We are the CruEnd Clan death is but a mercy. Pride... Is what we know... Defeat is unthinkable.
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 The Unwelcoming Horde

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PostSubject: The Unwelcoming Horde   The Unwelcoming Horde I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2015 9:26 pm

EnvyVendassin: The many days of back tracking to ZenDasalen. The smell of warfare in the air, raw blood from decaying carcasses, and the smell of sulfur filled the nostrils of the traveling, back to the capital of ZenDasalen. Throughout the walk the land became unrecognizable, what lies now is nothing but a shadow of a former land with even factual information couldn't make out how it could have looked before. Along the dirt path were long rows of mangled bodies where flies could be seen burring into the torn flesh of the dead, to place their young. The flies were making the carcasses their homes. The air thickened with rot as they travelled deeper. The earth bore holes and scars from battle, which time could only attempt to heal. Envy pushed her Clan onward without rest, there was much work to be addressed back at the Capital and resting would just keep them behind. The CruEnd Hell Hounds were use to Envy's hard push. It made them not tired or weak, but stronger. The further they carried on, the skies gave a more oyster color, and more heavy snow. The wind was like a brewing hurricane. whipping and turning, nature was cruel and brisk. But this was ZenDasalen, the visibility became hard to make out as they headed more into the North. The snow fell constantly, making it hard to see anything more then five feet a head. It made unknown travelers very disoriented when trying to seek out the Capital of ZenDasalen. Only the Clan truly knew the where about of the Capital is. But Envy new because her land talked to her and sometimes she would talked back. After many days what seem to be endless battles against the snow, Envy stopped in her stride. Her head remained the same, dipped down and her face hidden in the shadows of her trenched coat. There it was, the mouth of the Fortress and where she called home. Minitours and gargoyles were roaming about as the slaves and worker's did their daily duties. Envy scanned briefly as she and the rest gained closer, now passing the entrance where everyone made way for the returning clan. Whisper's and stares were a common thing here in Capital. Envy didn't give two shits about them. Faeces were thrown in the road ways and Envy stepped in it or over it. She was use to filth. Which was the main reason why ZenDasalen looked so horrid in its current state. The CruEnd Hell Hounds didn't follow Envy across the bridge, they blended into the crowded sector of the market area. Envy was the only one who walked across the bridge. The minitours just right outside the large double metal doors had sensed Envy and start to pull open the doors. Loud scraps against the ground were loud, but she was use to it by now. The vibration of the beasts were strong in every step they took. Envy was coming close to the end of the bridge.

Unbowed: The Aridlands always had this warm, piss-weak breeze running through them; first time visitors remarked upon it as being some sort of natural joke, an unfunny prank that taunted the usually parched denizens with the promise of cold air. It was far more malicious than this. As this wafting, warm little taunt trickled across the plains, the badlands, it picked up speed, sand and grit, building its clout; by the time it hit the Wasted Lands, where it had in times past worn pride-wrought cities to the ground, it was able to lift the rubble it had left behind, so that hard, whistling air brought with it hard, whistling rocks by the time it hit the Lady's Fist, seat of the reclusive Spider Lords. There, it ended. For reasons none had yet deciphered, the wind didn't continue past this barrier...in many ways, the Horde was this wind made manifest. Drawn from small villages and strongholds, from little clans and families, the Golden Horde had mustered into a force as equally capable at breaking cities as the wind of their home. It had grown large. In its ranks marched forty thousand Arid Wretches; the lowest of the People, these were small, scrawny, pale reflections of the Aridlander ideal; they were numerous enough to be useful as a skirmishing and warm-up force, at least. Each of them carried a light wicker shield, five javelins and their choice of short weapon; some falchions, some clubs, some axes. Some farmyard and butcher's tools, too, as they had to grab what they could get. These marched at the front of the army; behind them marched the Arid Brutes. These were slightly more healthy, if no less looked down upon; they were of medium build and wore light leather armour, thirty thousand strong, with leather shields and various melee weapons of various qualities. They were the medium infantry, if such they could be called; designed to open up gaps for the elite troops to flood into and break apart. Behind these were a thousand lumbering Hulks, large beyond measure; they stood at close to twelve feet, with huge, curving horns; many walked on the knuckles of their huge hands, or lumbered around like great apes. Due to their size, despite their stupidity, they were devastating melee combatants and been draped in leather and chain, some even armoured in warbeast gear, with giant plates of steel and spikes covering their fists. Behind these, the Horde's core; twenty thousand Arid Crusaders, shining examples of Aridlander breeding: tall, well-built and muscled, with fine horns and plate armour covering their bodies, they generally wielded large tower shields and long-handled axes and maces, to facilitate a shieldwall combat. These, notwithstanding the massive Onagers and Trebuchets that followed them, were the final rank in the Horde, as the elite troops rode at the front...behind their leader. A thousand massive, hulking males in dazzlingly built armour, practical to a fault, riding creatures that looked like scaled, multi-horned Rhinos, with mutations; these were the Arid Beasts. Each man carried a Haj'beth with him, the curved 'Warrior's Sword' that denoted their status, many wearing fearsome greathelms and in armour that made them, on a battlefield, fell-handed opponents. Despite these terrifying stature, they were nothing to their Khagan, their Lord; Onnias rode at the head of this army. They were riding for the Bone Gate, the ancient portal that allowed quick travel to the Wet Lands...and the dusk-skinned male seemed to be overjoyed at this prospect. Clad in thick plate and with Orthi fur lining his shoulders, huge gauntlets on either huge hands and a war kilt about his legs, Onnias seemed perfectly at home leading this land-scouring force. His mighty glaive, Godslayer, hung on his back; his eyes burned gold as they fixed upon the portal. Upon reaching its huge confines with his Horde, he concentrated heartily on the empty expanse, before raising an open hand and channeling a memory. He'd been to the capital of the fading Empire in times past; though obscured by snow and sleet, it returned in his mind's eyes as fresh as a daisy. Now, he would return as a Warlord, though he'd arrived a broken sellsword. With this thought in mind, the large, curving arms of the portal were filled with a translucent mist, which materialised shortly after into an image of the city's gates. Wonderful. Turning to look at Saija, who rode beside him, he spurred his Cauchemar into an easy trot and exited the portal within moments...followed by the rest of the Horde. It would be around five minutes until the Horde, in its entirety, had cleared the portal and now stood outside of ZenDasalen, a mighty host flinging dust into the air with each footfall. Thankfully, they were standing still.

TheSunlitBlade: The Arid Beast female sat tall on the Cauchemar looking to her father. Her eyes were white and sharp like a bird’s, contrasting her father’s gold. Angular features, not beautiful but symmetrical and proportionate to her face, looked to her Scourge riders with a leering gesture. Behind Sajia were five of her best men and comrades, each dressed in armor to represent the Arid Beast Caste with a mark of Sajia’s personal color, a symbol of her choosing representing their loyalty to Onnias’s daughter. Sajia fixated her eyes onto her black plated gauntlets, covered in leather to hide their metallic sheen. Her midriff was exposed, revealing a cut, topographic-muscular figure. Skin, like her father’s, was a dark grey hue. There was a patch of skin on her eye that pigmented lighter than the rest of her body, so in order to compensate for the deformity, she tattooed the shape of her skull in pale white ink, a frightening addition to her already aquiline features. Her main strength was speed and precision, meaning that she wore little armor and bore a high density muscular system. She was able to pick up sprints in high speeds, adding power to her hand-to-hand combat. Her figure was 6’8, weighing 260lbs, very tall and very light for her breed, but it only added to her deadly use of her body. When walking, she was long legged and lithe, giving her the nickname ‘DesertCat’ among friends, but they would never call her that to her face. The female Beast patted her dual hamaxes, sharpened and ready for combat. On her back was the known weapon for Arid Beast’s, the Haj’beth, but it was mostly for decoration of her caste. She will likely never use it in battle, instead she had a built in clip on her chest to drop the sword when she saw fit. Sajia hit her stirrups on her mount, the massive rhino passing through the Bone Gate with ease. She was blasted with cold air that took her breath away, and it took a few moments to regain control of her diaphragm. Her lips bared to reveal pearly teeth, in taking breath sharply into a hiss that matched the winds of ZenDasalen’s ice cold snow. Her scaled mount bellowed a sound of discomfort as she and her father waited for their Horde to pass through the Gate. Sajia activated a little of her Rage quality to warm her body up. Her heart pounded a little in her ears against the wind and she followed Onnias further into the land.

Tingle: s n a p. A twig or possible bone broke beneath Aii's heavy steps. She could have been to the capital by now and had been waiting for her mother to arrive. Traveling on foot was not her favorite. Her clothing was sparse and her tawny skin was hued with a soft pink. The cold didn't bother her much anymore as her own paradise was hidden within the snowcapped mountains of ZenDasalen's lands. Though the lands were covered with the shit remains of battles past and the poor, the smell was thrilling enough to barely make the trip pleasant. Sulfer filled her lungs; the smell of decay and Minitour patties began to creep in. After days of travel it appeared as though we had finally made it to the capital. As Envy ventured towards the castle, Aii slowed her pace. People of the capital stared and whispered as she passed. They probably engraved in their minds all of the events that had fallen here. Nero and Aii murdering their gifted animals at the Queens command. Anger that filled Envy as Aii completed her task. The unborn child burned from inside of her womb and the death of its father. Aii had been disgraced and weak infront of all of them countless times, but the fear that showed through their eyes was for Paella and not Aii herself. "Filthy..." Aii sneered at the onlookers and kicked at a few of their belongings that littered the pathway. If Aii were weak, she would have been dead by now. Garunteed by the hands of her own mother. Jogging easily to the entrance where her mother was headed, she evened their bodies pace. "Will there be a meeting or am I free to go?" Her hands sliped up her thinning waist and adjusted the belts that gripped just under her bust. Continuing upwards she grabbed handfuls of her greyed strands and pulled them behind her shoulders; rebelious strands fell back to their original position. Her plum and crimson pools traveled over Envy's face waiting for her reponse. Aii knew that she probably would not even look at her face. She had always mocked it ~Aii was just a pretty face~.

Tadasanity: -Tadashi was still as confused as ever. Since his resurrection, he'd visited a city-state, but was unable to discern any information from the people there. He had encountered a woman who'd said something about a ZenDasalen, which he assumed was some sort of sovereign state; the woman had had the air of nobility about her. However, he hadn't thought to follow or ask where exactly this land was located. He'd spoken with some of its citizens of course. More than a few were too frightened to speak with him, which was understandable, he supposed he looked quite intimidating. Some, however, had looked over with knowing glances in their eyes and approached him. He'd just spoken with one, who directed him upon the road he now walked. He would have taken flight, but he knew not these lands, the scape around him completely unfamiliar. He passed by a cloaked man, which would have seemed unremarkable if the man did not smell. It wasn't that the man smelled badly, it was that he actually bore no scent, which puzzled the dragon. Almost all things that he'd encountered, both past and present, living and nonliving, mortal and immortal, bore a scent. The only ones he'd met with no scent were gods and goddesses, which raised several alarms in his mind about the man. Even as Tadashi turned to look at the man, the man had stopped in the middle of the road and turned to face him. His face was cloaked in shadow, a shock of red hair falling from beneath the hood of the cloak that the man wore. Tadashi couldn't tell for certain, but he had a feeling this "man" was smirking at him. The man pointed to the sky in a northern direction. Tadashi followed his finger and looked up. A bright star hung in the skies, which were increasingly becoming cloudier. It radiated a purple light and Tadashi felt a sense of comfort, strength, and renewed vigor. The man spoke, his voice like that of a thunderclap echoing across a barren land.- Follow the Dark Star, Child of the Cosmos. -He said. Tadashi blinked and looked back down at the man.- How do you know what I am… -He trailed off, as the man had vanished without a trace. The dragon had no other leads to follow, no other direction, so he decided to follow the "man's" direction and head north. Tadashi was already an imposing figure. He stood at just over eight feet tall, broad, obsidian wings protruding from his upper back. From his lower back protruded a long, scaly black tail, lined with spines and tipped with grey fur. His eyes were like that of a reptile's and a brilliant shade of silver. His skin was grey and flawless, as if struck from marble. Black clothing covered the rest of his body. The arms, shoulders, chest, and waist were protected by heavy black armor. At his waist glittered a sheathed silver blade that radiated with its own platinum light. Tadashi crouched low and closed his eyes. It would be his first time assuming his true form since returning to life. His body spasmed and jerked, the sound of breaking bones cracking like a whiplash in the air. His skin turned from grey and smooth to scaly and black, matching the scales on his wings and tail. He fell on all fours and began to grow, his neck elongating, horns sprouting from his temples, teeth growing fanged and long. Spines shot out along his back, matching the spines upon his tail, and grey fur emerged upon his chest. His clothing and armor had been enchanted centuries ago to transform and fit his full dragon form as he transformed and it seemed the enchantments still held. Black, plated armor shifted to cover his belly, shoulders, and neck, with the sword belt and sword transfiguring to form a great, silver harness and saddle upon his back, set in between two of the spines that ran along his back. His hands and feet became clawed and six-toed instead of five, the armor shifting to cover his upper and lower arms and the back of his palms, leaving the elbows and knees uncovered to provide mobility. He grew to a size of forty feet tall and twenty feet wide. His wingspan was another twenty feet in this form. He spread those wings now, gave out a resounding roar, and took to the skies, leaving clawed impressions in the earth and tons of kicked up dirt in his wake. He headed north, not knowing where he was heading until he arrived there. He flew for days, the weather fair until he'd passed a certain point. Now, the skies were overcast, snow falling upon a land filling with death. Even through the wind and snow, Tadashi could smell rot, death, even sulfur. He saw carcasses of many kinds littering the earth below, dessicated bones lying astride these mangled bodies. The odor offended him, but was not exactly new to him. Indeed, he'd caused such death and destruction in the past. It was what attributed to his bloated form that flew through the skies steadily, if somewhat slowly. He did not intend to take a leisurely pace; the snow kept piling upon his wings and he had to shake it off whilst in midflight. It was infuriating, to say the least. The weather had long since obstructed his vision, but he could smell sharper scents up ahead, the smell of an inhabited city. Tadashi descended suddenly as the smells grew even sharper, along with the smell of… feces. He touched down before a particular mound of it itself; it lay in an almost obscured street that Tadashi had almost missed. Before him were stone creatures that Tadashi knew as gargoyles and filthy people that had an emaciated look about them. They had leapt to the side, however, as a force that looked more like an army stretched before Tadashi as well. At their head sat two beings that rode atop beasts that Tadashi had never seen before. He could see the bridge in its entirety as well, spotting another group of people, along with several more unknown beasts, traversing the bridge. He couldn't see through the wind and snow well enough to make out the forms. His long neck and head stretched out over the army that stood before him. He hoped that they wouldn't turn to attack him, but if so, he would respond in kind. They seemed to be waiting on something, so he decided to wait as well. He wondered if he should turn to leave.-

EnvyVendassin: As she grew closer to the eerie steps that led into the foyer of the Fortress, something stopped her before the next footfall. Envy knew her land well, much better then others. Throughout the lands of ZenDasalen there is nothing but graves. Graves upon graves which she can rise through necromancy alone. Envy didn't care who tread across her boarders undetected, she welcomed all walks of life, but it didn't mean she would like whoever it was that were just outside of the walls of the Fortress. She looked to the dark skies as she took a moment to think. She rolled her eyes close as she took a moment to inhale and exhale slower then when she inhaled. Envy slowly moved off to the side as if she was waiting for someone. She palmed the cold stone beside her as Aii asked her a simple question about the meeting she went all the way to Kai's place to make sure he attended the next one. (Envy) “Why wouldn't you be there, you're a Vendassin.” She simply spoke as if Aii was actually an equal, but Envy didn't look at Aii. She didn't for many reason's but the first reason was because she was a woman from her own bloodline. Suddenly the sound of wings were heard, Envy turned to look Isis but found an unknown man instead. She wasn't able to look past him but she knew there was something more then just him. Her lavender hues took in every detail about him and his attire but what was beyond him was something more, but Envy knew even an army of people couldn't fit into the Fortress area, due to the capacity of the people who occupied it.

