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 The Ball in Atlantiss City

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The Ball in Atlantiss City Empty
PostSubject: The Ball in Atlantiss City   The Ball in Atlantiss City I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2015 8:52 pm

eroZebreamVendassin: -Harlot Springs seemed to be lively on this particular evening. Men and Women out in the streets as they awaited the main festival, looking through the stalls to find anything of their interest. The Whores of the Brothel close by were lingering about, awaiting for an arrival or a victim to feed off of their lust and satisfy their pleasures with them. As per usual, the Lord of the Small Village was asleep and recovering as usual for Nero's condition was getting worse. He was regularly coughing up shards of diamonds and feeling weaker than he should. Opening the door, his Maid Leandra had entered the room as her facial features seemed as if she was stressed. "Master Nero! You must wake up! You are going to be late for the Ball!" A loud groan could be heard as Nero seemed to be buried underneath his bed covers, snuggled up and never wanting to leave. "I don't want to go. As much as I love showing off my Kimonos, I don't want to go. It's so much effort Leandra~" He groaned once more as he tried to hide himself away from the almost fuming maid. "Nero Vendassin! Get up you lazy oaf! If you are late, your Mother will never forgive me!" She then pulled off the covers, a light blush flustering in the color of a light pink seemed to paint her pale cheeks as she saw Nero's pale but naked body as he looked like some sort of 'God of Beauty' or something. The Male instantly felt the cold air hit across his skin as he shot up into the air, looking around. "Leandra, Fetch me my black Kimono. We will be attending the Ball after all." The Maid nodded as a smile could be seen on her lips before she hurried off to a seperate room just for his Kimonos. Nero took his Wiltered Rose in his hand as he arose from his comfy prison and putting on a robe to cover his manhood and other parts of his body as he walked out onto the balcony, placing himself onto the stone that circled as a barrier. "The people look so happy. I wish I could be like them. Carefree and Happy. My pursuit of it does not seem to matter." A few whores waved up at him, calling his name to gain his attention as Nero sat there in deep thought. Turning his head, the crimson-violet mixed eyes seemed to glow a little as he waved back, blowing a kiss to all of them before walking back into his large room to see a large, black Kimono which instantly pulled him in. "I love it Leandra~! It's so beautiful my dear~!" Nero clapped happily, slowly putting it on with the help of his maid until he looked absolutely fabulous. "So, I hope you will be going with Sakura then? Have you seen her bump?" Nero chuckled as he put a hand on her shoulder. "I will be going with her and you needn't worry about it. I will handle my parents if need be but it will be hard to handle Kai for the most of it. The idiotic Brute and his abrupt and out-of-style fashion sense. Ugh! It makes me want to vomit!" He then walked downstairs as a flaming horse awaited him. Sakura came out behind him with Shi and Seikatsu, Nero's special Katanas which he won off of a Strange Swordmaster. She strapped them around his waist before planting a kiss on his pale cheek. Nero chuckled before climbing onto the horse, pulling her on behind him as he grinned. "I shan't be long Leandra. This Ball will go smoothly for most of it I hope." He then rode off towards where the Ball was being held at. After about 6 hours, Nero had arrived at the Magnificent City, scanning around the area before he climbed off of the Flaming Steed along with his 'lover', Sakura. He walked up to the entrance of the Ball, pushing open the large gates and awaited for some form of Greeting as he sighed, knowing full well that some sort of Drama might happen.-

EnvyVendassin: -The carriage ride wasn’t as bumpy as the long one to the check point in Endless Days before Platonic Island, this was enjoyable, and the air fresh as a morning bakery shop, and the water that surrounded the city didn’t smell like salt water but instead just fresh pure water, probably clean enough to even drink from. There was no hot air rising from city grids, nor the smell of decay mixing and blending. Swirling with the smog of a city diseased, choking on its own filth and waste. Voices heard from those cheerful and happy to live in such a place verses a place with rising voices of those drunk or drugged up to the eyeballs with power and lust, with heathens that lurk in the alley ways of Endless Days, run down city. No, this place is truly rich and maybe to rich, but the people who resides here pays good money to be protected and to be left in peace. The crimes were very small and peace truly existed here. Its beauty just as beautiful as the late Queen Sinn’s first child and daughter, Atlantiss. Who died from an illness before ever reaching her 18th birthday. She was the best example of an asking child. Maybe that’s why Envy who is known as Sinn’s clone can agree that Atlantiss were the best example; even in death Sinn would agree on such a topic, but knowing Envy who she alone carries Sinn’s memories up till the point when she was killed, in her own personal agenda she expects at some point Aii would surpass her sister Atlantiss at some point. Envy can’t stand the point that Sinn’s first daughter so far out do Aii in a way. Envy groaned just a little in the carriage as she continued to stroke her pets raven hair with her left hand, continuing to gaze out the none draped window of the carriage. She just hoped that Aii would at least become something Atlantiss could not, even though Atlantiss is her child in a way but the difference was, Envy never birthed her, and that’s what really bothered her. Sinn always dangling the fact her first daughter was obedient. Outside the coach yelled, “Here boy. Here boy!” the horses hooves started to yield in its gallop. She leaned a little forward in the carriage to manage to get better look out, she seen the people crossing the brick street in their formal attire, different colors were blighting the night. The question she is, was she just as delightful as those people? Envy knew she wasn’t the type of woman to wear such attire. She spoke softly to her new found pet, “Get up, we are here.” She removed her ungloved hand from off her head, moving both her hands to fit her hair; these events did make her nervous. Once her pet moved from her lap Envy would reach beneath her seat and grab the golden bad that matched her champagne dress with golden plates around her 37 D cups in size bosom, with matching golden thick arm bracelets around her biceps, with a matching necklace of gold chains and at the very bottom; a girl’s best friend, pearls from deepest part of Corrosive Sea. Found by the mermaids and gifted to Envy to always remember who protects her surrounding waters. She pressed the pins in her hair back into the same spot, making sure her hair is pinned back tightly on the left side, and her hair wrapping around to her right just passing her shoulder with tight locks. Her purple violet hair complimented her lighter kiss of tan. Being out of the sun compared being in it back on the Forsaken soil where the rainforest had constant sun and the humidity remained always high and thick with a muggy atmosphere; but ZenDasalen is the opposite to the Forsaken Nation. The coach opened the door, and first thing to come out were Envy’s right long toned leg with golden shoes with diamonds. Her other leg soon followed the same, cuffing up her dress she didn’t want to step on it, and when she fully grew to her height of 6foot 11 she allowed her dress to drop. There were no horns no boned spikes coming from neither her back nor her feathers that remain around her at all time, but! This didn’t mean it was there, seeing how her spikes came from her very bones it wasn’t hard to get them to come back out, but it sure is painful for her to seep them back into her body just as much as forcing them out; especially the horns. Most don’t know, but the weight she carries and the spikes and horns she always have made her tolerate great amount of pain, and to her this was something she has done for decades; meaning Envy put her own self into a self-suffering practice. Tonight she lite as a feather, as she kept those feathers in the golden bag which a string hung from her left wrist keeping it very close to her. “Well, shall we go-“ She was talking to her pet, yet she never caught the name of it. Looking back to her in the carriage, “what is your name?” she gave an odd look. Surprised she didn’t know it, maybe because of the Ball a day prior when she found her. Envy waited before she continued to the gates where the Ball awaits. -

