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 The Family Visits Nero (Void)

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PostSubject: The Family Visits Nero (Void)   The Family Visits Nero (Void) I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 03, 2015 2:12 am

AngelikaBadraChaos: *After wondering around and listening to the rumors that were going around in the Capital. An engagement for Princess Aii to a strange Dragon like creature. The Second Elder pondered this thought. She had seen over the years of her service here, how things were and how just on a dime, all hell could break loose. She was skeptic at how this new future husband for Aii would fit in. He seemed too polite. Almost as if he really cared for Aii. Though, one would think that would be a great thing. The whole “Love concurs all” nonsense. But in the end, this was no fairy tale. It was life. And the life of this place was more Death and War, than Love and Peace. Shrugging her shoulders, the demoness found herself at the borders of place where she come to call home for the past few years since she was lured by the Queen to the Capital all those years ago. It would seem like a void, a place that should not exist and yet it did. Surrounded by darkness and yet there was light all around. The way the rays would reflect off the stone made it seem mysterious or a bit haunted and yet it was perfect and cozy. Gripping the scroll in her right hand, Candika walked through the large doors, heading the looking pool where she figured the First Elder, Kimi, would be. Sure enough, there she was sitting upon lounge sofa, gazing over the Capital and probably the royal family. Clearing her throat to hopefully get her attention, she held out her hand towards her* You need to read this, Kimi. *her voice was dark yet sounded angelic at the same time.* It seems, that perhaps the Ill Prince, Nero, may have gotten someone knocked up. *Candika nearly huffed at the thought. To be honest, she was surprised he hadn’t gotten more pregnant with his countless actions with so many women. Unless he had and they were all aborted. She didn’t really care, it wasn’t her life. She was there to do her job and that was all. Mingling with others, was still not her forte. Being somewhat social was hard enough. Once Kimi would take the scroll from her hand, the demoness would take sit on the floor, being mindful of her long shadow blade. Her tail flittering about behind her as she gazed into the looking pool, curious to what else may be going on. It had a long time since she last was there, busy doing other things on the side for the Queen. Resting her hands behind her, she relaxed and let her mind go silent until the First Elder had her chance to read the scroll.*

Endearment: It was quiet in this home away from home. The darkness that surrounded Elder’s Place acted as a sort of protective shell, keeping the area separated from much of the fuss currently going on in the nation. Rumors were spreading of an expected marriage between Princess Aii and a man that many didn’t seem to know. Whether he came out of the blue or had actually been around for a long time and kept himself below the radar, Kimi was unsure. Whatever the case, she didn’t really fancy the man. She rarely fancied anyone, for that matter. Gaining her trust was a difficult task, especially for those who’ve just started showing their faces in the clan. While Kimi’s thoughts rolled through her mind, each of her five tails were slowly swirling around behind her. She’d been sitting at the couch and keeping a watchful eye on the rippling water in the large looking pool. The kistune lifted her short legs to stretch them across the soft cushions of the couch just as the Second Elder entered. Those tall, white fox ears twitched faintly as she listened to the woman approach. She could feel a bit of tension in the air. The woman’s alluring voice tore her hazel eyed gaze from the shimmering water. “An important message?” She’d ask as she reached out to receive the scroll that waited for her in the Second Elder’s hand. As she pulled it close and began to open it, she could hear the lovely woman giving a brief description of the incident that very recently took place. Some time ago Kimi learned to read at a fairly swift pace and was soaking in every detail like a sponge. “In my years of working for this royal family and in this clan, I’ve become desensitized to events that would normally shock someone.” As she said this, she rolled up the scroll and very lightly tapped it against her temple. She glanced at the woman who now sat on the floor and pulled herself upright. “Sit. Don’t let me take up the entire couch.” She’d say as she patted the cushion beside her. “This must be discussed and I’m not sure how long we’ll be here discussing the fate of Nero and his infected whore.” Kimi’s eyes locked back on the looking pool and she continued. “It was only a matter of time. He sticks his cock in anything that walks over there. He was bound to get himself into this situation.”

AngelikaBadraChaos: *Candika shook her head at the offer to take a seat next to her. It wasn’t that she didn’t mind the gesture, it was more she preferred the floor. The luxuries, though few in this place, she was not used to. The demoness was more comfy upon the cold hard stone then a cozy cushion.* I’m fine, thank you. And yes, this “infected” one will not go over so well with, Envy. I’m sure she will be put to death or the child will be. Either way, it is matter that must be addressed with urgency. * Candika didn’t really care for the situation. The Prince made his own way, seemed most of the royal children did. But they would pay for their actions. She had heard of what happened to Princess Aii when she disobeyed her mother and had gotten pregnant. Shaking her head, she leaned forward, criss -crossing her legs and thinking out loud* Should we inform Envy now? Or attempt to go and speak with Nero ourselves and see if he will handle it? Though, knowing him…or what I have heard about him, I doubt he will care and just let things happen. He is only happy when he is dipping his sausage into dark holes. *shudders at the very thought, the image in her mind making her feel queasy for a brief second. The whole contact with another body still creped her out. Clinching her fists tight, she pushed out any further thoughts like out of her brain. Focusing back upon Kimi, she watched her five tails move about then gazed back to face. Her onyx orbs giving off an eerie glow, like a eclipsed sun the center pitch black with a bright fiery ring around it.* What do you think?

Endearment: “Such careless behavior for a royal member of the family.” Kimi sighed quietly and tapped her fingers on her upper thigh as she put some thought into the situation. “As much as I’d love to confront the little shit about his screw up, I know Envy would like to at least have some insight on what’s happened.” She kept her bright eyes on the calm surface of the enchanted pool of water, continuing to let her thoughts run freely. There had been a time in her life when she held the thought pregnancy and children sacred. At one point in time she had two of her own, but their lives were stolen from them before either could reach the age of 5. Those events and others that followed hardened her. No longer does she allow such things to cloud her judgment. “Oh, she’ll most certainly perish. And so will that vile thing that’s begun its growth within her skank womb.” She’d state matter of factly. A flash of Aii’s similar experience overlapped her thoughts and a small smirk tugged at the corners of her naturally pouty lips. “I wonder how Envy will want it done. Who’ll get the honors to take two lives at once?” A small chuckle escaped her. “This year is shaping up to be quite an interesting one. Especially with this wedding being planned. Such a pity. Once married, Aii will probably go soft. She’ll become nothing more than that man’s maid.” She chuckled a little harder. “Maid by day, sex cow by night.”

AngelikaBadraChaos: *Nodding her head, she listened to Kimi and nearly fell over as she laughed at the last few words she said. It had been far too long since she last let out such a sound. Clearing her throat, she stood up from the comfy cold stone floor and adjusted her black top that was adorn with silver chains linking it together.* Well then, if you feel the Queen needs to be informed. Its best we make our way there while the King is not present. After all, it seems Valkoor is more….distant from the matters of this place. *shrugging her tone shoulders, she waiting for the other Elder to stand before looking around. * So much for taking a small break *she mumbled under her breath. Though she did enjoy being on the move most of the time, it was nice on occasion to be able to just sit in silence. But the very thought of possibly having the pleasure to take a life with another growing inside of it, was indeed worth it. Even just being able to witness such a matter would be enough. Candika could always find her own whore out somewhere to else to have the same pleasure in the near future if need be. But it might even be better if the Queen order the Prince himself to do it. That would be a sight and a true punishment, if that is what was to happen. Her dark lips curved up into a wicked grin as her mind wondered and images of death filled them again. It was only violence and torture that she found absolute pleasure. To her, it was more exciting than anything else. This was probably the only reason why she was chosen so long ago to be who she is today. Turning on the heel of her boot, she began to head towards the door, only pausing a moment for Kimi to follow.*

Endearment: The short woman rose to her feet, letting her dark floor length gown fall back into place over her smooth legs. The long slits going up the sides exposed much of her hips and with the back of the dress being very open one could even get a healthy glimpse of side boob. Kimi was a very seductive woman. She enjoyed teasing the eye. Sometimes her voice would shift to a purr to shrink men’s pants. However, she would never allow herself to be as easy as those whores of Nero’s. “Valkoor may be the king, but he has yet to prove that he deserves his position. Laziness gets nothing done.” As she spoke, she peered one more time into the looking pool. Locating Envy had to be done before they left, of course. The water rippled calmly as an image of Envy in her room tending to her own business surfaced from the depths. With a nod, the tailed woman began to follow behind the Second Elder with a relaxed grip on the scroll that had been delivered.

AngelikaBadraChaos: *As the other Elder followed, Candika stepped down the few steps and began walking towards the portal. The golden rays shimmering so elegantly and perfectly, like little rays from the sun with glitter shining within it. All they had to do was think of the place they needed to go and step within the portal. Turning once again to Kimi she smirked, gazing at briefly then faced forward stepping into the light. Though one would like to think when going through a light, they would enter Heaven that would not be the case. Instead, they would enter a frozen waste land of Hell. The wind chill would nearly freeze most that would dare enter this realm. But to this demoness, it bothered her not. She had grown accustomed to this place. It suited her well. The scent of death, the scattered bones of failed attempts to take over and the dirty shit filled streets that seemed to never get cleaned. Yep, one deep breath and you knew you were in place of no return if you didn’t belong here. The smell of everything would linger in your nostrils and the taste would be fowl on your tongue, but it was the home of the Crud End. The ZenDasalens Capital. Making her way towards the stair case that lead to the doors, she placed her clawed hands upon the harden surface and pushed them open. The squeak from the large doors would echo down the long hallways, alerting anyone of their presence. Taking a quick smell of the air, she was able to pin point the Queen and began to make her way down the long corridors and stair ways until finally reaching Envy’s room door. Checking behind her she made sure Kimi was still with her, then knocked upon the door, then bursted in. Normally, she wouldn’t do such a thing, but she had allowed her excited of seeing or dealing death cloud her mind for the spilt second.* My apologies for bursting in like this, but we have news we feel you need to be informed of, Queen Envy. *Her cold emotionless voice could barely hide her thrill of what was to come.* It would seem, the Prince has….*waits a moment giving Envy a chance to listen more carefully* Made one of his whores “infected” with child, as Elder Kimi so elegantly put it. *looks to Kimi and offers a small smirk before her onyx orbs fell back upon Envy. She would stand there, relax though her tail twitched about impatiently awaiting to see Envy’s reaction to such news.*

Endearment: Traveling by portal was something that Kimi still had to get used to. For years she hadn’t stepped foot in Elder’s Place because she didn’t feel the need to. It seemed unnecessary and she didn’t like being stuck in one place. Her first time traveling to and from Elder’s Place was quite an experience. She remembered feeling the slightest bit nauseous for the first time in many years and her legs trembled at the knees subtly. Feeling like that made her feel as pitiful as she felt when she was pregnant so long ago. Now, the lightning fast traveling option didn’t bother her as much. In the blink of an eye she went from stepping into the gorgeous golden rays to stepping out into the cold and grey atmosphere that gave so many a very unwelcoming feeling when they set foot in the capitol or anywhere in the nation, for that matter. Kimi wondered how Envy would react to the news. She was a ruthless leader who enjoyed bloodshed and nightmares, but she was also a very calm woman and hid emotion well. Butterflies of excitement bounced off of her insides, but the feeling melted away as she thought about how stomach acid would affect such a delicate little insect. Her half smirk lingered. Even just in her mind, death could still make her feel that euphoric feeling only murder could bring. “After you.” She’d murmur as the Second Elder looked back at her as they approached the queen’s personal room. What a way to enter such a magnificent room; a knock or two before barging in quite unannounced. It wasn’t often that anyone got to do that and lived to tell the tale. Her tall fox ears stood at attention as she listened to the woman inform Envy of the newest mess that one of her offspring has caused. “It’s such a pity; one slip up after another. Your spawn seem to think it’s ok to screw like rabbits and impregnate unworthy bodies. Of course, we don’t mind cleaning up. They take these situations much too lightly. I can only hope they’ll put up a good fight if you ever give the order to have them all killed for being so irresponsible. First the sex cow, then your two sons follow suit. A lesson must be taught, Queen Envy, but they have thick skins. Nero’s whore and that thing that he injected into her have already had their fates decided. Will he face any punishment for being so careless and trying to taint the families gene pool with such filth?”

