame to let his back press against the cool bricks as his arms folded across his chest. A leg brought up to prop himself against the wall, he would only look to the seemingly dead body lying on the ground, feeling a faint heartbeat from their body as he allowed Envy to speak with her son without his interruption.

KaiErgoVendassin: -He was acting normal, all until he heard the hesitation in her voice, and it was then that he froze, and looked up to see her body language. Something he did to everybody out of habit, able to decipher their thought processes only alittle bit easier when they had slipped or stumbled int heir words. He was yet to do this effectively to Envy. Either she was not telling him something, which she clearly wasnt, or she said too much of something. Immediately, he realised both of his theories were correct. But the fact that they were correct bothered him, because he realised something he did not want to realise, even though, by the look of things, was inescapable. He looked from Envy's eyes, letting the foul thoughts flow freely, his pupils contracting fiercely as he looked from her face to her stomach. Her big round stomach. Too big stomach. Immediately he burst out in laughter, not wanting to even belive this. "Envy.." He said between fits of laughter. "Take theball from under your dress, I can't take you serously, I'm sure you und-der-stan-" He could not even finish as he continued laughing, at the back of his mind, still a little bit of doubt that she was joking. As he laughed, he did not even look at her, it would just send him into a fit of laughter again. Kai leaned on his desk, breathing in and out deeply while holding onto his stomach, trying to calm his stomach, even from the small amount he had eaten. After a minute, he stood straight, but looked past Envy, not wanting to look incase he began laughing again. Surely she would laugh along with him if this was actually a joke? He thought for a secod before pushing the thought to the back of his head. Perhaps it was just a joke, for the fact that she had come to humour him alittle, following his completion of his personal goal. 'Unlikely.' A thought at the back of his head said before he shoved it away fiercely and kept unusually optimistic.-

EnvyVendassin: - Standing there Envy's eye's sight had slowly fallen to the ground, her hands remained placed on her stomach, his laughter echoing in her head, and for some reason that one voice started to echo; like the last time when Elder Kimi was kidnapped and Envy lost it. She heard the woman's voice, being 51/50 unstable the voice mocked her once again like it did then, and the laughter swirled with Kai's mockery. From a whisper it grew. . ~" Aaaah, oh my.. To funny, even you're son is laughing. Weak... Look what... What you did to my name. None of my children would have been laughing at me. Pathetic.. Weak... And always beneath me Envy... Envy.. Envy.. envy.. " ~ Her name became a echo with Kai's and Sinn's laughter in the background, her head jolted to the right than to the left, her eye's shot to many different area's on the royal rug that covered more than enough of the floor in Kai's study. . . " Sh-shu- SHUT UP! " . . Eye's widen, her hands gripped her stomach in a strong grasp some what, and she looked posthypnotic. She was not laughing, nor would Kai see she was playing after that, and with a sharp tone she replied. . . " I am you're MOTHER. I brought you into this world and I can take you out OF IT! " . . . Her voice grew loud, more serious than she have ever been with Kai. . . " Do not EVER address me as Envy BOY.... Or people will remember as the Prince who ALMOST... ALMOST became KING. " She glared at him as if she lost it. -

Bonk: As he stared at the unconcious body, he would only think to himself as to what could happen. The only sounds he focused on, were that of the faint heartbeat in the body before him, and the two synchronized heartbeats within his chest. Though crystalized, the vital organ seeming so useless to him, beat in perfect time with the beating of the heart of the void, binded to his own as it fed from his essence with each second. The copious amount of energy flowing throughout him gave him plenty of time to be away from the realm, but knowing he had to return eventually would mean that he'd have to leave Envy. So he'd push himself until he could not stand it, before leaving. By then, he would only hope that their children were born, and that he would be able to leave with a stressless mind. Though, his thoughts would be cut off quickly by the sounds of Kai's unpredicted laughter. His head snapping up to look at him, and then to Envy, he knew this would not end well. With a gentle sigh, he would look back down as he spoke. "Here we go..." It was too obvious as to what was going to happen. Kai was denying the fact that his mother was carrying children, and trying to pretend that it was all a trick or dream. However, the soon to come slap of reality would cross him, and as he forseen it in his mind, it happened. Envy jolting up in a sudden rush as whatever energy she managed to keep began to flow with her anger and authority, her lethal tone burning through the air and scorching through Kai's and his own ears, Valkoor knew this was not good for herself or their children. With a sudden twist, his foot pushing him from the wall as he moved into the room quickly, he would stomp his foot down with a loud thud. The stomp already drawing a partial amount of pressure, it would send a light shockwave into the floor, quickly sending massive waves of heavy vibrations into the frame of the room to shake it, hopefully to catch Envy's attention. This was not to intimidate or threaten, but to only snap her out of her momentary rage. Looking to her with his stomp, he would speak out loud to her. "That is enough. Envy you need to calm down." He'd immediately look to her stomach, already knowing this would send a bad reaction to the unborn children still residing in her body. Then, his eyes would shoot up to Kai, and he would speak. "This is no time for games. But I ask that you keep whatever possible negativity to yourself, at least until our children are born." His crimson hues fixated to Kai, and then back to Envy, waiting for her to settle, and finally, back to her stomach, hoping nothing bad would come out of the moment of anger she had given to her son.

