We are the CruEnd Clan death is but a mercy. Pride... Is what we know... Defeat is unthinkable.
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 Surprise, Surprise

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PostSubject: Surprise, Surprise   Surprise, Surprise I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2015 9:09 pm

2pleasemymaster: Tel'Kira scanned the land, her emerald eyes observing every detail of the snow covered lands. Disgsting. The land was barron of any life growing from the earth under the snow, dead and leafless tree's dotted along the grounds sparcly with small clumps of yellowed grass lazily scattered about. The tracks in the path had told her travelers had come this way, they couldn't be more then an hours journy ahead of her. She would feed, she would have to. The drunkard from the town before had more rum in his body then blood, he probibly wouldn't have lasted till dawn if she hadn't lured him out of the tavern. His blood was revolting. The mere memory of the taste brought her to cringe. She was not like other Drow's, though their cowardace had brought her to become what she was. A pristess' daughter used as a sacrifice to the countless dark god's they worshiped. There had been rumors of Drow's becoming endowed with powers of the animal spirits they worshiped, and she had found out first hand how horrific the change had been. Her body matured into that of a seductress and her body tainted with divine power of the spider. It was her father's wish for power, his crazed desire to use her as a weapon against all other tribes in the hopes of ruling all drowen creatures. She scoffed scilently as she followed along the pathway eyeing a small market place ahead, the clammer of chains from behind bringing a sadistic smirk to her glossy raven lips. Idiot humans, mortified when they had found her feeding on the oh so beloved town drunk's son. She would have been pleased to have been on her way with a full stomach, but now they all have earned the right to suffer. Hopefully some of them would fetch a heafty price, and if not she would use them as walking food sources. A black winged angel heald the chains in his right hand, his head hung low. They had been pleading for their freedom from the man since they had left the now smoldering village, beseaching him to free them. It ate at the poor boys soul. That brought pleasure filled shiver to the woman, he belonged to her from his immortal soul to all the glorious powers that came along with it. There were body's shuffling back and forth, busy with a hard day's work of selling and bartering with the few inhuman body's that found their way there. She had found where the tracks had lead, and soon began to scan over the crowed looking for a meal suited to her tastes. The rumored city was everything it was promised to be.

ThrarSanguine: *The very skies cawed with the haunting shreak of ravens. Clouds, so thick and uttering darkness across the snow filled lands, coldness writhing within the forests, the bite of frost so chilling and unnatural. Death crawled through the shadows of the abyssful clouds of forshadow. Something arrives. With little to no time, something fall from the skies, Fire and light everlastingly blazing there glorious aura as it plummets to the land, a meteorite? No, what could be seen was two entitys, batteling for life as they launch to the ground with such velocity. One of the beings, an angelic entity, his light blazing with such glorious brilliance, the very sun would weep with envy. His wings everlastingly shifting with the make of clouds and sunlight. Gripped upon his right was his great sword, sharp as ever. However his opponent was most dreadus, Horan 'Sky breaker' Vellon of the Mortis Warpus, his wings blazing with never ending shadow and fire, never making physical form, merely a rough outline of wing shaped objects formed by the dark energies that were gifted to the sky breaker. With pure hatred as they fell from the very heavens, Horan sung his blade of Sanguinus towards the being, clashing with his holy enemy, the velocity being so awesome, the very sound barrier would shudder with greif, causing an ear shuddering bass to thunder through the skies and land. With a great warcry both beings smashed to the snow quilted land outside the great kingdom, the impact so harsh that an explosion of dirt and snow launched into the air, no doubt mounds of dirt and snow launched into the very structure of the building and windows, the landing almost causing the very plates of mother earth to shiver and shift with uneasement. This wasn't meant to be. Beings from realms of immortality, breaking the taboo atmosphere of cosmic balance by landing upon this land. The clouds blackend, such sinister arts were charming mother natures routine. Suddenly, with eary silence. All snow and earth that was in the air, halted, defying all logic of gravity. Slowely the mist and snow dispersed from the host. As the crash site slowely neutralised, two red orbs of hate and loath could be seen in the dull fog and snow, the entitys could now be seen. However not all was at peace. Looming over the once great warrior of the holy skyward crusader, was Horan. His greavious teeth showing great sword was buried ever so deeply into the heart of the warrior of light. His body already limp and useless, blood slowely began to pool beneath the corpse of the giant armoured warrior. Horan was most deffinatly a giant decent. His height baring at 9ft tall, his armour so thick and so heavily plated along with such chaotic markings of blessing and enchaments, it was no doubt he is of war birth, there he stands wearing the great plate like mere leather, it was all too clear his natural physical capabilities were unquestionable and unjustified. His wings of shadow and abyss would hatefuly dance with combination of energies, shifting and morphing yet still keeping rough structure of wings, slowely extending, wings so large it were as if they could engulf the very moon. Horan spitefuly twisted the rigid war tool, blood splattered from the mouth of the fallen hero, the sound of bones cracking and arteries tearing was all too sickingly pleasing for the Skybreaker. Slowely he exhaled, cold air would escape the mouth gap of his helmet, none could see his face, only darkness shrouded all identity due to the horned helmet he proudely wears. His navy cloak would waver against the frost biting coldness of the blizzard. Dark whispers of black speech could be heard uttering within the ghostly air of the snow. Horan faced the kingdom gates, a mere exhale of satisfaction left his lips, the sight of weaklings, fragile and typicle, . His hateful eye of glowing orb fixed upon the building then to the people, his wounds from the battle proving labourous on his physical strength, nevertheless answered with cold ignorance. All eyes were on him, though he couldn�t care less, slowely he straightend himself, his height gargantuan, his muscle density of a grand champion in war. The eyes of the merchants and peasents gravelled to this crusader of chaos. He was no demon, far from it, he was apart of a blood line that was smotherd to nothingness within the very first page of history.*

