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 Testing Ties of One's Might

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PostSubject: Testing Ties of One's Might   Testing Ties of One's Might I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2015 8:57 pm

EnvyVendassin: It’s been about five years now, since she last saw anyone besides Valkoor a month ago. Out of her kids she hasn’t seen Aii nor Nero, Zyse is MIA and Kai, well Kai is another story. Envy sat back in her throne in the foyer of the Fortress, located at the Capital of ZenDasalen. She lost the kiss of tan her skin held back in the Forsaken Nation, south from here. She looked pale, a tad ill looking but she wasn’t. Her right leg crossed over her left, a fine glass of crystal filled with aged wine in her right hand. Her lavender hues stared at it for a long time. She wasn’t looking at it, but taken back to the memory of her prized son, Kai. Within the trails of solitude, there he remains confined in a hidden location; she wasn’t sure why he went into a crazy state as he did. Envy was confused what drove her son mad, he killed off three large Nation’s. Wasn’t sure why he did it, but even she couldn’t stop him when she felt it was enough for one day, yes in one day. In order to control him, she had to use a spell against him, to momentarily disable his abilities. This gave her a chance to hold him against his own will in the trails of solitude. The way he charged against the barrier that holds him, it struck at her heart, her heart? She never felt her heart drop the way it did when seeing her son the way he became. What triggered this, what was the reason behind such a behavior, has he finally snapped? The slits of her eye lids slowly soften to the thought of her son. Out of all of her kids, she favored the boys but Kai the most. Closing her eyes slowly she rested with the thought of him being out of harm’s way and hopefully not causing harm to himself. Elsewhere, at the boarders of ZenDasalen, the Sentry Unit stands guard. Somewhere playing cards, others were eating and most were at watch.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *The Shadow Realm is place that most beings wouldn’t go to unless in search of something rare or unique for this realm was the one of the few that harvested the most unique creatures, plants and gems. Many would come to the realm in search of these special items, but there was a price to pay for such things, and if one couldn’t pay they would be punished, the punishment depended upon the rarity and the way the being would attempt to take their items. This was the place someone called home, a demoness known as Candika, her name meaning the Goddess of Desire. But don’t be fooled by her name, she could be just as deadly as she could be seductive, it would depend on the situation and the creature she came in contact with in her realm or any other realm she would visit. She was cautious and yet daring, beautiful yet sinister everything she seemed she could become the opposite. The demoness was not one to trust, for she too trusted no one, in her two thousand years of life she had been betrayed too many times to care for anyone anymore. If she sought pleasure she would seek it or if she needed to play with a victim she would find one it would depend on her mood and where she was at that moment. She had grown bored from her realm and had been traveling to many different places learning new things, and enjoying her time hearing the screams of weak men and women that she had toyed with and eventually ended their pathetic lives. For now it seemed her journey had brought her to strange new land covered in cold white powder she wasn't too familiar with. She didn't really feel the cold air upon her ebony skin, but it was still strange to her. Her onyx eyes scanned over the area looking over taking notice of random guards of some kind just sitting around playing cards or talking amongst themselves. Her black fork tongue slipped from between her smooth lips moistening them a little, she ponder to play with them or just let them be for the time being. She lifted a clawed hand running her fingers through her violet hair as she continued to make her way around, the sound of the snow crunching lightly under the heels of her laced boots. She stopped in her tracks pausing a few moments as she noticed a large palace of some kind up ahead. The demoness waited knowing if she went further she would be stopped anyway and asked question of why she was here as it normally happened when entering a place with guards. Looking up the night sky she took notice of the moon and smirked then returned her gaze back to the beings in armor.*

KittenKatastrophy: Maleficent Grace had spent countless hours walking among the fields filled with bright, frigid snow. Scowling at the cold she would continue her stroll, frosts brittle fingers raking against her non scarred cheek. 'stop chour beetcing ' her inner, Decay whispered into her mind. ignoring the screeching voice of the evil being that lived inside her she would stop for a moment, leaning against a tree to give her frail legs a rest. it had been days since she started her almost neverending travel course. at first it started off as an angry, steam releasing walk from the fight that had started in her home. "oh the drama.." she spoke aloud, her deep sensual voice hoarse from the weeks without water. Being what she was, she really didn't need food or water, but she must stop at almost every village to feed on.....well that wasn't to be thought of. with a deep breath of her sweet smoked filled mask she would push off the tree, continuing her journey. in her minds eye she could see Decay sitting on the empty black floor, leaning over a manafestation of a dead body, her elongated fangs perched right over the rotting flesh, as if about to eat every inch of the corpse. with a shake of her head she would quicken her pace. nearing a lake ahead she sped up to go and stand over it, the water completley still, only lightened by the moon shining above. flicking her two toned, one silver and one violet, eyes down to the water she would take in her features. her long, white horizontal striped hair, her horribly decaying and scared peach skin...her horns. everything about her just made her want to scream with frustration of why she was cursed this way. with a hiss beneath her smoking gas mask she would begin to run, anger boiling inside her. fuck this life, she didnt want this. with sudden realization of the building in front of her she would completley come to a halt, scoping the scene before her gaze. it was a large vast building, lit by small fires in front of its entrance. stepping behind a tree to mask her appearence she continue to look, watcing closly at the guards that paced in front of it, some doing one thing, some doing others. her gut clenched, sweat forming onto her palms. oh god people..there were people. swallowing deeply she would dig her long nails into her palm, her tail curling behind her as she continued her watching gaze. well this was going to be interesting

Bonk: Amongst a field of corpses, the towering figure of a ten foot tall frame stood, frozen over a dying chaos. Against the reflection of his crimson orbs, he saw the many faces of those he had fought with and against, just hours earlier. He had yet to move from his spot since the fighting had stopped, as he was still paying his respects to the fallen. Perhaps it was unnecessary, but for a warrior such as Valkoor, nothing was unnecessary. His six foot long tail swayed lazily back and forth behind him, tracing over the body of his closest comrade, Hato. Although it wasn't so unexpected as to watch a friend die on the fields of war, Valkoor couldn't help but to feel the pain crashing against his crystalised heart. Tucked over his tail, his massive black wings remained, as to keep from blowing dead bodies about while he remained on the field. While the fog of war still surrounded him, he knew he was currently safe from possible enemies that might have still be lurking in the forests surrounding the blood-stained fields he now stood in. A breeze swept through the pocket of empty space, dancing through Valkoor's long black hair while swirling over the tips of the large horns that grew from his head. Although his trench coat flared noisily behind him with the wind, there wasn't another sound to be heard. Indeed it was true that silence followed every battle, as he had felt this silence a thousand times over at this point. But this wasn't a battle. It was a massacre, and although Valkoor managed to survive it, his allies did not. The pain of seeing the bodies of his friends was too much at this point. His eyes slowly shut, breaking his gaze from the faces he knew so well. He released a gentle exhale, letting his mind escape him with the breeze. Raising his left hand up to his face to brush away the small traces of blood against his cheek, he eventually let his head tilt towards the skies, so that his eyes could find something new. There were clouds, although they were few. Still, it was beautiful. They drifted lazily with the natural current above him, and at that time, he only wanted two things. To fly, and to return to his home. Not the void, which was where he had spent most of his life, but the home of his family. He was certain that he would find either Envy or his children there. If anything, they could ease the pain that continued to resurface in the depths of his mind from the recent events that transpired. Letting his eyes fall back down to give a last look to his comrades, he gently pushed against the ground with the tips of his boot-covered toes, while his massive wings flared out and forced him off of the ground. A few bodys were rolled over one another with his take-off, and although it couldn't be helped, he secretly cursed himself for disturbing their rests. Before taking off, he whispered a few words of comfort, with hopes that the spirits beneath him would find their way back to their homes. He'd close his eyes once he had finished, before he let his wings take him towards the skies. He wasn't far from the capital, at least for the speed of his flight. Just beneath the limits of what would break the sound barrier, he sored through the clouds feeling totally free from his stresses. His eyes remained closed still. He already knew how to get back to the capital, even without looking, so there was no need to use them for now. His mind began to relax, while his clothing flapped noisly with the strong winds that wrapped around his body with his flight. Within just a few short minutes, he'd pass the borders to the capital. He'd tilt his frame down slightly, to begin a lazy descent towards the ground. He wasn't close enough to drop just yet, but if he kept at his current altitude, a crash was inevitable. By the time he was close enough to make a safe drop, he was at the capital, where Envy usually remained. His wings stretched further out, flaring against the natural current that blew against him to slow his drop, before landing against the bridge before the building with a massive thud. Although it was far from a crash, the weight of his own body combined with the momentum of his drop was enough to leave decent cracks across the bridge's surface. He let his eyes open now, as they immediately found the capital before him. He didn't waste another moment, as he walked over the bridge and headed straight for the doors. From this distance, he could already feel Envy inside of the building. Her aura was all too familiar to him now. As he thought of her, he remembered that it had been over a month since they last saw one another. He felt like he was underdressed for the occasion. Blood stains covered his coat, and beneath it he wore a fishnet undershirt. The fur that set on his shoulders was bloodstained as well. His current look was very poor compared to what Envy would've accepted. It couldn't be helped, though. Trying his best to improvise, he brushed against the stains with an attempt to blend them into the dark clothing he wore, hoping that they would be less noticeable. With a deep breath, he realized he was at the doors already. He looked up at the doors for a moment, before he raised his right hand and gently pressed against them, letting them part in front of him. Feeling the cool air from the other side of the doors lick against him, he paused for a single moment before he entered and let the doors swing shut behind him. His eyes took no time to adjust to the new lighting, and as he looked ahead, he saw Envy sitting on her throne. She held her natural charm as always, although she seemed slightly pale. Perhaps she was sick with something. It was something to be concerned with, but Envy had never had issues with terrible illnesses before. Valkoor attempted to place an emotional mask over the pain that covered his face, as he stepped closer towards Envy. His crimson orbs searched for those of Envy's, something he hadn't seen in what felt like an age to him. As he stepped closer, he felt his teeth brush against the skin of his lips for a moment, before he realized that he was beginning to speak. "You're.. alone." He stopped moving. He was only a dozen feet away from her, but he felt the need to keep the distance. Knowing Envy, her mood was never readable. She could've been angry with him, and closing the distance would have been unwise. Instead, he remained where he stood, and allowed Envy to close the distance if she wished.

XxDarkoviathxX: - Azure stood leaning up against one of the four strange obelisks that landscaped the area his eyes were hidden from view so it would be unclear if they were open or closed, wore a large black coat which was made of a soft fabric that gave a gentle touch to the skin though on the outside it was tough as dragon scales that went down to his feet though it parted at the waist and cut down his legs evenly, he had a tall 6 ft skinny figure that was semi tanned tough this was unsure to be all around his body, his hair was a dark blue that hung down over his right eye his hair was messy as lot of it was sticking everywhere in an untidy look witched seemed not to bother him , Azure’s left eye was a dark aqua blue witched everyone that would looked into his face would see although what was behind his right eye which was covered by a black blindfold was unknown it was apparent that he was not fully human though this was true as Azure had unlocked 100% of his brain activity which had granted him unique abilities rare to anyone else through normal means, though it did come with a sign effect though this was not important and did not bother him. His right arm seemed to be different compare to his right it seemed to not be human, which was true as long ago Azure had lost it and decided to risk his life even further by infusing his arm with Dark matter to regain its use, which only boosted his strength and power though left always alert at its dangers it held to himself. He wore three large spears that had both ends spiked these were to further his stealth in killing an target without being found he also had two large daggers that curved around so that he could hold them closely theses were made by the unbreakable Adamantium, which were also laced with a deadly poison this poison which contained several different toxic proteins. As the known functions of these proteins were unknown to anyone apart from Azure himself these blades were strapped onto each of Azure legs the poison that was laced seemed to react with the daggers as each held a slight green tint to it though they were hidden by his cloak. he also had Thanatos a cursed blade which had two transformations though he would often use only the first transformation as the second would take awhile to prepare, this blade was not able to be picked up by many as it had chosen Azure to be its master and would not be picked up by anyone else, if anyone else tried to pick it up the handle would expand large spikes all over it which would spear the persons hand and infect them with the lethal poison that Azure had also laced onto them. slowly the smell of what it seemed to be a female filled the air as Azure did not move as one of the many wisps seemed to glide softly toward him and pass through him and the obelisk he was leaning on, this feeling always made Azure feel uneasy having something pass through his body almost as though he was not even there. a light huff pass through his lips as he slowly placed his left hand toward his chest were the whip had entered, his head still did not rise and kept his eyes hidden his voice was soft and calm as his crow that stood perched on top of his left shoulder begun to stretched its left wing making sure it did not stretch its right and smack Azure in the face. “Well it seems I am bored…it seems not even these wisps are any entertainment.” No one was around him other than his faithful crow and the wisps that floated around the plains with a swift motion he had pushed his right leg up off the strange obelisk and stood upright. “Well let’s give these obelisks a workout.” What was he meaning it was not like a structure would move around? Though Azure did not move very far as he opened up his left hand and planted it onto a strange marking that was engraved onto the obelisk. Slowly as he retracted his hand and placed it back by his side the obelisk seemed to awaken as each engraved mark began to slowly give off a pale blue light, this seemed to awaken the other three that surrounded the plains. Up in a spiral the light went building up at the tip of each pillar until almost as though a bomb had gone off each pillar seemed to throw the light that was stored into the tips toward the middle of the plains, the light was intense almost like an explosion witched caused Azure to put his right arm over his eyes to shield his eye. Softly small whispers could be heard as Azure took away his arm saw what was in the center of his realm the wisps had disappeared and in their place stood a large portal. “Well….that was entertaining.” He joked to himself as he walked towards the large portal. The portal gave of more of what it seemed to be whispers Azure was glad that this had not exploded in his face as he knew the problems this could hold one being that the portal would just explode and have the strength and radius as an atom bomb. Azure would slowly close his eye for a brief moment before opening it again and walking into it. Were he came out was entirely his choice as all he had to do was focus on a location he had read a lot of books and maps and knew most the lands even though he had never been there personally. deep within a small bunch of trees began to shake softly like a wind was coming through until the a light from the portal burst from what it seemed like the very sky as Azure walked out calmly though it seemed his crow was not as it began to shake it’s head and take flight flying away, this did not bother Azure he knew that it would come back to him…it always did they were partners after all. As he took one more step he felt the soft coolest atmosphere and the chills of the snow on his feet, noticing the sun was now gone from view. a Slight brush of wind seem to blow from in front of him which only seemed to pull Azure to go toward that direction if his hunch was right it would just mean people maybe close by. The portal seemed to stay as strong as ever with no hint of dispersing until Azure had traveled back through it, as he decided to walk in the direction the wind was directing him. Almost within two minutes of walking he came into a small clearing with a large structure a border to another land, Azure gave a large huff noticing how quiet it seemed as he leaned up against the stone structure of the large building tavern to the far right that was closest to him not saying a word and just stood still if anyone was around they would realize it soon enough as he gave a slight cough. He wondered were he was as he leaned up though with the snow he seemed to have a fair idea that he may be north the snow seemed to just lead a trail back toward his own portal cause by Azure’s own feet, he was never fond of the snow though he did not mind it at times. Azure just waited and watched seeing if anyone would notice him and he was bent on just seeing what would unfold. -

