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 Journey to Platonic Island

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PostSubject: Journey to Platonic Island   Journey to Platonic Island I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2015 1:42 am

KaiErgoVendassin: Among the tall grass, the fireflies whizzed about the beautiful place with the slightest chill of northerly air. The cold breeze rolled across the clearing once more before vanishing completely, leaving stillness, and not too cold air. While the stillness held, the fireflies themselves seemed to slowdown, seeming like tiny lingering lights in the clearing. Disturbing the slow and still silence, 8 ft wide and 1ft tall, in the center of the clearing, a large portal of pure white black lit flames erupted from the ground, sounding like hellfire erupting from a blowtorch. The flames swayed wildly, the peak of them leaning to the left slightly. Within the flames, a black silhouette could be seen making its way toward the forefront. The peak of a sword could be seen sticking out from the left side of his back diagonally. As Kai made his way out, his pupils narrowed slightly, as if he was seeing somwehre other than where he was at. He stared forward and stopped 5feet away from the portal, waiting for Ren to emerge as well. In his eyes, he was seeing a dark place with fire everywhere. Among the flames, a woman with red hair and tribal tattoo’s covering the right side of her body. She seemed to be fighting a man much larger than herself, a forsaken male, but this man was ancient as she was. His body was littered in tattoos and his teeth were black, but one could tell they were not black from dirt, but black metal, unmistakeably adamantium. Kai folded his arms, seeing everything unfold before him, but not before him, just before his eyes but not his body. Suddenly, as the woman made to strike the man in the head, the man vanished. The woman stood there with an angry expression before sighing. Immediately, she turned her head, looking straight at where Kai seemed to be watching from, waving to him and blowing a kiss. Kai frowned slightly and closed his eyes, opening them again, and actually seeing the things around him, like the tall old tree’s and fireflies which seemed to be suspended by the force of his portal. His right hand would reach out in front of him to one, and with a small chuckle, he curled his middle finger and held it with his thumb, building up force before releasing it, and flicking the firefly away, watching it sail away as if it defied gravity. “Well. Then.” Kai said before looking back to the portal once more and walking away to stand away from the portal.

0xRegretx0: -The first couple hours Blayne had been content to sit in the carriage with Queen Envy. But soon he found himself hating the way the wood felt beneath him and the way the wagon seemed to wobble at every turn making him want to leap from the vehicle and lay waste to the wood that held it together just for the sheer anoyance he felt from the slight nasuae in his stomach. He of course kept himself nder control, regal and proper in the presance of the Queen. Once they reached the first town he had decided it may be best if he had a change of attire for the trip as not to make people think he was there to slay them all, which to his satisfaction many did. A simple outfit would do for him, so packing up Phoenix plume and the rest of his attire, including his shielded cloak, he went to the market with the few coins he still had left from his job at the fort. He bought a regal outfit, having seemed to pay about a quarter of it was worth, and had it fitted and tailored for him in a matter of an hour. The undershirt was a black cotton while the overcoat was a tougher thicker fabric that he knew nothing about. He did know that the red borders and cuffs made him feel right at home. The pants where thick but still could breath and where not terribly hot to wear. He bought a small tie as well and tied the knot around one of his rune stones, having carved the shield rube into it. He now had a slight afforded protection against knives in the dark or cut throats though he had doubted he would need it. He chose to wear a pair of his own shoes, a small skull seemingly burned into the leather of each grinning up at the world. Once satisfied with his new look he went back to the road and placed his hand to the ground. Runes flashed and his shadow mount began to come from the ground his head sliding out first with sounds of screaching hooves and screaming souls. Once his horse was fully out he mounted it and sighed in relief. Finally no wood beneath his arse no constant rocking none of the infernal sickness. He smiled and rode out ahead of the party. The next five hours where a treck through Endless Days and battle grounds where many insane and all around malicious people seemed to watch them wherever they went. Many seemed to avoid attacking them but 3 hours out from the town a group of over 50 men decided they would try their luck. Seeing them coming from the distance, Blayne laughed aloud trying to keep from riding out to meet them in battle. He had left all of his weapons in the cart and he did not feel like retrieving them at this moment. As the road on them Blayne began to focus on the runes around his head. 3 should do just nicely for humans such as these. Even a weak sorceror could take a small group of 50. He counted off the runes in his head. Earth water shield. He smirked and began to focus the spell waiting for the right time. It took the men nearly 3 minutes to reach them and by that time the spell had been ready for a long while. 30 feet away the 50 men suddenly seemd to fall into the earth as it disapeared and 50 men and horses where trapped in a lake. Before they could swim to the sides a shield covered the lake, one to keep them in not others thing sout, and pressed down crushing them into the water. 50 men drowned as they carried on and Blayne smiled loving the feeling as each body winked out beneath his shield. At last they could see the check point ahead, a pillar of flames marking the area and he rode back to the cart and looked inside "My Queen we have arrived" he said in his smooth voice, the voice of a cunning man, one who could be the most loyal, or the most decitful.

EnvyVendassin: -The thought of leaving Aii behind like that is something cruel and unusual, no questions about that. Sitting in the carriage with Sir Blayne was nothing but silence kept between the two. Envy didn’t talk much, she didn’t need too, and if she wasn’t talking about a mission or orders to be set or sent out; she is woman of little words. In her case, it’s the closest thing of bliss she could ever offer without knowing it, or is it? Many wouldn’t know that, her personal thoughts were lethal more than others. She kept her mouth shut because mentally she was reviewing thoughts she reminded herself about and looked over it mentally on the ride to the stop point before Platonic Island. Shifting her buttocks in the cushion of her hard seat wasn’t enjoyable, knowing the ride is a long one, and on the whole way there she sat in the carriage even when they stopped at the first town. Before actually getting to the first town she knew where they were. Death and decay filled her nostrils, with that smell alone she figured they were somewhere near, ‘Endless Days’ but not in the heart of it. The black drapes in the carriage were tied up off to whichever side. The view clear as day, fires flickered and danced like a gipsy dancer, wild and free and if not careful it can rob you blind by taking a life, and to Envy it seemed so beautiful. The burning walls of collapsing houses, the people who fought in the middle of the dirt road where she heard the coach driver occasionally yelling. “MOVE, out of the way! YOU HEARD ME, OUT OF THE WAY!” Envy shifted her eyes to Sir Blayne when every time the coach driver had to yell to whomever it was outside the carriage to make way. Her gaze upon his face did not last long before returning to watch the corruption of people destroy each other on her soil. Some would ask, why a Queen would allow such things happen as she watched. Women and men raped and beaten as the three carriages past right by, Goblins that are ten times the women and men sizes rip the clothes which covered them, right off their very backs to reveal their nudity which their skin carried patches of dirt from the place they lived at, and soon grabbed and handled in such a devouring way ripping their dignity from them before their death came. Envy watched men women and even children be treated as she past and was sure the others saw this too in the two carriages which followed behind her leading one. Looking through the window of this chaos she called beauty. “My, that man threw child down that well.” Very calm and soothing, like it was nothing, she didn’t say anything more about it as they passed on. Folding her right hand into a solid fists, she hit the ceiling two time. ‘Thump. Thump!’ “Hour stop next town.” Envy said. Folding her arms and tucked under her 37D cups. It was about an hour before they got to the next place. She heard the whispering of Sinn whom lingered in the Vendassin’s couscous’s , Envy knew she mocked her ever since she woke up from the test tube she was made from, but never had the slightest idea if Zyse, Kai, Nero, and Aii heard Sinn as well. She knew personally she heard Sinn herself but never knew the others did as well. (Sinn> ) ~” Your daughter should have been dealt with, and you know it!” ~ Envy heard her voice again ~ “That is your daughter too, I’m from you am I not? You shouldn’t put yourself down so horridly.”(<Envy) ~”Shut up girl, you were supposed to be a new body for, and if it wasn’t for the Wintersun’s ,I would have your body and your mind would have been nothing of what you have now. Give up. Because you will fall Envy, remember; I will always be part of you. You are where you are at because of me.” ~ (<Sinn) the time Envy was actually finishing talking in the privacy of her mind with Sinn, who visited her rarely. They were at the towns place. “Here. Here!” The coach of the driver shouted out. Envy watched Sir Blayne leave the carriage once it came to a stop. ~ “About time.” ~ The rocking of the carriage and its squeaky annoying sound is now to a stop. Envy didn’t sleep, but she did shut her eyes till carriage started to move again and in her half slumber she heard a rumble, she didn’t wake up to see what it was, but in due time it was gone, and shortly after she heard Sir Blayne’s voice. “We have arrived?” her voice cracked as if she just woke up. The carriage started to come to a slow halt. “Whoah boy, whoooah!” The carriage to a stop. Envy opened the carriage door, eager to get out and stretched her long legs. Standing her full height of 6ft’11, a few rocks from her back while exspanding her chest out. “Oh… This feels good.” The tall stringy green grass reached up to her hips. “Let’s set up for a few hours here.” She said with a raised tone. She started to walk around the area; she would see her son Kai standing at a nearby tree, and few guards waiting standing around. She said nothing to her son or the guards. She wanted to actually take in the scenery. The air wasn’t as cold as the Capital, being further down south meant a little warmer than usual. Envy continued to stretch by walking out her legs.-