EnvyVendassin: (Envy) �I will not sit by to be plod into obscurity by someone's else ambition.� She rose with ease, pushing up with both arms, which her palms gripped the edge of the the thrones chair with a sudden release. She expelled a breath from her moist full lips in the foyer, in front of an audience of her obedient people, who's intention of serving her and those who stand not behind her, not in front of her, but beside her. (Elder man 1) �Then shall we welcome them to the devils den?� Decaying teeth of rotten cotton mouth from a withering man of old age. Spewing the sword of hatred and disgust. His wrinkled saggy cheeks of his sunken in face shook when she spate every word from his foul mouth. Those surrounding him looked between him and Envy. His words settled with spite at tend, never content, but is anything ever content on ZenDasalen? (Elder man 2) �Was the a verse or did you just get the hiccups? She's a prodigy sonny, and I'm about to smack a bitch up!� A rather larger male spoke toward the other whom spoke just moments before he. The uproar from the right side of the foyer reached tot he left and returned with just excitement of what was said between the two men. Envy rolled her eyes closed, interlocking her gloved hands behind her back. (Envy.) �Enough�.... Her single word rolled off the tongue with just a tone that's potent enough to make the people's uproar hit dead ground, silence grew so loud as if plague had hit her soil. (Envy.) �Now... I shall speak.� She said just that. As she continued, but else where, just outside the Fortress was another story. The minotaurs of ten feet in height with define muscular sculptures of a divine monstrosity stood guard around the trafficking area's of life just outside the Vendassin's Fortress. Gripping their clubs at hand, grunting with anything they saw displeasing and their stomp would weigh having on earth's soil, but here... here didn't belong to mother nature, it belong to Envy. The smell of strong hygiene and manure of the people and animals made the foul statement of trash, why trash if this place is suppose to be beautiful? But then again, it is named ZenDasalen, which mean's Broken Allegiance in their tongue of language, of LenDalen. The only aroma nears the word delight would be the food Envy's people cooked in their poor shack's just outside of the connecting bridge. Horses and the people that spoke no other language but LenDalen kept busy out in the open while under watch as always. As they spoke of war inside, Envy couldn't help but to notice a spike of interest that captivated her mind, as those spoke of reason and strategy around her. She felt the crawling sensation of an incoming flow of indication. Her head turned to the left in a slight tilt of confirmation, her alluring lavender pools narrowed her her floor. (Envy's inner thought.) ~�This is certainly two... two, no... three interesting being that walks my soil and invades my air�~ She glanced up as if she was looking to the sky. What had followed shook the foundation of her creation and this was no earthquake. The people outside the place knew there was something coming when the small sign came to peek. Even their eyes looked to the changing sky. Some backed away and other knew to gain cover, it was coming.. like no other. Clashing titans of another land? Nothing was set in stone, until they all saw sight of, him. The capital's people was use to this, seeing people arrive with such great power as the CruEnd, they never asked questions or disrespected the arrivals, they knew their place but the minotaurs were their low class protector. They grunted and stepped with a hasty intent while Envy watched those inside look to her with confusion, while other roamed with their eyes as the cracks from the Fortress dash debris down on them, but the place wouldn't fall. (Envy.) �I guess we shall see who's knocking?� She played with the single thought of the arriving people on her starving soil. (Envy.) �Now there is two.� She mumbled the whispering nothingness of what she sensed just out the way.

TheGrimReaperLives: -He walked in silence. The only sound coming from him was that of the chains in his left hand that led back to the townspeople begging for their freedom. He sighed quietly to himself as their cries continuously battered at his ears. As his silent footfalls traveled behind her upon the trodden path his hair fell over his right eye which was wrapped in a cyan blue cloth. He had done this himself some time ago as a means to hide one of his many secrets he carried. Looking to the path before him for a moment as his light blue eyes traveled from the Drider woman to whom he belonged in front of him to the ,arket place that laid before them. As he stared on the blackened scythe in the grip of his right hand pulsed ever so slightly. Taking a moment to glance sown at it he grimaced a bit as he opened his hand and it slowly dissipated into the air. Rubbing the back of his head as he continued to remain silent he began to sink into his own thoughts as he followed her. He thought of his home, of his past life, of the choice he had made, of his exile. His black, cyan blue lined wings flexed a bit so as to not cramp up from not being used for flight. He was a glorious being once. His cyan coat and what used to be fully cyan blue wings were evident of this. He had a home in the Heavens, in which cyan was the color of the highest honor that could be upheld within the heavenly village. He was the most reveared of the heavenly beings within his living area, the most cunning, the most adventurous, the strongest, the most sought after�.everything. He had the heavenliest life one could hope to have. Everything was perfect. Yes, it is true everything is perfect for all heavenly beings who resided within the heavenly borders, but what most did not know is that there were different levels of perfection. Much like that of the financial statuses of the Mortals, poor, middle class, wealthy, rich and royal. His life was the richest perfection that could possibly obtained. If things were any better for him he would have been the Almighty himself. But of course this was impossible seeing as how there was only one Almighty, and he was okay with this. He had no desire to attempt to overthrow anyone, unlike his friend Lucifer�that idiot. With a small sigh his thoughts moved on to that faithful day. He had been granted permission to go forth and venture out into the mortal world. Provided, of course, that he remain out of sight and avoids any and all interaction with the mortals. After agreeing to this he had been sent out on his way. He had been so excited. Faster than a mortal could blink he was out of the Heavenly borders and in the mortal realm. He had brought nothing with him except the clothes on his angelic person and his power. Having arrived in the realm he was so excited to see what untold experiences there were to be had. Only one problem�he had touched down right in the middle of a crowded market place. He froze in his place as the mortal beings looked on in a mixture of fear and confusion. After maybe five minutes he simply turned around and walked off without a word. What more could he do? There were some who followed him but they slowly let off once he reached the village borders and continued to walk on. Days passed, these turned into weeks, which turned into months, which turned into years. Six years to be exact. And every second of them he was absolutely obsessing over. True, most grew weary and dull of this realm within the first few months, but he, having never been outside of the Heavenly borders, was enjoying it all. One day he had fallen asleep beneath a tree in a dark forest. This was a strange forest that had been rumored to be haunted by the strangest of beings and creatures. Of course he had not yet come to the village at the forest�s end so he had not heard these tails. When he awoke he was in a dark room. He could not tell if it was one of these cave things he had heard of or what some villagers called a house that was not properly lit or anything. All he knew was that this was not where he had fallen asleep. After looking around for a bit he sighed and tried to sit up and flex his wings, however the newly discovered ropes that were about him prevented him from doing this. Looking down at his chest he squinted slightly to see one of these ropes over it. His eyes had never been in the dark before so he did not see the feminine figure standing before him. Instead he was startled as he heard a voice asking him who he was and his purpose for traveling to this part of the forest. He didn�t know what to do. He was under direct order of the Almighty to not interact with any beings within this realm, yet the current situation seemed to demand it. The moment he had opened his mouth to answer there was a great wind within the dark place and it was suddenly filled with light. The sudden change blinded him, and he was sure it did the same to the being there with him but he was not sure. The Almighty was present within the room and he was furious. Several mortal years passed as the Almighty fussed and yelled at him. Though he had not yet done anything wrong, even the intent or thought of breaking sacred rule was punishable by death. Arcane said nothing as the Almighty stated that he was to return to the Heavens so that he may be killed in such a way even the memory of him would cease to exist. As he was about to comply with what seemed to be inevitable he had felt a heavy pressure within the back of his skull, just above his spinal cord. He was literally frozen as he found he could not speak either. What was this? After a minute he heard the female�s voice explain that there was a highly potent venom circulating throughout his body that prevented him to move or speak. He listened intently as she spoke to the Almighty as though they were equals. She was claiming him as her prisoner�what?? This made no sense. The Almighty debated with her for many more years on the mortal realm. Finally, the two agreed to let him be the one to choose. The tension within his body receded as she extracted whatever it was that she had injected him with. Limp he fell to the ground and panted as his muscles awoke. After a few hours he was upright and in perfect condition. The Almighty spoke plainly to him, having lost all respect for Arcane. He was being granted the decision to either return to the Heavens to be eradicated from existence, or to forever walk the mortal realm as this being�s prisoner to do with as she pleases. The choice he made was inevitable, as no creature wishes to be erased. The moment his choice was made his beautifully cyan colored clothes and wings changed. Now lined with a mixture of black and cyan his very appearance was a reminder that he, a once highly revered heavenly being, had broken divine law and had chosen to walk amongst the sinful. He was a reminder to himself that, if given the opportunity, even the heavenliest of beings are prime to failure. He sighed as his thoughts attempted to continue on. However he was brought out of his thoughtful pondering as the earth beneath his feet trembled and there was what sounded like an explosion somewhere nearby. Looking about in silence he felt the tugs of the pathetic humans behind him as they did their best to try and escape from his grasp and their chains. He jerked the chains a bit, to him it was nothing more then a light tug not even enough to pull the weakest of people to him. But the humans behind him ere flung forward from where they were and landed in a pile of flesh behind him. None had died, nor had anyone broken anything, but it hurt them. With numerous groans and bellows of pain they unpiled themselves and fell back in line as it was even more evident to them now that they would not be escaping any time soon. Looking to her before him he spoke quietly. His voice still had its angelic tone to it, but like everything else about his angelic presence there was an underlying darkness echoing close beinhd- What do you make of this?