Kahnduit: Up within the night sky, several feet above the snow covered ground. A sudden and quick build of energy flowed across the snow and gathered in the sky forming a dark ball of power. It instantly spread out into a large circle and spun widly in the air spitting out a figure and sent him hurling to the ground. Before the blink of a eye the man had crashed hard into the snow with a small thud of metal and a loud 'OoF'. The energy slowly died out and faded away leaving to trace behind."Damnit...That is the last time I EVER try to do that again." The man said pushing his face out of the snow moving to a knee. With his hands raised, he quickly wrapped then tied his long black strainds of hair as his illusive and powerful black hues looked about with a dark glow as he sighed. His left hand moved about ad wrapped onto his right wrist, seemingly enough it wasnt his wrist at all. For his entire right hand was made of a metal called Darksteel, a very rare but popular element from where he came from. As his left hand gripped the metal wrist, he quickly wisted it locking it back into it's moved position causing a whistle of steam pooring from it and a clack of metal whislt he stood to his feet. His black boots became burried in the few inches of snow that covered the shine of the black leather. Good thing he had been wearing a warm thermal wrappings he normally kept on that wrapped his chest tightly keeping him warm from the cold along with the black cloak that covered his left side of his body and waved about in the small wind. He shook his head as he brushed off the snow and looked over in the distance to see a very dark and winged beast. It seemed human enough but although it looked it was also not. His gaurd quickly raised as he reached behind himself with his Metal hand and gripped onto what looked to be a clunk of black metal made from the very same material as his arm. His body had a talent with the darkest of power which gave him his talents today. Standing bow legged The tall black haired man slapped the clunk of metal and watched it as a long pole slipped out the front of it as did a rather slick and advanced scope flipped up. It was obvious to be a weapon, but one fused with war and magic. A rifle, his favorite type of weapon eventualy formed from the clunk of metal it had folded out from. His right hand pulled back the lift of the barrel opening it before shifting to his left hand where he quickly generated a clouded puff of black magic and slapped it into the barrel fedding his weapon what it needed to kill. With his rifle raised he quickly aimed down his sights at the visible winged woman in the distance. He was quickly alerted to the sound of others in his perimetor. Quickly takeing a few steps back and aimed in their direction he noticed it was a handful of gaurds. Some simply standing their watching him as other's began to prepare themselves for an attack. Not knowing weather he should fire first and make a break for the tree line where he could gather more information on where the fuck he was. Instead he stood with the rifle scoped in and aimed onto one of the gaurds awaiting what their next move would be....

EnvyVendassin: Its night fall, on the outside of the Fortress the minotaur’s stands waiting. Anaise stood at the balcony so idle, Isis at the forefront of the bridge. Isis stuck out as a sharp thorn, folded wings tucked in tightly behind her. Figure snugged by her white attire, covering most of her skin. She didn’t like showing her skin, due to healed wounds she felt were ugly on her. The mechanical mask covering her face was to hide her identity and scramble her voice. Her tan kissed skin would always remain, no matter how much lack of sun she got. Her adamantine mace hung at her hip side on the right the mechanical mask released the pressure from inside the mask, it sprayed out of the sides and into a mist form. Her teal pools searched for the sounds of wings. The nights are usually silent as a grave yard. Looking up, she found the very thing that was responsible for the sound. Valkoor. The miniatures grunted and groaned at the appearance of Valkoor, but new he was allowed here at the Capital, especially if Isis didn’t make any sudden move. She noticed Valkoor’s appearance was off, since every time he came to the Capital was always clean looking. This look was certainly different. Her eyes followed him as he made a forward strode ahead to the Fortress. She said nothing. Anaise watched from above, stalking at with her eyes, she lusted for Valkoor, but she knew Valkoor is Envy’s and wouldn’t touch him even if she had a welcoming invitation by Valkoor himself, but it didn’t stop her from watching him like a dog in heat. Elesewhere, in the Fortress, Envy took a sip from her glass before she slowly emerged from her seat. She felt the people who just stepped on ZenDasalen, this is possible due to the connection she has with her soil. (Envy.) “Hm”.. She sounded behind closed moist lips, standing at 6 foot 11. Toned figure with almost little to nothing on, but she kept warm by her aura. Always on point Envy is her gear on, dagger on her lower back, and adamantine armored rings around her biceps and writs. Nothing really changed about the woman. Even her feathers remained. She took the first step down the small staircase with her right. It was as far as she got till her attention was taken by Valkoor. She felt the cold air flow through the place; she wasn’t sure why he was here. This was a surprise all on its own. Did he just ask if she was alone, this is what she asked herself in the confines of her own mind. (Envy.) “I’m never alone Valkoor. You of all people should know this.” She continued down the steps slowly as she closed the gap slowly between the two. (Envy.) “What brings you here Valkoor?” She already had noticed the blood attire he held before him, she was slightly curious about it. This wasn’t Valkoor, but then again, the man was always filled with hidden surprises. As she continued to move his way, at the boarder the man at the highest peak of the watch tower spotted more than a few oncoming people. (The first guard.) “Incoming people ahead!” The guard below didn’t think anything about it. They were to only ask why they were here so the second guard below announced it. (Second guard.) “You there, it wouldn’t be wise to attack on ZenDasalen soil! If you wish to seek passage, we will grant it. After answering a question.” He waited for a second as other guards went to their post. (Second guard.) “Are you truly vile in any way? If so, then you may pass by only stepping toward the gate and good luck!”

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *The demoness yawned and stretched her long limbs waiting then a playful smirk appeared upon her lips once more as she turned after hearing loud thud upon the snowy ground. Her onyx studied the male noticing he seemed out of place and bit on edge as he clinched what appeared to be a rifle in his hands. She wasn't found of weapons, she prefered to use her bare hands, her tail, her six chained tenticles that had poisoned tips causing temporary paralysis to whatever limb or organ that got punctured. Her long sleek tail twirled and swayed behind her as she watched the male point his weapon at the guards that seem to watch since he made such a loud entrance. Her arms crossed over one another locking them slightly just under breasts, she was curious what the guards would do as she too noticed a few slowly approaching her as well. Her skinless, featherless spiked wings extended and flexed out then relaxed again. She thought to herself."What strange beings, they show little to no fear, but have no clue at the same time." The demoness snickered a little and waited not moving only tapping her five inch claws along her upper arm. Her ears perked hearing the guards calling from the tower and the second guard nearly made her laugh.* Truly vile...*Her voice whispered dark and cold sounding if anyone were to hear it. She could be vile when the time called for it or not, it all depended upon the situation and the company that was around. For the moment she was merely entertained how alert this place was. It was rare to come by, most of time she could easily blend into the shadows and appear without any noticing. But it was hard for a demon like herself to truly blend with white snow around. She turned around looking back at the first guard and then the second one again before moving a few steps closer seeing how they would react to her movements. Her arms uncrossing and resting at her sides so she would seem for them that she meant no harm for the time being.*

KittenKatastrophy: slowly she watched people emerge, her skin tempurture changing all over with each essence she felt. 'look att all zese peopil Mally mai deer girl..'Decay said, a smirk lacing her voice. 'hopevully yu dun get to nervis....might cuz sum drrama' she spoke at last, her twisted laugh following shortly after. "shush" she would hiss out, electricity begining to spark onto her body. she wasn't good around people, especially people who held magical ability, light or dark. "tag bitch...youre it." she spoke to her inner, relaxing her body to let the woman take control. 'wiff grreat plezure my dear sweet mally gurl...' the creature hissed out, easily slipping into the girls position. ~~ through the eyes of Decay ~~ It had been a while since she had been out, her eyes blinking once or twice to focus her vision. turning the body around she would speak, practicing Mally's clear acent. "yu look v-vite....." giving a cough she would stretch out her mouth before once again speaking "you look quite menacing, my dear friend" she practiced once more, smiling behind the mask as she aced it. with a happy clap, soft squeel, and a jump she celebrated at her small acomplishment. her smile disappeared, her stance changing to something more serious as she turn towards the emerging people. :all the toys...: she thought to herself, starting her stroll outwards. she emerged from the shadows, walking towards the stairs with ease. she noticed a man, tall and dakrish, aiming a rifle. with a roll of her eyes she would reach the stairs, pausing to sit on them. her eyes were drawn to a demoness, very beautiful indeed. her tongue would run against the rows of thin fangs inside her mouth, her mouth watering with hunger. 'stop eyeing the people like their food Decay....' Mally hissed into her mind. with a snarl she would ignore the real woman who owned her body. the fates had something in store for her, she was just waiting to see how things would unfold.

Bonk: Watching her rise from her seat, Valkoor remained still as she approached him. She made the comment of never being alone. Of course it was obvious that Isis and Anaise would be around, but the reference to being alone was more towards the absence of their children. Although he felt the need to comment on his thoughts to Envy, he'd find himself being cut off by something abrupt. His eyes fell down towards Envy's stomach, as he felt something resonated from it. A weak aura, although it wasn't hostile towards Envy's body at all. Furthermore, her body wasn't trying to do away with it. In fact, it was nurturing it. This could only mean one thing, and as Valkoor came to the conclusion in his mind, the colour in his face began to sink away. His eyes remained locked on her stomach, as his right hand involuntarily raised towards it. His fingers outstretched, he'd managed to keep them frozen just in front of her stomach, as words began to leave him again. "You're... not alone." His hand wanted dearly to reach out just a little further. To feel the soft skin that seperated his own skin, and the life of the child that was growing inside of Envy. He began to realize that this might've been why the colour in her skin had faded. He knew what a child would mean for Envy. Things would change with her behavior, especially towards him. But then, as he thought about it, he began to wonder how she could've been carrying a child to begin with. They made no plans of having a third child, and as far as he knew, Envy wasn't bringing the subject up with him during his visits. His fingers pushed forward just a little more, making an attempt to brush against Envy's stomach. Whether she pushed his hand away or not, his eyes remained locked. He couldn't figure out what to say. He wondered how and when it even happened. Did she know that she was pregnant? Was it noticeable to anyone else yet? The life was so weak that even he barely managed to sense it. If not for being so used to Envy's aura, he may not have noticed it at all. So many thoughts continued to push into his mind, already cluttered with other thoughts from earlier. Frozen, he simply stood there, attempting to figure out how to ask Envy anything at all.
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Kahnduit: "Vile....Only those of vile hearst would sacrifice life limb and those around you for ultimate power..." He said to himself, as he pulled back the latch of the barrel and let out the puff of black energy flow from the barrel of his rifle to let it's power die. Once it finished, his left hand moved forward and pushed in the barrel to make it easier to put away before cracking the scope to put it back inside the clunk of metal it once was. Placing his rifle back under his cloak and slipped into a holster that was tied to his back, his eyes slowly closed to relive a memory that always will be with him until the day he dies. Back several years ago he was known as Dar'kahn, The Darksteel rebirth. The founder of such powerful metal and craft, soon enough the material ended up shaping him into the man he is today. Trying to let go of his past, Dar'kahn shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest and let his long black cloak fall over infront of him to cover his body entirely as he looked to another strange faminine creature that happened to look at him. Keeping to himself, Dar'kahn ignored her glance and followed behind her up the steps and onward to whatever was beyond the large wall and gates. If only he knew what lies beyond that had drawn those who he saw approach almost in the same way as him." Perhaps it was a calling..." Dar'kahn said to himself as he continued to walk up the steps and pass the many gaurds that watched him and the others make it the others that had arrived.

MadamAce: The demoness had watched as her beloved casino had burned to the ground. She knew she would have to rebuild, but first things first, she would have to find a new location, some place where the likelihood of such a thing happening again was slim. The black haired demoness had also lost a good portion of her staff as well, either having died in the attack or fled themselves. One could not blame them for looking out from themselves. There was little that could be done but to move on. Luckily, she was able to save her deck of cards, some dice, and a few chips. The game tables, bars, and stages will all have to be rebuilt, but first she would have to find a new location and save up some money. With her mind made up, the crimson eyed demoness set off towards lands unfamiliar to her. Weeks into her travels, she was forced to buy some previsions. She only bought them as she wished to keep a low profile for the time being. One of the things she purchised was a black mare. Granted, she could travel much faster through rift jumping then on horse back, she wanted to survey her surroundings. She noticed when snow started to cover the ground and trees and the temperatures began to drop, however, being a demoness that had control over hellfire, a little cold did not bother her. The farther into this snowy region she ventured, the more she heard about a nation of cutthroats, riffraff, and other sorts of villainy. A rather interesting place, she thought as a smile formed on her lips as she followed the direction the stories seemed to lead her until she stood not far from a massive gate, where minotaur guarded. There seemed to be others seeking entrance as well, so she figured she would stay where she was and simply observe for now.

