We are the CruEnd Clan death is but a mercy. Pride... Is what we know... Defeat is unthinkable.
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 The Fight Between Anaise and Isis

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PostSubject: The Fight Between Anaise and Isis   Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:13 pm

EnvyVendassin: It was as if Envy ripped the soul right out of the people. Silent as still water. Standing like modified zombies, they crowded the bridge, all the way past the gargoyle statues along with the Minotaurs, leading out the mouth of the Capital's towering rock cliffs. Hundreds, no.. thousands on top of thousands were there. Word got around like a plague, Envy wanted to watch a fight... maybe a tournament of some sort. Yet, what caught their attention, was it the headline? Isis and Anaise, a fight till Envy sought self entertainment satisfied. Those two had it out for one another and every one knew that. It didn't take much to see their differences. One is water/ice element and the other is fire/decay element, clearly they weren't fond toward each other. They only serve one purpose and that's to serve Envy and the Vendassin family along with duties in the CruEnd Clan. The Minotaurs held the double doors of the Fortress open. Inside had only darkness, lite gave no insight. Within, there were stalking eyes, those illuminating soft lavender deceitful almond shaped eyes, staring back at you. Click....clack....click....clack. Slow moving in her stride, she continued her way toward the day light outside the entrance. Little by little she became more visible to the eye. The large black adamantium royal moon shaped crown had unique spirals within it, that could be the first thing anyone would notice after her eyes. As for the front piece of the crown, it crossed her forehead with spikes protruding upward dangerously. In the middle of it had the crest of ZenDasalen in silver adamantium. Envy's black raven hair pinned up in a big beauty Queen style, her bangs cascading to the sides of her face. Her hair nearly matched her gown, flaring perfectly around at the bottom after its tight fit on her hour glass shape. Beside the breath taking slit dress Envy still had her enchanted adamantium twin daggers at her back bone, also the armored adamantium rings around her whole bicep, on both sides; including her wrist up to the middle of her forearm were the same as the armor around her biceps.At her right hand were claw resembling talons. This would be the first for any one to see such a weapon at her side. At her right was the only side placed with a shoulder guard. Made out of adamantium metal. The fridge belt dangled to the middle, in its dangle was a tear drop purple crystal, the same color as the moon necklace. Once she fully stepped into the sun at the top of the stairs, Envy sparkled like a diamond till the clouds shut out the sun once more. Forecast was bad today and to the looks of it, its determine to remain like that. 30 normal looking raven black feathers flocked around her in a counter clock wise rotation. Calm circular motions. Through telekinesis this was possible for her to do with her mind, it took little to no effort to keep it up, just the same as her thin potent coat of aura lining her body. Invisible to the eye till an attempt of any kind of harm tried to connect with her. It would be only then her aura would ripple and Envy would know. Meaning, the person would be fucked. Envy fixed her thigh brace with her left hand, pulling it a bit up. The only thing that was just an accessory on her. Her eyes scanned across and beyond the people. Silence became bliss. (Envy.) �You all have came to see a fight?� Her voice was loud and echoed. No one replied, the people knew better to never reply to Envy. Silence was best served as is. (Envy) �ISIS.......Isis.......isis!� Her name echoed when Envy called it once. In seconds from the right and to the left water shot up and cover the bridge, immediately the people in the front row, ways from Envy backed up, and for good reason because they knew. Once the water met in the middle they formed a large circular ball that swished because of the water. With diligent slowness Envy looked toward it. The ball of water started to deep freeze from the bottom up, cracking sounds of spider like trails started to form. The ice was so cold water vapor started to form. Before the water vapor could form in its full extent the ball of ice dropped, scattering into shards. In the middle was Isis, knelt on the left with both fist's down on the ground. Head in a bow and her wings sprouted from behind her. Those beautiful unique set of wings. From the Inner vane of the wing to the carpometacarpus were turquoise ice and from the pollex to the humerus was covered with adamantium metal. From her head were two protruding horns, adamantium overlays placed over them to signify the difference from any others. Gems and crystals were decorated among it. They stuck out from her platinum wavy long hair. Tied in a pony tail. Isis's mask covered the mouth and nose, a dense spray was released from the mask, after was reconstructing noses, and what followed was a mechanical voice. (Isis.) �Queen, Envy?� She didn't look up, Isis remained head down in her submissive kneel. White on white attire. With very little black and silver entwined. Across the chest and down the torso was T sliced and another two at the hip bones, showing her icy scald skin. Isis skin looked smooth but rough as fuck, It could cut if one wasn't careful. At the back of her was her yari spear. Along with her ice daggers. On her left bicep is a unique adamatium structure, in the middle is a solid circle, a button to be persist, and one of the many things Isis is known to use during battles. On her shoulders is white adamantium shoulder guards. There she was, Isis. Envy looked down on her, she was every thing she hated, but not more then she did toward Aii. Her eyes lift from her as she shout the opponents name. (Envy.) �ANAISE.....Anaise.... anaise!� Envy waited.. and waited... and she waited some more. Anaise isn't like Isis, she did what she wanted because she hung loose most the time. Since Envy wasn't concerned too much with Anaise, more so Isis because she had more of a resemblance to Envy compared to Anaise. A red sparkling raiment like aura floated in, a wave of a motion it had, and instantly the temperature in the air started to become humid. Isis's fist started to let off water vapor, a sign of irritation. The red raiment wrapped up into a large cocoon like structure. The shawl brighten before it revealed the very thing behind it. In seconds it revealed Anaise. Her clothing was extremely complex and seductive, it was almost ornamental if she didn't make it so sleazy, and yet that was Anaise. Shades of crimson and black had been construed amongst the fabrics of her trenched coat that buckled at her large breasts and opening largely at the bottom. From the waist below every one would be able to see the very little black fabric that covered her private and very high thigh stockings. Around her calves were the ankle wraps from her heels. On her shoulders were black normal feathers. Her skin wasn't ash looking with black flames on her thighs and arms. Anaise red hair is styled into a bob cut, only her bangs swooped to the left side, covering her left eye for reason. Anaise's eyes are red at the iris and yellow at the sclera, as for Isis her eyes are only turquoise at the iris and white at the sclera. Her raiment floated around her as always. Hands on her hips with her full moist painted lips perked, as she upped her chin. She stood ten feet away facing the front of Isis. Anaise kept her back toward Envy. How much disrespect is she allowed to get away with? With that thought, Isis couldn't take it anymore. She stood up immediately, pointing her left index finger at Anaise in a firm stance. (Isis.) �Insolent!� Mechanical and cold heart when she spoke, full of hate toward Anaise. She stood firmly as Isis's fist started to fold tightly. (Anaise.) �Little ol me?� She playfully placed her left hand to her chest, acting surprise when she knew. Her southern belle of a voice softer then Envy and Isis's. Isis's white brows frowned, with her eyes narrowing into a squint. Isis made the first move, she jumped up and instant ice formed right under her, once her feet touched the the ice her body was already in a side stance facing her right but her head still directly turned toward Anaise. Isis surfed toward Anaise with ice spikes protruding ward her opponent. Anaise knew Isis is very skilled, but she never seen this move before. Anaise's raiment rapidly swirled around her and lifted up and over behind Isis. Once the raiment opened, Anaise flipped forward, bringing her right extended leg down with hell's fury. Even though it didn't look like fire, Anaise's crimson aura that flamed like fire around her right leg was exactly that. Once it connected with Isis's mid-back she hit floor. This was the start of the fight. Envy was a bit surprised Isis was hit first.

Kahnduit: Upon the right side of the bridge standing just on the edge was a large 6 foot tall statue that had been placed a long time ago that was the one and the same, Kaldon Merrick....The Master of Darksteel. His origional shape and form was that of a large man that looked upon the edge of the bridge and downward as he last attempted to take a few last looks in this world before he put himself in a stone slumber to keep him living on in until the day that Envy saw fit to awaken him once more. His last few years of his life was closing in on himself as to himself being mortal and of a human body. His last attempts at creating a new shell for himself all but failed and had to wait until he could find a new one. In the not so distant past, Kaldon stood at the edge of the bridge and watched the cold rushing river beneath the large crack in the land passed by as he thought to himself as he had last spoken to Envy. " My time in this body is near, I might have a few years left. I'll need a new body soon Envy...My new Darksteel shell isnt ready, it needs to burn in the furnace for a long while before I can do something of it." He turned back to Envy and looked upon her silent expression and turned back to the cliff again." Wake me when you need me.." He said with a sigh as he pulled out a small cube made of stone and crushed it with his Darksteel hand, the spell had been released and began to creep up his arm as a protected layer of stone grew over his arm and shoulder until it reached his face. His blackened eyes slowly closed as the stone crawled across his face and the rest of his body and turned him to stone. Present day had finally come and Kaldon's stone statue watched over the zombie's that Envy had pull life from. It was now and then Kaldon still kept silent as a tomb and awaited to be awakened.....

Hostilezz: �Well.� Kai said, folding his arms and exhaling loudly. �Why is it that every time. Every single time, they think I am the tastiest meal around?� Kai asked himself silently, removing his gloves from his hands, before holding them inside out in his right hand, and throwing them to his right, before pointing at them with the same hand, and allowing a streak his aura in the form lightning to jet from the tip of his index finger. The second the lightning touched the gloves, the gloved caught fire immediately, not taking long to burn to ashes, from the amount of vampire blood on them. The dark looking town was incredibly silent now. The bodies of vampires lay across the floor shamelessly, all with either their heads missing, or their bodies cut clean in half. �I think it is time to leave, don't you?� Kai said, turning his head to the left as he spoke to his most faithful follower. �Yes, Prince Kai.� Nel replied before 8ft tall, and 6ft wide wall of white fire blasted from the ground out of nowhere 3 paces in front of Kai, making his cape blast backward in the force it created. Indifferently, Kai turned his head to face the portal, his snowy white hair which matched the colour of the fire, blowing about, while he walked forward, and into the portal, disappearing into the white inferno. Nel silently followed, her long white dress dragging across the floor as she did so, and her pale blue eyes blowing backwards as she held her hands entwined in front of her. As soon as he was out of sight, the portal closed, and elsewhere, in Kai's own palace throne room, the portal opened in the same fashion it had in their previous location. Walking through the portal casually, Kai looked around, first to his throne, and then to his subjects, all holding on to something, or covering their eyes from the brightness of the portal. The second Nel had walked through, it closed immediately, leaving the place in complete silence. Slaves went back to scrubbing the reflective black marble floors, and white marble walls while Nel went about collecting reports and reading them. What she knew, Kai knew. So he did not have to bother stopping for any reason. Anything she read, he would know, word for word as if he read it himself, even if he was not thinking about it. Walking out of thr throne room and to his quarters, people on the way bowed their heads, daring not to look him directly in the eye. He had made an example of a king who dared to challenge his honour in such a way, and nobody in his palace would ever forget it, whether they were there, or they heard it through another. Once in his quarters, Kai closed the doors before moving like a blur around the place, barely visible as he opened and closed draws and cupboards. Somehow in this flurry of movement, his old clothes ended up on the floor, and by the time he was done Kai stood straight, pulling on some gloves, with sharp silver adamantium fingertips. Kai always wore gloves, one could never catch him going more than 10 minutes without gloves. Such things were unheard of in Kai's palace, but never questioned, and for good reason. His current attire was slim fitting, but thick, without being heavy. The shoulder plate upon his left shoulder mirrored the one on the right, except, on his right shoulder, he wore black fur. In various places Kai carried weapons, but none of them seemed as obvious as they usually did with other attires he wore. The most obvious weapons in this attire would be his fingertips, which were covered with adamantium claw-like plates, and the pendant on the necklace around his neck, of a miniature sword. If one thought Kai would honestly wear a pointless necklace, then their sanity had to be questionable, since Kai never had anything on his person, that didn't need to be there. Raising his right arm, Kai reached with his left palm, moving something that seemed to be on the inside of his arm, under his attire. Of course there was something there. There was another on the other arm, and three on his torso, but nobody ever knew what they were until he used them. His owl tattoo only barely peaked over the top of the attire's neckline, while the two tattoo symbols on the back of his neck were covered effectively by his hair. Without waiting any longer, Kai walked out of his quarters, and down toward the main entrance/exit. Again people bowed and such, but Kai had business to attend to. He called it business, but it was really just pleasure, but then again, with Kai's interests, he could afford to mix business and pleasure. It certainly hadn't taken long for word to spread of Envy's latest development. A fight. A fight was common in these parts, but the people who were fighting was what made this almost unmissable. Anaise and Isis. Both of them, Kai hated. Both of them, Kai wanted to see die, but then, Kai only wondered when his mother would call the fight off. Certainly she wouldn't allow them to kill each other?�Do not be so sure of that.� Came an almost too loud and deep in Kai's head. �The witch your mother was made from was about as unpredictable as her, and if that is not the case, your mother is even ore unpredictable, making this something certainly worth watching.� Trumacke said, adding his own opinion to Kai's thoughts. Kai needed not to speak in words, but just in impulse. Of course the one who was constantly in his mind would understand them enough. Without any hesitation, Kai crouched, before blasting from the ground and into the air in less than a second, before turning in the direction of the capitals fortress in the north, with a long curve in his flight pattern, before his speed climbed. The almost wafer thin shield that covered his body was built from both his aura ad his telekinetic abilities, meaning that however he wanted it shape, it could. At the moment, the shield's particles were slightly spaced, allowing it to breathe, and the air to pass through it, allowing for Kai to feel the wind only barely. As Kai moved faster and faster, the shield morphed of it's own accord, the particles coming together in their default state, the structure of adamantium. Before long, Kai of course had to slow down, but he also did not allow his shield to change structure. It simply withdrew around his being, becoming something of a second skin. From below by the fortress, the sound of his approach, the roar of the air being cut could be heard, and was loud enough to cause avalanches far off. As he came to the balcony level in front of the fortress, Kai leaned his body forward, into a cartwheel-like roll, before landing on the large balcony. He realized he was just in time to see the fight get started, which was just when Anaise had flipped forward to deliver her kick to Isis. Walking forward, Kai held the balcony railing, and watched intently.