Surgeon: A female servant looked hastily back and forth as a tray of fruits and aphrodisiacs crumbled in mess upon the threshold of the kitchen doors. “Lara! Help me clean this up! Nero-Sama asked for this tray almost 30 minutes ago! I need to get a new one quickly!” Amanda and stated as she quickly dashed back into the kitchen to pick up an extra tray off of the alignment. “Thank you Lara!” Amanda stated as she edged around Lara who grumbled annoyingly at her mess. “Sorry!” Her voice was muffled by distance as she paced down the hall towards Nero’s ‘study’; a room meant entirely for his sexual actions with guests and servants alike. He found it distasteful to sleep with multiple people in his bedroom, almost as though he followed the saying “Do not lay where you eat,” signifying that he holds his beauty sleep to be of more importance than nutrients itself. Superficial. Amanda slowed herself down to check her hair and her kimono before knocking on the door “Nero-Sama, your sustenance~” She seemed almost to plead when speaking to her Lord. “Come in, come in!” Nero’s exaggerated voice echoed outside of the door through a fit of giggles and laughter as the many concubines were obviously excited; food! Maranda heard him clear his throat almost as though he were attempting to regain composure, using it as sign to allow a flash of her eyes, engaging a minor psionic outburst of energy to force the doors open with little effort, and closing them behind her as she would keep her head down and make tiny steps (due to the kimono) inside. “Nero-Sama, where shall you have your sustenance my lord?” She asked, attempting not to look up; it became more common for Nero to appear nude with his many topless concubines in front of her, something she wished not to see. Her long black hair traveled into several tight loops netted around her head with a number of gold-embroidered hair needles keeping it all composed despite her running. The sight of gold on her would make it obvious that she is a royal servant, something of a Noble herself in comparison to the other servants which served below them in the chain of command. Her black eyes and petite Eastern face would attempt to remain without concern as she tried to limit her panting from her short run. Looking down, she did manage to keep her eyes open with the tray raised above her head almost as though she were offering to the gods. “Here!” Nero stated as he rolled around under the blankets with several women, made obvious by the several muffled giggles that escaped the covers. Amanda looked up, taking comfort in the fact that Nero was indeed covered with them. “Yes, Nero-Sama.” She confirmed as she stepped towards the large bed which was directly centered in the study. Looking intently to ensure that Nero wouldn’t step out, she noticed a glow of golden hues escaping the fabric of the blankets in a dull manner followed by several screams and nude women abandoning the pile of pillows and blankets. “Gets them every time.” Nero’s voice was right behind Amanda, causing her to flinch and drop the tray again. “N-Nero-Sama!” She screamed while turning, only to see that he wasn’t behind her. “Ner—“ As she looked forward she saw that Nero had caught the tray, already plucking a handful of grapes from the tray and setting it down on a nearby table. He was clothed for the most part, save for the fact that he was missing the underdressing to his kimono which caused a large portion of the center of his chest to be exposed. Pale skin and moderately toned muscles flashed the girl who blushed and looked away. “Now don’t be shy, Amanda! You’ve seen me nude before, my chest shouldn’t be any different.” Nero stated as he turned, plucking more fruit from the tray. “We’re going to have a guest soon… Ensure the Great Hall is ready to house a VIP.” Nero commanded gleefully while brushing a bit of dust off of his white kimono with gold lacing networked in and out to create an array of cherry blossom trees, looking over to his twin swords. “Hmmm… Nah..” He said, turning away from them and pacing out of his study bare footed. A smile crawled across his face as he began to wonder which presence was impending upon his domain. “Perhaps a sibling?..” He said aloud “How frightening to think they would come to me on their own accord.” He almost giggled while talking and beginning his short journey to the Great hall. An elusive trail of aether essence began to glow in the mixture of gold on his kimono, Nero’s obvious excitement rendering him without capacity to completely limit his prowess.[e]

Valkoor: The sensation of wind passing his form brought a renewed vigor to his eyes, as Valkoor's massive wings flexed once more to send him soaring. Ivan, his servant imp, clung desperately to the sleeve of his shade's robe, feeling the shadowy tendrils as they seemed to torment him into the thought that they might be the ones to let go of him, and not the other way around. It was almost therapeutic to watch Ivan in dismay, as it seemed to happen on a regular basis. The occasional remark about hating flight brought some pleasure to Valkoor, but their journey would be silent for the most part. Valkoor had little to discuss, as his mind was on much more pressing matters. As of now, his flight would have him at Harlot Springs within an hour at the most. He had watched the sun rise and set on his travel from the capital twice, indicating just how great a distance that Nero had placed between himself and his family. He breifly wondered if Nero didn't just hate him, but hated everyone. Perhaps that would bring him some comfort to the fact that he had been a failure to Nero. Every time he thought about Nero's resentment, it struck him like death's cold grip. Would Nero even accept a visit from him? His brow furrowed, just as his great sight would focus as he began to see the small formation of buildings that identified Harlot Springs. His wings flared and his body tightened, adjusting his position to increase the speed of his flight as he slowly began to descend. By now, the sound of his flight could be easily heard, the whistling sound as winds forced passed his frame. As he approached ground, he would flip his body forward, just as his wings would flare behind him to slow his fall. His boots would crush into the ground in between a row of buildings, sending a wave of earthy debris into the air around him. As it cleared, his eyes would adjust to see many females surrounding him. Some frightened, others intrigued. A few even seemed to look disapproving as they eyed him. His empathic eye easily saw what they silently expressed. He shrugged their thoughts away from him as he looked around. He had only ever been to Harlot Springs once in his life, and it was a very brief visit. He knew that Nero was here, his aura being ever-present in this place. Drawing him out, however, might prove to be more of a challenge. He figured that Nero would not want to address him, given his current disposition, but now was not the time to concern himself with such a trivial matter. He turned on his heel to face a perpendicular angle from where he landed, eyeing the buildings east of him. His wings swelled around his form as they enclosed him, before flexing back out to release a blast of air directly forward. The blast would strike one of the various wooden structures before him, breaking it beneath the strain as it sounded loudly throughout the resident. As the building crumbled, and he began to hear the frightened murmuring of several women, he would wait for his action to be noticed. Surely, Nero would not ignore such a bold act.

Surgeon:  Nero’s footsteps landed him quickly near the threshold of the Great Hall as he heard the clustering of several servants obediently following Maranda’s orders to set up the Hall for a VIP visitor. Just before he could take a step in, an incoming expansion of aura distribution flooded him on his left side as he rested against the wall to his right; an overwhelming insecurity flooded over his subconscious as he recognized the depth and the darkness of this aura like none other’s. Valkoor. For a moment, he turned back as he finally heard the cluster of people outside, his concentration amassing to one locality and flooding general haze of his current and central location. The concentration amassing displaced a level of his local psionic energy to replace a psyche singularity. In order to spare an extra toll on his psyche, Nero merely willed this psyche body mimic to appear similar to a walking shadow as it approached the clamber of displaced earth and destruction. “I knew it was you…” Nero stated gleefully as his mind processed things much faster than the substantiality of mere ‘seconds’ within this haze, almost like an induced adrenal complexity. It was a wave of destruction, the slowed and compressed air slammed through the building and fractured several of his structures. “Valkoor.” Nero stated, like a passing glimpse of a whisper to the back of Valkoor, almost as though he were attempting to tease Valkoor for his passing destruction in Harlot Springs. After the whisper was relayed, if Valkoor received it, a frustrated smile would crawl across Nero’s face forcing a minute string of golden hues to align across the boundaries of his pupils in order to compliment his red and purple irises. The once-faint hue of golden energy traversing across his body would become raw and deliberately deconstructing energy while he looked to his left and to the West where Valkoor was. The wall to his left would begin to ripple as a fragment of his aether energy slipped between the ambiences of each passing molecular bond allowing a temporary liquidized state, something Valkoor capitalized on by walking through the structure of his own home as though it were immediately replaced with water. His speed was not passive; it was an extravagant blur of speed and madness, sending Nero flying outside of the walls of his own house in a fit of rage. Valkoor knew very well that his destruction would do nothing but irritate him, this was something that Nero hadn’t intended to provide. This blur of white and gold fabricated quickly into a blur of darkness as the aether which manifested around Nero fabricated a veil of aggravated appearance. He would become a traversing darkness across his own domain, quickly breaking wind only to just as quickly fraction his speed and land in a clearing in the road. This forced several more of his constituents to run away at his sight and the means by which he appeared. The trail of gold and white trailed behind his motionless singularity as it reconstructed his posture. Standing straight, and looking straight at Nero with a deviously happy smile which masked his confined construction; Nero even went so far as to implement his psyche blockages and keep Valkoor from sensing his disturbance. His posture was fairly adequate, with his feet evenly placed, and the enlarged flares of his kimono at the end of his arms would hide his hands which were pressed tightly together. His long hair was finely managed, though it hung down and across his shoulders. “Is that really necessary?” Nero stated, his voice keeping up so well in order to hide his anger.

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Tingles last post from 'The Unwelcoming Horde' is connected here.

