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 Kai's Escape from Trails of Solitude

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PostSubject: Kai's Escape from Trails of Solitude   Kai's Escape from Trails of Solitude I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2015 8:58 pm

EnvyVendassin: She could see her breath, in fact all three of them could see their breaths in the nights frost. The moon gave the night's wood's light along the path of no return. The moon lit the lining of their figures from behind, all three women with the same hour glass figure, weight, and height. Who were they? They stood there within line, their front view of their features and clothes were hidden where the light of the moon couldn't touch causing them to be shadowed and unrecognizable. The middle woman's lining figure held a sword and double hilts sticking out from her lower back. Her hair long and wavy also big, more wild then anything, four feet from each side was space from the other two, but within that split space were floating objects, of feathers? The objects would be hard to recognized if one would look long enough trying to figure out within the dark what exactly it was that motioned around the woman in the middle, in a counter clock wise rotation, with a motion of calmness to the 25 objects in set. To the right was the next woman, one could tell she had short hair and the only thing she had around her was this shawl looking thing and it too floated around her but with sparkle, how was all this happening, what ill will did these women have over objects? Her coat flared at her feet, something different then the one in the middle, but the one on the left... she didn't have anything floating and in-fact; she had wings tucked behind her back. Her hair was tied into a pony tail, a long one indeed, but from the lining of the moons light cast behind her, something was around her face, something very different but what was it, a mask perhaps? (Middle woman.) �Isis you will take the left.� The woman to her left turned her head in reply, but said noting and in such a speed she crossed over and head into a dead sprint to the right. In second's she was gone. (Middle woman.) �Anaise, you will take the right.� She said in a low calm and collective tone to her too. Immediately she stepped forward and jetted to the left into a dead on sprint, wait, the left, wasn't the orders for them to go the opposite directions from what the woman asked them to go to? What was exactly going on here, the middle woman then took a few steps herself forward, one step, two steps, three steps four. Her slow stroll went into a yielding stop. She looked around finding nothing but parted trees for miles on coated with snow, there was no signs of Isis's and Anaise. When she got sense of that she too started into a head on sprint in the middle of the directions she ordered the two to head in. Their presence and aura's undetected, everything was basically hidden and shield down for anyone to detect their presence on ground. All three of them learned how to hide themselves pretty well, due to who they were after all. Their footsteps her light and even though their steps still carried weight, they didn't break no branch for they step swiftly and with speed they contained the same all the way through. Isis's speed soundlessly zipped through the woods, even though she was a blinding blur, her speed left branches and some trees cut in halves. As for Anaise, her speed left the sent of ash, like something had burnt down nearby, and for the middle woman, she was soundless and not even a blur in sight from her traveling speed. All three of them after minutes racing against time saw the hidden structure just a ahead and when the three found the structure in sight they had stopped feet away from exiting the woods. All three of them in different parts around the structure but they waited, but what were they waiting for?

KaylenSEvans: What a typical scenario; while everyone else was caught up in their usual business, Envy had slipped away unnoticed. Too much time had passed since Nyx had been in contact with Kai; which left her questioning his whereabouts. Never had she asked the Queen, she knew that even if Envy knew where he was, she certainly wouldn�t tell Nyx. There would have been no indication that Envy was leaving if Nyx had not been sitting on the roof of one of the towers. From the corner of her eye, she had seen the quickest hint of purple before there was no other indication of any being. Of many things, Nyx was certain; especially the fact that if Envy did not want to be followed, it would be nearly impossible. She was very good with being evasive that way. However, if you knew the right things to look for at just the right timing, one with keen senses could catch a trail. This wouldn�t necessarily mean she�d be following Envy, rather one of her counterparts. With no hesitation, Nyx grabbed one of her many silver-lined arrows and aimed at a post below. Just as she pulled back, Nyx sent a jolt of electricity through the object and hit a small button as she released it. The arrow soared through the air, more or less sliced with a clean cut, just before a small �pang� as it made contact with the post, an electric current that looked like a glowing rope would hang for only seconds, giving Nyx the quick transport to the ground below. She slung her silver-lined bow above the current and pushed of the roof hard. As she slid down the current, it began to disappear behind her, the current holding the bow atop the �rope�. As she neared the ground, Nyx let one