KaiErgoVendassin: -Kai stopped as he noticed Envy's mood change. Even though he wasnt looking straight at her, he could practically feel the change in the air. It was definately not a comfortable feeling, but then again, for Kai, there was nothing comfortable about being around Envy. As her mood changed, his did too. He was done trying to mask the fact that she was going to sprout a lmini her or two. His mood felt as if it was being dragged down to a place it did not want to be. A very bad place. He looked to Envy dead in the eye and narrowed his eyes, a sinister look crossing his features for a split second as she shouted. He watched her rage, almost laughing in hysteria. Was she serious? She thought she had the right to shout at him just for a simple matter of laughing? He did not care. It was clear that whatever she was spawning was playing pat a cake with her emotions. Before he even had control over his mouth after his silence and deep thought, he said to her in a loud and straight to the point tone, "Dont you EVER even DARE call yourself my mother! If there is one thing I could think you even insane for, it would be this!" He took a step to the left and looked away for only a split second before looking back at her. "Seriously? SERIOUSLY?" He asked rhetorically. "Do not insult your own intelligence! If you wanted to take me out of this world, you would have done it a long time ago, Envy, do not see me as a fool. Look how many opportunities have there been for you to do this? EVEN when you did not even know I came from you, you could have killed me so easily! And it was not like I was running from it. Each and every opportunity I opened death to deliver me from this pathetic thing you control of me called life!" He took a step back to the place he was before he moved and leaned on the desk again, gripping the sides, a vein in his forhead already visible. If there was a rage Kai had never portrayed, it was this kind. Even when he fought Envy, even when Ren had exposed him. As he gripped it, he could hear the light cracking sounds from the wood of it, groaning and failing to hold under preassure from Kai's grip. He then spoken a soft tone, his rage slithering its way through his teeth and drenching each and every word with venom, "All I have EVER done, ever strived to do was serve you and make you see me as even any person in general you could be proud of. But I guess I have failed. And this time I do not feel like getting up and trying to latch onto an already lost cause." He looked her squeare in the face and portrayed no other betrayal of emotion that the fact that there was a small crease between his now horizontal eyebrows. He lifted his head lightly, and felt a shockwave course through the room. Immediately he thought about what could have dont this, and ended up feeling about the presences in the palace. There was none but one other significant presence, obviously Valkoor. What was worse part was that he had walked into Kai's study and defiled it with his ridiculous intent. "Not within these walls, Valkoor." He said in a slow, slicktone without any hint of a joke, still staring at Envy. As he began to ask Envy to calm down, he looked to him and raised his eyebrow. As he did so, he noticed his eyes connect with his. Kai's eyes narrowed, in his mind, the words echoing, 'Our children are born'. His heartbeat raced and he took deep breaths. There were no gloves to restrict the flow of his aura, and he was definately feeling the strength of it rushing through his veins. He looked from Envy to Valkoor and back repeatedly, still breathing heavily with a now disgusted/fierce look on his face. He could not even find the words now. Rage turned to blind rage. Even in this blind rage though, he did not feel like getting up to attack. As a matter of fact, except for his eyes, nothing moved. his body was almost numb with rage and stress, almost building up to the point of his unknown extra strength.-