Unbowed: With a look to his daughter, somewhat confused at the fact that nobody had made any motion out of their gates when the Horde turned up, he gave a little shrug; turning to the males behind him, he gave a shouted command in Geddik, the Arid Tongue, before pushing his Cauchemar into a trot, motioning for Saija to do the same. Around sixty of the mounted Arid Beasts behind them joined in this expeditionary force, riding through the throng of people with relative ease; when confronted by what was, essentially, a very prickly Rhino, people tended to move out of the way. Their ride continued for a while, Onnias directing them with some seemly notion as to where he was going; before long, the column stopped, as Onni had spotted who he wished to speak to. Turning to Saija, he spoke in Geddik once more. ~Stay close. I know not their intentions.~ Shortly thereafter, Onni's Cauchemar had stopped directly in front of Envy, leaning forwards a little in the saddle and resting his arms on his steed's neck; his golden eyes alighted on the female, a grin splitting his lips. ''Hello, Lady Vendassin. My, has it not been some time?'' Oddly enough, that particular salutation could be as well applied to Aii as to Envy, but he didn't specify. He seemed, for perhaps the first time in his life, comfortable. Odd, given the shit-filled surroundings, alien as they were. Unbowed: + Meanwhile, the Arid Crusaders forming the back ranks of the army turned, looked to the direction of the little 'thud'...and shrugged gently. It was a ridiculous reaction and, in most creatures, a fatal on, but in the Arid Lands Waste Dragons abounded. And they were tame. So, despite the colouring being different, they saw the shape and assumd it was the Arid equivalent of a kangaroo; potentially dangerous but docile, if left alone. Thankfully, Onnias was far enough forwards to not see this, and therefore not go into a vessel-popping rant at their stupidity.

InfinityImplosion: Walking silently through the canyon of the mountains the woman's body shivered slightly in the cold. Though she didn't exactly enjoy the lower temperatures they weren't detrimental till it started to get below freezing, and even then she could continue to keep her body temperature up so long as there was a light source nearby. The number of torches and flames that sorrounded the area were enough to keep her going, but that didn't mean that she wasn't deeply uncomfortable in the cold. The woman that slipped between the cracks of the mountains found herself coming to what appeared to be some kind of lake, passing by a numerous amount of beings and creatures that likely thought she was some kind of illusion. For a place like this, she looked so out of place that even the beating of her heart wasn't enough to convince them that she wasn't some kind of conjuration of a powerful illusionist who was either toying with someone or practicing. Aside from the fact that her outfit was that of something from an era that seemed to defy much of what was around her. Her hair was a deep red that dipped into a rather dark violet, the silken threads of her red to violet locks coming to encircle about her shoulders with a little bounce to it on every step. Her crimson orbs that gazed ahead of her held absolutely no pupils inside of them, her supple lips painted a lighter pink against porcelain features. The outfit that she wore clearly was not designed for this kind of weather, consisting of nothing but a light leather jeacket with a fishnet top underneath. Beneath the fishnet top she wore a bikini top to cover her breasts with two skull and crossbones symbols located on each supple mound that lay upon her chest. The jacket and fishnet top were risen high enough on her svelte frame to feature her bare midriff, sleek and slender all the way down to where her baggy black jeans met her naval. The dark jeans were littered with zippers and pockets that seemed completely arbitrary for the most part, though some of them clearly had a purpose. Upon her right arm though was a strange, and slightly creepy sight, that of a porcelain doll. The doll had red hair like her with a little bow in it, a pleated red skirt and black top, and the same color eyes though with pupils that were wide and had a style reminiscent of an anime character it would seem. The doll was only about a foot tall at the most, and almost looked like her if she'd been a little girl at some point. Of course she would note the giant horde that she was passing through, though unless one of them took note of her she would just continue walking past them and through what would be a gate of some sort, her arms crossed over her chest as she passed by a torch that went out almost as soon as she was past it. Again, she looked simply mis-placed, like a saltwater fish that was in fresh water for some unknown reason. Turning her head to the doll on her shoulder as she walked, she gave a bit of a slight gumble. "Yeah I know it's freaking cold Mal. Who's bright idea was it to come here anyways........what do you mean it was mine? I wanted to go right, you said left.....ohe shut it you porcelain stick figure." She grumbled, and as she did she started to grow slightly more agitated. Something about this place caused the woman's mind to be influxed with an emotion of simply discontent, as if something simply wasn't to the status quo. Currently, she's right past the gate, making her way further inwards.

TheSunlitBlade: “Yes, father.” Sajia returned in response with their language. She watched him as her mount trotted behind. Her white eyes took in the foreign surroundings that looked more barren in life than her home land. Despite having many people in the crowd, they were sullen and dirty looking folk. The carnage that laid waste behind them, the fecal matter that rested beneath them…all Sajia could think was that she would need to clean her mount’s feet. The offending smell was stark contrast to the cold that numbed her nose. While they rode on into the square, Sajia had heard against the wind the beating of wings and a roar. Glancing around, there was a black mass in the distance that glided in the air. Sajia had never seen anything like it and noted its presence should it come closer to their position. Her father interacted with the ZenDasalen women and stayed on her mount. These must have been the two he spoke of in their meeting the other night while behind the portal. Sajia stayed quiet and signaled to their men that they keep eyes on her and her father for any indication they were going to be needed.

Tingle:A noise of words interrupted Envy and Aii's conversation. She had never heard the language before and didn't care to know it. She assumed he would be talking towards her mother, most didn't come to talk speak with Aii. Shifting her weight to one leg she peered around their mounts an army or something or others followed behind them. It wasn't unusual for armed bodies to plow into the Capital. It was the norm and by this time Envy and Aii were completely unphased by any intrusion. Her gaze moved from the hord, across the man, and too the younger female mounted beside him. "Just along for the ride?" A smile more wry than benevolant slipped across her lips. Not caring for her response Aii began to slip past them to look out towards the other visitor. A loud flapping and dangerous thud echoed around the cemented yard. The snow was thickening and camoflaging the visitor, though the crimson pool detected the shape of a beast. A beast Aii did not recognize.

Tadasanity: -Tadashi snorted, his hot breath clearly visible among the cold air. The horde had taken notice of his arrival, but their ranks viewed him with disinterest. Their reaction perplexed him, but he was grateful nonetheless, it meant they didn't see him as a threat. He began a silent incantation. For him, silent incantations, curses, and charms took longer to materialize. It was why he preferred to use magic in his humanoid form, when he could speak. He finished about a minute later, his platinum eyes glowing with unnatural light. His vision unobstructed, he could see the bridge clearly now, along with the people that walked along it. Among that group of people, he could see a familiar form. It was the woman who'd spoken to him days ago! So, this was ZenDasalen then. He thought that the land had seen better days, it looked to be in disrepair, but the keep beyond might prove him wrong. Beside her walked another female, bearing some semblance to the woman. Tadashi blinked and looked closer before deciding he needed a look up close. He very much doubted his bulk could fit upon the bridge, so he began to transform once more. He gave a groan as his heavy bones broke and reshifting, shrinking and restructuring until they became humanoid. Within minutes, he'd assumed his humanoid, anthropomorphic form once more. He spied those two at the head of the horrid army trekking forth, along with a force of about sixty, strolling up to and meeting the woman. He also saw a woman that seemed out of place slipping through the ranks of the army to walk along the bridge as well. Well, might as well join them. Tadashi was a little too bulky to simply slip through the horde like that misplaced woman, but he could go over it. Tadashi spread his wings and jumped into the air, taking flight over the horde, gargoyles, and filth-ridden people. He landed gently upon the bridge, just ahead of the scantily-clad woman… was that a doll upon her shoulder? Shaking his head, the dragon dismissed it. His strides were long, well enough to keep up with the beasts of war that the aforementioned leaders of the horde rode upon. He had to force his way through the force they brought with them, his form clashing with their brutish ones and easily pushing them aside. He emerged just as the male struck conversation with the woman who'd spoken to Tadashi days before. He didn't want to interrupt, so he instead cast his silver, reptilian eyes to the woman who walked astride the other. He blinked and stared, though he knew it was rude. Well, who was this charming creature. Tadashi wouldn't say he was smitten, but he did visibly relax his tensed up muscles. He didn't speak to her right away, she had said some words to the other rider, the female one. Although, when she'd turned her attention away, he did match his stride to walk alongside her. He supposed, with all the commotion carrying on, that he might surprise her with his presence, but, even in humanoid form, Tadashi was not a hard person to miss. He deigned to speak to her then.- You and the other bear an air of nobility. She spoke to me about this fortress, I assume it is your home too? -Tadashi's voice was a strong baritone, a little harsh, but well-toned.-

Tingle:Envy moved her gaze to the man speaking to her. "It has been a while since that night in the rain..." A smirk slipped to her face. "What brings you and..." She motioned towards his hord, "your army to ZenDasalen?" Waiting for him to speak she examined the mounted woman. A strong aura resignated off of her; a great match for her unwed son, Kai. ---------- For once in her life Aii's eyes filled with wonder as the beastly figure morphed and changed it's Aura. Her crimson iris could see the very core of life and matter itself as it shifted and the golden flakes fluttered around his figure. A humanoid shape fell beside her. It was rare that anyone beside for family would tower above her, especially a full 8 inches over her 7'5 frame. ~I assume it is your home too?~ "For the most part." It was difficult to be intimidating to what she had just witnessed. "I am her daughter, Aii, though she'd like to deny it." She motioned her hand towards the purple haired woman, Envy. "I haven't seen your kind before." She continued to walk away from the hord, but kept her senses about her.

Unbowed: Onnias gave a broad, spreading grin. ''Funny that you should mention this, Envy. Before we should speak of such things, however...we should come to the reason for my visit. I heard that your holding was failing, your prideful land in ruins. I came to lend my strength to yours. Those men, and the siege engines that we have brought with us, shall serve you as watch-keepers and guardians for as long as you may wish, through me. Though it seems that the city's problems are not just a lack of protection...'' He looked about him now at the disarray, cocking an eyebrow. ''Should we go elsewhere to continue this? I should like to sit a while.''

Tadasanity: -Tadashi tilted his head ever so slightly as she. His eyes never left the woman, his eyes studying her frame. She was tall, not as tall as he, but few creatures were. Just like he, she could be intimidating, Tadashi saw that just by looking at her, but he was not. Rather the opposite, really. He kept pace easily, his massive arms folding across his chest while his wings drew about him like a cowl. It wasn't that he was cold; his belly burned with an everlasting fire, after all. His wings just did so when he was pondering something.- Why would she deny you as her daughter? -He asked. He wasn't so enamored that he was oblivious to his surroundings; Tadashi was always prepared, always a hairsbreadth away from violence.- As to my kind, I am but a simple dragon. A sentient one to be sure, one that bears the mystic arts of ancients, but just a dragon. -His eyes glittered when he said that; he was far more than just a "simple dragon" but there was no reason to cause alarm or explain himself to a stranger, however enchanting he thought she might be. He cast his glance to the male rider and Aii, mother, Envy, once more before continuing.- I could tell from a glance that you are unused to interactions. I understand, I was royalty once as well. People come to see your mother, do they not?

EnvyVendassin:Envy looked off, she noticed Aii walking and talking to a complete stranger who she noticed the moment he arrived just like the woman with the doll on her shoulder among the hord. Envy was keen on people who stood out. Her eyes glided back to Onnias. (Envy) “Just because you heard ZenDasalen is in need, doesn't make it true.”Envy flicked her wrist so he may follow, as she turned her back on him and the woman. But it didn't mean her guard was down. She walked and talked at the same time. (Envy) “I believe you mistaken ZenDasalen to be hurting because of its current nature, but trust me when I say this...” She stepped up the stair case right before she entered the foyer of the Fortress. (Envy) “This is how we live. People die and survive here. As for the protection you assume that needs to be addressed here.” She looked over her shoulder so he may hear perfectly clear. (Envy) “Just because you don't see protection, doesn't mean it isn't here. The Vendassin Family is perfectly known to hold its own. So looks may be deceiving.” Envy led them inside where it was much cleaner, like stepping into a whole different world compared to outside of things. Servant's never talked in the Fortress and never gives eye contact. They knew better, even to guests. She would only allow Onnias and the unknown woman inside the Fortress, if anyone else followed Envy would address it quickly once noticed. Assuming Onnias would know better, Envy led them down long halls where they cut a few corners just to get to main courtyard where they would have their meeting. (Envy) “Come, take a seat anywhere.” Her hand motioned throughout the whole place, including the thrones. Since Envy nor the royal family never sits there. (Envy) “Wine”... She spoke the simple word of her poison and quickly a male servant went to fetch it. (Envy) “Do you care for anything?” The main courtyard within the Fortress had many candles lit. Black and white was the main décor of the place. Most beautiful. Envy stopped in her slow stride to turn to face Onnias in the eye. (Envy) “Your hord is welcome to stay, just like anyone else, but in the city of Endless Days.” She arched her eyebrow, knowing exactly what Endless Days was a bout in her country.

Unbowed: Onnias gave a little laugh at that as they entered, eyeing her warily. ''Envy...between us, let us speak as rulers, if not as friends. Every time I have arrived within your vicinity, though I be penniless, broken, friendless and alone, you have striven to bind me to your family after some fashion. If you did not need me, there would not be such a haste to make me one of your vassals...let us speak plainly.'' He moved to sit near where Envy stood now, crossing an ankle onto the knee of the opposite foot, steepling his fingers. ''Let me, first, address matters of formality.'' He now waved out a large, clawed hand towards the young woman who'd accompanied him. ''This is Saija, my firstborn and heir. Saija, this is Envy...who I hope shall be sitting shortly?'' He disliked being talked down to from a height. ''Regardless of whether your borders are protected, Lady, your streets are squalid and rotten. Your people are tired and scared; ripe for dissent. Moreover, my Horde arrived outside of your city with a full compliment of siege equipment...where was the army rushing to meet this unknown force? You may trust in your defences all you please, but hubris has been the death of many a proud ruler. This, I have seen. Tell me now that my gravitas is surplus to requirements, and I shall take you at your word.''

TheSunlitBlade: Sajia nodded in mutual respect to her Ladyship, following along the brisk pace with her father. Long legs glided across the floor with ease as her shock irises took in the décor of Envy’s home. There was little Sajia could say or do at this point unless spoken to. At the moment, the floor was with her father and Envy. While paying attention to the conversation at hand, standing behind her father a few steps behind, the Beast female shook away the temptation of a drink offered by servant. She didn’t want it, not here. There was something about this place she found…hard to take in. In thought, Sajia lifted a deft hand to her longer horns, feeling along its shiny surface out of habit.

Unbowed:Onnias gave a little laugh at that as they entered, eyeing her warily. ''Envy...between us, let us speak as rulers, if not as friends. Every time I have arrived within your vicinity, though I be penniless, broken, friendless and alone, you have striven to bind me to your family after some fashion. If you did not need me, there would not be such a haste to make me one of your vassals...let us speak plainly.'' He moved to sit near where Envy stood now, crossing an ankle onto the knee of the opposite foot, steepling his fingers. ''Let me, first, address matters of formality.'' He now waved out a large, clawed hand towards the young woman who'd accompanied him. ''This is Saija, my firstborn and heir. Saija, this is Envy...who I hope shall be sitting shortly?'' He disliked being talked down to from a height. ''Regardless of whether your borders are protected, Lady, your streets are squalid and rotten. Your people are tired and scared; ripe for dissent. Moreover, my Horde arrived outside of your city with a full compliment of siege equipment...where was the army rushing to meet this unknown force? You may trust in your defences all you please, but hubris has been the death of many a proud ruler. This, I have seen. Tell me now that my gravitas is surplus to requirements, and I shall take you at your word.''