EnvyVendassin: Once Isis hit the ground she quickly recovered, turning to her left, her wing sliced across. By doing this it was a defense and counter attack on Anaise. Of course Anaise wasn't stupid, she did a few back flips and tada! She was perfectly safe... so she thought. She forgot how Isis is able to release the ice from her wings. In turn Anaise found her self face to face with three sharp ice feathers. She was only able to avoid two . The third one barely gazed her cheek, but sharp enough to cut her as well, and this was all SO knew to Anaise. Her face was her life line to perfect seduction. Anaise touched her face, looking at her hand she saw black, this was her blood. She stepped back in an almost shocking discovery. Did she actually forgot how her blood looked? The sound of flapped wings diverted her attention back to Isis, she was right above her this time. Wings ah sprout, right hand pulled back with an ice spike protruding from the fist. Isis was coming down, she was coming down hard. Anaise placed her raiment to the front of her, it radiated heat, so hot to the point Isis's ice wouldn't be able with stand it. When ice connected with heat, it almost instantly melted. Isis's fist wasn't able to connect directly to Anaise's raiment, but if it had, Isis would have taken some damage, but instead Anaise raged with a furious brute front kick at her pelvic, sending Isis toward Envy. This would have been considered an attack toward Envy and that wasn't taken litely by Envy. Sending Isis toward Envy's way was just another form of disrespect from Anaise and this time it wasn't going to be looked past. Quickly Envy held her right hand up, palm facing the back of Isis and with little effort, telekinesis stopped Isis. For a few seconds she remained in mid-air before Envy shot her forward toward the very statue that watched over the Fortress. (Kaldon)
Once Isis connected with the statue her body would continue into a dive onto the people, they would be breaking her fall. As for Anaise, she was already at Envy's mercy, and boy was that a sight to see. Anaise knew she crossed the line and immediately knelt with no chance of connecting eye to eye with Envy. (Anaise.) �Please forgive me.� She wasn't so sweet sounding, more concerned with her life since Envy's feather's turned into adamantium, and Anaise knew this due to the sound of scissor like noses when they all were turning. Each stem of Envy's raven black feathers had a button small enough for only her telekinesis to reach, in order to activate the nano's that engulf the feather, and making them solid yet lethal. Anaise was surrounded by them but she dared not to look. She knew better. Envy started slowly down the stairs. The snow had fallen from the cliffs that surrounded the Fortress. Envy knew Kai had arrived, he was always grand with his flying, and yet she haven't seen much of him; but heard plenty of talk about his affairs at bay. Isis pushed and even knocked people back when she was slowly getting back up on her feet, holding her right rib with her left hand. She was pissed, but she knew she couldn't do anything to Anaise now since Envy stepped in. (Envy.) �How many times Anaise? How many times must you show such disrespect?� Anaise didn't reply, it would be wise if she didn't. It would be stupid if she did. (Envy.) �Kai.� She spoke soft, she knew he was near. (Envy) �Come here, my son.� Publicly, Envy called for her 'son'. Different. Anaise opened her eyesa bit wider, but this wasn't visible. She had that sickening feeling, Envy might throw her to Prince Kai's mercy. Envy waited...

Hostilezz: Kai watched the events below him unfold and raised his eyebrow in astonishment. The whole affair was escalating rather quickly, but the thing that made him raise his eyebrow was the way Anaise launched Isis toward Envy with that kick. Kai wasnt concerned about Isis's health. Why should he be? She wasn't the one who was going to die today. Definitely not, especially after what had just happened. �What kind of idiocy drove that open-legged fiend stall to do this?� Kai thought to himself, having no respect for Anaise in the slightest, knowing that their only encounter was her trying to lay down with him. Although he had no respect for her, he ddn't have any respect for most people, he just tolerated them, and saw them through their convenience, and if they had something he wanted. As Envy had called out for him, Kai sighed. He did not falter for a second, knowing that in that one movement, he could ruin everything. Moving fluidly, he lifted his foot to the railing of the balcony and used it to launch his body over the balcony, free falling upright toward the ground, picking up speed. It wasn't until he reached 60ft from the ground that he vanished from sight with a loud �THUMP� Before appearing with the same sound 5 paces from Envy's left, perfectly calm, as if he had just walked there, and not jumped off of a balcony. Far off, Kai could see people moving uneasily, even though they were so far away from the scene unfolding. He also spotted Isis, clutching her ribcage with her left hand, and didn't bother thinking on it, since it was only a matter of time until she was standing perfectly straight, and normal. It never took anyone here long to heal at all, so injuries like broken bones were often overlooked. �Yes?� Kai said in a smooth voice, his standard accent clear and understandable by all who could hear. His phantom eyes looked to Anaise, then to Isis again, and then to Envy, before focusing on something else. His white hair blew about slightly as he tuned in to all the voices of worried humans, and erratic heartbeats, and irregular breathing from all the way across the bridge.

EnvyVendassin: Damn this boy was fast. Before Envy knew it, Kai was to her left, and calm as the soothing gulf. This boy was no boy, but a man now. Envy took a moment to take in the sight of Kai, over time he has grown so fast, yet so far from her reach. Yes he was there, but not completely, and in fact she could almost read the resentment he had for this place; and even for her. Yet there was no resentment toward Kai. This is her first born, the child she thought perished in the forbidden monks temple. He resembled his father, now. She barely could see her in him. Her mind filtered many thought's about Kai. Even though this is her first born, there was no love found anywhere in her body, not because she suppress it, but because she was incapable of such an emotion. After her final thought's of Kai she spoke again, this time looking away from Kai and off into the distance. (Envy.) �Anaise, I'm sure the Prince wouldn't mind taking out your kind of trash.� The people gave shock. Even Anaise couldn't believe that shit. She almost shook in fear, knowing she wouldn't have a chance, not here on ZenDasalen soil. Yet she kept her composure. She had to think fast, give some thing to Envy where her mind wouldn't be so focused on her anymore. (Anaise.) �Queen Envy, I have news I wanted to share with you.� She started to move her head up, feeling the courage of looking Envy in the eye. (Envy.) �What is it?� Anaise looked to Kai. Giving a smug smirk before returning back Envy. (Anaise.) �There's been word of a female companion accompanying Prince Kai.� Before she could finish Envy put her bit. (Envy.) �Yes... which I know of. Ren's ex-wife.� (Anaise.) �No.� She started to slowly move, to stand.� (Anaise.) �He actually made a child with a female, it has been seen all around the parts of Atlantiss.� Envy paused, looking at Kai with a speechless expression. For some reason right after her speechless expression she became sick to her stomach. Her left hand palmed her stomach as she stepped to the right up to the brick short wall over looking the body of water below. She couldn't even look at Kai, just the thought of him reproducing wasn't possible, was it? She slowly turned to her left, to look at Kai once more, and the sight she saw was the very kid who she found years ago before she knew it was her son. The very image of Kai wasn't of a man, but a child. Shortly that image changed. She turned back around, lost in her thoughts, and even within her thoughts she could hear HER. Laughing a mock at her.

Hostilezz: Kai knew envy's eyes were upon him. He could see her in his peripheral, and so could he see Isis in the distance and Anaise a lot closer than Isis. Anaise was in an extremely tight spot. Maybe whatever Envy had planned next would determine her movement, but how do you escape from blatant disrespect to a Queen, and a Queen like Envy at that? Kai knew Anaise was cunning, but being cunning was no leverage here. No leverage unless the conversation did not unfold the way it did. As Kai was practically given the right to kill her, he could feel his aura welling up within him, h was ready. But the second he spotted the slight change in her demeanour, the slightest shift in her composure, Kai knew something was going to go horribly wrong. She was not acting negative enough to be someone who was sure they were about to die. Kai knew she must have something up her sleeve, and oh was that sleeve full. Before her words even left her mouth, Kai knew something was bad, but as they continued, and she gained enough confidence to look up to Envy, he knew it was something to do with the only other person central to the scenario, which had to be him. Word of a female companion accompanying him was no problem. Kai was always accompanied by Nel, and what was the exact way Envy had replied to her, but the second Anaise mentioned Kai having a child, he could feel his bones loosen in his body, giving him his flexibility, and his aura become so strong, that even though it was nowhere to be seen, and nowhere near his shield, but in fact under his skin, it still charged his shield violently, meaning that if one was to hit it, the shield would make a deafening 'BANG' sound to human ears, and a bright flash, capable of dazzling even the most focused of fighters. This wouldn't be apparent, unless someone had the ability to detect the slight shifts in air pressure in its minimalism. Kai simply looked to Anaise. He didn't feel rage, but he understood. He understood why she had to release this information, and well played to her that she managed to do so in the nick of time. But where Kai did not feel rage, he felt intense hatred, the kind of hatred that wouldn't even allow him to speak out, but to be silent, and strike when it would hurt the most. Kai turned to Anaise before going to look back at Envy, who had walked off, only giving him a slight look before looking away again. Kai took a tactical step to his north west, slowly, but surely, staying silent all the way, before looking to Anaise, turning his whole body to face her as the deafening silence, save for the loud crashing waterfalls along the fortress walls.

EnvyVendassin: (Envy) �Ugh..� She was surely lost for words. Isis stood straight up now. She her self was shocked by the news. Isis only focused on Prince Kai. She knew Anaise stepped way the fuck over that line. Anaise stood bold when she returned the same look Kai gave her. What a bold move she happen to give, during Envy's distraction. (Within that moment.) Envy couldn't.. and wouldn't accept that lie. (Envy.) �Your tongue have escaped you too far, right Kai?� She looked back to him, she found him dead silent, facing toward Anaise. Was Anaise fact correct on this? Envy waited for a brief moment before she asked a direct question to him this time. (Envy.) �Kai Ergo Vendassin...�She didn't need to finish after saying his full name, seeing how she never done that ever in her life.