AiiZebreamVendassin: The frosted air of her home, nestled between the mountains, Aii's tawny flesh was slightly pinked. An intricate set of tribal markings scrolled down her bicepts letting anyone who knew of the Chrysalyn to know from who she decended from. Matching markings were over her stomach on either side of her navel. Her arms stretched up over her head making her body appear thinner than normal. Her ribs seemed to move under her flesh as she twisted and squeezed herself comfortably into her gown. As the inside silk layer was pulled down, it quickly dropped sliding easily over her smooth thighs tickling at her skin. Slipping the lace tyes through the holes on the side of her dress. She took a deep breath before getting rid of all of her air so that she could pull the lace strands as tight as possible around her torso. Her fingers walked over the corset like top to the sides positioning her 'goods' to a comportable position. Leaning against the wall of her home she pushed her foot through a rolled thigh-high like lace. She pointed her toes pulling gently allowing the lace to slip over her slender legs easily up to her midthigh. After the same action with her other leg, she straightened her body away from the wall and slowly tip-toed to the bench of her cherry wood vanity. She moved her leg crossed over the other, her thigh peeking through the rather long slit of her gown. A burnt lavender field and pool of crimson liquid stared back at her in the mirror. Her hair had already been neatly styled, her hair was gathered to the top and slightly to the side of her head. She didn't very much care for her hair to be up, she felt naked without the raven strands tickling/hiding the length of her neck and shoulders. Aii slipped her fingers to the side of her head twisting strands around each pointer finger getting the strands to curl and frame her face. Happy with the curl she quickly picked up a lace chocker that was long enough to cover part of her collar bones, her fingers worked easily and quickly behind her neck tying it comfortably. The lace gloves soon followed sliding easily over her slender tawny fingers. Her fingers began to itch to grab at her weapons and katana, we were too arrive unarmed to the ball, but even Envy knew that not everyone would follow those rules. Aii smiled happy with the weapon she had choosen. Holding onto the vanity, Aii eased herself to lean backwards trying to catch the light from outside. It was almost time to head to Atlantiss City. Raising to her tip-toes once again careful to not get the bottoms of her lace thigh-highs dirty as she moved slowly towards her heels. It wasn't often that Aii would wear shoes to such a height, but her boots wouldn't look as well with the dress.. sadly. Most had never seen Aii in this light. Usually the tribal markings over her arms were hidden by sleeves of longer gloves and her hair usually hid her neck and shoulders. She didn't like showing off her figure as the smallness of her body made her appear frail, though that was not the case. Aii's fingers slipped to the locket her father had given her. It nestled comfortably on the opposite side of the slit in her dress within her thigh-highs. Just as Aii's fingers tickled at the locket the area infront of her seemed to rip open, the void welcoming her return; her very own door to the world. Stepping in, it wasn't log before another door/opening appeared. She stepped lightly out of the void onto the cobble stone path of Atlantiss city. The ball would be outside this year and it would be the first ball for Aii and her twin Nero to ever attend. The fire light around the dancing area flickered off of Aii's skin and within her opposite colored hues. The golden flecks showing through her crimson pool enhanced the area, they appeared to be tiny firefly like creatures. The scene was beautiful and she hoped that the ball would be just as beautiful. Aii hadn't seen anyone yet, though she knew they weren't far off.

Bonk:[/b] As of now, Valkoor found himself walking the streets of Atlantiss City. As he already knew, the city was beautiful. Of all the cities that Valkoor had seen in these lands, this was the one place that made him almost feel like he was home. His own planet was a beauty, since his race was usually one of peace. Without war, they were left to prosper. The planet was beautiful, the people civilized. It was the perfect place to be, and Valkoor could see traces of it here. Perhaps there was hope for the people of this planet after all. As of now, he found himself talking to a citizen of the city. He had bumped into the man with the embarrassment of being lost in the city, and the man was now leading him to his destination. They talked randomly of different things, from the wars won to the upcoming ball, and even the news of the city. Truly, Valkoor was interested in the excitement behind the man's words, seeming so willing to conversate with him, despite his eerie essence. Perhaps it was his outfit that made him so easy to talk to today. His wings and tail were absorbed into his body for the night, his armour as well, being that it was a part of him. Instead, he was wearing a rather fancy outfit, mixed with black and purple. The beautiful colour of Envy's hair, gave Valkoor no choice but to wear something to match, and even compliment, this colour. The black was to simply match his own hair, being long and dark like the sky of a moonless night. The long, flowing cape drifting behind him, seem to give him an almost majestic appearance, which he wanted to laugh at. He felt out of place in his own mind. He truly belonged in his armour. Chewing at his bottom lip lightly to keep from laughing, he would simply continue to listen to the man, until they arrived at Valkoor's destination. Being that the Ball was tonight, Valkoor would have to be there. He knew Envy would rip him apart if he missed it. Though these things were not his scene, he would not miss the chance to be with Envy and their children. Once he reached the bottom of the stairs that led up to the area where the Ball would be held, Valkoor would turn and nod to the man, giving him a thankful smile before he turned to look up the stairs. 'On your best behavior, Val.' His thoughts reverberating throughout his mind as he entered the area, he continued to repeat the phrase until it did this on its own. On his best behavior.. Valkoor would make sure that this night was perfect. The last celebration he attended, was almost ruined by the appearance of the enemy, many many years ago before their children were even born. He would hope that tonight would be better. Before he began to walk up the stairs, his peripheral caught a carriage to his left, and standing before it, he would find Envy. With a soft smile to himself of being able to find her quickly, he would turn to face her, as he spoke towards her direction to gain her attention. "Maybe one day I'll be able to look at you and not be blown away by your beauty.." His hand extended, waiting for her to be ready to approach, and take his hand if she wished for him to guide her up the stairs. His eyes softened as he looked at her. Her elegant dress flowing down her slender body, complimenting her natural curves would only further bring out her radiance. Tonight was definitely a special night, for everyone.

