We are the CruEnd Clan death is but a mercy. Pride... Is what we know... Defeat is unthinkable.
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 Laws - Oaths - Regulations

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PostSubject: Laws - Oaths - Regulations   Laws - Oaths - Regulations I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2015 12:41 am

ZenDasalen Law

*Your presence will automatically be noticed from the boarders checkpoint, and by Envy Vendassin by a direct connect to her Nations soil. (Please note, she would not know who it is nor where the person is but knows he or she is there on her Nation.)

*Bartering is only allowed between rogues and travelers, anything further that is not bartering for example, exchanging coins for information of the Vendassin family, and for information of the CruEnd Clan will have parties involved haunted down and killed without question.

*Once you have crossed the boarders of ZenDasalen, you are here by alone and survival is for the fittest, where you travel is at your own risk, and there is no God to help you.

*All area’s are hostile area’s except Atlantiss City and Harlet springs also Platonic Island, there is nothing but murderers/rapist/kidnappers/Genocide/cannibals/arsonist/assassins/ fighters/Pedophiles. Just about everything your mother would tell you to avoid.

*No holy man or woman nor their quest, shall find anything but death, and the red silk land of blood.

*The CruEnd Clan is not simply found, the people of the Nation will rather die before giving directions in finding them, there is no simple sign or signal nor individual that can lead you to them, and you would have to journey through out the Nation; to be able to unravel the mystery and the clues to have even a inkling of their location.

All non-CruEnd Clan members reside in the county of Endless Days, but looking for the Leader of the Nation also to the CruEnd Clan will be very challenging.

*The money that circulates within ZenDasalen is marked.
Silver and gold combinde as one coin is only dealt out by the Vendassin family also through the CruEnd Clan. It’s the finest coin the Nation has also rare to get a hold of, also it shows the wealth you hold.
Gold solid coins only symbolizes that you well off.
Silver solid coins are what beggars and rogues are able to get. Silver coins are for the poor, and 70% the Nations has that circulated around, and rarely the other coines.

CruEnd Clan Law’s and Regulations

*You’re honesty, loyalty, pride, and honor is to be expected from you at all times.

*Betrayal in any kind of form is a slow death, along with those you love killed in front of you before your time.

*Leaving the CruEnd Clan will sentence you to be hunted down and slaughtered before the people of ZenDasalen. For there is no leaving after joining.

*The Four Elder’s is whom you will be judged by, they are the eldest beings since the beginning of the Clan’s existence, and will pass judgment to whom the Vendassin Family sends their way. The Elder’s are the most strongest fighters for ZenDasalen and ranked greatly in the CruEnd Clan.

*If your accused of a crime, with valid proof, and you do not know of the accusation; as in what it’s about. You have no right to a defense.

*Vendassin Family respected with out no question, the Elder’s are respected with out no question, and the Advisors are respected with out no question.

*If ranked to a position you feel that is beneath your abilities, the person has a right to prove their self before the Clan for a higher position.

*Professionalism is the utmost importance we keep in front of foe’s and friendlies((OOC and IC)). If not, you will answer to the Elder’s, and your fate is in their hands.

*Your fellow brothers and sisters in arms will always be hand in hand, regardless if there bad blood between Clan members. Must always remember, when trouble comes your differences is pushed aside, and no matter what! Always have each others back. Always fight and defend ZenDaslen and honor the CruEnd name.

* ALL CruEnd Clan members. (As guards and Assasin's. Just about every rank below an advisor .) Must have ALL romantic relationships approved by the Elders.

*Relationships of Elders and Advisors MUST have relationship approved by Envy Vendassin.

*Relationships between members of different ranks (meaning under Advisors ranking) are acceptable behind closed doors and not sleeping with a foe. If so it is death with out arguing.

*All public dispays of affection is strictly forbidden. Emotion shall never be shown.

*If at anytime an Envy or the Elders wish you to cease a relationship, it is NOT debatable. Failure to comply will result in immediate death to both.

If you hear by understand these terms you will sign your name. I,____________ understand, and here by will obey them.
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Laws - Oaths - Regulations
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