We are the CruEnd Clan death is but a mercy. Pride... Is what we know... Defeat is unthinkable.
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 Zant's Call for Aid

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PostSubject: Zant's Call for Aid   Zant's Call for Aid I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2015 9:19 pm

ZantJekith: -Zant would shake his head at how quickly the toxic family representative as well as his war advisor disappeared when called upon, he sighed loudly because he had a plethra of plans made for the day. Once again looking himself over he took note of his current gear making sure they were in tip-top shape, currently he wore his symbiotic Armor it was physically fused to his body and was worn as a last line of defense should Zant ever find himself unarmed its special ability through a excruciating and very painful process it could turn his other extremities such as his arms and legs into diffrent types of blades or armor types, however it had a downside parasitic in nature and lives off of someones spirtual energy it is connected to the users psyche, should a level of instability occur a mask will literally seep from the pores and form around the users face with some sort of representation of his current instability. Even though he has two of the same blade he currently had one strapped to his hip, this one was a well balanced three pound four foot long scimitar with a jagged edge along the curve made for ripping, and crippling blood vessels in muslces. Around his waist he had two belts one made of arrow bolts tipped with a edge dipped in the posion of a basilisk if primed capable of exploding remotely in a fifteen meter radius raining shrapnel dipped in the posion causing death in three turns each giving a symptom of sorts (first turn short sightedness,second trouble breathing and hallucinations and third death.) unless given the cure by Zant who carries the tears of a phoneix on his own persons. The second belt was a typical belt made to keep ones trousers up but held pouchs with diffrent powders in them as well as a watering horn and a vial of the phoneix tears in his coin packet, around his back was his beloved custom made belt fed semi automatic crossbow with two triggers one to fire and the second to activate the bolts remotely to explode. He himself was about Five, ten weighed one hundred and ninety pounds and looked nothing like his father who was a behemoth, his features were handsome and his eyes were a icy blue his hair was black much like his fathers heart in which pieces of it was used to forge Zant's very being into a long dead corpse of a nivathacvas to become a living conciouncess weapon, this creatures racial abilities were long useful and at one time even made gods shake in their very boots at their very prowess in battle and simple hatred of the "all mighty beings". He had three personalities other than his own which currently weren't acting up shadowsplitter his inner morality personified that gave him the ability to manipulate the light and create the illusion of being invisible, doppleganger his animalistic and feral side from the corpse his father "confiscated" which allowed him to manipulate the shadows and travel through them and play on Zants inner dark desires and than there was puns a personality literally surgically place and connected to Zant's nervous system which mutiplied his strength and speed and even though it was evil in nature was civilized and had a odd habit of doing its name sake...making bad puns. The Racial abilities Zant had though without the outer influences placed in him included the ability to manipulate water and air and he had a nifty ability called "air-armor" that served both as a extra sensory tool improving upon his scents as well as his skin should a air-current shift due to something blocking the flow of it Zant felt it and it made sneaking up on him hard to do but not impossible. Satisfied that despite regaining his youth at the cost of his powers experimentation was proving to be successful even fruitful of almost bringing him back to full power what stopped him though was he had to go and gather the physical blades of shadowsplitter and doppleganger from a creature he killed long ago, turning towards the ocean he got lost in a train of thought his eyes scanning the watery depths and contemplating on his next plan of action, as far as commercializing and foreign relations played out, he knew the way things were going it would not be long before watchful eyes would oversee the watery planet. If they caused trouble or if it would become beneficial however was to be seen.-

Valkoor: Valkoor had watched as the fleets of troops and batallions alike stationed themselves on the grassy glades, just off the shores of the open waters. Accompanying him stood his soul-bound companion Elyon, his two children Aii and Nero, and his Queen Envy. Envy had also brought along her two clones, Isis and Anaise, who stood at her side. Wasting no time, Valkoor chose to remain ignorant of those around his fellowship, having heard news of a foreign alliance requesting assistance with a war, they gathered here in this endless field of lush green, waiting to be transported to the battlefield. With everyone prepared to depart, Valkoor brought forth the small trinket that was used to summon what would be their means of transportation, the plane jumper Shirodo. A magnificent beast, a dragon worthy of old legends. Its body was adorned with the expanse and extravagent scales of amethyst which fitted it's violet whiskers that decorated it's beautiful face along with its gazing purity of magneta hues. Answering the call of its master, the sky would erupt as clouds dispersed from the sounds of a massive roar, the sign of the dragon's awakening. Its descent was one of grace as it danced through the skies and down onto the field, its small limbs protruding outward to