KimiKatsu: It was located in the ZenDasalen Nation; created long after the kitsune was able to learn and practice her ability enough to become more confident about it. Past the vendors and small shop carts; just before the bridge. It was placed there quite some time ago. She hadn't really showed it to anyone. It was her entrance to her 'home'. For years the kitsune had been practically homeless; spending the night in the capital or finding other places to rest or take shelter. This is what led her to testing her ability within the capital itself; besides the fact that her home would be very close by and it wouldn't take her as long to travel from the capital to her own home. Now, in present day, she sat behind a bolder that doubled as a desk, due to it's flat surface and almost perfectly square shape; also created by her. Her surroundings consisted of tall, moss covered trees that outlined the clearing she decorated to look and feel more like a home. Not too far off from the 'desk' was a two person pallete; created from large leaves, grass trimmings, old clothes, and vines; which was suspended about 12 feet off of the ground and held up with some vines that were firmly hooked around some sturdy trees. Whenever she became hungry, she'd have to actually leave her home to hunt; mostly because everything there was basically an illusion. One could only go so long feeding off of a kitsune's illusions before starving to death; one wouldn't even know they were starving. The kitsune lifted her chin from the palm of the hand that propped it up and glanced around. Though she was in her 'home', a realm she had created from scratch (which she kept simple due to it being her first realm), her long, pointed fox ears had still picked up on some noise coming from the capital. It had been quite some time since she had last been there. Kimi slowly turned her head and the upper part of her torso so she could peek over her right shoulder at the tails that grew out from her lower back. Yes, tails. Instead of one, she now had nine. Kimi would never discuss what exactly she had to do to earn her eight new tails, but she was proud to have been able to earn them in under 800 years. Her deep blue eyes seemed to go from tired and bored looking to lively and full of curiousity. That was the downside to her fox nature. The curiousity. She rose from her treestump (which she used as a seat behind the 'desk' and was padded with a thick layer of moss) and turned her head towards the three inch wide and three foot tall, black slit in the trunk of one of the older looking, moss covered trees that grew outside of the treeline; the only one that grew within the clearing. A light breeze rolled through her 'home territory' and carressed her smooth skin and hourglass shaped figure. She could feel that very same light breeze lightly ruffle the smooth fur that grew all over her, though she kept it cloaked very well. The only way it could really be detected while she was in her humanoid/neko form is if someone happened to rub against any unclothed part of her body, other than that, her camoflauge was nearly flawless. After another moment of silent listening, Kimi stepped out from behind her 'desk' and moved swiftly towards the tree; her portal back to the capital. She stopped about four feet from the tree and watched the dark portal intently. It seemed to be beconing her to come through. She lowered her jaw some and just as she did, her eyes began to slowly shift color. The deep blue faded into a light green, which suddenly brightened and darkened a few shades. The fur that was once cloaked now began to slowly darken and become more prominent; this effect worked it's way down from the top of her head to her bare toes, which were attached to petite paws that were slightly hidden by black leg warmers, her 'hands' were the same way; paws and all. The transformation had been excrutiating the first time she tried at the age of 10. It had gotten better over the years. Now, even as her jaws, upper and lower, popped and cracked just as it extended into the snout of a fox. Her ribs snapped as they extended while her body seemed to shrink and compress as she lowered her front paws to the ground. This transformation only took about a minute. Kimi stepped a bit closer to the portal. Now that she was in her fox form, she was able to fit through the opening in the tree just barely. Her fur was jet black, though there were some stripes near the tip of her tail, one being blue and the tip itself being white. The long tufts of hair on her chest were white and there was a white mask on her face that just covered her muzzle, reached down the front of her throat, and led into her white chest. Her fur was long, smooth, and slightly shaggy. Kimi's body shook and her fur was thrown into place, making her look neatly groomed just before she reached out with her petite left paw, which was almost completely covered by an over sized looking, black leg warmer. As her paw slipped into the darkness of the portal, she felt a cooler atmosphere on the other side. Her bright eyes closed and she took in a deep breath before pushing more of herself through.

2pleasemymaster: The sudden earth shattering quake brought Tel'kira's eyes to narrow, those beautiful emerald hues narrowing to slits of hatred, her palms rising ever so slightly as her fingers spread. She was ready for conflict in a heart beat, every fiber of her body teaming with a calm excitement for battle. Such a grand display the creature gave. Near invisible hair thin silken strands began to distend from her finger tips, as she stood tall, her deliciously curved hips and thighs exposed by the dress, leading ones gaze to follow down her long grey flawless legs. She was stunningly beautiful for her kind. The spear and iron short sword that were tethered loosely to the black hooded cape she wore glinted softly in the light. Rarely did she use them, their near perfect condition attested to that. They were trophy's she had kept of past sins against those who fell into her ravenous path, a fellow drow was to be thanked for the short sword, engraved with beautiful carvings and artwork. The spear was a holy relic taken from her home tribe, those who had given her up to be delivered to the afterlife had the pleasure of being cut down with the elegant and beautiful spaded staff. They were at the ready, an able tool for the Drider female to use as she saw fit, just like her adored angel. "If he is hostile.. slaughter him." Her voice was cold and commanding leaving no room for mistakes from her pet. "Though do be a dear and save me his torso, i crave to see what his blood tastes like." She turned her head to the side giving her boy a proper playful smirk. The horde of human's in chains let out panicked screams at the explosion, desperately and franticly attempting to run in every direction like frightened sheep, too stupid to know their place, too weak to save themselves. Her gaze returned once more to the fellow intruder awaiting to see if she would gain a meal or a new acquaintance.