Tingle: Envy seemed satisfied with Aii's answer and somewhat satisfied with how Tadashi answered as well. Had she been testing and pulling his strings just to see how quick and ruthless he could be even to her? The exchange was reeling over and over in her mind trying to catch anything she had missed. Wait wait wait... Envy had stated clearly at one point that Tadashirana Akahimashiro was a dragon... king? Her eyes bounced back and forth as they looked between his though he was not currently looking at her, but watching Envy. Her hands began to move towards her stomach as Envy made note not to bed before their vows. Just before her slender fingers were about to press against her stomach, she paused and let her hands fall beside her to their original place. She would never make the mistake again. A wonderful accident still haunted her dreams and ached within her womb. As Envy was out of sight, a hot breath against Aii's ear brought her back from deep within her own thoughts. Her eyes danced once again around the scenery, though it was as if she wasn't looking at anything. His words rolled around her matching that of his breath. Her very own heart and circulation had betrayed her. Another to add to her list that could not be trusted. He explained seeing passed the Aii everyone would soon come to know. A motion forced her eyes to it; his hand was raising toward her. Would she allow him to touch her? An unspoken rule of the family; no one is to touch you... but the heat she felt radiating from his hand as it neared her cheek was on so pleasant. Her eyelids fell as their skins brushed. Her heart once again wavered beneath him. Curse this bloody organ. If she were just a little more of her father she wouldn't have had to worry at all. Her cheeks were layered with a pink hue. Was she blushing? No. It was most certainly the weather... It seemed like ages that their skins touched, but that wasn't the case. His hand seemed to fall away from her just as fast as it had come. Aii stepped away from him. "You must have me mistaken." The words hissed and burned from between her lips. She must protect herself... possibly him as well. The wind slipped their fingers through her hair, combing it back away from her face. "We should see to Valkoor and Nero at Harlot Springs... Would you care to join me?" Aii turned and pointed toward Harlot Spring's general direction. "It will take weeks on foot since you are unable to travel through my father's void." She grew curious to see if he would turn to his flying form to help them on their path. If he offered it to her, she would surely agree to ride or be carried. She wasn't sure how it worked at all. She only knew that she hated walking even above her malice for Envy.

Tadasanity: -Tadashi smirked as he watched Aii step away from him and seemed to seethe. He laughed that rich laugh of his again when she spoke.- "Yes, of course, Aii. I must be mistaken." -His smirk grew wider to let her know that he didn't believe a word she said. Her bodily reactions betrayed her yet again. Of course, he knew why she acted as she did and he understood, but he was patient. All in due time. His smile fell and his expression smoothed into blankness when she spoke of a destination and of a man named "Nero". He shook his head- "I know not of this place, nor of this "Nero", but if that is where Valkoor left to so abruptly, then something must be amiss, aye? Very well. Let us be off then" -He walked across the bridge, back out into the snowy plains just beyond the keep and its bridge. The smell of shit assaulted his nose once more and his face scrunched up. He looked back at Aii- "Keep back." -He spread his wings and arms as the bones in them broke and began to reshift. His transformation was not a pleasant one to look at, nor was it smooth; his skin flaked and shed, revealing metallic black scales with a silver tint. His body mass grew and he fell on all fours, claws shooting from the tips of his fingers even as his hands and feet popped and reshaped into enormous paws. His neck elongated, spines shooting out from the nape of his neck all the way down to his tail. His clothing and armor reshifted to form a harness, his sword transfiguring into an ornate saddle that sat inbetween two of the spines upon his back. Within minutes, he'd grown into a forty foot dragon. His silver orbs beheld Aii and he crouched and lowered his tail toward her, indicating that she should climb aboard. Once he'd felt her slight weight upon his back, he stood and leapt into the air with a mighty roar, wings flapping ferociously. He rose higher and higher into the air with each wingbeat, eventually reaching, then topping the tumultuous clouds above. Once done, he arced his body and gave another flap, lurching forward. He flew faster and faster, his limbs tucked into his body, until he reached his top speed of 117mph.- -After two, uneventful days, Tadashi found himself flying over Orient-styled buildings. Aii had described Harlot Springs to him on the way and even if she hasn't, he'd picked up on the smell of sex, sweat, and shame miles away. The structures were too closely packed for him to land safely; he'd have to take his chances. He landed in a narrow street, his sheer bulk and wings crashing among houses and structures with a tremendous crash and causing the ground to tremble, reducing about three of the houses to piles of rubble that he tread on underfoot. His scales were strong, he'd sustain no damage from the debris. He smelled blood; there must have been people in these houses. Oops. He saw Valkoor about ten feet away, standing in front of another structure with a ruined doorway. Tadashi assumed that Valkoor did that himself. He appeared to be in confrontation with another man wearing a kimono. This man smelled strongly of fresh sex, Tadashi snorted as the smell assaulted his nose. He pawed at the debris he stood upon and gave a grunt, small wisps of flame wafting up from his nostrils.-

InfinityImplosion: Since her arrive in the ZenDeselan lands she had gotten some mixed reactions. First there was the clear hostility that she was faced with upon entering, something she otherwise ignored until it couldn't be ignored anymore. Then there was the sudden welcoming, well as welcoming as this place might get, and infoming her that she would be taking the place of the Elder(or a man who was an up and coming Elder) that she'd vaporized earlier. So within her first day of arriving she was given the ritual that would appoint her as an Elder, the brand having appeared on her upper right shoulder blade. She didn't really understand what that meant, at least not on a personal level. For the kingdom though she had a clear idea, thanks to the mind that she had absorbed previously. However not even a day later and her mind was back to it's fractured state, well more so her lucidity. She spoke not so much in riddles but merely in a disjointed, sort of haphazard way that after a while creeped out any of the guards in the vicinity. After what she'd done to the man in the courtyard none had dared approach her, albeit their fear was unnecessary. She only did what she felt was necessary, and she never felt the need to suck the mind of anyone else now that she atleast had an understanding of what this place was...even if that understand was fractured and disjointed, it was clear enough to her. Like a puzzle where all the peices were scrambled or in the wrong place. It was all there just...not all together. One of the more brave guards had informed her that she needed to make an appearance at some place called Harlot Islands, and in fact she was probably going to be late since it took a few days to get down there. Looking to the guard who informed her of this, she picked up on his thoughts to figure out where it is that she was supposed to go. "Guide?" She asked, as if the guard could immediatly detect what she meant. He seemed to bumble around with his words for a moment. "I guess if you ne-" He didn't even get to fully finish his sentence before she lifted herself into the air by creating an emmision of plasma to give her body the lift it needed to begin rising, along with manipulating earth's magnetic fields to cause the guard himself to rise. "Guide." She said with a firm nod, and before the guard even had a moment to collect himself, was whisked away as she flew up into the air speeding towards the island that she was being asked to visit. They would get there in record timing, fifteen minutes at the most as she broke the sound barrier. Granted, this wasn't practical for shot distances of course, but longer distances she didn't have to worry as much about coming to a sudden stop. The guard she had lifted up with her would be flying behing her like a rag doll, body flapping in the air as they sped towards where Aii and Tadashi were currently located. Slowing herself dramatically about half a mile to her destination she would then resort to a soft glide downwards, the guard she'd carried along with her groaning softly before she came to slip right next to the two newly engaged couple. Placing the guard down next to her he immediately sped over to the edge and threw up into one of the piles of rubble that Tadashi had made, before slowly, with a little bit of a groan, coming back to the strange woman's side. The woman's dress had differed from when she first arrived in ZenDaselen, this time outfited mostly in red with a corset and very short skirt underneath it that had little fishnet frills on it's hem. Mal of course was always on her right shoulder, the dolls little red eyes looking as lifeless as they usually did. Not knowing who a single person was she looked to her "guide" and asked him a single question. "Who are they?" The man looked at her with a bit of a surprised look, before collecting himself and answering. "Princess Aii, King Valkoor, and the other is Princess Aii's fiance Tadashi." He replied, which merely prompted a light nod with a single word. "Cool." From her.

Valkoor: The females that surrounded Valkoor with curiosity had become quite an irritant. He could almost feel their eyes trying to burn right through his back. With a tilt of his head he would let his eyes roll to the side, his gaze finding them. To return his gaze, one would first face their greatest fear. As the ladies noticed him staring back, they would scrutinize his face. Finding his crimson pools, it would come as an instant reaction as they froze. Trepidation became them, as Valkoor's empathy and optical prowess united to reflect their worst nightmares. So long as eye contact remained, the mental link would flood their minds with images that would forever haunt them. One of the females would scream, her hands beginning to claw at her eyes as if she were trying to manually remove what she was seeing. The chain reaction to procede would be quite humorous. Panic overcame fear, and one by one they would flee from him. He turned back to view the building that had crumbled before him, the lingering dust already beginning to thin out. Nothing had brought his attention to this point, but as he was suddenly studying this useless sight he would suddenly feel a sense of disruption. It trickled up his spine like a slow moving spider, he knew it to be Nero's doing. He lifted his gaze, his feet instinctively working to spin him around and face the opposite direction. He would see what he could only recognize as a psionic manifestation. While it appeared like a common shadow, it was quite clear for Valkoor to recognize something he himself could already do. He heard his name, 'Valkoor' as it seemed to echo through his mind now. But as he looked at this manifestation, he began to realize many things about Nero. This creation alone proved a great deal to Valkoor, that despite his lack of training from his father and the undesputable fact that his ailment continued to hinder him, he was capable of exceeding Valkoor's expectations. Reality would suddenly pull him from his thoughts, realizing that perhaps only a moment of time had escaped him. He would suddenly catch glimpse of it. Should his eyes have been weak, perhaps he might have missed it. But like all who preceeded him in life, his vision was great. The mass of Aether that moved with Nero would also show that he had learned to wield the energy quite well, as it seemed to follow his every move. While he landed, and the energy settled, he thought of what Nero could be capable of, despite his health. The thought of his health continued to baffle him. Should he have inherited Valkoor's blood, his health would have never been an issue. Despite how slowly the Chrysalyn body healed, its immune system far exceeded that of humans. For Nero to succumb to illness would mean his blood was more human, but to see his mental capacity transcending Aii's confused him further. It dawned on him in that moment that his children were quite fascinating. More questions rose with the few answers he received. Should Elyon have been here still, perhaps these questions would have been answered long ago. But Valkoor was not gifted in the ways his counterpart was, as they were both designed to balance each others' strengths and weaknesses perfectly. But as only a half of the puzzle, Valkoor had many limitations. He wanted to know more, but as Nero would stand, Valkoor would become alert again. 'Is that really neccessary?' His tone was calm. Valkoor could feel nothing from Nero, which could only mean that he was protecting his thoughts in some manner. Valkoor became more impressed by the moment. He stepped forward, lifting his feet from the dust that had found his boots. The expression on his face reflected little, as he spoke in a simple tone. "I wanted to make sure I would go unignored..." His arms would lift, finding a place over his chest as they would cross in front of him. He would feel the squirming of his imp servant as he crawled into Valkoor's robe, the fear exerted becoming almost sickening. With a simple side glance of disapproval, he would return to the more pressing matter as he would speak again. "I trust that all is well, yes?" He would wait for his son's response.