give a soft landing. They wasted no time when it came to haste, the dragon descended upon them with such an effortless form as it allowed them to enter its mouth. Soon darkness fell upon them as the dragon had hoisted into the air once more, disappearing just as quick as it had arrived. As Valkoor gave his silent orders to be taken to their allies via the secreted communicative linked they shared as master and pet, the dragon obliged as it set off into the skies, vanishing into what would appear to be thin air as it phased into the planes between the two worlds. The journey through the planes was short as the dragon had done this a millenia of times as Valkoor and the others were transported between worlds. He felt the fabrics of time change, indications that they had arrived. Shirodo glided over what appeared to be an endless ocean, slight glimpses of consumed relics of empires that rested just beneath the water's surface. It seemed that over time it had been drowned by the engulfing waters that now took over much of the land. The dragon headed for the main island in which their ally resided on, while their armies were sent to the frontlines. As the dragon approached, its wings flared out to slow its pace, its body adjusting as its limbs aimed for the side of the ruins of castle. Hanging its head over the top of the ruins, its mouth would fall open to allow those within to emerge. The first to emerge was Envy herself, the profamed Queen of ZenDasalen and head of the royal Vendassin family. A mass of feathers immediately became noticeable as they encircled her frame, a trademark of Envy that was seen by all. Dressed for battle, she wore her usual adamantium ringlets around her arms, as well as armour that rested on her shoulders and the back of her neck. A coat flared around her form, revealing her front of Amazonian skin and a figure that complimented it. Massive spikes protruded from her back, being as heavy as they were durable. Beneath these horns a small pair of daggers rested above her hips, slightly hidden yet placed in a way that Envy could easily reach them if needed. A smaller pair of horns grew over her locks of purple, cascading around her face to reveal a pair of dark violet hues. Behind Envy, her two clones followed closely. Isis was first to emerge out of the two, her snowy white combat suit revealing much less of her skin than what Envy's attire had shown. Over her face she wore a mechanical breathing mask that made her voice sound quite frightening. Massive wings flared around her as she made her way out of the dragon's mouth, as white as her combat suit with an icy tinge at the tips. A pair of daggers rested on her lower back, just as Envy's were, both made of adamantium. Anaise came next, her short cropped hair being easily noticeable as it burned with the shade around a pair of bloodred eyes. All she wore was red, a combat suit that hugged a much paler surface of skin than what Isis or Envy had. A long and silky looking fabric followed Anaise, a trademark much like Envy's feathers. After Anaise and Isis exited the mouth of the dragon, Aii followed. Unlike Envy or her clones, Aii's frame was slightly less in shape, carrying a rather petite frame. Thick leather wrapped itself around her knees. On the sides of her thighs were daggers that were strapped securely in place. Around her ribs were the material that made her belt. Her upper physique was much more seeable, leather sleeves hugged her arms, attached by straps that supported them along with a bra-like top, showing off her fine skin around her abdomen. She wore the necklace that her father Valkoor had given her with pride as she exited, a mesh of net covering her heterochromous pools of violet and crimson, followed by two loose pigtails that covered her shouldered frame. As she stepped onto the ground, it could be seen that her boots were worn from time's effect on them, yet they were still durable. Following Aii out was her brother Nero. The first thing that came into view was his battle attire, however simple the outfit may have been. It was merely only gauntlets and shoulder pauldrons. They were black and sleek, in the shape of skulls that seemed to work with his look. This worked to Nero’s advantage, for like Valkoor’s companion, it helped Nero imply his speed in battle. However along Nero’s back, was a long blade, sheathed in a black scabbard, followed by another which was ornate in its brown and white decorations. The rest of him was decorated in an elegant kimono, a trademark of Nero's interest in fashion. Last to come was Valkoor himself, as well as Elyon as they emerged together. Valkoor stood taller over the two, his massive suit of mithril covering most of his body with black. Flared spikes came from behind his shoulderplates, hugging the edges of a fur collar around his neck. His face was all that could be seen of his skin, the warm shade complimenting his ancient crimson pools beneath benighted bangs. A pair of horns sprouted from his skull, crowning his head with chains that twisted around them. He carried no weapon, as he rarely did. His mind was his true weapon. Elyon's suit was similar to his own, being made of the same material. His appearance was very similar as well, despite his apparent interest in fashion much like Nero. The bloodred cape flaring behind him with a mask that consumed half of his face, being just as bright with red as the cape were. His jet black hair fell around his face of slightly paler skin, yet his eyes were even richer than Valkoor's. He carried a single blade, "Tsuki" as he called it, with him at all times. As they emerged from the dragon, its mouth would reclose as it then pushed away from the island, returning to the skies where it would hide above the clouds until summoned once more. All gathered on the island, stood in unison, each individual carrying a unique personality as they waited for their allies to address them.