KaiErgoVendassin: -Kai sat on his own throne, leaning forward with his elbows just above his knee’s and his fingertips together, while his usually outgrown hair was cut slightly shorter, just enough to still cover the tattoo on the back of his neck.. Before him, was Nel, in her normal form now, not looking like the insane monster that she actually was. “The quarters are ready, my prince.” Nel said. Kai knew exactly what she meant, and for this, he leaned back onto the backrest and stretched his legs out, placing his right hand on the right armrest and talking in a calm tone, “Then when we return, we will complete the transition. He will be a fine warrior indeed.” Kai mumbled the last part before stretching now, and getting up. He was already in his suit, black trousers, black Jacket, black shirt, but red tie. Once he was up to his full 7ft height, he looked to his left to a cabinet, harbouring his sword where he left it. He huffed, looking at its distinct red glow. “This time, curiosity will in fact kill more than a cat.” a deep voice rumbled inside his head. “Indeed.” Kai said before walking forward, Nel in a long navy dress which made her seem even paler, followed him, walking toward the great doors of his palace. Kai looked back to her, her hair was over her left shoulder, reaching down to her waist. He acknowledged that he had just seen her cut her hair. Her hair must grow rapidly then. Once out of the doors of his palace, Kai looked to a large 10ft centaur, born and bred in Kai’s territory, which was originally centaur land, only that the inhabitants gladly swore allegiance to Kai in exchange of getting rid of an enemy of theirs. He beckoned for the large beast to come closer, and so it did, slowly. In its hands were two long broadswords, glistening brightly, just as his armour that plated the upper half, and the top of his horse half of his body did. Along with these broad swords, he carried a silver bow and arrow on his back. “Hold the fort.” Kai said calmly, before mumbling a few more instructions to the beast. The centaur nodded, saying, “As you wish, my prince.” Before jumping back and galloping around, shouting orders to other centaurs around the palace. They all began running around, galloping around, and switching positions. Kai and Nel walked and walked with their footsteps almost soundless only because they didn’t move stealthily. Kai not actually speaking, but looking through Trumacke’s eyes, his body was in an auto pilot mode for now. Nel was silent. She was used to this, but not like when she was in her other form, where she could make no nice sound what so ever. She looked around, realising they were on a dirt path now, walking through the woods, but slowly, she could feel herself coming free of the confines of Kai’s palace. The strength of the jinx Nyx had placed was definitely one of the most potent things about being there. Meanwhile, Kai walked, seeing through Trumacke’s eyes, seeing nothing but HER, standing there, almost still as a statue except her hair blew about like the fire that engulfed certain places of the realm they resided in. She seemed to be seeing into something, Kai knew, only because of the fact that she never stopped to do anything else. “Always scheming.” Trumacke said calmly. “Definitely scheming. But I am not interested in what she is scheming about. It’ll become clearer soon enough.” Kai said out loud, making Nel turn to him and raise an eyebrow before turning away. “Perhaps.” Said Trumacke’s deep and slow voice, no longer speaking in ancient forsaken, but sporting a heavy accent. Kai blinked, and was now looking ahead at what he was actually doing. The tree’s on either side of his swayed lightly, and the wind had a slight nip to it, but then again, it was coming from further north. ‘Finally.’ Kai thought, now feeling himself free to teleport. He knew he could always try and teleport from within his territory, to go out, or from out of his territory, to go in, but it was just insanity to do so. He could so easily trap himself in between and get splinched. Something he doesn’t want to happen, ever. It had happened to him enough times as a kid when he was learning to teleport. Immediately, Kai vanished with a light ‘thud’ Not in a rush this time, therefore, not causing much of a commotion by means of teleportation, not that he meant to, or cared that he did anyway. Behind him, Nel stopped and closed her light eye lids over her bright aqua eyes, concentrating a little before fading into a light white mist that began to blow away in the wind once her body had vanished, both of them making their way to the city of Atlantiss for the ball.-

Guest_HottieMcBod: -The air begins to crackle and scream as it is suddenly infused with raw energy, seemingly forming an “indent” in the air causing light to bend around this area, avoiding the unnatural indent by any means. A low rumbling is heard as space and time are torn asunder forming a jagged rift from which the scent of Black Roses wafts, slowly filling the area. A solitary figure bearing ashen hair akin to the light of them moon strolls from the rift, every motion seemingly lax yet undeniably graceful and fluid. The man stands only slightly above average height at 5'11 even yet seems to radiate a sense of confidence and power befitting one many times his size, exemplified by the crimson aura writhing and crackling about his frame in a manner similar to raw lightning. The man pauses, sweeping his lengthy hair back to reveal his eyes and better take in his surroundings; he possesses perfectly shaped almond eyes bearing a deep crimson coloration that seemed to draw any who catch his gaze into their depths. Dmitri had returned from quite a lengthy absence, his primary mode of transportation having led him to a familiar presence. He takes in his surroundings, curiosity and a hint of confusion clear across his features. He sighs as he takes in the large city, the fancy stone work and confined spaces making him slightly edgy as his hand subconsciously rests upon the hilt of the sleek sheathed katana strapped to his left hip to draw it quickly if need be. He strolls along the streets aimlessly, his motions graceful and fluid yet clearly wary as he grumbles to himself- "I swore I felt her here.... This isn't the Village... Nor is this any place I've seen myself." -He shakes his head, his ashen curtain of hair falling back to cover his eyes- "Gah... I hate cities" -He sighs as a wave of energy surges down his form, shifting his appearance into something more casual; he now wears loose yet naturally fitting pants, a deep black in color yet ever so slightly faded. On his torso a perfectly fitting shirt clings just enough for it to show his toned body without being too flashy, crimson in color with his now extinct family crest upon the front and a black jacket made of the finest cloth with buckles running the length of the arms. Upon his feet are sneakers, deep red in color. He drums his fingers upon the hilt of his blade as he walks and it quickly becomes clear that even the man’s hands were without flaw: long, nimble fingers, tipped with rounded nails without a trace of dirt underneath and bearing nary a single scar.-