Surgeon: After speaking, Nero finally took a moment to overlook his Valkoor, his own father. His eyes flashing across the man’s face as he would find that it was not his intention to irritate him. A sickening thought of his lingering humanity crawled through his mind as he had contemplated the potential bond which his human-like mind processes would render as ‘bond’ between flesh. Although, he never did take his eyes off of the man and kept himself composed without motion. Allowing a continued silence, if not for a moment before a large crash of more destruction would crumble another nearby building. He would turn to look at the ravaged building and the beast which ravaged it. “Oh my! Are we with new pets in The Capital City?” Nero questioned while staring at the beast for a moment and then back to his father, completely side-stepping the question of how he has been. He neglected to see Aii on the beast. The question was rhetorical, however. “What ar—“ A new sensation crawled into existence within his domain as another woman landed not far from himself, and a capital city guard. “My goodness, Valkoor. This is quite the expedition you’ve plotted. What else do you have up your sleeves? Surely you haven’t come here just to ask how I have been?” Nero questioned as he turned to begin walking towards the Royal Estate; his home and ultimately the headquarters for the Harlot Springs. Only to find that there would be an incoming lady, screaming and running “Nero-Sama! Nero-Sama!” Amanda was flailing as she screamed for her Lord. “Are you okay Ner-Sama?!” She yelled before stumbling and falling to the floor face first. “Oh my, Amanda! You’ve done it this time.” He stated, his smile still plastered to his face. “Is the Great Hall ready for the visitors?” He finally turned to flash his eyes back at Valkoor, the woman, and the dragon. “It looks like they have arrived.” He finally broke posture, and stopped smiling as he was no longer facing them.

Tingle: Tadashi's smile forced sickness into her stomach. He would be wise to at least hide his thoughts from her. "Nero is my Twin brother; The Ill Prince." She waved her hand in response to his /keep back/. Aii examined him closely as the Aether of his body formed and reformed; pulling it from the air around him to have enough to form his new body. A smile swept across her lips. This was the reason Envy so deeply wanted him. She couldn't think of anything you could not do with a 40 foot dragon.  Aii could see herself within the silver pools of the Dragons eyes. They were easily as big as her head. She watched his tail move and his body lower, she assumed she would be riding him to Harlot springs. Climbing onto him, she positioned her body and flattened herself against his back. The sound of his heart pounding and blood rushing poured into hear ear as she layed her head to the side against him. It was relaxing and calm forcing her eyes to close. The wind picked up and ripped at her body. She leaned over to look below them, there were only swirling clouds, though just infront of them  a blackened wirlpool was picking up and sucking them into it. "I think we should turn back." Aii pulled at one of the spikes on Tadashi's back. He reared and came to a halt infront of the whirlpool. Flames erupted around it and threateningly licked at their bodies. Tadashi edged closer and closer to it before.... BRRWWWWWWWW. Aii's eyes shot open as she sat up. Tadashi's wings had toppled over a few buildings. She had fallen asleep on their travel. The whirlpool was fictional. A smirk fell across her face as she watched the tidy buildings fall to the ground. Aii turned herself and slipped off of Tadashi's back and onto the ground. An annoying voice tickled the air. Nero was here, just like he always was. Following behind Nero as he lead them to... god knows where... She caught a glimpse of a crowd of women hiding behind pillars and peaking out at them.  ----------Ymara------ Fire sprouted from her skull, sweeping across her bare neck and shoulders. Her skin pale as winter's fresh snow. Her belly, full from passionate nights with the prince of ZenDasalen. The roundness of her belly concluded she may burst at any moment.  A friend, Opila, helped her slip thin silken fabric over her glowing pinked flesh. The material gathered just enough that you could not see her perked breasts and firey womanhood. Though, if you watched closely perhaps one would steal a glimpse. (Opila)"We have visitors here, Ymara! The family of your little one!" Ymara's blue hues sparkled and came to life. She pushed herself quickly up with one hand on her stomach. "Let's go have a peak!" The girls within the room swirled around them as they headed out of their quarters and onto the porch like structure. Nero-Sama was walking towards his main home. A tall figure coaked in black was a few feet behind him. Either farther back, nearest to the group of girls stood a giant dragon with a woman on his back. Another figure was on the other side, but it was hard to see around the dragon. The tall and slender woman that had been riding on the back of the dragon slipped off. They locked eyes as she began to pass. The heterochromic pools of purple and red seemed to stare into her very being. Ymara pressed herself against a beam and hid half of her face just behind it.

Tadasanity: -Once Aii had slid off of his back, Tadashi gave another grunt and began transforming back into anthropod form. His body spasmed and jerked, then shrank back down in another painful process that shifted him into his 8'1" humanoid body. He turned a sideways glance at the woman who'd arrived alongside him; she looked familiar, he'd seen her at ZenDasalen, but hadn't taken the time to learn who she was. He'd find out later, he supposed. His eyes scanned the women who'd acted like they lost their minds when Valkoor made eye contact with them. He didn't know what they were stricken with, but that explained why he didn't look Tadashi in the eye when they'd met. His lip curled as he saw the man he now knew to be Nero turn and walked towards a larger, more ornate building, that of which Nero had began walking toward. He noticed more women peeking out from the sides of buildings and from alleyways. His lip curled.- "Sheep" -He mumbled as he followed behind Nero, walking astride with Aii. He couldn't help but notice her gaze and he followed it to look in the distance. He caught a glimpse of a young woman with fiery red hair before she slipped behind a beam. His ears twitch and he brought a hand to his eyes, muttering an incantation as he did.- "Dark Star, shed your light so that I may see bright" -His silver eyes glowed a shade of violet as the last word left his lips. His vision was cast in a shade of purple. The individual people around him glowed with a white outline, with their insides cast as a shade of grey. He could use this now because the weather was clear and the Dark Star shone bright above, its purple light one only he could see, or so he thought. He could not use the spell if its light was obstructed from his view. An indeterminate amount of people lurked in hiding; these were the whores. In the larger, more elaborate structure were more of them, but one in particular piqued his attention; the one hiding behind the beam looking at the group. She was the only one that he saw was pregnant, her belly glowing with a white light of its own in the shape of a fetus. He stared at her for a moment to let her know that he saw her, then, apparently satisfied with having seen everyone who thought themselves hidden, he deactivated the incantation, his glowing violet eyes fading back to his normal shade of purple. He saw no reason to mention the pregnant whore, she was unremarkable to him, so he kept walking along-

Valkoor: A resounding crash would interrupt Valkoor's thought process as he scanned to the side to find a large dragon crashing into some buildings. His mind instantly opened as he allowed the taste of the dragon's aura to find him. He recognized it immediately to be the dragon that he had met at the capital, the one Envy was now trying to wed to Aii. It came as no surprise to feel Aii's presence with him. He let his gaze briefly find her as she slipped down from Tadashirana's back, before turning back to Nero. He had half noticed Nero's words to him, accusing him to be the reason for all of their presences. He shrugged indifferently as he spoke clearly, to ensure that Nero was not the only one to hear him. "I did not ask for anyone to accompany me. I do not need escorts." His eyes closed for a moment, remembering that he was in fact trying to make a change. If this was Envy's doing, he would accept it. A crazed woman in silk ran to Nero now, and as he asked if everything was prepared for guests, Valkoor wondered what exactly was meant by this. Had he known they were coming? He stepped forward once more, eyeing the back of Nero's head as he spoke to his servant. As he studied his son, it reminded Valkoor of just how much a stranger Nero was to him. He would follow Nero, for now, and see just what was in store for the four of them.

Surgeon: A lingering moment would pass of silence as they neared the large estate’s entrance. Nero looked down at the young Amanda and leaned down, holding his hand up and manifesting a lucrative amount of etheric energy into the atmosphere which bloomed to disperse and eventually soak into Amanda’s left ear. She would nod forward and open the doors for Nero and The Guests, quickly running inside and grabbing the pregnant woman by the back of her neck and drawing her away in a blur which nearly matched Nero’s speed; crediting to the exactitude in which Nero was supplying her with lessons. The messaged, laced with energy meant to encrypt her psyche from anyone reading his command, stated simply: “Take her away. Abandon her and save yourself if she is compromised.” Nero’s words were obviously quite serious in her mind. A deep smile would crawl back over his face as he would turn to face his guests once more. “Honored Guests!” He lifted his hands to gesture toward the large table full of food behind him. “Please, sit. Enjoy yourselves! The Gods must know you grow weary of such a serious nature in the Capital. Make yourself at home in my humble abode, and change out of those ghastly black clothing if you can!” He would sound gleeful, a tone which hid the fact he actually retained a level of concern for the Fire-Headed woman, and the beast which grows within...

InfinityImplosion: She remained entirely silent as the dragon tore down the buildings and the other man seemed to be striking fear into some of the women and men who'd come to see what all the commotion was about. Aii herself seemed otherwise nun-plussed by any of this, and she was somewhat following in her lead....not intentionally, just none of this really phased her. She wasn't even sure what the point of being here was. She heard her guide introduce her to three people she'd alread been aware of having seen them when she first arrived in the capital, causing her to give a bit of a slight sigh as she moved a hand over to place on his chest. He looked at her with a bit of confusion, before she spoke a single word. "Fail." Soon as the word left her lips the man's body disintegrated becoming a pile of ash on the floor, having infused him with the plasma that consistantly ran through her own body. Giving a bit of a slight shake of her head as she felt it quite inefficient she would look about to see who wasn't currently cowering in fear from the two men, and pointed. "Guide." She stated, the woman this time looking a little dumbstruck as to what it is that she meant. "Um...excuse me?" The woman asked of the strange female with the doll still residing on her shoulder. "I need a new guide. You live here, so guide, please." She requested, the woman seeming utterly dumbfounded but gave a light shrug, not wanting to end up like her predecessor most likely as she wandered over to stand at the woman's side. "Why is he like that?" She asked, pointing to the man in a kimono who had asked them all to follow him, the woman now looking even more dumbfounded then before if that were possible. "Uhh...Lord Nero? Like what?" She asked, causing the strange woman to give a rather dry look at the woman. "Uhh....he likes to uhh....keep up a uhh...party appearance?" She responded, not so sure on how to really answer the question that was proposed to her. The strange woman with a doll gave a rather light smile towards her and nodded. "Success." She stated, before then following behind the man in the Kimono as he seemed to suggest that they all sit at this large table they were then led to. She would blink for a moment. "Are we celebrating the coming birth of your child?" She asked him in a rather innocent sort of tone.