TheSunlitBlade: Sajia nodded in mutual respect to her Ladyship, following along the brisk pace with her father. Long legs glided across the floor with ease as her shock irises took in the décor of Envy’s home. There was little Sajia could say or do at this point unless spoken to. At the moment, the floor was with her father and Envy. While paying attention to the conversation at hand, standing behind her father a few steps behind, the Beast female shook away the temptation of a drink offered by servant. She didn’t want it, not here. There was something about this place she found…hard to take in. In thought, Sajia lifted a deft hand to her longer horns, feeling along its shiny surface out of habit.

Starscream: “Squalid, rotten, beaten down, and yet one of the richest and sought after.” A voice came as if it was reverberating from the walls, all until a pillar of white flames blasted from the ground, to the ceiling for a 4ft radius. Kai’s large 7.5ft figure wasn’t visible until a black silhouette was visible, that the flames began to die down. As the flames descended toward the ground from the top down, Kai’s white hair was visible first, cut short around the back and sides as to not hinder his sight during battle. His attire, a sleeveless form of armour which wouldn’t be apparent as armour until tested, was made of black Vendanium, the signature metal used by the Vendassin family. Kai’s bottoms, along with a half utility skirt of utensils paired with the rest of his armour would blend in with a normal setting, meaning he could walk around among common people with ease- except his appearance here in Zendasalen was all too notorious. Those who would mistake him for a common person, and do something which to him was out of line, tended to get off lightly if only their hand was decapitated from their bodies. “I needed not to be here to know that they didn’t run in fear of your arrival.” Kai said, before looking at his gloved right hand and then to the unknown man, his phantom eyes skating over his appearance before looking to the other unknown person in the room. “Does it not occur to you that this may happen every other day- except something may be lurking around the corner?” Kai said with a calm smoothness, waiting for a moment, his gaze staying still, before he shrugged lightly, his large form gliding over toward one of the seats opposite the newcomer, and placing his hands atop the backrest, one hand on either side, both gloved of course. Naturally, Kai refused to touch anything in Zendasalen unless it at least looked clean. If this were outside the doors of the fortress, Kai’s hands would be by his side, or his arms would be crossed in front of his chest. The slaves which tirelessly cleaned the place all day, said nothing as ever. Kai’s phantom eyes drifted, seeming as if he was distracted, but he was far from. The only thing he wanted to see was how many slaves there were in the throne room is all. He was not impartial to attention to detail. Anything out of place for a slave, and in this moment, he would have picked it out. These were things that every Vendassin did on autopilot, just to eliminate threats, and assess the risk of battle at every turn, not even because they wanted to, but because it was instinct.

InfinityImplosion: Others passed by the strange girl who had the doll that was grasping at her shoulder. She had only made it past the gate itsself before first a man and a woman on horseback sped ahead of her to greet the purple haired woman, and then shortly after them the dragon slipped by her as well. Her black heels clacked lightly on the now stone floors as she continued forwards, unfazed at being passed by or overlooked. The only reason she was here was cause she made a wrong turn, or a right turn......who knows, maybe this place would provided some kind of revelation that would utterly change her life. It could also provide just a nice warm place to sleep for the night that would guard her from the biting chill of the wind outside. Well, relatively warm in comparison to the snowy wasteland that she'd passed through. Seeing as how the one woman who was at least stated to be the queen of this land(which meant very little to the woman, if anything) walked on inside she took that to not that even if her presence was noticed, it was hardly given any thought. Good enough for her as she passed by any who didn't follow the purple haired woman who she learned was named Envy inside. Coming into the fortress she noted the change in temperature and adjusted her own body temperature accordingly. Outside she was running somewhere about 112 degrees farenheit, simply so her body wouldn't freeze when she didn't have appropriate clothing. Inside it was warm enough for her to allow her body temerature to drop to it's normal 64 degree temperature. "Dislike....I dislike, yes, dislike snow." She commented to herself in a somewhat far off tone it sounded like. As she entered her crimson orbs that held no pupils would take in her new sorroundings to get familiar with them. It wasn't so much that she was scoping anything out as just trying to be less....lost, not that she could get any more lost than she already was. Passing through the hallway and into the main throne room she would note the decor shifting from it's rather classical style to somthing far more modern. Not that this was of anything to note for her, given that her interaction with the outside world had been minimal at best. Still if anything the modern style of interior design would make her somewhat more comfortable, enough to go over to the piano and take the cloth that had been drapped over it's side to then wrap herself up in. Now wrapped in at least something that was enough to keep her somewhat warm she moved to the couch, only half-listening to whatever it is that the others were talking about. At the moment she had other things on her mind, like if she was goiing to stay here for the night or leave and then move on elsewhere.

EnvyVendassin: The swish sound of liquid pouring inside a glass, became music to Envy's ear's. Probably better in a perturb atmosphere. Yet this wasn't the case. Envy listened as she circled around to find her place at the round black table right under the falling drapes of silk. She sat where her glass was already placed. She sensed something different, always different when it came to her own kin. After hearing Onnias, she thought to her self. (Envy's inner thought.) ~”I was simply married and lonely.”~ The thought of her husband Valkoor crossed her mind. Would Envy seriously leave Valkoor for a man like so? No. That day when her and Onnias crossed was long ago, so why was he here after so long. She knew she and the family isn't ever here at the Nation since battles are always met off her soil. She eased her bottom into the seat with ease as she glanced up to take a look at his daughter. The only thing that crossed her mind was Kai, and thinking of him.. here he was. His voice very clear and gave a great point to Onnias's comment. She picked up the wine glass with three finger with care. With diligent slowness Envy looked toward the Princess Sajia as she placed the glass against her luscious lips . (Elsewhere. Outside.) In seconds from the right and to the left water shot up and cover the bridge, immediately the people on the bridge back up, and for good reason because they knew. Once the water met in the middle they formed a large circular ball that swished because of the water. The ball of water started to deep freeze from the bottom up, cracking sounds of spider like trails started to form. The ice was so cold water vapor started to form. Before the water vapor could form in its full extent the ball of ice dropped, scattering into shards. In the middle was Isis, knelt on the left with both fist's down on the ground. Head in a bow and her wings sprouted from behind her. Those beautiful unique set of wings. From the Inner vane of the wing to the carpometacarpus were turquoise ice and from the pollex to the humerus was covered with Vendanium metal. From her head were two protruding horns, Vendanium overlays placed over them to signify the difference from any others. Gems and crystals were decorated among it. They stuck out from her platinum wavy long hair. Tied in a pony tail. Isis's mask covered the mouth and nose, a dense spray was released from the mask, after was reconstructing noses, and what followed was a mechanical voice if she would have spoken. She didn't look up, Isis remained head down in her submissive kneel. White on white attire. With very little black and silver entwined. Across the chest and down the torso was T sliced and another two at the hip bones, showing her icy scald skin. Isis skin looked smooth but rough as fuck, It could cut if one wasn't careful. At the back of her was her yari spear. Along with her ice daggers. On her left bicep is a unique Vendanium structure, in the middle is a solid circle, a button to be persist, and one of the many things Isis is known to use during battles. On her shoulders is white Vendanium shoulder guards. There she was, Isis. She noticed the girl with the doll clinging at her shoulder just turn the corner. She risen and followed. This was one of the many things she did within the walls of the Fortress. She followed her till she got to the courtyard of the Fortress where she saw Envy, the two other that came with the hord outside, and Prince Kai. She mind her self, she knew there was a meeting taking place. Envy glanced at Isis, this meant that Envy wanted her to address the unknown person at the piano. With long smooth strides Isis placed her self right in front of her. (Isis) “Come with me.” She spoke with a mechanical tone. (Envy) “This is my Son, Prince Kai. Sajia.” Envy said with such grace as she motioned where he was, just across from her father. Envy placed her glass down on the table, making just a slight tap.

InfinityImplosion: Another presence popped into the area among the hundreds that were already there. It was getting pretty damn crowded alright, and she was happy to hear of the creatures outside were being moved elsewhere. So many minds in one place were headache inducing after a while. It came from what appeared to be a drop of water being infused with what may as well have been liquid nitrogen with how quickly it froze and then cracked. It didn't completely catch her attention away from the others in the vicinity, but it was enough to cause her head to tilt slightly. She was so caught up in figuring out how to mimic the properties of liquid nitrogen that she hardly registered when the woman that had appeared actually came over to her and spoke. Blinking for a moment with the cloth wrapped around her body she looked up at the woman, giving a slight look of confusion at the words being spoken to her. It brought back a few unpleasant memories though she could already sense that this woman's intentions weren't nearly as unsavory as those from her earlier years. Shrugging slightly she stood from her seat, the blanket she'd grabbed still wrapped around her frame as she decided to do as she was requested. As she stood up her gaze slipped over to the man who spoke in a language she didn't recognize or understand. Even so, her cursory gaze of his sentient space was enough to pick up on some of the intent of what he said even if the words were somewhat lost in translation. "Mal's beautiful." She muttered under her breath while she followed the woman who came from ice.
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Tingle: Skipping foward she paused a moment on her left foot and swung around to face the male she had been beside. The belt and daggers gripping at her body bounced with her skip. Her legs easily adjusted walking backward infront of him. Her heterochromic eyes, one of lavender - the other in crimson, bounced back and forth between his own liquid metal pools. "She never wanted any of her daughters, besides one." She narrowed her eyes and left that as the explination. She wouldn't tell a perfect stranger the evils and trials Envy had put her through. She had been kind to Nero and her for a period of time, though even at her birth she was neither held nor named by Envy. Valkoor, her father, was her main caretaker. Though it had been seven or eight years after birth that they were able to see their true form. Pets were given to the twins, two dogs to call their own. They raised them, cared for them, and ultimately killed them. Envy threw her own dagger to Nero and hoped that Aii wouldn't complete her task. The one who did not complete it, was rewarded with death. Many times through her life she had seen a smile over Envy's face at the possibility of Aii's demise, but it never came. It seemed as though Envy had given up on the idea all together, expecially after meeting Aii's bonded soul, Paella. Aii's eyes flicked over his body, the wings folded around him made him look more massive than he was, not to say he wasn't already large. "A simple dragon..." Her small but pouted lips slipped into a slight smile. He was alluring, she could give him that much, handsome was a possible description to Aii's eyes. ~...people come to see your mother, do they not?~ She drew her attention to his face quickly. "Royalty in ZenDasalen is different, as that it's more of a dictatorship, one ruler and the rest are followers, some just higher ranked than others. No one gets relaxation or pampered." She came to a stop, but continued to face him. "Everyone comes to see Envy." Slipping her fingers up the sides of her neck she gathered and seperated her greyed strands. "What do you call yourself?" Her slender fingers continued to comb at her hair, the wind unrelenting continued to push it how their cold fingers saw fit. Paella was lingering in the back of her mind, but without Isis in view, she seemed to be calm.

Tadasanity: -Tadashi studied Aii's eyes. One lavender, the other crimson. While he found that in of itself curious, it was not enough to evoke an inquiry into it. Besides, she was still a stranger to him. He lifted an eyebrow as he saw her eyes narrow. This was a touchy subject, it seemed.- Never wanted her daughters? There was a time where I indulged in… forbidden things… just to have a daughter of my own. I cannot understand the reasoning behind this, but I do not have to, I suppose. -He watched her eyes study his body and couldn't help giving a tight-lipped grin of his own. Looks like these, he was somewhat used to, he was perfectly aware of his size and height. He wondered briefly what she would think if she saw him in his full dragon form. His wings parted and stretched outwards for a moment before folding against his back once more. His eyes met Aii's once more as she sharply turned her attention back to his face. He heard her speak of this land being a dictatorship and sighed. In his own time as ruler of Cabinia, he'd been a totalitarian himself, gripping his lands tight in a fist of iron. He'd since had second thoughts on how a kingdom should be run, but he'd died before he could make any great changes in Cabinia. Was it even still a country? Tadashi forced his thoughts back to the present; he was still a stranger in a strange land, a knife in the back could possibly come at any time. He was a paranoid creature. He came to a stop as well, his tail sliding across the stone floor of the bridge to curl around his feet- I must be honest, I came to speak with her as well. She told me of this place and I was interested. My star guided me here as well. -He cast his gaze to the skies, but could not see the light of the Dark Star through the wind, snow, and clouds. He ran a hand through his long, raven black hair, pushing snow from it as he did so. His silver eyes grew soft.- However, I am pleased to speak with you. I find you enamoring. I am Tadashirana. Call me Tadashi. -He smiled fully this time, showing teeth that were mostly human aside from his canines, which were pointed and slightly longer than the others.- May I ask your name?

Lulipopz: '' Elves ain't nothing but orcs and backhoes, digging them fields of potatoes all day long! Shikashika! Wut, I said yea, one ring to rule them all but it gotta be brighter than the two suns yohauwl! Uhh, yea, yea. '' Rippity rap slamming those lyrical words making strange noises in closed fist that trumpets as she blows at varying breaths, dancing around along the path towards Envy's lil hideout thing for all those Assakillyafolk. Shuffling dirt about though barefeet never got dirty due to magick, wench! She's got them ubermench skills that aren't run'o'mills. Unless she's working for that mill across the road and down that rickity hill with all those backwards hillbilly's. Not to say they aren't good people but seriously lacking on hygiene, intelligence, and scent. But they've got some of the greatest wild weed you'll ever shove in your pipe. Ignoring just how long her travels have been, topped off on a couple of women and a hobo. Sexual energy fed off the identical twins that'll last for an identical forty eight nights but the hobo was more because she needed something to drink those awful tasting berries she plucked from some random tree that were used to wash the taste of the toad she licked. Got the natural high she needed. Anyhow, this succubus was busily busting those sick beats (in her own mind) and making enough racket to scare nature away plus give out her exact location. Not like it was hidden on approach, busily humming, party rocking, and beatbox rhyming on way to this gigantic castle that is often visited when Envy is around and not being a total downer or a pooper. Sometimes she's got more cotton up her twat than a field of dreams meant to plug leaks. Is for certain that there should be a midol strain wicked enough to handle that woman's flow cause my gawd the damage it can do. But loved that woman to death either way and would always stop by for a lick, drink, and sleep over. She gave the best clit you've ever had in your entire life. Aside from me, of course, but that's aside the point. Maybe deadpool but he usually rips it off. Bad juju. Don't do that. Or push it like you're calling an elevator, that closes legs faster than a confederate flag hung on the window of a 7/11. Anyway. Time to boot scoot and boogie on in though had managed to make it just as far as she thought to go; which isn't far given that she didn't think at all, just acting off bodies impulsive desire to dance. Came to an end with a raise of head up the Castle's worn out texture and textile. Rubbing into cottoncandy strands as left eye closes and she'd think for a minute or three, least try to through this LSD stupor, before tongue that's been bitten down on began to hurt and is retracted inside mouth.- '' Uhhh... ... when the jellyfish did I get here? '' .. turns around to look at the way she came with a tilt of head, tap of swishing lips and just blinks, '' ...Kaaaay. '' ...then turns back around and shrugs, bringing hands to hips. '' Not like it's anything bad but my gosh there's some weird smells filling this gully. Ick. '' Quenching up nose that downturns after rising up to take a whiff, whisking head aside, '' Holy snozzberries dipped in whattheshuckle. This is some seriously wicked nastiness. Ugh. I bet they're fanboys or girls of Envy. Maaaan... '' but just then tummy began to grumble. Rubbing it with a look down to toned core that flexes in as palm touches. '' I just fed you.. '' it talks back, '' I swear I'll punch you harder than the time that possessive boyfriend slammed his boot into you. '' which is looked back upon with a moment of pride seeing how that girl tasted and how thick those thighs were but could vividly count the threads on that man's large sole. '' ...Always gotta be a party crasher somewhere. Hey. I got an idea. Lets fly over and see what's all around there, might even catch something somewhat decent to nibble on while I'm around. Doubt it, but you never know. Or.. then again.. I could just go invade poordunkwillywackers farm...'' decisions, decisions. '' Eh, screw it. Flying it is! '' and weee!! Wings' ahoy! '' Uggggh! So blooooaaaaateeeed... makes.. flying... so... damn.. haaaaard..'' whining all the way.