Darkgodess10: Dawn was breaking slowly in the east, and as the sun rose just shy of the docks of Atlantiss City. Gold colors of the day lit up the walls and stone that protected its marvelous wonders. The waves harshly crashed into the wooden planks, and they groaned in reply as they continually fought their placements. Heavy boots thumped a crossed the docks in a steady pace, as long with other workers starting the morning off with hauling off boxes and cargo to and from docked boats. Mostly men in sizeable weights grunted and laughed with mates as they seemed to enjoy this summer’s breeze on the wind. The snow from the north had melted, and while it wasn’t has warm as the Harlet’s Spring shores, many under workers slaved with no shirts or little at that matter. Dirty, and greasy haired thugs pretty much littered the docks of the under city that connected with the gates of Atlantiss. The docks were no place for the civil. As the day beginning to pass, the docks became more populated with more shady men, working their tongues in the way of trades and lies. They snickered as they cheated out the lesser merchants that docked for safety and trade. An outlander defiantly needed protection to make it through to the gates, and even inside, he or she could be venerable. A couple of men from a wealthy and huge boat stepped off helping each other with a large crate. They wore all black and tight leather vests, with a strange red insignia woven on the right breast plate. A noble man trailed them, obvious of his intention barks orders at them. “Be quick! Be quick! Hey don’t you drop that! That’s fragile, I shall have your head if you try anything, you hear?” One of the men who was older and slightly worn out, looked over his shoulder with his good eye. He snarled up his lip to show his tarter yellow teeth in disclaim and then slowly jostled his side of the box, forcing the younger and sickly seamen to grunt and shuffle his hands on the cargo. Whistles blew as ships docked off and left back into the cold sea, and the cries of seagulls flying off their perches from the sides searching for another spot. The tradesmen waved his hand at the men as he dashed in from of them and escorted them off the planks and into the dirty and unruly Under City. Here the crowds were even more infested, as now, the dirt roads wind around in dark alleyways, and clustered inns and shops. Hardy men spoke out in disclaimers of their better products. With a light pace the merchant lead them east of the Gates and deeper into trade’s market. The men began to now hold the cargo more tightly, as the area became more dangerous even from them. Windows shattered, and a torn cloths hung like dead wool, and the wood smitten with black mold seem to plague the area, and the men loomed out their windows with viperous stares and wicked laughers. The merchant cleared his throat from his fears, and turned right into the first rough inn he knew. The inn was dark, and small with a sour smell of body odor trying to escape. A couple of worn out tables with a few men sat at them, and did not look up from their harsh drinks and cards as they mumbled to their companions in hushed tones. A hollowed laugh erupted at one of the tables became undone as a fatter gentlemen slammed down his cards in anger and pulled out his knife quickly jabbing his opponent in the left side of his neck so fast and with such force, it connected through his jugular penetrating through his esophagus and clear to the other side. He yanked it back and blood squirted out as the wounded man gurgled and held up his hand to hold the blood inside. Failing to do so, it splattered across the already stained table onto some poker cards, were he lost his equilibrium and slid from his chair to the floor bleeding in silence. The murderer sat back down and picked up his cards to continue to play with the other men around the table who were also unmoved by this act. All three of the men seemed to watch in wonder and with wide eye of the display until a dirty and sickly voice ripped their eyes off the dead man’s body. “Fancy a good lovin boys?” a dirty old hag stood in front of them with her right hand upon her hip. Her face was scared and beaten as her nose was crooked and her eyes were blackened. The harlot dress she wore was dirty, with stains of men and tattered at the bottom. Her hair was in a bun, but strains of oily hair hug down in her face and everywhere. She was missing all her teeth. The merchant nervously played with the copper button on his vest. “My poison is my life.” His voice shook with fear. She narrowed her eyes as if he had said some kind of code that displeased her greatly. She turned around and flung her hand for them to follow her, as she brought them to the back of the bar. Taking a left turn down a hallway, she stopped at the end that which looked like to the naked eye that had no door. She banged twice and a hidden trap door opened. She moved over to the far left out of their way and repeated. “Your life is your poison.” Stairs loomed down into the basement, as heat shot up like smoke. The three men along with the cargo steadily took their time down the basement until they reached the end. A man sat in a black and large chair facing a fireplace. He smoked a long and odd looking pipe. The merchant looked behind him at the seamen and pointed at them to take the huge box and place next to the long table that resided in the middle. He flipped them both a golden coin and slewed them away. They both quickly raced up the stairs dying to leave the fearful and dangerous place. The man did not even move an inch during all the commotion. The shadow he played loomed on the floor as he brought his sickly thin black hand slowly brought up to his lips as it drawed from the long wooden pipe. “I hope you got something worth my time, Kain.” His voice was calm and collective, and his puff of smoke was like cream. “Aye That I do…..All the way from across the border.” His voice was hushed as if someone else would hear him and his highly illegal trade. The man did not move, did not show the slightest concern. Hell, he didn’t even turn to look at the tradesmen. He continued. “Dug up from the Tombs of the Gods in the south…..” He stopped mid-puff. After a couple of moments he raised himself from the chair and slowly made his way over the tradesmen. Finally he stepped into the light, and his bald head glossed off the light like a reflector. His cheeks were sunken in and his lips were chapped. His right eye was gone. His left eye was glossed over and dull. Yet it seemed as though he could see him plain as day. His was short and his attire was black and with leather pants and thick boots. Kain gulped down a hard lump in his throat and stared at him waiting for a reply. He man sighs and turns away from Kain as he walks to the table in the middle of the room. This business was risky and should the guards or any outsider know of the operations that lay under the under city, the black market would be in shambles. Kain knew the risk he took, yet his greed was too great. Black magic was just too valuable. The “Boss” or that’s what they called him was one of the most dangerous men he knew. Yet year after year, he came back here to the East side, testing his luck. He still had his head so he must be doing well. “Show me.” The boss sat down slowly as if his bones were made of glass. He placed his elbows on the table and connected the fingers in a lance and he rested his lips on his thumbs. Nodding, Kain moved behind the huge cargo and with great force he grunted to rip the top off. Dust rose from the top, and with it, a feeling. It shook Kain so hard to the core. He shivered and let out a shaky breath. He hears the boss let out a shudder as well. Something about the feeling felt unsafe. Something far more than what East side could ever place in him. A long moment passed, and when Kain could find himself, he reach down and picked up them item. Straighten his spin, his face turned white as if he would be sick. In his hands he held something small and delicate. He stepped away from the empty box he brought it over the table and places it in the light, eager to let go of it. It was covered in old rags. The boss was quite, and Kain could see his excitement and fear. He lifted his hand and traced over the rags, until his index finger flipped over a rag. His eye widens and his lips curled up. “A book?” His curiosity could hold him no more as he lifted off the rest of the rags off. Kain backed away as if he saw a ghost. The book fully stood in the light. Its binds were leathery and old, tore a little on the side. He could see the pages inside were of dark brown. The air began to thicken with the feeling of coldness. The boss reached out to touch it. His palm was cool on the binder, and he gasped as he whispered. “It’s so warm…..” Kain looked away. “Aye, it’s bad luck too. Most of my crew lost to sea. I am happy to rid of it.” The boss ran his hand over and over it. “It has a heart beat….By the gods…” Kain seemed to get more nervous. “You will buy it then. I ask for 100,000 gold coins.” His color was turning back to normal at the thought of gold. “Kain calm yourself. You will get what is coming to you.” Kain sighed and smiled weakly. “Glad to do business.” He went to shake the boss’s hand holding out his grasp connecting their hands. Kain's eyes open wide as fear the transfer to him. The boss’s left hand rests on the cover and the heat exploded within him and transferd to Kain. If burned the both of them, and they are lost for words. Not even a split second after they feel such heat, it seems the fire searches inside them both, almost like it is looking for something. It felt as though a slippery hand had contracted out of the book and into the both, searching their very soul. Almost knowing that the fire has not found what it desired, it began to suck back the heat from Kain, then the Boss and then finally to the cover. Relief rushed to them both, but too soon. Almost disappointed, the cover continued to act like a vacuum and began to pull heat from them. They both groaned in pain as the book continued to suck from them like a infant would a mother’s tit. It was taking their lives. They both knew it, and yet they could not let go of each other or the book. Pain came quickly then, as they both gave up all their warmth, and yet it desired more. The boss watched as it happened to Kain first. His eyes began to sink in, and his smooth skin of his age began to wrinkle, and contract. It was seconds until his full skull could be seen with just a thin layer of skin was covering it. His jaw dropped open, as he tried to scream but nothing came out. The boss could feel his hand become just bones and skin was the book became hungrier. The boss cried out a little whimper as he felt the same thing happen to him. His dull eye rolled back into his head as he felt the coldness of his soul leaving his body and being devoured by his investment. Kain’s corpse falls to the floor as the bones break and his limbs fall apart. The boss’s skull snaps off and rolls off the table. His leathery hand rests on the book, as it slows its thumping to a nice quite slumber. An explosion of evil aura seeps out of the inn and into the streets, and soon all of East side can feel the uneasy coldness of death.

InfinityImplosion: When one can fly, the world often felt to be at their fingertips. Having the ability to fly gave Soufiria the pleasure that no creature could take away from her either by status or power, that of a much truer freedom she rarely got to experience when she was grounded. The enjoyment that she felt of the wind that coursed over every one of her soft features was blissful, and it was as pleasurable to her as it was to kill something. To which she took great leisure in doing every now and again on her way to her destination, with a scroll hanging off of a belt with the particular’s of the information that she had for Envy, one of the few denizens in the verses Soufiria had to give at least a little respect to. Any woman willing to kill off her own children was at least given some props for being able to commit such an act, though Soufiria had asked the woman if the woman had been able to keep the bodies of said deceased off-spring. Of course she’d known that the woman hadn’t thought to, but that had probably been where it is that their alliance had started off as the Shadar-Variel had little care for the lives of others, seeing them as merely caterpillars that needed to be morphed into beautiful and far more useful butterflies. Undead butterflies that is, for the few people that she killed on her way to Envy would be used even after death as sentries to inform Soufiria if anyone was following her, and she had made sure to be discrete about her killings as well, even went so far as to kill only animals and wild-life so the more sentient beings wouldn’t get suspicious. Though she did manage to find a nice old lady who seemed about ready to keel over already, and as Soufiria flew over head well the thought of seeing her lying dead in the street for her family to weep over brought a tear of joy to the necromancer, and she thought of killing her entire immediate family just to have a complete set but alas such things would have to come later. Currently she was soaring through the night air appearing as a black bird to those below, for it was far too dark to make out any of her features and the outfit she wore would indeed cause her to blend in to the night sky even more so. As she soared through the air a commotion below would catch her attention as her dark hues would suddenly catch to see the sight of what would appear to be a small skirmish of some sort…if it could even be called that really. By the looks of things it appeared to be a rather large male brute wrecking down the forces of a town, in a manner and style that was not all too discrete or quiet. How unseemly, to use such force in quite the barbaric way was just so distasteful, would it not be easier to disease them and cause them to fall one by one without ever having a clue where the disease came from? Prolonging their suffering? Quick deaths only came when necessary, or when she felt the urge, but never in such mass numbers. With a soft sigh though she would ignore the male as he seemed to be turning to address the one to whom she had been flying through the air for, addressing her as queen as her long, slender elven ears picked up on the voice. That was oddly peculiar, Envy often didn’t like such a title being called upon her, and she found that to be just a tad bit queer. Perhaps he thought he had some special permission? Or did Envy give him the right and privilege to say as he liked? The thought coursed through her mind as she spotted the traveling company of the woman that she had come for and gave a quick glance to each of those who were now setting up camp with the woman. As she flew down to gracefully land on the soft earth, her heels gently touching against the ground as her twelve foot wing span would suddenly curl around her form to slow her descent just enough to make her touch upon the ground from the air seem utterly seamless. As the large dark angel feathered wings folded back once she landed they would seem to slink down almost, as if dissipating into a shadowy whisp and becoming incorporeal shades of themselves. The woman that had approached the camp had striking white hair that came down in gentle, elegant curves around her slender shoulders, her dark eyes appearing as black as the abyss with her lush lips painted to match, contrasting against her rather luminescent pale skin. The tell tale sign of her elven ears made it apparent that she was of an elven breed of some sort, though she probably didn’t look like any elf that those here had perhaps encountered. Hanging from her neck would be three onyx stones shaped in the design of coffins, while her outfit was that of a burlesque styled dress that hugged around her rather sultry frame, pushing up her breasts lightly and curving around the sensual flaunt of her hips. The soft folds of her dress would be bunched in the front to show the rather soft silken skin of her thighs, with the knee high dark heeled boots covering over her slender legs. Beautiful as she was though there was no mistaking some of the more disturbing features about her, a rib-cage literally seeming to be attached to the skin itself underneath the dark fabric of the corset she wore wrapping around her own rib-carge, and skeletal thin arms stretched along her own arms and outlined them in a manner that made it seem as if she was actually part skeleton herself. With a light flurry of movement she would come to Envy, giving a courteous nod to those present, and simply handed her a piece of parchment, having absolutely no words to say at that point.

Emileh2: Strings of her hair rang loud into the night atmosphere. The once night black hair bled it’s natural platinum, almost white hair. The one thing she had to love about her kind of hybrid, the ability to transform one’s look. Being part Succubus, she loved the aspect of deception. Not towards everyone mind you, but to those foolish things called humans were her favorite to mess with. Oh on how many occasions she had spoken with the same guy twice in one sitting, each time getting a new character out of him as well. Not looks wise, but with what information they would provide her with. Some would change their age, some their attitude, and by the end of the night she couldn’t help but to giggle and return as the first girl to call him out on his lies. Tonight was one in particular where she thought about maybe playing this little game. To woo, and break some hearts. Maybe to even pick victim to feed from. Emily slid her tongue across her teeth on the thought. A bit of a grin leaking her lips. Even her outfit screamed the possibility of fun. Her top only went down to the first rib in her ribcage, and was lace tight like a corset with a black ribbon. Every breath she took in, adding a little emphasis to her already healthy chest size. The legging she wore were nothing more then latex, cherry red, and transparent leggings also laced up tightly on her well toned, strong legs. The criss-cross corset pattern continuing on the front and back of her bottoms. Around her ankles twisted those sharp, well crafted heels the shone slightly in the moon’s light. Emily had been offered a ride in the Cart with her dear friend Envy, but why use that when you have quite the speed on your own two feet, and your already halfway there? You she, she had been in the town taking care of some……”things”, so meeting them at the check point was that much earlier. Emily ran quickly, her heels no set back, and every so often she would jump the top of trees, then run back on the main path. Her stunning silver hues peeked between those godly thick lashes, up to the moon. Her senses had caught a familiar scent. One so delicious and succulent. Another grin leaked her lips. They must not be far off. With a few more steps those beautiful silver eyes set on that nearly flawless skin picked out the carriage, an unfamiliar male, and the sweet, sensual tome of her dear friend. “Ah Evny.” She said with her own sensual charm. “Fancy meeting you here.” A childish smirk on her lips. Though she spoke to Envy her eyes seeked out the male in the shadows.