Hostilezz: Of all people here, why is it that it was such a shock that he was a father now. Envy could walk around pregnant, everybody knowing that she got busy with Valkoor, and have no scrutiny, so why was he not even allowed to have a child that nobody has to see? Kai was not afraid. He had done what he wanted. To die now would be fine, but not without fighting. If Envy somehow decided to snap and fight him, this place and the whole of it's population was coming down with him. He didn't even try to correct Envy, or try to agree with her. He simply looked to her with the same unreadable expression. An expression that would honestly tell her, he did not care. She knew what it felt like, to feel unexplainably protective over something, so she could never call his actions now, out of order, even though he did understand that in fact, instead of them being out of order, she could probably deem the whole predicament out of order. Mentally shaking his head with a loud chuckle that echoed, Kai waited for what Envy was to do after she got over her state of shock. Trumacke had already attacked her 30 times in is own mind, knowing exactly how he'd utilize this small time frame, not because he wanted to attack her, but because he just did that involuntarily. �I am ready Kai.� He said, hushed, while Kai inwardly nodded. No words would leave his mouth after this point unless it was for Trumacke's sake.

Valkoor: An illuminated shine of colour seeped through the scaled lips of the dragon�s mouth, its pronged teeth isolating from each other as the reflections of Crysalys came into view. The shrouded aura of death itself loomed over the remnants of their home planet, a field of beleaguered carcasses and marred landmarks lay waste on the bloodied soil. The image setting into Valkoor�s crimson pools as he perceived the discernments of their homeland, reminiscence filling the vast halls of his mind. Broken marrow exposed from torn flesh would be accompanied by the stench of decay as it filled his nostrils, becoming more of a delight than a haunting memory as he emerged from the dragon's mouth. The surface of his hard boots would embed themselves within the soft sands of Crysalys, the silence of his home greeting him in return. Nothing had changed since he had left this place. Like a painting on a wall, a scenery that would remain frozen in time until time itself would come to an end. And why should it change? The perfect conclusion to such a long and arduous journey, the accomplishments that unfolded from this small sacrifice. He had not the time to linger on his thoughts here, the tasks that were to come were far too important. An effortless pirouette on his foot would position Valkoor to be facing the dragon's mouth once more, his eyes illuminated beneath benighted bangs that complimented a face of true beauty as he searched for the silhouette of his companion, Elyon, who still hid within the darkness and safety of the dragon's fangs. His voice would call out, his soft yet authorative and cold tone flitting through the heavy air like a kiss of spring amidst the freezing cold as it reached Elyon's ears. �This place is sufficient enough. We should make haste with what we are trying to accomplish here, for Vendassin still awaits us. I am sure that Envy is only patient for a certain amount of time, and there is still much more needed to be done.� The carefree dialogue he chose as he spoke with Elyon, the one being who was capable of seeing the feint warmth that dwelled within the cold and unbeating heart within his chest. He was capable of being his true self around Elyon. A gloved hand would protrude from beneath the heavy cloak that covered Valkoor's frame, his hand unfolding to reveal the small sphere that rested against the fabric of his glove. The beacon that would provide a path back to this place when time was more appropriate, he would let it escape his grasp as his hand tilted to the side, the sphere dropping and landing in the soft sands to become partially hidden from view. He had little to concern himself with the possibility of someone finding and tampering with the object. Whether the beacon was camouflaged against the sands or not, there was no way the dead would see it, let alone the living. What few beings that evacuated the planet had now long forgotten about their ruined homeland. No sooner than when the object was positioned would Valkoor step back into the dragon's mouth, rejoining Elyon as they would prepare to leave. His eyes would take in his home this last time, burning the images in the back of his mind as the light began to fade behind the serrated bridgework of fangs that sealed Valkoor and Elyon inside. The soft rumbles of the dragon's movements filled its insides, the quiet murmur shifting into nothing but gentle background music as Valkoor focused on returning to the capital of Vendassin, his new home.

EnvyVendassin: Isis was linked with Envy, just the same as Anaise were. On that note, Anaise knew it worked and she was really happy, but she didn't think the rumor was true. (Her within Envy'd mind.) ~�Look, he made a fool out of the Vendassin name, having a baby out of wed-lock.�~ Envy's head looked down at the moss bridge. (Her within Envy's mind.) ~�What is there to be done? Foolish child, your child is foolish.�~ A taunt of words crowded her fine judgment. The people just watched with their eyes, stalked more like. Envy looked to them, this was surely an embarrassment. (Envy) �LEAVE!� Just like that, they moved like ants when blown a breath of air upon them. Envy felt like she was losing her sanity, but she couldn't held it, its the Sinn in her. (Envy) �Why would you do this to your self, to your name. We aren't grand here, but the status I do expect you to hold is now below you.� She started to speak with spit. (Envy) �You are my first born, you are to be given to another.� She placed her left palm against her forehead, a bit crazy looking as she fought with the voices in her head at the same time. She felt the panic rising within. At the same time Envy kept a descent composure. At bay Isis spoke. (Isis.) �Anaise is foolish, she would do anything to slither her way from her doom.� Isis stepped a few paces forward in her attempt to convince. Anaise didn't take her eyes off Kai though. Envy looked to Isis, hoping some truth in her words, but she knew from the look off Kai and the chuckle that followed, Anaise hit home on this one. Her eyes fell to the ground again and softly she spoke to Kai, for only him to hear within her whispering words. (Envy) �What gender is your child.� This was the moment of truth.

Guest_BaconSlides: The appearant young girl panted as she slowed down her pace. Her legs were burning due to running for many miles without stopping and her adreneline which had kept her on the move was winding down. She was surprised at how much her captors had breaken her as she was now using terms such as "her" and "she" to describe herself. The girl looked battered.Her hair was a tangled mess with leaves and sticks and sticking to her forehead due to the sweat. Her clothes clinged to her body by thin threads.Her arms ached due to having to climb to where she now was. She looked around her at the dirty looking castle scared, fearing that she had just escape a danger to face an even worser one. She spotted a group not far from here and all of the sudden she felt the feeling she was dreading. That her physical body had changed. She wanted to dig and claw through her skin to find her true self but she knew it would all be in vain. With this realization, she gripped her fist and felt a few tears slipped down her cheeks.

Hostilezz: As everything transpired, Kai kept silent. No amount of words would change the situation, although there was something obvious;y going on within Envy's mind. He knew this, and knew that it wouldn't be long before action was taken. �The look in her eyes. It is the demon herself causing this.� Trumacke said silently as Kai watched intently. Part of him wanted to strike Anaise, but why attack her? Sure he could kill her, not letting her have her wish of staying alive, but no. He was going to let Envy deal with her while she was still in a bad mental state about this situation. Kai wondered if he should stir the pot a bit as well, just so that her punishment would be that more severe. As Isis spoke, Kai had to agree. Her actions were the lowest of the low, and no honor would come from them unless everybody here had the wrong idea. The people who had originally scampered away, still looked around from their homes, watching it unfold. Only the homeless people had the first class seats to experience the scene first hand. Her words bounced off of him, Kai refused to listen. It was like listening to poison. She would say this now, and then other evens against these words would unfold. Like trying to marry him off to some pathetic being so that her throne is not threatened. Slowly it was making sense as to why she was awkward toward Aii compared to Nero and even himself to an extent. She did not want the child to be female. There was something about that which could make her reaction worse, but would it be worth it to stir that pot just a bit? Just a little bit? Kai's mind worked extremely fast, weighing out the pros and cons of his plan, knowing that the consequences would come immediately either way. After reading the situation, Kai stopped and silently opened his mouth to speak. �I have a son.� He said casually before going silent again.

VelaCruise: ~Wondering in the north of this rather bleak realm Velacruise could only wrap his robe a bit closer around his body. Moving his fingers from the staff he would hold it crooked against his shoulder as he rubbed with suitable vigor to warm them. Sniffing the air the Wolf morphs nose would crinkle at the smell of the masses gathered further along his path. The din they were making was near defining to the sensitive canine ears, even if they were mostly silent with hushed whispers back and forth. Moving up the path to get close to what was going on he would turn the bend to see the grand spread of humanity their. Raising his brow the male threaded his way between man and women alike till he could at least see a parting down below. Turing to his left he would speak softly " Tell me neighbor what's going on down there?" The man would only turn to grunt and tell him of some grand fight that's now boiled down into a drama. Nodding in turn to this information the wolf morph would watch on silent in the group only noticeable by his canine looks and the aura of a talented but not overly powered mage. ~

EnvyVendassin: The words she spewed was surely more then Envy would say in a day toward Kai. Their conversations were little to nothing now a days. As she stared at Kai, she could still see the child she met years ago, before she took the good from him, and look at him now; the man she expected him to be. Mean, clean, and a fighting machine. Which is what she want's even his off springs to be. This wasn't a matter of the status of her position to the Nation, but the very person she's been fighting to better, Sinn. Seeing the past of Zyse and Ameki's mistake, along with the rest of Sinn's mistaken children, Envy became obsessed over time on the off springs of any of her children have in the future. Yet, something happened once he replied. The voices in her head stopped. Every thing became much clearer, so clear that she started her way toward Kai and of course he would assume she would attempt some thing, but half way she cut to her left, heading back up the flight of stairs. (Envy.) �You will be married. To whom I see fit for you. If you choose not to accept your royal duties...� Once she got to the top of the stair case she kept her back turned to him. (Else where within the crowds.) A woman told the newcomer as she hurried passed him, she gave him a warning. (Peasant.) �Leave, this place will kill you.� She scurried away after she gave warning. (Back to Envy.) � (Envy) �Unless you wish to be an exhiled Prince.� She knew what that meant, if he chose to be an exhiled Prince he would be breaking all the laws of ZenDasalen and the Clan would have no choice but to hunt him till killed. . . .

Hostilezz: You will do this. You will do that. Duties this, duties, Kai, do them. That was all that registered in Kai's mind. If anything annoyed him today it was the commands. How could she command him? Did she not have better people to command? Valkoor? The elders? Aii and Nero? Thi had to be the most infuriating thing that had happened to him so fat in this whole issue. So much so, that he redirected it, blaming Anaise for this. As envy left, leaving him with those words, he thought about it for a few seconds. Exiled prince. Exiled. Zyse was exiled, and nobody has even found him. It made Kai question a lot, and want to test a number of things, but for now, he'd bide his time. He was way smarter than most, including his father, who acted upon his temper without question. Kai actually redirected it to where it would be felt the most, and not immediately. Turning to Anaise as Envy left, Kai walked forward. �Ever look me in the eye, or cross my path, and I swear, I shall turn your greatest pleasure into a nightmare when I throw your body into the endless days to be decimated however the fools see fit. But that is if I'm feeling nicer than I do right now, whore. Mark my words, cross me and I will not hesitate to kill you, and be rid of your soul before you can even think of going to the light.� With that, he walked past her, and along the bridge passing Isis without as much as a look, before crouching slightly, and blasting into the sky with a massive BANG! That made the mountains themselves shake, and new cracks form in the bridge as it became yet more unstable, with huge chunks falling from it, into the water. As Kai reached he appropriate altitude, the loud CLAP sound of his sonic speed cracked through the air louder than any thunder could ever be.