Hostilezz: Many bowed and knelt before their prince as he walked along the black marble floor of his palace while pulling off the hooded cape attached to his attire, letting the soft cloth drop to the floor casually before the doors before him opened slowly, letting the cold air into the black floored and white walled domain, making servants clutch their bodies tightly and try to escape the cold by going into different rooms. Upon walking out, Kai was greeted by the sound of near-silent footsteps. Slowing to a stop before turning back to the palace, he looked toward where he had come from. “Watch over this palace. Nobody comes in, and nobody comes out.” Kai said hushedly, knowing he doesn't need to speak very loud for the being he was talking to, to hear him. “Understood.” Came a deeper voice within the palace, as if the palace itself spoke. If one failed to notice the shadow moving in the blink of an eye from the door, further into the palace, they could honestly believe that Kai's palace itself lived. As Kai turned and began walking away from the palace, the doors slammed shut, and a loud buzzing sound filled the immediate area, for 10 seconds before dying down. The second the sound had died down, Kai crouched and launched his body into the air, taking flight with a loud 'CRACK' sound as the stone beneath his feet shattered. Upon reaching 100 feet in the air in a matter of 3 seconds flat, he turned his body, leaning backwards so his back faced toward the ground, helping him make a arc southwards before he shot off with a loud 'BANG' this time, turning his body so that his front faced the ground. His flight was short, since he knew exactly where to go, and also, the fact that he could navigate the lands near, and in Zendasalen easier than anywhere else, without having to pay attention to too many details of the land below. By the time it had reached 5 minutes from when Kai had initially left, he could see the small grassy patch of land from miles away, and the fleet standing in it. Changing his direction of flight to the right, so he could circle back around to the left, Kai slowed his speed immensely, making it easier for him to be seen by the fleet of men and women alike, all wearing armour, and brandishing freshly sharpened weapons. No doubt they had been hyped up fr this moment for a long time. The smell of anticipation was thick in the air, and the stench of adrenaline was even worse. As some heads of the army turned left to see Kai descending, Kai's hand burst alight with white flames, before he pointed his hand to the ground. Turning his body in such a way that he could roll in a standing tumble like fashion. A huge jet of white flames burst from Kai's hand, to the ground in front of the first line of men whilst he rolled in the air, so that his feet could point toward the ground while still descending from the army's left, in a diagonal line toward their right, where his feet would touch the ground. As the flames touched the floor, they set the grass alight, but did not die. In fact they stayed small for a full second before blasting toward the sky, creating a wall of white flames, reaching 30ft in the air. As his feet hit the ground, he slid only slightly, tearing the grass from the ground before he stood straight, letting the flames in his hand die out. Many of the army looked from the wall of flames, to Kai, then to the flames again. Many had no idea what was about to happen. As Kai inhaled, and then exhaled, a sharp wind blasted about the place, making many cover hold their weapons tighter, or adjust their footing so they didn't fall. Kai's snowy white hair blew around wildly as the wind swept around the grassy plain as well, yet, his footing did not change. It was as if the wind could only affect his hair. Looking from face to face with his phantom white eyes, Kai could see there was no fear in these people. Elves, Cat-like creatures, even some humans were here, all either looking forward to the flames, or to Kai for further instruction. He could hear one woman whispering to another from a few lines back, telling her friend as it seemed, that Kai had no weapons what so ever, yet they were heavily armed. Kai stayed silent and held back the devious smile that almost touched his lips. If only they knew about the 5 vibranium daggers, 2 on each forearm under his attire, and three on his torso, along with the necklace around his neck, holding a pendant of a small sword. Kai was always armed, even when he had no physical weapons. His telekinesis, which was beyond second nature for him to use, along with his aura, and base superhumane abilities, not to mention the others of which he had inherited from his fathers genes, made it near impossible for one to say Kai was completely unarmed. He was armed with a whole array of things he had trained his whole life to use either individually, or together. These men needed no speech. The way some of them involuntarily growled in anticipation, and others' hands shook with adrenaline told Kai they were ready to put their lives on the line for the sake of their nation. 'Noble.' A deep voice in Kai's head commented, before one soldier walked forward, the commander of the army. He was visibly bigger and more experienced than all of these people. The scars on his face told Kai he had seen many wars. As he walked forward, he held his battle axe with both hands before kneeling before Kai. “Your orders, Prince Kai.” He called out in a loud, clear and respectful tone, waiting for Kai to reply. “Charge through the flames.” Kai said, before turning around, to stand out of the way as the commender stood and looked to the army. Raising his battle axe, the commander shouted called out loudly, in a voice that even shook Kai's ear drums slightly. “CHAAAAARGE!” Many of the army raised their weapons before following their commander into the wall of flames, all yelling loudly as they did so, holding their weapons up in their stride as they charged as well. Kai silently, lifted his body from the ground, to 5ft in the air, before following the last line of soldiers through the portal, folding his arms as he did so.