GannicusTheBeserker: -gannicus leaned against the tree a metal toothpick in his mouth as he hummed a song to himself as the wind began to pick up making the grass sway to the left of his position his royal katanas hilt incrested with diamonds topped off with the head of a dragon the eyes of the dragon face were emeralds with carved in slitted pupils that of a snakes as the eyes began to glow he closed his seeing the faces of those he had killed their heads slowly decaying as skeleton hands began to rip the flesh and hair from their aching skull while they cry out in pain.he bit down hard on the metal pick as a smile crept onto his face as the remains of the flesh were ripped out leaving the irratated eyes of the doomed his eyes snapped open as he looked around his chest moving in and out visciously as every vein upon his arm bulged and pulsated boiling the blood within them he body tempature was getting hotter his veins glowing to a bright neon silver.he looked around his kanines growling to a longer length as he released a skin crawling howl as his hands began to rise his powers kicked in as two trees began to shake and rise out of the ground the sound of the roots gripping to life as he broke from his howls he dropped his hands to his side dropping the tree back to their places only leaving them a bit slanted as he turned around just now finishing his song saying the last word under his breathas he seen kai standing in the field as he walked towards him crushing grass beneath him as he caught a firefly and crushed it in his palm. he greeted him- "greetings Kai."
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KaiErgoVendassin: Kai stood there, seeming like a black silhouette in the light of his portal still open. He looked back like he hid before, and this time, the figure of a tall 8ft elf could be seen making its way to the forefront. The shaggy hair blew about slightly as he stepped out. Kai faced forward quickly now, not bothered to look back anymore before closing his portal with a simple command of his mind, the outer walls of fire coming together and making the whole portal thinner and thinner until it seemed to be just a pole of fire which eventually sank to the ground, leaving no trace that it was there. The fireflies now seemed to move faster and the breeze began to blow freely, undistorted or influenced. As he stood, he had noticed a being land, not exactly knowing what it was, or even bothered at that point, as he didn’t see the need to be bothered with petty things. The only thing he took in from her appearance of what race she was, was the fact that she had elf like ears. So for now, Kai knew she was partly an elf, because the wings could not be of elf breed. Kai noticed how she moved toward Envy, feet away from possibly handing her a scroll. No doubt he was now interested in what could be in there, but either way, it seemed to be something that would surely be revealed later. Kai’s eyes were drawn to the treetops, as he heard wings flapping. With a light groan, he turned and walked toward the closest tree and leaned against it. Before long, the leathery flapping sound got closer, and Nel with her odd coloured skin crossed over the clearing, looking down, looking for Kai of course, only because it was her job to test his patience at the moment. Kai sighed and held the bottom of his left glove with his right hand and pulled it onto his hand further, a simple habit of his. For now, Kai just watched everything around him, tucked in the shadow of the tree, the only things making him visible would be the extremely faint glow of his crisp white eyes in the dark.

0xRegretx0: -There she goes, climbinh free of the carriage and exploring the clearing. She held herself with such comanding grace that Blayne found himself smiling for a brief moment before letting the smile fade. As his smile faded so did his horse and he was there following behind her ready to begin to speak about where they where headed and who they where here to meet. Not having spoken to much to his Queen during the travels, he was wanting to get information for his job soon. It was odd to have a duty but no briefing. He brushed the thoughts aside and begun his treck through the clearing with her looking around with uninterested, and yet calculatingly observant, eyes watching for anything. He could hear and feel the vibrations and air disturbances before he could see the woman who landed before them. As soon as she was there, on the ground, and headed for his Queen he was moving. He stepped before her his arm out stretched a growl parting his lips. He looked down at her his red eyes flashing with brilliant light as he began to speak his voice as usual calm and cunning. He did not know who this woman was or what her bussiness with his Queen was but he would not just stand idely by as she moved towards her without so much as a request for an audiance "I suggest, more for your sake then hers, that you should use caution when aproaching someone above your station. Do you have bussiness with the Queen and has she granted you an audiance. If not perhaps you should stand back a bit and ask for one." his voice semed for all the world to hold respectful meaning, as a friend to a friend, to prevant something bad from happening. But it was there just under his voice, the command. The meaning that spoke ~I am suggesting this but you will do it~ it was subtle but anyone with half a ind could pick it out and beware of it. he had used the same tone for years to command those beneath them making them feel like he was giving them friendly suggestions that could be costly to ignore. As he stood between this woman and his Queen he kept his eyes on her his hand slipping into the pouch on his waist and wrapping his fingers around the runes there he waited. He did not know her, and thus, did not trust her. Speaking over his shoulder he let his voice carry to his Queen "My Queen, there seams to be someone here who would like to see you, she need only make the request. Should I send her away or let her past" as he said those words his lips broke into a smile, not a mocking one, no it seamed to be a true smile one that bespoke though he comanded he was also enjoying this exchange.-

EnvyVendassin: -The swiss sound from the sudden breeze through the strands hanging from the willow tree. Kissed her skin so gently, giving her goose bumps that started to pucker up, her skin breathing finally since she let the thin coat of her aura shield down. The next destination the actual Island itself. The shield of her aura will be useless there along with her feathers, for some odd reason that place seals away magic, and portals and magic of any kind is sealed away till actually getting off the Island and even five miles out from it. It would be then a person of sorcery and spell casting or natural powers could feel it coming back again. Envy never tried to spill blood on it and don’t know if the Island itself have ever been tainted with blood; nor did she ever tested that theory. Playing with the grass which reached up to her hips. She figured everyone was eating or maybe resting? She used her time by standing around. ~”I should have word by now.”~ Her eye’s reflected the color of a nearby firefly passing across her face, watching it at eye level, unique they were floating around the tree’s, and there were a few places and things that holds beauty here. Fixated on such an insect her ears picked up flapping in the air. Envy upped her chin to the night sky, the first thing she saw were the white hair from the lady of the hour. Watching her fold her wings to ease her landing. Envy smirked. “This is the moment of truth.” She said under her breath, starting her way towards her, Envy would imagine they would meet half way and before that could happen Envy stopped in mid-step- Sir Bayne intervened before the two could meet. ~ “He’s a sharp one.” ~ Even though so direct and proper, there was no need for too much protection, after he spoke to the woman made it his business to cross, Envy replied to the whole situation. “Let her pass, she is of ours.” She couldn’t help but to look at her son, knowing he would be watching made her sought him out before thinking twice exchanging words important words with her in the open. Holding her right hand out the woman would know what would be expected without sharing little words. -

InfinityImplosion: As she made her way towards Envy it would appear that she would have some slight opposition as her dark hues would catch sight of what would appear to be a male moving in to bar her path. Really now, was Envy such a weakling that she needed some guard dog to foresee every visitor that went to have business with her? As she moved she was quite well aware of the male’s own movements as a sudden ripple of power would coarse along her arm, invisible to others who were around her save for those who might be able to sense the energy of death itself. If Envy wanted a guard dog she could easily make him one, one that would obey her orders rather then think too much for himself. It would take not but a touch from her, and the man would just be another mindless drone taking orders from his beloved “Queen”. She began to raise her arm up to touch his own as he tried to use it to bar her path, giving him a single look of a warning that told him to remove himself from the situation. Her dark gaze held his with a steady ‘don’t’ sort of expression that was clearly readable on her face, her dark lips curved into a light frown as if he’d ruined her entire day, for if anyone else were to read the rather sensitive information that she held on her person she was sure that Envy would be quite cross with them. Before her hand however could even come close to touching the male’s arm though she heard Envy speak, and resorted to simply lightly pushing the arm out of the way to continue on to her path towards Envy, meaning he would have to physically grasp her in some way which would be unfortunate for the necrotic energy that coursed through her arm was always present and ready for use. Moving next to Envy the strange avian like woman would hand her the scroll without another word, speaking even less then their leader did. As she handed the scroll over to Envy she would take a look at what would appear to be a strange male who was three feet taller then her standing off to the distance that seemed to have focused on her for a moment, her dark gaze flowing over his form as he hid in the shadows. Most would have an issue picking out his form, but for Soufiria when one stood in the shadows it was as if they’d shined a bright spot light on themselves, for someone who was attuned to the shadow realm and it’s working as she was. With the scroll delivered she would give a bit of a slight shrug. “You’re dog is pretty twitchy and likes formality, thought that wasn’t your thing Envy?” She would say wit ha bit of a light chuckle, before adding in with a lower tone as she whispered in the woman’s ear while seeming to expect something from her “Should I be concerned?” She asked, and the question seemed to be of the company in general, for there was one or two faces to whom she didn’t recognize.

JanePlane: The past few days had blurred slightly for Thele as she found her slender form in one of the few carriages that accompanied the Queen and prince’s company. The escalation of events had not only given her reason to phase her silvery hues even further than they were already soul-shaking. A set of guards were also in the same carriage as herself, conversing duties as well as anecdotes. Thele’s own mind seemed blank as she sat there with the walking armories, ‘Dear lord, why must they be so droll…’ Don’t misunderstand the Amazonian woman, however. She rarely felt this way towards guards or felt anything towards people. With a creaking squeal, the carriages seemed to all stop outside at the bequest of the Queen’s orders, of course. Turning to the guards directly, Thele made eye contact with the two. Her icy eyes ran shivers down their spine as she uttered a simple, “Seems the carriage has come to a stop…” The words came out not as an observation but a sense of relief as the long journey gave her a bit of stir-crazy nausea. No patience was allowed on Thele’s part as she took the edge of her secretly armored black heel and kicked open the carriage door. The intimidating Elder hopped out of the carriage with ease, landing on the balls of her feet with a soft ‘swish’ of the grass. The smell of fresh air and the darkness only brought a pleasurable smile across her lightly pinked lips. The breeze picked up and brushed her sugar-colored hair behind her back and over her left shoulder. Her eyelashes butterflied around her silvery eyes in light and yet poisonous lavender tips as she blinked away bits of pollen from the weeds hidden amongst the irritatingly tall and stringy grass. Her tall 6’2 figure relaxed against the side of the carriage as the remaining two guards exited and joined the prince as well as other guards. She stood in a fully covered in black leather apparel with buckles in certain portions: a black bra buckled to a laced up black corset then buckled to a set of leather pants, her arms were adorned with fingerless gloves. As for her weapons, they always varied on every new journey whether to the Capital or around her home: her gartered thigh and forearm length daggers but instead of her lower back daggers, she now carried a pair of dual ninjato blades. Through all her clothing, her back tattoo was evident: an angular scale, her given Zodiac sign, Libra. Within moments of the Elder’s ‘rest,’ a sudden appearance by a serpent occurred, pulling the snowy-haired woman of beasts off her figurative railroad of thoughts. “What on Earth…,” she spoke under her breath before she bent down, finding that it was a larger snake, a hybrid between an anaconda and cottonmouth. Its bite alone was rival to the more Southern rattlesnakes but nothing fazed Thele as she simply offered her hand. The 4 feet long creature, slithered up her arm, wrapping around its shoulders snuggly as it hissed into her ear conversationally. Thele in response to its hissing, spoke to it with a combination of hisses as well as words, “Yes… mhm. That’s all well.” She nodded, listening to the reptile while looking around at her surroundings and keeping her silver gaze amongst the Queen and her company, waiting for whatever orders or situation she need respond to.

DiabloNightrise: In the brush a shadow lurked, the foreboding rustle of dead grass, leaves and snapping twigs filled the ears of a small boy, or what seemed to be anyway. Gale had been creeping around the grounds for quite some time, a few days at the least. He had seen a few souls come and go, never interested by them, the small Demon kept to himself. Shy would not be the word to use for the dis contempt he felt for the majority of other creatures including his own kind. He was a unique mind, what most would call socially disabled; but what he lacked in social skills he made up for in smarts, street or book it did not matter. He held the IQ of a well read scholar and the skill and cunning of the most ruthless assassin. Slowly the small Demon crept closer to the small group of creatures he had taken note of. Not a sound was made this time, not even a heavy breath given. Once he reached a distance he was most comfortable with he crouched down; a tiger on the prowl, or a curious cub in search of entertainment? Quite the question,The child like creature allowed a hushed sigh to escape his thin cherry painted lips. Thoughts of just leaping out and seeing what reaction he could get passed... and went. The thoughts where washed, no scrubbed by a male voice in the distance. It seemed there where more people than he was even aware of. "How strange....to meet in such a secluded place..." The young Gale tilted his head to the left, his ashen locks rolled across his face, a sneeze was held back. He spoke of the woman highly it seemed. Queen, a title that held a certain command in and of itself. This peaked his interest, even more so when he took note of the second woman. Onward he crept, as silent as feather floating in the breeze. "Well then, let us acquire a front row seat..." he whispered to himself, perhaps even loud enough for the assertive man to pick up on. Who knew. Quickly and without any hesitation the tiny aloof creature leaped into the air, utilizing his ability to manipulate air he cast himself into the night sky. The moon caught his face for a brief moment, and with moons gaze came a short glimpse of his true form. A man, that appeared to be no older than thirty. As soon as he had leaped he had landed into one of the rather noisy trees that reached high above the vision of the creatures he had been stalking. "I wonder if I have been seen, or felt yet." A soft chuckle escaped his mouth. His voice was like a song, melodic yet chaotic all at once. He actually wanted to meet the small gathering of creatures, but to him the male that seemed to be an escort for the woman that had caught so much of his attention, seemed to be a bit hostile. Gale was mischievous but not a fool, he was going to wait to be noticed and called out before simply walking out into the open. There he layed on his stomach, feet moving back and forth behind him. "Let the game's begin..." The creatures sweet innocent expression twisted itself into a hardened bloodthirsty grin, that was when the aura swept out into the field. Sickening to some, alluring to others the aura was heavy, crushing even. How an energy like that could have came from a child was quite the befuddling thought. Then again, the world was filled with wondrous beings. The child in the tree was then as silent as ever, silver eyes glowing as bright as the moon. "Let us see how sharp you really are...sir..." Secretly Gale already admired the other male just for the simple fact that he seemed to be educated and skilled with diplomatic encounters. Of course this would not stop him from teasing a bit. How careless had he been, to not notice all the people that now had him surrounded, not to say they all knew he was there. Still, he was getting sloppy. "So reckless tsk tsk.." The creature slumped over a branch and gawked at the slowly building crowd. "Hmm..wonder if.." He paused and continued with another thought. "Really need to stop talking to myself. He slowly slid down to the lowest limb of the tree he had made his perch. There he continued to watch, no longer caring at all if he was noticed or not.