VelaCruise: ~Not even moving his head but his ear would turn slightly to catch her words. Reaching up he would push his gold rimmed glasses up the bridge of his muzzle. Watching her leave him only brought a frown to his face. "leave? I cant leave. To much to learn not enough time to learn it. If i die...then my task is done." All of this was muttered to himself as his tail lashed out in irritation to strike the ground next to him. Turning his attention back to the group below he would catch the end of the speach only. The male was to be married or at least the female said he would. The emerald gaze of the wolf followed the women(Envy) up as she moved along the stairs. This realm already intrested him. Though he rather disliked the cold even though his fur was thick enough to keep him warm sept the most bitter of winters. He would wait longer to see what unfolds but given the warning he may wish to seek shealter at a tavern instead of the normal habit of strolling into places.~

Prestidigitation: Elyon held his posture against the slanted tooth he was positioned next to. The dragon's scaly gums and tongue produced copious amounts of saliva that Elyon was not too fond of. However, it washed away the remnants of soil that clung to his mithril boots, the same soil that spread across the land of Crysalys. When Elyon stood on that wasteland, he felt like he was stuck in limbo. He found himself a suitable position as he wedged into the creases of the tightly pressured fangs. The rumbles of the beast�s inner organs were gruesome to say the least. Luckily, Elyon did bring his flute along. His fingerless gloves gracefully surfaced against the tiny holes of the instrument, as his lips touched the cool metal like material. Seconds later, he was playing the tune of an old song that had once been popular on the land of Crysalys. The dragon shifted course as it moved throughout time like the waves that moved across the ocean. It was headed north, back to Vendassin�s Capital. The dragon�s mouth had remained closed for the remainder of the time, but Elyon had already seen barren wasteland before. The frozen crevices and valleys of nothing but shadow and death. Everything beyond the border was lifeless, no sign of plantation or lushness like the tropical forests of the Amazon where Elyon had first found Valkoor long ago. Elyon felt the slight release of the clenched fangs and instantaneously shifted his posture to a more vertical stance. Light began to pour dissidence into darkness, however it was still just as gloomy. Forsaken had consumed the outer peripheral of ZenDasalen. Valkoor and Elyon appeared from beyond murky waters as they withdrew from the dragon�s aperture. As mithril boots dusted against hard rock, the solid feeling was almost embracing. Not that Elyon was afraid of heights or travelling through planes by dragon, but the feeling of a solid surface allowed for advantages with his traits of speed. The climate had instantly changed from the warmth that enveloped them whilst they were in the secluded darkness of a dragon�s mouth. The cloaks that surrounded Valkoor and Elyon�s physiques helped against the bitter cold that now threatened to freeze them into an oblivion of gelidity. Peasants lined the outside of the fortress, none attempting to preach closer to the minotaurs that guarded the capital. Elyon followed behind Valkoor, as they entered into the capital, past the trivial beings that squandered about. Something must have been announced in their presence from Vendassin. The bridge was what separated the capital from the rest, and once they crossed it Elyon noticed the authorative figure that Valkoor took. A screech sounded in the air, followed by the shadowed figure of a bird on the surface of the bridge. Elyon�s eagle was soaring above, keeping his distance from the structures. Elyon stayed position behind Valkoor as he came to a halt in his movement. �I wonder how long we shall ignore this under-developed nation in our midst, the people here are indeed fascinating aren�t they?�

EnvyVendassin: Envy had not left inside just yet, but she assumed since he had not given a rebellious answer, he chose to remain true.. she hoped. She had no choice but wait for Kai to take some time to him self so she could ask him for a verbal answer. As for Anaise, she stepped back feeling need to prepare for anything from Prince Kai, since his words were promises. But, full of lost words, seeing how she is back into Envy's good grace but this time she needs to start being more like Isis. Once he became in aliment with her, she narrowed her eyes to the side as he spoke the word 'wore'. Hell, that was her fucking first name if Anaise wasn't it. Which she loved. Once he past, he smiled. Isis for one had bowed her way out of Prince Kai's way as he left in his wake the loud burst of his lift off. Envy closed her eyes as she listened to Kai's leave. The thought's of Nero and Aii came to mind... but Kai held a stronger purpose then Aii and Nero, well... he's ill compared to Kai; she knew who would live longer. . . . She remained moments more on the top of the stair case before heading into the foyer in the Fortress. Yet she heard the sound of flappy wings soaring about. Natural thought. 'Kai'? She heard people whispering, whisper of a King. Could this be? Envy didn't want to turn around, but she knew she needed to. Her head turned slowly to the left, to her side view she could see two figures. She didn't dare to look further more. Not after she gave up on the search for Valkoor through lands and worlds with no end. .
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Valkoor: The beautiful melody provided by Elyon's flute was more than enough to allow Valkoor to completely lose focus on his thoughts, the time passing as if it were merely an instant before the light of Vendassin poured into the now opened mouth of the dragon once more. He led the way through the valley as Elyon followed closely, sharing nothing but quiet thoughts with his companion until his eyes could see the bridge begin to shape on the edge of his view. As they approached, his sight easily adjusted to define the blurred shapes in the distance, identifying the large crowd of peasants that littered the capital with their presence. It seemed that they had gathered for something, although they were currently fanning out, almost as if they were acting upon orders to leave the capital. He could already feel them, the auras that mixed together with a disgusting taste to be the few people he recognized in Vendassin. Envy's clones, colliding their auras with one another in a manner that would imply a physical altercation between the two. He felt Envy's other son, Kai, beside none other than Envy herself, along with the still feint aura of life that hid within her own that would be their unborn child. If she were still in denial of her pregnancy, Valkoor would have to find amusement in her obliviousness. He could hear Elyon's carefree chatter in his ear that was directed towards the people, and how fascinating they could be upon examination. Stopping short of the bridge, his eyes briefly made contact with Elyon, his thoughts creating some rhetorical answer that would best suit his friend's words before he looked back ahead to find Envy's retreating figure. He watched as she suddenly stopped, almost as if his presence had already been detected by her keen senses. Her head turned to allow a glance, and he knew he had been spotted. From here, he could not foresee what her emotions were, despite his adept empathic ability. For all he knew, she could be furious at his absence. The thought of her anger brought a slight smile to his face, knowing that Envy was most attractive to him when she was angry. He approached closer, his careless and gentle stride allowing him to practically glide over the bridge without creating a sound until he would be standing before the castle doors, Elyon directly behind him. His eyes lifted towards the stairs that Envy stood upon, finding her frame with a look of hunger before he spoke with his harsh and cold tone over the people that surrounded her. "This place never changes..."

EnvyVendassin: From spoken words Envy knew who it was. Her heart would've dropped but that wasn't happening. Only mixed emotions fluttered within. She didn't even turn completely around to acknowledge him, in stead she continued forward in a quick burst, as if she was in a hurry to be somewhere. From outside into the foyer she walked down the royal white rugs. Men and women bowed before her wake. She needed wine, she has gone too long without it, for good reason. Envy stopped abruptly in the middle of the room. (Envy.) “Where is my wine.” She spoke hasty. A few servants rushed to fetch her a glass, but she knew she needed it now.. right NOW. After so many times going out and about to search for Valkoor, but at the end to find only dead ends upon dead ends. Valkoor's return was too much for her. She didn't even want to look at him, knowing how he made her feel from the sight of him, he becomes a whole different bliss to her. Envy shouted for her wine. (Envy) “Where is my WINE!” She gestured her hand out. This got the servant's nervous, they really don't see her like this. Without her children she's content with her self, and with Valkoor she becomes absent in her duties a bit; with both she becomes at the same time she becomes stressed and mentally unstable. Her wine is the soul purpose of what she considered a perfect life. Going without it would cause mood swings and withdraws. The servant rushed to her side with a silver platter of a crystal fine glass of red wine. Envy quickly picked it up and tossed it back. Once Valkoor and his companion entered the foyer, the minotaurs would close the double doors behind him.

Prestidigitation: As the citizens scattered away like vermin, clarity overtook Elyon’s judgments. Charred markings of ash and flame were prostrate along the slightly broken bridge mixed with the offcuts of auras that showed no indifference. There was also spike of ice sticking out from the bridge that had yet to melt, but that would be a long while in this weather. Further along, Elyon could spot the petite like figure, whose body was shaped to an almost perfect form. The contiguous object most comparable would conceivably be an hour glass. There was no mistaking that it was the Queen. As Elyon followed the gentle movements of his companion, he began to feel the empathy swell inside him, emotions of being guilty and confused and joyous all at once intertwined into a feeling of something else entirely. These must have belonged to Envy. A smirk found its way to the faint lines of Elyon’s lips as he heard his companion’s sharing thoughts, but it lasted not nearly long enough. Snow had found the bottom of Elyon and Valkoor’s guise as they reached the entrance towards the massive double doors. The tiny flakes of ice had fallen from above, someone else must have been presented, no longer here. Each scale of the snow crushed as they walked through the massive doors. It was as if everything that was underneath Elyon and Valkoor as they walked were of insignificance. The flapping of wings sounded near Elyon’s eastern peripheral and he noticed that his Eagle was decreasing it’s altitude to come further into depth with Elyon’s forearm. His massive indirect talons latched into the groove on Elyon’s forearm which he now held out so that it allowed the bird a comfortable position. For an eagle his pet was huge, talons long and piercing with his high – pitched battle cry as he roamed the skies above wherever Elyon travelled, feathers of a golden hue and almost longer than Elyon’s arm itself. Amber hues that could see far into the distance with perfect intelligibility. Anyone who tried to point out that his battle bird would be denied access into the fortress would most likely have their tongue silenced, his bird like his companion… stayed close to him at most times. The eagle found its own amusement as its hardened beak began to peck at the tiny strings of cotton like fabric that hung from his cloak. The cloaks that Elyon and Valkoor had wore were not fraying nor were they ruined. The fabric the bird had found amusement in was a part of the way the cloaks were made, and it had served them through several travels without being damaged or worn out. The large Minotaurs who were situated at the entrance closed the fortress doors as they stepped inside. The Minotaurs did nothing else, but stood still as if they were merely a decoration, a statue of fear to warn off peasants and folk alike. His ear’s picked up the sound of Envy’s voice, as she trailed further into the fortress, asking for wine, more than once. Each time developing more impatience as she practically screamed for someone to serve her a god damn drink. They continued to proceed further inside, making no noise in their effortless movements. It wasn’t long before they had crossed the white rugs of royalty, softer than any feather could ever be. Whilst inside, his companion’s voice had become as cold as the weather that plagued this land, stating that this was a place that always stayed unchanged. If Envy chose to acknowledge them more, Elyon would then bow his head to her as they came to a stand-still.

Valkoor: Images filled Valkoor's mind as he passed silently through the halls of the capital, these images being the only concepts to form in his mind at all as they did so. Like a ghost unnoticed and unseen, they promenaded into the throne room, the feeling of soft fur consulted against the surface of his hard boots. He had heard Envy's voice echo throughout the halls, clarity lighting the fact that she wanted wine. Personally, Valkoor did not agree with Envy drinking wine while carrying their child, but given that she was more than likely still denying that she was even pregnant at all, there was nothing he could have done to prevent it. Still, he could not help but to make another attempt to advise her as they finally entered the same room as she. Elyon's obeisance followed, although Valkoor would not repeat his companion's action. As King, his royalty was shared equally with Envy, and they were never required to make such actions towards one another. His eyes merely returned to her, the hunger fading from his rich crimson pools as he noticed the glass still in her hand, residual traces of the wine trailing down its surface. A grimace played at his beautiful features, a look that truly was not meant for a being such as he. And yet, he could not find any other expression to form that would suit his disapproval for her action. Whether she turned back to face him or not, he would allow his voice to enter the room, the harshness not being found in his tone to allow a more gentle moderation to escape from between his lips. "Perhaps it is best that you do not indulge in a second glass of wine, Envy." As he spoke, his eyes would not break contact with the glass in her hand, the grimace remaining frozen on his face. He could hear the noisy whispers of the servants that came to-and-fro, obvious talk of 'the King's return'. It was more annoying than what he could tolerate. His thoughts would pass to Elyon, a request to command for their silence on his part so that there would be no further sound until Envy herself would speak.