ZantJekith: -Zant watched in awe as he saw the magnificent creature push out of the clouds in the distance the sheer force of its beating wings caused him to push forward in the attempt to maintain balance, it landed with such a force a loud thud and the earth shook a little. He observed as its jaws opened up to reveal a small group of soldiers one of which he recognized as his father's ally Envy. He never had direct dealings with her but he heard rumors about her and her family, the verocity in battle the lives of men and woman alike she struck down a few even being a few friends of his own, it was by no suprise that their arrival was in such a earth shattering matter after all the best way to instill fear in a opposing force is force of action itself. He studied the others examining them and not noticing anyone else he recognized, he approached the group of people with one hand on the hilt of the blade. He recalled calling out to some of his fathers allies due to his own lands only recently being in development, however he was unaware of his fathers dealings with these people so took heed in being cautious genetically speaking he was nowhere near his fathers stature in height and did not carry a dark aura that boasted power around him, he was much like the opposite in fact he hid his potential until the time was right. "my name is Zant demitrious Jekith son of Abaddon and founder of this clan. We are currently plagued with gureilla warfare from a species that wishes to move in on the territories, independatly they are not a issue in numerous numbers they can cause a issue so i sent out a call for help. These creatures if you look at them directly turn men and women to stone with very little in the way of cure all, however their body parts can be used for weapon creation and with your help. I think I may be able finally rid these lands of the plague that is blotting it as well as make a deadly arsenal of tools should you wish to use them." He spoke to each of them not as someone who was in a position of authority but that of respect, he only assumed these were the people here to aid him if not however there was still foreign relationship building to be had. Either way unless one attempts to plunge a blade into his chest this meeting generally can be beneficial.-

EnvyVendassin: (Envy.) “Isis, man the left, Anaise man the right.” She spoke with persuasiveness. She knew what she was doing, war was nothing but a second home to her. It wasn't anything knew. If any one knew Envy, knew the Vendassin's, and the CruEnd all together; war was their main profession. The sun made the scenery tropical. Clear skies, the only thing that occupied the air space was Valkoor's dragon. Envy heard the artificial air from the portal she knew Kai would open for the fleet to have safe passage. The war cry of those who ran boundlessly through, to fight against the gorgon's that flooded around the Island. In return the gorgon's screeched loudly once they saw a new threat to their victory, but not today. Envy, always kept her word to her alliance. This was one of them. The men and women that ran up the hill to find the royal leader's, Envy caught sight of them before they could spot her out of the bunch. (Envy.) “Make a firm front line around this island.” She shouted as she pointed for them to move their asses. The gorgon's made stones out of the clannies, which they slithered their way past, but to only meet a deadly fate by another clannie. Envy spotted the Prince she heard about through his father. Her eyes need only to glance once, she read him. Cautious and yet respectful as he spoke. Once he was finished she looked to him directly. Her thought's were gathering, this would feel awkward at first for him. This awkward stare. Envy looked down at his ring finger and back up to his eyes.From the looks of it he wasn't married. (Envy.) “Mm. I see.” She spoke slowly, while she thought privately in the confines of her own mind. (Envy.) “No need to worry about your land. Within minutes, this shall be but a memory.” She paused briefly before turning to her King. (Envy.) “This is King Valkoor. My King.” She looked to Valkoor. Envy added on. (Envy.) “With us, is our children, in case you or your father question how far we are willing to lay our alliance down.” This would indicate, that even the King and Queen would give their blood up, to win a war. (Envy.) “As you can see, we go far.” She returned her eyes directly back to him.

Luxrin: With growing disinterest he'd listen to the other party's leader. Quickly he found more amusement in watching the battles around them. Slightly he began to wander off, drifting away from the rest of the group. It wasn't to be missed that what we were fighting was mostly female... The upper half of it at least. Nero's thoughts couldn't be anywhere less suiting really. The sight of the breasts of the beasts below entrancing him back into the thoughts of the own dozen pair that awaited him back at his Harlot Springs. Keeping his plain expression as he gazed outwards he'd watch as the ZenDasalen troops were slaughtered, just as the beasts fell to the hands of their worthy fighters. Without a hint of regret or remorse they were unleashed upon the enemy. Not for a single soul was feared, the men trained to not even second guess a command. It was one larger beast that swept through the battlefield, greatly obese compared to the rest and far more deadly as it seemed. It's gaze swept over the battlefield, bewitching those poor souls to stone that were unlucky enough to return the stare. Eerily it kept behind the largest mass of their own forces, picking off soldier for soldier with it's stare. Chunks of rock littered the fields after a few minutes, flying over the battlefield as the gorgons even resorted to using their remaints as ammunition for the ballista like hail of the larger monstrosity. It'd curl a few rocks into it's tail, then launching them forward onto it's assailants. As they rained down they'd pummel the soldiers, some lucky enough to see them soon enough to raise their shield in defence, others were just bludgeoned to death in a heartbeat.