Tingle: Her crimson hue flicked around Tadashi's wings, she could see the golden flecks of, some might call, atoms rolling about from his outstretched body. His tail caused more to stir around his feet. His own aura pulsed and glinted ready to move into his next appearance. Though empathy was a strong ability of hers, including a mixture of abilities within it, she struggled a moment to let him keep his emotions to himself. A spaced off stare appeared over him as he looked deep in thought. It seemed to quickly pass as he began to speak again. Although she was curious, Aii would have to wait to see his other forms. She hoped that she would be able. Though As he spoke about his star Aii couldn't help but follow his gaze toward the sky; there was no seeing through the current storm though. "I had already assumed everyone," She motioned towards the hord and anyone around them currently, "was here for her." ~...enamoring.~ She couldn't help but let out a snort as her eyes widdened. " I am Aii Zebream-Vendassin. Zebream is from my father." Her lips parted, her teeth pressed tightly against themselves as she tried to return and mimic his toothy smile.

Valkoor: In the frozen wastelands surrounding the capital of ZenDasalen, where a field of rotting flesh and the stench of bodily excretions consumed everything the eye could see, there would come a sudden and drastic change to the barometric pressure. What was once cold would become instantly hazardous to one's skin, as the air began to haze around a large span of over a hundred meters. The area of distortion would fill with another stench, the stench of pure pain and agony of millions. If one were gifted in the art of empathy or other spiritual psychic manners, they would feel this suffering. It seeped through the veins of the realm like a slow toxin spreading through the veins of one's body. The black haze of Netheric energy would flow into the realm with this presence, shrouding the field as a horrific sound that could only be described as a shattering sensation would force itself through. The realm gave way to several small punctures, crystalline attachments to a large circular structure that would follow. As the structure made itself through the veil of Nether, a boom so loud that anyone caught within a half-mile of its origin would surely fall deaf would sound out, and a blast of pure Nether would force itself beyond the threshold of the two colliding realms. It wreaked of havoc as it obliterated what little terrain could be found before this colossal structure that now stood tall over the shroud of darkness consuming it. The circular stone that composed the structure shined from the crystal fixtures, a luminous green hue that could be spotted from outside the shroud. The green glow could easily be recognized as Quintessent energy, or the pure form of life energy that composed the many creatures and beings that existed in this world. This energy was the fuel to the mechanism, a massive portal that guided its passengers from a realm undiscovered by many, but feared in ancient Hebrew legend as a dark and cursed place, one for lost souls that could not find the light. From this portal would emerge two figures. The first was small, standing only a foot above the ground with limbs that were disproportioned from its small body. Claws grew from these oversized hands and feet, and massive pointed ears extended from its head like large receptors. It was nothing more than a fire imp, one of the most primitive forms of a pyromantic entity. It was quite clear that this imp was not the source of this disturbance. The shadow of the second entity to emerge easily consumed the little imp with its presence. Standing at a remarkable eight feet and two inches, the shadow emerged from the looming Nether. The massive black horns that crowned his head cut through the energy like a razored edge over silky skin. The shadowy tendrils of Nether clung to his form, admiring the delicious taste of his aura as it creeped into the realm. He raised his hand, and with a flick of his wrist Valkoor would command the Nether away. The strength of his swipe would disperse the Nether throughout the wastelands, and its stench would seep into the ground with the rich death that it had absorbed over the many years of fighting spent on this soil. In its he now stood, tentative crimson pools gazing out into the remnants of life that dwelled on this doomed land. This area of his face would be the only portion of his body that was visible, as a cloth mask concealed everything beneath his nose. It tucked into the flared collar of his coat, extending behind him to the point that reached his ankles. It was quite clear that this coat was far from ordinary clothing upon first glance. The rolling slivers of shadow that eloquently danced away from his frame, the notion of life lurking in its fabrics. It had been a shade's robe at one time, a great sorcerer powerful enough to allow multiple demonic spirits to inhabit its body all while keeping them under control. They were not easy to destroy, but it seemed that anything Valkoor crossed paths with was never easy to destroy. The shadows of his coat fell away behind his legs, revealing simple black pants that tucked into flared leather boots. Hiding beneath the flare of his coat one could see the shimmer of a large and beautifully crafted blade. Kaosu, a blade of Titans, forged of Heartsteel in the flames of Starfire. Heartsteel was a powerful material, one rivaled by few on its own. Tempered with Starfire, a flame so strong that it contained the power of a small star, Kaosu could rival almost any blade in existence. Strapped to his back rested a large scythe, placed in a position to where it was ready for use at a moment's notice. The scythe had once belonged to a great shadow entity, Rashinbo. Its power rivaled that of deities, and Rashinbo had often been revered as a god himself. The decades of struggle Valkoor spent with this entity was well worth the prize. Forged of obsidian and the very essence of Rashinbo himself, the blade had the unique ability to regenerate over time, should it ever be bested by another.

Valkoor: The shadow's essence within the blade gave Valkoor command over shadows themselves, albeit his influence was nowhere near as admirable as the scythe's former wielder. He had never fully attempted to dabble in shadow magic, as his strong point was much greater than that. Being one of few Aetheric masters to exist, Valkoor possessed a mind unlike any other. Many could wield Aetheric energy, the very source of creation in the world. It had been called by different names, but most referred to it as the energy of the universe, or celestial energy. Many could wield, but few could master. It required great focus and ample power to gain such a stature. He had sacrificed well over a century of his life to this effort, but with the power he gained came many tolls. The painful memories never left his thoughts, always lurking in the back of his mind in a haunting manner. His mind could overcome almost any obstacle, but nobody could ever escape the price to be paid for attaining greatness. His eyes paneled over to the sights of the capital, within an hour of walking distance from where he now stood. At his heel Ivan lurked nervously, awaiting the command of his master. Valkoor's icy tone called to Ivan with authority as he spoke to him. "Seal the rift, it is time for us to go." He stepped away from the platform as his boots met the filthy land of ZenDasalen, leaving Ivan to obediently perform his task. He walked away freely, knowing that his servant would soon catch up. His pace was slow and cautious, yet his eyes held no alertness in them as he approached the capital. Snow fell around him more and more with every step he took. It nested in the strands of flowing black hair that framed his face, reaching the point at the middle of his back in length. It was just before he reached a distance to where the bridge before the capital became visible that Ivan would catch him, his beastlike sprint sounding like small pebbles falling over the earth as he dashed through the snow and found his place once more at Valkoor's heel. Yellow eyes stared ahead unreadably as Ivan's nervous tone carried up to Valkoor's ears. "The portal has been shut, but the structure will have to remain until you can deal with it." He glanced up, risking a returned gaze but only to find Valkoor staring blankly ahead just as he. In a soft tone he replied, his lips moving so swiftly that it was almost too fast to be deciphered. "You tire me, Ivan. Come now, I have a family to see." They resumed their pace as the two approached the capital. Within minutes they would arrive, yet Valkoor's mind could not find the means to prognate what would come of his arrival. Only time could tell... <e>

Tadasanity: -Still smiling, Tadashi tilted his head.- Well, you know what they say about assuming. -He looked back at the horde, then cast his gaze over the female and male rider. Their beasts of war looked eerily similar to those he used to hunt before his untimely demise. He wondered briefly if they were the same type of animal. He cast his gaze at Envy once more for a moment, then looked back to Aii. His smile fell to a smirk at her reaction and he nodded before giving her a chance to speak.- Yes, really. Well met, Aii. -His smirk grew wider as he saw her trying to mimic his smile. It looked more like a grimace to him and it evoked a laugh from him, the hearty kind that came from one's belly. He wiped his eyes, for tears had formed in the corners.- You do not have much experience smiling, do you? -He asked, still chuckling as he did so.- I imagine not. I've seen much in my time and experiences leave marks on a person that are visible if one knows to look. -He looked to the keep, to the doors, then back out to the bridge, back from the open lands from whence he had come. Without looking back, he spoke to Aii again.- Will you walk with me? -He narrowed his eyes in the distance. His eyesight was many times greater than a hawk's, but it meant nothing in this snowstorm. He thought he saw the outline of two forms in the distance, across the bridge. He was many times taller than most of the people present, he could even see over the horde. In his full form, he believed he might be able to discern who approached.-

Tingle: His laugh fluttered to her ears, a great bellied laugh was rare to hear. Most everyone smirked or laughed silently to themselves. Her lips fell into a natural smile as she couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle in response to his, though, they quickly fell. No, she didn't smile here. Smiles were kept for her father. They were tucked deep in memories of her former interest. Memories best forgotten when the very child he gave her was burned from her very womb. Happiness was not made in ZenDasalen. She nodded to his question and pivoted herself to his side. " Walk where?" Aii's gaze had been fixated on Tadashi, but the chills raising over her body meant there was a visitor. "Valkoor is here." She followed to where he had been looking. Aii couldn't remember the last time she had seen her father. He seemed distant; busy with whatever he could get his hands on. She knew that the moment he left his void and entered the ZenDasalen lands he could feel that Aii was here. An excited feeling washed over her sending a sleep-like tingle to her brain. She wanted her new aquaintence(sp?) to meet the one person who one could find some sort of happiness in. The one who had been kind to her and trained her so that she would not fail at being a Vendassin.

Valkoor: His steps echoed as they met hard stone, slipping through the valley before the bridge to the capital. His gaze would scrutinize the bridge as he caught glimpse of two figures approaching his direction. While the taller, more masculine figure was unkown to him, the small figure at his side was difficult to not recognize. The haze of snow withered away as Aii became visible to him, and he hesitated in his tracks for a brief moment as his mind consumed him with the memories of his daughter. Between his two children, Aii had always been closer to him. It was true that he failed miserably at being a father, having spent much of his childrens' lives away from them, but he would always find a way back to Aii. From the time of her incident involving the pregnancy, his concern for her had grown exponentially. He had viewed his children as being untouchable to the outside world, but on that day he learned that it was not the outside world he needed to protect her from. His daughter was perhaps the one thing aside from himself that he genuinely wished to protect for no other reason than her well-being. She had many uses to him, or at least she would when she developed further. But her usefulness hardly matched the strange pull she had on him. He could view it as a weakness, but instead he kept Aii as a reminder of the sanity he still clinged to. If he could create something like Aii, surely there was hope for him. His stride resumed as he approached the two, and when they were within speaking distance he would stop once more. His eyes fell on one of the various facial features of the stranger to Aii's side, denying an attempt at eye contact before returning his gaze to his daughter. He studied her briefly, analyzing how much she had changed since last they shared time with one another. She only continued to progress, and he was satisfied with her current state. "My daughter, you have done well without me." The words escaped him in a rough manner, as if they spilled from his lips involuntarily. He almost winced at the hasty decision, but continued to speak before either of them could do so first. "Has your mother been good to you?" He would study her face for the reaction to follow, awaiting her reply.
Tadasanity: Valkoor? -Tadashi turned his attention to the approaching figure, who was becoming more and more visible as he approached. He looked down at Aii and noticed a change in her demeanor. She seemed almost… happy. She knew this person well then, he ascertained. It was a male who approached, Tadashi studied him carefully and memorized his face. Once the man was in speaking distance, he looked Tadashi up and down while avoiding his eyes. Contrarily, Tadashi was trying to catch the man's gaze. He liked to look people in the eyes when he met them. He heard the man refer to Aii as "daughter". Ah, that made sense, this was her father. He offered the man a nod and slight smile, but otherwise allowed him to interact with his daughter. It seemed that they had not seen one another in a long time.-

Guest_RoselyTheDead: -Dusk was setting in as the moon continued to rise into the firey orange sky, firefly like stars began to appear. Cold gusts of wind would blow, gently shoving through the trees. Wandering through the heavily wooded wilderness would be a young woman and beside her a large black and tan dog. Her skin was pale with black spots on the left side of her face and arm like burn marks. She was riddled with dirt and mud. Her eyes were as blue as ocean waters and her hair was black like coals, messy but abit wavy and placed in a bun. She appeared to be wearing a cream cotton button up blouse with slightly puffed sleeves and a neatly folded collar. Her pants were a dark brown and puffed aswell but stopped at the knees and were tight to the ankles. Upon her feet were worn blackish grey combat boots, laced up tightly. On her back was a large black backpack with a red cross patch on the opening flap which meant it was a medical bag. The dog beside her had the same red cross upon his old green rugged harness. She would stop, dropping to her knees on a snowy path. She was starving, tired, and aching from running. She was also sick, ill from the infections of her hidden wounds-
Onsllaughter: They had been traveling for quite some time upon this land. The billowing bone chilling winds seemingly pierced through them, every step Nero took the ice he crushed beneath him would cake onto his feet and calf as the deep snow burried him knee length every step of the way. His blue eyes searching the lands for any sign of civilization..Nothing..The companions that traveled with him, Tabbatha, Raz and Anora traveled beside him or close behind. His enhanced vision augmentation shielded him from becoming snow-blind. His synthetic blue hair waved in sync with the on comming winds, on him he carried his high caliber plasma pistol. Two short katanas rested on both his sides. his clothing made of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar threading. Beneath his skin, a sub-dermal Armor which protected him on many fronts of danger. "The lands seem to be forsaken by life itself.." He commented quietly to the others. There was nothing out here, just a white blanket of snow, dead trees. Boulders of all sizes, yet no sign of life. Not even wild life. It occured to him that something wasn't right, something stir in their midst. He stopped in his tracks, looking back at his fellow companions he listened quietly. A sound of snow being crushed far off in the distance, slowly getting louder as they listened. Something was closing in on them rapidly, it could be heard that there were more than just one entity coming at them. he looked back in front of him and thats when it happened, A giant dire wolf had lunged for him. Nero had been tacked to the ground as the dire wolf rabidly went to rip his jugular, quickly reacting he threw up his right forearm as the dire wolf sunk its teeth into his arm, "Agh..Get this fucking thing off me!" The beast unrelentingly locked its jaw onto his arm, his dermal plating despite being rather dense, began to bend and crack revealing a small amount of circuits as chemicals spewed out from the open holes this beast's teeth had made. It wasn't long until about 6 others closed in and made contact, 2 lunged for Tabbatha attempting to rip her assunder. 3 circled around Anora growling menacingly at her as one pounced for Raz. These wolves weighed at least 300 pounds or more, their strength almost overwhelming to deal with. He had no idea how long these creatures had been onto them. The one that had been on Nero swung him further away from the others as it released its tenacious grip on Nero causing him to violently fall 10 feet away coming to a roll, the snow almost burying him. The wolf had already made its charge for him as Nero just began to collect himself. As he stood up he pulled out his pistol taking aim. It was too late, the wolf had knocked him down causing him to fling his weapon back, a canyon was now behind him as it fell down it. "Fucks sakes.." He groaned as he gripped the beast by its fur trying to hold back its furocious teeth that snarled and chomped at his face, he had a choice to make...Eventually let this beast tale him..Or get mauled for a good 5 seconds while he reached for his right katana. His stregth began to subside as he finally let go, the wolf wreaked havoc on his face violently tearing his skin on his face, the dermal armor starting to dent and tear as Nero groaned in agonizing shouts...He reached for his right katana pulling it out with his left hand while failing to hold it back with his right hand. Desprate he placed the blade against the beast's throat and sliced as hard as he could causing the beast to wince and spill its blood all over him. The Dire bled out all over him as he struggled to push the thing off him, the dead weight was almost too much. He stood up with a bit of trouble, His synthetic left eye hanging from its socket while blue chemicals drained from the gaping holes in his cheeks and left eye. Yanking the left eye out and tossing it to the side he groaned furthermore while making his way to the group of wolves and his fellow companions, katanas in hand.
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Tingle: "Do you mean, has Paella been well to Sinn?" The smile stayed over her lips, Valkoor had yet to meet Paella, but she was sure he would very soon. Valkoor, it seemed to Aii, had began to worry about her more than he usually would. Having not been there for when Paella introduced herself to Aii and began a fight for her body, and when she had lost her child. "Yes, nothing eventful has happened." She could hear Paella laughing in the back of her mind. She could not wait to get her ghastly hands on Sinn once again. Aii questioned whether Paella actually knew that Envy was not infact Sinn, but rather Sinn had been inside of her. Aii shook her head for a moment clearing the empty questions that floated within her mind. "Valkoor..." It had been some time since she had actually refered to him as father, his absense had driven a need for her to guilt him. "... This is Tadashirana." Her hand waved and reached out to touch his arm. If he allowed it, Aii would be able to recognize his inner emotions and identify his personal Aura. Her ability would allow her to locate him within a certain area of all of the realms; it would be more if she had used and trained this ability more to her advantage. "He's a... 'Simple Dragon'" A cheeky grin appeared as she glanced towards Tadashi. "This is Valkoor, my father. He isn't so simple." Her hand fell back to her side allowing her slender fingers to slip inbetween her thigh and one of the many belts at her hip. "Why are you here?" The question itself wasn't a mystery, he did, after all, belong here next to Envy as King; a rare occurance as Envy had never taken anything but a consort before in her lifetime. Her question would refer more to the time frame; why now?