Guest_LillianRi: -Ayame kept a Blunt face as she walked though the horse carriage width dirt roads that were located in the forests with many Species of creatures of all kinds. Wearing leather pants that, with a leather strap around her thigh with 6 daggers around it, Leather jacket with a purple shirt that exposed have her stomach a pair of flat untied boots. Her Pale Skin glistened with the Sun that beamed through the tree spots and her bright crystal blue eyes always seemed to glissen even in the darkest of times. Her white hair Hanging loose at shoulder length and two separate pieces placed up in black velevet ribbions, whitch seemed to flutter with the wind. Weighing about 116 pounds she carried an assasins swords, She Looked harmles, but she was everything but harmless. As She made it through the dark forest, fallowing the directions she was given to take. The night dark, not even the moon to allow a path of light twords her destination, but her eyes glowed a light blue, allowing her to see through the dark like night vision. Ayano Smirked seeing the dim lights of the villiage she spent 10 days and 10 nights travling to get to. Approaching the gates, She met the gaurds, placing her hand on her hip she smirked at them, raising her brows- ''May I pass, into the ZenDasalen border'' -Her voice sweet and twisted sounding, nodding a few times as they asked her questions, Letting out a devious snicker as they let her pass, flining her hand in the air and waving to them once she was past them-''thanks dolls'' -Ayano said with a grin making her way twords the others that had arrived before her-

Tingle: It was time for the traveling to stop. Aii had been away from the Capital for far to long. Four, perhaps five years had passed since she had last lay eyes over her mother or father. It was normal for Aii to have not seen her mother, but her father and her had been close... Aii shook the once ebony, now grey tufts framing her face. Shortly after her departure from the ball, she had become ill and weak. She shuttered in memory of the fear that had consumed her. Vendassins were not supposed to grow ill or weak, let alone the blood from her father. Little did she know that a new entirely different entity had reared its ugly head inside of her. Aii struggled to stay alive, she would never allow anyone to control her body other than herself. Paella (Pie-Aye-Uh) finally accepted Aii, as much as she could, and agreed to let her live... for now. Trudging slowly Aii gazed down towards the capital, the visions from each of her eyes mixing. The violet hues glowing from her mother showed her for what the world was truely like, the crimson pool shedding light and golden flecks of gen allowed the sad death lands to become lively once again. She closed one eye and then the other camparing the two worlds as she began her decent into the Capital. Aii had grown a few inches, a small 6 foot compared to that of her parents. The slender frame she carried through childhood had not filled out, no hint of muscle besides the lifeless strips hanging from her arms. Though, slender, there were curves there. A small bossom over her chest filled out her blouse quite nicely and the curve of her hips left those who see her edging for more, though she was not interested. She had learned her lesson of 'mating' years ago when the male in her life and unborn child had pareshed at the hands of her Mothers 'right-hand-man'. As she edged closer, a familiar aura tickled at her flesh. Envy was there, most certainly, but she had never dreamed to see her father next to /her/. A deepening disgust welled over her as she halted her crunching steps within the snow. C R A C K. Black wisps soon disapeared along with Aii's body. Though she had not yet mastered her form or teleportation, she knew it wouldn't cause her to be too tired to 'pop in' from this distance. C R A C K. From the same black wisps Aii's body formed quickly. Her hands were already above her head ready to push at the doors to the capital. As they cracked and squealled open, Aii's face changed. Just before her, her fathers hands were out stretched to rest over /her/ stomach. Aii's lips curled, the look of her lips was more wry than benevolent. A different aura was here, faint, but definately here. Her eyes twitched back and forth looking between them. 'It has been a while...' These were not the words she had choosen to speak to them after so many years, but it was the best she could muster seeing as her mother was pregnant. A cursed life this child would live written out before it had even come to be.

llNocturnell: -Wind howled and glided across snow covered plains, winter was in full bloom and stretched its icy talons all over the land. Stars were veiled against velvet sky by blanket of clouds only chilly light of the moon managed to brake through and shed some illumination. On the plain amids the scattered trees that were struggling with harsh weather stood the border guard outpost, worn out by the greedy hands of time. Armored guards made their routs about the place keeping watch on the surroundings, while white puf clouds escaped their lips as they contained shivers. Fog crawled over the blanket of snow, forming out of thin air and swirling its fading hands over the landscape. It would stirr unrest within the guards and ill feeling as it swirled along their legs, like snake wrapping its tendrils around everything it touched. Scream of wind stirred even the dead as suddenly as fog appeared so did a dark figure fade into sight out of thin air. Clad in long dark cloak that enceased his entire form merging with long hood that shadowed most of his facial features. It hid the muscular yet slender body to accommodate his 7 feet tall form. Flashes of black flowing from within his hood and splaying down his chest were of his midnight colored hair. What could be seen of his face displayed pale but smooth skin with features that were so flawless and umarred that it hurt to look upon such perfection, a trait that he owed to his heirtage being child of union between Angel and Demon. Cloak shifted and moved in response to his emotional state. It is theorized that cloak might be actually alive. Gloved hand held ivory dagger as if made of polished and bleached bone, that emnated soft pale glow. This dagger was part of him and he was part of dagger, for link they shared. Essential for most of his spell cast, as a conduit of power. Althought that doesn't mean he is powerless without it. Also if parted with dagger he can summon it to him with his mind. Under his cloak was small black sachel. Sachel is enchanted so that from outside it resembles a small bag of light weight attached to his belt. But inside its linked to extra-dimiensional space where he could store most of his trinkets such as poisons, journal with notes, necessary ingredients for his spells and experiments ranging from various plants to animal and moster parts, also spare garnments. Standard gear one would say for those of his calling, for way of the necromancer was constant dance with the death. Nephalem stood motionlesly observing his surroundings, he seamed at peace with shadows of this place. His kind wasn't common place, resented for their calling and meddling with flow death and life, but they were simply guardians of the Balance without which world would plunge into chaos. Rathma was his name, the Enlightened one they called him. Despite appearing as if dead on his feet he took in everything around him his mind always calm and calculating. After a moment he took up a stride towards the guards ignoring the wind and chill untill he stood in front of the structure. So this was Zen Dasalen Nation the voice in his dream spoke of, and here he shall find what he was looking for. "We shall see about that." He thought to himself as he shifted his gaze down to guards that seemed reluctant to approach him.- I seek to pass beyond. -A calm and cool voice echoed more like whisper then anything towards the guards as it left Necromancers lips.-

EnvyVendassin: The thought of her son still scratched at the walls of her mind. Distracted by the dead presence she felt of him not being there. She was careless at times when it came to Kai. She looked away from Valkoor for a moment to a nearby wall; this is when she ran right into his hand. She saw the ripples of her aura react to his touch, which that alone made her snap out of it. This wasn’t like him at all, he touched her? What in the hell got into Valkoo, Envy could only question after she narrowed her eyes onto him, and with immediate reaction from her is pushing her aura slowly out, forming a small bubble around her. (What) “What is the meaning of this?” So busy with the thought of Kai and caring for him this whole time, and still. She didn’t have the any idea she could be pregnant at all. She didn’t feel sick at all. Her eyes looked past Valkoor and onto a long faint picture of a past daughter she so easily forgotten. She didn’t think about her daughter Aii much, but seeing her face brought the memories back so easily. Envy’s face grew sour and display noting but an emotional reaction of her presence. (Envy.) “Well, didn’t expect this”…. She spoke with a soft mumble. Stepping back with her left. Elsewhere, (first guard.) “Why do Envy want us to let these people pass without any background check?” He said in a whisper as he watched everyone walk up the stair case of the gates and through it. (Third guard whispered back.) “She does this every so year. I don’t question it, but I just do what she asks of us.” He whispered back as he watched a few pass him by. (Second guard.) “If you are here to enter, pass through he gates, where ZenDasalen waits!” Other guards didn’t say or move at all, they didn’t react to anyone, they seen all kind of things and been though it with so many people already. These people passing though was nothing they haven’t seen already, but at the other side of the gate, they would see miles with no end of snow, nothing around. Once all were through the gate, it would close and that is when the real test would begin. . . . .

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *Tapping her clawed finger tips upon her hips she shook her head pondering if she should change into an less threatening form, but she wasn't sure where she was and in a way wanted to keep her guard up for the next few moments at least. Her onyx eyes glanced behind as the anxious male who had finally put his rifle away and was not far behind her. Her keen ears heard a soft little female voice speaking not far behind, she started to wonder why so many were coming here. Where they lured here for a purpose? A special reason perhaps? She wasn't sure but still she remained calm not caring for the others as she knew they wouldn't care for her reasons as well. She took a few more steps towards the large stair case that laid infront of her keeping her eyes upon those that moved around her. Her six chained tenticles twirling and dancing around her body waiting for the exact moment she would need them if any would come too close to her. Glancing down she noticed the snowy ground begin to stir , her eyes narrowing as she turned her head feeling yet another presence appear in this place.* Even more curious...*She spoke in a soft whisper to herself* Truly something has lured us all here, but why and for what? * She couldn't help but wonder more and more as she began to walk up the long stair case that lead to the large metal doors. Her long sleek tail twitched lightly behind her keeping her mind alert and open waiting for anything happen. But something inside her told her they were all here for a reason and she wanted to know why it was. This demoness was not one who liked to lured into places without a perfect reason in doing so. If she had only come alone, she would feel it was because she came upon this place by her own will, but now that there others arriving around the same time, it didn't seem to that way at all. She caught a few whispers of some words between afew guards not able to quite make out what they were saying but she felt they had assured her thoughts. They were summoned here in some way or another. Finally reaching the top of the steps she stopped looking past the metal doors seeing nothing but more snow covered ground. A wasteland perhaps but in snow not in death as most wastelands were. A heavy sigh escaped her blackened lips as she let her feet guide her through the entrance wondering where all them were intended to go from here.*

Bonk: It took Valkoor several moments to realize that Envy had spoken to him. Judging from her reaction to his touch, she hadn't discovered the child within her. His eyes finally lifted from her stomach, to meet her gaze, although it wouldn't be looking back at him. By the time he realized that she was looking around him, the voice of his daughter rang out into the room, shortly followed by an uninterested response from her mother. Valkoor stood there for a moment, unsure as to what he should do. Between seeing his daughter, and telling Envy of the child she carried, he was stuck. Perhaps it was a father thing, to be more obsessed with their children than anything else, but regardless, Valkoor let his body spin around on the tips of his feet. He'd find Aii standing at the door, looking at them both. A warm smile began to form on his face, until he realized that Aii felt completely different to him than the last time he saw her. Although he wished that it was the fact that she aged, he couldn't help but to realize that her aura felt dimmed. He'd ignore the feeling, for now, as there were more important things to address. He raised his left hand to meet the back of his head, lightly brushing through the strands of hair that stood out against the longer ones. He coughed slightly, before he spoke. "You startled me." His brow pushed together as he spoke, letting a puzzled look cross his face. He couldn't figure out what to say at the moment, only that he knew he was glad to see his daughter after so long. He pushed the other thoughts out of his mind for the time being, so that he could properly address Aii. "I missed getting to see you grow up, it seems." He frowned slightly, letting his eyes pull away from Aii to find the floor. Again, he was struck with a loss for words. Perhaps it was just a bad day for him, after all. He pushed against his bottom lip with his teeth, unsure of what to say or do at the moment.

Kahnduit: Dar'kahn stood at the top of the stairs and looked up at the high wall. He coulnd't imagine what lies beyond and farther on, it kept him on edge and alert. Who knows what he might run into in there. Turning his head to one side far enough to pop it several times down his neck before he raised his Darksteel hand up past his head and gripped the hilt of his Darksteel blade that was magnetically connected to the shoulder plate of his back. Gripping tight onto the hilt, Dar'kahn pulled it from his back and lowered it to his side before passing the open gates and continued to walk into the the land of Zendasalen. The wind picked up past the wall causing a largerer blast of cold air."I hate the cold..." He said as a black puff of smoke escaped his lips as he spoke. His left hand flipped the cloak over himself once more and continued to walk on a path, sow covered every inch. Mountains and dead trees surrounded his sight that went on as if forever whislt he looked up the path he walked"Where in the fuck am I going?..." He asked himself as he pressed on into the unkown....