Tingle: ---The Whores---Giggling and skipping toward the honored guests, they stopped just before the two men. The girls twisted their legs around their opposite and bent at the waist. "Welcome, Honored guests" They spoke in unison, giggling at any chance they had. The whores split of equaly towards the two men. The four barely clothed infront of Tadashi reached out towards him attempting to touch him. If they were able to touch him they would lead him to his seat. One named Trice with hair as the summer's golden sun and eyes that shined like the sky, tried to straddle his lap and caress his face. (Trice to Tadashi) "You must be so tired from your jouney. Let us help you relax." Trice cooed to him trying to grind into his lap. The others attempted to rub at his arms and shoulders cooing and sighing into his ears. The four that had gathered infront of Valkoor were shy and afraid. They  had seen the other whores react to him when he had arrived. They would only motion for him to sit. (Manta to Valkoor) "Would you care for wine?" Manta held up a pitcher and cup towards him. (Patrice to Valkoor) "Fruit does the body well." Her fingers wrapped around a bundle of grapes. Patrice plucked one from the stem and sucked the juices out of it as she squished it between her teeth. More whores started to gather within the room. It was curious at the vast amounts edging towards the room when Nero had just sent one away.    ----------Aii----------  Aii's steps grew small ash she slowed behind the rest of the group heading towards where Nero was taking them. Her body easily hid behind the massive pillars that scattered the main row where they had landed. A female that had been rushing and cooing over Nero was looking around the area as she hurried along. Aii took it upon herself to follow her. The whore named Amanda had lead Aii to just where her curiosity piqued. An engorged woman was with her and their worried expressioned told Aii everything she needed to know. Her figure slipped to the doorway blocking the only apparent exit to the room. "My, my. It's not often you see a pregnant whore." Amanda's eyes seemed to try and pop from her very skull as she turned to face Aii. "Leave." Aii's mismatched hues swirled and glared toward Amanda causing her to squeeze and quickly leave the room. (Ymara) "It happens. We do have sex quiet often here." Ymara's face was gentle and her laugh was melodic. The smile over her lips was pretty. She was by far the best looking whore Aii had laid eyes on. (Aii) A fire churned within her stomach as she stared at the pretty whore. A growing hate sparked within her. Here Nero was, living in luxury. The aura inside of her womb resembled his own. Why was he allowed to live like this. Where was his punishment? Why is Nero, the weakest of them all, allowed to fiddle with these toys? Aii's body seemed to flash infront of Ymara. Her hand ready at the womans fire red hair pulling tightly at it. (Ymara) "I-I'm sorry. What have I done? Please... It's the princes's child. Don't hurt the baby." Ymara pleeded to Aii confused. The princes's child would surely be protected even if she were a whore.  (Aii) "Oh... Dear. The Prince's child? My mistake" Aii's face twisted with dispise as she pulled the whores hair toward the vanity and smashed it against the wood. Ymara's face instantly became wet with her blood and the swelling began around her eyes. "Why don't I help you get it out of there?" Her fingers untangled from Ymara's hair. Ymara slunk to the floor and began crawling away frantically screaming all the while. "Oh, you're not going anywhere." Aii bent quickly grabbing at the whores leg dragging her over the tatami (sp) floor. Splinters formed beneath her arms and nails as she desperatly tried to free herself from Aii's grip. Ymara's fingers wrapped around a dagger hidden just below her wardrobe and twisted her body around to face Aii. Just as fast as Ymara twisted around and thrust the dagger at her, Aii grabbed her wrist and pulled Ymara's arm closer towards Aii's body. The dagger was centimeters away from piercing her belly. "Whore's don't get toys to play with. What do you think you're doing with this toy?" The grip she had on Ymara's wrist tightened threatening to crush the bones in her wrist. Her other hand grabbed at the dagger and easily took it from the whores hand. Aii fell to her knees stratling the whores body. Her hand pinned Ymara's wrist above her head while Aii's free hand twisted the knife around her fingers. "You deserve more than what I'm about to give you." The Pommel of the dagger met the side of the whores cheek. An audible crack was heard as the bones around her eye socket shattered into pieces. Ymara screamed as the pooling blood bubbled around her nostrils as she tried to breath.

Tadasanity: -Tadashi followed the group inside of the ornate building, his senses alert for traps. From what he gathered hearing the two men speak outside, Nero was Valkoor's son. Which meant that he was Aii's brother. Which also meant that he was a Zebream-Vendassin. More royalty. He doubted this Nero would turn on he, Valkoor, and Aii, but stranger things have happened, Tadashi seldom allowed himself the luxury of underestimating anyone. The other woman's capabilities, he didn't know. She was weird to the dragon. He heard Nero's overly-cheerful voice and looked at the spread before him upon the table. At the mention of 'food', his stomach growled quite audibly. He was hungry, he hadn't eaten since his arrival upon ZenDasalen after all. He doubted he could make the trip back to the keep without a proper meal, but this food was unappetizing to him. It was dead and cooked. He shook his head.-  "Not to seem rude, but I will stand, if it is all the same to you. I also prefer my food a bit more… bloody. I will keep my clothing, thank you for the offer…. Nero, is it? I am Tadashirana, not that you are likely to remember." -His eyes studied the man carefully as he spoke. He seemed composed, but something was off, he sounded just a hair too strained, a tad too joyful when he spoke. Was he nervous? Tadashi arched an eyebrow, but said nothing. He heard the woman speak about welcoming the birth of a child and turned to her sharply.- "That redheaded woman bears *his* child." -He raised and hand and pinched the bridge of his nose- "I might have known, he was the only male here. Now I understand our purpose here." Neither Envy nor Valkoor would approve of the birth of a child borne of Nero and a whore. He suddenly lost his appetite as he thought about the repercussions of all of this. They wouldn't let such a child live and likely not the mother either. He was suddenly assaulted by the women. Before he knew it, he'd been led to a seat, with whores rubbing against him, one even deigning to sit in his lap. He grew angry and rose with an audible, animalistic growl, thrusting his arms and wings outward to throw the women off of him. He grasped the one whom tried to straddle him by the neck, his hand easily wrapping around her neck, and lifted her to eye level.- "Do. Not. Touch. Me. Filth." -He practically roared in her face. Tears flowed from her eyes now, the girl was terrified. It drew upon Tadashi's inner predatorial instincts. Fire churned in his chest and leapt into his throat. He opened his mouth wide and spewed flame directly into the whore's (Trice's) face. He threw her onto the table hard, cracking both it and her ribs, ruining the spread of food, as she screamed with her her head aflame. Her screams intensified as the flames engulfed her entire body. Tadashi turned away from her, enraged. He HATED to be touched unbidden. Tadashi's jaw unhinged with an audible POP and opened wide, revealing teeth that had transformed into curved, wicked fangs that filled his mouth. He roared for real this time, the sound reverberating throughout the room. It was enough to turn the reaction of the whores. Some screamed, some ran about, most had terror in their eyes. Through the scent of cheap perfume and sweat, he smelled blood. He looked around and noticed that Aii was gone. It had already started. His eyes fell upon Nero.- "My apologies for being a bad guest, Nero" -His voice had turned raspy and deep, slightly garbled from all of the teeth.- "I dislike being harassed"
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Valkoor: They entered the main building, and as Nero gave his welcome for them to sit and unwind, Valkoor would find a group of females as they approached him, offering refreshments. The looks the gave him would only tell that they had already heard or seen what happened to the other girls. He raised his hand to create a motion that would imply for them to disperse from him, and the look in his eyes would imply that he would only ask once. "No thank you." He stepped away from the women and found a seat at the table, but just as he got comfortable he would hear Tadashirana as he seemed to lash out at Nero. Speaking of a child, Nero's child, Valkoor would tilt his head up to let his eyes roll back to find the dragon. He released his dragonic strength and forced the women away from him, destroying the table that Valkoor had just sat down to. A bemused frown found his face as the foods and beverages flew around the room. Perhaps this was a bit flashy, but it seemed that one of these women had done a great injustice to Tadashirana. He reached for her throat and proceeded to torch the mistress. How cruel, he hadn't imagined that the dragon would be so improper. He looked around briefly to see Aii's reaction, only to realize that she was not with them. The talk of children, and the fact that Aii was nowhere to be seen, only left one conclusion in Valkoor's mind. The scent of blood found his nostrils, almost as if to confirm his thoughts. He stood abruptly, not so much as a glance to either Nero or Tadashirana as he immediately left the building. He let his nose guide him to find a smaller building in the distance, to which he would hear the sounds of an obvious struggle, followed by a woman's pleas. He followed this sound as he stepped into the building, seeing his daughter now straddling the woman that Tadashirana spoke of. The horror in her eyes told him everything he needed to know. With a frustrated sigh, he would clear his throat rather loudly to gain Aii's attention, waiting for her to acknowledge his presence before notioning with his head for her to step away from the woman. As before, it would only be asked once. He stepped closer, his boots clicking rather gently against the floor as he crossed the room. He would wait briefly for Aii to move away from her, but should she refuse to do so, he would have to accept the possibility that he would have to force her compliance. While it was an unpleasant thought, it was far less of a bother than to allow Aii to fall so low. He would allow himself to take the responsibility for this night, and the horrible things to come.

Surgeon: The happenings of the concubines clambering about as planned seemed to keep the gestured smile on his face; an ample distraction for the baby’s escape. The whores themselves were mere objects, subjects of his property and pleasure. One could say that his was the avarice of the flesh which far outweighed the desire for anything more. Luckily for his guests, this was not a level of avarice which he feared detachment of. Amanda creeped from the opening to the room, quickly running to Lord Nero’s study and tapping the coiled hilts of both of his swords, causing both of them to vibrate irrationally within the sword rack in reaction to her aura. Just as quickly, she would run from the room, becoming a blur of inhuman speed once more as she would reappear in the Great Hall. Amanda wore a fairly extravagant Kimono compared to the other concubines as she was in fact no longer one of Nero’s concubines. Rather, a personal attendant and assistant to him. Student, even. She was not unaware what Nero would desire in his course of actions. Amanda could even anticipate what he would desire. Although she knew full and well that she would be incapable of handling the amount of energy flow that the swords required, her boy would be corrupted under the amount of channeling and likely die from an odd form of cancer or heart failure. The developing happenings within the Great Hall all became rather quick into play, the rapid influx of concubines and Nero’s attempt to keep an eye on every single subject. Nero’s breathing was gradually growing heavy as he was painfully reminded why it was he avoided his family so. He refused to sit, as it was rude to sit before his guests. He only felt more relieved that Envy wasn’t there herself. Valkoor, on the other hand, seemed to have been there on motives aside from the rest; he would be a less than ideal target for his anger considering his position as King. Luckily for Nero, Valkoor would step out of the room. Nero then moved his gaze to the newer lady and the woman to her side, noticing both were without the chaos which ensured throughout his welcome. Nero finally looked toward the entry to the Great Hall where Amanda stood shaking her head ‘no.’ His breathing continued to deepen as the smile which he forced upon his face crumbled away to display a violent, and unwelcoming face of near rage. Without saying anything, he lifted his right hand toward the location of his swords, forcing an immediate bloom of the Aetheric energy to rush outwards almost like lightning through the walls. The walls would suffer a similar effect to before, liquefying while staying in place. The ether made an easy path for his swords to shatter the weapon rack and fling itself upon his will through the liquid walls. The sword ‘death’ immediately placed itself into his hand while the sword ‘life’ crashed throughout the floor creating heavy damage only to stand straight up near Nero’s left hand. “Do you not know your place?” Nero asked rhetorically. The concubine I could understand, but the FUCKING FOOD?” Upon talking, the energy within him would crawl with rage, invigorating a faint bloom of the energy across his kimono like before and creating a subconscious protective barrier of the energy. “Respect, you fucking beast, learn it! Even the darkest of souls knows respect to a man’s domain!” Nero slammed the sword into the ground causing the rapid bloom of energy to flood from the sword and into the molecules of the floor, quickly demonstrating a corrosive attachment to the ambiance. A red flare of deconstruction would mold itself away from the sword’s impact, leaving the ground in which it traversed in a havoc of molt. He would only turn his gaze to Amanda who knew to step aside. With the sword out of his hand, Nero lifted his right hand once more with the concentrating energy swirling across his palm and fingers in the direction of his fleeting aura. At this point, sickened veins would begin to traverse the network of his face and neck and what could be seen across his chest. “Ergh..” He Grunted as the energy weakened before distributing a heavy wave of the corrosive impact in the path of Aii; if not for the rapid weakening, it likely would have traversed the entire building before impacting Aii herself. With the weakening, however, it only slammed through the wall of the Great Hall. He grunted again as his rage subsided to the point that he could finally fill the effects of his illness. Nero would look away from the guests with an audible sigh as Amanda would rush to his side and hold him steady. “Lord Nero!” Amanda would yell as she clutched for his torso and held him up straight with little effort. “Have the servants clean up the mess,” A cough disrupted his commands. “And get me my medication..” Nero stated while stretching his left hand out and making a flicking gesture; propelling a large mass of debris from his mess before it would impact the table or the guests and damage the food further. Just as quickly as the rage ensued upon him, he immediately regained his composure before Valkoor would return to the Great Hall and witness what it is that he had done. “Now,” A passing smile would return to his face while the veins subsided. “Who wants desert?”[e]