hand drop from the bow and landed lightly on the balls of her feet, one fist hitting the ground. Taking a deep breath, Nyx�s acute sense of smell picked up on a very faint smell of ash. Her bright, blue eyes snapped up into the direction of the smell. If she didn�t hurry, it was possible the smell could be blown away with a simple gust of wind; Nyx took off after the smell. She was quick, but not as quick as the one she was following. As her feet carried her, Nyx kept her bow in hand. She would not lower her guard outside of the Capital, or inside for that matter. Aside from being Elite, Nyx never let her guard down. That�s how one would be over taken. As she ran at her quick pace, if one would look, they would see a flash of blue, pale flesh, and black; occasionally a bolt of electricity. The amount of currents that actually escaped the surface of Nyx�s body is limited; her various silver-lined accessories would hold it to her, allowing the currents to pass from one thing to the next. The currents were sporadic; sometimes a jolt would jump from her arm band to her necklace, other times from one arm band to the other. Depending on her mood, the currents strength varied. When relaxed, they were more spaced out, when her emotions were heightened; Nyx�s currents would really surge across the surface of her body. Once into the trees, Nyx knew she was on the right path, she was keeping fast to the burning smell that filled her senses. Aside from that when she got further into the thick of trees, Nyx would see an occasional one cut in half, also a branch cut clean off a tree here and there. She was on a hot trail, but was there just enough evidence for her to keep on it? She hoped she didn�t have much further to go before she reached her destination.

JadenMEvans: The only thing that could be seen in the dull light right now, was the light haze that would momentarily exude from the mouth of the prince in chains. Literally, chains as thick as his arms tied him down onto a flat rock platform's sides with stairs and gates leading away from the midpoint where he was. No question ran thoguh his mind at all about where he was. the dream-like memories in his mind told him the whole story. As he looked back, he saw nothing but blank spots, and blood, and fire, with dead bodies lying everywhere. Along with these memories, the minor details included a long chrome-like coloured sword, covered in blood, only reflecting light from places the blood hadn't managed to cover in a light red film. Kai's memory seemed hazy after those moments. All he remembered was a purple haired lady and he moving fast as lightning to try and catch one or the other off guard. The next thing he remembered was hearing an incantation in an intricate tongue which rendered him motionless for a moment, maybe a moment too long. In reality, he exhaled lightly, a puff of steam coming from his nose. The chains which bound his body were cold, even icy in some places. He could feel his whole body's exterior cold as ice, with his core being literally hot as a flame.for the first time in what was close to half a year in his mind, Kai was able to breathe again. For a while since he had negotiated with voices in the depths of his mind which seemed a whole new world in it's own, he had slowly gained control over his body. First was the feeling in his fingertips and toes returned to him, and slowly, the sense of feel began to spread throguhout his body, making him able to feel the temperature of the chains which made little difference to him, except for the fact that the temperature difference within his body, and his skin, was slightly uncomfortable. Only a few conclusions were left from this predicament he found himself in. He knew for a fact, that his mother had locked him away, and for good reason. He knew that his mind slip had something to do with his soul bond with Trumacke. And finally, but most important, he knew he had just made an important deal to be able to stay sane and have a soul bond. Problem was, he had no vocal memory of the deal being made. all he knew was that when the time came, he owed someone an undeiable favour, or else he would be done for, by forces which even his hand had no power in. Slowly, his neck began to bend as he lifted his head up slightly. he was on his knee's with his arms clamped to his chest in an 'X' position.Immediately, outrage took over his mind, above all other things he could be thinking. Right now, he knew he should have been thinking about how he was ging to get things back on track, but instead, all he was focused on was getting out of here, and confronting the person who did this to him. Envy. He felt the warmth return to his skin as his aura began to stir, making his pupils contract slightly, and glow in an ominous way against the dull light of this prison. he clenched his biceps slightly, his physical strength becoming of use to him now, as he began to fight against the tightness of the chains around him. The metal began to groan, but did not break. clearly it had been made from the one metal which his family was known to use. 