Dark0Ray: There was quite a commotion going on in one spot, so much power and energy how could one who fiddles with magic not notice? Far in the distance, sky high off the ground. An unknown entity was watching, who appeared to be human yet he was not. He wore light clothing, even though it was late at night with cold weather and cold wind that would freeze any human that levitated so high off the ground, this one did not. He wore a black wizard hat on his head, holding it down with his left hand while his right held a telescope, similar to a pirate's that extended out to spy far away. His clothes were light, a simple shirt that revealed his chest and a collar that reached high around his neck covering the back of his head. His sleeves were long yet pulled up below his elbows. Leather pants, tucked under large boots where batwings that were no longer than three feet flapping that gave him lift. Yet he stood straight up with his feet flat as if he was standing on solid ground. His body was not shaking, but instead sweat dripped down his chest and forehead as if it was a hot summer day. He lowered the scope, revealing his only right eye with the left covered with a black eyepatch and two small silver chains hanging down from the center of it as it was made with small bandages in shape of a pirates eyepatch. His eyes were red, almost demomic as if he was a vampire. His bangs wrapped over his forehead, hanging over his eyes looking like they were simply combed over. His expression was plain, yet showing interest. “Why so many maggots? It bothers me with hate yet my curiosity provokes me to see what they are up to.” He spoke lowly to himself, yet he was not alone for he was also speaking with what appeared as a large furball with bat wings of its own, chilling on his right shoulder. He looks over to it and when it did he smiled widely with large teeth and no eyes to be seen. Its teeth were sharp and pointed, almost twisted looking while having a cute appearance. “Why don't you go find out? That way I don't have to risk falling into a trap. Not like you have a life.” He lifted his hat, tucking the scope inside before placing it back upon his head with the same hand. He brought a finger to the critter's mouth and it bit hard enough to draw blood at just the tip. Just a bite and it would let go so he may remove his finger. He took it, brought it close to his lips and blew gently before it drifted away with the wind like a snowflake. The further away it got, it began to grow and change shape and slowly take form into the Wizard's appearance. Its wings remain as the same wings on his boots and it began to fly quickly and soar off the ground . It reached the gate, and started to walk normally up the steps and spoke to one of the guards with his voice. “May I come in? Or do I need an invitation?” It asked, masking his personality perfectly. It would wait till they let him in and once then he would do so once the chance was given. As for the real, he continued to wait, adjusting his black scythe on his black before pulling the scope back out of his hat and spying the same way he once did before. With his pet inside, he could see through the walls as his pet help create the magic to further his spying. What else could this wizard do? Why just his pet? What plans did he have? Would he enter as himself next when it seem proper? Let's have time tell and see.

MadamAce: As she watched others climb the steps to cross the boarder, the demoness herself wondered what was on the other side. So much power, so much darkness. This was truly a land that she believed she would enjoy if the current residents were anything like those she watched pass through the gates. Ace cracked her neck as she moved it from side to side. Her clothing would not be suitable for a human female in this weather, with its laced leggings and black leather boots, corset-style outfit with matching long sleeved jacket. Any human would be catching hyperthermia rather quickly wearing what she was in such weather, but thanks to her heated demon blood, it would have to get a lot colder for it to effect her. She had noticed the bird that landed on the top of the steps, turning into a man as it did before passing through. So, it seems she was the last one. Conserving her own powers, she kept on the back of the black mare as she whipped the reins. The horse moved forward and began to travel up the steps. Ace eyed the minotaur guards as she passed them, a smirk plastered upon her face as she nodded to them. She was never a fan of such creature, but the place of guard was rather suiting. She made a mental note of that for when she manages to rebuild and reopen her casino. Would she have to buy a building and business license in this new land? she wondered as she reached the top of the steps and looked out across the frozen lands of the ZenDasalen Nation. Just what awaked her she wondered? The grin never left her lips as she continued forward.

Tingle: A heart ache rattled the hardened heart within her chest. Why had he not come to visit his own daughter, but had plenty of time to make congical visits to his mother? ~You startled me."~ Aii watched as the conflicted messages passed over his face. It was hard to be upset with him. ~"I missed getting to see you grow up, it seems."~ The knots within her chest grew tighter trying to peel her eyes away from Valkoor. A familiar look over her mother's lips eased at the knots. The same disgust was still there. The very same thoughts of the laughter that would ring out from Envy's lungs if Aii were to ever perish. A blue tint began to glaze her two-toned eyes as the being inside of her realized the hate that welled and sloshed around in Aii's memories. .::I could help this hate::. Paella's voice tickled her ear canals. No. Aii's voice rang loud within her own head ordering Paella to be quiet. The glaze began to slink away from her irises. Aii didn't know if Envy would be able to detect this new found form or if she had known the day would happen to her. To Aii it was the past. Her eighteenth birthday would never be forgotten. A hate the swelled within her, though she believed it wasn't her own. Who knows... "Envy.... Father..." She tilted her head forward in accknowledgement. "I hope you are in good health..." Aii pressed her eyes close for a moment. The entire speach she had planned about having traveled the lands and deciding she wanted to help the clan or how she wished for her father to train her to be even stronger against whoever risked the health of our 'family'. It was gone now, she would probably never be able to speak freely infront of them. Paella surely would, but now wasn't the time.

llNocturnell: -Rathma stood in silence as he watched guards converse untill one deemed to respond to him. Without a nod he didn't wait second longer and simply proceeded up the long wide stairs that led to the gate. He would notice other presencess around him, restless voices whispering in his mind of the dangers they posed while others whispered of dangers of the land he was about to enter. Passing through the gate he gazed upon wide seemingly endless wasteland covered in darkness and burried in snow while ravaging wind echoed its cry's across. Knowing and feeling others about him but not acknowledging as he wondered why were they all summoned here. He was all but stupid, he knew that dream he had was a summoning of some entity that desired his skills for whatever designs he or she had. It wouldn't be first time nor apparently last, but he waited patiently. The board was set the pieces were moving, now it was their summoners turn and he calmly awaited it with interest.-

KittenKatastrophy: Decay would eye the guards, a smirk appearing behind her mask as she watched them with amusement, like a cat with its toy. with a graceful move she would go to stand, wobbling on her feet as Mally yelled into her mind, rambling and shouting about how not to harm the pleasent dutiful guards. "shut up stupid bitch..." Decay would sneer at her. As she went to continue her walk her left knee would give out, her upper body pluminting into the snow with her loss of balance. "im comming out!go back in! go away dont harm them please for the love of Danu GO AWAY!" she would finally scream, fighting her way to get back out and finally breaking free, back into her body. giving a shake she would cough, the choking gag of a cough would rock her chest before she scrambled back up to stand, her eyes darting around to make sure noone saw the stupid show of weakness. with a brush of confidence she would begin to run up the wide stairs. as she reached the top she would walk through the gate, awaiting the fates plan

EnvyVendassin: About 880 yards out, there was something growing from beneath the slow. Once the colored peeked from out, two different colored objects were slightly showing. Green and black egg looking sculptures? They were being pushed from out of the ground by some very thick tree trunks, how was this possible? But then again this is ZenDasalen. It curved around like a cork screw with grip with the two objects. They stopped growing once they were about 6 feet off the ground. Holding such beauty, they had an alluring urge of touching them. The two represented something, but what? This is something the passing people would need to figure out, or not. One thing that stands true is, this wasn’t normal for people to just pass through the gates with ease and having the door’s close behind them. With the green egg the emotions of a person will be tested, and with the black, the strength of one might will be tested, once and if those who pass, they will go on to the next part. Those who won’t decide to touch them will be surly looking on to the next task of something different. At the capital, Envy haven’t seen Valkoor in such a state, something was certainly off with him. She didn’t want to ask where he had been, due to his attire being bloody, the stench was bothering her. Why was blood becoming too strong for her to bare this was odd. She brushed the thought of it off as easy as she turned her back on them to return to her seat. Her feathers followed in a circulating motion around her, stalking slowly as her calm and collective mind had been since her return. She turned to ease her bottom into her Kai’s chair. Not caring which chair she sat in, but since she had been thinking about Kai for a while she sat in his chair because of it. (Envy.) “I see everyone has been coming back home.” She spoke this time a little louder this time, with a firm tone. (Envy.) “Is there a family reunion I wasn’t notified about?” She spoke this time with sarcasm which followed with a small chuckle that lived short. She still had the glass of wine in her hand; she hadn’t taken a sip since Valkoor and Aii presence. Watching the liquid in her glass moved from the slightest movement she applied to it. (Envy.) “What would be pleasant would be the presence of my son Nero.” Her eyes looked toward Aii then to Valkoor. (Envy.) “Where is Nero?” She asked the both of them. As the awkward union continued at the Capital, the wind over at the boarder continue to blow heavy, but once those who caught an eye on what’s ahead, the wind would drop in a very noticeable way. At the gate, a few more people were coming through a bit late; the doors haven’t closed just yet though, (First guard.) “Go head, go through the gates, once it closes, we are not to open it until three hours from the time we close it. So hurry it up.” She said it loud enough for those to hear. The first guard was just watching the rest of those who carried onward, they were odd, but they all come from different places. (First guard.) “People are evolving more and more, in every passing day.” He mumbled to himself. At the capital Envy heard the voice of her daughter. This was just addressing Valkoor and herself. ‘Mother’ (Envy’s inner thought.) “Mother, when did she start talking like Kai? Hm, than again… how long has it been?” Her eyes traced along Aii’s body. (Envy’s inner thought.) “I see, she has grown, past eighteen, no? … yes she is, this means she must have her bounded soul attached to her.” Envy’s face dropped in disappointment. A little anger, but once she broke her glass within her grasp but not hard due to her aura. This was past a little angered. (Envy.) “I see my thought have gotten he best of me tonight.” She cleared her throat as she flicked her wrist to the side a couple of times. Back at the gate a guard across the gate, where another camp sight laid. He watched how the very last person carried on about with a scream and struggle of some sort. He couldn’t help but to question, what the hell that was she just displayed just now? But none the less the last person made it up the stairs. He looked around he didn’t see no one else. (The guard across the way.) “Close the gates!” The echoes of other men repeating the same started to rang through. Which two guards started their way to the room that closed the doors from them manually closing them. When it started to close the scrapping of the door along the ground became loud and somewhat annoying. Once the door closed, Envy would feel the process of her plan in motion.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: (Repost)*The demoness smirked at the male hearing his words. None of them knew where they were going let alone why they were here. She took a quick glance at the others that followed shortly after. A gust of cold air rushing past her as she began walking once again, the snow crunching under her weight with each step she took. Her ears perked hearing the guards scream orders to close the gate. So now they were to be sealed within this place they were summoned here for. From the brief glances she gave to the others, she noticed they too were also unsure of the reason they were brought here. Perhaps a test of some kind? Shrugging her slender shoulders she continued on, the sound of the gate scrapping as it closed irritated her slightly but she let go once all fell silent around again. Her horned head tilted as she noticed two floating objects in the distance. She had to admit they were a bit captivating but she wasn't one to lured so easily and yet they compelled her to come closer. She hissed quietly fighting the urge to go closer.* What sort of place is this? *She mumbled under her breath. The demoness kept walking but noticed she was heading in the direction of these two egg like things. 'What the hell? What am I doing? Why am I going towards them?'. Her clawed fingers flexed and extended a few times as she kept walking now only a mere hundred yards from the objects. Her onyx eyes studying them closely growing more and more curious.* Damn you, Candika...snap out of it. *She scoolled herself. * Just walk the other direction. *But she couldn't. Something was pulling her, driving her to go near them. She was now only a few feet from them and made herself stop, finally find her self control and freezing in her steps. But her eyes not leaving the objects that laid before her.* Now what? *She hissed once again wondering what the others would do. She noticed her hand lifting on its own, her eyes widen as the tips of her claws reached out and touched the green one.* That's just great...*A deep low growl vibrated in her throat as she waiting now to see what would happen her fingers still upon the object.*

Bonk: As Aii bowed her head and spoke to both himself and Envy, Valkoor knew something was different. She never spoke to him so plainly before, and it caught him off guard. He looked back up at her, the puzzled look returning as he began to wonder why she would seem so distant towards him. While he thought about it, Envy's questions of Nero made his ears twitch. Like Aii, Valkoor hadn't seen Nero in years. It wasn't as much of a surprise to not see Nero as it was to not see Aii, as Nero always kept to himself. But the thought only reminded him that Aii must've been unhappy with his absence. It wasn't the first time that he went without being there for her like this. Although it couldn't be helped, his eyes fell again. He bit at his lip for a moment, before he spit out a few words beneath a whisper that was just loud enough for Envy and Aii to hear. "You shouldn't push yourself Envy, you're carrying a child in you." He directed his words at Envy, but refused to turn around to look at her. His eyes traced the patterns of the carpet beneath his feet, while his mind continued to be wrapped around so many different things at once. After a few moments of thought, his eyes shut tight, before he sucked in a deep breath to speak louder. "I'm stepping outside for a bit of air..." He kept his eyes on the floor as he approached his daughter, who was standing in front of the doors that led outside. He paused in front of her, to glance at her face for a moment. If anything, perhaps it was just to see the emotion in her eyes. He couldn't get anything from it, so he looked away again, before he slipped around his daughter and gently pushed the doors open to step outside. Letting the doors swing shut behind him, he'd move out towards the balcony near the bridge, looking back up towards the clouds. He looked up towards the clouds above him, feeling the wind dance around him while he thought of his future. There was another child coming. Indeed, it was something to be somewhat excited over, but seeing how he couldn't even be there for his other two children, he began to wonder just what would become of the third. Would they resent him like Aii and Nero did? It was painful to think of the possibility. His eyes dropped towards the lake beneath the bridge, watching the waters ripple with the current. He leaned forward, propping his forearms against the balcony to lean over it slightly, letting his eyes drop further down towards the water directly beneath him. Watching his own reflection, he looked into his eyes for a moment, feeling the doubts of his ability as a father begin to sink in. His wings unfurled slightly, letting the feathers feel the breeze that passed by him like everything else while he continued to face his reflection.

Dark0Ray: The wizard watched the others from a far distance. His pet acted normal not making any eye contact with a gentle smile along its lips. It was almost sinister looking, as if it was making him appear as if he was plotting something. Then the others began to walk, it too followed to stay with the herd. Interesting enough, two eggs popped out of the ground which both were two different colors. One had went to touch the green egg, drawing question if the wizard should have his pet do the same. “Hmmm. . . Follow and touch the same, let's see what happens. Although I do like the black one.” He said in the distance, his pet managing to hear his voice in its head. It followed behind the girl and placed its hand over the egg, surely what ever it could be wouldn't be too much of a problem. If there was a trap to happen, it would have happen to the girl by now. At least, that's was his thought on it. Playing it safe, he still wasn't sure what was going on and was still left with no choice but to play along. Hopefully he wasn't wasting his time with silly games.