Tingle: As I slipped out of the Dragon's moist mouth, here eyes adjusted to the light. The area was beautiful speckled with beaches and water. A large ruin of stone nestled within the middle of the sea locked sands. The wind whipped its long fingers through her ashen tufts of hair. The air was warm, but the brisk breeze gave her tawny flesh a pink hue. Aii's gaze moved from her mother towards the Allie. Her plum hue, from her mother, and crimson pool, of her father stared towards him a moment taking in his features and weapons. She assumed he wasn't weak, though just overincumbered. With a slight nod of her head towards the allie and then to her mother, she was off down the stone stairs. C R A C K. Aii's body fizzled into a black mist before disapearing; she had only made it a few feet down the stairs. C R A C K. From her worn boots to her hands, which were placed over her eyes, she refromed in the middle of a mass of sand. A gorgon had been staring into the sky curious as to what beast had just appeared from the sky. Its head quickly snapped towards the new figure standing behind it. Its tongue slimey and split slipped out of it's mouth and swiped over it's scales. The pretty face, surrounded by hissing snake-hairs, had twisted into a spined grueteque smile. "Heelllooosss...." A heavy lisp spilled from the beasts mouth as it looked up and down Aii's figure, judging what she was capable of. A sand-paper-like sound fluttered into Aii's ears, she assumed the beast was running towards her. Aii turned her body quickly around and ran, much faster than the beast could manage, untill the sound could no longer be heard. "BWAHAHAAaa.....Sssso Sssscccaarredd." The beast cackled and wailed as Aii appeared to run away from the gorgon. "Scared?" Aii's body paused a moment as the words rang within her ears. A soft chuckle passed through her parted lips as she turned her body to face the beast. Her hand was still placed infront of her eyes, though it began to move away. Her hand wiped across her face first revealing a closed eye, the plum hue hidden believe. The hand continued away, but the next eye revealed was and open wirlpool of crimson. The beast and its many snakes hissed towards her before realizing she was not turning to stone. A smile still lay over Aii's lips as her hands come together infront of her, one eye still open. A mass of golden flecks came into her view as a mold of a blade began to form within her hands. The aether soon took the shape of a sword with a long lenth of material attached to the pommel. 'I've more to be afraid of than a hissing reptile.' Aii stared at the beasts face a moment before, to her surprise, it turned to run away from her. It hurried, dragging its scale covered ass towards the waters. Aii chased after it, her hands extended behind her before launching them forward and releasing the sword towards the left side of the beasts back. Using the Aether as a guide, the sword sailed straight into the beasts heart. A shrill shreak burst out towards Aii's ears as the lump of scale and organs fell towards the sand. A few more slithers and it would have reached the water. This would certainly be easy. Paella cacked in the back of Aii's mind. She was howling at the thought of that small shrill shreak bothering Aii's ears. Her screams were something to be shuddering at. Aii reached the worm and slipped the sword out of its ribcage. A fillet of scales scatterd the blade. If Aii perhaps lived in the south, this slimey creature would have been good eatin', but they were above that and from the North. Perhaps she would take some as a prize for the slaves. Nah...

Valkoor: Valkoor's eyes glazed over with disinterest as the ally and Envy began to speak. He could hear the fighting that surrounded the island, chaotic shouts and sounds of petrification that seemed to catch Valkoor's attention. Crimson pools would fall to the face of their ally who identified himself as Zant as he spoke plainly, before turning away from the group to drift towards the edge of the island. "Respect my Queen, or these creatures won't be the only to fall here." A careless pace ushered him closer to the edges of the island, against the western side of it where it seemed that the fighting wasn't for the side of ZenDasalen. Corpses littered the shore, many dismembered and mutilated by the weapons of the unsightly creatures while others seemed to envelope into hard stone by merely looking at the creatures' eyes. Interesting enough that this battle could not allow the eyes, or at least those that relied on light to guide them. As a Chrysalyn, his eyes were capable of seeing the world by its energy rather than the measurements of light. He continued forward, allowing his eyes to block out the part of them that measured light so that all he could see were the energies around him. Like feint glows of many shades, he could see the various forms of energy. Some green, the energy of life and nature that filled the troops and attacking creatures. Others were dark, covering the ocean waters and the shore of those that had fallen. What wasn't alive or dead remained gold, different concentrations of it that would depict the solid structures and the air alike. His eyes immediately scrutinized the masses of energy that formed the abandoned weapons, littering the shore by their respective and former owners. Tendrils of his will would unravel from his mind, spanning out like many threads that would attach to these abandoned weapons by their respective handles. Swords, spears, axes, and arrows alike, all beginning to pull closer to Valkoor. He had no interest in using a form of magic that would put his enemy at a severe disadvantage, as his presence on the field, in his own eyes, was more than enough to deal with these barbarians. He considered himself a veteran of war, his mastery of hand to hand combat and swordsmanship alike spent with the many years of harsh training in the time of his youth on earth. Perhaps if needed, he would branch out into his more advanced talents, such as aetheric manipulation and Quintekineses, but in this moment he chose the simplest of tactics. He fearlessly stepped into the beginnings of the now bloodred waters while these weapons began to encircle him, using the differences in energy and their shapes to guide him towards the closest band of creatures. Some noticed his presence as he towered his own troops, taking charge at him given that their stare did not react with him. He watched as they slithered over the piles of littered bodies, making their way towards him. He brought his hand out further, his fingers outstretching as he angled them towards the most concentrated group of attackers. Several blades would dance out towards the incoming creatures, some making quick blows that dismembered them while others were countered by the exchange of metal. As some grew too close, Valkoor would grab hold to one of the spears that encircled him directly, taking it into his hand and allowing his reflexes to easily counter and slay them. What arrows surrounded him would launch further out, his keen precision allowing them to dodge through his own troops to hit the creatures. All the while as he broke through the first wave of them, he never slowed his pace. He would only halt when he found himself knee-deep in the waters, allowing the creatures to find him now. He'd continue to allow his physical prowess to reign over the barbaric attackers, his skill seeming to reflect onto his troops that surrounded them, raising their morale even further as they joined to fight at his side.