Darkgodess10: -The new master didn’t seem to say much after their greetings, hell the feeling that radiated off of her was confusion and fear. Yes, that was not a shock to Dark, but what seemed to put her off a little is that she did not demand for Dark to slaughter something. This was going to be a complete turnaround from the Old Gods. However, there were probably things that this little master shouldn’t know. Well, right now at least. Taking her bite of soul, had unleashed all her memories and unlocked her whole life to Dark. Like flashing memories of their bonds, she shall her kingdom and rein unfold. Her sweet and tender moments with weak lovers, her moans of interment pleasures, her painful screams of her childbirth. Her true pain of punishing her loved ones. Everything that made Envy who she was today. However these facts to not move Dark in the slightest, hell it didn’t even matter at all to her. Dark moved by her side and stomped her massive hoof in impatience. Her words were demanding as she hollered for her severants to fetch her a carriage. Everyone seems to hop into action with her call. Dark looked around the town that she privileged through, to notice the sweet smell of blood. All was quite but Envy and her bitches. Her glowing red eyes blinked once, and her night vision qued and saw the warm sensitive bodies on the ground. She smiled wickedly almost like it was a beautiful artwork that she created. The sounds of the clopping horses came around, and her ear perked up once and looked over to see two white Clydesdales moves in their direction. They did not make it far, until they started to act out of line and nay loudly and raise heir hoofs up in protest. They could smell the death about, and worse, the tainted evil that Dark left behind. As they were pushed on the by the driver who sat at the top of the carriage, he whipped them good to make their destinations. Envy’s mind was in slight tamale, and Dark could hear every word of it. It was grumbled up, and complications of how to hide, and figure out what to do with her new companion. Envy escorted her to the cabbage knowing that she would follow. She didn’t really have to follow, but this creature was intriguing her at the moment, and she had honestly nothing better to do right now, except to eat. Plus, she knew if she ate in front of this human she would most defiantly be repulsed as scream and run away with her hands in the air like chicken with its head cut off. Oh well, dinner would have to wait. Envy entered in the cabbage first, and While she danced her huge eyes over to the driver how looked green at the site of her, he snapped his head away in fear that it may eat her. Not a bad idea she thought. Bending her body low to fit into the small vessel, she sat directly in front of Envy. Her long legs brought her up to her sickly macerated chest and the hoofs were massive. Dark heard the sounds of the carriage move and slightly being jostled. Inside the dim lights did not take much to fit in the cabbage so the shadows hid Dark alluring but gruesome face. Her red eyes stared at Envy without blinking for long periods of time. She just listened to her mind replay memories and thoughts. Hours pass and Envy seem to grow with ease inside the small room with her. She almost seemed to trust her. A stupid move but then again, by demon law she could not harm her. The environment outside the small enclosement also began to change, and with her mind she could feel something grand was about to happen. She could hear Envy’s mind become nervous with something called a “ball” but its understandment was beyond me. She could also sense that see what nervous on that someone a certain man would be there. Ha, probably dyeing for someone to breed with. As humans do. Dark could for take in the human pleasures, it was not foreign from her, demons were once humans too….well at some point. It just did not bring her the pleasure it brought some. She saw envy glance a couple times, and then she seems to test the waters of their connection by reaching out and touching Dark’s tarry and hot skin. She could feel that the touch displeased her so she closed her red eyes and wigged deep into her mind and soul to a feeling and touch she liked the most. Then with a small pressure, she pushed into her own form and her skin ripped into small gray skin, soft and delicate like a new child, and yet would remind her of a man she once laid with. Pleasing her, Envy seemed to begin her closer and she shifted next to her to allow her to pet her skin. This gave Dark neither happiness nor sadness. Soon Envy began to dress herself to the finest, with wonderful gold and shimmering fabrics, Dark seemed to watch with no expression as she saw her nakedness, and smooth unaged skin. Once finished, she perched back down next to Dark and waited as the trip continued. It wasn’t long until she began to push her thoughts away until they became unwanted. They seem to repeat themselves. Dark looked outside, and forgot the long times they have been traveling. Trees soon turned to streets and homes, to building and stone. The streets were painted with silver and gold. She remembers this place. Somewhat, she remembered the haze of the cursed prison and searching….in the under city. This upper more scaled area was almost comical to Dark. “Well we are here.” Her voice now was even more coated with worry. Dark knew this form displeased her, and almost scared her. She heard her mind be muffled with the thought of showing her new “pet” as she called Dark. How dare she call me a pet, Dark’s mind seemed to burst. I could snap your neck like a twig you little son of a...”What is your name anyway?” Her voice cut her off. Envy had already slipped out of the cart and now readjusted herself looking back in the dark carriage. Dark’s eyes glowed outward and stared at her intensely. Only her gross and sickly figure could be seen as at outline. She knew what she had to do, for now. Just to make her happy. Ugh this bonding thing was slightly a hassle. Dark pushed herself inside her memories and searched. She searched so quickly for a form that would please Envy so greatly that her emotions would kick her in the stomach to see someone that she had not seen in a long time. Yet she could feel that she would be drawn to her out of beauty and memory. Taking that image from her memories she pulled it from her soul and pressed her body into action, it was quick, the illusion was like it melted into the shadow. Her small tender foot hit the light first as she stepped out. It held a black heel, and once as she pushed herself slowly outward, the black and formal dress slid down to the ground, fitting a beautiful small form. Her shoulders were naked and her collar bond visible, as beautiful brown curls bounced and laid on them. Her chin was curled and her heart shaped face was so soft and kissable. She smelt of sunflowers which was the only scent Dark could pull from Envy’s childhood. Dark took on a form of her long and lost clone’s child. Her oldest which was claimed during the Forsaken. Damn, that resemblance was uncanning, and yet you could tell it was not her. The eyes were the giveaway. They remained what Dark was. Dead, cold, and black with a shimmer of red. She lifted her hand up to Envy’s chin, with a touch that was so hot how she could not know it was her “Pet.” “They use to call me Dark.” Her voice had also changed. It sounded young and pure. The perfect lie-

EnvyVendassin: -It must have started; the humming strings of the violins filled the air as so did an odd smell of Rosses and then sunflowers, maybe? The night is perfect, what more could Envy ask for on such an exquisite night for the Ball to fall on. The torches mounted on the city walls lit Atlantiss city streets. In the dark abyss of the carriage is where the red eyes glared at Envy from within. She wasn’t sure why she grew fond of this pet she gave the title to, maybe it was because of the last pet Sinn had, and knowing through memories Envy secretly wanted a pet of her own. She just only hoped that this pet she considered, without even asking what she wanted to be to Envy didn’t betray her like how Sinn was betrayed when Kyuzo stabbed her down with the exhales Sinn save the luxury of banning them from off her ground, and at the end it cost her life. When the flickering light of outside touched the new found face of something she knew long ago when Cinna was alive and before Sinn up bring had come. A young old friend back in Cinna’s days. This was certainly a little surprise, it showed very little in Envy’s face from the fact she knew in her living day’s people’s trickery, and at the end this friend was only a memory from the person she was cloned from. She never really had a childhood when she was made. As this new found presence attempt to reach to maybe cup her face? Envy attempt to smack her hand out of her. Speaking the foul words she had coming to her. “Don’t think you can touch me, don’t think I’m your friend and defiantly don’t think I trust you. I’m no fool, I don’t know you and me calling you my pet is because I don’t know what you are as of right now. Remember that, because at the end of the day, even my own blood is my foe.” She weave her left shoulder to the right turning her back at her, to find Valkoor with his soothing comment. Now this was as surprise to see. Valkoor in purple and his strong figure made her feel so captured by him. How many times was this going to happen? “Good evening Sir Valkoor.” She courtesy to him before placing her hand into his.-