Tingle: -----Whores----- Tisha, Trisha, and Trixy hurried over to the woman with a doll on her shoulder. "We serve all genders here." Trixy winked and attempted to slip her hand across the womans chest and up across her neck. "We'll even help your... friend here." Trisha smiled awkwardly toward the doll and touched its nose. Tisha was one of little word as she tried to slip into the woman's lap and caress her cheek. Her other roamed to rub at her chest. "What's your name, sweetheart?"  -------Aii---------- Ymara continued to wail, but her cries were growing softer as Aii readjusted her face. "You should stop trying now, Darling." She moved a single finger away from holding the knife, the others continued to hold tightly, and slipped it over the whore's plump lips. Aii could see why Nero had bed her the most to the point of pregnancy. "You will not live through this. Give up... Let yourself go." The knife moved and pressed against the inside corner of the whores mouth. 'Where's that pretty little smile you had for me?" She sliced the knife gently, leaving a tiny tear in the corner of her mouth. The more the whore opened to cry out the more the slit began to grow. It was hard to notice, not even Aii had began to feel it as the rage rose within her, but Paella had been with Aii helping her the entire time. Paella's grip tightened around Aii's limbs forcing the knife up to her own mouth. Aii's tongue slipped out and slid over the blood dripping off of the dagger. She closed her eyes, a flash of blue hues apeared for a split second as the blood rolled around her mouth. Aii pulled the dagger just between her own legs and slipped the knife against the whores leg cutting her just enough to feel the pain. ~Ahem...~ A loud rumble filled the room. Aii raised the dagger from between her legs and tuned her gaze toward the sound. Her expression was wild and a glimpse of the blue hues would surely been seen by Valkoor before going into hiding once again. Aii looked back down at the whore. She was unrecognizable. Her hand opened letting the dagger drop to the ground and she lifted herself and stepped away from Ymara. Rubbing the back of her hand over her cheek, a smear of blood formed. Her eyes cast downward towards the ground; she did not want to meet the gaze of her father. Paella had gotten the better of her; Aii didn't control her fury and allowed it to consume her. Jealousy would be her weakness. "I-..... " She was at a loss for words. She continued on to just outside of the room, her hands wiped over her legs attempting to wipe the blood off of them, but it was useless. Bits of hair were still wrapped in her fingers. --------Ymara-------- She weakly lifted her hand to the side of her lips. "Tttttthank you..." Her other hand lifted toward the large figure that had chased her attacker away. Aii had been wrong, her thoughts comforted her, she /would/ survive this. Ymara slid her elbows against the floor in an attempt to sit up, but her body was shaking and it was useless.

InfinityImplosion: The sudden destruction of the table had caused for the woman who had suggested celebrating the birth of life to merely stand there and blink in a bit of confusion. She looked to the ongoing events that transpired afterwards both with confusion and just the tiny bit of amusement. Looking to her guide she would ask "Are family gathering always so.....explosive?" She asked. The woman, who had remained firmly behind the strange female with the doll as to avoid any of the violence that had transpired merely nodded. "I've been told there's usually more death though, but I suppose that may be cause the queen herself isn't around." She stated. The strange woman merely gave a slight. "Huh" to that before turning around to face the commotion once again. She would note that some of the cake from the table had splashed upon her, and taking a finger she would slide it along her chest in a completely unsultry motion to then lick along her tongue to taste. It would of course be literally vaporized before it even got to her stomach, since her body wasn't built for taking in solid food as such. Still, it tasted nice, so she contued to lick up little bits of cake here and there, even to Tadashi and licking some that had landed upon his cheek(again, in an utterly non-sexual way) before moving over to Valkoor and licking the little bit off of his forearm that she saw. None of the whores had any cake on them, as they had either been burned alive or removed from the vicinity of either their own or another's accord. Nero seemed to have a little bit along his chest, which she would scoop up with her cinker and then slip into her mouth. She looked over to her guide while taking a little bit off of her cheek with her finger and showing it to her. "Waht is this?" She asked. The female guide blinked, before responding. "It is called Cake." She stated. "Many find it to be delicious." She said, while the strange woman with the doll seemed to be nodding excitedly while then smiling. "It is! I want more. Can you get me more?" She asked, the woman seeming to blink even more so at this response. "Are you sure this is the right-" The strange woman with a doll held up a hand. "NONSENSE! Things like cake are to be enjoyed, when is it never the right time to enjoy something?" She asked, and the female guide gave a bit of a light blink as the woman with the doll sat down on one of the only reamaining chairs. As she sat down, she noted a few of the strange scantilly clad dressed woman who were often referred to as whores coming over to her, causing her to look at them with a bit of a wary, almost deer in a headlights sort of look at what it is that they might want wit hher. While she was able to pick up on their general emotion, she didn't really....understand what it meant, it was....different, not an unpleasant different, like sadness, anger, grief, or the like, but still a wierd different and she wasn't all too sure that she liked it. As one of them went to poke Mal on the nose and state that they could give her attention she gave a bit of a blink. "NO!" She said, taking Mal off of her shoulder and then clutching her tight to her chest. She would not allow for these women to do whatever...strange....unsacrimonious.....and uncouth acts to tarnish Mal's pristine reputation. "My Mal....mine." She said, barely registering the woman who sat on her lap other than the weight that she presented. The touch along her chest merely made her feel a little odd, and the more they pampered her with attention the more she realized something. "I just want some cake."

Tadasanity: -Tadashi seemed to have regained his composure. He closed his eyes and shut his mouth, his jaw rehinging and his teeth reverting back to human-like state. He took a deep breath and quelled the fire within his chest. He'd have to check that temper of his. He looked at what was once Trice, now a smoking, charred skeleton. His attention turned to Nero sharply as he watched the man lose his temper, watched him summon a blade. He moved aside as the sword left a trail of destruction in his wake, then began drawing upon his own power, his temper reawakening. Multiple sigils and markings began to appear upon his skin, dark red as if drawn in blood. Mana flowed through his body freely and arcs of white lighting began to spark from the pores of his skin. The air would grow thick and Tadashi balled his fists, spread his wings, and took flight into the air as he watched Nero slam the sword into the ground and corrode the floor, the spiderwebbing energy making its way in Tadashi's direction. This runt wanted a fight? Tadashi would oblige. His inner Chaos Heart threatened to burst open, opening a flood gate of evil energy though the dragon that would cause a savage Bloodlust. Purple flames rose from the corners of his mouth. Before Tadashi could start flinging death curses, however, he beheld the man give a strained expression, veins popping out against his skin. He watched the excess energy leak from Nero and whip towards a wall. Being heavily oriented toward life energies and the flow of mana, the dragon could see it in the visible spectrum. He forced himself to calm down, the sigils and arcs of lighting disappearing back into the pores of his skin. He beheld another young wench who had emerged earlier attend to Nero. She moved quickly and appeared more sure of herself than the others. Nero's nurse, perhaps. He had an inclination to strike her down and let Nero suffer, but this wasn't who he was anymore. He had to remind himself. He landed back upon the ground, took a deep breath and spoke, shakily.- "I would not kill a sick man. It is not honorable. I apologize for defiling your home, but I would do so again should your cheap women deign to touch me again. Only one person has that honor." -He said quietly.- "I think that my meal lies elsewhere." -He'd seen Valkoor leave and he walked in that direction, stopping when he neared Nero. He turned his silver eyes to attempt to meet his.- "You need to treat the source of your sickness, not the symptoms. You have the smell of death about you." -With that, he passed Nero by, passing by the strange woman who was now being groped by various whores as well. He felt a tongue brush against his cheek, it seemed that cake had landed upon him. In an involuntary reaction, he turned and spewed more flame in the direction whomever had licked him, then realized a moment later that it was the strange girl. No matter. No one touched him. He clacked his jaws shut and departed, not even looking to see if the girl who'd had licked him burned to a crisp or not. He didn't have to walk far before the smell of blood became even more pungent. He came across Aii standing outside of a room, absolutely bloody. He sniffed once, that blood was not her own. His eyes widened slightly and he gazed at her for a moment. He had the inclination to reach out and touch her, offer some comfort, but he stayed his hand and instead, he thundered past, standing at the threshold. The redhead that he had seen earlier was a bloody mess, carved to the point where he couldn't even tell that she was the same person. Valkoor stood near her. Tadashi had a feeling about what was about to happen. He heard the girl speak as well. His expression one of marble, he spoke to Valkoor- "If you are going to do what I believe you are going to do, end her quickly, or I will." -His stomach chose that moment to rumble loudly and he looked at the girl hungrily before averting his gaze, feeling disgusted with himself .