DutchessOfTheSea: For quite some time, the path to which was walked upon kept veiled in a mystery. There was no particular destination, nor objective, just simple wandering to quench a constantly unsatisfied thirst. As her fingers skimmed along the walls to a rather ominous walkway, she grew partially annoyed at how such a vision was hard to distinguish. Her bare feet felt every piece of pebble skim her exposed, sensitive flesh and while she bit her bottom lip to contain difference in giggles and then pain of sharp rocks, Celia remained focused in just trying to identify whatever it may be, that resided deep beneath this mass of confusion. The halls were somewhat damp, but more cold if anything at all. Whilst her right hand kept occupied by trying to guide her, her left hand raised itself until she could feel her fingers run throughout the silken tendrils of her fair locks. At the same time, she was shaking a smidgen, somewhat chilled by whatever laid ahead. A part of her felt foolish, allowing her curiosity to over rule rational judgement of her mind. But that was Celia, as it may be. A Siren who so happened to gain mortal legs as she dried off under the sun. For quite some time, all she wanted to do was explore; see the world that she had been sheltered from, all due to words from those around her. And now, having bathed herself in mortal food, increase her knowledge of other species, she decided why not set a journey among the darkness. Celia almost yelped when her foot slid against something slippery, her body suddenly hurdling forwards before she could even register any of the actions taking place. Once the ground hit against her body, she couldn't stop the momentum that built up and her frame crashing over bits of rubble until an opening could be seen. Her usual melodic voice released a pent up scream, right until she flew through the gap and landed straight onto hard ground. On impact, she groaned in agony; body forwards, both legs planted straight against the floor. She took a deep intake of breath at the sharp pain coming from her left arm. As she went to touch her shoulder, her hand pulled back to see thick streams of blood beginning to flow; what a deep gash. Squinting her eyes, hissed under her breath, staying on the ground until she felt comfortable enough to move. While remaining there, slowly her head came up, the blonde coils falling down her back with slight smear of red tint. Through dizzy, sapphire hue's, she only saw a more interesting looking scenery. At least she discovered what resided ahead the darkness.

ThrarSanguine: *Horan raised himself, his hateful eye ever so watchful of the worms that scurry before him. Ice biting cold air leaving his the breathing holes with every heavy exhale. Fire like black mist, danced around his upper silhouette with such beautius elegence. The very atmosphere around him would contort, warp and evolve, thickening to the Crusaders normality. He would extend his energy shifted wings, the structur distorted, formed by only shadow, smoke and fire. Haunting whispers would scowfuly mutter around the templar of Chaos, as if haunting him or uttering constant twisted blessings, the sounds so unearthly, demons themselves would howl with discontent. His dense armour flaunting it's enchantments of war mongery and everlasting anguish. It was clear this being was a gand champion of his kin and comrades. Slowly, he pulled the long devastating blade from the fallen angelic hero, the blood ever so thick upon the divine body of it, the skin crawling sounds of bone breaking and flesh tearing against the teeth and sheer sharpness of his war tool. Another blood drunk exhale of satisfaction left the helmet of the SkyBreaker. Without saying a word, he gripped the nearest marketmen by the neck, his clawed gaunlet tightend it's vice grip upon the poor soul. Writhing for free and air, his arms franticly attempting to punch his way out of it.* "Gravel before me worms!..." *He would grimly whisper, his voice echoing with such haunting eeriness, making all hear. Swiftly singing his blade to his left, cleaving some of the audience of the scene. Screams of fear and shock sung with it's horrific melody. The sound of a clean cut ringing in the air. Blood flooded the area from the 4 sorry beings who witnessed Horans instincts, those standing there were greaviously sliced with such deathly precision, utterly staining his armour and blade, swiftly ending his attack by skewering the one whom he had in his destructive grip with such graceful ease. The blade deeply following through his back, his eyes widened and body limp, the blood so thick, it were almost black, would flow like the crucial river it is. Carelessly he would drop the poor soul, skillfuly pulling the blade from the victim as it dropped from Horans height. A cold long exhale left the Skybreakers helmet. His moon shrouding wings of abyssful energy would extend, causing shudders of energy to pulsate throughout the atmosphere around him due to his unorthadox presence within the second realm he stands in. Horan would turn, his eyes of wrath half closed as he turns to look upon the others who scream and disperse from him, their instincts of fear getting the better of them.*

EnvyVendassin:Her right booted foot reached to the first step down the small staircase between the forming aisle of her grouped people. A lull crept through the air, giving an eerie feeling, one would say. Her body held no blemish, but it didn't mean she wasn't? Every step she took down the staircase her body contract and release to only contract again and continued to cycle. She ascertain herself in order to be the leader her people sought her to be. Stomach, legs visible for all to see, black attire yet close to nothing on. Pride is exactly what holds Envy together, what amazonian woman wouldn't? Some would miss catch the exact thing Envy is, yeah she is an amazonian woman, but touched by a hand that brought her to what she became today. Many assumed she was just an amazoian woman of human in the past, but they soon found out later she wouldn't be what they expected, leaving those to fall in her wake. Her feather's stalked around her being of verve. Rotating in a counter clock wise motion of flotation, how was this? People would question, but isn't is simple? She held the power of telekinesis. As she has for all her ravenous life of power through rule. Black raven feathers but held a much more important meaning when it came to the arts of engaging. The feathers too kept their distance from Envy's being of 5 feet out. Envy fixed her adamantium armored rings around both biceps and both wrists, her wrist armored rings reached all the way to the middle of her forearm, both sides, as the other one's fully covered her biceps. Envy carried close to no armory, so it looked. She took one step and with another followed. Eyes shadowed her while the calm and collective strode remained the same with every step she took onward. Strands of her purple long hair brushed with strokes along the passing air. Her walk click clocked at the hips, while she made way to narrowing halls, filling her own weary soul with hope, with desire. Moments in time she would be at near to the Fortress�s double plated doors. The minotaurs standing just out side the way would feel her wake closing in. They would turn to open just in time as a figure in the distant abyss within slowly forming into the ray's illuminating light. The doors scraped its metal so loudly. The amble curves of her breasts, the way her hips formed such an hour-glass shape; trailing down to those long legs. Admiration of such a beautiful creature would halt anyone by a single gaze into those wondrous hues. Yet so deadly in so many sinful ways. Her survival of this world, the very fabrication of courage that welled inside her like a bomb, ready to explode. How in the hell was she seriously holding everything together? No indication of such a broken person would be displayed as her stride slowly came to a yielding stop atop. She is a marvel of the human, or in-human race. The way those chains, draping from her nostril, or the violet coloration in her eyes. It was flawless, though damaged all the same. The twin enchantment adamantium daggers sat perfect behind her lower back. She cleared her throat just in case she needed to give a scream or two, wait, a scream? Envy never screams.. oh, I know... just wait.. you'll see. That's if she gets to that point you see. Her eyes glanced to the side before she looked ahead. (Servant) �My Lady, Isis and Anaise is on their way, you look... well today, beautiful.� Shaking in her voice gave hint to Envy she's very scared of this 7 foot woman in height towering over her, with hulking posture of defeat. (Envy.) �Beautiful? Your eyes lie to you, child.� She whispered so soft and soon continued with her words of truth. (Envy.) �Look of me not for my beauty, look's can become ill mannered and mistaken.� She inched closer to the shivering woman in her rooted stance. (Envy.) �My look is ugly and my words is poison, as the poison that lays in a King's cup that I killed last night. Do not insult my real face, for if you ever call it beautiful again, I will rip your tongue and clean the balls of the minotaurs with it. So you'll roam in purgatory without a tongue, nor eyes if I decide to take that too.� Sharpe with crude and vulgar sways she spoke with heart. (Envy.) �Now tell me, how does my face look now?� She waited after her slithering words of vomit spay. Her eyes fluttered not understanding if there is a right or wrong answer, but she started in her studder and even tear rimmed in what could happen when she speak the truth, heart dropping it became. (Servant.) �U-um...� shaken as her eyes fluttered in fear. (Servant.) �Yo- you... your. Your ugly.� Her last few words were scared and broken, yet so hard to say. She knew she would die now as tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. (Envy.) �That is right, you shall keep your life. . . For now.� She backed away, seeing she knew there was much more to come just ahead. Eyes settled for the visitors, but my oh my... what is this feeling she started to get... An Elder... long over the expiration date of return. She 'Ahed' and even 'O-ed'. So many gifts today, how was this not better then sex? politics within the Nation board Envy, but visitors made her feel like she would climax over and over, more then one time after another. Her thin line of solid a rippled once around her outer line of her imaging body. Her eyes saw the long incoming march of slaves at a far, but what she found before they fully came in march would be the man with the word. Hues fixated on this very being, she watched him grip one of her people, but she isn't the people's hero so I n turn she watched up until he demanded for them to bow down. (Envy.) �To who exactly!� She shouted the words of questioning to this man. She didn't care who he was or where he came from. The people looked between the two, they knew not to bow down to anyone they knew that wasn't a CruEnd clannie. (Envy.) �I advise you to not request such orders to those that don't belong to you.� She said with a calming voice. Still holding her calm composure.