AngelikaBadraChaos: *It had been months since Candika had been sent on a quest to look on too other clans, Kingdoms, Empires, etc. She found one in particular that seemed to spark interest. Whispers and rumors coming about of a possible threat to the Queen and her nation. Candika stayed there awhile, writing upon a empty scroll she had kept with her. Updating each day from the day she left until the present. The one piece of information she had been waiting for, seemed to be not known. No date. No time. No knowledge which could lead to an answer of "if" and "when" this threat would take place. But it seemed it wasn't far off. Warriors were prepping, practicing and fighting each other to better their skills. Welders and blacksmiths, making new armor and weapons. The demoness found it interesting to say the least. But she had a duty and she knew if she didn't follow, it would be her end as well. That was a thought that always weighed on her head. Not in death, but in loss of freedom. A heavy sigh followed by a light growl rumbled in her throat. Finishing her scroll, she began to roll it up after letting the blood ink dry. The scroll was filled with information from the places she had been, drawings and details of what she had heard, seen and witnessed. Tying the strings around the manuscript, she placed it in her small leather sack, then began to set forth back to ZenDasalen. She longed for bath after slaughtering many to both feed or whom gotten in her way. Her clothes reeked of blood, despite washing them in the different rivers and streams whenever she could. Though water alone can't take the smell out. Not that it bothered her, but it made her easier to track if she was being hunted. But she didn't care. Just another victim to add to the list if they dared. It would take a few days only to make her trip back Queen Envy's place. Candika's abilities to use shadows, was a easy teleport, but she didn't want to seem too rushed. Upon reaching the snowy wasteland, her mind filled a moment with memories of her first time being lured her and the others as well. Her right eye twitched as well as her black full lips. Scoffing, she pushed on, trudging through the snow until reaching the Capital, walking along the bridges and past the people. Rumors filling the air of the King's return. She tilted her head slightly, her deep violet hair swaying slightly as well.* So the King is back...hmmm...*It was then, that she heard the loud voice of the Queen asking for wine. The demoness could only think, Envy was stressed about something. It only made her smirk slightly before it faded and her flawless features were once again emotionless and unreadable. Approaching the large doors, she placed her clawed hand upon wooden pieces and pushed them open, making her way through and down the many corridors until reaching where she heard the King addressing the Queen about not taking the Wine. She paused by the door, not wishing to interrupt them. Candika decided to head to different room for the time being. She informed a servant to inform the Queen that an Elder awaited her presence when she was able to spare a moment. Until then, the demoness would wait until addressed or called for.

AlphaTier: The warm breeze of the springs blew against his pale skin. Gently his hair swayed in the wind as he sat at a fountain. Nero was drinking a brew of tea that he had learned to make during his travels. Lifting the precious porcelain cup to his lips he began to drink. With a rather blank expression he looked about, his eyes scanning the numerous people that have found their way to his own home. Countless women flaunting their goods littered the streets. Each trying their best to lure the next man into their confines. Nero was only too easily sucked into their delights, much as he was about to be. With an ever so soft grin he'd confront two women that stood only a bit off from him. Recognizing the subtle gesture they began to walk towards them. Their hips swaying seductively, their short yukatas barely brisking over their thighs. His grin grew ever so wide as they sat beside him, his head turning from one to the next as he looked upon them. Indeed he liked what he was seeing, only wanting to indulge himself in their company so much sooner. It was well known that he'd accompany most any lady to his private quarters, though the fewest saw the insides a second time. Disappearing into his own world once more he lustfully passed the time with his harlots, the hour becoming late as he sent them away, their pay already have been given to them. Money mattered little to him, his family in possession of more than enough. Quietly his thought trailed back to the fortress where he had lived the happiest bit of his life. It was each time that he thought of this place that his head then clouded with the darkest of thoughts. Like dark whispers they entered his head, blocking out anything that resembled even the slightest thought of happiness. As he slipped off into his sleep his mind was tainted by a dark shadow. It projected images of the capital into his mind, of his mother Envy, his brother that was often to be found at her side Kai. But this time... there was some other presence lingering. This dark shadow revealed to him something that only communicated too well with what lie on the other side. Too familiar for his own taste. It plagued him, every single minute feeling like hours as his mind raced. It seemed the time had come for Nero to retake the journey to the fortress, confront what lied on the other side of the country. It was with a bit of dismay that he would have to leave his springs. The air laced with the sweet smell of perfume, just like the fresh fragrance the rivers brought that flowed nearby. ZenDasalen only held the wrieking smell of rot, death and demise. Not a single joyous thing could he think of there, no smiles, no laughter, not even a single flower that would poke it's head through the barren lands. Nero closed his eyes and breathed deeply. Losing himself in the now empty confines of his own mind he'd let the images of the fortress' inside fill his mind. It was the dining hall that he could best recall. Many hours had he spent with his sister there. With a deep breath his surroundings changed. The air felt heavier and the sweet smells vanished. He'd find himself laying on one of the long benches that stood against the wall. He was once again in the fortress. With a sigh he sat up and began to wander about the halls, seeking to find out what was going on. His bare feet made little to no sound as he walked, his robes dragging behind him as he sought out the rest....

Endearment: The light in the old fashioned carriage was dim, but just enough to use for reading. The piece of parchment she’d received was decorated with beautiful and highly unforgettable handwriting along with a wispy signature. The scent on the material was easily picked up by her enhanced sense of smell. The name that she uttered rolled off of her lips slowly and was just barely a whisper. “Envy.” There was word of some sort of battle. It was said to be pretty big. “Clash of the Clones. . .” Kimi would chuckle lightly as she folded the parchment again and slipped it into the worn leather bag that sat beside her on the soft, velvet seat within the carriage. It had been quite some time since she set out to keep herself sharp mentally and physically. With ZenDasalen being about a week away by foot, she was happy to have gotten her hands on such a fine mode of transportation: one of the few carriages with a fifth wheel for extra balance. “Time doesn’t exist so we can waste it, Love.” She’d shout to the heavyset male sitting in the seat just behind the horses on the outside of the carriage. The young man, seeming to know exactly where to go, snapped the reigns and the two stallions up front screamed out from the sudden noise and ‘snap’ of the reigns. The carriage jerked forwards suddenly and they were off. With the horses, travel time would be cut down tremendously. It would only take a few days with few stops. The snow was deep and the horses were having a hard time getting through all of it. She couldn’t help but curse under her breath. She loved her nation, she loved her clan, she loved her queen. . .but she did not love cold weather. Being a fire based Kitsune, the cold only weakened her. Maybe not an extreme amount, but feeling any kind of weak was down-right embarrassing. By the time the carriage passed through the front gates, Kimi was already agitated. The crowd that still hung around and talked amongst themselves were blocking their path, so she ordered the carriage to stop. The man that sat at the front was now pulling open her door on the right side. His judgment clouded by lust and desire as she slowly stepped out and down the two small steps before planting her petite feet onto the cold, hard ground. The clothing that clung to her smooth, pale skin was a much different style than her more modern and darker colored fabrics. The corset was striped with white and a light creamy color with a matching white blouse beneath so that the ruffled deep V-neck top would come out over the corset a bit to show off a healthy amount of her lush, clean cleavage. The skirt portion was full of ruffles, white and cut off in the front so that it was much shorter in the front while the back nearly dragged across the ground. Around her waist and fully noticeable was a light brown, leather belt with a holster resting on her right hip. In the holster was a collapsed/folded up white, lacey and very detailed parasol. The parasol was both for looks and to keep dry in rainy climates (being drenched just wasn’t something she particularly enjoyed). Her boots were, for once, knee high and matched the rest of her light colored attire with long white lace stockings peeking out from under the edge of the lace up boots as they reached up further only to stop mid-thigh. “You. . .you enjoyed the ride? I took all of the detours I knew of.” The man sounded as if he was desperate to please her. Kimi’s deep hazel hues stared into his dark orbs and she flashed him a brief smile. Her faux expression made the man’s eyes widen and his jaw drop slowly. It was as if he was a kid all over and experiencing his first fireworks show again. He looked absolutely amazed. “F-Finally.” Was all he’d say before he’d step closer, only to impale himself on the long Tanto blade that was held down by her side with the blade facing him. It was as if she knew he’d walk into it. “As much as I would love to say good job. . .you struggled. We were late. Do you hear that?” As she asked, the long, back fox ears atop her head swiveled back a little as if she was actually trying to listen to the conversations going on around them. Some murmured about how the fight wasn’t nearly as scary as Envy and some whispered from one to another about other visitors coming in. Her ears flattened against her smooth, dark hair and she sighed. “We can only hope that you do better in your next life.” She pushed the dying man off of her bloodied blade and whipped it out to the side, keeping her grip tight so that the blood would be flicked off and leave her Tanto looking clean again. The fresh smell of the man’s crimson colored blood flowing out of his body and pooling up around him made her crinkle her small nose slightly. It was amusing to her that the beings that lingered out near the bridge didn’t notice her arrival until the hefty man’s body crumpled to the ground as he faded into the darkness of death. Some screamed or gasped as they backed away from the carriage. Eyes were on her and she could feel them boring into her very being. She could feel their curiosity and their fear. “Where is the Queen?” She’d ask, her voice was loud and stern. A silence followed the gentle echo of her question. When no one answered, she scowled. “When someone of a higher status asks you a question, it’s best to answer.” She stepped away from her carriage and slowly slipped her 12 inch long blade back into its sheath that was strapped to her belt, as well. “If I find my carriage has been touched, moved, or damaged, I’ll pick someone from this crowd and make them disappear.” was all she’d say before the crowd parted for her. No one said a word to her as she passed through them; she assumed it was because her long absence. Crossing the bridge brought on a feeling of nostalgia. With every calm stride she took she was brought closer to the large front doors of the capitol building where two minotaurs stood guard. Their eyes were locked on her petite form and followed her every movement. “Open them.” She’d say as she stepped up onto the front stairs. They did as she asked without hesitation and she slipped in after thanking them quietly. There were many beings in the building. Slaves and other lower class workers eyed Kimi and bowed to acknowledge her arrival. She waved a dainty hand at them and continued towards the small group that stood just inside. Her ears twitched softly at the last thing that was spoken. Soft words aimed towards Queen Envy. “Well, isn’t this a rare sight.” The charming little smirk that played across her lips could almost be heard in her tone of voice. “Welcome back, King Valkoor.” Her gaze quickly shifted to rest on Envy’s form. “My Queen.” She’d bow her head for a moment, and then straightened to walk their way. The rhythmic and sensual sway to her hips as she moved towards them was smoothly mimicked by her long, dark colored and plush tail. Not much had changed about her aside from the clothing she chose to wear and her very slight attitude/personality change. She still looked to be in her early twenties with a natural hour glass shape to her body and softly toned muscles so her seductive look wouldn’t be thrown off by manly looking muscles. When she reached them, she stood near Envy and glanced at the wine glass in her hand. Kimi could feel the discomfort in the room and raised a thin brow. “M’lady?”

EnvyVendassin: Valkoor's voice was better than silence, but he didn't need to know that. Once he advised Envy to not indulged in a second glass, the second servant who was approaching Envy had yield to King Valkoor's words, uncertain if he should give it to the Queen or not. He would be damned if he didn't and damned if he did. Envy quickly noticed the servant's reaction to Valkoor's words, it bothered her, she stepped quickly toward the male servant and slashed at his face with her artificial talon's. The platter dropped, but Envy didn't allow the glass to it the ground. Her telekinesis caught it, holding it in mid-air. The male servant fell to the ground, grunting as he tried to surpress his voice from screaming in pain. Quickly his face started to turned purple and blue, signs of poison. Other servants quickly dragged him away. Envy had not looked toward Valkoor or his companion yet. She paused at the sound of the double door's opening again. Who could this be? She would’ve looked but she didn't want to see Valkoor. As this happened, another servant approached Envy with a bow before speaking. (Servant.) “Second Elder wish to have word with you.” Envy's attitude changed completely. This was good news, having her back mean's she collected information she been waiting for months on. (Envy.) “Tell her to come.” She said in the softest whisper. The servant offed quickly. Envy had then caught a familiar voice, First Elder Kimi. Envy had no choice but to turn fully around to see it for her self, which that meant taking sight of Valkoor. The quick glance she did take was just enough to starve herself, before she took another. Valkoor and the man beside him, who was he? Yet Envy never question Valkoor's companion unless it was a female companion, she never saw any of those. (Envy.) “Have you Returned from Elder Place?” Her eyes broke from Kimi, taking another look toward Valkoor, but this time taking in the companion's detailed image. (Envy.) “Have you seen Nero and Aii by chance?” She oftenly question those two, seeing how they were becoming more absent just like Prince Kai. (While this was happening, else where in the Fortress.) Women servant's giggled as they watched Prince Nero wounder the hall's, their encounter of him last visit was one to remember. They were giving him the eye of lust, just to taste him on their tongue was enough to drive even a straight man gay crazy. The women pointed toward the area where Envy and the others were at, the royal hall. (Outside of the wall's of the Fortress.) The people saw a new face approach, they knew she didn't belong, and in turn the path way to the the bridge thickened. Crowds of people didn't speak to her but attempt to bump into her. Other's would give her a stare down, outsider's weren't ever welcome here, and if they stayed long; they soon found this place very hostile. Once she crossed the bridge, the minotaurs at the end didn't reply to her, but the one's at the double large door's knew those who knocked on the door was no member's to the clan, so they grunted and stepped toward the woman, this was a sign of them becoming hostile. Gripping the clubs they held tightly in grip. The ground shook every time they took a step. It was about to go down. (Inside the Fortress.) Envy knew, by the connection she had with the minotaurs, some one was at the door, but she cared not to answer, if they weren't worth her time. It took a great amount to get any one to answer those doors, and if by chance anyone had passed the minotaurs who's to say what's inside was any better?
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LadyBishop23: * Bishop would ignore the cold glares of the towns folk she was used to them as she had often visited meny towns with similar ideas of straingers , she would stick a bit closer to the shadows as she locked eyes with the minotaur guards her eyebrow raised as she debated weather there would be any resoning with them once they decided that she was a threat to those inside . Her face calm and her hands in the air as she stepped back form the door scanning the walls her axe with in reach if nessisary hopefully there would be no need for blood shead . Her eye would twitch ever so slightly part of her welcomed the challenge the creatures presented but her comon sence remained in control for now *