Valkoor: As he waited for Aii to speak, he could not help but to pick up the strangest sensation. It felt as though a string of insects had found its way into the webbing of his mind. A sound would catch his ear that piqued his interest, howling in the far distance. He cocked his head to the side to glance over his shoulder, just as his daughter spoke. When she mentioned this, Paella, as well as Sinn, who was a part of Envy, he almost winced again. He detested the wicked spirit in Aii, perhaps for the simple reason that he knew the pain she'd endure. Having experienced quite a similar incident that transpired over much of his earlier life, he did not want Aii to share that path with him. It had taken much of his sanity to suppress the evil spirit he had harbored. Without the help of his kin, perhaps he may not have survived the spirit at all. He almost turned back to her, but another sound caught his attention as it came from the same direction as the howls. It sounded to be a struggle, and from the vicious snarls and loud howls that followed he was sure that something had disturbed the wildlife out there. He let his eyes fall to Ivan, his trusted imp companion, as he muttered under his breath to the little servant. "Ivan, I want that noise investigated. See to it that nothing sees you." He kept his eyes locked onto the imp, waiting for the usual remark about being made to do work before he would inevitable do just that. He received an annoyed look from Ivan, but nothing more. He turned on his large feet and made a dash into the snow. Valkoor would turn back to Aii as he introduced the stranger to her side. The talk of dragons gave Valkoor some interest in this male. His eyes returned to him, carefully gazing over the humanoid figure. Given this new information, it was quite clear that this was not his actual form. Despite being addressed as a 'simple dragon,' Valkoor knew it to be difficult for most dragons to assume a different form, much less assume that form for long periods of time, which could only mean this dragon was more capable than a simple one. He swept his eyes across the male's face quickly, avoiding an exchange of visual contact before letting his own fall to something trivial, crumbling fragments of stone as they fell into the waters below the bridge. Aii would ask why he was here, causing him to speak again, sounding almost drained from amount of thoughts to cross his troubled mind. "I would say I came here to see you, but things are never quite that... simple." (Ivan) The snow proved difficult to traverse with such small arms to dig with. They may have been large monstrous extremities for him, but even at his full size he may have equaled one of Valkoor's boots. His claws shoved pounds of snow to either side of him as he dug his tunnel through the blizzard. He hadn't the need to dig far, as he approached the cliffs nearby he would see several blurred outlines as they dropped from one of the ledges above. Ivan's yellow orbs pierced the snow as he saw them descend. Counting the outlines, he would determine four of them to be approaching. Ivan knew very little about those who served this clan, as he was never allowed to journey with Valkoor to this realm before. Whether they were allies or enemies, he would know not. Before they could land in the fields below Ivan would have already turned back on his heel to run back to his master. He could only hope that they were not enemies that would detect him, and perhaps make his day a lot worse than it would already be.

Tadasanity: -Tadashi listened to Aii mention the names "Paella" and "Sinn". He surmised them to be other inhabitants of the castle, though the context of which Aii referred to them confused him somewhat, but ultimately, he decided that it was no business of his. He allowed his mind to wander, his gaze turning upward in a northbound direction as he attempted to view his star, the Dark Star. As before, it was simply not visible through the snowstorm, but he could feel its light as no one else could. No one that he knew, anyway. He heard his full first name invoked and he forced his attention to Aii and Valkoor once more. He watched Aii reach out and place her hand upon his arm. Normally, the dragon did not like to be touched, but he did not mind Aii doing so. He wondered briefly why she did so, but decided he was overanalyzing thing. It was likely she only did so as a gesture of friendly contact, to show her father that she was comfortable with him already, which he certainly did not mind. His lips curved upwards slightly as she referred to him as he introduced himself to her, a "simple dragon". He preferred for such a term not to be questioned, the less people knew about him, the better. At least, until they became more familiar to him and he suspected that he and Aii would come to know one another. Acceptance of one another, ah, now that was a different story. Only time would tell. He was perfectly aware of the small imp at Valkoor's side, though Tadashi had long determined that this imp was Valkoor's slave. A look cast from the imp to Valkoor suggested otherwise; a willing companion, perhaps? Tadashi was reminded of his former companion and closest friend, a forest elf named Caele. He watched Valkoor study his face then and Tadashi attempted to catch his eyes once more, but to no avail.- Well met, Valkoor. -Tadashi said then, his words coming out a bit colder than intended, for he trusted no man he couldn't look in the eyes. Tadashi's ears, long and pointed like an elf's, twitched. He looked to the distance, there was some sort of struggle going on. He heard beasts, big ones from the sound, and yelling. He was tempted to go check it out, but he would only do so in his bigger, true form and he wasn't sure if he was ready to reveal that to Aii or Valkoor yet.-

EnvyVendassin: The current event's unfolding was most rewarding. Maybe the trip she took to Terra Avesta was well worth it. Even though he just told her how to do her job, Envy disregarded Kai's remark, it was petty to even respond to such words from him, seeing how she's been ruling long before he could scratch his father's ball sack. Envy looked around the room and met with Onnias eye-to-eye when she spoke. (Envy) “Excuse me”... She then looked to his daughter when she cleared her throat, not even a second sip from her wine glass and she had to already excuse herself from the room. The thirty raven feathers that motioned around Envy at all times followed her every motion. She did this with little to no effort through telekinesis, a habit if anything. The way she walked toward Kai, she pushed pass him if he didn't move. Just slightly brushing shoulder to shoulder if he had not moved. She poke in their native language. (Envy.) “Come.” They would walk down the long halls back where they came in from. Silence would only be felt between the two. It was rare to see Envy and Kai actually walking, let alone talking. Maybe the silence from Envy was more so, because of the simple fact of so many uninvited guests were here. She could feel the hord moving. It was vibrating the very floors of the the Fortress, perhapes it was the CruEnd Hell Hounds that were telling the hord that Onnias brought, to redirect their self to Endless Days. They knew what to do even without Envy's orders. People here weren't stupid. As Envy turned the corner to enter the brisk air of outside once more she heard three voices, keen to two but the other wasn't so familiar. She clapped as she made her presence known. They were slowl and apart as she approached calmly in her stride. CLAP-CLAP-CLAP. (Envy) “Is it story time?” Her face gave a false impression of what one would call a smile as she attempt to meet each and one of them with eye contact. Valkoor's presence made Envy blood boil, the KING of ZenDasalen! Has he returned to only give her another restless night of passion before leaving for decades? She didn't want to look at Valkoor for too long for she did something she hardly did. Looked directly at Aii. (Envy) “Who is your friend? Her eye fell over to him, looking up to him and directly down. She didn't find him attractive, but what she found was more rewarding, power. This was something that Envy knew all too well when she see's it.

EnvyVendassin: (Elsewhere.) Isis momentarily replied to the girl once Envy and Kai left Courtyard. Isis heard the woman's compliment but she wasn't fazed by it. (Isis) “What is your business here?” She spoke with a two tone mechanical voice, due to her mask. She took into consideration the two guests and that's about it. She wasn't about to cause the place grow cold by her presence, but if she had to, she could cause rapid temperature change, and that wasn't all she could do. Her fists clenched tightly, in a form at attention stance looking down at the girl. Her face expression would be impossible to read, but her eyes and body language told it all.

Tingle: A rolling sickness passed around Aii's slender midsection. Paella was getting restless and eager for the approuching auras. "It's just the people being carless around the animals again." She sneered a moment, but her lips soon fell. She had met a man in the same way, a pack of wolves and thiefs had been hastling a girl and her brother. He had jumped to help them get away and get back their things. Aii was not one to care for that sort of thing, but she couldn't have dead bodies scattered across her brilliantly white escape. Well, honestly she could, but it would ruin the look of it all. Nursing him was easy, but what followed ruined the innocent part of her that she had left. Aii cast her eyes away from the ground, where she had been staring, towards the point of noise. ~...things are never quite that simple.~ "They never are...." Aii was interupted by the sound of someone clapping. Oh joy. Ding ding ding, we've found the reason for Aii's sickness; Paella is just itching to come out and play. ~ Who is your friend? ~ Aii incaled deep letting her eyes roll around behind her eyelids; hidden from the others. "Tadashirana." A flash of ghastly blue hues reared their ugly heads within Aii's skull. She quickly raised her hand to her face and whiped at her forehead. There was no other reason, but for her to keep her eyes hidden as she struggled to choke Paella back to where she belonged. "He has come to see you, Valkoor has aswell." Aii turned away from them for a moment to lean against the side of the bridge. She pressed her bubbled backside against the side and crossed her arms over her smaller chest. Her 'normal' hues bounced back and forth between the three of them.

Valkoor: Valkoor's eyes would fall on Aii as she replied, but as he saw her once more he noticed something off. Perhaps his mind was playing a trick on him, but from her appearance, she did not look all too comfortable. His brow furrowed, and as the dragon known now as Tadashirana greeted him, he would reluctantly turn to face him. "Well met, indeed." If given the chance, perhaps he would've said more, but as the echoed sounds of clapping caught his attention he would glance ahead just in time to see a figure he knew all too well. The smile on her face was nothing short of being feigned, the Queen was never truly happy with the affairs of others, not even her own family. Envy was possibly the one being in existence to be more callous than Valkoor. She never ceased to impress him with her evil ways. He looked her over swiftly, but Envy's attempt at joining the conversation would make him look away just as quick. He would notice briefly Kai's presence behind his mother, but took no further notice as the prince had yet to speak. He thought of speaking himself, but the thought alone nearly exhausted him. His words were useless here, only his actions were ever appreciated. He would cut his eyes to Aii as he saw her move, and like a silent ghost passing down an abandoned hallway he would slip over to join her. His hands found the rails to the bridge as he leaned there, lettings his gaze find the cliffsides around the capital. The balance of energies within Aii was quickly becoming unstable, and he couldn't help but to notice that her eyes were constantly shifting in colour. His lips pressed into a hard line as he pondered on her condition. It was never safe to mix in a third component to an already unsafe equation. Helping her now at this point would only worsen her state. All he could do is wait to see how things played out, but he would be ready to suppress the evil spirit by force if need be, should it decide to reveal itself here. (Ivan) His claws tore through the snow with a ferocity unlike before. It was clearly urgent to make it back to his master in time to warn him. The heat from his little body began to rise as his emotions changed, causing the cold around him to pull away from his vicinity. Steam rose and mixed with the cold, the snow melting into puddles around his feet with each leap he took. He would finally reach Valkoor, seeing him propped against the bridge with his daughter. A pounce to his boot would catch his attention, and as he tugged fiercely on his master's pants leg he would force the words from his mouth between the passing of heavy breaths. "Master... there are... people coming!" It almost made him pass out as he tried to scream the last part of his words. He would look up to see Valkoor flick his eyes in the direction from which Ivan had just returned, and he would hear Valkoor speak with a tone that seemed to mock Ivan's efforts. "If they attack, let the guards do away with them. I have more pressing matters to attend to." At that point Ivan was unaware that Valkoor's eyes now fell to him. As he looked up, he almost immediately felt the trepidation return. The piercing gaze that seemed to burn right through him and immobilize him on the spot, how he hated it so. His master spoke again, but his tone sounded as if he were giving a death threat more than an order. "Stay close to my child. Concern yourself with nothing else." Ivan's mouth almost repeated the same words spoken to him as he felt himself slip into the dreary state that his master forced upon him. Only by freeing his gaze would Ivan's senses return, and as he shook his head he would mope his way over to Aii. Slumping down beside her ankle, he would fold his large claws over his tiny chest and grimace as he counted the flakes of snow that landed on his skin, having nothing better to do.

Endearment: The spherical pendant that dangled around her thin neck glowed dimly and bounced ever so slightly along with her perky breasts. The cool air that surrounded the fairly large capital made her skin prickle softly. A fire loving creature that held a high rank under a queen that ruled over a nearly frozen land was quite ironic. Extended stays out in the cold without a source of warmth caused some negative side effects; one of them being a lack of patience. She became very quick tempered whenever she was exposed to the cold for longer than five minutes and she had just spent several days traveling back to the capitol. Warming up was proving to be a long process at the moment. Those bright hazel eyes of hers flickered over towards the voices she was currently hearing. Those easily recognizable fox ears of hers were low, almost in a relaxed state though her body was relentlessly fighting the urge to shiver and tremble under the thumb of Mr. Freeze. There appeared to be a bit of a nuisance in the fortress and Kimi couldn’t help but make her way over. Moments before she’d watched the foolish being ignore the minotaur guards and such while making her way right in, as if this was her home land. And, unless she hadn’t been informed of a new recruit reporting for duty, she was in for a rude awakening. “You,” She’d call out as she closed in. Her chin was proudly held high though she was a fairly petite woman when it came to height. “We do not provide medical care for the mental ill. You’ll have to turn right back around lest I ram a spike up through your neck and make a lawn ornament of you decapitated body. We only allow members on these grounds unless by some chance the intruder may show potential.” With both eyes narrowed and each of her five tails flicking about in a show of dissatisfaction, the kistune placed her dainty hands on her waspish hips and shifted all of her weight to her right leg. Her patience was practically nonexistent as she spoke again, “I expect lightning fast answers, lesser one.”

ChaosNecromancer: He felt wind against his cheek, biting cold as hell itself while he felt like falling. He had been sleeping afterall, centuries after he had slain a deity in service to another, choosing as a reward eternal longevity and health to wander the planes at his leisure. He had done so for millenia, but eventually had slipped into a long slumber between the planes. His emerald eyes slowly drifted open, staring at nothing but dark sky as he felt gravity tugging at his body. He felt his arms slowly filling with eldritch might again, his lifeblood burning away the feelings of exhaustion as he rolled and saw he was in free fall. His armor had remained much the same,as it shimmered with ancient spells. He had helped forge this armor, a suit to augment his abilities through the use of enchantments and divine gifts after he had been infused with the strength of each of the other branches to his father's bloodline. His body tucked into a dive, seeking out the CruEnd clan which had called him to this realm. Normally he would ignore such a summons, but this was a clan he was an elder to, any call for his aid needed to be answered swiftly so he flew hard and fast looking much like a blazing meteor, a meteor with a cruel green glow that looked more like it belonged in the nine hells and not in the mortal planes. He kept it up until he was a good thousand meters from the ground, his black feathered wings unfolding to pull him up from his dive. His wings, the symbol of his mother's heritage, branding him as a half celestial. He used them to keep his current speed, noting with his eagle like vision the strange creatures that seemed to look like a ravenous horde rather than a marching army. He shrugged, whirling before he dissipated the coating of eldritch power that had surrounded him as he flew towards what looked like a fortress, doing a fly by before he set down atop the bridge to the fortress, kneeling down as his feet had not yet gotten used to supporting his weight again. "I have finally returned Envy, it has been a very very long trip for me, I hope you have been well." His voice sounded like a soft melody, what one expected of a descendant of all three original elven bloodlines.