'So be it.' He thought to himself while he could feel another presence in his mind, a presence he was reluctant to admit made him see reason at times. Although the presence didn't exactly say anythign to him, he knew that right now, he would be right not to take trying to escape too far, because the whole place would come down on him. A low sound of irritation left Kai's mouth, and the steam began to come more furiously with every exhale. Kai moved his right leg up slightly, while pushing his body upwards with all his strength, which failed to break the metal clamped to the sides of the rock platform, but infact cracked and shifted the rock itself, so he could get his knee up, so he was in a kneeling position. Once he did this, he clenched his arms again, concentrating on the chains holding him with his telekinesis, vibrating the very structure of the adamantium so much it rapidly began heating. As he concentrated, the chains began to glow red hit, scalding his skin slightly as they did so, his skin not completely impervious to burns, but effected by them nonetheless. As the metal heated, it expanded, making Kai begin to feel more castrated than in the first place. "NO!" he shouted before moving his arms outwardm the metal beginning to glow orange and stretch, Kai's sheer strength stretching the links enough to finally have space to move. Although he had not broken the metal, when he breathed out, and his chest contracted, the chains were already too big for his body, and in turn just fell around him. He could tell those weren't the only things holding him, that there had to be some kind of spell keeping them strong, but those were clearly decaying, becoming weak for some reason. Kai had a number of explainations for this, and one was on the forefront of his mind. He stood on his feet now, and stretched his arms out, ignoring the pain he was experiencing from his skin beign burned in places, and his bones beign unused. Several loud click sounds could be heard coming from Kai's internal skeletal structure as he stretched his arms and legs, and spine. once done, he breathed out, more steam coming from his nose as he looked up. His white hair was a serious mess, and the tattoo's on various places on his body were visible through the tears in his long sleeved shirt. he stayed completely silent until he raised his hand upwards, just directly upwards with no hesitation. he could feel his aura welling in his hand, making it feel hot, and glow white for three seconds until with no warning, a concussion beam of energy came from his hand, bevelling outwards until it hit the ceiling of rock above, at 20ft in radius, blasting rocks and whatnot out of his direct hand path, vapourizing them to dust, all until it got to the surface and blasted straight through the ground, and in to the sky, lighting up the surounding area for miles, for 20 seconds before he lowered his hand and rubbed them together, letting the energy light die off. the people in surrounding area's would feel a heat as hot as the sun would be on a hot day in a desert, and the grass would immediately set on fire onthe ring of the hole created by the energy. Within a minute of the energy blast, air rushed into the hole like a suffocated man breathing again, filling it with fresh air. Kai crouched, and leaped, but Kai's leaps always lead to flight. It was second nature to him now to fly. His body shot upwards, and it wasn't until he was halfway up the hole, that he realised he was several hundred feet underground. Immediately, he pushed his body yet faster to 250mph, seeing the light above. Even though it wasn't sunlight, it was good enough, it was better light than what was down in that entrapment. As he reached the mouth of the hole, he slowed to only 50mph, and flew up, but that didn't save him from the tailwind that followed him. As he slowed to almost a halt, rising from the hole with the tailwind, followed by a huge woosh sound eminating from the hole itself, his supenders and snowy hair above his phantom eyes blew about fiercely while his long sleeve shirt, loosened by the tears and burns flapped about fiercely, his skin already practically healed, the wounds seeming like slight de-colouration. He saw nobody here, but he knew someone would be here eventually, this much of a spectable in Zendasalen could not go unnoticed. That he was sure of.

EnvyVendassin: The calm breath of the middle woman exhaled slowly as she stood behind a thick, well in height tree. Her breath falling in a misty frost. She looked around and even behind her, she was making sure there was no one following her. Anaise had her body pressed up against a nearby tree, looking like a stretchered cat clawing at he trees bark. She too was scanning the structure and she caught nothing. Isis was squat and blended well with the white ice, every sound made by animals her head turned and held the intent to kill if it wasn't anything more then just a wood some animal. They waited there for thirty minutes maybe? Either way, the middle woman had stepped out of the woods and into plain sight, Anaise and Isis saw this and remained where they were, the two was the one watching over this small structure bulging out of the ground with cascading snow around it and over it. The crunch of her wight against the snow dug deep, but it didn't stop her from moving ahead. Crunch, crunch, crunch, her boots continued to give the same sound off. Before the middle man would disappear within this structure she would turn to look around one last time. She has now disappeared inside the place and in return Isis and Anaise was now in guard of anyone attempting to go inside, the orders that rang inside of their minds from the middle woman were. (Middle woman repeating words.) ~�Kill all who attempts to enter, no matter who they are.