Hostilezz: As the bright white of his portal faded into nothing, Kai found himself levitating over a seemingly small island in the middle of a huge ocean. But this was not what interested him. What interested him was the battle which was already under way. Looking to the various statues about, of soldiers, soldiers of Zendasalen, Kai wondered just what was going on. There were snake like creatures with human upper torso's and hair of snakes slithering about and fighting, or turning men to stone. This was something Kai had never seen happening with just a look. He could see how every time a solider slipped up and looked toward the creature, they would become pure stone, it was interesting to watch, and Kai wanted greatly to experiment, but now was not the time and place. He could see Envy and co. further along the land on higher ground. The loud crack that met his ears above all the noise caught his attention, but only the black mist that remained was there for him to see. “Kai! Do not look the creatures in the eye.” came the same deep voice in his head. Kai would have questioned this if he hadn't thought about, and seen what happened to the soldiers. “There are stories that talk about such creatures. I am just shocked that they have come in such numbers.” The voice said again. Kai didn't respond, knowing that the source of that voice could hear his every thought any way. By the second, Kai was becoming more and more impatient. He wanted one of their bodies. He wanted to unravel the secrets of their abilities to turn things to stone. Releasing the telekinetic hold on himself, Kai fell to the ground, landing on his feet with a thud, and staying slightly crouched. For the moment, he did not look up, he didn't dare. Instead, he redirected the location of where his portal was going to. The white wall of flames still blazed behind him, only because he hadn't thought to close it, but that was not working in his favour. The Portal was redirected to his laboratory under his palace. Slowly, rising to his full height of 7.5ft, Kai looked straight ahead, not looking anywhere near the creatures In his peripheral, he could see the commander of the army fighting, having already figured out the way to battle. Kai silently walked forward, toward the fray, intending to be seen, which he thought would be the hard part, but no. Making it's way toward him from the right, a gorgon slithered, holding her spear, ready to try and make a jab at his right arm. Only because he could see her in his peripheral, Kai was relaxed. He had definitely fought worse and he had already fought without his sense of sight, so to be able to fight while seeing something out of his line of sight was definitely less challenging. The second the spear reached only 5cm away from his arm, he raised his left hand toward his right shoulder, while raising his right forearm, and pushing the spear by the pole, just below the blade, hard enough to knock it out of her hands, but not into the portal. With his right hand still raised, Kai reached up to his right elbow with his left hand, and under small gap in his attire, pulling out one 10 inch dagger, and swinging it downward. In the second it took for the gorgon to respond with a wild swipe with her right arm, Kai's dagger swinging downward in a quick and clean fashion made the way he so easily sliced her head from he shoulders look almost as if he foresaw the attack, but there was only so many ways a being with no legs could react to being disarmed so easily. With his telekinesis, Kai redirected the path of the falling head, to the portal behind him, before stepping over the body of the gorgon, and kicking it backwards with some force, into the portal behind. With that, the portal closed, and Kai himself vanished from where he was standing with a loud THUD, teleporting toward where the rest of the royal family was.