iShatteredSanity: -Days upon days upon days upon numerous days had passed and Valkyrion still could not control himself. And how could he do that anymore? Especially after the last news he had received right after Lord Chronos was forced to beat him up to avoid any destruction of the World’s End continent? Valkyrion’s mind was not in the best state, something that some poor morons realized after they were slain by him when he was attacked in his sleep. “You must go there again. Last time you missed something crucial, something that you should know for a long time now.”, were Lord Chronos’ words after Valkyrion had regained his senses. And of course he knew where the ‘there’ was. Rolling his eyes and cussing behind his teeth, Valkyrion set forth to that place, only to find it empty of any sign of life; nobody was there. Infuriated he tried to focus on her essence and find out her location, not that he wanted to, but he had no other choice since Lord Chronos commanded that and due to their pact, Valkyrion had to obey. After some time, he finally found her location. Things would clear out once and for all. [Current location this very room]. Electrostatic discharges began to occur in every corner. High pitched cracking sounds, as of bird were chirping, filled the area. Small flashing lights began to light even the most shadowy corners. The air started to heat up, slowly, very slowly, but surely. That led to the creation of electrical surges from the ground to the sky, creating some form of ring like patterns that ascended towards the night sky with the center of the ring being every small object that could eb found in the terrain; from the grass to the trees. And all of a sudden and with no warning at all, it happened. Due to the electricity being build up on the ground and the air heating up, the resistant value had fallen enough so that a lightning bolt could strike the ground. A cloud of dust and dirt emerged on the very spot that the bolt of lightning fell. In the radius of 20 feet, a spider web patter crater was created, being 2 feet in depth. And within all that chaos, it was him standing. Valkyrion was standing idle on his 6’2” height, his figure not being fully seen due to the cloud of dust and dirt, but his shadow could be seen just fine due to the electrostatic discharges that occurred around his body, originating from him. Besides the light of the flashes by the sparks, the other thing that could be clearly see was his eyes, yes, those dual toned eyes of his; crystal blue of the sky for his left eye and deep crimson of the blood for his right eye. Then as the cloud began to settle down, his figure could be seen better. Dressed in his usual black attire that was somehow modern, but showing off his chest and the tattoo of the Endless Knot. Valkyrion merely stood there, only shifting his dual toned gaze towards her, yes her, Envy, and waited to see what was going to happen now.-

Viridescent: The clearing, even with the fireflies illuminating the area in flickering lights and the shining stars above, did nothing to lift his mood. Not one to much care for the theatrics of others, Cimeies pretty much ignored everyone there and waded his way through the tall grass, away from the rest. They had decided to stop here for a bit, and he figured he'd go for a walk and be on his own for a while. Of course, it was that moment that someone else arrived, and it was someone he had known a while back. Turning around, he narrowed his eyes at the woman as she touched down on the ground, a smirk quickly contorting his lips. The fact that Envy seemed to acknowledge her and even handed over a piece of parchment meant that Soufiria was somehow working for the Queen as well. Not long after, more people began to arrive, and he was suddenly unsure whether he should stick close to Envy. A glance at the War Don confirmed it for him, however, once he saw the exchange between the man and Soufiria. As he retreated away further, the memory surfaced--one that depicted his sole reason for being there in the first place. It then disappearred, only to be replaced by the present, which was still his sight on the back of Envy, the Queen he now served. But there had been another woman who used to fight for, hadn't there? A woman fair of face and pale of skin, with eyes like bottomless pits. His breath began to steam at the thought of her, at the remembrance. Even his dark blue eyes were shifting in color, their shade turning aureate and pupils compressing vertically to slits. Under the skin of his face, something appeared to be crawling underneath, like tiny insects vying to break free. His palms fisted again, leather gloves screeching slightly from the friction. Cimeies blinked once, and the hues of his orbs returned to their usual pigment and his skin calmed, though the wisps of steam escaping from his mouth were still visible. Ever since his journey through the dimensional rift, keeping his Harmless Form was becoming harder and harder to attain, and one of these days he would surely slip and inadvertently fail in his quest. By using the power of his mentor he had been forced to hide for, Cimeies had been able to travel to different realms in search of the elusive demon, certain that he could catch up with that slimey monster soon. But he was fast beginning to prefer the life under this new employ, for it granted much of the benefits he found to his liking. It had also bestowed upon him the freedom he craved, even if it meant getting his hands caked with blood quite often. Though he would normally neglect his armor and handheld weapons when on the job, he currently had them all fully equipped. On his person, he wore the light armor that had been a present from the Duchess, to whom he had sworn allegiance. Cimeies wore his black armor with pride, knowing how much trouble had been put into constructing it. At his back were his two favorite weapons--one a longsword, and another a dark, non-reflective scythe. The inky chains with tiny spikes around his torso provided additional solace, though they could not compare to his blades. To most, he would perhaps look like more like a warrior, but no one had yet to witness his True Form, or what a disturbing sight he truly was. Cimeies had sacrificed much, indeed, when he had embraced this new Fiendish path, since all his newfound powers did nothing to break him away from his eternal binding to serve. Constant anger would be a very appropriate mood for him, yet he felt nothing but the numbness that persisted in its hold. Short strands of pale blonde hair blew at his face from the sudden cool breeze, covering his eyes, hiding the fact that, for a split second there, they had turned gold again. Perhaps there had also been a brief eye contact between him and Soufi, he wasn't quite sure, but Cimeies turned back around and continued to walk off into another part of the clearing.

KaiErgoVendassin: -Kai stood there casually in the shadow, trying to think of how in the world this person saw him so easily. He knew his eyes had a faint glow, but even that wasn’t easy to see. Then again, in this world, Kai knew he could never actually wonder that, because there had to be a being out there with abilities that even the smartest of beings could not think of. He folded his arms lightly and leaned his head back, listening to Nel screeching above every few seconds, making him get a little more agitated every moment. He knew for a fact that he shouldn’t attack her, only because she was actually under his orders. Instead he concentrated on other things, like the direction of the wind. Like right now, the wind was blowing directly at him. In an attempt to think of something other than Nel’s annoying antics, Kai breathed in deeply, only to be greeted by a foul scent. “UGH!” He shouted, before breathing out and turning his head to the left, breathing fresh air. “I should have known.” Kai said silently, shaking his head “Meat eaters.” He mumbled before turning his head back toward the people there, holding his breath on purpose and not feeling so much as being light headed, realising the actual fact that he breathed was completely out of habit. As he stared off into the distance, there wasn’t anything that could warn him or even give him the slightest heads up. There was suddenly a massive strike of lightning that Kai watched slam into the ground after a series of rings of lightning that Kai did not fully understand. He knew if the lightning got any closer, he would have to move. The crater the bolt had created came close to Kai, 10 feet away and close enough, only because he was nowhere near the main part of the clearing. Even though he watched this, his body seemed to lag behind. Even still, he didn’t move. He simply leaned against the tree and waited for the large chunks of rock to get close to him, and once they did, he simply flicked them to his right side to let them hit the ground to have their justice. It was a pity. Such a beautiful place had to be destroyed. ~”It is nature’s wrath.”~ Said a voice in his mind. He knew it was in the language of ancient forsaken’s, but he could understand it as if it was his mother tongue, almost better than all the languages he was able to speak fluently. “If that is nature, then it can-“ Kai stopped right there, looking into the dust with his eyes squinted. Above, Nel’s screams came louder. In the back of Kai’s mind, he actually wondered why in the hell she was so loud. When she had her free will, she was so silent. Nel then came, her tall body, 7ft in height, skin in different shades of blue, lighter in the softer parts of her skin, and darker in the harder parts. She looked at Kai and then to the dust and began chattering away in his mind, expressing her suspicions, her anticipation, and her need for a fight. Immediately, Kai shut her out, but as she opened her mouth to talk, Kai heard this. As she was so close to him, he could hear her mouth open, and her mouth suck in a breath deep enough to let out a string of unnecessary words, and as she actually did so, Kai closed her mouth completely without even looking at her, using his telekinesis to squeeze her lips together tightly as if two powerful magnets were under each one. Taken by surprise of this, she jumped back and flailed wildly before flying into the sky again. Kai paid no more attention to her after this and focused on what in the world this was. Though the dust, all Kai could see was flashed of light, but as the dust settled, he could make out a figure, with electricity seeming to come from him. Kai’s jaw clenched, thinking how this seemed familiar, immediately, his thoughts turned to the capital, making him remember how a man the same height as this one, and same structure darkened the clouds fiercely, causing bolts of lightning to strike everywhere, destroying the place. “Of all people.” Kai said loud and fiercely with a disgusted look on his face, feeling his forearms tighten. He began to make a few steps forward into the dust, stopping at the edge of the crater with annoyance riddled all over his face.-

0xRegretx0: -So many people, so many presances pressing against his mind and wanting to fight for dominance. The woman who had come to address the queen did not however apear as one of those presances. She must be dead, or undead. He shook it off as she aproached and their exchange occured. As the queen ordered to let her pass he saw that he was reaching out to push his arm out of the way. As she did his arm lit itself on fire burning bright as his hand caressed the fire rune in his pouch and he hissed out at her "Try to keep your hands to yourself, Go see the Queen and do not cross me" he jerked his arm out of the way before she could lay a hand on him and shook his head trying to bite his tongue of anything he might say he would regret. When he heard her refer to him as a dog however he felt a small smile crossing his lips as he spoke "Better to be a loyal dog then an insuffrable snake. I would think one such as yourself could agree?" his words where as usual underlaced with a more comanding tone but they always seemed to be covered by something more sincere. It was like a sweet roll covered in honey and dripping with sweetness but inside there was a dealy underlayed poison waiting to be bitten into. He shook his head at her relaxing slowly. Her attitude was something to get used to but as he thought about it he liked being coined a dog. Who else was there to defend the person they served but their most loyal and prized killing hound. He was about to adress them again when he heard the shout "Ugh" he heard and his eyes turned to focus on the area it had come from. Stepping free of the shadows the son of the queen came into his sight and a creature from above seemed to focus on him making loud, an rather annoying, noises. He was about to address the situation when he felt the hairs on his arms rising. It was unlikely this was going to end well for anyone if he did not do something. He gritted his teeth and extended his hand out and spoke the name of his spear in a quick whisper "Phoenix plume" as soon as the words left his lips the long spear burst free of the cart shooting to his hand the shaft extended out to its full 5 foot length the spear top adding another foot to the length. It shone of Stygian Steel and shimmered as the red rune of fire seemed to blend and entertwine with a duller silver rune of steel. He knew something was coming. As soon as the spear was safely in his grip he saw it happen before him. The sudden blast of lightning from above made him scowl losing any hint of a smile he had before and he stepped forward to stand in front of both Envy and the new woman as she handed the scroll over. This was no bussiness of anyones except the Queens and by the gods he would be even MORE damned if he would let anyone interfere. As the dust flew through the air plumes of fire seemed to dance off of his spear destroying any types of debris before it could pass him. He himself was not protected and soon found his face covered in small scratches and wounds and his clothes had rips and tears in them but he knew the two behind him would go uneffected by the blast. As the dust settled the man who stood there was stareing directly at the queen while on the other side of the clearing the boy, kai, seemed to be waiting and observing his winged companion having flew up and away after what would have been an almost comical display had it been under a diffrent situation. <c>
0xRegretx0: -Wrena was sitting in the tree trying to keep her sleep. Something had eneted into the area where she was resting and she wanted nothing to do with it. Her black eyes where closed tight as the exchanges happened around her and, though she knew how many thre where and where each one was, she tried to ignore them all. She would have done just that if by chance the lightning had not struck but as soon as the earth shaking strike hit the earth she cursed under her breath and nearly fell from the tree where she laid. She could feel the other three souls inside of her jumping about as the lightning struck one of them, the soul of Shade the shadow demon, tried to push into Wrenas mind and take over to take her lust for a fight out into the open. Wrena cussed again and pushed Shade down 'But misssssstressss I wisssssh to fight let me out pleasssse' shade spoke into wrenas mind using the term Mistress to try and coerse her into letting her have free reign. Wrena fought back the idea and hid in the tree watching what might happen. Her tattered rags or clothes did nothing to hide her grey skin and the long dirty locks of hair fell across her face. Each person in the clearing had immense power and the one with the spear caught her eye as fire danced about him. What caught her eye most was the bound pouch on his side that she could see had the rune symbol on the side and her deep black eyes seemd to shit a shade as she felt an overwhelming need to take it from him. Her red clawed fingers dug into the bark as she cast a camoflauge spell overherlsef causing her to blend in with the tree, her clothes and skin shifting to match the bark. Wrena kept herself hidden and ignored the ramblings of her spirit counterparts there voices bouncing around in her mind as she tried to remain hidden <e>