ThrarSanguine: *Horan quickly turned his head to the female voice that dared oppose his demand.* "Horan Skybreaker!..." *He would crudely whisper, his voice echoing through the very mountains and air that surrounds them. The villagers and peasents keeping their good distance from the giant walking fortress. He lowered his blade, the tip gently rouching the stone ground. His rageful eye half closed as it set upon the female before him. Slowly, yet stridefuly he began strolling his way towards the kingdom gates, where she stood. Every footstep would cause the atmospheric foundations to shudder with grief from the foreign, taboo breaking energy that emits from the being. Frost biting air, everlastingly flowing around his person. With his stride, his war torn navy cloak would flow against the unnatural breeze that arrives with him. The badly structured wings of shadow and smoke would extend, engulfing the very sunlight behind him. The whispers getting deeper, louder, some would be driven to madness by such dark chanting, others may find it ever so beauteous. His eyes collecting as much information about her as he could muster, her height yet humanly features already telling of her bloodline.* "I adore thy bravery....though rather typicle behaviour of an amazonian lioness..." *He would scowfuly caw, as he drew closer, now making his way slowly across the bridge, relishing the situation before him. His excitement getting the better of him before hand, resulting in the death of those villagers and mearchents.* "Speak your name woman..." *He would heavily speak with his cold, granite, war ruined voice, frosty and wise as it were. As he strolled closer, he clenched his armored fist, his other hand gripping tightly of his war tool, readying himself, hoping for a battle most worthy.* "What say you before I do my bidding...." *He grimly spoke, every word exhaling cold air from his helmet.*

EnvyVendassin: Interesting. Fascinating, Appealing. Attractive. Riveting. Hypnotic, all these words meaning the same one way or another, maybe for the next set of eyes. She seen it all to well these days in her land. She wasn't sure what to expect from this man, but what she could see as he stalked near, oh this one is a wild one. Her people looked to this man as if Valkoor was walking the grounds. Keeping in sight of the man just ahead, searching bits about his outer Intel, but she knew all so well that the outer lines of a person meant nothing, its how one would bring the fight. She remained calm when asking her name after he spoke his, in the bouncing sound of an echo. The rush of the crushing water was a bit louder then his heavy steps of his wake, but she heard him. The comment of her race was fraction of what she is. She gave no indication of correction of his assumption off what he saw before him. 'What say you before I do my bidding' That alone she answered well. (Envy.) �What bidding of such?� Speaking direct firmness. (Envy.) �I advise you watch what you speak about on my land. I'm no woman to back down in any way shape or form.� As she spoke her breath didn't form no falling mist, her aura made sure of that. She was more warmer as she is now due to it. She watched a bit more, any further now she would make sure he knew the distance is perfect enough between the two.

ThrarSanguine: *Horan marched on, his confidence unwavered. As he drew closer, an ear trembling bass would deeply wave through the air, invisible energy causing the atmosphere to tremble, however nothing happened as of yet. Finaly he crossed the bridge, mere yards away from her now, however not wreaching distance, he made sure his walk was slow, enjoying conflict more than one should. Hearing her speak of her fearless attitude, only brought an exhale of satisfaction pass his lips.* "I should hope not..." *He horridly spoke, his deep, corrupted voice, would send chills down ones spine. She was a strong one, her stature and presentation, making it all too clear she was never one to run, or fear at that matter. This only satisfied his grim taste in excitement. Her lack of weapons, and armour, somewhat symbolising her strong status in possible scourcery. His blade glinted against the pathetic amount of sunlight that every now and then leaked through the unmoulding structure of his energy shifted wings. His eyes ever so watchful of her movement, whilst his mind focused on other tasks. The whispers hauntingly grow thicker, ushering around him like the dead calling their revenge. She was rather flawless in her nature, well discaplined when in the midst of battle keeping elegence in her composure, however Horan never let such beautious features conflict with his focus. Infact he was rather pleased to be given the posibility to destroy something so beautiful. He would halt now, fully crossing the bridge but keeping distance. With silence he gave her is oh so natural deathly stare.* "I do hope I have been blessed with such opposing worth..." *He spoke with his hollow tone. Every word spiteful and filled with solomn hatred, yet beautifuly pronounced with his gothic dialect.* "Tell me lioness....what is your name..." *He smoothly set his blade to the side of him, pointing it outward, readying for a battle he greatly yearns for. His rageful wings extending to it's fullest, blocking out all light from behind him, shadowing the gates infront.* "As you stand against oblivion..." *He awaited, very sure tricks were deep in her sleeve.*