InfinityImplosion: The woman didn't seem phazed at the idea that she was talking to her doll, which she sort of appreciated. It got old being told she was creepy because Mal and her conversed, even if the doll really did speak to her. She would swear that it did until the day she died. As she walked with her away from the others the conversation they had drifted out of her hearing, though their minds were still flittering through the air like stray butterflies. At the question, or perhaps accusation that was given to her she gave a bit of an accosted look. She was still wrapped in the blanket that she'd taken from the piano earlier to keep herself warm, even if she could warm up the area around her she didn't want to waste her energy in doing so. Even if the woman's tone had remained mechanically neutral there was, if not an overtly hostile, somewhat unfriendly feeling that she got from the woman. There was definitely an unwelcoming one for certain. She realized though that the woman was expecting a response, though she didn't think any response she gave was going to go over well. So, she went with honesty, with nothing to lose or gain. "None." She stated with a tilt of her head wondering what it is that she expected of her. She wanted to dig into the woman's mind and fish for that answer, but she respected her personal space in such a degree for now. She understood that invading someone's mind without their permission was generally wrong, especially given how she felt when she could hear the thoughts of others when she wasn't trying to. That was probably the only thing she had a sense of morals on, where as everything else she was pretty morally ambiguous towards. Not like she grew up in a nice, loving household where she was taught right from wrong. That being said, when another woman with fox ears came over to both her and Isis she gave a bit of a slight blink as she felt the hostility literally rolling off of the woman's shoulders. It added to the discontent and unwelcoming feeling that she was feeling in the general air. She had for the most part remained rather calm, but the agitation rolling off of this woman was stiring those same emotions in her, and the air around her began to heat up considerably. On instant the cloth that she was holding around her body burnt up, falling around her feet to ash. She didn't understand what it is that the woman had said, insults were largely lost on her. Even the notion of being mentally ill wasn't something she fully understood, but she knew it added into why people thought she was "creepy", an adjective she knew quite well. She also understood when she was being threatened, and she looked at her with a sudden look of fear, her expression becoming surprised and concerned. "Don't.......please don't." The air around her heating up, but becuase of the cold, it perhaps couldn't be felt unless someone was standing right next to her.

Tadasanity: -Tadashi's attention snapped behind him as he heard the sound of clapping and he turned his body slightly to watch Envy approach them.- Story time? -He wondered out loud. He met her eyes briefly before she turned to view Valkoor for the shortest of a second, then turn to Aii, asking her about who Tadashi was. Tadashi lifted an eyebrow ever so slightly and spoke instead.- I am Tadashirana. You must be Envy, Aii's mother -He said. He watched her gaze flick over his form. He didn't care for that look, it looked like the stare a wolf might give an injured traveler, a hungry look. Nevertheless, he brought up a closed fist and brought it together with an open palm and bowed slightly.- She had been keeping good company. -He said simply. His ears twitched once more as the tiny voice of the imp rang out. He turned to see the small being tugging upon Valkoor's pant leg and he couldn't help hearing the imp warn his master of approaching people. Tadashi was not alarmed, however. Surely the keep was used to many visitors, seeing as how he himself was a stranger and he'd been able to walk right up to one of its inhabitants and strike up conversation. His gaze fell upon Aii for another second. Did he actually have feelings of protection for her or was that indigestion in his stomach? He shook his head, she looked capable, she could take care of herself should a threat arise. Yet, he couldn't shake that feeling. He heard Valkoor give a command to the little imp and he watched it haughtily pace over to Aii and sit by her side. The scene was comical and he couldn't help but give a chuckle. However, the tension in the air between Envy and Valkoor was palpable, so Tadashi began to speak once more to break it.- I do not- -He broke off as his attention snapped upward, his eyes seeing a winged, black-feathered being drop from the skies. He moved a little as the being landed and knelt before Envy and addressing her. He looked to Valkoor and attempted to speak again.- I do not think that any newcomers should be of any concern. And rest assured, sir… Should any threat arise, your daughter will be safe. I may be a stranger to you, but my intentions are unhidden. -He spread his hands as a gesture of good faith, then actually reached out with one of his massive hands to clasp the other man's in a firm shake.-

Starscream: Kai simply watched as Envy walked toward him. As unpredictable as she was, Kai was no stranger to his mother’s outbursts, had she wanted to attack him, her feathers would have given away her true intent immediately, even if it was for less than a split second- this he had realized on a number of occasions. As she called for him to follow her, not wanting any conflict just yet, Kai followed her silently. He could be a loose cannon at times, but now was the time to remember that in fact he was a prince, not a king here. So many new presences were popping up on the land, and it only made Kai wonder how in the world everyone seemed to be drawn to this place so suddenly. Something told him that an unplanned event was either coming, or in the works- even if he was wrong, it was in his nature to think like this. To him, every possibility was a possibility not to be dismissed, but watched for, which was why some had barely ever seen him chime in to anything unless he totally had to. As he followed Envy through the doors of the fortress, the full brunt of the icy wind lashed against his telekinetic shield, which did nothing to make him feel any warmer, but at the same time, stopped the snow from landing on his skin directly. The shield was so thin, and close to his skin, that one would not be able to tell the difference between him, and it, unless they saw the micrometres between the snow and his skin itself. The fact that he wore sleeveless armour, and was walking around in conditions below freezing could baffle many, but having stayed in Zendasalen for so many years, he barely felt it anymore, and would only wear furs because they went with his outfit. Kai silently avoided gagging at the smell of the air, wondering how in the world nobody had thought to try and contain this stench. It was either it had gotten a lot worse, since he hadn’t been around in a while, or, he just wasn’t used to the smell anymore. On the bridge, Kai sighted Valkoor and Aii, remembering how long it had been until he had even seen Valkoor. As Envy asked, “Who’s your friend”, Kai looked away awkwardly, trying to stifle a laugh. Marital problems. He could only imagine the horror Valkoor had to endure, being involved in a marriage with possibly the most unreasonably volatile person he knew. ‘Do not take the tall one lightly, Kai.’ A voice in Kai’s head came. It was in fact so loud it made Kai’s brain feel as if it shook. Closing his eyes for only a second and a half, Kai opened them again, his vision coming into focus. ‘Indeed, because you have met him before, haven’t you?’ Kai asked in a ridiculing tone, as if he was sure Trumacke had never encountered Valkoor. From the moment Kai thought that, Trumacke had no reply, there was only a long mental silence to follow. As time went on, it didn’t take Kai long to realize that quite a bit had happened here. His height made it possible for him to see the tracks of something, or even a large host of things, leading away from the capital. Raising his eyebrow, he wondered if it could have been the horde which the being who was in the throne room not so long ago spoke of. It made sense why the air stank of lord knew what. “Hm.” Kai thought to himself for a moment before looking at what was going on a lot closer to himself, hearing the, ‘Should any threat arise, your daughter will be safe.’ Kai simply had no words for this, and instead of saying something, he kept silent, to see how Aii responded to this insinuation that she needed protecting. Ever sceptical, Kai’s phantom eyes looked to the hand the being had outstretched to Valkoor, and looked to Valkoor and then the hand again, wondering what it was that this being was even thinking reaching out to the king.

EnvyVendassin: Envy wasn't the jealous type and if she was, she wasn't about to show it. She was annoyed by Valkoor, as she could safely assume she was to him as well. Were they growing apart, will a royal divorce be held, and if so would he grow with fury and try to kill her? Envy chuckled with sealed lips as she stared to nothing at afar when she turned her head. Is there no loyalty but to his kids? She thought. Even with the fact that Aii is battling a thing that could most certainly take complete control over her if there isn't a bond met within a year, would that information be somethng useful to Aii, if Envy told her? Envy assumed it wasn't that important. She glanced over to Valkoor, how he almost clinged for Aii's attention. She ddn't reply to his emtional reaction to Aii. She knew Aii would soon be just like her herself. A ruler of ZenDasalen, even though everyone assume Kai would be. But Aii is the only woman and from an Amazonian race, a unique race at that, and let alone she has a part of her father in her. Envy stared harshly to the father and daughter reaction, but what got her attention more was the very thing that wanted to fight Envy. Envy knew of her bonded soul well. Sinn battled her constantly in the under world. She must be iching to come and meet Envy again. She looked off in the thought of the first fight she had with Aii's bonded soul. She remembered what she did. She snapped out of it once the man had introduced himself. He didn't need for anyone to speak for him, he was well and able to do it himself. He made his impression well in Envy's eyes but he didn't need to know that. She dipped her chin in reply to his bow. Again her eyes looked toward Valkoor and Aii's way. (Envy) “Don't make her weak, Valkoor. She will be just fine. Even without you.” She disregarded his imp friend. Like Envy she didn't apply her attention to those she didn't see fit to have more then a few seconds for. This made her stuck up and selfish in a way, but of course she wasn't just a Queen who gave order's she was always seen to be the first of the battle field if it was Valkoor or the Elder's. Speaking of Elder's, Mahariel the second Elder had just arrived, was it ZenDasalen calling him because of the horde that had arrived and now going to Endless Days? (Envy) “Yes, it has been some time. Its nice to see you have awaken from you slumber, there is much to be done here.” She looked to him as she spoke. (Elsewhere.) Isis didn't need to turn, she knew who the voice naturally belonged to, even though she was is a foul mood, this was uncommon for Elder Kimi. Isis simply stepped out of the way as Elder Kimi made her way toward the woman. She thought of nothing, and if there was an attempt to read her mind, like Envy and Anaise; Isis's mind was guarded and dangerous for those who would attempt to enter it. Isis heard the woman speak. Who was she talking to? She only question that since she noticed the change in the air. She rather hated the heat, and with any slightest disturbance she would know. She watched the woman's every facial expression and body motion intetly. (Back outside.) Envy heard how this complete stranger would risk his life for Aii. Was this love? She watched how he held out his hand to Valkoor. (Envy.) “Would you marry her?' She said. Placing a spin on things. Just to see how Valkoor would take it. He needed to see that she wasn't a child no more and acting like one in front of a man would only deem her to be weak. Envy watched just to see how things would unfold now.

EnvyVendassin: Before that she said one last thing. (Envy.) "Have you gone to see your son Nero?" She said with a judging tone. >end<

EnvyVendassin: (Elsewhere.) Isis kindly interrupted Elder Kimi by simply stating some facts. Even though she could see her intrusion punishiable. (Isis) "Do you even know your in ZenDasalen. In Envy's Fortress. Who is Queen and Valkoor ZeBream the King? Do you actually know where your at and who you have come acrossed?" Isis spoe truth, she was the only one out of many in ZenDasalen who shared compassion but very little, because even showing that would lead to death. One of many Envy's laws. >c< >e<

Tingle: Moving her foot ever so slightly, she kicked the imp that had sat beside her. Her normalized gaze moved towards her father. "Did you miss her?" It was hard to believe that the one love her father was able to have in his life would be Envy. She knew that to their kind; Nero, herself, and Valkoor, would only love once in their life time and it would never deminish. He must still love her after all this time. The thought was almost a happy one, the only happy thought that included Envy. Aii, the imp, and Valkoor weren't more than 7 feet away from the rest of the group. Everything being said was easily heard. ~... should any threat arise, your daughter will be safe.~ Aii's gazed shot towards the group again. Terrible, awful move. It was possibly the worst anyone could have uttered. She kicked off of the bridge and quickly went towards the group. It only took a few steps to close the gap. "I do not need pro-" Her small attempt to protect herself and Tadashi were cut short. ~Would you marry her?~ She pressed her eyes closed tightly. A forced breath escaped her nose before opening and moving her gaze to her mother. Is she playing a joke? What intentions did Envy have, why was she not gutting him at this moment? She could see the look over Kai and Envy's faces the moment Tadashi had uttered those words. Weakness was not a trait any Vendassin would be allowed to have. Weakness was the enemy. Weakness would get anyone instantly killed. Aii, at this moment, was at a loss for words. She gathered the information that was around her; words, feelings. Kai was light hearted, amused even. Envy was calm but eager. Her father seemed on edge, though it seemed as though it could have been her doing. Tadashi... That was a different one, she could not read, no, understand the feelings he projected. Paella had seemed to be locked away once again, Aii was completely in control at this very moment, she didn't believe she would be back after the excitement. Aii's breathing slowed and stablized, all that was left to do was to wait to see what had been decided for her life.

Endearment: A low growl vibrated within her throat as she watched the blanket that was draped around the trespasser become nothing but a pile of ash on the floor around the woman’s feet. Property of the ZenDasalen being ruined by some pitiful wanderer only worsened Kimi’s moderately sour mood. Well, moderate for her. “I hope you plan to apologize for destroying something that wasn’t yours to destroy, you reckless little shit.” She brought her toned arms up and crossed them. “Tourists…” she’d mutter. Those tall ears of hers flattened against her skull as her eyes remained locked on the strange woman and her…companion. There was no way for her to hide the foul mood she was in at this point and it seemed like there was no turning back, now. “I’m sure your reason for being here wasn’t to test your luck. You are no feline, therefore you lack the extra 8 lives that could possibly save you if the hostility escalated to an uncontrollable level. “I hate to repeat myself, but I’ll do it this once because you seem rather slow. Why…are you….here?” Each word was very carefully enunciated and spoken slowly. Every last one of her plush, white tails swirled and twitched. Though this unusual mood could have been seen as quite intimidating, this rare temper left her mind pretty open to the strange woman’s mental digging. ‘How could she possibly just walk into ZenDasalen’s capital without even knowing where she’s at?’ She’d think shortly after Isis spoke up to question the woman.

InfinityImplosion: As soon as the word ZenDaselen was spoken aloud a few flashes came to her mind. She remembered hearing that, repeatedly, though the actual memories of when the name came up were scattered and torn, like a paper that had been chewed up. "Weapon" Was one of the things that suddenly came to her mind, along with "research", "funded", "gift" being a few others. Some conversations with those words involving or revolving around ZenDaselen filtered through her mind, and though she couldn't be sure of how they were connected it was a clear sign that her reason for existing had at least in some part to do with this place. It should also be noted that though she had spoken in fear, she hadn't backed away or coward. In fact she'd only stood there looking frightened, and that look of fear remained....but there was no cowering, backing away, or attempting to remove herself. Her body language completely betrayed her own tone and facial expression. Her eyes darted around as she noticed a random guard patrolling the grounds, this one completely human. How he existed in this land without being gutted was something she found strange, understanding it's hostile nature and intent, but he'd prove useful to her now. The fear didn't exactly fade, not with the woman's slight bellowing at her, but she seemed to calm down as she went to lock minds with him. As soon as she locked eyes with him she sent him the mental imagery of what she had just recollected in her fragmented mind. He immediately went to grip his head, gaining a splitting headache that was slowly dissapearing as she eroded his mental will down like sandpaper grinding against skin down to the bone. Her eyes had closed at this point, aware of her sorroundings but concentrating on getting the message across through her new puppet. He couldn't even scream, but as soon as she was finished he came shambling towards them. "Wait....wait.....I can explain!" He said, rushing over to the three of them. He might end up dead, but it was much better than the alternative as far as she was concerned. "She's connected to ZenDaselen, she was experimented on for us.........she doesn't know why, or for what purpose even. She just knows that the lab she was created in had plans on sending her to us. As a gift, as a weapon, for our extermination......none of that is clear, but whoever made her wanted her to come here." He explained, his eyes having lost their focus as they were covered in a fog, yet he was clearly speaking of his own accord and not being forced to talk. Without meaning to she caught the stray thought that left the woman's mind, since she wasn't keeping her mind fully protected due to her rage. If so, the man would respond to the thought even. It would also answer the other woman's question as to whether or not she knew where she was. "She was never made aware of right, wrong, evil, good, chaos, or law. Those who experimented on her kept her completely isolated from the world. They were going to teach her their own version of morals, though what those were she can't say cause she didn't really stick around to find out. Her own concept of such things is.....limited, so to speak, but not entirely absent. She picked up on the discontent of this place instantly, but, and likely because of the discontent, since she didn't want to pry....the outright hostility wasn't discovered till she was forced to dig deeper."