AiiZebreamVendassin: -A soft breeze picked up the water from the fountain rehydrating the air. Aii's skin felt cold to the touch though the breeze felt wonderful against her body. She was already missing the feeling if the winds fingers brushing through her hair, though she had wanted her mother and father to actually see her prim and propper. Aii's jaw clenched and her eyes closed while her mind battled back and forth whether to let her hair down. The devil had won on this one as her fingers slipped up removing the warps and pins she used to keep the massive ammount of hair up ontop of her head. Being tyed down for even that short period of time, smaller curls had formed in her hair. The pressure had disapeared though and her face didn't feel so tight. Pulling the strands over her left shoulder she began to braid them, tugging and pulling at each loop to make the braid big and messy. A few rebelious strands escaped her braid and moved back to the right side of her head making the hair seem even more big and messy. "Aahh.. Now for these heels." Aii slid her fingers over her thighs and down to her feet before stopping herself. "Uhh.. " A sigh left her lips as she reopened her eyes. The heels must remain atleast for now. Her foot slipped back down to the ground as she gazed at the decor. Someone had hung a swing from a nearby tree that seemed to grow a little to far onto the cobblestone path way. A small smile slipped over her lips as she moved to the swing and lifted her feet. "Ahh... Yes..." The pain in her feet was quickly drawing away from her. Her hands wrapped around the golden rope as she leaned her head against her arm. She never thought she would be so bored at an event, though she expected a far greater experience being that it was again the first ever ball she has attended.-

Bonk:- As Envy courtesied to Valkoor and took his hand, he would guide her up the stairs, as they entered the area where they would hold the festivity. Violin music already resonated throughout the area, giving a peaceful feel to the vicinity. Valkoor hadn't the slightest idea as to where he wished to go, but he was not here for himself. He would allow Envy to go where she chose to, and he would follow if she wished him to. He simply kept his hand out for her to keep until she chose to do away with it, as his own crimson orbs looked around the area, from the music players, to the tables set, the many plants, and other people who had joined the celebration. As of now, he could not see Nero or Aii yet. Perhaps they were running late. As he thought of it, Envy's other son Kai was nowhere to be found, either. Perhaps people were confused on the time, or were simply losing track of it. Either way, he would keep his own thoughts to himself, remaining quiet as he waited to see where Envy would take them. As he stood, he would catch his daughter moving to a swing from his peripheral. That was one, now where was the other? He'd continue to look around for signs of Nero, or even Kai at this point, just to see where everyone might be.-

Darkgodess10: Envy did slap her hand away, and it was like a dead waist as it slapped down to her side. Her anger was shown by the hatred in her voice, and it almost made her giggle inside. Not only did this form piss her off, it unleashed at new side that she had not seen yet. How cute. Until she was commanded, she would not change form. She watched Envy slowly turn to face a rather tall man in a purple suit. Fashion was not a strong point for Dark, and it pretty much wasn’t anything to her. Her stomach groaned slightly as she could tell that she had not eaten in over four hundred years. The meat bag walking around, escorting people into the palace, and the giggling girls who walked by with their arms wrapped around fluffed up men were looking like chocolate cake on a plate for a hugely fat kid. Her red eyes flashed, and turned her head to the left watching once bounce inward. “Does this form not please you, my lady?” Her voice was monotone and emotionless. Sure, she could change, if she tasted another….A cute little girl with long black hair walked down the street, by herself, she was in a cute short dress, and Dark had to fight back an urge not to pin her down, rip of that cute dress and sink her teeth into her and rip off some…”focus…focus…” she whispered herself. Her eyes grew darker and her cheeks sunk in slight, but she kept her illusion even though at this point it was getting slightly hard. She inhaled a deep breath and exhaled, and she senses others about. Noticing the purple tall figure showed Envy respect and took her hand and they glided their way inside the loud music and laughter seeped out of the rooms. Dark Followed behind them with perhaps two or three steps. Her small feet moved slowly, and her torso, held her tight and high, and as people turned to stare, she noticed that this illusion was attracting more attention then she desired. She wasn’t one to admit it, but oops on her part? Guh! Stop thinking like that, you honestly don’t care, your just hungry. Her curls flowed, and then she turned her head to the left as she passed through the courtyard with Envy and her boy toy, she saw girl slowly swinging on a rope. She was way too old to be swinging on a child’s swing but something about her aura spoken out of sadness. Dark grinned cutely as she watched her as she passed. That’s right, little one, be sad. Turning her head back to stare at the back of Envy’s head she made her way to what looked like a royal thrones. A man who seemed handsome for his age already sat on the far left, how seemed uninterested at the display. Guests seemed to be clumped up and laughing and dancing with each other. At times, they would stop to bow to Envy and her escort, and then just stare at Dark. She stopped just shy of the thrones and turned to her right and stood next to a pillar with her arms behind her back scanning the room. She could see right through them all, and through she kept her arms out of view so no one would be alarmed at the demonic tattoos that she could not hide. She did not blink as she listened with keen ears about the conversation that was taken place with Envy.

EnvyVendassin: - She ignored the false looking girl and continued on. Showing her appearance did not bother her, but she didn’t like having people mess with her past memories she cares nothing about. Click clack click clack the sound of her heals made against the foundation she walked on, long beside Valkoor. Rising up from the stairs to the gate where guards in silver armor stood in guard, and of course they bowed when they saw Valkoor and Envy. Another man who were standing on the other side of the closed gated looked at Valkoor and then to Envy. Immediately he assumed the Queen was married, and before the gates opened the man stood in the middle as he announced the two. “Excuse me, excuse me! Our Queen and King have arrived! “He bowed his self-off to the left with his right hand show casing the two as the gates opened from two other guards from their side opening it for Valkoor and Envy. The people were slightly confused, seeing how the Queen never married and such an event would have been noticed, but it was an error on the spokesman fault. Once of the people of ZenDasalen who reside in Atlantiss stride to the man and whispered his mistake, the man was startled and hoped Envy did not cut his life for the honest mistake. Valkoor and Envy continued on though, a little flustered in her face from such an announcement, the spokeman walked up to her left side, and before he could say sorry; with a swoop of her hand he body was pushed back just from the energy her aura held around her body she kept as a shield. This showed Envy didn’t want to the man about his mistake, knowing she would have killed him on any other day, and with that she glanced at him once. He knew to stay out of her way. Her eyes then fell on Aii. ~”There is Aii, now where Kai and Nero?”~ She thought in the privacy of her own mind, shielded from others. She felt her children here but where could they be? Her hand did not fall from Valkoor’s just yet, people approached them and started to ask if they were married or was is an error, Envy looked to Valkoor and didn’t know what to say just yet, and this was something that stopped her at her footsteps. -

AiiZebreamVendassin: -Aii lifted her head from it's resting position against her arm. Her hands fell, folding neatly into her lap. Her eyes caught the figures of her parents and another girl behind her. Her mother looked as beautiful as ever in her golden dress, but Aii would never say such a thing out loud. She couldn't help but laugh to herself letting the idea fill her head. Envy would sure go on a killing spree or some sort. Aii moved her hand to cover her mouth during the laugh, a cough near the end ended her laughter. Her father was wearing grand clothing a dark plum color. He looked rathing dashing but out of place within the royal clothing. Aii had never thought of him to be one to dress in such clothing, though he did look handsome. Her legs pressed together as Envy's aura pushed the man away from her. He had called Valkoor king. This would be a huge mistake as no CruEnd Clan Queen had ever taken a husband. The woman Aii had never seen before followed a few steps behind her parents. She caught a glimpse of her eyes staring at her. Aii flashed a dazzling smile in her direction. Go a head and stare, you're just another one of my mother's lackeys. Aii moved her gaze towards the crowed that was forming. Aii raised from the swing having given her sore feet a long enough rest. She moved gracefully, enough, towards the entrance to the main area, puasing on a small patch of grass. She bowed her head gently as those her passed bowed towards her.-