EnvyVendassin: - Her attention side tracked to the vibration of the floor, and the wall's that moaned from the metal which shook within it. She looked around, than to Valkoor, his stance tall and his posture hard, and his words firm. Telling what is enough, as if it was some command, with a sharp twist in her mood she snapped back with a crude reply. . . " You are not my husband, and you have no hold on me in anyway. Do not think for ONCE.. Because we have laid with each other you have a right to request such a thing. " . . . This was her, this was the Envy that people knew, and the months being in solitude with Valkoor made her weak in a sense she had just found out. She felt it, the power, the strength, and most of all.... The voice that over came Sinn greatly. Even though he spoke truth, her hands grip on her stomach easily released quickly after he grabbed her attention, and so it would seem she rebelled to his request his actions did snap her back and realized her grip was a little to harsh. Looking back to Kai his words hit her like a brick, but she had no feel towards it, and did not regret what all she put him through to become such a man that stood before her to this day. She could feel the rage that vibrated off him, the thought of the only good memory he left in his life was the first spar they ever had, and he she didn't even know that was her own blood. The fact once he revealed his self at the Temple at a distant Ball long ago changed her and his world. She was cold towards him, her thoughts replying in her head, walking towards her son. . . " I know this life is not easy Kai, and the only reason why you are alive.. My son... Is because you prove to me everyday you are the best that Sinn and I have ever had. Even you're father is proud to watch from a distance how much you have grown. " . . . The first time she had ever spoken about his father was than, as she attempt to reach to place her hand on his right cheek, showing only once her care for Kai, and she only did this about two times in her life. Once the touch would connect if did so. Her hand bare against his skin would be warm and hard from the calices, it showed how hard she ever worked in her life, and that everyone .. Even her pay's a price. She held King, she held no weakness because there was no place for it, and she even killed her own kids. Out everything Envy paid the ultimate price. She whispered for him to hear. . . " One day Kai, you will understand what I have given up... When you become King.. " . . . Her hands would caress along his face when she said this, and her eye's softened like just as the same when he was born; He would not see this. Isis in the hall watched from within the dark, her chilly presence suppressed to ever be noticed, she always lurked around the Capital unseen, and always near Kai and Envy. Even she felt Kai's pain. -

Bonk: His frame shifting as he stood more straight, he would speak in a solid tone, one giving the sounds of not authority, but toxin. "That is where you are wrong. I may not be your husband Envy, or your love, but you carry our children. Not your children, OUR children. This is not something you can put down, and I will not allow you to bring harm to yourself or our children, as long as you carry them. Feel free to show your rage and resentment towards my words, but only after the children are safely born, where your emotions can not harm them." Looking over to Kai, but then quickly back to Envy, the only time he ever showed any signs of possible rage, would be with his final words. "THAT... is my only hold on you, and as long as our children are still unborn I have that right to ask that you keep them safe. Choose to ignore me if you wish, but pray that your actions do not bring harm to them." His eyes looking away from her as he turned from her completely, he would walk quietly out of the room, and down the hall to find the main room, allowing Envy to speak with her son in private, and hopefully in a peaceful way as he found a couch against the wall in the main room, quickly falling against it to wait for Envy to return.

KaiErgoVendassin: -Although he was not in the right place right now, Kai felt some satiscaftion in Envy's words to Valkoor. He knew Envy would have this reaction, but Kai was definately not in favour of his study being crippled into a deformed state. He watched her hands over her large stomach and made a light sound of disgust in the back of his throat. As she continued, he watched her. 'What does she know of me? Honestly? That 'this' life is not easy?' He thought to himself. 'How late she is to try and be sympathetic. The ones that recieve sympathy are the foolish ones who end up falling because of the fact that they realised someone actually thinks of them.' He knew the way she brought him upwas nothing but a way to make him tough like this, but even still, she barely was there anyway. And he did not care. If anything, he was greatful. It meant that he could feel this hostile toward her without repurcussions, and it was exactly what he took advantage of. He was smart enough to assess all his options and the loopholes they contained, and that is what he had done from day one. He continued listening, his heartbeat still racing from the rage that began to wind down, making him see clearly now, but still be sharp enough to retaliate to anything. He knew Envy was pregnant, but there was no garuntee that she did not have a trick up her sleeve. Her words reached Kai's ears and he worked over them in his mind. In the end, he knew she was not serious. There was a reason she hadmentioned his father. Perhaps to throw him into deep thought? 'Please.' He thought in a bored tone. Before replying, he stepped away from her hand. "You do not have to try and comfort me. Just say what needs to be said." He said in a straight tone. He was not int he mood for her sympathy, and neither did he want it. He just wanted things to get to the paint and stop skating around the matter at hand. He knew that even though he was all over the placeright now, that this would set things straight just alittle.-

