We are the CruEnd Clan death is but a mercy. Pride... Is what we know... Defeat is unthinkable.
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 Ranks Within The Cruend Clan

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PostSubject: Ranks Within The Cruend Clan   Ranks Within The Cruend Clan I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2015 12:46 am

Vendassin Family (Royals)

Queen: Envy Vendassin

King: Valkoor Zebream

Prince: Zyse Yasuka Forsaken (Exiled)

Prince and Heir: Kai Ergo Vendassin

Prince: Nero Zebream Vendassin (The ill Prince)

Princess: Aii Zebream Vendassin

Infmormation- The Vendassin family handles the Nation's affairs, and the Princes and Princess only answer to Envy Vendassin and/or Valkoor Zebream.



First Elder: Lady Kimi Katsu

Second Elder:

Third Elder: Angelika

Forth Elder:

Information of duties-The Elders are the Judges, and the Juries of ZenDasalen and the CruEnd Clan. They are the second to the royals, meaning they have more decison than others, almost on royal level, only that they cannot carry self-handled orders out unless they have council with at least two of the Royal family members all together. They are also a last resort before royals would step in for conflict of war. You may seek them out for counselling, guidance, and approval of certain matters that shouldn't be bothered by the Royal family. Please note, the Elders are hardly seen, also never bothered unless the Queen request them or the people of ZenDasalen including CruEnd Clan members seek them out. Elders have a fate to their position. Being from such a high class rank comes with a strong price on their life, making them very touchable for Envy Vendassin to grasp. (Information is only enclosed to the Elders.)


First Advisor (War Don): Billy

Second Advisor (The Strategist):

Third Advisor (Protection Detail):

Forth Advisor (The Recruiter): Kyton Salvatore

Information of duties- The War Don, First Advisor collects information for war from the Vendassin family, carrying out preparations and monitoring the amount of soldiers available before reporting back. Along with this, he or she works with the second advisor to formulate military plans to present to the royal family before war. The War Don’s Domain is located in the heart of Endless days.

The strategist Second Advisor has only the knowledge told to him or her from the Vendassin family of the opposing armies, so that he or she may formulate a plan with this information along with the conditions of the time of war can differ in many ways such as weather, circumstances, and even time of day etc. Whenever it may strike depending if it may be them attacking, or the CruEnd Clan attacking. Which he or she would reside in the Fortress at the Capital or make frequent visits to the War Don’s Domain In Endless Days.

Protection detail, Intel’s of close watch throughout the Nation, the boarders forever being protected and guarded, and always roaming through ZenDasalen making sure order is placed. Background checks are a must, security is the utmost importance and the Third Advisor is to make sure the Nation is guarded, and especially when war is knocking at the door. Please note that the Third Advisor may select certain people to join under him or her within his or her Surveillance Dome (Located on the Map.).Where the Camera’s throughout ZenDasalen is watched by the task team selected under the 3rd advisor.

Now, at last the Forth Advisor, The Recruiter is the lowest rank but the most important one, it is his or her duty to recruit none stop, spread the name of ZenDasalen and the CruEnd Clan's name. Recruit the exiles, the forsaken, and the other unwanted creatures that look for a place in the world. So they may become foot soldier to do the Clan's bidding in order to enforce the furious valor and pride they hold. A recruiter almost never has a day off in times of war until only a few days before the actual fight. So they must fight as well, and also help out getting the foot soldiers in place. The recruiter may also sometimes take trips to the endless days to recruit some of the vilest and ruthless people to do the clan's bidding, depending on the way the royal's want things done.


CruEnd Hell Hounds
CruEnd’s Hell Hounds- If you are in this category, you have been marked as a hound. The topped group within the Clan that had been noticed by the Royal’s, the Elders and the Advisors. You take the most daring missions. You question nothing about the mission, besides what needs to be done. You sacrifice the most without a second thought, you almost think just like the Elders and Advisors when one would question about, what is the most loyal thing one could do for the Clan? The answer to a CruEnd Hell Hound is. Their life. That would be the most sacrificing thing a Hell hound could do. They think of nothing along the thoughts of betraying their Clan’s name, their Queen and any other authority above them and stand beside those who are below them in the Clan. They are obedient, loyal, fearless, and dare devils from all walks of life. They carry the pride of being a Hell Hound on their body without shame. Marking their self as a CruEnd Hell Hound. They speak nothing of their rank, seeing how they need not to prove anything nor would they feel to show anything besides their skill on how they made it there.