Bonk: -Seeing the two guards at either side, one had looked to Valkoor, a look crossing his face that puzzled Valkoor. Before he could think of it, the guard moved to the front of them, and announced to the people that the 'Queen and King' had arrived. One word crossed Valkoor's mind. King? Did he miss something? It must've been a mistake, as a random person came to whisper in his ear of something, and the look that crossed his face showed he had messed up. Before he could ask for the apologies from Envy, she had thrown him to the side without even touching him. Valkoor would not look to Envy's hand nor the face of the guard, as he was instead looking to the randomer that had corrected the guard. An inaudible 'thanks' left him, being glad to have skipped a possible awkward moment. Before he could do anything else, Envy had stopped moving. Valkoor's head turned to look at her, whispering gently to her to keep others from hearing. "Are you alright?"-

EnvyVendassin: - “Yes.” She said in reply to Valkoor. One man asked with a glass of wine in his hand. “So, when did you get married Queen Envy?” another person followed with a similar response. “Yes, when did you marry this, um. Fine man.” The last comment Envy’s Eye’s shot to the girl, the way she looked at Valkoor made her stomach turn, not from sickness but with anger. She felt her aura peaking up from out of her skin even more, but not visible to anyone. Her hand slightly gripped Valkoor’s hand a little more, but didn’t mean too. She wanted to snap the girl’s neck in half and she knew she could, these rich people who resides here think they could speak the way they wanted towards Envy and ask question as they made disrespectful comments because they wanted to know such a personal status of her. This was the reason why Envy never visited Atlantiss, this right here reminded her greatly. As Envy watched the women had the nerve to actually step to Valkoor and attempt to touch his chest. Envy’s eyes widen in disbelief, feeling the urge of snapping coming near, and at the same time; why was she feeling this way? -

Bonk: He could only hear her say 'Yes' in response to him, before others began to crowd the two. Apparently the people really did believe Valkoor and Envy were married. They asked various questions, and Valkoor could not find a way to answer any of them without sounding rude. He looked to the faces, his tongue kept behind his lips as he wondered what Envy could possibly be thinking. Suddenly, Envy's grip on Valkoor's hand began to tighten. Was she nervous? Why would she be nervous? Though he asked many questions in his mind, the answer soon came to him, as a young woman approached Valkoor, her hand extending towards his chest. Envy was not nervous, she was angry. Whoever this girl was, she must not have realized who Envy was, or who Valkoor was for that matter. That, or she was too drunk to care. Either way, Valkoor was not interested. His hand rose to meet her perfectly, but not to hold it. His hand blocked hers from touching his chest, as he gently pushed her hand back down towards her side, with only the slightest of effort to make sure it stayed there. The people would silence when they saw this, which gave Valkoor the perfect moment to speak up. Looking to their faces, he would make sure his tone was definite, but gentle as well. "We did not come here to be bombarded with your questions. Please, leave us be. This will be the.. only time I ask." Before he could finish, people must have gotten the message. Though some paused, most of the people had turned away, some murmuring with rude statements towards Valkoor. Within a few short moments, all but the girl remained before them. Valkoor's eyes turned back to her, as he spoke to Envy. "We came to celebrate, did we not Envy?" He would make sure the other girl heard this, so that she would know that he would not be giving her a chance to flirt with him, or touch him for that matter. As he spoke, he finally began to wonder what was making Envy mad about the questions asked, and the girl who tried to touch him. Did Envy really take offense to the girl trying to flirt with him?

XBillyZombieX: -As the sun began to fall over the dark world of the living the shadow of a man stretched across the dark streets of Atlantiss. The shadow began to twist rapidly as a dull groan rang out of the dark alley. Within moments the sound dulled, a single figure walking through the falling sunlight. His skin was pale, though it had many imperfections. In many places the man’s flesh was beginning to rot away, the surrounding areas a dark brown, the afflicted parts restering with gut wrenching stench. The man turned his head slightly as to look to the falling sun, the sunlight refracting off his eyes in an uncommon manner. The glow a vibrant orange in his left and a bright green in his left. At a closer look the man’s eyes would be seen to have different colors, his corneas black from the plague that covered his form, but his right eye was indeed a dull green, his right eye was struck the worst by the affliction, the rot had taken his eyesight in his iris, turning the eye a dark red. The man was known in the streets as Cornix, the Blade of Fiends. Cornix walked through the streets for a long distance before turning abruptly to his left, slamming his fist into a large redwood door, the doorframe cracking under his might. Cornix walked casually into the house, many onlookers would think he was going to slaughter the house owner or its residents, but they would be mistaken. The walls of the home were covered in large leather looking taperstries, their designes carved in by Cornix with a small dagger. The material in which the taperstries were made was actually the skin of human beings. Cornix was known to skin his enemies and make their bodies into many useful items. As Cornix turned to his right he began to walk up his staircase, the wood in which the house was comprised was rotting, like Cornix, the man leper of Atlantiss. Cornix placed his hand upon the railing, walking slowly up to the top of the stairs and opening a large door at the end of a small hallway, his bedroom opening to his eye, The bed was not but a small mat filled with straw, the walls had large holes in them, the ceiling bowed inward, making Cornix bow over to walk to his closet. As he opened the small closet Cornix smiled, took a letter from his right pocket, his hand sliding the letter outwards with a simple grace. As he opened the letter Cornix smiled once more, his mouth opening to reveal that he had teeth only on the right side of his face, the left was completely rotten. The dark flesh of his left hand stained the parchment with oily residue, which was actually rotting flesh, leaving a horrid stench upon the paper. Cornix read it silently to himself- “Come to the palace young one, You have been given the honor of appearing before your queen and her assembly. If you do not appear you will be killed as a show of the dishonor you will have commited by not coming.” –Cornix laughed in his dark ragged voice, the low tones reverberating off the surrounding walls, echoing through the halls of his household. Cornix reached down to his chest, ripping away the rags that covered his skin, the large tears in his stomach being exposed, through the tears one could see Cornix’s intestinal track. The tears were in fact a result of the rot setting in the hardest of almost any area on his body. As Cornix undressed he smiled, watching a segment of his flesh fall to the floor, Cornix’s affliction left him without a sense of pain, lepers could not feel pain due to the odd reaction of the body. Cornix reached into his closet slowly, grabbed a small box, opening it slowly he grinned once more, a large mask within the box shining with a golden gleam. The mask was taken from a victim of Cornix’s favorite weapon, his katana, which left his enemies to bleed out, the coagulating process halted by the enchantment laid upon the blade by an old shamanic tribesman. Cornix placed the golden mask upon his flesh, the material sticking to his flesh with ease due to the sticky fluids that drained from his flesh. Cornix exhaled slowly as he felt the cold gold against his face. With a quick movement Cornix grabbed a large shirt and overcoat from the box, throwing it over his shoulders and upon his frame. Cornix than pulled a pair of tan slacks over his flesh. The designs upon his outfit an ornate almost flowering pattern. Cornix turned abruptly, grabbed a pair of onyx daggers from his dresser, threw them upon his waist and walked out of his home towards the palace of Queen Envy. Cornix knew Envy from a long time past, he was in fact one of her most loyal warriors, before the lepercy almost killed him, along with the demon that left large scars upon his scalp. As Cornix walked to the palace he smiled, coming to the palace walls. With a slow procession he walked through the gates, his soft leather shoes making almost no noise upon the stone pathways. As he walked inwards a guard walked up to Cornix, the guard ordered for him to halt his progression in quite a rude manner. Cornix did not take this well though, drawing one of the daggers from his waist cornix drove the blade up through the guard’s helm, impailing the guard with a simple move that the guard never saw coming. Cornix smiled and laughed as he felt the guard’s blood run over his hand, his laughter died off swiftly though as he turned and proceeded to walk inward, past a large group of gaurds who never turned their gaze to look at him. As Cornix walked inwards he stood upon the floors of the palace. His gaze falling upon a large man in purple clothing, along side him With a small bow Cornix looked up to Envy, his ragged voice coming through the golden mask slowly- “Good evening my queen, long time no see.”