EnvyVendassin: - His abrupt words and his sudden subtraction from Kai's study, she heard clearly even with out looking his way.. Even in a sense she could feel the anger he had just a little but not literally. As this happened, Isis watched the man name Valkoor, which she watched for months from a distance, walk down the long stretched out hallway to the main court, and in silence he remained.. In darkness she claimed. Till she got a telepathy message from the only person who could pin point her very existence less than a second, and with that message alone she stepped out of the darkness. Passing the open door's of Kai's study, if one did see her, they would only get a glimpse of her white tights with her teal latex knee high boots, and her halter top teal jacket tightly zipped and fitted around her 37D cups and ran only down her arms. Her stomach bare for all to see, her abs tightly toned just like Envy's, and her white long hair past the back of her knee caps. Not even getting a chance to even catch her white and light blue to teal as well mechanical breathing mask on her face or her teal aqua eye's. She walked down the hall after Valkoor, ' Click clacking' her boots went, against the solid floor of inside the Capital's wall, and as she turned the corner she saw the man she was ordered to have a word with. Her stride became a slow rhythm for her boots colliding against the foundation she walked on. The mounted ice daggers behind her lower back made no sound as she walked on, approaching him slowly she did, and soon she yield about 5 feet away from him. Fixing her black and teal gloves that displayed a toxic symbol on the forehand of each glove, soon she motioned it to the back of her body to interlock her finger's, standing with both legs parted across from another, and the breathing from her mechanical mask sprayed out from both sides a cold fog. Loud this was, as her words she spoke sounded like she had a voice scrambler on. . . " Envy will be with you shortly, Kai is her first in her clone state, and you're unborn children will be her last. " . . . Looking across from him. If he noticed closely, she even had the black horns like Envy, and behind she held icy spikes going down her spinal cord within her skin. Else where in the Kai's study, Envy closed her eye's momentarily, her hand pulled back to her, and as she turned slowly to face the door. . . " Kai, you are my son.. You are a Vendassin.. And none the less and Ergo.. " . . . The first and only clue she ever released, this is something she did on purpose, walking towards the door, and she couldn't help this sickening feeling she had when he did pull away. She knew her unborn will soon do the same, and learn to hate Envy. . . . " I expect nothing but greatness from you, and for your brother and your sister to look at you as someone they can become evious towards. " . . . She walked out, leaving those words behind, and heading down the hall. This pain in her chest, she knew she was human once, and she knows she has feelings but the fact she doesn't embrace them does spill out sometimes. At her 11th step her water broke from the stress replying in her mind, she sided to the right wall. . ." Oh.... " . . . She placed her right hand on the wall as her other grabbed her stomach. The liquids of her water busting ran down her leg. -

Bonk: As he sat against the couch, his wings tucking against the cushions as his frame shifted forward, his arms brought up to support his head as the knuckles pressed against his chin, propping against his knees as he thought to himself, he would barely catch the presence of another, strange being, dressed in a rather bright coloured outfit, but having some similar properties as Envy that Valkoor easily recognized. From her toned body to the horns of her head, he figure was almost identical to Envy's, but at the same time carrying its own identity entirely. The mask across her face being a loud one, hearing her words sounding so strange from most likely the effect of the mask, he would only nod to her speaking of Envy, before looking back ahead. Moments passed, and the only sounds to be produced in the room were that of the other stranger. Only a few more moments, and Valkoor would hear Envy walking down the hallway, before suddenly hearing a sound he was not expecting. As she released a single, "Oh.." his eyes snapped open, and in a single motion he stood up and spun aruond the couch, evading the stranger easily as he stood at the end of the hallway to see the water run down Envy's leg, spilling against the floor as she pushed against the wall, holding her stomach. He knew it was time, but the fact that he had never experienced something like this, almsot made him panic. However, keeping his thoughts calm, he would move to her, his hand held out as he lower his head to her level, the concern lighting his eyes as he spoke quickly. "Let me get you to the couch." As he waited for her to take his hand so he could take her to the couch, he would call out to either the stranger or Kai, hoping one would be able to assist. "Could someone get a healer or a nurse.? Envy's water just broke. It's time." Whether she took his hand or not, he would ready himself to move her to the couch in case she couldn't, but only waiting to see if she could walk first before doing anything else.