EnvyVendassin: -The brown rolled up scroll, tied with a black ribbon around it were placed into her hand, after seeing the little display between the two. She felt the energy radiating off of her from where Envy stood. ~ “What a feel.” ~ She said about the woman who worked separately from others, but not heard aloud. She talked to herself without uttering a word more times then she shared it. Receiving the scroll she unraveled it while listening to the few words she spilled from her wicked lips about the new War Don. Envy chuckled along with her a ‘ha’ escaped her parted full moist lips. She spoke only loud enough for her to hear under her soft voice. “Ah, he is new, he will learn that here we don’t care too much of the royal formal addressing.” She looked up to Sir Blayne before looking down to the scroll she opened before her. “Besides, he is the new First Advisor, the War Don. He needs to be sharp. Also---“ She didn’t finish her sentence, something from the scroll caught her eyes. “What?” She whispered in a curious tone. “This will be surly promising.” A smile of pure pleasure surfed over her lips. Again the nearby willow tree brushed about from a breeze, but this breeze wasn’t anything from mother nature, and nearby she felt an odd feeling of energy surging from somewhere, someone but not anyone from her Clan. ~”What is that?” ~ She question the weird energy she felt before the change of weather crept up on her. “Now that’s weird.” She looked up the sky, it darkened and soon after came lighting, illumination the surrounding area later came thunder, and Envy knew who it was. “Great…” She looked off towards Kai, rolling up the scroll as she pulled the other from the bosom of her fairly large breasts. “Here.” She handed it out towards her, at that exact moment it was his big finale, and a carter to destroy what beauty it once had here. Envy already knew who have arrived so grand, ‘Valk.’ Even with the debris she knew it was him. She knew quickly noticed Kai confronting Valkyrion yet again, and she couldn’t have that happening. “It’s fine War Don.” She stepped to her left and continued her way towards Kai and Valkyrion. She didn’t need Valkyrion to find out Kai is his son, things would get complicated, seeing Kai is his only son that she knows of. “Okay now, that is enough of that Kai. Return back to the tree we are departing soon.” She Yelled out the last part. “WE ARE DEPARTING. ROUND IT UP.” She looked back over her right shoulder then her left. She wanted the visit from Kai’s father short as can be. “What it is Valkyrion?” She waited for reply as she looked to her right set of nails.-

InfinityImplosion: As the flames leaped across his arm she would seem to not be deterred by such, though she was, mildly, impressed. ~ “The dog knows some tricks, how promising.” ~ She thought to herself as she would simply step around the arm to hand the scroll to Envy. Taking note of the woman’s statement of the War Don she would give a bit of a one shouldered shrug, now that she’d delivered her note she took a rather casual a la fair demeanor as she slipped an arm across one of the carriages. As she heard the comment about preferring to be a loyal dog then a snake she would turn back to gaze at him with a suddenly amused yet pleased sort of expression. “He barked, oh my that was cute!” She stated with another a soft giggle before turning her attention back to Envy, her lush black lips curving into a grin as she took note of her seemingly pleased expression, knowing the part that she was likely reading over as she bent over a little bit, the supple curve of her rear sticking out while her back arched almost sensually. “Thought you might enjoy that deary.” She would state wit ha soft purr as her dark hues searched for what would hopefully be at least on living little ant that she could sap the life from, but all she saw were butterflies. She sighed, in disappointment butterflies were too beautiful to kill, why couldn’t there be an ant, or a roach? “Better learn fast though, someone might clip his wings.” She would state back to Envy in reference to the War Don before a sudden energy filled the air. Her gaze snapped to the lightning that flashed down as a man decided to make quite the entrance, and everyone seemed to get immediately on the alert. She would blink slightly, her job was not to protect Envy or any of the others…only to do what was on the scroll that she was given, should she be given a new one anytime soon. Till then she was fairly free to do as she liked, provided she didn’t harm the clan which was what, only about thirty six to fort people? Only forty people she couldn’t touch, while everyone else could be done as she pleased with. As her dark hues flowed over the present company they would gaze over to Cim as she recognized him, though from the looks he shot her way he didn’t seem to recognize her at all. Either that or he was pretending not to, she wasn’t sure which. Her attention then turned to Valkyrion, and took note of how everyone would seem to stand attention or at least be wary of the new male. She, simply giggled. “I like his style….but it’s missing something……..Oh, I know!” She rose up with a soft pout as she put a finger to her lower lip and lightly tipped it, before holding it out and getting a gleeful sort of expression. “Oh, I know~! We’re no strangers to loooove….you know the rules, and so do I!~…..A full commitments what I’m thinking of…..You wouldn’t get this from any other guy~” She thought his entrance needed a theme song. She simply sang the song though it eventually turned into a light hum as she waited for Valk to make his statement to Envy, while slipping in. “I take it I’m to come with you for a time dear?” She asked the woman.

JanePlane: Her ears and eyes perked up as she looked around at the conversation taking place with the newcomers to the Queen’s locations. The snake’s slippery skin was black and red, reflecting small beams of lights as he wrapped himself around Thele’s shoulders and arms more and more. Little ever disturbed let alone surprised Thele, considering neither the sudden lightning off by the prince’s location and the snake’s tightening demeanor touched the woman’s stature. Her only response to both was a simple arch of a dark colored eyebrow before eyeing her designated carriage longingly. She turned her head sharply to the reptile before letting out a more than audible and frightening hiss towards, indicating her desire for it to leave her be. Frightened by Thele’s actions, the anaconda like creature unraveled itself from her sun-kissed skin, drooping down to the ground and disappearing into the shadows without little to no reaction or attack on the huntress. The Queen’s strong voice could be heard across the clearing. Thele sighed slightly as she made her way back towards the carriage, the guards already having entered it and waited for her patiently. However, before she could get within 5 feet of the carriage, the anaconda had returned, in hopes of taking a bite of her the large woman. The huntress sighed and looked down at the anaconda pathetically. “You’re a right twat, you know that? You do realize if you try to harm me, I can simply have away with you with or without my weapons.” The snake hissed as its body gyrated forward, opening its seemingly endless mouth while simultaneously wrapping its long muscular body around Thele’s form, trying to constrict it. In the case of most people, the victim would be rendered immobile, unconscious or paralyzed, most times all of the above. But Thele, in her long career as a huntress alone, had dealt with reptiles the size of bears, this one was a baby if anything in her eyes. But… killing didn’t faze her. The sensation of draining a life made her own blood sing with pleasure, more so than the most alluring sexual acts. Her arms curled around the base of the snake’s body, manipulating its form how she pleased with a soft grunt of sorts. She bit her lip with a smirk before pressing the snake’s head against a rocky patch of ground. Raising an extended fist, the silver eyed female made contact with the reptile’s creature, killing it with one simple blow and without the use of any of her many blades. Swiftly, she pulled a tiny dagger from her never ending lengths of white hair and cut the snake’s upper length open, revealing the venom glands right past its fangs. “Bingo.” Lowering the edge of her blade over the fang as to extract some of the venom, Thele brought it to her tinted lips, tasting it and chuckling. “Pretty good..” The venom was dangerous as all hell but Thele had learned to condition her body to most reptilian venom’s effects. She pulled out a tiny vial as well as a small white note pad from her pockets. If anything, she found herself documenting the kind of taste and structure of the venom as well as grabbing samples. She picked up the dead corpse of the anaconda-like creature and threw it into the shadows, shrugging as she saw more than a handful of crows speed to it hungrily. She placed her right heel into the carriage as she licked her tiny dagger clean of the snake’s blood and venom, contemplating what was to occur now.

Darkgodess10: Dark was approaching and the city, and smoke from the under city danced in the sky like mist. As the sea swelled up hugely and crashed into the beaches, it muffled screams echoed outwards. The East side slowly began to decay as bodies of thugs and whores. It was only mere hours sense the book was awakened. After the boss and Kain, it drove outward and with slick invisible tentacles, it reached outward to touch souls in search of what it desired most, a body or soul that could control its power. After the first couple of souls it began to strengthen itself, grow a voice, grow a pull, and worst of all, a need. It took the whore upstairs next, and it seemed to be behind the bar, wiping off the counter, when it came to her. Like a black snake, the aura wrapped around her small ankle, and slid up her leg like a warm rag. The whore stopped whipping and froze as she felt the intense and odd feeling washed over her. It bit into her and like demise the long hand pronged inside her and searched. It wasn’t long until it found nothing and in a displeasuring way, began to drink the life from her. The whore yelped, and the rest of the room turned to face her as if they knew something was not right. Her hand reached up from her face as to feel the hotness and the strength leave her body. It was mere moments before her body shriveled up like a prune on the floor. The men jumped up from their company and back away like they saw a ghost. One squealed and fumbled with his chair. It was like the aura could smell them, and unleashed more black and suckling tentacles from the basement below. Two men whipped out their guns and shot off at the mist. Three of them ran for the door screaming for their lives. However none made it out alive. Bodies lay outward like a deathly plague, until the entity could not bear it anymore. It whispered out sweetly and calmly. It purred out a deathly cry through its aura tentacles. “Unleash me!” Hours played by and nothing was found inside the weak humans that ran the under city. Hundreds died slowly and confused as the entity took their lives out of pure anger. None of them possessed the means it required. It needed someone with the unique soul, and the power to control and read upon itself. It needed a god. Finally, when it was too weak to reach out any more, it fixated on a child. It slumbered in its sleep a few miles south unaware of the death that laid for her outside. The aura came to her, and like a wave, it slid to one side of her straw bed, and dipped itself under the covers. The tentacle slithered upward, next to the girl feeling its warmth it possessed. The child moaned sleepily in her dream like stake, and a small smile rose on her lips as she thought probably of chocolates and games. She was completely unaware of what was to become of her. Like a dagger the tentacle jerked itself inside her at the nape of her neck. Her skin turned black and it surged throughout her body like veins. The girl shuddered, and once inside, it searched. Of course, it did not found the power it desired, so instead of draining her, it pushed its dark matter inside her more. The girl now jerked up from sleep and grabbed her stomach in pain. She dry heaved a couple times and finally threw up black bile. The aura continued to pump into her until she screamed out and threw herself back onto the bed, and began a hard seizure. It jerked her and she foamed at the mouth until finally, she stopped. The tentacle ripped away from her like its deed was done, and like a vacuum, all the aura in East side stopped. It sucked back in to its source. “Come to me.” Like a light bulb the girl popped her eyelids open and her eyes where black as coals. With no question, no emotion, the girl slid her body to the left, planted her bare feet down and stood up. Her white night gown slid down to her knees, and with slow and calm steps, she walked pass her dead mother and father who laid shriveled up in the next room. Opening the door, she walked pass the burning homes and bodies, to the small inn. She knew where she was going and she slowly walked down the hall to the basement were the book thumped on the table. The girl came closer into the light and picked the book up. It sizzled and burned her hands but no pain registered on her face. Keeping it arms length away, the girl turned and moved back up the stairs and outside the inn. “Take me to his tomb.” The girl nodded slightly and walked slowly made her way to the docks. As she passed the running chaotic citizens, the tentacles, reached out to snag them. One by one they all fell behind the girl and the book she carried. Touching the docks, she made it to a large boat with seamen already trying to set sail in fear. The tentacles reached out to the side of the boat, and like a harsh pull it brought them to the dock in a hard smash. They screamed and fear was known in their eyes as they saw the small girl who looked innocent, but brought the cold fear that nipped at the back of their necks. The girl slowly walked onto the plank and inside, as the entity took over and searched for the one with power. Nothing. Minutes later, the wind blew onto the sails and a demonic aura guided the huge boat that splattered its men like pigs. It sat sail for hidden tombs were its old master had been set to rest. Platonic Island.