JacquelineRuby: Noise. A small one, but it was there. What was that noise? Venus got up from her small, torn up couch and walked slowly to her pathetic excuse for a window, dagger in hand. The cabin she lived in was in the middle of no where, even animals did not stray there. It was always quiet and solemn—the way she liked it. Squinting her eyes, she extended her neck a bit with her eyes scanning the premises. Upon seeing a man with something in his hand emerge, she sprinted out the door and tackled him, pressing the dagger blade against his neck. It been so long since she’d had a visitor. “Who are you and what do you want?!” The man gulped, his breathing quickened. His eyes gazed over to the envelope he had in his hand. Her eyes followed his and she grabbed it from him, getting off. “What is this?” She tore it open, her eyes scanning the contents. “An invite…to a ball…” A ball? What the fuck? She wasn’t one to go to social events. She was an outcast of the CruEnd Clan. Very few of them even knew her because she rarely showed herself. Venus was a nomad of sorts. A very social awkward, grumpy being. She had no friends and had lived on her own for as long as she could remember. After zoning out a minute, absorbing what she just read she looked back to them back. “Get off my property.” She turned around and walked back inside, grumbling about not having a dress. Venus strayed over the her dirty, broken up mirror and looked at herself. She had potential to be beautiful…maybe if she’d wash or brush her hair once in a while. She couldn’t show up to a ball like this so she hopped into her large metal tub filled with cold water and scrubbed herself as clean as she could get. She left at nightfall for Atlantiss. Arriving at the gates for Atlantiss two days later, she was a totally new person. On the outside at least. She looked—for the most part—clean. Her hair was actually brushed and she wore an elegant black gown which she stole passing through a city. A man who seemed to be some sort of servant started to talked to her. All it sounded like was “Blah blah blah.” She looked at him liked he were crazy and pushed passed him. Whoa. What a pretty city. She’d never seen pretty things. Taking a deep breath she walked further in, hearing voices. She followed them until she was brought into a crowd of people. This was torture. Too many people, too many voices. She saw the Queen over the crowd but decided it best to approach her later. She wasn’t planning on staying long, just wanted to get in and out as quick as possible. The Queen just needed to see that she actually came, then she could leave. Right? She stared down at the ground and pushed through the crowd. The only thing that felt comfortable were the worn boots she wore on her feet and the few daggers wrapped around her arm. Maybe it wasn’t the appropriate place for knives but she had to watch out for herself. This could be a trap. Probably was. There was a reason she lived alone—she had to keep herself hidden and was actually surprised that she got invited to this thing. She walked as fast as she could to a table and sat alone, speaking to no one.

EnvyVendassin: - Was this truly rage? Or maybe jealousy? Either or, she didn’t like it and before Envy actually was going to snap the twat’s neck Valkoor had rejected her touch, what a surprising move, and what a relief for her at the end. She was surly please to see his action, but what idiotic move on her behalf, perhaps it was the slick liquor or maybe wine? No matter she should have learned her place. Valkoor spoke too few with a tone that she knew all too well. Her grip around Valkoors hand released without even noticing it, maybe because she doesn’t hold hands at all with anyone. In fact the last person whom she held hands with was Valkoor. Goodness, how long have they been around each other? Envy looked up to Valkoor when he talked to her, right after the people started to mumble whatever they mumbled under their breath just because they dare not to say it out loud. “Yes, due to you and Kai. Might I add a thank you; as well. “ She offered a true soft smile to him. Before they could continue one she looked forward, she caught another CruEnd member making her way to the dining tables, and followed behind was a proud toned voice directing to Envy. She looked back to see an old Forsaken, far back in the days when Cinna and Sinn was ruling. She remembered him because of the memories Sinn left to her. “Ah, I see news has met your ears. Good to see such a warrior. How have you been?” She dipped her chin of acknowledging him. -

Bonk: He nodded to Envy's thanks. He would not dare give welcome, seeing that it was Kai who did the fighting. Valkoor would not take his glory, it was something he did not deserve. Other people began to arrive, and as one came to address Envy, Valkoor would look back over to his daughter. She had moved towards a small grass opening. Was she bored? He hadn't spoken to his daughter since their training, which was many days ago. Leaning forward, he would gently whisper into Envy's ear, as her hand had already left his. "I'll be back in a moment." He would pull away and turn to cross the area, stopping just short of Aii. Standing there for a moment, he would look at her as she seemed to have a careless expression on her face, her hair having been let down. Yes, she was bored. Valkoor would move to sit down beside his daughter, his head almost level with Aii at this point. "You seem a bit lonely.."

AiiZebreamVendassin: ~You seem a bit lonely..~ Aii turned to the voice knowing all too well that it was her father. He had snuck up beside her and was not sitting so that he was at head level with her. A smile slipped over her lips as she stared at his face. "It's not what I expected." Her fingers slipped over the ridged braid laying over her shoulder. She sighed heavily swatting down with her arms on her bent knees. "Who am I kidding? Sooo bored." She laughed as she sighed to her father. Her date should have arrived by now, but she was an idiot for thinking he could locate this place by a map. He had just woken up. He didn't even know his own name. Aii's hands moved up, her chin resting on her balled fists.