EnvyVendassin: - She collapsed, her breathing became heavy and frantic, Isis knew .. She could basically feel Envy slipping into a cruel state of baring the babies she had been carrying for nine months, calm and collective she remained as her eye's followed but not her head, and once Valkoor left out of her sight she closed her eye's; remaining where she stood. Envy knew pain, this pain she felt with Kai before, her Virginia already dilated in 4 centimeters wide, and having Valkoor near she felt safe in a sense. This is her weakest point, is when a Forsaken... a Vendassin bares their baby, laying back against the floor she yelled in pain. At the end Isis's name was said. It was than Isis moved towards their way, pulling her gloves off and cuffing Envy's silky dress over her knee's and pushing her legs apart, and swiftly she withdraw her ice dagger from behind her slowly as she looked to Valkoor. Isis was her own person and she knew Envy was at her weakest and knew she could kill her, Envy eyeing Isis she didn't even trust her either, gripping slightly at Valkoor's hand, and slowly tensed up giving Isis a filled hatful look. She slowly cut the undergarments that covered her expanded Virginia off her, glancing down as she did this, and back up to Valkoor. She placed the ice dagger on the ground. . . " Wait for it Envy. " . . . Envy screamed once more. -

Bonk: His eyes widening as she seemed to almost collapse on him, he kneeled with her as the stranger moved closer. He had no idea what to do, but as the strange pulled out a dagger, Valkoor's eyes locked to it, before Envy took his hand. Looking to the contact, he spoke out loud. "We're not seriously about to have these babies come out in the hallway are we.?" Looking around, he searched for any possible servants that could see this, but to find none. 'Where the hell is everyone.?' His thoughts replaying in his mind as he looked at Envy, seeing her look strangely at the other. Looking to the stranger, he was not sure if she should be near Envy, but the fact that she could be the only person to help them kept him from making her leave. His eyes kept to her, waiting for any sign of malicious intent, but keeping by Envy as she held his hand, and he'd look to the stranger. "We need to move her, this hallway is hardly the place to do this there is no room."

EnvyVendassin: - Isis looked to Valkoor. . . " We can not move her, when birthing.. You must birth where you fall, she can die... She is weak, and after this she will be even weaker. Moving her can cause her to bleed more than she should. She is only human after all... Baring your God forsaken race. " . . . She didn't mean anything to her words but truth. Servants hurried beside the three with a bowl of warm water and towel's, putting the best clothes down around Envy, and placing everything needed around them. Isis looked once more. . . " Ok, Envy PUSH. " She barely knew what she was doing, but she read on it once she got word Envy was pregnant. Envy's yell became louder than normal, her veins popping from out of the side of her neck, and the sweat running down her body. Envy's body in a temperature higher to 1001.0, Isis didn't know of this right off the bat, and once she seen her crowning she spoke. . . " Stop ... Wait for it Envy. ". . . She rested, breathing franticly, her hair changed colors, a hint of purple started to show, and this was her natural color beside black. -

Bonk: After what felt like hours, Valkoor finally heard the sound he was waiting for. A crying sound, obviously male, as a servant took the first baby from the stranger, holding it to Valkoor to cut the cord before cleaning it. With a quick look, he would extend his hand, using his two fingers to make a scissor-like shape, pressing it down on the cord as it easily cut away from the pressure, hearing the cry of the child as the servant began to clean him. Now, he'd only wait for the servant to finish, to hand their child over to Valkoor. Meanwhile, looking over to Envy, seeing the pain and exhaustion across her face, he'd only smile softly to her as he spoke. "He's beautiful, even if he's covered." Only hoping this would bring her some comfort, his hand still in her grip, he'd only wait for the soon-to-come screams and efforts for the second child.