EnvyVendassin: Anaise, an element of her own surprise and Isis just the same came imminent just behind Envy. The same weight and height just the same between the three. Isis of a white attire, white hair and a mechanical mask right over her nose and mouth, the only clear view on her face is the turquoise hues effulgent all alone, telling a story of time long ago. Anaise looked like the concubine out of the two. Sclera yellow and her iris pure crimson just as her rosy blood hair. They made way to their leader, one person on each side of her. Anaise giving a more lustful stance verses Isis giving more of an obedient one. The shawl around Anaise floated with grace, a sparkle here and a sparkle there, what is exactly was it really? Isis held her wings tucked tightly behind her. Each of these women help something perfectly together, their looks different, but one would really have to watch them long enough to actually see the same person. Not an easy task though, since Envy, Anaise and Isis held their different styles in a unique set of ways. Envy stepped away between Isis and Anaise, her doppelgangers, both of them have their own set abilities and personalities, but together as one with a bonding spell from Envy herself could bind them together. Of three moons of their set aura colors in a darken sky will then, only then combined them as one. From there on she continued in her walk, her slow, very slow walk. Soon it came to a halt. As they now stood in parts away. He ask of her name again, the only reason she'll speak of it now, she was never or have been called 'lioness' nor was she going to have someone start as of now. (Envy.) �My name is Envy Vendassin.� simple everyday words, her tone kept the same with her. The 30 feather's in count, stalked her very being in a counter clock wise rotation still, they were just mere feather's now, or are they? Each and every single one held a factor about them, very important they were and dangerous as well. 25 of them laced with poison, to paralyze and in time weaken the heart, mind, and decaying the muscle slowly. The other five weren�t, they held another purpose that would be much dangerous and that alone would be explained well when used by her. Like the other five feather's within the thirty, are spell bound feathers of importance to her. On each steam there is a button, a very.. very small button where only Envy's telekinesis could reach in order to press them. That alone would activate the nano's That's engulf the feather's to their lethal state. One wouldn't know their structure unless they knew the lore of the Vendassin family. These feathers are a foot long and 4 and a half inches wide. They are controlled by Envy's telekinesis directly. (Envy.) �The difference between your, oblivion, you speak of. I was born in it, conceived and rose with it. So please, don't come here telling what you think I see. Your in ZenDasalen, where this oblivion you speak of is around you and now... now your in the heart of it all.� Her eyes looked a bit crazed. Her mind a bit racing now, but not crazy she was just ready for anything. Distance, close combat, it mattered not. All CruEnd by law has to know all corner of engagement so there is no blind spots when engaging. (Envy.) �What do you want on my soil?� She asked that one question and that question alone.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *The demoness was wondering the around just outside the gates, feeling the chilling air as the gusting winds rushed passed her, teasing her short deep violet locks, tossing a few strands to wrap around her two protuding black horns upon her head. Her onyx orbs narrowed slightly feeling something strange, she glanced towards the gates, hearing the voice of Envy and another of a strange male. Her hearing was very keen, and of course the fact that it seemed both their voices echoed off the mountains with ease, made it all to easy as well. Candika's senses heightened with the scent of blood lingering in the air* Seems this guest...had some fun...*Her voice was low but cold sounding as it always was. She was still learning to try to express her emotions, but for now, she had not reason to. Her outer framed always would remain confident and emotionless, even her aura would be hard to detect unless she willed it. She entered through the gates and immediately her eyes spotted the one that had come. He was not as tall as the King, but he was tall enough. Still a few feet above her own six foot seven frame. Her hands rested at her side, the tips of her five inch claws light scrapping along her pvc black body suit that hugged her slender tone curves, but it didn't restrict her movements in the least. Her vested trench coat trailed behind her with each casual yet graceful step she took. The heels of her boots, barely making an audible sound, she was one that was light upon her feet, always had been. Upon her back, was her long Race blade, with curved tip, and strapped securely around her upper right thigh, were six inch Kunai blades; perfect for target practices or quick assaults, or other fun, depending upon her mood and the situation at hand. Her long sleek tail swayed back and forth as her curiosity grew a bit more. She would keep her distance, as she usually did unless she was summoned. After all she was a Shadow Demon, always lurking about in the shadows or hidden the back ground, they were usually not seen unless wishing to be spotted. Once she reached the other end of the bridge from where the Queen and this new male stood, she stopped. The town people looking over the demoness a bit, it seemed they relaxed a bit more when she came, though she didn't understand why, she wouldn't protect them, her job was to the royals first and fore most, then the people. Candika leaned the left side her body up against the cold stone of the bridge pillar and watched and listened , waiting to see what would unfold.*

KimiKatsu: The moment her small muzzle made it through the portal, her small, black nose began to twitch and wiggle. The air burned her nose due to how cold it was there compared to her realm. In the next instant, her whole head was through. The average sized fox blinked and remained quiet. She could hear voices. They sounded fairly close. If one was to look within the broken down carriage off to the side just before the bridge, it would look as if an odd colored fox had taken shelter within the wooden structure beneath one of the two benches inside and was emerging from slumber to explore or hunt. In reality, she was emerging from a seemingly permanent shadow in the far left corner under the bench towars the front of the broken down carriage. Her long, pointed ears twitched ever so slightly as the voices continued. There weren't many, but one of them made the kitsune's deep green eyes widen. It had been so long since she last heard that voice. At first, she denied the identity of whom the voice belonged to, claiming it to be a trick of the mind; that is, until the voice stated whom it was. 'I am Envy Vendassin.' The introduction was so simply put, oh but Kimi knew that an encounter with Queen Envy Vendassin nearly always ended up anything but casual. The hair going along her spine from the top of her head to the tip of each tail raised some as she felt the adrenaline beginning to pump through her delicate veins. Kimi stepped forward, pulling herself into this reality further. As her tails were pulled through, two of them curled to the left, wrapping around Kimi's sheathed Tanto, a weapon she'd trusted for many years. The double edged blade itself was 12 inches and could be successfully used for slashing or stabbing. Once fully out of her realm, she quietly set her Tanto onto the bench behind her. As Kimi rose to stand on her hind legs, her deep green eyes seemed to drain as the color smoothly returned to a deep blue color. As this was happening, her snout was slowly retracting, the bones snapping and crackling like plastic wrap while it's being crumpled up. Her body elongated and her shoulders widened as her muscle regrew. Her fur seemed to disappear and be replaced by skin, though this was just the same illusion she had used for so long to make her look a bit more human-like. While she was morphing back into her humanoid form (also referred to as 'neko' depending on whom is describing the look) the arm and leg warmers were grown into once more, though they still slightly covered the paws. She had also grown back into the once tight clothing she wore. The dress was short and hugged her curves, complimenting them nicely. It was black, like majority of her wardrobe. Once her transformation was complete, Kimi turned, grabbing her Tanto so she could strap it to her waist so that the sheath would sit right above her tails, parallel to the ground with the hilt out towards her right side. Kimi's long, dark hair hung over her shoulders, masking a few of the tattoos that danced across her skin. Her face still held that youthful look to it, though there were less piercings that before. Now only a small, silver nose piercing and a small barbell towards the back corner of her left eye and just below her lower lid remained. There were still, however, piercings that lingered beneath her clothing. Kimi casually stepped out from inside of the carriage. As she stepped out, a tall, feminine figure had passed the carriage. Kimi caught the movement from the corner of her eye. The kitsune paused for a moment, counting the very silent footsteps until they had stopped, then, she turned to her left and began to walk towards the bridge. When she had made it to the beginning of the bridge, she had caught sight of Queen Envy right away. The others came into focus shortly after. Neither of them looked familiar to her. Her muscles tensed slightly as she began to move up the bridge. With every smooth step she took, her hips would switch in a sensual manner. Being a kitsune, seduction was considered an ability of hers. It came naturally to her, it seemed. Following that sensual sway to her hips were her nine tails, mimicking the rhythm just behind her.