Valkoor: (Ivan) It came as a shock when he felt himself be punted away from the girl. With a grunt he hit the bridge face first, and for a minute he could've sworn he lost his awareness. Perhaps the shame of being humiliated yet again in front of beings so much larger and stronger than him made him want to hide. He remained buried against the stone for quite some time, but as he eventually found the need to lift his head he would find something he recognized all too well. In his master's eyes he could see a quick growing flame, one that looked as though he were moments from killing someone. What had he missed? (Valkoor) It was humorous to see his servant be treated all the same by his daughter. As she kicked him away, clearly showing that she did not need his assistance, it would occur to Valkoor that this manner seemed more like Aii's mother than Aii herself. Had she been left to spend too much time with the Queen? His gaze turned, and he would find Envy as she spoke to him. Her words were spoken like the alpha growling orders to its pack. She spoke to him like he were one of the underlings, but it was not much of a shock to him. She always spoke to him this way, and he would always remind her why it was he became King to begin with. His lips parted as he spoke, his tone sounding rather dull. "I do not protect her because I doubt her. I protect her because you do." She spoke again, asking him when he had last seen Nero. He scoffed, as if rubbing his son's hatred for his father in his face would do anything. While the dragon spoke to Envy now, Valkoor would take the time to remove his attention from her. The sounds of heavy wings in the sky brought interest, but as the aura flew within reach of his senses he would immediately recognize it to be one of the Elders. 'Another mindless henchman of my wife.' The thoughts played through his mind as he turned to walk away, but before he could fully move he would hear another voice in his ear. He was unsure how to process these words. A mixture of confusion, disbelief and anger flitted his face for a brief moment, as his head would turn back to the dragon to see him extend his hand. Was he serious? A slow, cautious spin on his heel would position Valkoor to face the dragon fully once more. He looked down to Tadashirana's hand, wondering what possessed him to be so bold. His words were slow, as if each sound he made could risk an avalanche raining down upon them. "I cannot decide if you are brave, or just foolish..." His fingers twitched as his hand began to lift, but before he would even approach the dragon's own he would hear his wife speak again with words that nearly threw Valkoor off the bridge. His eyes peeled over to her, bemusement becoming him. After what she did to Aii for introducing a male partner the last time, what would drive her to ask such a question? His hand moved from attempting to reach Tadashirana's and down to the hilt of his sword, the titan blade strapped to his hip. He spoke again, but the rage found in his eyes would not match the calm, flat tone he gave her. "What game are you playing, Envy?"

Tadasanity: -Tadashi's look at Valkoor was cordial if not friendly. Such a greeting was custom among peers where he was from, though Valkoor may not see him as a peer. The dragon planned to rectify that, but before he could speak, he heard Envy's words. Tadashi was not a being that was easily startled, but the mention of marriage did cause him to turn and stare at Envy incredulously, his hand dropping to his side.- You can't be serious. You would marry your daughter to a complete stranger, one that has the potential to be very dangerous to her well-being? -He said, his left eyebrow raising so much that it practically disappeared into the bangs of his long hair. He'd thought many things since his resurrection, but marriage was not one of them. He'd never taken a wife before; the closest he'd come to loving another person was being bewitched and charmed into conceiving his only daughter, who might be dead for as far as he knew. Yet, he wasn't entirely opposed to the concept. When he reigned as Dragon King of Cabinia, he used to go over potential subjects to make his wife and rule by his side. Though those days were long gone now. It would take a blind man to see that there was more to Envy's family that met the eye, though the same could be said about him. Despite all of that, he didn't consider himself to be in any potential danger, nor did he consider the concept of marrying into this family abhorrent. Besides… He could do much worse. His eyes wandered to a man that approached from inside the keep (Kai). His expression, he read easily. Tadashi was not stupid, he knew perfectly well the implications of the words he spoke. First and foremost, he was a sovereign. Even if his old empire was lost to him, his mindset was still one of a King and he never spoke any words he did not mean. His gaze shifted and he studied Aii intently, uncaring that he might be being rude by doing so. After a long moment, his gaze lifted from her and he spoke then, raising his voice slightly, addressing all four (Envy, Kai, Aii, Valkoor) within his general vicinity. It was time to set something straight; he felt just a bit exasperated- Valkoor, you are not the first to speak those words to me, though I daresay that I may just be bold. I do not know fear and sometimes that leads me into sticky situations. I'm afraid I have not been entirely forthcoming, though I do not apologize for doing so. My full name and title is Tadashirana Akahimashiro, former Dragon King of the Sovereign Nations of Cabinia. This is why I address you -Here, he looked at Envy- and you -He turned his eyes to Valkoor.- as peers, for I defer to no one, but myself. I do not know what games you play, Envy, nor do I particularly care, but I do ask for peace. The tension between all of you is so thick, I could set it ablaze with my breath. -He crossed his arms and leveled his gaze at each of them. There was no malicious intent within his eyes, no defiant light, in fact, his expression was void of emotion, his eyes unreadable. Masking his thoughts and feelings had long become second nature, a trait necessary for any royalty.-
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Endearment: The guards’ behavior was odd. One moment he was silently patrolling the grounds and the next her was almost doubled over and grabbing at his head. He looked to be suffering from some sort of severe migraine or something. Kimi usually ignored the human guards, but this one rushed right on up to them and began to defend this woman. Someone he couldn’t have possibly known; or did he? Whatever the case, it was very difficult to just ignore him. “Connected?” *My ass.* she’d think to herself as she scowled at the guard that spoke up for the woman. Though her mood was sour at the moment she decided to hear him out. The longer she let him speak, the stranger this woman became. An experiment given as a gift? It seemed like something from a Sci-Fi film. Whatever the case, Kimi’s shoulders relaxed and she huffed quietly. “So, little…woman, you are the product of someone’s mind and were created to be given to our queen yet they didn’t warn you or even give you the slightest bit of information?” Kimi scoffed. “Irresponsible. However, in light of this new information, I suppose I can’t kill you just yet. You are a present to us, after all.” Her plump lips curled into a devious little smirk. “You’ve apparently come here to join us. Whether it be for a slave position or a much higher rank, we’ll determine in due time.” She took a step closer to the woman, arms still crossed just below her perky breasts. “Any special abilities, lab rat?”

InfinityImplosion: She blinked a little bit at what it is the woman had said. She seemed to be of the mind that she was still being given to them as a gift, though obviously that wasn't really much of the case if one was a little more attentive to what she had the guard explain for her. It was pretty clear that if the person who'd wanted to give her as a gift to be recognized for it, he probably would have come with her. So the idea that she had come to join them seemed a little.....presumptious, and even more so the thought of making her a slave just cause she was designed to be given to them. She thought about making it clear that she had killed the one who had made her, but digging through the man's memories had given her a clear indication that it might be good to just let this woman think what she wanted to think. Instead, she would actually answer the question that had been prosed to her. Having no more need for the guard she would release her hold on him, which involved causing him to enter into a catatonic state. Instantly he fell to the floor like a ragdoll, alive, but in a coma-like state. She would then speak to answer the woman in a lucid state, having sort of....gained the mental stability of the guard she'd just put into a coma. "I can infiltrate the cebreal cortex of the brain through psionics, even now I pick up on the stray thoughts of others as they flit through the air like butterflies escaping from them without their knowledge. Few have the capacity to keep that from happening. I can make psychically constructed items, up to double my size in mass. More if I'm taking time to construct it so that each "thought" is connected together. I can also manipulate and create plasma, in all of it's forms. Ionic, Pulse, Magma, Microwave, Fire, Eletricity, Thermal, and Solar. If you need a further explanation of of what these are or do, I can provide that. I also eat plasma, the same way a vampire drinks blood or a human eats food, and as such have resistances that tie into my ability to eat plasma." She stated, giving a full detail of everything it is that she could do. Granted this was all the stuff that one might have down on paper, the actual applications of these abilities and the fact that she could combine more than a few meant there was quite a bit more then what she stated. This was however a very basic run-down of her capabilities.

Endearment: “Ah, so you sound like a useful lab rat, then.” That little smirk never faded as she looked the woman up and down, actually taking in every physical detail about her that was exposed. What she heard had actually pleased her. Kimi couldn’t remember the last time she ran into someone who could effectively take control of someone using a form of mind control. It was a difficult ability to come across although Kimi did tend to do a lot of traveling. Staying in one spot for too long resulted in an unbearable itch to wander the wide open areas of the world, though she always returned to the capital before too long if not summoned back via messenger. “This just got more interesting, Lady Kimi.” Isis’ words cut through Kimi’s thoughts like a hot knife through butter. Both women exchanged quick glanced before Kimi opened her mouth to speak again. “I suppose that this,” she stuck a dainty little foot out and roughly jabbed her toes into the unconscious man’s body “Is your doing?” “Either that or our guards don’t know their place. If that’s the case, then someone will have to give them all a special lesson.” Those bright hazel eyes of hers glimmered in the bit of light that broke through the thick clouds in the cool sky. The thought of a nice evening of grueling corrective training kind of got the Kitsune all fired up…quite literally. Heat rolled off of her skin moments after the thought slipped into her mind and she snickered quietly, but this thought only lasted for a few seconds before she was back on track. “Never mind that, let’s continue our game of questions.” Her newfound interest in the odd guest was barely audible in her voice. Those eyes of hers gave away quite a bit, however. “Let me ask you this; how long could you go while controlling the mind of a ‘helpless victim’ in a combat situation or some other situation that involves a great deal of stress?”

InfinityImplosion: : She took note of the way the woman's attitude seemed to radically change from irritated to pleased, easing the feeling of discontent that she felt within the air. She liked this feeling, and moved a little closer as a way to sort of wall off the dis-satisfaction that she felt permeating the land. She didn't much notice the woman taking in her all of her physical details, or if she did notice it she didn't see a reason to give it attention. She appeared like any other human woman with some few differences, namely her eyes and hair. The purple saturation of the red locks were actually entirely natural, something that didn't occur for humans. Her eyes were also a pure magma color with no pupils at all to behold. Other than being relatively attractive and the outfit she wore doing only so much to hide the supple curves of her lush skin, those were the only two things that immediately stood out. Upon hearing the question about the guard who had fallen unconscious she gave a soft nod. "Yes, I transferred his consciousness to merge with my own in order to be able to gain coherence. This meant he has no conscious thought at the moment, don't know if he ever will." She said, before looking to the doll on her shoulder, giving a bit of a light smile. "Of course not Mal." She said to the doll while poking it's nose and giving a bit of a slight giggle. "Though it is likely only for a limited time. Due to my ability to consistantly pick up on other thoughts even when un-focused means that eventually my own psyche will begin to crack, and the more people around, the faster that happens. I'd give it a day, maybe two. If needed, I can take the consciousness of another guard to merge with my own after that time is up." She stated as a solution to her own mental problems, not that they were permanent. She was long way off of fully being healed from the trauma she experienced when being experimented on, and in this place, she might not ever be healed from that. Upon hearing her second question she tilted her head. "If I am merely controlling their thoughts and mind, then quite simply until I fall unconscious., which would include sleeping. If however I impart my own conscious being onto theirs, and erase their very own sense of self, indefinitely. That's what I did with your guard, I duplicated my consciousness and mind to be his, so he would want everything that I wanted and be able to express the things I wish to express. I left him with his mental stability to allow him to converse, before taking it from him once I realize I didn't need him for that anymore." She responded. Feeling the heat radiating off of the woman she would begin to slightly taste it, absorbing it to feed on the plasma energies within. Doing so she would tilt her head for a moment as in thought or deciding on something. "You taste nice." She commented.

EnvyVendassin: That's not what Envy was expecting from Aii. A kick? And off went the imp (Envy'sinner thought) ~”Well done.”~ She looked to the grown momentarily, her head motions fallowed and returned back to Aii with her chin up, as if she was pleased to see Aii react with such dignity. Then a off pudding question arose, 'Did you miss her?' Envy's eyes looked to Valkoor, only because she was curious for the that answer too. Did he actually miss Envy? Even if Valkoor did answer, it was inappropriate to answer in front of everyone; family or not. This wasn't the place or time. Envy and Valkoor's relationship was surely kept behind closed door's. It wasn't like them to show any affection toward one another. Envy cut that question short by interrupting Aii and moving the topic to the man name Tadashirana with a question which grabbed everyone's attention. 'Would you marry her?' Rolled off Envy's tongue. Envy could feel the tension grow to its thickening taste and yet Aii kept her some-what cool attitude with a shut mouth. Envy looked to Valkoor, this time to connect eye-to-eye as he made his remark toward her. It didn't come as a surprise that Valkoor and maybe others knew Envy doubt Aii's ability to actually stand on her own without her brothers or her father to aid her. In fact, its the very reason why Envy put Aii through all the trials of her very own Hell. But Valkoor's remark didn't go unseen, Envy made sure to ask him about Nero, his only son who didn't hate Valkoor but simply disregarded him, due to the lack of attention he showed toward Nero's bring up, but certainly there for Aii. Seeing how Nero is easily found in Harlot Springs with his concubines, Nero knew any one of his family member's could easily find him there whenever they need a word. Quickly Envy became occupied by one of the Elder's, it wasn't long till she noticed Valkoor going on the move again, was this him leaving for a much longer stay away from ZenDasalen? Her hues became a deeper fixation on Valkoor right before he was about to take his leave. She noticed the words earlier had hit rock bottom in thought just now. The way he reacted to the question she asked Tadashirana just moment's ago. Did it really caused Valkoor to reach to his sword. A Queen and King reacting to one another would be unfitting anywhere and the way he basically shout the rage through his eyes, it was enough to burn right through the back of her skull. 'What game are you playing, Envy.' This was something that itched her in a way, not even having crabs could give her such a burning discomfort. Envy inhaled before exhaling with spiteful words. (Envy) “I- wish-you-would.” She said with a low malicious tone. (Envy) “This isn't a game, Valkoor.” She pointed to him as she said those very words. (Envy) “While your away, do you honestly believe time has stopped, and that Aii and Nero has been set on pause till you come back?” She looked him up and down in the most disgusting way possible. (Envy) “Maybe if you stayed around much longer then a day or two, you would know that our kids are no longer kids. Just like Kai, they too will be handed off. With. Or without you.” Her ending point was like dagger with cutting blows. Tadashirana soon turned to look at Envy. She noticed his brief movements which caught her attention. His hand dropped to his side. He spoke about Aii and her marriage who he addressed himself as a 'stranger', which in this situation he was. (Envy) “You could be dangerous, I don't doubt that, and yes.. you are a complete stranger; as we are to you as well. Who's to say that she can't defend herself? In fact, she could most likely be the one who could kill you instead of you killing her, have that crossed your mind yet?” Envy's voice wasn't so harsh when she spoke to him. But she did give this face expression in between the lines of -Don't make me laugh.- Only because she knew her family, even if she didn't speak of Aii's ability to fend for herself, Envy knew she is able to, just like the rest of her kids. Weakness is not an option in the Vendassin bloodline. His eyes shifted to Aii and Envy was studying him as he was studying her. Soon words flowed from off his tongue and out his mouth. Ah, the truth has come out. Envy listened. Who did he really think he was? Asking for peace in a place like this, was he kidding? (Envy) “Tadashirana Akahimashiro, former Dragon King of … what was it?” She swirled her left index finger as if she simply forgot that fast. “Ah, yes. The Sovereign Nation of Cabinia. Well, this is ZenDasalen. Current Ruler- I, Envy Vendassin and Valkoor ZeBream. We don't look for peace. In fact, we look for the opposite. So I will tell you this, but only once. Don't come to my Nation asking for peace between the King and Queen, you know nothing about. Consider that fair warning. You're bold Sir..” Envy looked to Aii and then back to him. (Envy) “Which leads me to ask you this one last time. Will you be taking my daughter's hand in marriage? Only the bold seem fitting for Aii.” Envy did this to most certainly to get back at Valkoor. But marrying off Aii was something she needed to do anyways, she was of age and a former ruler of his own land is fitting enough. (Elsewhere- in the Fortress.) Isis watched Elder Kimi address this woman as all kind of things. After speaking to Elder Kimi about the man's sudden fall. As Isis looked down at him, suddenly the woman came to life with a voice of her own, almost as if something inside her flipped a switch and she came to life! She explained so suddenly about herself, it was clear she wasn't a present for the Fortress or for Envy, but Isis wasn't going to be the one to tell Elder Kimi that. As she explained what she is and what she does, Isis couldn't help but to speak out. (Isis) “If I may Elder Kimi.” She looked from Elder Kimi to the girl. (Isis) “If you wish to be placed here within the CruEnd Clan, speak now so our Elder may ask a few questions and if you seem fitful she may place you under the Nation and Name of our Ruler with rank.” She spoke mechanically in a two toned voice. After her input the compressing air sprayed from both sides of her mask and reconstructed it self.