iShatteredSanity: -As stated, Valkyrion was standing idle, merely looking at Envy since it was here presence that he had focused on in order to get himself in the same place as her. But there was another sensation. Something familiar. Very close to him was the anomaly he had felt a long time ago when he visited Envy at the capital of her nation. That time the anomaly was the very reason of his visit there, also one of the main reasons for his anger. Turning his head and diverting his dual toned gaze from Envy to the boy that the sense of anomaly came from, Valkyrion observed him for some time. Why? Why did such a sensation ooze from that boy? What was he? Why could Valkyrion feel that the boy shared some of his own traits? Was he a remnant of the assassination squad that came after him almost 500 years ago? The very squad that was manufactured with Valkyrion’s blood running through their veins? Could that be true and that his eternal nightmare would never end? In those thoughts alone Valkyrion’s anger began rising more and more, resulting in more surges of electricity to come from his body. Violent electrostatic discharges that formed waves of electricity began to ascend from his feet up to his head but also creating some sort of aura around his body, an aura that looked like a miniature thunderstorm. Hearing the boy’s words, Valkyrion inclined his neck to the right and then to the left, cracking it a few times before his mouth opened and some words came out.- [Valkyrion.] “Be gone trash. I have no business with you, at least for the time being.” –Valkyrion’s voice was heavy, bass and deep as usual. The tone of it despite his obvious anger was collected but giving away the sheer emotion that was being build up by him. And the way he spoke, slow, very slow so that nobody would complain and say that they could not understand what he said. Then, once again, Valkyrion turned his head away to look at Envy, also diverting his dual toned gaze towards her. Of course he could see the rest of those who were present, but honestly he did not care about any of them, therefore he ignored them completely as if they did not even exist; as if they were nothing but mere insects that nobody even bothered to acknowledge their presence. Hell, he did not even care about the fact that due to his violent appearance many people would get some minor wounds; again, those were irrelevant and he would not even bother to spend a single millisecond to acknowledge them. And then, then it happened. Envy had realized that he was there, but had she realized that things would not be so smooth? Perhaps, perhaps not. Regardless. Valkyrion kept looking at Envy, having a serious expression on his face while doing so. Her words about getting ready to leave reached him, something that made him incline his head to the right, cracking his neck and then tilting it back to its place.- “You tell me you female swine. Who is this person? WHO THE FUCK IS HE?!” –Valkyrion shouted. As he shouted those words, a lightning bolt clashed in the nearby area, about 100 feet away from them, yet the roar that followed afterwards was a loud one, in fact so loud that the ground shook for a few moments and the tension rose dramatically for some brief moments before everything cooled down. Also the light of the strike was enough to light the area momentarily. And while all that took place, Valkyrion had raised his right hand on the height of his shoulder and with his index finger he pointed the boy [Kai]. But one could wonder how the bolt clashed, well, perhaps Envy knew about Valkyrion being able to harness and control electricity even in its raw strength; the lightning itself. But again one cold think that it just happened since the air was already heated up and since the resistance value of the air was low, more discharges could occur, discharges in the form of a lightning strike; in the form of cloud to earth or earth to cloud, but still each bolt carrying enough power to inflict some serious damage to those who would be hit directly by one. But as he was pointing at Kai and waited for Envy’s reply, the words of a female unknown to him [Soufiria.] reached his ears and for a few moments Valkyrion diverted his dual toned gaze towards the female only for a brief moment before looking back at Envy since he had no intention of feeding the ego of her, plus he would never sink down to her level.-

Viridescent: His comrades would not approve of his choices, for they would demand his swift return after the completion of the given task, but Cimeies found himself without a care. It had been too long since he last experienced the sweet taste only freedom could bring. But did he truly have the freedom, or was it all but an illusion? If what he craved was the death of others and the servants their corpses would make, he really did not have to stay here. In the land where the Imperium still thrived, there were no shortage of victims. Behind the force field of Obscuria, the land was littered with game so hideous and demons so wicked that everyday would be a special one. Too bad he simply couldn't stand the technology that seemed to govern those people's everyday life. Then, jolting him out of his reverie would be a loud crash of lightning that left the ground a crater two feet deep. Cimeies looked up that the man dressed in dark attire who stood in the center of the settling dust and debris. Since it appeared that Kai, and even Envy, knew this person, he stayed rooted in place and simply watched from his part of the clearing. Could it be that a fight was breaking out? Head slightly cocked to the side, Cimeies looked on with an unreadable expression on his face. Of course, the words that had been spoken by Envy and Soufiria did not escape him, though he could only smirk a little at the woman's off-tune humming. His dark blue orbs stayed on Soufiria, lips still curving upwards in a sneer, waiting to catch another eye contact from her. Judging from the brief look she had given him earlier, it was clear that she remembered him. Well, he remembered her as well, though possibly not in a way she would have liked. The steam from his breath was no longer visible, but the skin on his fisted hands were starting to crawl with something akin to worms underneath. "Soufiria," her name escaped his lips in a mere whisper. All this actually brought him to another question that had been rearing its ugly head for a while now. Cimeies knew they were heading toward Platonic Island, but why? The reason for their travel had never been made clear to him. Back home, it was the same way; the actions of the royals were always kept secret. Then nothing had changed at all. Even here in a different realm, under a new employ, everything still remained the same. As another lightning struck down, he rolled his eyes toward the newcomer once more. It seemed the man had a flair for theatrics, which was the opposite of how Cimeies liked to operate. With a sigh, he took a few steps back under the tree branch, and rested his back against the trunk.
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DivineOptophobia: The staccato clicking never quite made it back around to the ground at the high altitude of the skyscrapers in Neo Arcadia. But Myth was once more, back in town. Hopefully for good this time, as she was having horrible withdrawals from her soulmate and her bonded. But where had she gone to begin with? Her home world. She’d returned to the deity ring to confront her brother Sol, whom condemned her to live out her existence like this. But with patience and wisdom now under her belt instead of her violent fetishes as she’d once lived on solely in the past, Myth was a changed woman. Cambria as they knew her, or even the nickname Cameo, was at first unwelcome. But she’d spent perhaps a few years now within the deity ring of her home planet, settling the bonds she’d broken so long ago by thoughtless killing and absent-minded slaughter. And after much time and remedying, Sol forgave her for the murder of his children, and the tossing aside of the ones who lived to be raped and eaten by cannibals of the Lowlands. Quaholom, whom had saved Myth when she’d went to kill herself some handful of decades ago now, was also pleased with her, and thus unbound her abilities. And now, she was free; regardless that she remained ever bonded to Valkyrion as he would always be this genie’s greatest love and commander. Standing at the highest point in Neo Arcadia, the lady of World’s End stared out over the vast lands of decimated cityscape with eyes of a most neon and aglow yellow that burned around thin catlike pupils. Violet hair curtained around her in slight curls and waves, the bangs pinned back and away from her face to reveal her rich tanned skin, bright eyes framed by dark lashes, a leather and onyx stoned headdress, and of course full caramel lips with dual spiked snakebites. There was also her new favored addition of the painted black markings along the side of her cheek, something she’d returned to Valk with. The wind brushed along her skin, bare at the tight, lean navel and along the holes patched through her capris before leading to her strappy knee-high set of heels. Her leather jacket ended just beneath her breasts, but led out in a crisp polished leather into her sleeves, stopping just along her studded bangles and then up at her throat at the collar she adorned to show ownership of herself, with the timeless Tiger’s Eye stone in it, holding a bit of the black sand that summoned her. Her hands remained pulled back at her sides, half-clad in thin leather gloves with the digits exposed and long, claw-like pink nails glistening from the fingertips. Myth was home, and she enjoyed this place now more than ever as her eyes fell shut and she took in a deep breath, filling her lungs with the smell of ash and a distant snow, the possibility of rain threatening her senses from above though it would not come in this eternal dusk. A slight tingling occurred in her chest, as she felt her bond with Valkyrion. It had never faded, but now that she was back in the same set of realms as him, she was closer. And thus it was stronger, as if she could feel his breath tickling the flesh of her neck, could dream of him being just out of arm’s reach. As her head bowed a bit further, Myth began to hone in on that sensation, warming her chest before it seemed to crackle around her. Thunder echoed through Neo Arcadia in a most intimidating crack, rocking the skies and trembling the buildings. But was it real, or was it in her mind? Myth’s eyes snapped open, burning like miniature suns in her sockets as she lifts her hands up and out, wafting them gracefully up in the air as she felt her power rolling through her. She wondered how Valkyrion would react, to know that she’d at last unlocked her powers after thousands of years. This meant she could also spoil him to many things, since he didn’t ever ask for her to do anything with the infinite wishes she beheld for him. The thunder burst was not of the sky here, but of her heart, as she felt the earth-shattering roar of Valkyrion’s emotions flushing through her once she’d honed in on his place in the worlds. As her hands lifted up, at last coming over her head and crossing at the wrists, she’d feel her mind sifting through planes and eras and leagues of distance, skies and seas, deserts and valleys, racing through her mind’s eye until she felt the fleeting image of a new place in the back of her mind, and she knew he was there. And twisting her hands, upturned at the palm, Myth snapped both fingers. And silently, without any special effect or sounds or anything really, she disappeared in what was best described as the blink of an eye… Myth was much smarter than she let on you see, because in understanding her limitations and her capabilities, she allowed herself the utmost use of them. So she often imagined space and distances like a gigantic map of cloth. And when she folded it just right, she could overlap her location with another location, and sink through to it. Of course that’s not quite how it worked, but having an explanation allowed her powers to flux in just the right manner to produce the correct means of travel, as was so customary to her. Without sound or warning or special effects, Myth just appeared as suddenly as the very blink of an eye gesture that took her from Neo Arcadia. She’d be standing some odd ten feet behind Valkyrion, arriving in just enough time to hear his harsh words rolling from his mouth in the luscious tone of his, though it definitely had quite a lilt of danger when his anger kicked in. Myth tilted her head by the smallest inkling, a tendril of violet caressing her cheek as she watched the lightning arc around him. Her eyes, piercing through the night with the look of a wild ethereal animal- considering that’s exactly where she’d acquired these eyes from, glowed softly upon her form as she began forward, darting gazes allowing her to quickly analyze those in her catty view before she stopped some odd four feet behind and one foot to the left of, Valkyrion. She knew better than to get close enough to him that his lightning could arc off and zap her. Mind you her brother Sol had put her through a shitload of hellacious spell-castings and torture, but she still had something of a disposition with Valk’s lightning when she knew how well he wielded it. “My love.” She spoke, her voice as rich and commanding as the Mother of all things, a sound built upon a warrior’s as she never lost the depth and power her voice had gained when she ascended her home world’s deity ring as a vanguard of War. But there was a kindness to it, a luscious binding that seemed to wind people in and restrain them from harsh ways with the creamy satin of its texture. “You seem so distressed.” She said, ever so calm even when Valkyrion was in a rage. But she had seen him through many things, and spent years in his favor; the only man she’d ever loved, and would ever love through all temptations as none seemed more than mosquito bites that pestered her compared to his hold upon her. And she’d even faced the opportune moment of death because without Valkyrion, Myth was no more than a shell with all the pretenses of the living. She’d look then out to Envy, the woman whom he spoke to, and the band of ladies around her as she began but a single step forward, still keeping the fairest of distances safely between herself and her mate until she could be nearer due to his electrical field. For now, after her words were spoken, she would fall into a most elusive silence, observational as always with her eyes on the world, and her heart’s attention on the one who’s disrupted emotions lead her here.