ThrarSanguine: *He watched with great intent, as he powers began to unfold. The two rather stunning females that stould idley beside her, as if her puppets of the sort. His watchful eye of hate and anguish set upon the three, assuming each summon plays a different role of importance with her powers, due to their vastly different atties and attitudes. He was very well aware of her feathers, ever so sure of their importance to her. She was tricky one indeed.* "Ahhh..a Vendassin...A deceiving bunch.." *He scowfuly cawed with a deathly whisper. He listened to her speech of what she believed of oblivion itself, causing him to only give a harsh, breif chuckle, the echo of his laughter haunting the skies, feezing air leaving his helmet, all features shrouded by the blackness it provides.* "Oblivion..something none have truely bared eyes upon..." *He looked down at the female, his ruby like eyes of pure hatred and war mongery locked upon her. His stories of old, stroking his ego. The thick fire like shadows would play their deathly dance around his upper silhouette, something began it's play within him, yet he never spoke or made such an action to prove as such. The heavy mound of wolf fur that laid upon his shoulders beneath his great pauldrens fluttered against the winds, his war torn navy cloak would throw itself heplessly against the strong gusts of wind that lurked across the lands. He turned to the side allowing her to witness, the destruction of the fallen hero of the sun he fought on his way down.* "I want glory..." *He would grimly speak. His his head turning back to her.* "yet..I arrive here with no accored.." *He spoke, his deep, skin crawling voice of coldness eerily carried it's echo. Realising something, he would lower the wings of ash, smoke and warping shadow* "My kind haven't stepped foot upon your lands since the "Black Crusade"...an occurence since the 4th age of history..." *He whispered with his deathly hollow.* "Tell me..." *He would now fully turn to her, blocking out the sight of the dead angelic being.* "I can't simply roam these lands destroying all, conquering with no numbers..." *He lowered his great sword, giving a single deathly exhale. His eyes everlastingly fixed upon her* "What can you offer me...." *His deep, granite tone would horridly ring with it's hollow timbre. Assumpting she understands what he points out. His instincs picking up the varius entitys that began to lurk within the corners of him*

EnvyVendassin: The pulsing taste that's radiating off this man's presence wasn't anything to be passive about. She felt the heart throbbing pulse. It hit the core of her taste, it became so thick to the point she could lick at it, and Mmmm how it tasted so good. The slits over her hues dimmed to midway. The vile intoxication from his pulse gave her a drunken haze. His mocking words were exactly that, she didn't mind everyone have their own beliefs in their sinful ways. Her composure wouldn't be easy to reach. A 'Hm' hummed from her throat. She watched how glorious he showcased his victorious display of a fallen warrior at bay. As she looked she noticed Elder Kimi approaching and damn was this something to see. Envy thought Elder Kimi, the first Elder was long gone, perhaps dead and not discovered yet. But then again, all missions are truly years taken with it comes to Envy's missions at hand. Her eyes dart to the man who fully turned toward her back again. Of course her attention remained on him, yet her eyes couldn't help but to catch her Second Elder, holy shit.. what a creeper. Slick as always she would appear very undercover like, but Envy's eyes only glanced for a not even a second. In fact, her glance to her second Elder could have gone unnoticed. He had spoke of glory, arriving with no accord which she could see how that happened. The fact he knows of ZenDasalen show's that he knew history of such a place. She dipped her head as her eyes narrowed for a brief second but not easily taken if one consider it a blind spot. Glancing back up with those hues of hers, as it met his. She thought what she could offer him, but then again, that's not the case. (Envy.) �I can offer many things, the question is, why would you assume I can offer you something, when its in question of what you can offer me.� She didn't need him, she didn't need anyone. Those who comes here was brought here for a reason, or lured in by fate. (Envy.) �I didn't bring you here, nor have you sought me out. I believe fate may have brought this day together for a future play.� She paused as the brisk winds flowed through.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *Candika's eyes shifted sensing someone or something enter, her nose twitched then wrinkled alittle taking noticed to the fox like creature. Her onyx eyes gazed over her features as she was fox then became one of the creatures known as a kitsune. She had not encountered one before, so this one sparked her interests a bit. But, she would have to wait for the time being, there were other things for her to be mindful of. Her attentioned returned back to the Queen, Isis and Anaise as well as the male that spoke once again. So he wanted the Queen to make an offer of some kind? Indeed he was a bold one, it would seem. The males whole personal and body language spoke loud and clear, easy for the demoness to read. She was smirking on the inside, though her physical being remained expressionless and unreadable. Crossing her arms over her chest, her tapped her claws patiently upon her bicep, as Envy mentioned about fate may have brought him here. Her mind snapped back to the day that her and the third Elder, Dar'Kahn were lured by "Fate." She recalled the mind games that tested them in different ways, curious to how each would react based on both emotional levels and physical. The demoness's eyes narrowed remembering those moments, but it would fade just as quickly as it happened. Her eyes would go back to a blank stare, only occasionally blinking out of habit only. She pondered what the males answer would be Envy's counter question to his own words he mentioned only a few moment's ago. But the Queen had a point, this man came to her lands, to her home, so it would be him;as the rest of creatures here did; that would have to prove his worth and self being and show what he could offer her, not the other way around. Once again, in her confines of her mind, she smirked and waited, this was indeed becoming something worth watching. At least, it was keeping her mind her off her own thoughts for the time being.*

KimiKatsu: The kitsune's eyes had been locked on the queen, though that didn't keep her from being able to see the others near her. Kimi had noticed the looks she had received, even the briefest ones. This only made her smile. She could spot even the slightest bit of shock in Queen Envy's eyes. It had, indeed, been quite some time since she'd last shown herself in the nation. She had been busy, after all. Busy earning her tails. Lady Kimi lowered her chin slightly, giving her a more preditorial/seductive look as she moved closer to the small group that stood on the other side of the bridge. Her long, dark fox ears picked up on more of the conversation. It appeared that this man, a stranger to her, was a stranger to Envy as well. Kimi's eyes narrowed and the adrenaline that slowly leaked into her veins helped further ignite the small flames within her core, causing her body heat to rise as she prepared for a possible battle. Kimi lifted her chin a bit, keeping her eyes on Envy and the male that looked at her while keeping the other females in her thoughts as to not forget about anybody. Just as she was about to reach the group, she slowed her walking pace to a stop so that she was about five feet from them. Close quarters was not something Kimi would do if she had the choice. Kimi's hands slowly ran up her hips to rest just above them as she raised a thin, dark brow. "I've returned, Queen Envy and it seems I've returned at an interesting time." Her voice held a seductive ring to it, one that she had mastered over her years of seducing unlucky male patrons who'd been drinking at the tavern all night.

2pleasemymaster: Tel'kira would give a soft scoff at the Colom of dust hung in the air, marking a powerful impact. She could sense the tension in the air and the weary glances of the inhabitants in the market. A powerful intruder? strange how those in the area' conducted themselves, even she knew better then to intrude bearing her fangs. She tilted her head to the side smirking to her fallen lover as she moved forward, enjoying the torment of a righteous soul having to refuse pleading innocents. "Don't worry you wont all be sold off, I'm keeping three of you for sacrifices." Her voice was laced with a sadists pleasure as she made her way forward, hips swaying slightly as the black silken dress brushed against her calves and heels giving slight appeal to any onlookers. Though it wasn't at all for them, it was for her property. Perhaps she was doing this to cheer her angel up? Or maybe it was her attempt to apply more pressure to the already frustrated angel. "Come, let us go meet those inside." She strides forward towards the sources of the still looming cloud, her bare feet wrapped in black ribbon's giving her a soundless approach as she crossed the bridge eyeing the numerous figures standing at the ready. She lent her firm ass against the wall of the bridge, leaning casually as she watched the scene unfolding before her as she lifted her open palm towards the angel before closing her fingers and pulling her arm back, tugging the willing boy forward with her sturdy drider wire. The human's behind him were digging their heels into the ground beneath them in a futile attempt to over power the angelic creatures pull, though it was obvious he hardly noticed their physical efforts. "Well it seems there's a stand off.. what wonderful timing we have." She smirked as her angel followed behind her, standing less then a foot away lost in thought but ready to protect. She lent back pressing her pleasing backside against him attracting his attention in a way only she could. All the travel and chaos with the village had left her no time alone with her toy, and with an average of two play sessions a day all the sexual need was becoming rather pent up. Though even when riddled with need she maintained her manners, looking away from the male behind as her eyes guided over to fellow onlookers, finding mild interest in a creature wielding countless tails. How interesting. What other surprises would this place hold?