Prestidigitation: As Elyon watched the servants scurried about the fortress, whispers of the king’s return and following orders of their queen, his eyes scanned the throne room, from the extravagance of the rugs to the prevailing chairs of what held the main association and family of Vendassin. After bowing slightly to Envy, he noticed the grimace that consumed his companion’s complexion. A look of abhorrence at the horrendous sight of his queen drinking wine whilst she had yet to beget another child into this forsaken world. Valkoor never convulsed as he spoke, his tone, matched to or even more provincial than several authorities, as always whenever he spoke in this domicile. As his thoughts connected with his companion’s, he noticed that the servants were indeed trying to be discreet in their chattering, but to the ears of a Chrysalyn it would be foolish to whisper at all. Elyon simply inhaled as his voice echoed with the tongue of the king behind him. “Silence, you imbeciles!” There was no emotion, no judgment passed along in his vibrato, just the cold authority or dominance as it set into the fortress. The servants fell quiet within the throne room first, then gradually reduced to dead silence as Envy turned around to meet Valkoor’s crimson pools if only for a second. The simpleton with the wine on their platter, heading for the queen stopped as they looked upon the king. Envy obviously did not care for such cowardice, as she then took it upon herself to take the second glass of wine. Her claws, delicately placed and perfectly fitted for her hands only slashed out, scaring the servant, as his body quivered to the ground as if shocked by the blood and taint of different colours. His faced was expended by purple a blue, the effect of an ominous poison lingering as he was dragged away by more servants, who had also grabbed the platter that clashed against the floor. At a second glance, Elyon noticed the glass however, still full of wine was suspended within the air. Envy had used her telekinesis to ensure she had received her drink. Behind them, the sound of doors being opened became known to those in the room, as a small figure stepped inside, hastening over to the queen as if he had something terribly imperative to announce to her. The servant spoke of an elder, but Elyon had not seen this person enter. It was only moments later before he realized that Envy had stated for the servant to send her in. Elyon felt her, as she arrived through the double doors and began to originate closer, however his eyes did not retain a glance backwards. His crimson diminutives gazed upon Envy as she finally directed herself towards Valkoor and Elyon himself. Curiosity lit in her eyes as she glimpsed at them, but it was quickly dismissed as she indulged herself into an effective conversation with the one who had been summoned. Finally Elyon turned around to engage her, as she welcomed her king back to ZenDasalen. She too, like Elyon had bowed her head to the queen when she spoke, as her feet approached closer.

Valkoor: Valkoor's eyes caught notice as the servant that approached with another glass of wine began to halt. It seemed hesitant as it was now caught between the two authorities that it had learned to fear most, although between Valkoor and Envy, it would be Envy that held the least amount of patience. She glided forward, her swipe being as elegant as she. He could almost feel the pain himself as the servant crumpled to the ground, gripping his face in pain as it began to swell from the poison that tainted Envy's claws. The platter that held the glass made a loud clanging sound against the floors, which was rather irritating, but perhaps what irritated him more was the lack of shattered glass to follow. His eyes averted as he saw the glass suspended in front of Envy, obviously held by her willpower to keep the wine in place. He could feel his own emotion as it gradually shifted from concern to anger, watching Envy completely ignore his words. Crimson pools gleaming over with irritation as he looked back at Envy, who had yet to even turn to look back at him. It was as if he was not even existant to her in this moment. He went to step forward, but halted as he heard the rushed echoes of feet meeting the floors before the room they stood in, as a servant made its way inside only moments after. It spoke to Envy of one of the Elders returning with news, which seemed to catch Envy's attention, unlike his own words. He heard Elyon speak aloud as he demanded for the 'imbeciles' to be quiet, his voice seeming to emanate Valkoor's own will as the servants slowly began to oblige. He gave a quick glance to Elyon, but then noticed yet another newcomer as they made their way in the room. From her appearance alone he recognized it to be Kimi, another of the Elders that served the Vendassin family. She gave a welcome to Valkoor upon his return, which he merely gave a slight incline of respect to her in response. She turned to Envy, which at this point caused Envy to finally turn around and face the room. Her glance to Valkoor was brief, not even long enough for him to read the expression in her eyes before she looked away from him. She spoke to Kimi first, before asking of Nero and AIi, their two children. Despite the lack of attention she gave to him, or allowed herself to give, he rightfully assumed that she was speaking to him, to which he replied blankly. "No, I haven't. This is the first place I have been to upon my return." After he spoke, he almost immediately, and perhaps conveniently, senses an aura within the castle walls that was easily noticeable to him. His son, Nero, had arrived, as if the very mention of his name had lured him out. He was nearby within the castle, yet he did not seem to be necessarily wandering here. Perhaps, he was simply wandering, leaving Valkoor to return his attention to Envy, and the glass of wine still waiting to be consumed. The anger had all but faded from him as he now spoke with a firm tone. "Envy, that's enough wine for one day."

KimiKatsu: Those deep hues of hers were locked on Envy’s tall figure, but lingered on her black locks of hair. The change in hair color was an immediate indication of Envy’s current physical well-being. Being the First Elder (and a very protective individual), she paid very close attention to the Queen and could almost read her like a book. That’s not to say that the Queen couldn’t hide anything well, however. She could still be quite mysterious to Kimi, as well. Just as Envy brought her hand up and back, Kimi’s eyes moved to gaze at the poor male servant holding a tray with a full wine glass sitting on it up to her. Whatever had happened before her arrival had obviously upset the Queen and it was starting to eat away at her a bit. What could have agitated her Queen so badly? Was this possibly just a result of her pregnancy? Whatever the reason, it was enough to get Envy’s blood pumping. Just as she swiped her claws at the man’s face, Kimi’s keen hearing seemed to tune in on the action. The sound of her claws raking across the man’s face was heard loud and clear as well as the sound of the platter crashing to the ground and the smell of blood wafted up her nostrils almost instantly. Kimi’s small nose crinkled yet again and she sighed. No longer interested in watching the man writhe silently on the ground before being dragged out of sight, her gaze locked on the glass that was floating in front of Envy. “Don’t mind if I do. You heard Valkoor. A second glass wouldn’t be the best idea in your condition.” She brought the crystal clear glass full of the wine to her lips and took the smallest of sips, wanting to taste it first. She’d never been the type to drink wine, but if she knew it would benefit her Queen at the moment (and wasting it would probably upset Envy more), she’d drink it without hesitation. After swallowing the bit she took into her mouth, she slowly licked her lips and flashed a little smile. “It’s nice seeing you, again, too. To answer your first question, yes I have. The second, if it was directed at me, no I have not. I’m sorry. But, if you’d like me to, I can keep an eye out for them both.” The glass was lifted up to her lips again and she took a bigger drink. Her tall ears folded down a little as the taste grew stronger and lingered slightly in her mouth.

LadyBishop23: * Bishop would ignore the cold glares of the towns folk she was used to them as she had often visited meny towns with similar ideas of straingers , she would stick a bit closer to the shadows as she locked eyes with the minotaur guards her eyebrow raised as she debated weather there would be any resoning with them once they decided that she was a threat to those inside . Her face calm and her hands in the air as she stepped back form the door scanning the walls her axe with in reach if nessisary hopefully there would be no need for blood shead . Her eye would twitch ever so slightly part of her welcomed the challenge the creatures presented but her comon sence remained in control for now. Her eye followd the castle walls up looking for a window or some other way in that wouldnt require her risking her life more then usual . She wasnt sure why she her curiousity was soo strong in such a dangriouse place but she wasnt one to back down easly she would give the guards a kind smile and softly clearing her throat she would speak her tone calm and relaxed * " now now boys lets play nice today shall we " *she takes another step back her eye now focased on keeping her right side hidden in the dark shadows cast by the large door . Keeping her hands in the air she would bow ever so slightly to the guards* " I only wish to make the aquantance of the royalty in these walls I mean them now harm " *she remaind bowed down her body loose and calm instead of tence a wolfish grin upon her face.*

EnvyVendassin: The minotaurs had grunted, even their voice had vibrated through surrounding structure. The on one the right risen his club above his head and attempt to clash it down violently in the very spot the newcomer is standing. If the attempt connected, the very being of the person would be smashed like a ant, leaving little to nothing but a body that would become unrecognizable and blood left in the crater let alone splattered where ever it laid waste upon. In case the person who held her hands up did manage escape, the fight wasn't going to end there. She would have not only two of those minotaurs at her, but two more she passed earlier, let alone the gargoyles, this happened to those who dared to just walk and knock on a door without giving any word of reasoning their business being there in the first place. Even if they had business, people who isn't of the Clan weren't allowed to grace these doors. (Back inside the Fortress.) The way Valkoor's companion set silence in the royal room. His action was questionable, at the same time irritating. Once he bowed toward her, Envy quickly questioned it. (Envy.) Who is that, Valkoor.” But Valkoor replied toward Envy's question that was directed to Elder Kimi about Nero and Aii. (Envy.) “That wasn't directed to you Valkoor.” Yet his following words from him was, 'Envy, that's enough wine for one day.' Envy was touched by his second attempt, but in a bad way. She scoffed, from the thought of him ever telling her what to do. Envy was about to just grab her glass while keeping eye contact with Valkoor, and drink it anyways till Lady Kimi had swiped it from her reach. Envy knew the order of the Elder's, from any Elder, they give the utmost advisory when need given. Envy unhaled and exhaled harshly. Her fustration was more directed toward Valkoor, due to him vanish act. (Envy.) “You have some nerve Valkoor.” Envy wasn't one to hold any outburst in front of people. She kept her and Valkoors business behind closed doors. She quickly left the room, to enter a study hall full of books. Before she entered that room her last words was toward Elder Kimi. (Envy.) “Please attend to second Elder when she arrives Elder Kimi. “ She spoke hasty. Envy hoped Valkoor would follow. If he had, the very moment he would close the door behind him Envy would then turn around with such anger. (Envy.) “How, dare you!” Her feather stopped in mid-air. She was very bothered. (Envy.) “You come and go when you please, as if you have no duties to your Nation... to ME! You are a bastard!” She shouted the last word as she stepped closer to Valkoor.