Valkoor: As Valkoor lowered to kneel before the woman, a silent Aii having already made her way outside, his mind relapsed to the moment that Aii turned to face him. Her eyes were not hers, they were replaced with something much more sinister. He felt as though he were looking at Sinn, the same ravenous gaze that threatened to swallow the world. It weighed on him, to see her change so drastically before his eyes. But he could not focus on that now. His eyes lowered to find the bump that escaped the tattered clothing this maiden wore, or what was left after the apparent beating she had received from his daughter. She whimpered out a 'thank you' to him, of which he would simply imagine it had never been said. He was doing her no favor by sending Aii away. His eyes shot up, commanding the woman to meet his gaze. His optical prowess danced like flames throughout his crimson pools, enticing the woman into a state that rendered her without will. This was somewhat of a mercy to the woman, as she would be far too lost to even feel her death. Although her fate was sealed long before this night, at least she had endured all of the pain that was left to give. Seeing the life leave her eyes, he gently pressed his hand to her stomach, feeling the warmth of blood rush beneath her skin. He could feel something else, a weak ripple that struck his palm. The ripple grew fainter with every passing moment, indicating the life within her to be quickly flickering out. His fingers curled over her skin slowly, not so much as a scratch to be left. It was a great testament to the control of his even greater strength, to not harm her in that moment. But the pain would come. As his clawed fingertips gathered at the center of her stomach, he would hear footsteps as they approached the building. Perhaps the weight of these last few moments had distracted his senses, but he would only realize at the last moment that it was Tadashirana to join him in the room. He spoke to him, almost pleading for him to end her life quickly. Valkoor would reply in a tone that reflected the emptyness he now felt in what he was about to do. "Tend to my daughter's affairs, not mine." He would then send his hand into the woman's body. It would rush through her guts and force into the uteran wall before her mind could even attempt to relay the pain, gripping the small child in his hand before ripping it out of her stomach just as swift. The blood sprayed from her like a rushing tide, staining Valkoor entirely. His hair dampened with a murky red, his skin reflecting what little light surrounded them as it beamed from the liquid that dripped from his chin. Only his robes remain unsatiated, as its lively manner had swallowed every drop that landed on it. The shadowy tendrils hissed with hunger as they received a taste of human blood, the echoes of demonic voices trailing from his sleeves and flooding his mind. He quickly pushed himself away from the woman, who would have already lost far too much blood to be saved. He turned his gaze to the small creature in his hand, noticing how still it was. He realized this to be his grandchild, the weak scent of a Chrysalyn escaping the blood that covered the baby. It was unfortunate to see yet another of his kin fall to someone else's 'greater good.' But it was a necessity for him to do. For him to be the source for blame to this night would be much less of a problem than for Aii to be the target. He knew very well that his son would surely disapprove of this, but the fact that he knew little of what Nero's rage could ensue meant that letting Aii perform the task could inevitably put her in danger. In Envy's eyes, Aii's safety would be more important than Valkoor's, which was something he happened to agree on. Perhaps it was a parent thing. He turned his attention to Tadashirana, before slowly shifting his hand to let the lump of flesh fall to the floor. Stepping over it, he would slip past the dragon and escape into the open area without sound. Several eyes found his bloodied form, as he realized just how monstrous he would appear to them. Perhaps it was fitting, to be viewed as a monster. Fear had been his longest and oldest friend, after all. He ignored the gazes of the many bystanders, as he stepped onto the main road. He would not return to the main building, nor would he search for Aii. The night put a heavy toll on what remained of Valkoor's sanity, as he replayed the scene of killing his own grandchild over and over. He had slain many innocents in his life, but never had an innocent Chrysalyn been cut by his hand. Had he really fallen so far?..
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Surgeon: [Nero] As if the strain of the utilization of his etheric prowess was not enough to collapse him, Nero felt an overwhelming and sharp pain in his gut. The extension of his aura, the lineage of his sickness, crippled into the void as it was obscured by death and the lack of existence which followed. A void of the energy he once felt quickly forcing a weight upon his stomach and chest. At this point, Maranda was already attempting to help the young Lord to his private quarter. There was very little point in acknowledging the matter as it was an inevitability. It was something that Nero had half anticipated in the very back of his mind yet he still could not yield to the sensation of defeat. He was falling limp and more and more dependent upon Amanda’s inhuman strength with each passing step. “How fate can be cruel…” Nero though internally, reminiscing upon the origin of his illness. An illness of his own soul, a curse which marked his soul for destruction under the weight of aether. As much was the price for the crime of entering the aether realm without being marked with a rite of passage which would protect one’s ambiguity. As much was the price for the crime of being a gifted child who knew no better than what he was doing. With each utilization of his aether influence, the toll on his soul would become more and more evident to his physical body; eating away at his soul would inevitably weaken his body to the point of sickness, constant fatigue, and ultimately death. It had been Nero’s intention to keep up the façade of glee a joy, masking the internal fear of his impending doom and the lack of lineage which he had to succeed him. His life was like a passing haze, he felt, in comparison to his siblings and his family and parent. The CruEnd clan is one without the concept of love or worldly attachment which Nero had grown so fond of without the capacity to feel the effects of ‘love’ being scratched away from his DNA by several generations of ‘evil’ in his ancestry. Segregating himself from the rest of the core branch of the family was the only ideal way of tucking his tail and running off to die in peace. Though, the happenings of this night would only be a sick reminder that even that much would be impossible. The last thing Nero could remember stating was “Who want cake?” Before falling victim to his fatigue and collapsing. Now, he was be under the effects of a sickening haze. This was not an abnormality, it is common and occurred almost every time Nero utilized his powers. “Fix the disease at the source; not the treatments” would radiate throughout the back of his mind in this nearly comatose state. “Tch.. As if it were so simple. My very soul is being pulled to the aether and becoming part of the realm almost as ritual sacrifice. The only way to treat that would be to put me out of my misery,” Nero thought fading in and out of consciousness. [Amanda] For a passing moment, Amanda felt safe as Nero-Sama regained his bearing and offered desert to his guests. She was beginning to let loose of him before his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his knees gave out, forcing Amanda to intervene and grapple his body in order to hold him up right. His feeble legs were obviously still trying to hold his body up. “Nero-Sama.. Of all times..” She thought aloud as she would begin to quickly drag his weight out of Great Hall, looking back at the remaining woman who seemed to be enjoying the cake. “What an insane family Nero-sama must put up with.” Amanda contemplated while striding to Nero’s private quarters and passing the woman Aii without the capacity to restrain from giving her a passing glance of hatred as they crossed paths. Several meters ahead she could feel the weakened psyche of her teacher opening up to become more exposed and vulnerable, his thought would become comprehensible to her quite easy as she picked up on the last bit: “The only way to threat that would be to put me out of my misery…” His pathetic voice whispered outward of his psyche as she couldn’t help but to be a bit shocked. Amanda knew full and well that her Master was depressed, but not the point where he figured death was the only viable solution to his sickness. Upon arriving at the door, her mind would extend and force a level of telekinetic energy upon the door, causing it to creak open at their arrival. “Nero, hold on, let me get you comfortable!” She tried to keep her concerned voice hushed as she used her telekinesis to open up the extravagant covers to his bed and placed him underneath their safety while simultaneously dimming the lights. The woman would sigh while looking around and then back at Nero-Sama and stepping away. “I could use this havoc to escape and finally be free.” She thought to herself, knowing that in his weakened state Nero could never dream of reading her thoughts. “I could finally be a free woman, and leave this land and these people.” She paced, before finding her wandering eyes back on Nero’s almost peaceful face. “But then, would I really be free?” She asked herself while stepping out of the bedroom and back to the kitchen area to prepare the staff to clean up the mess of the guests.

InfinityImplosion: The man who breathed fire on her did nothing but actually sate her appetite. While the cake was utterly delicious, it didn't exactly give her any sustenance. Fire on the other hand absolutely gave her the necessary chemicals that she needed to survive, and she sucked it all up like a vacuum. So, no, she wans't burnt, if anything she was rather full at the moment....though her desire for cake was still something she really wanted. The whores that sorrounded her seemed to jump back a little when she took Mal into her arms and had craddled him, the three of them giving soft little coos as if an attempt to calm her down. "Oh we're sorry we didn't mean to." "Please forgive us Lady Serenity we had no idea." "Promise we won't let anyone lay a finger on Mal." They all seemed to say in a soothing tone of voice around Serenity, before the woman who'd been her guide had come back into the room. "Lady Serenity, your cake is waiting for you in the guest room that's been set up for you." Without even giving a warning the woman holding the doll sat up, pushing all three of the sluts away from her(and the one that had been sitting on her lap fell to the ground) without even giving them so much as an "excuse me". She didn't need to ask the guide where the room was, the cursory glance at her mind had already informed her of it's location. She had decided also that whatever it is was going on in the main hall didn't concern her, it was a purely family matter and Serenity wasn't related to them. Unless asked to deal with something or for her advice she wouldn't see a reason to intrude on the little family gathering. Stopping at doorway that would lead to the halls which held many of the guest rooms she would turn back to the woman she'd appointed to as guide. "If anyone asks, I am not to be bothered unless my council or presence is needed. This feels too...too personal for me. Let me..know when we leave." And with that, she left the room to go feast on the delicious cake.

Tingle: A sick satisfaction churned within her mind mixing with guilt and anger. Flashes of the past came before her eyes. Seventeen year old Aii standing before her mother as Envy pressed her hand to her stomach. Aii had just found out there was a possible human growing within her womb. A vile expression was on Envy's face as she spit the words /Whore/. Another flash - The War Don protected Envy with a rune shield. At the time Aii had little knowledge of her own abilities or that she could have easily gotten rid of it, but instead the bones in her hand cracked and crushed against the shield. The next reel of images was the War Don's hand magically within her womb lighting a fire to the child. Blood dripped through the sides of her clothing and onto the floor. This had been Aii's punishment, though death may have been better for her mind. They spared her, for whatever reason, but she lived with these memories. The Ill Prince knocks up a whore and he's free. Where was his punishment. His whore recieved the same punishment and Aii's guard, but where was Nero's? Aii had nearly lost her sanity, but Nero was fast asleep and being carried by the Whore trying to help the other one escape. "I should have you join your friend." Aii's voice was strong as she called toward the whore Amanda. (Paella)~"Can we?"~ Paella's excitement was audible. "No." Aii stated outloud, those around her would surely have no idea why she said it at all. Leaning her back against the wall she slid down to sit on the floor. Her knees were bent up toward her chest. Spreading her legs, she leaned forward and wiped her bloody hands gainst the floor. Only a few trails of blood were left behind, the thinner crimson covered parts were starting to try while others were still dripping. Aii had not seen Tadashi walk past her or even pause a moment to look at her. Aii did see however Valkoor walk past her without a word. It must have been hard on him. He very possibly had just watched Aii take the life of his grandchild. Aii didn't know if the whore had died from her abuse or if the child had survived the abuse as well. She wanted comfort, she wanted to know that the whore and Nero deserved it, just like she had, though, she knew no one would give that to her. It wasn't something anyone within the CruEnd Clan or Vendassin family did. Aii stayed in her position on the floor, but moved her elbows to rest on her knees. Her slender hands held her head up. A few strands of her grey hair would surely be stained by the blood as the lightness of her hair was easily stainable. As she began to focus more, an aura sprouted from the room behind her; just one aura that Aii clearly recognized. "Could you get rid of the whores body?" Aii called softly to Tadashi.