�~ Clear as a bell they could repeat the words of her orders clearly. They remained hidden better now, this time Anaise wasn't stretched out against no tree and in-fact she was clearly no where. Just as Isis, they became a ghost among the snowy woods, and deadly for anyone who dared to come near. Else where inside the structure, the woman was trailing down the flight of stairs, the place inside smelled of fish oil, this helped lite the torches along the walls, it held little warmth inside but it helped in a visionary manner. Her aura illuminated brightly, she gave a more potent shield to it, but slowly it calmed to where it wasn't seen anymore, was it gone or just hidden? She past the statue of two angel's, one that had fallen from grace killed the one that hadn't fallen from grace. She looked at it as she past and continued down the stair case. Casting shadows the light from the fire danced along her back, the sword of Sin, was that really the sword of Sin placed against her back? It was said, the sword is in hell and the only way a person could obtain such a thing is if the person themselves were to go to hell and fight all of hell for it. This was certainly different, how did this woman actually obtain such a sword? Her boots scraped when she stepped off the final step of the staircase. She looked at the middle, was it a molded statue, maybe? Of some stairs. She always thought it was the stairs of that represented the confusion of such a place like this. The woman had to figure out this place in such a complex way, it took years for her to know just 50% of it. She even got lost in the place after staying lost for several months inside. She wasn't able to summon herself out or even teleport, the ways of getting out was almost impossible. Unless you were willing to be blast off from out of the place and leave it in ruins of collapsed structure. The woman never wanted to ever leave the place in ruins, something about it was certainly special, and as she carried on she started her way up the middle staircase across the way of the one she came down on. Being block by boulders of rock didn't make the passage way impossible, it was a way to make the way to her son a hard one to figure out. As calm as she was she started up the knew flight of stairs, her right hand started to reach out seeming like she was about to grasp the boulders with her own hold of telekinesis but before she could even attempt to move them she stopped, her hand still outreached but paused as she looked at the rocks move. (The woman.) �What in the hell?� She mumbled to herself. She looked around her area, she started to see little rocks roll off the bridge and some down the stairs, something wasn't right. She stepped back as she lowered her reach and before she knew it, she felt her spell broken. Her eyes was widening slowly, how was this possible? She started to think, the only thing she could think about is her being pregnant, this would be the only reason why her spell would weak and break, she placed a hand onto her stomach in disbelief while her head and eyes followed. She knew now things wasn't safe for her now, but how in the hell was she pregnant yet again? Everything started to shake more now, the structure moaned it talked to her in its pain, it didn't want to fall but it was. Outside the place Isis and Anaise felt the vibration but they didn't move, they were trained enough to stay hidden and eye trained until they got confirmation of sight of what was happening. Isis's eyes slowly crept to her right, she felt the approaching of someone, she was able to know because the woman gave her the ability to feel of another approaching them only on ZenDasalen's soil. Isis sunk more into hiding her very being. Inside the structure the woman heard. HER. Within the confines of her own mind. (Sinn.) ~�I guess someone had gotten out, Envy.�~ She knew that voice anywhere, it was Sinn. Envy wasn't sure how Kai would be able to get out in his state unless he gained full awareness, she turned on her heels and started into a slow run toward the stairs she came from, but before she could the middle statue broke, burst more the less. With the power of him coming from the ground and up Envy was in the cross fire, her body flung backward, across the damn room and hit the wall, her aura rippled and saved her the actual damage of what actually could have been given to her. She hit and dropped, her body stumbled down another flight of stairs but she recovered by quickly drawing one of her daggers out and stabbing it inside the concrete. Her left hand yanked her body from further falling and she got the glimpse of her son bursting up. She was surprised now, she was in survival mode. The place shook and she knew it would give out any second now, she yanked the dagger out and quickly gained her weight back on her feet. She hurried down the stairs and up the other, her feathers followed and with the thought she could feel the place giving in. Her telekinesis pushed every button right below the stem of her feathers and immediately the nano's engulfed the feathers of adamantiume. They sounded like scissors, but she continued up the stairs, the long.. very long stair case of stairs. Her feathers followed. The placed was falling and the stairs she once left her print on was falling into the large whole, Envy wasn't going to look back, she could see the image in her mind already. She was almost there, but for some reason she felt the surrounding area would be caving in very soon. Her heathers came together, like a stepping shield just before her next step and while she pushed herself into a jump onto her feathers the stairs had also caved in. She should be insight but in a radius of 300 feet the place held a large whole in the ground.

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Kai's Escape from Trails of Solitude
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