MadamAce: Ace wanted to plung her hand into the mare's side when the beast nearly bucked her off when it reared up in fear, due to the strange egg like objects suddenly springing up from the ground a little distance from them. She could hear the guards behind her and the others that were not far from her calling out to one another to close the gates. The sound of the massive twin doors echoed across the land and she was sure that it was another thing that had spooked the miserable beast she had bought. She would have to put a change to that if she had any intention to keeping the beast. No steed of hers would continue to behave in such manner and mortal horses were such fearful creactures. Watching two from the little group step forward and touch the green egg like object, as her mind became focused on them, she finally realized that there was a bit of a pull to these objects. Magic, she would guess. Just what where they? She wondered as the horse had finally calmed and seemed drawn to the objects itself. Green was not really her color at all. In truth, it was red, but she did not seem to have that option at this time, so perhaps the black one, as that was also the color of darkness. The horse seemed, also to be drawn to the black one, although as she neared it, she did not feel any darkness eminating from either object, but the pull was stronger then she could have anticipated, but she had enough strength to reach into her pouch and pulled out a coin. "Ok, heads for green, tails for black," she whispered as she flipped the coin. Catchng it, she looked at where it landed. Tails. Ok, black it was. Climbing down from her horse, still keeping ahold of the reins, she placed her right hand on the black egg.

EnvyVendassin: What on God’s green earth got into Valkoor? Envy could only question herself mentally. She was stunned to his words he had said to her, did she hear that correctly, pregnant? (Envy’s inner thought.) “Wouldn’t I know I’m pregnant? Fool, do you think I don’t know my own body?” She continues to question him within the confines of her own mind. Envy would have felt her own child’s aura, would she not? At the same moment she tried to sense it, but she felt nothing. But what Envy didn’t know, the baby has been hiding from her. This was possible due to the factor of the Vendassin bloodline. The males in the family would only be able to do this even though it had no knowledge yet, but rare in this case. The baby’s natural energy of aura is light, nothing negative, but since Envy had this negative aura around her at all times, the aura of the baby hid from it, causing Envy not to pick that she is carrying a baby. This was more of a natural reaction of life. So does this mean this was a boy? (Envy.) “Must be mistaken, wishful thinking perhaps?” She mumbled right before she took another sip from her glass. Another child wouldn’t be in Envy’s plan’s right now, she doesn’t want another child after the twins, them alone was enough, let alone Kai. The three of those and Zyse, the forgotten and exhaled Prince, all of them were enough to last her the rest of her life. So a baby, would be a unexpected and unplanned. As things unfolded slowly at the capital, Envy knew things were slowly unfolding elsewhere, like the border. Two different people touched the same egg. They gave their touch to the green egg; the one which test’s emotional sways of a person’s being. The direct connection allowed the egg to find their very emotion, if they had any. It searched through their soul and mind, once and if they had an emotional link to something or something, the egg would have the person speak of what they are emotionally attached too, in their mind only. Once they speak of their emotional attachment the egg would then activate the final test one that part, but if they don’t have any emotional ties it would then skip to the test activating test.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *Another low growl vibrated deep within the confines of her throat as she wanted to retrack her clawed fingers from the green egg but some kind of force was keeping it there. She closed her onyx eyes feeling as if her mind and emotions were being searched digging deep within her. She took a deep breath and held it for a few seconds then released it. The demoness had not real attachments or emotions for anything or anyone. Her moods came and went depending on where she was and who was around her. She didn't care for anyone, she had no reason to care. She had lived alone most of her long life, only taking a mate when she wanted the companionship then killed them off when she was done with them. The flash backs of her past mate popped in her mind going back even further into her past until it stopped. Once it stopped she released another breath slowly seeing the image of one she had long forgotten. Her onyx eyes shot open as she jerked her hand away taking a few steps back from the egg. Her hands trembling slightly until she gathered her strength and spoke softly as the image slowly faded back from her concious mind* Father....*Her father had died when she was just a young child, so she grew to depend on her own. She had nearly forgotten him completely until that moment. Her mind raced and her heart thundered as she felt hurt and pain in her heart for the first time in nearly two thousand years. Her upper lip twitched as she felt her anger growing deep inside her but took a deep breath finding her composure once again and calming herself. Taking a few more steps back she quickly cleared her thoughts and waited for the next part to take place.*

Dark0Ray: The egg searched for emotion of the one who touched it and because the 'wizard' who touched the egg was considered a fake, it would sense nothing. To understand this, this so called critter that took shape of the wizard was not of a real living being of anyway. An emotionalless creation, created with magic. It's purpose was to obey and enhance the wizard's magic with out having to use his own mana. Not even a trail of thought could be sense. It could not think for itself unless it was commanded to do so by the wizard. This would only label the wizard as an enigma, myserious and unknown even against those who tried to use magic against him. He was cautious and he was wise against the queen by using tricks against her. He would remain unknown and mysterious as long as he liked. Would the wizard take notice to this? No, for even he had limits to his magic. He was not there to analyze it and all the critter could allow him to do was watch from a distance and send his commands. Since he did not speak, only added more reasons to why the egg could not sense any emotion or thoughts.

EnvyVendassin: Searching…Searching….Searching… FOUND! After hitting one brain stem after the other, searching for some kind of past emotional attachment it stopped at brain stem and took from it, the image and the feel toward this person in her lost memories. The egg would sense this was something of importance. When she actually stepped back she stepped back in her own set of mind set, the egg had not allowed her to release herself from its grasp. So in other words she was sleeping but as she slept the egg protected her from any outside harm as she begun to be tested. This attempt would already be connected once she had placed her hand onto the egg. Within her mind, the person who touched the egg, just like the rest wasn’t around anymore. It was just her and the egg and a man standing about 20 feet away from her. This was her father. At the Capital Envy felt the first person being tested, she knew the egg would do her bidding. Anyways, back at the border once the woman caught eyes on this distant image, Envy’s voice would speak, this wasn’t her speaking directly, but the egg speaking for her. A spell she casted, that is undetected as a spell. Most of Envy’s spells were only able to be dismissed from a person from the Vendassin’s line. (Envy.) “Show me what emotional ties you have to this person.” Her voice echoed (Envy.) “Kill this man before you.” Her voice rang again. As this action was happening to another, nothing was happening to the man who placed an empty vessel of a touch on the egg. No energy no aura, ZenDasalen has been around for a while to know what certain people kept up their sleeves. If the person its self didn’t touch the egg their self, this wouldn’t give any indication it was searching for their emotion’s, in fact if wouldn’t be activated at all. Giving no signs what it would do to it.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *The demoness blinked a few times feeling strange and light headed. She felt lost and confused a moment before turning her head and noticing a familiar figure from her past.* No. You're dead. *Her voice was dark and cold as she spoke her words to the figure that resembled her father. Her hands lifted caressing her head a moment hearing a voice asking her what he meant to her then for her to kill him. Her eyes narrowed upon the father figure that stood not far from her, a mere twenty feet. The only emotion she had for her father was hate. There was no love, she hated him for leaving her, for dying and abandoning her to fend for herself at the tender age of five.* Not often is one given the opportunity to kill one a second time. *Her black lips curved into an evil grin, baring her four inch fangs as she dark and cold laugh escaped and filled the air.* This will be fun. *Her six chained tenticles swirled around her body as she pressed her right leg forward, feeling the muscled tense up then spring her forward lunging at her father at full speed. Once she was just about five feet from his body she leaped into the air landing behind him, turning upon the ball of her left foot, her right hand extending her clawed fingers out as she slammed into the back of her 'father's' body reaching into his body in search of his heart. Finding it, her fingers wrapped around it tight, her arm jerking back ripping his heart out. The sound of tendons and veins breaking echoed in her ears leaving a smile of satisfaction upon her lips. Bringing his heart closer she watched his body fall to the ground and waited for the heart to stop beating in her hands before tossing it aside near his body. The blood dripping down along her arm and falling upon the ground making the small droplets burst into smaller ones staining the ground near her feet. * Perhaps, this time....You'll stay dead. *She turns from the corpse and starts walking away before stopping once more still feeling light headed as she fell to her knees.* What's happening? * Her hands pressing down upon the ground as she tried to gather her strength to stand once more.*

Dark0Ray: Do not be fooled, for the pet was living and certainly connect to the egg. Yet since it had no emotions or thoughts to give until a command was given, it simply found itself in a dark and black space. The true wizard would finally take notice of this, his connection would cut out with the egg taking over. The only trail of thought that can be given from the pet was curiosity, questions. Where was it? What's next? Shall it move? Is there a place to move? Is there light anywhere to see? Perhaps it would give a thought of its Master for its Master was the closest but it would have no emotion other than loyalty. As for the real Wizard, he'd lower his spy glass and glare at the castle. “. . . I wonder if it died.” He simply thought to himself, waiting a bit longer to see what would happen. He'd place the telescope back over his only eye and continued to wait and see if any sign or connection would return.

EnvyVendassin: Task completed. Back at the Capital Envy didn’t expect the task to be done so quickly. This was perfect, straight to the point. The completion of this task allowed the next one to be activated. . . The false image of her father was just a pigmentation of her imagination. The egg would allow an image of a ghastly form, but not able to make out it’s a ghastly form appear about ten feet behind her. It made no sound, no breath, and no presence to be detected. But none the less this form was a hostile one. Besides this, the egg was no fool, Nor was Envy. If this was not a worthy person, the egg wouldn’t activate at all. Still, this egg did not show nor give anything out to this person. If anything now, the eggs would not activate at all for this thing or person of whatever walk of life it came from. In fact, the egg didn’t find this thing attempting to activate it worthy at all. Therefore, it would only allow the thing to just walk on to ZenDasalen, not able to find where the CruEnd Clan truly resides in this mysterious Nation.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *She groaned holding her head then glanced down her hand noticing the blood had gone* Odd...*she turned her hand around a few times examining it.* An illusion? But I felt it...I..positive I felt his heart in my hand. *She growled loudly not liking the fact that her mind was being played with. Gripping the ground with her claws her pushed herself up to her feet thinking a moment. She glanced down noticing even the droplets of blood that were slattered upon the ground just moments before were gone as well. When she turned to look for the body her onyx eyes widened noticing the ghastly figure that stood or hovered before her, just ten feet from where she stood. A playful smirk replaced her confused one as she looked over the figure. She wondered if that being was responsible for her illusions that she was experiencing or just another trick being played into mind again.* So what are you suppose to be? Another test? Then bring it!! I'm done playing games!!*her voice was harsh and cold. Her dark aura growing slightly more as she waited for the figure to say or make a move. Her clawed fingers flexing slightly at the side of her body while her six tenticles swirled around in a protective stance and her tail twitching with eagerness. *

Dark0Ray: Nothing seem to happen. No connection was made after all. The Wizard frown as he watched, this seem dull and boring. He notice the other person was more in a trance through his telescope and decided to try and make things interesting. “Push the other one, see if you can draw them out.” The pet heard his words, looked over and shoved hard enough to knock her off balance and possibly even remove her hand from the egg if it wasn't sticking. Its hand remain on the egg though, using its free hand to do as told while looking at her.

EnvyVendassin: The ghastly form held no face; it just hovered there in wait. It spoke of nothing when she spoke to it. In turn the ghastly form split into three more of its self. What was it going to do? They slowly surrounded her. But all at once they all rushed her. What would she do? Being in the center of the place, what now? But once the ghastly forms attempt to pass through her, it would be mined blowing, feeling you’re very soul attempted to be ripped from you, of course it wouldn’t be instant, this took time, took time of tormenting the person. If one had a strong pull of will; taking one’s soul wouldn’t be easy. The ghastly forms would attempt to pull her soul from her, but how would she counter this? How would she survive or more the less, how would her will of might become of her? As this was being done, the thing that had no reaction from the egg had attempt to touch the other person. Now, this would be his fault. There were no rules or warning signs, in fact why would anyone touch other person? Since this was Envy’s testing spell, she also put a barrier around the person once they had fallen for either egg. Making the person protected in case they were of value to the clan. Once the thing connected any of its parts toward the woman, immediately the thing would be engulfed by its aura and explode, direct contact with out aura would allow the attempt and most certainly lead the person or thing to its death. In this case would lead the man/person/thing to its death, seeing how it had no barrier when touching the egg and then touching the woman of value so far in her test.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *The demoness hissed at the ghastly being as it split into a total of three figures now.* Well, that's just freaking great. *she grumbled watching them slowly surround her. Her body tensed up knowing whatever was about to happen would not be fun at all. She shook her body relaxing her muscles. As they charged at her she attempted to block the two on the side by surrounding her tentacles around her body to use as a barrier then out stretched her claws to attempt to grip the other that came at her from the front. As the one in front hit her first she felt cold and numb then screamed out in severe pain as the other two figures came shortly after and went through her body as if jerking and tugging on her very soul.* NOOO!!! That is mine you fucking bastards. *She uses most of her inner strength to try to keep her soul intact in her body. She didn't come to this place to die let alone have her very soul ripped from her body. She stayed to her feet wrapping her arms around her body and her tentacles falling incasing her as well. Her featherless and skinless wings tucked in close to her body doing all she could to stay together as they kept passing through her body. Each time she screamed in agony but refused to die this way. She had a strong will to live and she wasn't going to go down like this. This wasn't the way she wanted to go and would keep fighting until her very last breath and last beat of her heart.*