The CruEnd Hell Hounds are known within the Clan as trackers and assassins. A very high profile in ZenDasalen. One of them would be enough to take out a large group of people. So imagine them as whole. Which leads me to mention. The only time when all CruEnd Hell Hounds are to work as a whole hearted group is when war calls, working along with all who is a CruEnd lackey. Besides that, no more than three CruEnd Hell Hounds can be issued on a mission, unless special orders from the Royal’s. The CruEnd Hell Hounds war cry would lead them to howl, this would be done after a mission would be completed or even before it. It would be a sound just done by the sound of their very own vocals.

Special Division (Thee Eye)
Special Division (Thee Eye). This category means you have been selected by Envy in secret. You and you alone will only be the one who knows what you do. This doesn’t mean you are alone, no. There will be others who will be in the same boat as you. Seeing how you will know what you are, it shouldn’t be hard to recognize the others who also have been selected in private by Envy. The silence will confirm the unspoken words of who is in the same Division as you. What’s given by you is for you keep beyond you’re death. What you hear, what you see, and what you do as in where you go. You will act as if it never left a memory imprinted in your mind. If you are captured and tortured for information you know about the CruEnd Clan. The honor you hold will never allow you to break such a thing, giving up isn’t the way we CruEnd are. But perhaps a person in the Division do break, unfortunately it wouldn’t be able to happen.

The Special Division is the name, the other groups within the CruEnd will know of them by, but very hard to find one of them, for they speak not of their rank, nor are they seen a lot, also never interacts with other’s but tricks people as they blend in very well. Thee Eye, means a symbol of a willing curse to be placed on them by Envy Vendassin. To never speak of anything about the CruEnd Clan when placing information of duties and contracts of her personal affairs out and about to them. Let alone the missions she places for them. This curse will not be able to be broken unless all bloodline of the Vendassin family is dead. The curse gives a symbol like eye shaped burn on their body. This can be anywhere on their body. Which they too are set with a high set of skills to complete a mission and are also ordered to gather when War comes a knocking.

Sentry Unit
CruEnds Sentry Unit is a set group within the Clan who’s especially a soldier/guard posted at a given spot to prevent the passage of unauthorized persons. Whatever place that needs to be set up for watch, the CruEnd’s Sentry Unit will be there. They are more located at the boarder’s or at the Capital. Any other place would be requested for the person to be there. They are important but not important enough to be cursed or marked of any kind. But if fail on doing their duties they become disposable.
This set of group have their own back stabbing reputation among their self’s. Since it’s pretty hard to shine from this class, one would really have to make it known that YOU out of the rest is someone who is better, who is stronger, who doesn’t belong in the CruEnd’s Sentry Unit, and you can become of more use then that. Making you an underdog of the bunch but not worse than those who are sent to Endless Day’s because they couldn’t even make it on, as the CruEnd Sentry Unit. Now that’s bad. But none the less, if you truly think you made a friend with a person in this class or within this class, you shouldn’t think that way so suddenly, because they will throw you under the wagon for their own benefit in a heartbeat, the only time they wouldn’t, is when some are ordered to assist at war, leaving other’s to defend ZenDasalen.

Initiation Review

This means you are being casted to Endless Days till further notice from Envy or even from the Elder’s. It doesn’t mean necessarily you’re in the Clan. In fact you’re not in the Clan at all, but allowed to be in Endless days for the time being, which will be a struggle all on its own. There is where you’ll see the rejects of ZenDasalen residing at. Those who were placed there, but never looked at again when they too requested to be a CruEnd, are only used by the Clan as extras.
While residing in Endless Days you will be tested; just because you reside there don’t mean you won’t be tested. In all honesty, since you will be the new meat on street, people will take the opportunity to either steal from you or even kill you. Word of advice, if you are in this category make yourself stand out, shine from out the filth. Do something extraordinary to capture the attention of the Clan. Because let’s face it, you are at the bottom of the food chain.
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Ranks Within The Cruend Clan
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