Prestidigitation: Elyon watched as Envy ordered her clones around on the battlefield flawlessly, as if she had done so a millennia of times. The beasts along the shorelines form east to west continued to display pressure along the ZenDasalan soldiers that now flooded the sands and waters of this land. Elyon watched as Valkoor glazed over at the conversation before them, the starting of an alliance prominent in their features as they spoke. Wasting no time, the king decided he indeed had enough of being lazy, and muttered merely enough words before descending upon the western waters to take the battle into his own hands. He glided across sands and waters with such effortless poise. The beasts that remained on the front lines, were indeed growing in numbers, and through the quintessence that Elyon’s crimson orbs allowed him to see, it would still be no match for his companion. Golden flakes of energy surrounded Valkoor, weapons of the fallen now suspended in the air around him, much like Envy’s feathers. Across from him, it seemed that Aii too had joined in with the soldiers, as she decapitated the ribs of those snake and human alike. Elyon would remain near Envy in case any harm were to fall upon the ruin like kingdom itself, considering the massive gorgon to where Envy’s son was looking plowed through the soldiers as if they were ants under his gruesome slippery like body. Elyon exhaled and pondered down upon the battle, even though he would remain up here he could still be of assistance. Elyon closed his eyes and gathered his hands close together, his palms facing the sky as he drew upon the power of the tainted darkness within himself. An aura as deep as his crimson hues sprouted out from his hands and fingertips, the physical observation looking as if it were blood. However this was the Nether that Elyon held within. It would begin to spread out along the shores, following Valkoor’s trail as the energy leeched itself into those golden flakes of quintessential energy surrounding the swords and spears, bows and arrows alike. As the two energies formed within these weapons, it would allow for reanimation of whichever being the weapons killed. In some way Elyon could be called a Necromancer, but he was a Chrysalyn and what he was capable of was much more profound than a silly title given to him. Satisfied, he opened his eyes and turned around to greet the man before him. “I wonder how such beauty could have beguiled when they surely smell horrid.” Elyon smirked, he was talking about the gorgons of course, their flawless features of true beauty bestowed upon them by Medusa, who was once herself beautiful. Yet the stench of venom in their eyes, and the sickly green aura the carried was repulsive to even anyone, let alone a Chryslayn who could smell and taste their essence wherever he stepped in this land. Just as he finished, he heard the thud closely hone in on their surroundings, and realized it be Kai. Elyon knew he wasn’t far away, as the fleet was ordered by him from the beginning, and they were already amongst the battle that waged on.

ZantJekith: -Zant listened at the screams of anger,anguish and hatred among the battlefield the rumors were true the Vendassin family was not a group to be trifled with, ignoring the words of the leader who reminded Zant to be respectful to Envy his queen, Zant proceeded to position himself at the pinnacle of his fortress before calling upon the ocean around him, his ability to manipulate and use water was legendary and this fact was about to be seen, raising his arms up in the air two giant tendrils of water Emerged from the ocean surrounding them almost like a twister sucking up enemies indiscriminatly on the battlefield shooting them off into a distance. He would turn his head not knowing if anyone was nearby to pass the word along "If you want troops to be spared, I would suggest getting them to cover what I have planned will cause quite a devastation to anyone in the area!" and thus you could see how Zant was much like his father in the way he manipulated his two elements Water and Air waving and moving his arms around the tendrils moved about the wind creating moving so aggressivly around the watery tendrils it acted almost like a wall smacking and moving enemy troops to the side like rag dolls, when most of the enemies retreated a bit further away from Zant's range he began to spread his arms and a giant watery barrier began to form around the circumfrence of the fortress, from afar it would look like a giant bubble had emerged from the water and engulfed the lands, but it took only moments before it began to solidify and form into ice but in the shape of giant solid hard to break mirrors. The mirrors themselves were so cold that upon touching it burnt the cold-blooded beast causing them to keep a distance. That is when his own archers all donning gold and black armor began to draw there bows and rain projectiles upon their head, hopefully everyone took heed to his warning, now that he formed the barrier and a defendable perimeter from all sides he took aim at the top of the bubble where he left a wide open area, measuring out the tranjectory and the wind he aimed his semi automatic crossbow and began fireing over a dozen bolts each ten meters away from eachother, Zant than pulled the second trigger causing all the bolts that have been fired and prime to explode raining shrapnel in a fifteen meter radius each piece of middle dipped in the venom of a basilisk, but none however would pass through the barrier due to him quickly pulling any residue of whatever water was left across the one opening and forming a similar but thinner ice plating. He finally looked at and watched his handy work as each one was pierced and fell in agonizing pain as the venom seeped into the blood streams. That was when Zant spotted in a distance a familar serpentine like torso one that he evicted from the island long ago when he took over the lands with total domination and took its sisters head as a trophy. The sole survivor of the Gorgan race back in the day due and obvious mother to the creatures currently plaguing the lands, he quickly ran and jumped through one of the open windows he left and approached her chuckling manically, it was obvious one of his personalities was starting to act up because it was doppleganger that pushed Zant to do the hostile take over so long ago. The creature looked down at him she had grown quite ugly and grotesque in the hundreds of years they last saw eachother and it was obvious she was not happy about her new visitor on the battle field. She spoke as if acid was escaping her lips "YOuuuu!, you again what do you have against my kind!, I swear i will wear your entrails much like how you wore my kin as weapons." Upon reaching his ears would look up incidently staring at her breast the whole time which from what he noted sagged like two pendeleums mocking her. "MEEEEEEEEEE" the way he said it was one who had total disregard for the loss of the creatures family. "I needed a home and you lived in a plausible one survival of the fittest you ugly no good sack of cow manure." The way he spoke was not much like Zant his voice was deeper,darker and animalistic in nature, before she could retort he hopped on her wrestling with her serpentine like body being careful not to look at her a second time before finally reaching for his saw toothed scimitar and slowly but surely amongst wrestling with her body he hacked and cut away towards her skull, making sure she felt every painful muscle fiber rip away from the rest of her body.-

EnvyVendassin: Envy watched how thing unfolded around her. This was her cup tea. The way Valkoor had little to nothing to say. Only the mere fact of respecting her. She looked to the ground, pulling off her gloves, one finger at a time. Envy wasn't fond of the idea of Nero just walking about, she made sure she kept a close eye on her youngest. But what was this, where is Zant? It seem that Envy's help wasn't needed, a waste of time and effort. This bothered some as she took a seat upon the staircase as the bottom. She glanced at Kai. (Envy.) “What was the reason for our call if he was able to do something like that in the first place?” She exhaled with irritation.

