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 Atlantis Mission

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PostSubject: Atlantis Mission   Atlantis Mission I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2015 8:50 pm

EnvyVendassin: -From the boat at sea back to the stop point, the owl from Kai did not stop nowhere and even kept its distance from being compromised. It took a few hours to reach the woman. (Soufiria) Back at the camp site the guards whom were left behind because of choice or their breed remained at wait there. The owl screeched once it saw Soufiria in sight, maneuvering its wings while it circled, preparing to swoop down to drop the scroll of the map leading to Michael. The city of the water Nation of Atlantis. And in the scroll details in her orders to come. She had two choices on the scroll Envy gave to her earlier, she would know which to pick when the time came. The owl glided against the hair right above her, dropping the scroll from its talons and hoped it landed in her lap.-

InfinityImplosion: The woman was currently nestled under a tree near where the guards had stood, some of which had already been made into undead minions at the woman�s leisure. Mainly just the human ones who were too cowardly to continue on with Envy, she was certain the woman wouldn�t miss them as living breathing men. Besides, they�d be able to serve better this way for the fear of death would be long gone from their undead minds. Cause of this many of the still living guards kept a good and healthy distance from the necromancer, which she found to be a tad bit of a pity to be honest. It was then though that her elven ears would pick up a sudden screeching sound of an owl and she lifted her head up to gaze at just that it would seem, the winged creature coming to swoop down in a graceful motion(tough never as graceful as Soufiria, at least she thought anyways, being kind of self-conscious about that sort of thing), and hovered over the air to drop what would appear to be a scroll in front of her. She caught it in an outstretched hand, the bones that coated her knuckles crinkling lightly as the paper was grasped in between her slender digits. With a quick flick of the thumb she would un-do the black ribbon that was tied around the scroll and read the information that was given to her, of a man named Michal and a place called Atlantis. That�s all she was ever given usually, if there needed to be any other information on the scroll then it would have been specified, but simply a name and location meant only one thing. She chuckled at this as she would spare the owl�s life for bringing what she considered to be fairly decent news, not exactly good news�.fuck, it needed to be good news. Looking at the owl though it seemed to be keeping a safe distance from her��great, it was probably an intelligent owl, maybe a familiar of some sort, how perfect. She sighed and wrote down a single note on the scroll �Send for Cimeies at the location specified.�, meaning that she requested Envy to send him to meet her there, but wouldn�t be informing him of everything that was going on. She would need his services to be focused on something else, preferably everything else, to pick up on things that she might have missed or not been aware of as she focused on her target. With that note given she would hand it back to the owl and then send it back to Envy. Once the owl was on it�s way, she would retreat not just into the shadows this time, but into the shadow realm. If she was to reach Atlantis she probably needed to cross dimensional borders, which involved heading into there from the shadow plane itself which connected to almost every other plane in the verse.

EnvyVendassin: -The owl circled while watching the boney woman read the scrolls, waiting for about a minute or so to see if there was a message to return, and so there was. Once she held out her hand with a message of some sort. The owl swooped down, talons forwards as the wings flapped with a little more effort so it wouldn�t just fall out of the fly because of its weight teetering back to attempt to grasp the message with its talons and carry it back to Kai so Envy would get it. -
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Atlantis Mission
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