GannicusTheBeserker: -Gannicus awaken after sitting against the old oaks trunk in the highest branch his eyes still closed during a yawn but then he heard voice as he looked around seeing Envy talking to a man who was a stranger to him his head tilted to the right about 20 to 25 degrees he wondered who he was but he didnt bother himself to think about it that much he looked around for his canteen finding it dangling from a nearby branch holding onto it for a minute looking back to the two talking, he then shook his canteen determining that he was running low on his fruit juice and liqour after shrugging he took the top in between his curled index finger and the flat of his thumb and unscrew it taking a sip a bit of it running down his chin and a single droplet falling of his chin and ont a wondering ant that was on the same branch as him the ant slowly drowned from the droplet as he laughed a bit before sighing- "ah the circle of life" - he began laughing for a minute before putting away his canteen and grabbing the branch swinging down and landing in the tall grass leaving footprints and sending dirt airborn and a smirk onto his face he looked back over to envy then to the caravans and began walking toward them, cracking his neck so that it felt loose and not as stiff as it was when he was resting he looked over to see a couple people by the wagons wondered towards them taking the last of his squirell he caught earlier from his sack and devoured it-

0xRegretx0: -This was getting to be a bit ridiculas. So many people and so much trauma to the land. He cared little for the land itself but he was enjoying the nice breeze and scent of the wild and now all he smelt was charred earth and death. Reminded him a bti of home actually. Shaking the thoughts from his head he ignored the necro bitch for now. She would be fun to have around but for now he needed to address the situation at hand before things got out of control, or more out of control. He took a step forward into the pit created by the man from the sky and walked up behind Envy his spear in hand and his eyes flashing a deeper shade of red. He lowered the tip of the spear and contracted the shaft until the entire length including the spear head was only 2 and a half feet. He held it in his right hand while standing next to Envy. As the man shouted Blayne focused on him and his voice came calm and cool with a hint of sardonacy "Shouting gets you everything that a huricane gets. Destruction, animostiy, and a lack of solutions. I would say your solution would be an answer. Perhaps you should calm your winds and see if the breeze bends the grass, without breaking it." his words as usual slipped from his tongue towards this man. His left hand held a single stone, carved upon it was the rune for life. He rolled it back and forth in his hand and was going to enjoy handing it to the winged woman later, but for now he would be using it to heal the cuts on his face. his thumb rubbed over the rune and the cuts began to close, leaving not a trace that anything had occured. Once they had closed completly he obsrved the man and held the stone still in his fingers while turning to look at his queen "Is it often that people seam to address you and come at you like you where nothing my Queen? If so I will start bringing buckets for their heads." he spoke this with not the hint of a smile, for he was completly serious. He was the queens first advisor and as such he would ensure she was addressed as a queen, or at the very least with a form of respect. The winged woman, though bold and unthinking, had at the very least been respectable and smooth. This new man was neither. He seemed moe idiotic and rough around the edges then anything else and it aggrivated Blayne a bit more then it should have. He ignored the rest of the people for now focissing on the man who confronted his queen. The queens orders to prepare for departure had him immobile. He leaves with the queen or dead before her.<c>
0xRegretx0: Wrena was agap in the tree. What was happening. None of any of this made sense and she felt she should shrink back and disapear. But those runes on his belt, now those made her brave. SHe smiled a toothy grin her eyes flashing as she began to focus her magics and then shrunk down to a mouse. As she finished the transformation she ran to the end of the tree and jumped down onto the back of a cart. Scrambling around she found herself hidden amongs the tools and supplies hidding in a bucket. Shade whispered inside of her head once more "Coward, we could have desssstroyed them Misssstreesssss. WHy do you have to be sssooo ssssscared" the hissing voice of the soul in her mind had her rolling her eyes as Phlame joined in on the talk "Oh come off of it shade look at what she is doing, she is thinking for once ~giggle~ cant you just be more relaxed and enjoy our free host" the voices faded and wrena was stuck in her mouse form sitting in the cart her little beedy eyes dashing back and forth before she moved to the bucket and curled up falling asleep(Wrenas exit post)<e>

EnvyVendassin: -Noticing Valkyrion looking pissed as ever, deems that he had finally come to the conclusion that Kai is more than he thinks he might be to him. The humming in the background made this situation annoying at a certain point, how is she supposed to hide this, and if she chose not to reveal Kai’s true relation to Valkryion; what then? Why is it so damn important to him? She simply watched Valkyrion face fill with disgust and animosity. Envy couldn’t help but to smile in a situation like this. Something she did even when she is upset about something. Without showing it, even with a trained eye a person would not be able to catch this unless they had a certain special eye for it, being very invisible unless touched by an object or an attack it would lower the percentage of the shield till actually causing real physical damage. It would only be then; a person could see Envy’s body aura, it would ripple as if a mere pebble dropped into a calm body of water. Envy’s aura which coats around the lining of her body with a thin but affiant and strong armor time coat. Envy had brought her aura back up; but this was something she did with everyone. With Valkyrion in such a state she shortly focused very little on the feathers which remained inside the carriage about 30ft to her left. Her telekinesis sprouted the 25 feathers up but hidden yet roaming like they were in mid-space. They had never changed back since leaving the Fortress and their abilities remained the same. The filth which spilled from Valkyrions foul mouth as he pointed to Kai, did not bother her none, and instead she simple offered a much wider bold smile to him; before she said her part. “ Kai, son-“ She continued to look dead on to Valkyrion, not ever leaving the sight of him, while noticing his electrifying aura he had affected her shield in some sort. The purple ripples would be seen now. Her body seeming like a pebble had dropped into her world of water. (Aura) Envy assumes Kai would listen. “Go to the carriage I will be following you behind shortly.” Valkryions electricity danced here and there along her shield aura. Once she felt Kai would be clear from hearing this, she said in the most calm and collecting tone as ever. Regaurdless whomever called out, they were not important to her, and did not even catch her sight. People were out of sight out of mind at this point. She said loud enough before Sir Blayne came beside her, but loud enough for her and Valkryion to hear. “Look here, you incompetent QUIM.” The only word that could be heard from Envy would be that of a ‘quim’ directed to him. “You shouldn’t ask questions you should already know by looking at him. Its mere idiocy on your behalf. Think about it Valkyrion, have you looked at him long enough moments ago? Do you not see yourself in him? Hell he has your attitude. Sir Blayne had stepped behind her, she had closed the subject and left him with just that. “Yes, let us go Sir Blayne.” She looked to her right simple confirming with Blayne as she stepped back with her right foot and left directing her now towards the carriage leaving her back to Valkyrion but still on guard none the less. “Let us continue to Platonic Island.” -
InfinityImplosion: Seeing that things seemed to be calming down Soufiria wold slip into the shadows seeing that she was neither needed nor asked for on this journey, probably to head off to kill some family and hold them in her house as a trophy collection. At least she knew where it is that the queen was headed, and though true there would be some sort of barrier which barred supernatural abilities her wings were actually one of the few natural things about her, and would remain even when magic wasn't in the air. So she would have little difficult returning to the island should Envy need her, but until then she saw little reason to hang around for long...well save for Cim really. Come to think of it, yeah, she was gonna go bother him, so rather then slipping into the shadows she would meld with his shadow, unseen and out of sight to the others there.

iShatteredSanity: -Since no word came from the boy’s mouth, Valkyrion did not bother to turn his head to look at him, hell, Valkyrion did not even bother to shift his gaze from Envy to him. But the words of a male who stood before Envy, reached his ears. Was that male trying to provoke Valkyrion by speaking those words and showing the spear he held? Really? Weapons like that never had any effect on Valkyrion, but that was of course something that the poor male had no knowledge of.- [Valkyrion.] “My advice. Keep that stick to yourself or even better shove it up your ass. Unless of course you are nothing but a dog and you want to play fetch. Regardless of the situation you are nothing but food for my familiar. Shut your fucking mouth or else you will turn into shit when Dahaka will is done digesting you.” –Was what Valkyrion said to the male, obviously being very angered, but at the same time retaining his sanity so that he could make some rational thoughts and give rational responses. Regardless, once again he looked back at Envy since she started talking again, and perhaps giving him the answer he wanted. Hearing her words carefully, he did not mind her insults at all; they merely amused him. But there was something on what she said. Something that made his dual toned eyes open wide and for only a moment all the electricity that was generated within Valkyrion’s body and came out in the form of an aura or a miniature thunderstorm, depending on how one could perceive it, stop. Some people had said that there is a silence before the storm. Sadly this silence was not a long one, and the storm? Well, it would be better to say that a natural storm would be like a gentle breeze before what was about to unfold. What happened after the moment of silence would be that the same electricity that momentarily was halted, it came back, but this time being much more violent. Now that ‘aura’ extended from his body, creating some sort of wall in a radius of 10 feet from his body. Within those ‘walls’, the electricity that was emitted was like a sea; should one get close to Valkyrion, nobody could guarantee the safety of that person.- [Valkyrion.] “You female SWINE! You fucking dared to hide that from me?” –Valkyrion shouted, this time more angered from before. Of course he realized what she meant by those words, he was not a fool. But honestly, those were not words that should be spoken when he was in that state of mind.- [Stargazer.] “I think that we have been had angel. So, what’s gonna be now? Shall we allow that bitch to live or not?” –A voice came from Valkyrion’s mouth. A voice different that the one that Valkyrion had. It was a heavier, deeper, eerie and cold, but also one could feel a strange sensation of death and malice when that voice was heard. Yes, that was his other half, Stargazer. Also when Stargazer spoke, the right eye, the deep crimson of the blood one was seen shimmering brightly only for the shimmer to fade away when Valkyrion spoke again.- [Valkyrion.] “I do not deal with whores. That boy means nothing to me. He is as good as dead.” –Valkyrion said. Those words parted his mouth in a sharp and harsh tone, not caring about anyone at that moment.- [Valkyrion.] “In fact, for all I care, that WHORE is fucking dead to me. She can just go to hell; I do not give a flying fuck or two.” –Valkyrion added to his previous words.- [Stargazer.] “Good, I guess. But I was kinda hoping for at least some blood. But oh well, something tells me that someone from the swine’s side will come asking for it sooner or later. Then we shall have our share of fun. Now, lets go angel.” –Stargazer said from Valkyrion’s mouth and Valkyrion nodded slowly, turning around and getting ready to leave. But it was that moment when he realized that she was there. His eyes opened wide in surprise as he saw her.- [Valkyrion.] “Myth?” –Valkyrion said. He was more than surprised that she was there. But how long has she been there? How could he not sense her arriving? Did she understand what was happening? Shit, how could have that thing happen? Just in that thought, more electricity came from his body, more violent than before and this time incinerating everything that would get within those ‘walls’; after all the electric field was so immense that one could mistake it for flames of sparks.- [Valkyrion.] “Myth… I am leaving. Follow me. I will explain later.” –Valkyrion said with a deep sigh parting his grey toned lips as he clapped his hands and kept them connected for a few moments only to release them and show an orb of lightning that was created within. The orb slowly grew in size until it became a portal that reached 8 feet in height and 5 feet in width. On the other end, one could see the landscape of Neo Eden, back in the World’s End continent should they looked at the direction of the portal. Then without saying anything else, Valkyrion stepped inside the portal and kept walking towards the other side. Of course the portal would remain open only for Myth to pass through it and once she passed, the portal would close in the display of a massive electrostatic discharge, even compared to that of the clash of 10 lightning bolts in the same spot; so immense was that creation, and carried so much energy that it could be lethal. Regardless, Valkyrion had left the scene and was now back in Neo Eden, waiting for Myth to appear; and of course if she realized what had happened, he would have a lot of explanation to give.-

DivineOptophobia: Now Myth didn’t need to have everything filled in little detail by detail, she was quite good at connecting the dots. Thus a dark royal violet brow slid on up over her right eye as she pondered the possibility of Valkyrion having a son or clone. He’d never told her, but then again she felt so calm about it all. Their relationship had endured perhaps a century or two now, time that she’d stop counting; with the interval of when she left and famed to take her own life with Quaholom’s denial. With a deep breath, she’d step closer, just outside of his range of static discharge. She seemed so… at ease about it; but of all creatures in the world she had an unfathomable amount of trust in Valkyrion, thus until she heard it from him, she wouldn’t find rage or anything. Hell, even when he did explain, she felt it would probably be something she wouldn’t take in a bad manner. The foul language ripped out back and forth. Quim, swine, whore, oh my. Myth but simply formed a most subtle and almost mischievous smirk as she at last watched him notice her, her eyes finding his with a powerful and alight ease, as she bowed her head slowly. “Think nothing of it; I want you to rest first. There is always tomorrow for explanations.” She said, as the portal formed. Myth watched the lights dance into play until she saw the cool beauty of Neo Eden’s townscape before them both. Valkyrion stepped within, and she’d reach out with one leg, stepping into it and then passing through, her eyes turning back. Those burning yellow hues so calmly looked back within to the grasslands, somewhat burnt and obviously struck by interesting events, as the portal began to close up. “Farewell.” She chuckled, a far too upbeat tone that seemed almost a little sinister as she raised her hand to wave as the portal then shrank altogether, until the electric discharge formed in its place and she was with her love in the townscape at World’s End. And from there, without any sense of over abundant curiosity or even a bad taste in her mouth, Myth would take to their home together, where she would see to it that he gained some kind of peace before the morning came, the morning where they would catch up on not just these few years, but as well for other things.