Tadasanity: -Tadashi watched everything, heard the girl's weakly beating heart stop as Valkoor's blade ripped her stomach open. He didn't look at Valkoor as he walked past, his gaze transfixed upon the girl, though he did note that the man was in obvious distress. The dragon knew that he himself would be as well, if he were forced to kill his own grandchild. Such savagery from this family, what had he gotten himself into? He took a step toward the body and examined it more closely. She'd been struck with a knife many times, Tadashi knew who had done so, Aii was covered in this woman's blood. What was worse was that Aii had struck the woman in such a way that she remained alive with horrible wounds, torturing the girl. His stomach rumbled again, louder. His jaw unhinged once more, those horrible teeth sprouting as he did so. He was still horribly hungry, a bite couldn't hurt. A fierce pounding began to resound in his ears; so much so that he didn't register the fact that Aii had called out to him. He slowly walked near the body and knelt, gripping it by the hair and raising it up. His jaws descended down in a blur, biting into the body's head. His powerful jaws crushed the skull and he jerked his head, taking most of the girl's head with him, leaving only a section of her lower jaw. His head swept downward again, this time taking the body's shoulder in his jaws. With a sickening crack and grotesque tearing noise, he ripped the right arm and shoulder free, blood spurting from the still warm body, splattering his face and chest. In two crunches and swallows, the arm and shoulder were gone. Tadashi's mind was akin to that of a shark feeding now, his baser instincts fully in control. He reached into the body's opened stomach and began pulling out entrails, he didn't like the taste of them. He threw the rope-like intestines to the side, then blasted them with fiery breath, reducing them to ash. This done, he proceeded to devour the upper half of the body in seconds, leaving only the bottom torso and legs. He paused to wipe his face, though it was in vain, he was covered in blood now, then set upon the girl's legs. After several more bloody, disgusting seconds, the body was gone, digesting in Tadashi's stomach. He rose, his rational mind returning as his hunger eased. His jaw rehinged, his fangs descending into his gums to be replaced with more human teeth. He regarded himself in horror. What had he done? He thought himself better than this. He looked down at the large splatters of blood he left behind, then backed away. He left the room in a daze, walking to the wall opposite of Aii and sitting down against it, his elbows resting on his knees. His form was so bulky that his feet nearly touched Aii's despite the size of the hallway and his tail came down with a thump to rest beside her. He looked to Aii, who was bloody as well, then said.- The term "psychopathic" comes to mind when I think of us in this state, le'talin(love). -He smiled a grim, blood-filled grin, completely unlike his earlier smile, hoping his weak attempt at humor got through to her.-

Tingle: "That's what it means to be normal here." Aii folded her arms over her knees and rested her chin against them. The heterochromic glint of plum and blood hues stared at him; they seemed as if she could barely hold them open. Pushing out a leg, she let her head and arms fall for a moment before returning to an errect state. Her slender extended leg crossed over Tadashi's own leg; she wanted to touch him. There was a small comfort there on just the smallest of touches, even if it were just their legs. "Well, I'm not sure whether we should report to Envy or let her find out on her own." Aii pressed her hands against the floor and popped herself up to an errect position before bending ever so slightly towards Tadashi's face. "You're not so innocent after all." Paella had began to show herself and take over Aii's body for a moment. Her once purple and red eyes were replaced momentarilly with glacier blue pools. Leaning forward, Aii's hand raised in an attempt to caress Tadashi's face. If he allowed her, she would pull ever so gently to bring him closer to her. Paella forced Aii's tongue out between her lips and against Tadashi's bloodied cheek. She gathered a line of blood before allowing Aii control once again. "I... Uh..." The color returned to her eyes as they buldged from her skull. She swiveled quickly on one foot towards the whores room. How would she explain such a thing to him? She gathered the copper taste from her lips and mouth. Spitting to the side, she looked around the room. He had gotten rid of her body after all. This could become very useful in the future. As she took a step forward she felt something brush the bottom of her shoe. She retracted her step and found the corpse of the fetus just below it. "They'll probably want this as proof." A silk scarf or possible dress hung just within Aii's reach. She gathered it and wrapped the fetus within it. It would start to stink soon and the cloth might help to contain it. She left the room with the bundled baby within her hands. "Can you..." She paused a moment, her fingers held it tightly. ".. take this away from me?" She extended her arms out to Tadashi, hoping he may, somehow, know that it would not do well for her mentally to hold onto it.

Tadasanity: -Tadashi allowed his head to fall back for a moment.- "Your definition of normal is different than mine. Or I would say so, had I not just devoured the body of a whore." -He took note of her leg draping across his. Her touch, he did not mind. He lifted his head back towards Aii as she bent toward him. He smirked and was about to retort a response to her 'innocent' remark, but instead was surprised as he was greeted by the sight of her eyes shifting to an ice blue color. Before he could react, he felt her tongue slide upon his cheek. His instincts rose up within him once more, but this time in a more… passionate way. His body shuddered from the effort of pushing those instincts aside, this was why he didn't allow himself to be touched, for fear he would lose control. Most dragons were creatures ruled by instinct; Tadashi was an anomaly in that regard, he retained a rational mind and an instinctual, animalistic nature. It was difficult balancing the two, as evidenced by his last meal. Once he regained focus, he blinked. What the hell was that? It looked like possession, Tadashi had seen its like many a time before, the eyes changing, demeanor shifting, it didn't take a Sage of the Arts to determine that. What shared Aii's body with her? Aii's eyes had returned to their purple and red hue now and she turned from him, spitting the blood out. He rose as she did and watched her obtain what he had (thankfully) missed. The fetus that Valkoor had cut out. He reached out when Aii asked him to take it and took hold of it. He unwrapped the fetus and threw the dressings to the side, then placed two fingers on its head. He bowed his head and began to speak a prayer.- "Ceurlessi, take this child and hold him close, for he is with you now. Let his sleep remain unbroken and his rest eternal and walk with him into the realm beyond, so that he may forever remain with the Elder Gods." -With that, his speech became a mix of broken Draconic and Elvish. He removed his fingers and spread his hand over the fetus. Blue light glowed from his palm and enveloped the fetus, speading throughout its form. He raised his hand and closed it suddenly, the light materializing and hardening into blue crystal. Within seconds, the fetus was encased in this crystal. It would serve to preserve it, preventing rot. He picked up the dressings once more and wrapped the crystalized fetus within it.- "I suppose we should bring this back to Envy, though I am not her dog nor servant, she can figure out what happened on her own. If she asks, tell her it was my idea. There is no need for us to hurry back to the keep, unless you have business there. And, Aii…." -He raised his head and looked directly at her now.- "Whom do you share your body with?"

Tingle: Aii shifted her hips moving her weight to one of her legs. Her arms slipped up her slender waist and fell to rest over her smaller chest. Turning her head to the side, she couldn't watch as he unfolded the wrappings around the baby. Her eyes awkwardly wondered around the hall as his prayer filled it. It was nice... the gentleness he held with the child, though he had just devoured his dead mothers corpse. A light caught her eyes, forcing her to look into his hands. A blue crystal had formed around it's dead form. Though she appreciated his concern for her being in trouble, she knew it would be find. "There's no need. I do not suspect Envy will be disappointed in me or Valkoor. She may even love the fact that you had her for a snack." As sick as it was Aii couldn't help but smile as she teased Tadashi. ~"And, Aii..."~  Aii moved her gaze back to meet his, the smile still present."Hm?" She cocked her head to the side. ~"Whom do you share your body with?"~ She froze where she stood. Was he able to tell? Was Aii too crazed to just be by herself? What had given her away and had anyone else come to see it as well? No one had dared to ask her such a question before. Envy had been the only person to ever meet Paella, besides Sinn meeting her in a past life. How was Aii supposed to answer this question? How much would she even be able to tell him without giving away a weakness within the female line of Vendassins? "How do you..." The voice that moved between Aii's lips did not sound like her own as it wavered and cracked. Bringing her dirty hands up to her face, she rubbed at her forehead and eyes with both of them. Her fingers lifted like a visor over her eyes. "I don't know where to begin." The pools within her sockets danced back and forth between Tadashi's own silver hues. "Her name is Paella." The words sputtered out with hot breath. "She is a... Banshee? I don't get to see her when she's... here." She pointed to the ground. "Female Vendassin woman are born with a bonded soul that lays dormant until they reach the age of 18. A year after I...." Her voice began to waver again. ".. lost my own child... I became sick as Paella battled me for control of my body. I hid myself away from the rest of the family as they probably would have ended my life." These words had never left her mouth. It was terrifying, odd, and releaving all at once. "We are still at war, but she has realized that I am not weak." Paella mocked and mimiced Aii's words within the back of her mind. (Paella) ~"I will win." Her voice grew high and annoying as she copied Aii's last words. ~".. I am not weak... Pathetic."~ Aii shook her head waiting to see if he would say anything to her, if at all. As she waited to motioned for them to start walking down the hall. He was right, there was no rush to go to the capital If he was still willing to put up with the banshee and everything that came with Aii, she would start to take him toward her home. The little piece of ZenDasalen she could call her own. She turned them to the direction it would be and just traveled slowly on foot as the spoke to one another. It would be a time for them to get to know each other.

Tadasanity: -Tadashi listened to her explanation silently, rocking back and forth on his heels. She seemed shocked that he was able to tell that she shared her body with another and he could tell that she spoke with some distress. After she was finished, he stood stock still for a solid minute, then cradled the crystalized fetus in his left arm and walked toward her. He reached out with his free hand to rest it upon her shoulder, if she allowed it.- "You seem confused, Aii, so I will tell you about some of my history, why I could tell at a glance that someone else inhabits your body with you. I was trained in many schools of the Arts in my lifetime, what you might call magic. I studied Elemental Manipulation, Demonology, Entropy, Thaumaturgy, Geomancy, Alchemy, Healing, even Exorcism and many more. You give all the signs of possession, though if it was demonic in nature, I would have sensed it when you first touched me. This is how I was able to discern that your body was shared; the shifting of your eyes, your very demeanor. I could have been wrong, but I suspected I was not. And anyway… This matters little to me. I told you that my kind bond for life. Although we are not wed yet, I accept you in your entirety. Uth ne alla le'talin (You are my love{Draconic}) Even you, Paella." -He directed his last sentence at the other soul within her, eyes fully set upon hers. She had such lovely eyes. The other's were a bit colder, but still beautiful, as if looking at a glacier's. He would move to wrap her in a short, one-armed embrace, if she let him, then let her go and follow her down the hallway, crystal still firmly tucked in his arm, that he'd take with him. Once outside, he noticed that she walked still, meaning that this time, they would travel on foot instead of upon his back, which he had no issue with. He had much to tell Aii about his old life and who he was and, he suspected, she with him as well.-
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