EnvyVendassin: This was going on for a while now; this woman wasn’t going to have it. The will of her strength at the moment had been tested over and over again with these ghastly forms. Attempting to pull her soul out of her, one after the other, when will this woman give? Envy sat back at the Capital as she felt the folds of this woman’s life of will caving in; in fact this was all done in the mind. The mind its self is a powerful thing and yet an elegant thing to mess with. Envy knew, being in the mind of this being, she could now corrupt it and even leave her mentally retarded because of the connection she has with it by the egg, but knowing the will of her might is strong. Envy approved of her so far. The ghastly forms had stopped if she hasn’t noticed yet, they had stopped and vanished. When the woman gets the chance to look around she wouldn’t see them but only to find a small old woman with wrinkles along her pasty skin, with a decaying smile to meet. Five foot in height and hunched at the back with a gray robe. She stood there with a cane, when their gaze met she would laugh in her old tone and ask one question and one question only. (Elderly woman.) “What is vile, what is strong, who is standing in front of an old child?” Was this a rime of some kind? But this was the question for the woman to answer and for her to honestly answer it alone.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *Once the numbness and cold feeling finally faded she slowly uncurled her arms from around her waist and extended her skinless and featherless wings out. Her six chained tenticles unraveling from around her body as she straightened her body taking a few quick breaths and releasing them. Glancing around she noticed the ghastly figures had finally disappeared, she still felt some pain but it was quickly fading. As she looked down she tilted her head a little to the left, her voilet hair falling along brushing over her back and shoulders. Her six foot two inch frame seemed to tower over the old wringled being that looked up at her. The demoness was getting tired of mind games and yet as she heard the woman speak, she glared at her knowing it was yet again another for her to deal with.* Again...*Sighing she thought a moment about the old hags words. "What is vile, what is strong, who is standing in front of an old child?" Clearing her throat to find her voice again, it would cold sounding yet at the same time her voice was angelic.* What is Vile and yet Strong that stands before you the old child, is nothing more, then what you see standing before you. A demon born of Shadows. *Her onyx eyes locked on the old woman observing her closely as she stayed silent waiting for the woman's response*

Dark0Ray: When the critter attempted to push the girl, a strange aura was suddenly shown. The Wizard sawthis from the distance but before he could speak and stop his pet it was too late. An explosion occurred and it blew up. No blood or guts were revealed, instead it turned into a puff of smoke and the sound of a small creature could be heard crying out as it was destroyed. With out his critter, spying was now limited. One thing was certain now, this place was hiding something and secrets he certainly like to discover. “Well now. . . seems I found something possibly worth playing with.” He remoed his hat from his head, stuffed the scope into it and placed his hat back on his head with his left hand still over it to keep the wind from blowing it off. He rather enjoyed having it on his head as if it served a purpose. His only eye trailed to the side, looking to his right placing himself in thought. “Hmmm. . . .” His thoughts built up, thinking how to go about this. He couldn't just simply go back walking in because the guards had already seen him walk in and would certainly suspect something strange. Still the place was possibly a trap and it seem the place was also possibly testing the others with magic which wouldn't affect him well and possibly push him away from seeing what was happening. “Seems I'll have to investigate through a different route.” He took a hold of his scythe at the lower part of the staff. Swung it about giving a quick spin by his side then out in front of him before gripping it normally and swinging it across. The long black blade would appear to stab something behind him, half of it gone. He'd turn himself around and pull the scythe across this invisible object as he cut through and open a black portal. As he rip through the space, it open large enough for him to simply walk through with out driving or crouching to get in. He walked on thin air, entering the portal and headed to his own sactuary. It was a dark twisted area, where the walls seem to move as if made with dark snakes with books, pots, black candles with black flames, limbs of animals and living animals in cages. Yet the first place he went to was a large library that he would first use to investigate. “Oh book worm! Oh book worm! It's be tha time again! That time to hit the books!” He sung to himself as if they were actual lyrics to a song.

EnvyVendassin: to the woman as she smiled, speaking on nothing else. Giving no indication if this was the end of its game but in times turn, the egg had released its hold of the woman. The testing ties of one’s might have finished its mind games.This would have the woman discover, it was a mind trick all along. Elsewhere, Envy prepared a spell to summon her. (Envy.) “Pass through the will of my time.” She spoke the spell to form a direct portal from the boarder of ZenDasalen to the Capital where she sat in wait. The portal would leave a cracking pillar, ripped in time and in reality. What seeped through as it slowly opened, the purple flames dancing along the lining edges of the forming portal. The foundation shook slightly as it opened side enough and in height enough for this being to pass through and her alone. If any other person or thing attempt to pass through, they would certainly be dead within the forming portal of spell. (Envy.) “Come to me.” She whisper so low, but heard by the woman and by her alone. The voice would be alluring, but one would question, what lay on the other side of the portal?

Tingle: Aii's lips tightened as her father turned to leave. She wanted to stop him, she might have even flinched as he pressed his hands against the great doors to leave, but nothing passed her lips. She wanted him to suffer. All that time she suffered with herself. Her eighteenth birthday had been the worst. She had gotten so sickly as Paella battled with her to try to take over her body. No one... No one would take control of Aii's body, she would rather die. An agonizing few months she spent in fear. A fear of her mother discovering the weak Aii and using it to her advantage; as an excuse to finally finish her off. It would not happen and soon Paella realized she could not win. Aii's attention snapped back to her mother. She turned her body to completely face her and caught a hushed whisper. No other could have possibly picked it up, but within the still of the room Aii's ears perked. "Talking to yourself... you've changed a bit..." Aii couldn't help but allow a coy smile slip across her slender face. The being within her had given her a new outlook and a new strength to speak to her mother as if she wasn't such a terrible and horrifying person. A strength to mask the fear and allow her to not cower within her shadow any longer.

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EnvyVendassin: Aii’s words touched Envy and took her attention. Her eyes moved from the glass of wine to the likes of her daughter. Tilting her head enough to where she rested her cheek onto her balled left fist. A smirk crept along her lips. Envy was in thought of Aii. (Envy.) “You should know I never talk to myself. I’m always saying something for a reason.” She swirled her wine in her glass with her other hand. (Envy.) “I see you have grown and survived past you’re eighteenth birthday. Congratulations, but understand Aii. . . . . “ She paused for a moment. (Envy.) “You’re still my daughter and with that alone, I still expect great things from my own children. Even if one of them is a…. young lady as yourself.” She spoke of truth. Was this Envy actually giving her the first expectation she hopes to see from a daughter of hers?

Tingle: Her eyes narrowed as a thousand thoughts bounced around in her head. She had known about the weakness she overcame. Why had she not tried to find her and kill her? What was this being inside of her? Had her very own mother put a curse on Aii? ~..I still expect great things from my own children..~ Aii's eyes bulged as they rushed back to her mother who was swirling her wine around the glass. "So you know what has happened..." What was Envy setting her up for? Never had she spoken out loud that Aii was her daughter. Never had she expected anything of Aii. "I won't allow you to use me..." Her lips tightened warning her mother that she was no longer unwilling to fight for herself. She no longer needed 'Daddy' to protect her. Aii had decided, before coming back from her travels, that she would learn all she could about and from her mother so that she could live happily... No.. so she could ... Live.

EnvyVendassin: (Envy.) “Now. Now. Child. Calm yourself. If I wanted to use you, I would have done it a long time ago.” She brought the rim of her glass back to her luscious lips to taste the sweet bitterness of her poison. The burning taste ran down the trails of her pipe. She sucked her tongue to the back of her mouth before she continued on. (Envy.) “I just had to make sure you were worthy enough to pass your eighteeth birthday before I had any plans for such a daughter of mine.” She eased herself onto her feet. (Envy.) “Knowing how Sinn had a perfect daughter, Atlantiss. You know, the name that’s west from east from here. From my memories, she was the perfect daughter, up to her dying day. She never lived to see past eighteen years old.” Envy then started her way down the small set of steps now. (Envy.) “Now that I see you are of worth. I expect nothing more from you then I expect from your brothers.” Her feather stalked around her in a counter clock rotation in a very slow motion.

Tingle: "Perhaps she was given the chance to be a daughter." Aii's blood began to churn and boil. Her words should not bother Aii, but they did. With each word Aii's skin would crawl and her memories would cascade in a veil of misery before her eyes. From the start she had to kill her beloved friend. The terrors of having a child burned from inside of her womb. Watching the man in her life die before her. The fear of living in seclusion while at her weakest. But now... N O W Envy wanted to see her daughters worth. Aii's fists clenched as her mother rose from her throne, her feathers seemed content. "You had expected me to die just as Atlantiss had. You didn't think that little Aii could ever surpass such a p e r f e c t daughter." Aii scowled and mimic her mothers words.

EnvyVendassin: Once Aii spoke so abruptly toward Envy, her mother stopped dead in her tracks, she knew she didn’t want to break another glass. It took her a moment to comprehend what exactly she was getting worked up over. Envy’s feathers yield and then slowly stopped. (Envy.) “Calm yourself child. For I know what you carry had yet made a pack with you.” Envy knew for a fact, a woman from their bloodline would finally master an agreement with the bounded soul after ten years with it, if it hadn’t taken over the host’s body. Causing it to become a friend other than a soul that only wants to rule over the host, with that factor, Envy continued on. (Envy.) “The way you speak to me can surly have you and that thing testing my patients. I speak of Atlantiss, because so far.. she IS, the perfect daughter I or Sinn along with Cinna ever had. So try to pass a girl who is now dead. If you can’t then I should have killed you when I found out what lay between your legs, on the day of your birth.” Envy should she was bothered by Aii. Giving her an inch, hell! Aii took a whole damn yard. Envy’s feather‘s swirled around her in a fast action when she took the continuous left step in her path, walking past Aii now.

Tingle: "There will be more of this?..." I glaced towards her mother. Would there be more weakness? Would Paella try to take over her body continuously until the ten years had come to pass? Aii's eyes closed for just a moment longer than a blink. .::Why let her speak to you that way?::. Paella's voice hissed in Aii's ears. =Go away...= Aii hissed back letting the frightening voice of her mother flow through her. Her body no longer felt heavy as Paella's anger sank deep to the back of Aii's mind. Her fingers slackened from the tightly curled fists. ~...So try to pass a girl who is now dead.~ Bringing Aii's eyes back to her mothers the coy smile was once again across her lips. "Don't worry... I will." Aii took a few quick steps towards her mother, the strands of her feathers becoming more clear to Aii's eyes. She would play the 'perfect daughter' role for the time being. Aii would become the perfect daughter, whatever it took.

EnvyVendassin: The words of her daughter weren’t going to go unseen, but since she is of age now. Envy knew she had to go around things a little different now. She walked on, listening to the promising words she spoke to Envy. (Envy’s inner thought.) “I hope there won’t be more of that child… for if there is… You won’t live long enough to see a future with you in it.” The last words she spoke were, ‘don’t worry, I will…’ (Envy’s inner thought.) “That is the daughter I look forward too. The woman to that will take my throne when I pass.” But that’s if Envy will ever pass. She walked through the double doors, where she would now enter the outside of the fortress.

KittenKatastrophy: While humming the Twilight Zone theme, Maleficent would continue her stroll past the gates, her gaze directed at the ground as her mind wandered amblessly throughout her thoughts. I guess it was sortof strange how she'd end up here, with all these people none the less. at the thought of people she froze in her tracks, breath catching in her throat. Snapping her head up she would stare ahead of her....at the PEOPLE in front of her. Decay mustve heard her thoughts because soon after the demoness responded, her accented voice holding a sense of seriousness ' Mally mai deer gurl....it bestiv vee just turn avound.... wouldnt vant another episode of Taika City now vould we?' at the mention of the city a shiver ran up her spine, images of the catastrophe playing inside her head. with a shake of her head she would spin around on her heels to face the entrance to where she had just come from. She was about to walk back out when a sudden realization dawned on her.....the entrance was closed. she was closed in here with all of the people, possibly a threat to most of them......the large room suddenly seemed painfully smaller. Her vision would suddenly blur, an electric shock snapping on her pants adorned leg making her jump slightly. She could feel herself heating up, her social anxiety making her magic flare slightly, causing a small lightening storm around her body. she needed to figure out how she'd get out of here, or at least control herself. She could always let Decay out but she really didnt want to have to deal with the corpse hungry demon-bitch being out in public, especially since she already tried to eat the guards. she could risk it and stay out....i guess that was the only way, she concluded. with a straighten of her spine she would turn around, swallowing hard. once again she would look forward but this time she noticed something she did not before... two egg shaped things peturding from the soil below, held by vines. She could feel her eyes glaze over as everything else in the room disappeared except the eggs, curiousity coursing through her veins, making her itch with the anticipation of possibly touching these wonderfilled objects. taking large steps forward she would reach them, her head tilting as she noticed the colors. one green, and one black. possibly a test, she thought. 'choose one voman...'decay would sneer, urging her to touch one. swallowing hard she would raise a hand, her eyes flicking back and forth between the things. something told her to pick the green one, her gut that is. and she always went with her gut. as she reached out to touch the green egg shed gasp softly at the smooth yet rough surface, awaiting for something to happen.

Kahnduit: Dar'kahn was not so easily stirred by the cold and harsh winds that blew at him As he marched in the snow leaving back deep and heavy prints in the snow with his extra iven weight that he normally would not ask for. With the added 100 lbs that was combined with his normal weight of 197 lbs got a little annoying since he is heavier due to his Darksteel arm and his black and rifle locked in his cloak that drapped about his body and blew in the wind. Dar'kahn squinted as he saw just off the path two rather large thing erupt from the ground. Moving his hair from his face and continued to scan it with his black eyes to see what was going on, Dar'kahn walked off the path and stepped closer to them. From what he could gather it seemed to be two small leavless trees that grasped some rather strange." My, what could this be?" He asked himself upon relizing that they held two rather large eggs."Impossible..." He scratched his head as he locked onto them with his black eyes. It sort of stunned him strangly as he could not dare look away, curiousity grew inside him with the urge to want to touch. On the left was the green egg that simply laid withing the grip of the trunk, for the black it felt as if it was staring back at him. He couldnt help but raise his left hand and gantly placed it onto the top of the black egg and watched as it glowed darkly. Unknown to what he just did, Dar'kahn pulled his hand away and slipped his hand back into his cloak."Interesting, he said to himself as he turned and ventured onto the path and worked his way onward deeper within the snow covered lands of Zendasalen.