KaiErgoVendassin: -Kai stood atop the largest mast of the large grand pirate ship which transported most of the CruEnd clan from the mainlad to the platonic island. As he stood, holding onto the large pole, he squinted slightly, looking ahead. The dark silhouette of the island could be seen. A few moments later, the drivers of the ship began shouting, thecaptain giving commands for the workers to get ready to stop at the port. As they got closer, he could practicaly feel the enchantments, feeling as if he had walked through a bubble, and crossed into an abnormal land. Immediately, he could not feel the adamantium structured telekinetic sheild around his body. He frowned slightly and found this odd. He felt like a child again, it was horrible. He felt his weapons getting loose on hisperson, he felt the weight of tempest on his back and took in a harsh breath. Immediately, Kai leaped from the top of the mast and onto the wooden decks of the ship, feeling the burn in his muscles as he landed with a thud. Meanwhile, Envy sat infront of a small table below, the decks on a rickety chair that creaked under her but did not break. Her left leg was crossed over her right, and her hands were folded under her chest as she rested, not slept. She never slept, and those who would think she did, were fools. Above her was a simple grid patterned light shaft, which occasonally shafter the moonlight directly down to where she sat, illuminating her light tan shin slightly. As the moonlight shone down to where she was, her form would be seen in more detail. Her eyes closed, and her feathers completely still, but not visible, as they resided in the proper shadows of the small wooden room of the boat. The place smelled of wood and sea. Not something you come across everyday. Within a few seconds of crossing the enchanted threshold of the island, her eyes opened, knowing full well what was happening. Her power was slipping. She sighed lightly, and without so much as a thought, her feathers floated slowly toward her, stacking themselves up on a small table infront of her, all 25 of them. before she actually felt everything slip past her, with a breif snip sound, the feathers all flattened into hard adamantium, now forming a proper orderly stack. Once the shouting began, she stood, maintaining perfect balance despite her heels and weapons.She picked up the 25 adamantium feathers and made her way toward the door, and began ascending the stairs toward the decks. Envy walked onto the decks and felt the ship stop. She looked to her side to see tree's and a deck next to them. Slowly, as Kai noticed his mother ascend the stairs, his mind went to the event earlier on the stop point, how she happened to know that person. Kai shook his head, not wanting to bring it up while he was powerless. With no words, Kai walked off the boat and onto the decks, making his way to the tree's immediately. As he trached the smallest tree, on the east of the small clearing, he pulled his sword off, shoving it into the grass and climbing slowly up the tree, lying on his back on a branch. Lazily, he pulled a dagger from under his shirt, it's perfect reflective surface perfect. Envy walked into the clearing and stopped in her tracks, looking around with her sinister purple eyes and folding her arms, finally just waiting for this person to arrive.-

0xRegretx0: -Blayne was more then a bit angry. Soon after getting within the sight of the land called the platonic Island the spear next to him had shot to its full length, the magic that held it smaller having left from the air. His runes had stopped humming and his mind felt slightly drained. His body was sick and he could not tell why. This anti magic area was not something he was used to and he found himself feeling weak and vulnarable. He hated it. Once he was sure no one was around he made his way down below the deck of the ship and found a secluded area to ry and focus on his magics. Getting nothing he felt himself extremly fatigued and could not keep this up. He was forced to tell the rest of the clan he would not be going on shroe due to the weakened state of his mind and body in a zone where he himself, who had forged his own body and weapons out of magic throuh countless experiments, would be nothing more then a breaking and useless human. He hated it but this was the cold hard truth. Blayne would have to remain on the ship until they had left this sacred area and he did so in a state of constant slumber and fatigue-

BloomingDaisie: Being alone in the world now Stephanie Banpaiyo set out on an adventure that she promised someone she would not even do, but she didn’t honestly care. Since the day of her assassination and resurrection, her life was never the same. The loss of her twins was more than heartbreaking to her. Having no idea what to even do since everything was chaotic, why not have a little fun. After being resurrected by her uncle Michael, she set out to meet up with the person who killed her to give proof that the words of her living was true. Having no idea how to get there, the elven woman pulled a few strings and gotten some help from a man who took by to the Platonic Island by a boat. Even though she harnessed no magical powers of the short she didn't want to jump out of a plane. Once upon the boat and setting sail, she stayed in a bunker, sleeping not caring if she got there alive or not anymore. Her body was emotional drained as well as her mind. When the captain's first mate woke her up and told her to go to the top, she did. Standing near the front of the boat leaning against the rail, she looked out seeing land as a smile crossed her face.

KaiErgoVendassin: Kai laid on the tree lazily. He stared at his blade, looking at his own reflection. As he looked ar himself, he sighed. 'Seriously?' He thought, looking at his reflection. No longer was his hair white, but jet black. He touched the side of it and frowned, finding his appearance rather unnerving. Being able to hear, it not being an ability, but just a package deal with his body. He heard the sound of a boat gliding quietly across water. Kai turned his dagger and looked at the reflection from his blade, and spotted a being far off, sporting a smile. "Someone seems to be sunny jim today." Kai said to himself, expecting another voice to come to his head, which it did. "Not for long though." Trumacke said in his mind in ancient forsaken. Although he couldnt use his abilities, or transform, there again, Trumacke was a package deal.

EnvyVendassin: -The bottom of the boat crashed against every small wave, causing it to rock and even giving a few of the member’s sea sickness, not because of the seat but the motion of the Ocean. Envy remained seated till they got to Platonic Island. The crashing of the hatred waves gave the large boat more of a rock. Her feathers circulating in a counter clock wise rotation by using her telekinesis were still up. Not knowing if Kai noticed the argument between Valkyrion and her was about him. She guessed it could be obvious but she didn’t have the time at that point to actually entertain it as much as she wanted to. Valkyrion calling her a swine was nothing different from an actually full pledged foe actually calling her that. She heard all the names in book and could have cared less about it, being called different name daily was nothing different to her, and she just knew how to ignore it other than feeding the incompetent grotesque people now a days. Envy liked laughing in situations like that and giving them nothing but the calm collective false appearance she puts on. She knew later on she would have to deal with it. She was sure Kai had questions. Even after watching Kai shaking his head at her after her powers were stripped from her along with magic, Envy knew he had something to share about it. Standing in the middle of the place where the Minotaur’s were standing guard. Another ship came and on top of it, Envy saw the same woman whom she killed weeks ago. She stayed standing where she was as she waited for her to meet her.-

BloomingDaisie: Quietly the woman stepped off of the boat after it had landed on the island. Sporting a huge smile on her face, which hardened as soon as she saw Envy. She wished to befriend the lady, but that wasn't what her family wanted. Crossed her arms her elven ears twitched as she slowly started to walk towards her. Her hazel eyes glistened a bit, while her nose crinkled. This place seemed to be at peace to her. Bowing her head slightly she looked at Envy, staying quiet. Not really know what else to do. The desire of wanting to betray her family was boiling inside her, since they all already brought hatred towards she, but she would bring it up later if she was the time was right.

KaiErgoVendassin: Kai watched the woman stepping off the boat in the reflection of his blade. His now sky blue eyes with flecks of white, just like the clouds in the sky. He smirked alittle, seeing her expression hardening. Kai shook his head and leaned around the branch, his body falling off into a stance before he even touched the ground. When he hit the ground, he beathed out sharply, irritated at the way he felt, so weak. It went against everything he had worked for, even though he still had some things he came as a package deal with. Kai leaned against the same tree, now interested, not wanting to sit down at all, only because of the fact that he felt more comfortable standing than sitting, making him concentrate better. Helet out a lightchuckle as he heard the sound of Trumacke in his mind, telling him that she was conflicted. "Well, she's doing well to hide it." Kai said before noticing her ear twitch. "Ohh, maybe I should take that back."
EnvyVendassin: -Envy watched how the woman who she once killed stands right before her. The woman bowed, showing respect, and it was weird to see someone who was just brought back so happy to see the person who took her life. “You have requested some information, I’m surprised you are here, and to tell you the truth I was expecting someone else. I’m a little surprised you’re here; alive and well. So it’s safe to assume you have the trade and a map?” She waited for the woman to reply to her.-

BloomingDaisie: With a soft nod she uncrossed her arms, showing the map. "The trade I have is very betraying.." She paued a bit as she saw the man standing near the tree, waving politly at him. Letting out a slow deep breath she looked around with her eyes, then back to the woman. "I've heard some things, unpleasing to me, but.." Turning her head to the side she was in conflict to herself but pushed herself forward anyways. "Its going to cost me my family, which is fine by me. I will let you invade my Uncle Marchi's place for you to keep, since I've heard you admired it so." With that her features softened as she ran a hand threw her blonde hair placing it on the left side of her face.

KaiErgoVendassin: Kai ignored her wave and listened to the words she spoke. He chuckled at hearing her speak of marich. It was extremely satisfying. "Like music to my ears." Kai said before leaning up off the tree and polishing his blade. He looked up at the girl and contemplated how easy it would be to throw this blade with the strength that was his own package deal. The idea was extremely appealing. "Do it. I can garuntee she wont be able to dodge." Trumacke said. It was weird for Kai, hearing a voice in his head. He needed to get used to it. "Nah. Maybe if she looks at me." Kai said alittle louder, part of him hoping she would look at him.

EnvyVendassin: -Envy smiled to the words which met her ear. “Ah, so the map would be good enough to the place he is at and I shall give you the information you seek.” Envy’s right hand folded outwards towards her, waiting for the next step to happen before she gave her the piece of information the woman longed for. Hearing Kai talking to himself it seem. “Do not mind the fool. Understand though, the information will only seal the fact you and the rest of your family becomes a shadow to us expect that one man. Your uncle.” She dipped her chin, giving a sinister gaze at her.-

BloomingDaisie: She extened her hand placing the map in her's pulling it away. She paid no mind to the man as Envy told her not to. "I will assume my name doesn't come up about this." She said softly, she would rather not let her family know she's done so. She crossed her arms once again, as she bit her lip waiting to hear what she wanted.

KaiErgoVendassin: Kai chuckled to himself, knowing he was being ignored. With nothign to do, he was now seeing through Trumacke's eyes. He was in plain sight of HER. but why wasnt she attacking? Kai shook his head. He didnt like this. He knew that in hell it was a constant battle, but this, it not being a battle partly confused him, and made him weary, beccause things in hell were so out of his control and out of his reach. As he stared for a while longer, he could feel his mind slipping.Things without hispowers made him extremely slow in the mind. he was smarter than humans still, but then, without the ability to think even faster, he was thinkingsluggishly. Immediately, he removed his sight from hell and looked to what was infront of him.

EnvyVendassin: -She looked over the map, the map was able to read and Envy knew the place, and it was surely and clearly right directions of a place she knew about. She held it tight in her grasp. “I will not add to our deal, you are lucky I have not sent you to hell; again. Like I said I will give you peace from us, but let us not hear you speak in the shadows or we will notice you. Once I have his soul, our deal is sealed and you shall remain happy with your family. The person who hired me...” She tilted her head to the right before answering “Your love who vanished before your death is who you should question.” She left that with the woman and turned her back on her, walking to Kai, and that should be the end of the woman’s meeting with Envy. Seeing how Envy got what she came for. “Here, boy. Fly this to the check point and give Soufiria.” She held her right hand out him to take before she went back to the boat to set sail off and away from the Capital. -

BloomingDaisie: Her eyes grew heavy as she looked down, Sora. Standing up she looked to evny as she boarded her boat, to leave not wanting anything to do with anything anymore. She wanted to be oblivious and she got what she wanted. Her heart darkened whiel tears streamed down her face. Everything she once wanted, once dreamed of now shattered. Rage filled her eyes as she found out she wa lied to from the start. Once on the boat she fell to her knees hugging her self tightly, shivering even. Once the boat set sail she played with the Katana Marich gave her to fight; He said it was the only way out, but now, she honestly could careless. AS the waves crashed around the boat, and the air was fresher than normal, the elven woman walked down to the room she was once in laying it, letting sorrow and sadness along with anger consume her as she was on her way home, leaving the island and Envy alone for good.

KaiErgoVendassin: Kai looked to Envy and sighed, turning after taking the scroll. The sound of his sigh would make it apparent that it was not the task, it was his impatience with not being able to use magic. Immediately. He shouted to the boat. "Prepare, and as soon as I board, I want you going as fast as possible!" Immediately, theminotaurs ont he boat ran about getting things prepared. Kai stood for a few moments, contemplating bombarding questions on Envy, but not actually doing so. He turned to his sword by the tree and plucked it from the ground, placing it on his back before walking away, putting his dagger under his shirt. He walked toward the boat now, it seemed ready and Kai knew for a fact that these minotaurs were effective at getting things done quickly. Once he boarded it, he waited. Once Envy would get on, they would leave and once they were five miles out from the island, away from the threshold of the island, he would send an owl with the scroll to Soufria.

EnvyVendassin: - After getting on board again, she knew what she told the young girl whom she killed once before was a lie about her love that set up an assassination on her. Envy loved trades but was the trade true in heart? In this case, no. The bitch tricked the girl and allowed her to sail on her marry way as they returned back to the main land. -
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