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ThrarSanguine: *Horan listened to Envy speak her part. His ever deadly gaze were locked upon her, and only her. The knowledge of other beings lurking within the kingdom area didn't even stifle the Skybreaker. An exhale of satisfaction leaving the Chaos wardens lips. Her style and authoritive manner, was something that eased his anguish towards her. She was his type of person, proud and too stubborn to falter even before dire odds.* "Mmm..." *He would whisper with his grave tone.* "Fate plays its mysterious work..." *He would gradualy look to the skies.* "The one thing not even lords and kings of the highest order can tamper or surely manipulate..." *Slowly he looked back down upon her, his garganttuan height, like a mountain to a village. Truely, his choices were dire. He wasn't meant to be here, by some miracle, he broke the impossible barrier that divided the ever going war of the first realm, that is heald skyward. Something truly did place his here, like a chess piece to a sick game.* "My sword and services..." *He smoothly spoke in his hollow, monsterous tone, cold and icey, as if breathing very essence of slaughter. Slowly he lowered his blade, now holding it to his side.* "Only if given the promise...that they be put to good use..." *He scowfuly utterd. He would take a smooth step closer, with ease and swiftness, he placed the great sword of war deep into the cold ground, as he hold it upside down, placing both hands upon the hilt of the destructive tool. His wings of smoke, shadow and abyss would extend, he was taking a stance of proposal, something only ever done when first ever summoned upon these lands within the very first page of history, granting men and demons deceitful blessings and enchantments in order to do the Mortis' biddings and errands. But now, the tables have turned it seemed. Horan's eyes breifly looked to the Elder than arrived, her tails granting him to ponder for the moment, as it the foreign power was something he hadn't come across before. Suddenly he caught such a thick wiff of lusturus energy, then something else. Something of Angel kin, although Horan and his immortal battle in the first realms had nothing to do with religious beleifs, he knew all too well the winged blood that flutters it's way into Horan's presence. The whispers began to die down, as Horans wrathful instincts began to subside, ever so slightly. The new arrivals already causing his great muscles to ache with eagerness, to feed his blade the flesh of those whom bathe in weakness and false ambitions. Horan lowered his head, but not himself, refusing to kneel, making sure that whilst he still draws breath within these lands, he will never kneel. The thick black fire like mist, carried on it's haunting tradition, tenderly spireling and wavering into the air, forming to nothingness. He awaited the verdict of gracius Envy. His head down but eyes ever so hatefuly watching her.*

EnvyVendassin:How many days will she have to think about it? How many days will she play along with fates game. In fact why do fate favor her in such a wondrous way? She squint at the man in her far thought of another motion beyond even her, not looking directly at him but only in the absent thought of question unanswered. She hated the fact she couldn't touch Heaven, Hell, yes. She's been there and touched the lava of his tongue. Felt the heat crisp her skin, she heard the whaling cried of her name to be captured. Yet she hasn't reached heaven? The biggest mission that would be so extraordinary. She heard the man yet she was still absent at mind. The cling of his sword against the foundation of the bridge brought her back. Her eyes fluttered a but as she took image of him in a stance of service. She barely caught the words of him and did she miss the Elder's words as well? Her head dart to Elder Kimi, trying to recall if she was addressing her. She thought a moment more before carried on. Interlocking her fingers together in front of her. She cleared her throat a bit as she collected herself, the thought of conquering Heaven became a thought she would question later. (Envy.) “Elder Kimi, I see you have returned. I assume there will be debriefing later and if all checks out there will be briefing in turn.” After her shared swords she came back to him. (Envy.) “You seem to be a man of war. In the CruEnd Clan there is a position of a War Don. His domain is always to be located in the heart of Endless Days here in ZenDasalen. A man like your self... I see fit there. Never to yield nor kneel to those that expect us too. I expect nothing less. For the CruEnd does not bend nor kneel to no one. Not even for me or the King here. I don't expect you to call me Queen unless you wish too. I don't expect no one to stand behind me, nor in front... but only beside me. The same as the King. Respect is given and in return loyalty is shown.” Her eyes filled with promise as she continued to look up at this tall man. (Envy.) “We war, that is why we are who we are. We don't love, hell... I don't love my King. He and I benefit off one another and nothing more. Don't expect people to not turn on you if given the chance to gain power in your fall. Don't trust no one, for I don't even trust the kids I allowed to slip through my womb.” Holy shit, she really isn't the type to butter cup a damn thing. (Envy.) “The position is the 1st adviser, I don't offer this because I trust you, but because I see power and with power alone can make people see one's raw gift of abilities. Like the rest of us.” She dipped her chin with certainties. (Envy.) “So if you take this position, then speak the oath of service here, on my soil in front of me.” She waited to see too his answer.

TheGrimReaperLives: -Her web-like wire connected to his chest. Looking at it for a moment he was slightly confused, though it had been a few years since he had been exiled under her command he still was not completely sure as to how she was able to do this. Being pulled forward he stumbled slightly as the tug had caught him by surprise. Feeling no resistance from the chained humans behind him though they were digging their heels. As he was about to speak asking what it is she wanted he was stopped from saying anything as he was suddenly flushed with nerves as she leaned on him. He grew a bit tense as his cheeks reddened a bit as he looked down at her. Stammering for a moment he tried to pick his words as he looked back to the scene before them and the creatures involved. There was the male being that had fallen from the heavens, the woman to whom he was speaking, a female what looked to have a human essence in appearance save for her tails and ears, plus a few others. Trying to force his focus past his tension and nerves caused by her leaning on him he finally found he was able to speak. His voice was quiet but angelic as he still withheld his divine powers and essence. Though his reminder of the crime he committed again was evident in a small dark echo within the same angelic tone- What do you suppose the problem is? –Personally he didn’t really care. He didn’t seem to care about many things anymore. The longer he spent in this mortal realm the longer he felt as though he was drifting away within himself. Though, of course, this was not actually happening. The truth of it was that he longed to be back within his home in the Heavenly borders. He missed his perfect perfection. This Realm was cruel and deceitful. Every day he found something out about it that was just a bit more terrible than the day before. Within the Heavenly borders he had heard rumor of a place of suffering…a place where all happiness was extinguished. A horrible place where there was never ending suffering and and hope and happiness was nothing but a temporary state of a lie that took place. Honestly he had thought the place of which the rumors were speaking was none other than the Realm within the borders of Hell. He did not realize the Mortal Realm was such a place as it was. Though within their travels there did seem to be those who were truly happy. Then again they had the mortal equivalent to what he once had. With a sigh he continued looking an as he held to the chains of those still fighting for freedom behind him. Did these things….these humans….ever stop fighting? It had gotten to the point where they were beginning to turn on each other. Each one blaming another for their being captured. They were so pathetic. Honestly what was their problem?? Just as a fight was about to break out betwixt them he gave the chains a light tug, causing the lot of them to fall to the ground. Staring on in silence he said nothing more than the inquiry he had already made known-

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Surprise, Surprise
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