EnvyVendassin: - Her breathing calmed just a little after the painful crowning of the second one, she smiled so tiresome but Isis's demanding her to push. Envy pushed once more, after about forty minutes Isis pulled out the baby girl, and passing it to the near by servant. Envy rested, breathing with relief, and couldn't understand how Sinn was able to get through this and some how she did that same. She had bared a set of twins. -
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AiiZebreamVendassin: The warm cul-de-sac for which she lived for as long as she could remember soon seemed to grow larger. The warm fleshy lump she felt beside her was now no more. Where had it gone? She began to miss the closeness she had felt with it there, the area just seemed so much louder and big without it there. New sounds were filling the liquid around her. Unable to make out the sounds, she moved her attention to the quickening double thump she had heard also for as long as she could remember. It was faster than she could ever remember, what was happening? Feeling a strange pressure against her lower half she felt the liquid and the long string she had once wrapped herself up in (embilical cord) was now pushing her towards a, what seemed to be, smaller area of her home. The pressure against her head was growing, squeezing against her. To close, to close... She felt herself being pulled in the opposite direction as a rather different fleshy filling wrapped itself around her shoulders and head. The view behind her eyelids had changed, the blackness she had seen was now a dark tint of red. The air had also changed, there was no longer a liquid for her to swim in, only a feeling of openess was there. Almost out of instinct her lungs began to fill with her surroundings. It burned. The burning filled the new orifices across her face began to open as she sucked with her might to fill the organs she was now aware of. The sounds around her became even clearer, it was no longer a mess of mumbles and the thumping... Where had it gone? A sadness washed over her, these feelings were becoming overwelming. She focused on the red hue, what was on the otherside? Moving the skin around her face was more difficult than she had hoped, but her eyes soon began to peel open. The purple and crimson hues were now apparent to those who looked upon her. A genetic mutation... A wonderous happening of the word. The red hue was now gone, but her visions were still clouded with fluid and bits of flesh. Ready or not... here she was.

Bonk: As he finally heard the following sounds of the second child as she was born, the servants holding her out to him just as the son, for him to repeat his actions before they would take the child to clean it, he would look back to the son as a servant now handed him to Valkoor, his hand gently leaving Envy's but to adjust his frame for her to lean against his shoulder if she needed, he would position his arms as he held their son. Looking to him for a moment, his eyes lighting with the realization that the moment was real, he would but stay silent, letting all he had to say flow from his eyes and into the body of his newly born son.

EnvyVendassin: - She relaxed against Valkoor, inhaling and exhaling slowly now, and noticed Valkoor had placed his eye's on their new born son. Envy loved the gender of male before female she quickly requested him, her arm's out. . . " i want to see my son. " . . It has been a long time since she had a baby in her arm's beside Kai when he was born and those she killed with her bare hands, it surly has been a long time, and she she remained in wait a ssmile crept along her dried lips. -

NeroZebreamVendassin: Nero would stop crying in his fathers arms, lay there with his mouth closed for a few minutes. he'd merely lay there, quiet, and lax. Only fussing occasionally when he'd hear a servant for a brief moment, before being quiet again in the arms of family.

Bonk: Looking to Envy as she asked to see their son, he would slowly hold his arms out, to allow her to take him into her own arms before looking back to the servants as they now held his daughter out to him. Holding his arms for her just as for his son, he would look to her, his crimson hues lighting as he held her in his arms quietly, wondering what could possibly be going through her mind. Reluctantly pulling his eyes from her, he would look over to Envy for a long moment, before glancing down to his son as his eyes lingered against his face for a moment, and then returning back to his daughter's face as he kept quiet.

EnvyVendassin: - She held him with care as her eye's befall on him. . . " Oh.. My sweet .. sweet Nero." ... Embracing him with the care adn love hse only showed once before towards Kai when he was born. She looked down at him, giving a tender true smile tohim, and waited for him to open his eye's. -

NeroZebreamVendassin: He'd then open his eyes. His eyes a slightly lighter shade of purple than his mothers, with a hue of red. The combined colors giving of a sense of endless thought going through the young child'd mind, such as "Where am I?" and "Why has everything changed all of a sudden compared to where I was?"

AiiZebreamVendassin: -She raises her arms up, they wiggle slightly as she has no strength yet. Her hands reach for her fathers face in hopes of grabbing a clump of hair or flesh. Her purple and crimson hues searched around the room, what a strange world this is. A soft cue slipped from her mouth accidently as she continued this 'breathing' thing.-

Bonk: Looking down to his daughter, her eyes opening to him, one of purple and one of crimson, he would almost smile, as her hands reached out to him. His head lowering as her tiny hand pressed to his chin, he would smile warmly as he spoke. "Aii..." Looking down at her mouth as she continued to breath, he would continue. "Beautiful...." His arms adjusting, he would continue to seem hypnotised by the life in his arms, as he watched her every moment, feeling the beating of her pulse through her hand as it remained pressed to his chin.

EnvyVendassin: - Envy never asked for Aii the day of her birth, and soon Envy came around to the idea of a daughter. But was she going ot be like Ameki or Athena? Or how abotu Atlantiss? If she she is anything like Atlantiss, Envy knew her life would be nothing more but great days ahead of her time, and as the year's past Aii became close to her father more than her mother even though she loved her mother. Envy kept her space with Aii and closer to Kai and Nero. -
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Twin's Birth
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