Valkoor: Countless of these strange creatures would begin to charge at Valkoor as they began to realize that ignoring him was not the best of options. Arrows began to fire, swords thrown, as well as several charging head on with spears extended. The calm demeanor Valkoor maintained did not allow their intimidation to strike fear into the hearts of his troops, though, as he merely continued his pace forward. Allowing his mind to connect to even more discarded weapons just the same as before, several would lift from their graves. Position them between his troops and the enemy, he launched the weapons straight forward, watching as the energies began to dissipate and return to the flow of the golden energy - aether. He caught notice as the darker energy, nether, began to coat his weapons, recognizing this to be the work of Elyon's hand. The dark energy that consumed his weapons would only leech to those they slaughtered, lifting them out of their fallen places as they now turned against their own. In what few minutes Valkoor had spent on the battlefield, the entire western side had turned the tide around. Men shouted with vigor, countless beginning to overwhelm the enemy with their high spirits. It almost did not phase him that the water began to move about in that moment, as twister-like constructs of ocean would rise into the skies. As his eyes lifted up towards these twisters, he allowed his eyes to take in the light so that he could fully see what was occurring. The newly formed tempest began to disrupt the battlefield, tearing into the attacking creatures and troops of ZenDasalen alike. As the waters began to freeze, enveloping the island, Valkoor realized how many troops would be left on the other side, still trying to fight their way back. This did not bode well with Valkoor. He retrieved the small trinket that he used to summon Shirodo, quickly calling his dragon to return to him. The responding roar was enough to disrupt the formation of this tempest had it not been under the influence of another, the dragon's magnificent and slender form beginning to dance around these growing ice. Answering Valkoor's wishes for the troops to be saved, the dragon made countless and elegant dives towards the water, his mouth hanging open as he swooped the troops out of immediate danger. Despite the fact that the ice was deadly to touch, Shirodo would have no need to fear it. Just as easily as he phased through entire planes, he would phase through the ice by briefly entering the meta-physical plane, which was closest to the physical. He returned to the island as he released the troops on the shore, landing against the castle walls once more as he already knew what was to come next. He found disappointment that those that called for aid were easily capable of dealing with their own affairs, which in turn was a waste of investment both physically and financially towards the fleet that had been sent here. He turned away from what remained of the battle, releasing his hold on the weapons that circled him as they landed with light splashes into the water. Along with the remaining troops, he returned to the castle ruins, finding those that he originally arrived with. His children and his Queen, along with her clones and Elyon. The look he subtly gave them, should they have noticed him approaching, would completely give away the fact that he was irritated with the time they wasted. The dragon shifted as its mouth fell open once more, allowing everyone else to re-enter it if they wished. Envy and her clones left first, seeing no reason to linger. Aii and Nero quietly followed, along with a surprising Kai as he seemed uninterested in even putting forth the effort to make another portal. While Elyon waited for Valkoor to be ready to depart, Valkoor would give one look out towards where this figurehead that called for their aid was fighting another of these creatures, his words escaping beneath a gentle exhale of annoyance. "I'm sure you will not mind providing hospitality to my troops while we prepare to call them back. It is the least that can be done for drawing us out here with no reason." He made his way into the dragon's mouth, Elyon right at his side before the dragon's fangs closed together once more. Within moments, the dragon would have already left this plane, leaving what troops were lucky enough to survive to linger until they would be called back home.
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Zant's Call for Aid
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