EnvyVendassin: Before Envy got any further, Envy felt others approaching the egg, and a few touching the egg as well. This was going well. Back at the border, the green egg’s aura engulfed her very being, since she directly touched it this was the connection it needed; just the same as the black egg. Once touched by a person of worth the egg and its power would be casted. Even when the male had touched the black egg it too grasped him without him knowing. This sent them both into a slumber, but the allowing the egg to protect them as they slept. They wouldn’t know they went into a slumber state of mind, but for the woman who touched the green egg, the egg dug deep into her past and present, searching for what ties her to the most emotional thing she hold to her. Once it found it the egg would have her speak of the emotional ties to it or even showed the egg through her memories of what it was. As for the male, the black egg would dig deep into its fear, the closest thing he would be afraid of and have him show through his mind what it was. It would be then, things would start to unfold for the two.

Kahnduit: It was as if Dar'kahn thought of nothing as he walked down the path. His steps began to go higher as he began to walk up a hill. "Maybe now I might be able to see ahead and find out where I am going.." Dar'kahn said to himself, it was always a bad habit of his to speak to himself when no ones around. It was his way to talk to those he never had around him as he was a loner his hole life. It was what he was used to, for now he kept on walking until he reached the top of the hill. His left hand reached up and moved his blown hair away from his face as he looked down and beyond. Vast plains covered in snow and countless mountains ahead of him. To his left he could see the hills lower and become scoured in streams and rivers that connected to a large body of water and a collection a building affar that stayed close to the coastline. His eyes widdened as his mind raced, suddenly it was if he was thrown into the dark and couldn't see anything. just then and there it was if there was a beam of light that shined to his left, his hand covered his eyes as he walked towards it. It was a window where he stood looking through noticing a paved road and people walking up and down it in a sort of slow and calming pace. Dar'kahn looked down as saw a strong wooden table holding many tools and hammers. Both of his hands reached down, both of his hands? His right was lost many years ago in an accedent that caused him to loose it or his life. His right hand grasped a large hammer as the other had a pair of clamps as he turned around to see a forge. It was his old work shop where he crafted and made fine armor and weaponry out of his metal he designed. Turning to the furnace, Dar'kahn reached his left hand in and grasped hold of a large plate of steel and pulled it out onto an anvil where he began to bang the hammer down to shape it. Just then it started to get hot...hotter than it should be in his shop. As he turned to investigate. He saw that the glamp that held the doors of his furnace was broken and waves of fire rage outward and into his shop. It was in that moment as he began to sweat, Dar'kahn looked up to see the fire forming a rather human like figure. It was fire in the shape of a man, himself in death as what he had feared in his many years of crafting his precious metal. All that was made with his hands had to be hotter than anything ever forged before. Which even those who tried to make it burned alive as their own forge melted and poored heat from it killing them, his greatest fear was to be burned alive as he was working.....Dar'kahn stood stunned as he looked up to see the large fire lunged forward as it screamed at him with it's jaw open wide before the fire engulfed him and pulled him into the furnace where he began to be burned alive. In the real world, Dar'kahn stood on the hilltop grabbing hold of his face as he screamed out in pain for in his mind he was burning to death.... Attempting to crawl from the furnace to escape death, Dar'kahn quickly rolled onto his chest within the furnace and grabbed hold of the large metal door of his furnace and pulled himself out quickly just in time before the doors shut behind him. Dar'kahns eyes opened and looked upward as he saw that he was still on the hilltop covered in snow where he fell forward onto his knees and was covered in the falling snow. His breath was heavy and hot as he tried to calm himself after standing to his feet and looked out onto the hillstop once more.

KittenKatastrophy: She stood there for a moment or two, her lips pursed in anticipation. ;i think it was time to go; she thought to herself, ready to pull away. as she was about to turn around she heard a noise, a faint hissing sound. before she turned the world would turn around her, changing into a deep red vortex of swirls and dots. her eyes would widen, a gasp tearing from her throat. this wasn't happening she thought... this place...she had been here before. It was true, she had been here before on her 18th birthday. it was the coming of age ceramony at Whittnia ,, the place where she was born. happy memories engulfed her, a smile slipping onto her face before..... bile rose in her throat. this wasn't the comming of age ceramony..this was the sacrificial cermony she had been kidnapped and dragged into, this was how Decay entered her body, how she got possessed for eternity. that would mean only one thing. snapping her head around she would find the large, stained hourglass with all of the vines around it. inside was a red liquid, thick as it moved around. inside the bottom part of the hourglass layed a girl, her body a blue glowing haze of antimatter. Maleficent suddenly felt like she was going to explode into tears. the girl..it was what Maleficent held most dear to her....it was her soul. the last part of humanity she had lost. tears sprang to her eyes as she slid to the ground, sobs racking her body heavily as her skin grew damp and cold, her breath fogging out infront of her. this wasn't possible..she thought, her vision clouding with disbelief. her soul was just out of reach , right in front of her..but she knew if she reached it, it would just be gone again.....not like it would make a difference..it was gone forever anyway. but yet the need to touch it itched inside her palms, inside her being. one touch couldnt hurt right? getting back onto her feet with a soft tremble she would begin to walk towards it, her breath heavy. as she reached it she would raise a hand, her fingers touching the glass softly. suddenly her souls eyes opened, a scream shaking the glass around it. with a gasp she would fall back, the glass breaking around her soul, spewing sharp shards everywhere. like someone breaking a fish tank her soul slid out, gasping like a fish out of water. 'help!' its unearthly voice called 'help me! help! someone please!' it screamed. i wanted to help her, i needed to! but everytime i tried to move i couldnt, i was stuck there. panic rose inside me as i tried to move, tried to speak, but frustraingly couldnt. with a final cough my soul shuddered, her body glowing faint once again before disappearing. my heart stopped. no hope. there was no way i could get my soul back. i was lost. my blood frozen. withh nothing left to lose i fell onto my side, laying there, unmoving, unwatching un- my thoughts were cut off as a brief voice cracked through my mind 'MALLY!' it cried. with a cry i opened my eyes, only to start where i was again, in front of the egg. falling onto her knees she would begin to sob, her arms closing around her middle in a sort of self comfort. 'mally shh its ok..' Decay cooed mockingly 'it was fake dumbass....calm chour teets'

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *The demoness watched as the old woman kept her smile upon her wrinkled face then everything seemed to fade and her onyx eyes fully opened for the first time since all that happened and she noticed her clawed fingers were still upon the green egg that remained floating infront of her. Quickly she pulled her hand away and rested it against her side, another growl vibrating deep in her throat having known and yet only just realizing for the that moment it had all been her mind. Her nose and upper lip twitched with frustration but soon her aura become calm once more. She didn't like mind games or to be tested without her knowledge, but at the same time she proud of herself for this was something she had not experienced before. Many had tried to play mind games with her and she would win, but this was different and yet she still pulled through to the end victorious. She took a look to the others briefly until a rift of some kind began to open near her growing larger and wider.* A portal...*She whispered under her breath watching the purple flames continue to take shape just large enough for the demoness to enter. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she glanced through and heard a faint yet alluring voice asking her to come. She paused thinking, wondering what was next to come. What sort of ordeal would she have to face next? A low growl vibrated in the back of her throat as she could imagine what was coming. Shaking her horned head, she took the two steps that was required of her to enter the portal letting her lean toned right leg enter the poral first as the rest of her body would follow.*

EnvyVendassin: The egg had searched and searched, they had found what they were looking for. The green egg emotionally found the woman’s attachment, the male on the other hand it was fire. How the eggs would turn this on them was something different. How would this become their ultimate challenge in a sense? For the woman, when she dropped down and cried this was a sign that Envy wouldn’t be approve of. That was a sign of weakness, but it didn’t stop the process of the tests. Behind the woman in tears were a man and he spoken. (The unknown man.) “It’s fine for you to come with me, to get you ready for the ceremony for you to turn over your soul to us.” He would smile at her when she turned to look at him. The man would be someone should know in her life, since the egg searched through her memories and altered things with it. Making the process even more realistic, but the ceremony he spoke of was the very ceremony she went through. What would she do in this second round of her coming but this time … there wouldn’t be a chance in hell of her surviving it. For the male, the memory of what he was experiencing faded and slowly a woman, Anaise to be exact was standing in front of him. Anaise would be the doppelganger of Envy. Short red hair, unique set of eyes of yellow and red irises, her skin looked like ash with marking of black and her attire held such a sexual appearance, one would question, was she here to please him or fight him? She spoke of no words between them. She had a shawl floating elegantly around her; it seemed harmless but was it? Anaise is an element of fire, but could he face a fight toward a woman of such ability? Her eyes slowly cracked to his wake as her shawl begun to glow. Elsewhere, at the capital, the woman would enter the night’s cold hair on the middle of the bridge. Envy would be at the end where, on top of the stair case waiting for the woman to fully passes through.

Kahnduit: Dar'kahn came to his sences was his eyes came to normal veiw of the hilltop he was still on. The nightmare in his mind felt so real it was as if he left this world and entered another. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes as he saw the woman of red stand before him. Her looks caught him off gaurd as he stared at her absolute beauty. Soon enough he came to his sences, how could a woman just appear like so. Was he still in this illution? He could not tell....Dar'kahn quickly reached behind his head and gripped the hilt of his prized sword. His metallic hand gripped firmly onto the blade pulling if from the magnetic plate on the back of his shoulder that held the heavy blade to him. With a wavy sound, the blade was removed and brought forth infront of him. The blade itself was over 5 feet inlength and 6 inches in width making it a heavy blade. But for him it was as if it was nothing as he held it pointing towards her." Who are you?" He asked prepared for the worst before anything would advance. Dar'kahn was always on gaurd even when he really didn't need to be. It was always his way to keep safe as any mortal man would.....

KittenKatastrophy: Maleficent's head snapped up at Decay's words. a trick? but, it was so REAL it couldn't, be possibly....a TRICK? Decay's twisted cackle echoed throughout Mally's mind, sending shivers and ripples through her skin. Standing up and brushing herself off she would raise her and to er face, wiping away the last of her tears. as she stood there she would brush off her clothes, cracking her neck. Tricking people wasn't very nice, let alone tricking them in such a horrible manner as inflicting past emotions on the person. This was a test, she could clearly see that. but a test for what? something pretty important apparently. “It’s fine for you to come with me, to get you ready for the ceremony for you to turn over your soul to us.” a deep, baratone voice spoke behind her. she froze, keeping still. she knew that voice, or at least the replica of that voice. good. whoever was making this illusion was ery good indeed. she would turn her head towards her older brother Marcus , a smile appearing on his scarred and corrupted face. Marcus was about 19 years old, with skin as pale as snow, and eyes as dark as the darkest black. he wore the same red and black cloak she last saw him in, his jet black hair tied back into a tight ponytail behind his head. hatred rushed into her veins like acid. she killed him once, she could do it again. she had had enough of these damn torture games, it was time for it to end. turning around fully to face him, his face looked at hers with a demented innocence. with a gentle closing of her eyes she would clear her mind, including pushing Decay away from her concience. raising her arms above her head a thick wind began to pick up around her stature, the taste of ozone on her tongue as she called to her lightening. she felt it begin to form into her right hand, her light lightening, an then in her left hand, her dark lightening. she would snap her eyes open as she held her lightening close to her body, starting to step towards her 'brother' with an angry stride. stopping before him she would tilt her head to the side before kicking off her rubber soled boots making sure her bare feet went flat on the ground underneath her. her eye brows crossed tightly as she toned down her power a little, not sure of how much she'd need, let alone what would happen when she connected it with his 'body'. raising her hand with the light lightening she would watch it as it crackled in her palm before she raised it, her fingers wrapping around the 'mans' face, her head tiliting the other way, waiting for the outcome of her action as the electricity sparked around her, and over his skin like a parasite.

EnvyVendassin: Anaise didn’t hold any weapons on her, but did she need them? The more her shawl glowed, the more the tempter rose around them. It started to get warm, actually hot. This would attempt to trigger a memory of which he just went through moments ago. But the real action of the tempter was actually allowing her aura search for the warmth of anything that was near, once she found warmth in a body this allowed her to actually have her surrounding warmth that flowed in the air to easily seep into their skin without detection, this attempt would be more possible without a person aura up, but if the aura itself held warmth to it, it would be easily surpassed because if anything held warmth of any heated source it allowed Anaise aura to flow as one with it. This would allow the process of controlling one’s body through blood bending and even raising the tempter within one’s aura or body to slowly burn them from the inside and out. Of course this attempt has its flaws but if one is based on heat, then the attempt would become more possible then impossible. Anaise stood there in wait as this was being done, Anaise didn’t give any indication of what she was doing, for all he could tell is that the tempter started to rise and her shawl glowed bright red. But not knowing the heat would do the attempt of blood bending. But it isn’t certain that she was going to blood bend on him, she could slowly torture him but giving him a fear fight of the actual feeling that fire was seriously burning him from the inside and out. Since she seen nothing more than a man holding out a blade and detected no aura around him, this made her attempt even easier. Her flow seeped into his body without him knowing. It felt hot to him now, but goodness would it be hotter by every passing second. His body would start sweating and this he would notice. She didn’t reply to his question even though she wasn’t planning on replying to him. As this was happening, the woman in her own trapped mine started to react in a different manner. What was this? Hm… The man she recognized spoke once more. (The man.) “Sister, it won’t hurt. I love you. Don’t do this.” He said as soft and caring as he could. This would seriously attempt to mess with her emotions as he stood their harmless. If she continued with her strike though, it would connect and he would just vanish.