XBillyZombieX: -Cornix bowed his head low as he saw Envy nodding to him. Cornix's face was hidden beneath a mask of gold, yet she remembered him, even in these forign clothings. With a slight smirk Cornix spoke up, his dark gutteral voice shattering the peaceful murmers- "I am here on behalf of the queen, I have come to see her, so move, or die like the gaurd who got in my way outside." -With a smile Cornix began to walk towards the crowd arround Envy and the man in purple, his movements graceful despite a slight limp in his left leg due to the rotting of the muscle tissue. As he stood across from Envy he smiled under his mask of gold- "It has been to long my queen. I have missed our wars." -As he spoke he looked to the right, seeing the man in purple kneel beside a young girl outside. As Cornix looked back to Envy he ran a hand across his clothing, feeling the rotten fluids begining to seep through his clothing. The smell of his rot would fill the room with the gut wrenching aroma, his eye stared ahead through his mask to Envy, hoping she would not mind his displeasing persona. She was in fact one of the first people to notice his horrific affliction, the rotting of his skin, the sores that came from no where, the loss of his eyesight in his left eye. Envy had known him well enough to know he was worth while to have on her side. Not knowing why Cornix was here he asked a simple question after respondeing to her's- "I am well my leigh, though i know not why i am here, would you care to inform me of this?" -As Cornix spoke his foul smelling breath would seep through his mask, the horrid armoa would soon seep into Envy's nostrils-

EnvyVendassin: - His whispers filled her ear as the guards shifted their way from the man stride, which Envy gave the impression she clearly showed she knew. ~”Oh God, how could I forget such a foul smell? Of course it’s him.” ~ She said in the privacy of her horrific mind with a jaw clenched face. The aroma smelt like decay ate a worse stench of its own; it twisted and ate the fresh scent that once was filled the air. “Stop there, please.” She said sharply, holding her right hand out, and palm facing him. “Goodness.” She covered her mouth and nose with her left hand. “What in the world? Did you not get the memo? It is a Ball.” She grunted at the end, displeased with the aroma as everyone else, he basically cleared the outdoor area, people started to vomit their own liquor and wine and even their food before the started to make way across the bridge where another seating area is at and the bar. Envy looked to her left, noticing how people cleared the area with mumbling foul words at the man who clearly brought the odor about; but not clear to hear. She noticed Aii and Valkoor before she returned back to the man. “Well, I invited you because I have announcement soon and I’m sure you will be please in rank about it. “ As she continued to speak else where the girl who’s rank in the special division section arose from her seat, a man clearly older then her started to walk towards her, feeling rich and confident in his appearance he felt this girl would be an easy lay, ignoring the aroma; it showed how much wanted to lay her and most likely discard her in the morning. His false cunning based tone spoke to her.” Well, a woman with a dagger is no fun. I actually have a dagger you can play with if you want me to show it to you?” He walked around the table with a smooth stride, hands in his pocket and a curly twist in his lips. He didn’t stop till he was clearly about 3 feet away from her. -

Bonk: As he looked out into the area, his daughter admitting to her boredom, he would gently smile to himself. As he did, he caught a strange smell. Looking up, he would looks closely at the male in front of Envy, as she held her hand up to the man. As his eyes adjusted to the skin around the mask, he could see signs of deterioration along the surface. He was rotting. How sickening to a person who wasn't used to it. However, Valkoor was used to stenches far worse than this. Compared to the treachurous places that he had spent his long life venturing into, this was like a summer breeze. He ignored the stench, and continued to speak with Aii. "Where is your date?"

AiiZebreamVendassin: She couldn't help but laugh once again seeing her father's face move into a gentle smile. ~Where is your date?~ She huffed blowing the hair out of her eyes. "He must have gotten lost." She wondered if she should go and find him, though she wasn't sure her mother would ever let her leave the ball. An awful smell slipped over to her nostral causing her to scrunch her nose. "How horrible.." Aii pulled at the braid and put it over her nose. It helped a bit to filter the stench as it went through her hair.

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PrinceLucian: *appears from the Guilty Pleasures portal and slides into position behind the bar, taking in the varieties of alcohol and glasses available*

JacquelineRuby: Her view of the Queen was blocked when a tall, male figure stepped infront of her. Venus stared blankly at him, blinking. He wanted her to play with his dagger...Oh. Her grip on her real dagger got tighter. If they weren't in a formal place she would have stabbed him right in the throat. Her eyes narrowed and her free hand curled up into a fist. She raised her arm up and jammed the dagger into the table, glaring at him. "Unless you want my dagger to cut yours off...I suggest you walk away from me." She pulled her dagger out of the table. "You have three seconds." Venus waited there, fighting the urge to rip him apart.

RogueWolf549: -He had finally reached his breaking point, he was just tired of it TIRED of it but then again this suit always gave him trouble. He has had the same formal uniform since he was little or what some would call little but to him it was his teen years. The uniform is something his family once wore but being the last, well it just shows that no one shall know the armor. What each piece represented for his people and what each piece symboliced. As he manages to finally get upper arm guard into place he looks upon the mirror infront fo him, he had to get everything correctly if not. It would be the greatest of disrespects to his people then anything. As he turns around looking upon the while crytal armor he sighs softly.-"...It has been to long my friend..."-Looking around his master room he sighs softly for it felt so empty in his guild. With a slight sigh he brings his right arm as he turns around smoothing.-"From The Earths' Shadows...."-A flow of black electricity flows around from his chest out in a spiral formation to flow to his finger tips and the bottom of his crytal white boots.-"Portal."-At that veyr moment the electricity flows out toward the middle of the room from his finger tips and feet. He watchs as the shadow electricty swirls around in the air about ten feet to the ground to form two shadow portals. Smirking he starts to walk between the portal, he had to think about the location he was headed for it was much farther then most. As he steps between the portals a flow of black oil like shadow water flows down his body and also jumps up. The two flows of shadow connect to create a huge portal, his silver eyes burst out in white flames as his mind connect to the shadows, his mind set on the location. The room shakes violently before he vanishs into the shadow world traveling at the speed of darkness. Closing his eyes softly he feels the rush of shadow world flow around his body as he starts to reach his distanation. As he reachs his location his body would reform by bursting out from a largest fire in the area which was one of the pillars within the city. Opening his eyes he would see the silver world come into view as he is shoot out through the flames ontop of the pillar. As he flies through the air he reachs back with his left hand to grab the handle of his Snow Ice katana while his right is placed upon the top of his black leather hat. Looking down he talk a breath as his eyes see water all over the place. He growls as he comes landing toward the ground, his leather coat flapping around with its chains rattling around. Upon landing a burst of shadow fire comes from his feet to allow him to land peacfully upon the center of the courtyard. Looking around he would smirk softly for he did not come in flashy but least people would know he was there.-
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The Ball in Atlantiss City
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