Valkoor: In the moment that the Elder, Kimi, made a move to take the wine from Envy before she could partake in it herself, Valkoor felt his anger begin to subside a bit, glad to know that he was not the only one who was concerned for the well-being of not only Envy, but the child she was carrying. He wanted to give his thanks for her action, but before he could even think upon it he would hear Envy as she spoke towards him, asking who Elyon was. Before he could reply, she spoke again, this time in a manner that seemed to mock Valkoor before everyone around them, casting his words aside as if he had no right to speak. Perhaps she was taunting him from a strange effect the child was giving her, but Valkoor ignored those quiet thoughts of better judgement. The anger that stemmed from irritation shifted to anger that stemmed from, just pure anger. He had never officially taken his position as King so seriously, given the many trips away he had taken, but as he felt the sense of being ridiculed by his own Queen, it did not sit well with him at all. Envy spoke again, mentioning that he had 'some nerve,' as if his very presence was a disgrace to her. She turned away after addressing Kimi one last time, drifting into another room. He couldn't help but to follow, a subtle glance given to Elyon to imply that he wait behind. He did not want anyone to see what might become of him as he slipped into the same room, the doors closing behind him softly. It did not even take an entire second after the doors shut that he would be faced with Envy's sudden outburst, her emotions seeming to stop even the rotation of her feathers that naturally encircled her. He found himself struggling to pay attention to her words, his own anger being enough to distract his natural train of thought. She seemed more than upset with the fact that he 'came and went as he pleased' and that he acted as if he had no real duties to the clan or to her at all. While this pulled on his anger even more despite that her words held reason to them, it did not even begin to compare to the anger that would boil within him as she spoke her next word. 'Bastard.' His eyes widened upon hearing the word, pure rage filling his crimson pools as his face contorted to fully express how he felt upon her bold words. His rage burnt through his veins like a hot magma, only furthering it as it seeped into his hand, his fingers curling together tightly. Veins protruded away from their regular positions, pressing to his hard skin that remained hidden beneath his armour. All that would be noticed was what indented the gloves over his hands, although that would not matter at all. He had enough of being mistreated and disrespected in front of the clan and the servants to the family, who were more than likely capable of hearing every last word she spoke. Letting his rage take control, his hand cut through the air with a quick swipe, his fingers uncurling to give a fierce smack directed towards Envy's face. He almost instantly felt a slight twinge of regret, for fear of how this anger might be interpreted by the child, but his anger overrode all sense of judgement. He did not stop there, as he began to speak with a tone that was much louder and more harsh than any other time he had addressed Envy or anyone else in the clan, for that matter. "I will not be addressed as if I were some lowly peasant beneath you! I am your KING, and I demand that respect out of you. My actions have always been in the best interest of this clan, AND you! NEVER mistake what I do for being selfish, or I'll destroy this entire clan with my bare hands!" His words left him like the hottest of flames, scorching the air that enveloped the room they stood within. Even as he released his anger on her, it did not seem to diminish. His body tensed, muscles tightening as he spent the next few moments making some attempt to control himself and regain his better judgement.

KimiKatsu: The tension in the room seemed to escalate between the King and Queen. All Kimi could really do at this point was just sip on her wine, watch, and listen. Getting between the two wasn’t permitted at all and taking sides wasn’t smart, either. Kimi’s eyes followed Envy as she began to storm out of the main area and then paused to give her the order of meeting up with the Second Elder to discuss what she needed to talk to Envy about. Then, she disappeared into the library. Valkoor followed right behind her and the doors slowly shut behind them, but they wouldn’t be enough to smother Envy’s angered voice for Kimi’s sensitive ears. As much as she wanted to block out their personal talk, the Queen’s words still invaded her mind. Kimi turned away from the library doors fully and moved towards the large round table to sit and await the Second Elder. As she passed the other being that had been standing by Valkoor, she stole a quick glance at him. He was very unfamiliar to her. Once at the large table, she slipped into the nearest seat and set down her wine glass so she could lean back in her seat. It felt good to be home, tension and all. “Home, sweet home.” She’d murmur lightly while rubbing her cheeks a little. They were still a bit rose colored from the cold air outside. The single tail that had wrapped around her waist slowly parted into to occupy her, Kimi began to run her hands through one of the plush tails to do a bit of grooming. Before she could get too far into it her ears picked up on a loud ‘slap’. Skin against skin. Far too loud and harsh sounding for it to be sexual intercourse and it had only occurred once. Kimi abruptly pushed her seat back and stood, her eyes wide and focused on the library door. She zoned out some, so she hadn’t heard what was heard just before the sound, but she was sure someone had gotten violent. Though she vowed to protect the Queen at all costs, it was the King that was in there with her, interacting with her. Her vow to the King was the same as her vow to the Queen. Trying to protect or defend one from the other would mean she’d be going against her vow to the other. Kimi gritted her teeth lightly. All she could really do was stand. . .and wait.

LadyBishop23: * Bishops lips would curl into a twisted smile reveling her teeth each and every one sharpened to a sharp hunterish point . her eye flashing form a bright happy yellow to a dark bloody apple red glowing ever so slightly , Her body with a inhuman speed as she would push off the ground leaping backwards pulling her dagger from her sheath as she rose off the ground the tip of the dagger just as sharp as her smile . She would dodge the massive club wilst countering with a downward slash along its lenghth. If connected deppending on the if the club was wood or metal the club would split with no hard done to the holder of it . if it misses She would simply have moved out of the way of the attack . She began to wonder how intelligent the monster was and if they even grasped the fact that her attack was simply ment to disarm him and spare his life even though she could have taken it if she pleased. She would remain relaxed and speak in a slightly harsher tone * " As I said I mean no harm to those within I simply wish to see the royalty of this wonderus land but If you still wish to fight I will gladly indulge you " * she would keep her eyes on the guards her grin never faiding *

EnvyVendassin: Nothing would’ve prepared her for what Valkoor had unleashed across her face. Envy's aura rippled, but she didn't expect the unexpected from him, and as weak as her current state with child; her body felt the heavy weight of his hand Valkoor. She gasp as she fell to her side. Strands of her raven hair cascaded across her face, her feather's fell to the ground. Her mouth became more warm then usual, from the blood gathering from the inside of her mouth. His words were hostile. She listened as she pushed her upper body up. Lite chuckles escaped her lips. (Envy.) “You are nothing but a pitiful, King.” She spoke in a whispering tone. (Envy.) “I just can't believe how I got two pathetic children from you, and another.” Envy looked up to Valkoor, as she spoke the last bit. (Envy.) “But who's to say this is your child.” She wanted to mind fuck him. The same way he just fucked her mind, by doing the unexpected. Which was her fault, she should have kept her guard up even when it comes to Valkoor. Even though the baby is his, she said it out of spit. Giving him a smile full of blood. (Outside.) The minotaur missed and quickly disarmed, but the other wasn't. Behind the woman was Anaise and Isis. The two who was already outside. (Isis.) “What is your business with the Vendassin family.” She spoke with a mechanical voice scrambler. As for Anaise, she stood off to the side as Isis took care of this new comer.

Puppetry: -Kanyon awoke in his bed as he had done hundreds of times before, a simple human he was. Kanyon reached over as he sat up and grabbed clothes from one of the pile of shirts and pants that were scattered around his room. Kanyon sensed around his room as he slipped his clothes on, his ears searching for anything new yet, there never was. The door opened with a turn of the handle as he walked out into the only other room of his house since he had torn out the walls that separated the rest of his house. He was in his lab, his workshop, and most likely the place where he would die in his quest to find eternal life for humans like himself. Kanyon was middle aged, with a full head of luscious black hair that looked like waves that crashed up against the rocks of a rough shore. He would hide his face, more now than he did as a boy, still mentally scarred by the heart transplant he had as a young fellow. His heart was now a philosophers stone that kept him alive, he had no pulse or blood within him. His thick hair caused the shadow cast by his bangs to cover his eyes making sure his sensitive skin around his eyes didn't become flashed with light since that was something that bothered him, finding it very hard to see in area's of bright light. He would grab a few beakers as he reached a table set up with bottles and cups of different substances. Kanyon heard a soft rumbling which to him was distant. Thinking nothing of it he continued to work, the sound stopped abruptly and it felt silent for a only a moment. Out of nowhere his hundreds of beakers scattered around the room began to explode and shatter the glass going outward in a swirling tornado that ravashed his labratory, causing shards of glass to zing through the air like bullets. The glass was then quickly sucked towards the middle of the room by what seemed to be a little, swirling, black sphere that grew larger and larger rapidly in the center of the room. Kanyon's body was being sucked into it as well and in due time he himself was sucked into the vortex as he blacked out... Kanyon's newly glamoured image would awake in the clearing outside a rather large fortress of which he didn't know the size of, it was massive. His warm body was sunk into the thick and deep snow. Looking up into the lightly darkened sky above him as he stretched himself out on the grass. He would stand up and wonder if anyone else was around. He had no clue where in the world he was. His right arm made of a polymer automail beneath the regrown skin that he had perfected for his body. He could take the cells of any living thing, within his lab, and make it into replacement skin for himself. He had a heart transplant as a young child, replaced with a stone of which kept him alive and gave him some of his powers. Making his body cease to flow with the rich and thick blood that most humans did meaning that he also had no heartbeat and could chose when his body would eminate heat or not. He wore nothing short of casual wear, a firm leather lapelled jacket and black cloth pinstripe pants. He was of fair height as he stood in full, not coming above five feet and nine inches. His body was, for the most part, in fair condition he had a singular tattoo upon his back. The tattoo upon his back was that of a transmutation circle that allowed him to perform his alchemy freely. He not only was skilled in alchemy he was able to create glamours and manipulate colors. Kanyon was not a fan of weapons other than nature and his hands however, as most people know alchemy is able to instigate some masterful performances with the right train of thought and mentality. Kanyon had an odd ability to fuse elements if he is able to get a hold of more than one, a difficult task but certainly not a useless one at that.In his pockets he had two cubes of gold that measured around the size of four inches by four inches so that he could easily transmute them into items and not have to take from the ground or other sources. Kanyon figured that his best bet was to probably get to this fortress and seek shelter untill he figured out where he was at. Trudging to the bridge he carefully moved along. Not sure if these minotaurs would attack him as they stood gaurd at the bridge beggining and also at the doors of the castle. The gargoyle's obviously not a noticable thing to him since he would figure them to just be statues. His human innocence set in as he had no clue what in the world these creatures were nor that they could most likly destroy him with a whisk of their weapons, Either natural or man made he would be devastated. Stopping a seemingly good distance from them he would speak calmly in their direction.- "Hello? I seek shelter! I am lost."

Valkoor: A few merciful moments of silence passed as Valkoor focused on his thoughts. Several things could be heard happening from outside, granted the keen sense of hearing that Valkoor possessed. However, they meant little to him in this moment. His eyes followed as Envy fell over, her cheek revealing a tint of blood from within after absorbing the impact of his smack. To what surprise he could muster, she seemed to be laughing in response, her lips forming quick words that were carried by a rather disgusting tone. As if her previous words weren't enough, she continued to mock him by calling him a 'pitiful King,' as well as even bringing their children into their dispute. He could not even begin to believe what she was saying, although she made a quick modification to her words by tacking on the mention of their 'third child.' His eyes gazed down, rage continuing to boil behind solid hues of bloodred at this point. What little attempts he made to control his anger were entirely gone. His hands pulled together once more, although what was to come next would transcend any form of anger that Valkoor had ever experienced. 'But who's to say this is your child.' She practically spit the words at him, flashing her bloodied teeth at him as if this were some sort of joke. If there was anything in this world that was considered taboo in the eyes of Valkoor, Envy had done it all at once in those few words. He felt himself beginning to become the very embodiment of rage, his own aura beginning to ripple around him like an uncontrollable tempest. There was no amount of judgement that could save Envy from what Valkoor's anger could do at this point, but through some sheer moment of luck for her own sake and their child, he merely gathered his fist together and expressed his rage as it crushed the wall behind him, breaking through books and shelf alike. The wall's attempt at resisting the pressure of his anger was very frail at best, crackling apart as rubble began to crumble on either side of the wall and around his arm. He could not stop there, as his other hand grabbed for one of the two blades at his side. His hand almost broke the handle to his blade as he removed it from its scabbard and swung it up over the air, the end of his blade pointing down as it now hovered over Envy. His words escaped him like a tidal wave onto the room, escaping all limits of self-control at this point in time. "A King that could reduce this land to rubble in an instant! Do NOT forget that, 'Your Majesty!'" He brought his blade down with a ferocity that could have punctured even the toughest of materials, although it would not come in contact with Envy herself. Instead, it would crush a hole into the floor directly in front of her stomach, embedding itself there with only a fraction of the blade to remain above the floor itself. His rage did not subside, as he continued with such a tone that could have completely shattered the morale of an entire army in an instant. "Do not ever speak our childrens' names in my presence again! And for your own sake, pray to what god you believe can protect you from my wrath that this child belongs to me, for if it shows any sign of a third person you will take your last breath with regret as I end you myself!" He released his hand from the blade as what sanity he possessed forced him to leave the room before he would actually harm Envy. Although his rage wished for nothing more than to crush every bit of her in this moment, the thought of harming the child was what saved him from doing so. He pushed away from Envy, allowing her to see nothing but his back as he pushed his hand against the door, not even bothering to use the handle. It broke from its hinge in an instant, falling forward as he quickly made his way out of the room, ignoring any eyes that might have fallen upon him as he did so. He made his way outside, forcing the large doors that guarded the castle's entrance apart until he could feel the air from outside hit his skin. The harsh cold did little to calm the rage he still felt, but he knew nothing good would come of acting further. His eyes closed, eyes feeling as hot as the stars themselves behind their hard lids while he did everything he could to not even think of Envy.