KittenKatastrophy: Decay and Maleficent would laugh at the same time as 'brother' spoke once again, saying something about loving her and about it not hurting. ahhh Mally could smell the bullshit so close to her nose she almost gagged. with a growl she would raise her hand with the dark lightening, pressing it against his chest softly. it was time for it to end, and she knew it was close. bracing her bare feet on the ground she would begin to chant latin summoning words, her lips moving at an unreadable speed. slowly yet surely each of her eyes would glow, bright and shining like someone had lit them with pure light. slowly her hair would begin to staticaly rise around her, the hair on her arms raising as she increased her power.the smell and taste of ozone was close now, and she knew she was going to strike soon. the crack crack crack of the ground beneath her caught her attention, and she looked down just in time to see lighting begining to spread out from her feet, making etched lightening bolts onto the ground. wih a final whisper her lightening would burst out from her hands like a cannon, meeting its target in her 'brothers' chest.

Kahnduit: Dar'kahn stood in curiousity as he watched the cloth that floated around her light up and brighten in color. He began to sweat as he began to shake, before he could relize he could as well be still apart of this nightmare that continued to unfold within his mind. Dar'kahns powerful heart began to pound in his chest causing his body in a sort of shock with each heartbeat pulsing throughout his body. He could begin to feel an increase in tempature inside him as if his organs and body was being boiled from the inside out. He took a step back as his knees began to shake attempting to keep him standing. Dar'kahn quickly moved the blade back to the magnetic holster of his shoulderplate and closed his black illusive eyes as attempted to focus, his breath started to become faster. Taking a sort of stance, Dar'kahn quickly put his hands infront of his chest and began to weave a sortment of strange handsigns as he muttered a dead language. Squickly he attempted to use his power to combat this possible threat. It was only obvious to him this Red haired woman was attempting to kill him....This he would not allow. Quickly a black ring formed around his feet as he muttered and weaved his handsigns. The ring began to pour black stands of energy that spun in a spiral up and around him causing a sort of current around him sending his long black hair to untie and fly up into the air. Grinding his teeth together, he used what power he could to build and build sharply as his eyes opened once more and poured out a black smoke from his already blackened eyes and stared down the red haired woman.

EnvyVendassin: Seeing how his words had no effect on him this was improvement. Her connection had connected, but the outcome of it led him to just vanish. This was just an illusion. It would strike her as odd. Once this was done, she would stand there for a moment in the middle of the snow. The egg would allow the aura that was around her to shield down and basically shock her back from the egg, releasing the hold it had on her. Once she came to her senses he she would see the man still in his slumber but touching the aura around him would send her into an instant death, but that alone shouldn’t really grab her attention. What should grab her attention was the last leg of the woman who entered the portal leading to the other side. The portal remained open as the same voiced called to her as well, to enter through. With the male, his power was enough for the egg to release it before the fight became more then it could handle, because with emotional mind strength came the struggle of actually fighting, the egg aura itself couldn’t hold too powered will under its control. This too allowed the aura to form down and shock him back. Leaving the image of the woman in his mind forming into a haze of false reality, which he too would find the woman looking at him or the portal, and the voice from the other side calling to him.
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Kahnduit: "You will not bri-..." He said before he paused as he watched as the image of the red haired woman fade away as if she did not exist. In her place formed a portal that floated just a few feet from him, his eyes locked onto it as the energy and power slowly faded as his hair fell back down and covered most of his face." I need a damned haircut..." He sighed as he stood straight up and shook his head walking ahead stepping through the portal before him and stepped forth onto a large stone fortress before him. His heavy boot connected to the large stone walkway making a gravel crushing sound for the dirt and such under his feet as he stood straight out from forth the portal. Dar'kahn looked up seeing the large sight of this fortress before him and whistled loudly before speaking aloud to himself." Damn." He shook his head as he looked forward and saw someone standing across a bridge and onto a stair way. His blackened eyes looked onto her in curiousity as he walked onto the bridge and ventured forth to in her direction.

AngelikaMelodyDevine: *Stepping fully through, the nights breeze blew over her black silken skin with white highlights around her face. The light of moon made her look elegant yet deadly at the same time. As soon as she turned around the purpled flamed portal had vanished. Her onyx eyes narrowed slightly peering around.* A bridge? *She gazed forward her eyes catching site of someone in the distance upon yet another large stair case, she wondered if this was the being who summoned her here. The demoness grumbled slightly but let her right foot lead the way once more, the heels of her blacked laced boots clicked upon the surface of the bridge. She occasionally glimpsed to the sides seeing what was at the bottom, a river it seemed filled with large of bones of some kind demon or dragon or other creatures. Shrugging her slender shoulders she kepted walking along the bridge until she finally reached the other side looking up the large stair case. Only the outline of the figure could be made out from where the demoness stood. She glanced noticing the male from earlier and shook her horned head moving up along the stairs wondering who else would else show up after those mind games. As she remembered them a deep growl once vibrated in the back of her throat. She only thought to herself this person better have a good damn reason for doing what he or she did. *

KittenKatastrophy: She would snap back into reality, giving her head a shake or two. what in the name of all this fuckery... she would stop as she heard Decay clap inside her head 'congratsss loser!" witha roll of her eyes she would put her boots back on, going to stand back up as she harnessed her lightening. a few feet away from her formed a portal, open and waiting for someone to step through it, that somone was her. she began to walk towards it, and with a giggle, run through it. cool air washed around her as she was teleported onto a bridge. the place was magnificent, pillars and scenery everywhere. she began to walk forward, spotting some people ahead of her , walking towards a staircase where a shadowy figure waitined at the top. well, wonder what was going to happen next, she thought as she reached the steps.

EnvyVendassin: The chilly night blew a light wind through the Capital as if it wasn’t chilly enough. The silent night held only the cracks and pops from the fire lit along the bridge. The silent was loud, very loud in fact. Momentarily the Minotaur’s would groan and grunt out of habit at the other end of the bridge. The figure in the distant would be seen motioning her right hand swirling a glass in hand and in turn taking a sip from it. If they watched more one would find objects stalking around this very being, but what was it? She didn’t step out of the shadows yet, in fact she remained in the shadows but not on purpose but because she liked the spot she stood at, watching those that now stood before her. (Envy.) “Welcome to ZenDasalen.” She spoke calm, low and with a strong tone to her. If they haven’t figured out the person within the shadows is a woman, her voice would surly give her way.

KittenKatastrophy: Maleficent would take a large swallow her palms begining to sweat as she heard the darkness masked woman speak. well, now she knew where she was. but what exactly WAS the place? it was beautiful but as she had figured out in previous moments of her life, not everything pretty was kind. she couldnt exactly leave, nor could she run away. she could sense great power in the womans voice and it scared her. not greatly, but enough to strike fear inside her body. she really wanted to know why she was here, but for right now she would wait, and watch, her mouth shut quiet until the powerful woman began to speak again.

Kahnduit: Dar'kahn looked up to the top of the stair's upon the bridge and crossed his arms as he walked to the bottom stair. He blinked as he watched as the other strange looking woman appraoch as well. He remembered seeing her at the entrance of the boarder. IT was apparent she hadnt spoken to him or even cared to acknowldege his existence, never the less. Dar'kahn cared not as he looked up to the person who spoke, the voice sounded of a prideful and mighty female voice. He listened and nodded his head saying nothing as he looked upward curiously to see the Fortress close up and saw the waterfalls had flowed high on both sides to the main entrance and the bridge. Thinking he didn't want to hold up anymore, he simply looked ahead to the shadowed woman and awaited for her to speak again.

Bonk: The silence surrounding him was comforting. Perhaps he had been there for far too long, but it was time that he needed. The stress of everything happening so soon and all at once was a bit too much to process in front of others. Lifting his head up, he'd give his attention back to the world just in time to see that Envy had moved to the stairs. Following where she looked, he'd spot an opening, with several unfamiliar faces emerging from it. He could've asked who they were, but noticing that Envy was welcoming them, he was sure to find out eventually. He shrugged lightly to himself, letting his teeth brush against his bottom lip out of habit when waiting for something. Standing straight as he lightly brushed against the stained blood on his cloak, he'd wait to see what would happen.

EnvyVendassin: The left leg extended out first which soon followed her right leg. The illuminating light made the thigh high boots she wore visible to the eye. The light kept reaching up and up, revealing more and more of this woman. Lite tan skin her skin revealed, short shorts and a flat stomach, too flat to actually consider a child lays hidden within her whom. Still in denial. A heavy fur coat covered very little of her hour glass shape. Thick, tall and heavy in weight, even though she looked lite but in all actuality, Envy had nothing but muscle which made her weigh heavier then she would look let alone the weapons she carried. The adamatiume armored rings around both biceps and wrists. Also her adamantiume enchanted daggers behind her lower back, but the feathers that stalked around her would come clear when the light hit them. They would be exactly just that, feathers. Rotating in a counter clock wise rotation, four feet away from her, stepping down the stairs slowly she did. Once Envy got to the bottom of the stairs she looked at each person before her. (Envy.) “If you don’t know where you’re at now…. Well….” She paused but to replace it with both of her arms risen, like a prized display of the place was actually beautiful but in all honesty is wasn’t. (Envy) “This is the CAPITAL.” The last word was louder than the rest. She lowered her arms to the side; she chuckled a bit, knowing the place wasn’t any prize to be happy about. (Envy) “You have reached where neither man nor woman can easily reach within days or weeks nor months or even within years of searching ZenDasalen for us… for the CruEnd Clan.” She took one step toward them. (Envy.) “I have picked certain people to be tested and some have passed and others haven’t. That led them to their deaths.” She paused on wait for their reply.

KittenKatastrophy: Maleficent watched as the woman stepped out from the shadows. Her eyes widened, and so did Decay's. The woman who stepped out was beautiful, long and slnder, plenty of skin showing here and there. feathers flowed like a magical river around the woman. she was almost as breathtaking as the place they stood in. “This is the CAPITAL.” the woman spoke, the last word louder than the others, making Mally jump slightly where she stood. it was a capital? that wasnt hard to conclude to. ' oi...mai deer mally gurl...vy cant yu look liek dat? wuld make flirting with guys sooo much easier' Decay sneered, snickering evily.mally could feel a feint blush creep onto her cheeks, her tail curling behind her. finally she would tear her gaze from the woman, straighteing her posture and giving a small nod.“You have reached where neither man nor woman can easily reach within days or weeks nor months or even within years of searching ZenDasalen for us… for the CruEnd Clan " the woman said after a moment or two “I have picked certain people to be tested and some have passed and others haven’t. That led them to their deaths.” Mallys eyes widened once again. led to death? how was she still alive and standing here? that means she passed the test right? with a gentle cough she would go to speak, her voice comming out in a small cracked whimper before she coughed harder, this time speaking clear and slightly loud " does that mean we've passed?" she questioned, her head tilting to the side slightly, even though the answer should be yes she still asked, because at any moment this could be there death.

EnvyVendassin: As the other’s made their way to the Capital, the portal remained open, about 30 feet away from the eggs. From the gates others who have just passed through would see a few people just ahead touching the orb looking eggs, very alluring one might say and even feel the undeniable pull radiating off of the green and black eggs. Others who have passed through the gates could touch could immediately spot the large portal and the others who didn’t make it through the mental test had killed a few right after the egg allowed its touch upon the picked, loose. The alluring pull wouldn’t be easy to sway from, but everyone so far has done exactly what it was made for. Allowing one to be mentally trapped by one’s free will of just their touch, which some couldn’t handle the mental test of such things they hide within their own minds. How many? How many will always fall for the eggs alluring touch?

llNocturnell: -He calmly watched as others passed in front of him towards the two oval formations that sprung from ground moments earlier. Feeling the power pulsating from them even this far back, it had subtle lure to it almost as if they wanted to be approached. Something was wrong Rathma could feel it but way back was barred only forward remained. Considering for moment as he watched others disappear within the portal, that could be seen behind the eggs, he made his move. Stepping forward down the long set of stairs and into the wasteland he made steady progress towards the eggs. But just as he was within 30 feet from them painfull alarm resonated through his mind. Screams of spirits around him, echoes of lost souls that fell pray to whatever dangers lurked in here. This was nothing unusual for Rathma but the intensity of their cries of warning made him stop in his tracks. Among untangable mumblings and echoes he could make out two words "...Eggs...Death....". His brows furrowed as he narrowed his eyes taking a second glance at the eggs, and what he missed earlier he saw now. Dead bodies littered the aread beneath and around eggs, those unfortunate souls that fell pray to whatever evil lurked within those acursed objects. No doubt some of those were part of the spirit orchestra that screamed a warning in his mind. Frowning he would lift his dagger that echoed eerie glow in front of him and focus his spiritual energy within. Focusing on pre existing corpses of those that lay dead ahead of him he would channel his energy to them. The spell was simple and powerfull but rather draining since there were more then one corpse. Every corpse carries with it the anguish of its final moments. With this spell the Necromancer is able to call upon those energies and focus them into a single violent force. This force then expels itself from the carcass with such power that it causes a dramatic explosion. The explosion would roar in fiery bloom blasting away everything within immediate vicinity, which would include the eggs. Being some distance away Rathma would have to shiled himself with his hands and be pushed few feet back from the force of the explosion. A small price to pay for him it would be if it rid him of the obstacle in his way. Wether this was taken as act of aggression or pass him this test he assumed it was, remained to be seen.-
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