Valkoor: Hearing Envy speak again, her every word struck him like a branding iron to his chest. She hissed at him, her anger well apparent. Normally, Valkoor would never allow anyone to speak to him in this way. The rage burned through his veins just as hot as her words had been, and the hand that gripped Kaosu would begin to tilt, lifting the heavy blade away from his side. But in that moment of action, his mind had already begun to break down and analyze everything Envy had said to him. He began to reflect on past memories, comparing her statement to what his mind now showed him. The time spent with his children brought a light of happiness to his rage, but as he began to realize just how few the memories were, the rage would die all together. Envy's words were sharp, pointed, and nasty, but she was not in the wrong to say them. The way she looked at him, like some filthy beast that only showed up once in a while to receive its treat. But what had he done to change that impression? Much like her, he cared mostly for himself. Rarely had he even given an order as King to these people, as he never took the time to fulfill his role. So what made him deserve a right to have say over Aii or Nero? The contorted expression on his face would fade, and his hand would slowly unhinge from the hilt of his sword. With a defeated sigh, he looked back to Envy. "Fine." He would give a glance to Aii, and then to Ivan, who gazed up at him fearfully. A motion with his head would have Ivan rise to his feet, and as he scurried up Valkoor to find a perching place on his shoulder, Valkoor would turn his attention to Tadashirana, having almost entirely missed everything he had said. "Excuse me." He would turn away from the group around him, his eyes paneling to find the bystanders of Vendassin as they stared at him. Nosy bastards. He shot a look their way and without hesitation they would return to their trivial tasks. He would take a few steps down the bridge to distance himself from the others, and in a flash the shadowy tendrils of his shade's robe would shape massive black wings that would sprout between his backblades. His flight began the moment his wings had unfurled, sending him away from the capital as he headed in a direction he had not been in many years. Thoughts escaped him as his eyes would soon find the beginnings of Harlot Springs, as he began to wonder how Nero would react to seeing him.

Tadasanity: -Tadashi did not care for Envy's tone and even less for her words. Patient as he believed himself being, he felt the stirrings of anger. He felt as if his homeland was disrespected; himself disrespected as well. He felt fire churning in his chest, rising as if he were a volcano about to erupt. A fireball rose in his throat and he swallowed hard to keep from spewing flame at Envy. Wisps of thick, black smoke rose from his nostrils. He had to wait a moment before he spoke, until the smoke stopped rising from his nose- Alright, you do not seek peace. That is your prerogitive, it is your land, you are queen. However… -His gaze turned hard and he turned to her completely, his broad wings spreading and stretching as if reflecting his strong feelings. He barely took note of Valkoor's departure, though he did notice. He continued, his tone level, but his eyes hard.- Queen or no, I brook no disrespect from anyone. I am bold because I answer to no one, which includes you. If that is clear, good, we will have no issue. I do not wish to quarrel, but I will not back down if that is your wish. -His gaze stared unblinkingly at Envy, his silver eyes seeming to stare straight through her. Suddenly, he smiled and relaxed, though it looked more like a leer. His wings drew about him once more as he considered. Here she was, trying to force marriage again. Well, he would throw a curveball at this Queen, consequences be damned.- I am not opposed to marriage, though as for my answer… -He turned to Aii and attempted to catch her gaze. He had no doubt that this woman was just as rough and hard as this land, and could be as cold as Envy. Yet, he felt himself drawn and believed her to be different from her mother, just in the short amount of time he interacted with them. His eyes softened and he spoke, his tone gentle.- Aii Zebream-Vendassin. I know not your land's customs, though I learn quickly. I will tell you a little something about dragons… We do not take mates lightly. If we should be married, we are bonded for life. If I may be so bold, I think you are a beautiful creature. I believe that we may learn many things from one another. I even believe that, even though we have hardly met, I could love you. If you believe the same, then we shall be wed. -He turned to Envy and spoke in a harder tone- My answer is yes, Vendassin.

InfinityImplosion: The comment from the woman who had a bit more of a mental reserve caused for her to look at her with a bit more curiosity. She actually ended up peering closer with her body bent forwards, perhaps a little bit too close for a moment before backing off. The heat from the other woman was indeed quite filling for her, and she was somewhat yearning to see how hot she could get to continue feeding off the thermal energy that she put out. Upon hearing the question that was posed to her though she responded aptly. "Give me a moment to answer that." She was putting what she learned from the guard who in all rights was dead at this moment to use in better to understand what joining this place meant. It didn't necessarily mean safety, that was definitley something that she picked up on. This place was meant for testing people to see who the best of the best was, from the memories and thoughts of the man lying on the ground. A proving grounds of sorts where those who accomplished such would be met with both praise and the respect that they craved. The other woman, the one that the more reserved one had called Lady Kimi seemed to fit this description. She show boated her status and her power in a way that seemed to demand the respect of others around her, or else they would be met with hostility, violence, and if incapable, death. Even in her broken state of mind she had been able to figure that out, though wasn't able to rightly describe it or put it into context until just then. The other woman however didn't seem to fit that description, at least not from an outward appearance. Regardless, the man who she'd sent into a coma wasn't going to live, the one thing she immediately picked up on was the fear of being seen as weak. Apparently weakness was crushed under ten tons of steel, from a metaphorical standpoint. Taking the heat from Lady Kimi and absorbing it into herself to feed from she would then begin to radiate plasma from the bottom of her palm while bending down to place it on the man's back. One might think this was a show of compassion with the gentleness of the motion, but as soon as she put the hand on the man's back she disintegrated his entire body as she let the plasma she'd been storing fill into his form. The plasma immediately caused his form to glow with an sudden spike of heat, before vaporizing his body on the spot and leaving nothing but the shadow of his body, similar to the shadows left over from a nuclear bomb. Standing then she turned to look at the woman who had asked her the question. "My answer doesn't matter. I will remain here, or I will not. If I understand correctly, this isn't a place you join, it's a place to survive if you can." She would respond with little to no emotion having come to the conclusion about what sort of place this was. "I have things I wish to find out that concern this place, so I will remain. If you don't want me to remain, you may try to remove me. It's what you would do if you believe someone to be unfit for this place, yes?"

Tingle: Aii had never seen Valkoor and Envy disgree out in the open. Though Aii had a soft spot for her Father, she believed her mothers words were correct. Malace was hinted behind them, but the words by themselves were true. Nero and Aii had grown. Others would have been married off way before their current age, but not many would ever even attempt to get into the Vendassin family. It was hard to watch as her father turned to leave. She assumed he might actually try to seek out Nero at Harlot Springs. He always seemed to be there, but not many, if any, would even travel to see him. Distancing themselves from him seemed easier than to watch him as his illness consumed him. Her mind tumbled forward back to the ones before her. Tadashi's chest seemed as if were about to spout and burn Envy to ash, but the flame seemed to travel more through his words. Aii had never heard anyone utter any sort of retort to her mother. Her heart seemed to flutter a moment from the suspense. It wouldn't surprise Aii if Envy tried to strike him down right here and now. Aii's gaze had been bouncing back and forth between Envy and Tadashi, but she stopped as he turned toward her. Her heart beat against her rips threatening to break them. Her facial expressions changed as his words filled her ears. A snear crossed her lips as he spouted the word beautiful. Her beauty was never a blessing, they mocked and teased her as just being pretty. His words continued to travel her mind. Dragons seemed to share the same sense of bonding as her father's race did. "Love does not exhist here. It is not something we commonly deal with or work toward. That being said, I am willing and accept Envy and your marriage proposal. Having you by my side could be benificial." Aii turned toward her mother, Aii assumed she would be happy enough with her responce. Excitement was still rushing around her, but no one. unless they could hear her heart, would know it. She walked forward a bit, closing the gap between the three of them.

EnvyVendassin: Was it just that simple from Valkoor? He unhinged from the hilt of his sword. And what was that she heard? A defeating sigh before looking back to her. 'Fine.' He spoke. The little guy would move to Valkoor's side. Envy paid no mind to him. 'Excuse me.' Few words were ever so said from him. Envy tried to remember why Envy married him. Ah, that's right. Its because of the mere power he holds by uniting his world with hers. Envy's eyes didn't watch him descend, she cut her gaze short and lashed it back on to Tadashi. She caught him swallowing hard, what was this? Did she do something that caused that, his expression was off pudding. Envy had that effect on others and yet she didn't care because she knew how to back her shit up when need be. As she expected when she noticed the black smoke rose from his nostrils. Envy's thirty black raven feather's stayed calm just like her, mind body and soul. She wasn't taken back by his new found demeanor. Her feather calmly rotated around her, this was mostly out of habit. She looked to him as he looked to her when he spoke. She could tell through his words and stance to her, he could protect not only Aii, but possibly give a strong blood line. Her eyes broke from him once he smiled and relaxed. She looked down at the water pooling constantly under bridge. There was a very unique set of bones there, the bones a dragon another dragon would notice, and even though that's what he seem to be; but looks can be proven deceiving. She remembered that last dragon who spoke to her almost the same, he is now but a grave in her Fortress. A smirk laced across her lips while momentarily in lock with thought about that fight, but of course not everyone is the same. Envy's eyes quickly bounced on Aii and remained there as she watched how this man spoke to her and how she would respond accordingly. If Aii didn't respond the way Envy saw fitting she would have taken back her marriage offer and really fought the man name Tadashi, but it surprised Envy when Aii included her in the acceptance of the purposal. (Envy's inner thought) ~”Good Aii, you are learning.”~ Envy didn't want to see more then she needed. (Envy) “Please reside here as long as you want till the wedding, but I clearly say this to the both of you. Don't bed till vows are exchanged.” And just like that, Envy turned on the balls of her heels and made her way back into the Fortress. (Else where) Isis watch and listened while this woman spoke about everything about ZenDasalen, almost to the bone, and anyone who passed through the Nation knew about it just by the first night if not the first hour of arriving. Plasma she formed on the palm of her hand was almost like the plasma Kyton Salvatore plays with his body like dolls. With that noted she made sure she kept a good eye on this one as she closed the gap between her and the guard on the floor. Her palm was placed on the man's back, Isis didn't think this was a show of any compassion, not here, in fact she knew this must be something different. And my goodness was she right. The man vanished. Only a fraction of what of him, was simply self imaging shadow of his former body. (Envy.) “I hope you intend to replace him with your self.” She spoke right under the frame of the Courtyard entrance. She looked to Isis and quickly Isis moved 4 feet behind the woman. Envy looked over the woman, she knew she wasn't lost, because no gets lost and ends up here. But she did watch the very bit of her abilities at the end. Elder Kimi was there, but Envy had the floor now. (Envy) “I hope you're ready to replace him with your self. Welcome to ZenDasalen.” Simple words from this woman.

Tadasanity: -Tadashi did not turn back to face Aii as she spoke. He heard her words; they sounded robotic. Tadashi knew a forced tone when he heard it. His former subjects used to adopt that tone in his presence. Aii was being careful, though her heart rate and adrenaline peaked. Tadashi, if nothing else, was a predator. Listening for the life beat of his prey was nothing to him and he was standing right next to Aii. He almost smiled as that reaction within her body betrayed her words, but he was careful to keep his expression level, his gaze hard. Envy seemed unruffled by him, as expected, though he did follow her gaze to the moat below when she looked before he spoke. He was undeterred by the bones that rested there; he was no ordinary dragon and he knew it. He wondered briefly what would happen if he and Envy came to blows. He did listen when Envy spoke of not bedding until the vows were set, but could she truly stop him if he tried? Not that he would forcibly take Aii, but he couldn't stop the rebellious thought from creeping into his head. He watched Envy leave, waiting until she had stalked her way back into the keep. Once he was sure that she was inside, he turned back to Aii and bent low, until his lips nearly touched her left ear.- I spoke not of your outward beauty, but of the one I could see in your eyes. You may have your mother fooled, but I can hear mice skittering in a field miles away. Your body betrays you, my betrothed, the way your heart speeds, the way your blood rushes. I know the aspect excites you now. You are not as cold as you would let others seem. Love may have no place within this stronghold, but it does within my heart. And, I suspect, yours. -He reached out with a hand to caress her cheek. If allowed, it would be a short touch, for he did not know who still watched.-

InfinityImplosion: The sound of the woman's voice coming from behind didn't surprise her. Even if her mind was fully locked tight like with a steel vice grisp so that not even the butterflies left with her stray thoughts, it's sentience was still something she felt. She would have to be actively hiding on a mental or psychic level, something she could tell from the way Isis reacted that she probably didn't feel the need to do. Upon hearing her statement though she gave a bit of a light shrug. She noted that these people seemed to ask questions that technically didn't need answering. Although she did seek to correct her, since the word she used wasn't exactly the right word. "Replace, to take the job or perform the duty of someone or something." She stated not even having turned around at this moment, while then looking to Malady, the doll that was on her shoulder and giving a bit of a slight giggle. It was a little..eery, and hard to say what exactly it is that she heard from the inanimate mini-version of herself. "True.....definitions can be altered, but not this time. Now shush, you 're gonna make me emotional." She said, taking a finger to poke the doll rather cutely on the nose. Turning her attentiion to turn and face the woman who had spoken to her. "Surpass, to be greater in achievement or excellence, to be surperior." She stated shifting back to her less emotional state as she then stared down to the man who was naught but a shadow now. "By those definitons, I believe I have surpassed as opposed to replaced." She stated.

Tingle: Envy seemed satisfied with Aii's answer and somewhat satisfied with how Tadashi answered aswell. Had she been testing and pulling his strings just to see how quick and ruthless he could be even to her? The exchange was reeling over and over in her mind trying to catch anything she had missed. Wait wait wait... Envy had stated clearly at one point that Tadashirana Akahimashiro was a dragon... king? Her eyes bounced back and forth as they looked between his though he was not currently looking at her, but watching Envy. Her hands began to move towards her stomach as Envy made note not to bed before their vows. Just before her slender fingers were about to press against her stomach, she paused and let her hands fall beside her to their original place. She would never make the mistake again. A wonderful accident still haunted her dreams and ached within her womb. As Envy was out of sight, a hot breath against Aii's ear brought her back from deep within her own thoughts. Her eyes danced once again around the scenery, though it was as if she wasn't looking at anything. His words rolled around her matching that of his breath. Her very own heart and circulation had betrayed her. Another to add to her list that could not be trusted. He explained seeing passed the Aii everyone would soon come to know. A motion forced her eyes to it; his hand was raising toward her. Would she allow him to touch her? An unspoken rule of the family; no one is to touch you... but the heat she felt radiating from his hand as it neared her cheek was on so pleasant. Her eyelids fell as their skins brushed. Her heart once again wavered beneath him. Curse this bloody organ. If she were just a little more of her father she wouldn't have had to worry at all. Her cheeks were layered with a pink hue. Was she blushing? No. It was most certainly the weather... It seemed like ages that their skins touched, but that wasn't the case. His hand seemed to fall away from her just as fast as it had come. Aii stepped away from him. "You must have me mistaken." The words hissed and burned from between her lips. She must protect herself... possibly him aswell. The wind slipped their fingers through her hair, combing it back away from her face. "We should see to Valkoor and Nero at Harlot Springs... Would you care to join me?" Aii turned and pointed toward Harlot Spring's general direction. "It will take weeks on foot since you are unable to travel through my father's void." She grew curious to see if he would turn to his flying form to help them on their path. If he offered it to her, she would surely agree to ride or be carried. She wasn't sure how it worked at all. She only knew that she hated walking even above her malace for Envy.
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