Tingle: ~"Where do I begin, my lords and ladies? I'm a vile man, I confess it. My crimes and sins are beyond counting. I have lied and cheated. Gambled and whored. I'm not particularly good at violence, but I'm good at convincing others to do violence for me. You want specifics, I suppose. When I was seven, I saw a servant girl bathing in the river. I stole her robe. She was forced to return to the castle naked and in tears. If I close my eyes, I can still see her tits bouncing. When I was ten, I stuffed my uncle's.."~ T H W A C K. Aii's eyes quivered a moment as a noise protruded through her ear drums. Her long slender fingers gripped tightly at the leather bound pages she had betwixed her hands. What /gracious/ (sarcasm) noise had interrupted a dazzling story from one of her favorite books? Long tufts of ashen strands tickled at the brim of her face as she raised her head towards the echo. A hue of plum, from her mother, and crimson, from her father, appeared to glisten within the fire light. Focusing on the figures before her an unbeleavable scene unfolded. Valkoor's body seemed to shuddler with heat and anger as Envy's body towered down towards the floor. A trickle of red appeared over her lips. ~So she does bleed...~ Paella echoed in the back of Aii's mind. A soft /heh/ escaped from between Aii's lips. T H U D. She pressed the covers of her book closed and tossed it to the side. Someone would be around soon enough to put it where it belonged. Aii slipped her fingers on the arms of her chair and pressed herself forward into a standing position. The leather gloves squeaked in agony as it ground into the wood of the chair. A tight leather belt wrapped twice around Aii's slender ribs slacked once she was erect. She seemed to have grown maybe an inch since she had last seen her parents. A sheer, partially see-thru, top hugged her petite breasts, something she had not recieved from her mother was a full figure. The leather leggings hugged at her long twigged legs, they were adorned with daggers and leather across her knees. Her boots were worn but still intact. She was certainly pretty, though pretty had come with a price. Envy's voice had always made pretty come off as an insult. ~Such a pretty face.~ She shook the memories away. "Well..---" Aii's words where cut off as a bellow of words sprouted from Envy. ~"... pitiful King."~ She couldn't help but stare at her mother's mouth as the words easily flowed from her. ~"..two pathetic children from you, and another." Aii's lips curled upwards in a smile more wry then benevolent. It wasn't the first and it certainly wouldn't be the last time she heard her own mother describe her as pathetic. The day was still yet to come that those words would never be in the same sentence as Aii's name. Having been lost in thought again, another assault of sounds filled her ears. Her father had finally lost it. All she could do was watch as he trashed the room and then the very ground beside Envy's stomach. The gen around him seemed the vibrate from his energy, it was truely a wonder to see, though, she hoped she would never see it again. Her vision moved from her father, as he disapeared through the broken doorway, to her mother. "I wouldn't have said that." Her voice was monotone as she looked uncaring towards her mother. She was fine, so much more could have happened... everyone was lucky.

KimiKatsu: Being inside and able to hear what was going on in the library was making her tense. So tense, in fact, that her muscles had already begun to ache. There was a decision to be made. She had the choice of staying indoors, near the fighting, or to go outside where she could hear a male voice shouting outside, asking for shelter. She assumed he was on the front steps already where the beasts that guarded the doors stood watch all hours of the day. Kimi knew that her Queen would rather her tend to newcomers than get between her and the King, anyways, so she left her glass of wine on the round table and began to venture through the room to the double doors. The doors opened easily as she pushed on them and stepped out through the smallest gap before letting the doors shut behind her. The man that stood before her and the minotaurs didn’t look as if he belonged to the clan nor did he smell familiar. He was a peculiar sort of man with an odd looking metal arm. “Who might you be?” She’d ask, her voice calm despite the flurry of thoughts within her mind.

LadyBishop23: * She would turn on her heals facing the one who speaks her eye faiding back to the kind yellow . She would bow stepping back and sheathing her dagger quickly as she does keeping both the ones who speak and the other monster guards within the range of her good eye" Allow my to introduce myself . I am Bishop Aquintas.. ex Lady General of the army of the Drow queen Vuthisum Aqintas and 2nd Daughter of the late lord Aquintas . My buisness is simple I myself have left my sisters army to persue my own life. * she would cring ever so slightly as having to use the title of her old life but it was worth a shot * ""I come in search of sanctuary and wish to ask the permision of your queen or king to remain here until my job in the area is done " ** her words tho confident showed if anything her lack of research on the land she had entered making it obviouse she was in a hurry when she entered the canyon ** " I will exchange my serveses if nessisary for shelter and food " *she spoke with a calm tone glancing up slightly at the two, her eye remaining in contact with the minotuars her mind counculating his every movement know mater how slight just in case he choses to act. *"" it seems your guards like to attake without probable cause I supose this confurms my theory about this place being well protected indeed ""

Puppetry: -Kanyon stood past the gaurds only about ten feet from them. Only keeping his distance enough that he would at least be able to attempt to run away if they came after him. Huffing lightly since he got no responce from the minotaurs.Folding his arms across his chest he decided that perhaps he would make an attempt to walk past them. Hoping that they would just stop him then at the doors of the fort instead of the bridge. He began to walk between the two large beasts, walking as nonchalantly as possible to make it seem like he wasn't trying to threaten them by coming into their territory. He didn't even realize that the skinsleeve he had crafted from a victom of his had been ripped off of it's metal during the event that brought him here. It wasn't untill a young lady came from inside the fort and dressed him so sternly that he would have lifted his arms out infront of him to fold them across his chest as he stopped. This time having looked around, only fifteen feet past the first set of minotaurs he was hoping he could find some kind of escape route if things went south. Coughing into his living shoulder he realigned his sight with the woman's. His voice was fluent and felt like liquid as it wafted through the air in her direction. He spoke only loud enough that she would be able to hear him from just past her distance.- "Who is the mere form of what... And what I am is a person whom is lost." - Keeping his arms folded across his chest he calmly tapped his foot in the light snowcovered bridge.-

EnvyVendassin: His rage reign supreme. Envy wasn't afraid to be killed by him, but if the attempt was to be made, Valkoor would have been a coward to have strike her while she is with child. Seeing how she wasn't in any position to really accept a fight. She was accepting for Valkoor to strike her again, but instead he made ruins out of the wall behind him. Watching him so angry gave her pleasure beyond sex. His threat's were promising, she knew very well.. this man is her husband. Her eyes followed the motion of the sword that pinned into the ground near her stomach. Her thought's of ever cheating on him was certainly NEVER going to happen. She caught the back of him as he stormed out of the room with anger. Envy didn't notice Aii in room till she spoke. Envy slowly collected her self back on her feet. Thinking about a God he spoke of. Envy didn't believe in Him. Aii' presence came to mind, she didn't mean for Aii to hear or witness the first dispute between Valkoor and her self. Her comment on the matter, gave nothing but silence. Envy was collecting her thought's before replying to Aii. (Envy.) “I was just asking about you to Elder Kimi. What have you been doing Aii.” Envy didn't turn to face Aii, she didn't even mother to tuck away the stand of hair behind her ear. She didn't want her face to be seen if there was a shiner left by Valkoor. (Outside.) Anaise replied to this person who was seeking 'shelter.' Anaise laughed a bit before replying. “Are you serious sug? The King and Queen don't accept no shelteren hea. You came to the wrong place, if ya looking for an understanding in your situation. You eitha die, or survive hea.” Straight to the punch with such a southern accent. Isis had nothing to add to that, but a bow to the Elder that just made her wake present. Anaise soon followed Isis's. They Soon saw the King and they remained silence. His visit inside lived short. Yet they didn't questioned it. They allowed the Elder to speak to the newcomers now.
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Valkoor: Several long moments passed as Valkoor enclosed himself within his thoughts, ignoring everything that happened around him. Despite his attempts not to think about what happened, his mind continued to replay them, over and over. It was maddening. His fists tightened again as they pressed against the balcony over the lake, his arms folding over them to keep from causing any further damage. Breaths escaped him like hot steam, burning the icy winds as they did so. He had never experienced such a degree of anger before, no matter what became of him or what was done to him. It always turned into pain, which led him to question why this time was such a large exception. He had been angry at Envy before, especially when she allowed Aii to be hurt by her former War Don so long ago. While he never forgot it, he never imagined she could do anything worse. Thoughts continued until he felt the hint of insanity began to creep upon him, forcing Valkoor to completely shut down his train of thought as his eyes reluctantly opened to meet the cold air around him. He noticed a few strangers gathering in front of the minotaurs that guarded the capital, being addressed by Kimi and Envy's two clones, Isis and Anaise. His previous trance-like state had prevented him from hearing what they were saying, although he easily could have eavesdropped if he wished to do so even from this distance. A sigh escaped him as he decided that doing something besides allowing himself to think was best for both himself and the good for /her./ He could not even attempt to think her name at this point while he made his way down the bridge. He noticed the first set of minotaurs as their hard eyes followed him, but he ignored them. As he approached where Kimi stood, addressing one of the strangers that had apparently just arrived, he allowed himself to move to her side, giving a quick glance to her before he spoke. "Who is this, and why is he not standing with the other girl in front of the bridge?" His gaze fell down upon the stranger with the metal looking arm, a look of disinterest lighting his crimson pools as he waited for the stranger or Kimi to respond, preferrably the latter of the two.

AlphaTier:A seductive smirk played upon his lips as he spotted the two maids. It was their playful giggle that had caught Nero's attention, ripping him from his thoughts of the memories of his past. With a smug smile he'd draw closer to them seeing how they were pointing him along. Yet his disinterest for his family pertained dominance at the moment. Rather would Nero indulge himself in the splendors of a flirt with the busty maids. It sure had always come as a riddle to him how such an ugly and putrid land could be the cradle of such wonderful women, at that ones willing to give themselves up so easily to him. Gleefully they laughed and flirted with him, Nero enjoying himself only too much until things were interrupted by the loud clattering of a platter striking the floor, quickly followed by two servants dragging a third away. A short glimpse of his face was all he could make out, blue, purple, swollen among a few other things. Clearly he was "home" again. Too long has it been that he's been here yet not long enough seemed the time he was away. It was a classical picture to see someone struck down in his mother's impatience, at least it was to be assumed that she had been the one doing the striking, most everyone else usually keeping their temper under control. It was with a sigh that he departed from the maid's company and got up. With an easy stride Nero glid over the cold stone floors. His eyes darted over the majestic tapestries and paintings that littered the abode. With great detail it had been decorated, unlike the rest of ZenDasalen. A thousand stories could be told to each piece, yet none struck him as interesting enough to actually stop for and examine more carefully. The last thing he caught a glimpse of had been his father, Valkoor, heading outside. The doors closed behind him, with that closing any chance of the two actually having to confront one another. It's been seemingly centuries since he last saw his father, yet not a single tear would he shed for that lost cause. He was his lost cause, his sister favored over him. This all passed by Nero without any great remorse for the matter, his impartialness a natural feature to his persona, something he cannot deny. He took to retreating to a bench a bit off in the corner of the royal hall. It was only a matter of moments until someone were to pass again, the commotion promising it.
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The Fight Between Anaise and Isis
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